Best Best Dog Toys for Chewers

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1. EASTBLUE Squeaky Toys Aggressive Chewers Indestructible

EASTBLUE Squeaky Toys Aggressive Chewers Indestructible

The toys are not impervious to damage. They recommend that the broken ones be replaced quickly. High quality. The dogs' health and safety is a priority for them. The toy is made of non-toxic natural rubber, which is safe for the environment. The dog should be kept happy and safe. There are certain educational needs. The dog toy helps satisfy the dogs' needs. The irregular jumps and rolls add to the fun and allow the dog to release excess energy. Medium/large dogs are suitable for a long hours of fun. The dog can grab and bite the surface grooves. You can use toys to interact with the dog. Ultra-durable. The rubber used in the toy is natural. It's very soft and tough. This is the closest toy to being completely indestructible. They offer an after-sale service guarantee. If there is a quality problem with the product, please contact them and they will be happy to replace or refund you.

Brand: Eastblue

👤This item is for aggressive chewers. The pictures show what the toy looked like on the first day. I paid fifteen dollars for a toy that I thought would be perfect for my friend and would allow us to have fun for months. It was over after 20 minutes. I had to use the Kong again. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with a dog that likes to chew on toys. I don't want to give a negative review but there is nothing positive I can say. Sorry.

👤This is the first toy my puppy has not chewed on. She can't make it sound like it is. I can throw it around in the yard and it will bounce. It is a heavy job. It was suppose to be an outside toy. She keeps it around with her. Very happy. I have a box of toys that she has destroyed.

👤My 10 month old Belgian Malinois ripped a chunk off the squeaker after less than an hour. I don't recommend this for aggressive chewers. The seller will try to bribe you to remove a bad review. The product is strong. It is not. I stand by my review and am angry that they won't leave me alone. They've contacted me multiple times to remove my review. Not happening.

👤Heavy chewers can get subscription toy services. Our 7 month old Belgian dog, Reaper, kills all those toys. He likes to kill rubber toys. I had no hope for this cute little toy. It is still alive! And in perfect shape. He plays with it all the time. There was no damage. His teeth sink in and he has a toy. It will eventually give up and go to toy heaven, but it has held on to all those expensive subscription heavy duty chewer toys! The best toy we have purchased so far.

👤This ball is great for chewing. My 7th. The old Pit Bull tears anything apart the day she gets it. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that it doesn't squeak anymore. She no longer likes it because she can't make it squeak after just a week or two. She is ignoring it now. I don't know why it no longer squeaks. I don't see any holes in it.

👤My dog chewed a small hole in the ball in about 45 seconds. It is not durable at all. It's sad that they recommend "aggressive chewers". I think it's a false advertisement.

👤The football is going to land somewhere. It's so funny to watch. He likes it.

👤I gave my dog a ball. She had a chunk that was almost chewed out. I didn't know why I expected better from the toy, but I did. It is not recommended for gnawers.

👤Ultras sistant? Reu ce matin, voil. ma chienne, du coup j'ai d le retiré. Le mordiller is continuai. Je demande un remboursement.

👤Aussi mauvais, le jouer est déj jeter pour le prix.

👤Our dog loves it and doesn't chew it to pieces, which is normal.

2. Rmolitty Squeaky Aggressive Indestructible Non Toxic

Rmolitty Squeaky Aggressive Indestructible Non Toxic

Their dog toys are made of natural rubber and can be chewed on. Ensure that your puppy is safe when playing. Rmolitty dog toys for aggressive chewers use a built-in squeal design that makes funny sounds when chewing. Squeaks make chewing more exciting. Irregular jumping and rolling increase the fun of playing and stimulates the dog's hunting instinct. Increased the interaction between the dog and owner. The dog toothbrush chew toy is a great way to clean the dog's teeth when chewing on their dog toys. It is important to care for your dog's teeth from puppyhood to adulthood to prevent serious tooth issues. The dog toys for aggressive chewers are 7 cm high and 7 cm wide. These dog toys are very durable and are suitable for medium and large dogs after being tested with German Shepherd, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Pitbull and many other powerful chews. Their goal is to design the most durable dog toys and provide satisfactory service to dog owners. Dog behavior is unpredictable. They will respond within 24 hours if their dog toys break down within three months. They can replace it with a new dog toy for free.

Brand: Rmolitty

👤My pit likes to chew. She hasn't killed a person on the first 24 hours. I ordered 3 because I thought they'd last a week and I'm pretty sure I won't need replacements. If she loses one, I have more.

👤She got her first toy almost 3 months ago. She loves all of the toys that have been added to her toy box. She takes turns chewing on them and so far they are all in one piece. Some teeth marks can be seen, but there are no broken pieces. The ultimate Kong ball is the only other toy that she will play with for a while. This is a toy that my girl couldn't get the squeaker out of, and it's still in one piece. When I told her to take her toys on her bed, she went immediately so I wouldn't take it away from her. The toy is keeping her busy. She loves it! I love it!

👤It is one of the strongest toys I have ever purchased on Amazon. My dog can tear through anything. She has only played with us toy and has not gotten a piece of it off. I can tell you that this will last a long time. I would think that this would be a great outside toy as it has the fabric like a grow mold. We are keeping it inside. It is keeping her occupied. My six months old son likes to chew on it. I don't suggest that. I hope the review was helpful.

👤It is important to understand the benefits of exercise for your dog and the benefits of interacting with them. Spending time with your dog and playing with toys is a great way to provide mental stimulation and strengthen the bond you have with them. One way is to use toys that are loud. A golden dog loves fetching and playing with toys. He is excited to play with the toy. The toy doesn't have an unpleasant smell. The toy will help to clean up our dog teeth. He sees the red color everywhere and wants to play with it. The toy is hard to make a sound from. Push it hard to make it squeak. The toy will get better since it is new. This is a great toy for dogs. It is affordable, durable, and cute.

👤This is a sturdy toy. We haven't had time to figure out how long it will last, but I'm optimistic. The rubber is thick and solid, and my dog likes the shape and the fact that he has to work to make it squeak. My dog is a tough chewer who usually takes pieces off of toys within a few minutes, but that is not the case here. He chewed it for a half hour straight, slobbered all over and had fun with it, but so far there's been no damage to the toy. I'm glad we got it, it was a great purchase so far. If you're on the fence, buy it.

3. Petstages 219 Dogwood Stick Large

Petstages 219 Dogwood Stick Large

Petstages chew stick is made in the U.S.A. from a blend of natural wood fiber and safer synthetic materials to mimic the texture and taste of real wood that your dog will love. Positive energy. He was a chef. Their dog chew toy will provide a great outlet for your teething pups and will encourage a healthier outlet for dogs who need to satisfy their chewing urges. There is a range of sizes and furors for the wooden stick chew toy. Petite, small, medium, and large are available. InDOOR and outdoor fun. The alternative chew toy is ideal for chewing outdoors. All dogs are available in multiple sizes. Play it safe. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Petstages

👤My dog threw up foam after chewing into this, so don't buy this product for him. There are toxic chemicals in this toy. I am going to try and get it off the list. Don't buy!

👤A Boston Terrier is 16 lbs and is an aggressive chewer. After several months of chewing the Petstages Ruffwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy, the bone is still in tact. When we saw thePetstages dog chew toy in the Mesquite flavor, we thought it would be a homerun. Our dog loved it so much that she almost neglected her original ruffwood bone. We had to throw this away after one week because it was more than halfway chewed down and we had to take away her. The bone was shredding into small pieces that could be seen in her feces, and it was also breaking off into large chunks that we would have to take out of her mouth before swallowing. Who knows what could have happened if she had not been supervised when chewing this bone. We were not happy to see her feces in the bone. We don't want anyone to buy this bone. The Petstages Ruffwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy is a good choice. The link is below. It is possible to find this information on the website.

👤My dogs are professional chewers. These last a good amount of time and my dogs keep coming back to them even when they lose interest. They love them so much that I have at least six or seven around the house at any given time. They chew the ends to make shivs to eventually take over the house. They can't get enough of them.

👤My dogs love it, but on the back it says "Not for ingestion", but everyone says it's safe, and even though others have the experience of their dogs spitting it out, it's like "natural wood", even though it says it's like "natural I have to watch them like hawks. We bought this to distract them from chewing on our furniture, but I don't think it's a very safe alternative. I don't want my dogs to get sick from eating the pieces. I've decided to take it away after a while. It states on the back that it is not safe for ingestion. Be safe!

👤My dog loves to eat sticks and has caused us a few emergencies by getting stuck in his mouth. Couldn't break that habit until we got these. He easily digests them, even though they end up being like tiny pieces of rice. He has a sensitive stomach and is on special food that doesn't bother him. After about 5 days of chewing, he goes through the large. He is 70 pounds.

👤My dog loved chewing on these. He was looking bloated after about half way through the second one. I called my doctor. She told me to put my boy on a lead and walk and walk. He stopped many times, spun and then finally left a small stool that looked like gravel. The vet said it was mostly small pieces of a toy. The gravel looked like a fish tank. The X-ray showed he had a lot of small pieces. The vet gave him some medicine to help him and he had to pay a lot of vet bills. He was clear. I bought 8 of them at your Christmas sale. I threw the rest away.

4. SHARLOVY Squeaky Stuffing Crinkle Teething

SHARLOVY Squeaky Stuffing Crinkle Teething

The dog teething cleaning toys are suitable for cats, puppies, small dogs, Medium dogs, even large dogs. A 6 pack furry dog toy, including pig, lamb, lion, cow, chipmunk, leopard, all in animal-shaped, flat and unstuffed, is included in the Super Value Pack Toy Pack. The set comes with a bag. Your dog will love their new friends. Dog toYS with shears: - Small dogs can carry, toss, and roll around withloppy light weight bodies. The toys are not loud but still get the dog's attention. A toy dog. No lying: - Therinkle paper on your dog's body keeps him entertained for hours. 100% stuffing free means that you won't find any dangerous stuffing in their toys, you won't find it in the house and you won't have to clean it up again. Small dog leash toYS: - Natural and non-toxic material is used to make their dog toys. These toys are more durable for dogs because of the thicker fabric and better stitching. It is suitable for chewing. There are weapon tips for the dog toy set. The toys are machine washed. These toys are not for aggressive chewers, and they recommend supervised play, timely replacement of broken ones. They will give you a satisfactory solution if you contact them before or after your purchase.

Brand: Sharlovy

👤My puppy loves playing with toys. I love them. I'm not sure what kind of magic they have worked on her, but she is convinced that these are the best. It's a nice assortment for a decent price. I let her out of her crate to pee and took the toy from her so that she wouldn't lose it. She jumped on top of the crate and grabbed the toy, which she padded off with. She went to the bathroom and retrieved the toy from her crate, but left it by the door. She had to let go of it for longer than she did. She's not sure what she likes about it. I think it's the crinkle and dual squeakers. She's interested in these things. It's difficult to get her to be quiet.

👤My beagle mix is not very good when it comes to playing. He'll drop the toy and stare at me. I had a few plush toys but he would gut them in under a minute and I would have to clean them up. These cute weird toys have no stuffing so he hasn't tried to open them. We played fetch, tug-of-war, chase and the one he picked was still in perfect shape. It's so much fun! These things seem to amuse him more than the robot. I got him. Cheers.

👤Where to start? The toys sound like they are filled with whatever they make chip bags from. It's fine for dogs. The lack of durability is not fine. I thought it was a joke when one of my puppy's eyes came off a toy. The interior plastic part of the toy was the main focus of my dogs attention as they devoured one by one each toy. You get what you pay for, not safe for puppies or durable.

👤My dog and dog love these. There are 5 of them in the bag, each with a larger squeaker in the heads, a smaller squeaker at the end of the tails and their flat bodies are full of crinkle. They are the right size for small fur babies to chew and carry around. They play with each other. We keep some in different rooms of the house because there were so many. The pups can crawl into the basket and pull out their toys. There is a lot of dog toys in this place. Our fur babies are spoiled. Since these toys came along at Christmas, they both choose one of these flat-faced animal squeakers. They are choosing them over people that used to be their favorites. I plan on ordering another set to put away so that when they wear out we will have new ones to mix with. Couldn't be happier with these dog toys and I can't recommend them any higher. I don't recommend getting them for strong chewers. Even though the animal is free of stuffing, a strong chewer would cause the animal to break into pieces. These are great for smaller breeds.

👤I have a seven pound Yorkie and he loves playing with toys. The bodies held up, but the squeakers stopped working. Even if the sound is gone, they still work great as a toy. I have yet to find a toy that does not happen to. The bodies have held up well.

5. Nylabone Textured Durable Aggressive Chewers

Nylabone Textured Durable Aggressive Chewers

A textured ring shape is easy to hold and satisfying for dogs. It was made of durable NYLON. The longest lasting dog chew toy can be difficult to play with and discourage chewing. The dog chew toy is made in the United States. Ridges and nubs help prevent plaque and tartar build up as dogs chew. Size souper chew toy is for dogs over 50 pounds. Irresistible Flavoured dog chew toy is a combination of all of your dog's favorite tastes. There are toy dimensions. The package is long and wide and high.

Brand: Nylabone

👤I love these so far! A bully can chew. He is very pleased with this ring and it's okay for tug of war as well. These seem to last a while. They're thick and well made. As long as the person is happy, I am also. We found our second dog, a beagle lab mix, chewing one of these. He looked confused after we heard a snap noise. We found a piece of a tooth next to the dog toy. Our dog's tooth was snapped in half. I don't know if it was the design, the construction, or how our dog approached chewing on this bone, but we have never had any issues with other bones in his life. We need to have dental surgery on him because of this toy. I can't recommend this product at the moment, I would recommend you avoid it at all costs.

👤I should have gone with my gut when I was worried. My dog had a back tooth that was broken in half. The cost of tooth removal is close to $1,000. The most expensive toy ever. Attached is a picture. The original review was very hard. It could break teeth. The dog likes it. It is nice that this one lasts a bit longer because she is a manic child.

👤I have two large breed dogs that run through toys. Sometimes I have to throw the toys in the trash when I buy them. My dogs chew on this ring and we have had it for months. The ring is scratched from the chewing. There were no broken off pieces. The ring seems to keep their teeth cleaner. If I ever have to, I would buy this again for my dogs. If this review was helpful to you, please let me know by clicking on helpful. Thanks a lot.

👤If your dog is an aggressive chewer, it's horrible. It felt uncomfortable to hold it in my hand and wondered if he was going to hurt the soft tissues in his mouth after he had chewed it. The vet said that dogs can crack their teeth if they are bitten by a nylabone. He wasn't looking when I threw it away.

👤This is one of about 5 toys that I have purchased for my King Shepherd that have lasted. On days when it's too wet to take a vigorous walk or when I have long work hours, she packs it like a pacifier. She has had it for over six months and it has no smell, no stain, no gunk and no fingerprints. After months of chewing, it has a hard surface on it, so if she brings it to me when I have shorts on, it won't bother me. If you have a dog chew through their kennel or eat your shoes, what's the better deal?

👤My dog is a big fan of the ring. She has been chewing on this toy for a couple years. I bought a new one about a year after the last one. The first one of these was taken away because it chewed through the ring and started chewing bits off. I just replace them before it gets to that point. They chew the bone and small pieces will come off. Some of these will fall on the floor, but she has never had an issue with passing the small bits. When they leave it all over the floor, it can be painful to step on it, and it gets very sharp. If you have a dog that pushes toys on your lap, it can cause problems. This toy is still a favorite. I stand by 5 stars because I don't see a way to prevent the edges from becoming sharp. One of the best things about this toy is that it can teach my dog how to chew and how to play with toys that are not violent. The bone is inexpensive for how long it lasts and has saved us a lot of money on plush toys since she no longer destroys them in minutes.

6. Pet Qwerks BarkBone Peanut Butter

Pet Qwerks BarkBone Peanut Butter

The large size of the BarkBone dog chew is easy for your dog to pick up. BarkBones come in a variety of shapes and flavors to stand up to power chewers and discourage destructive behavior, and they also promote dental health by massaging gums and cleaning teeth as dogs chew. BarkBone Sticks are strong and built to provide a great, long- lasting chewing experience with multiple chew textures for your dog to enjoy. The BarkBone Sticks are made in the USA with food grade nylon and are infused with peanut butter flavor that releases as your dog licks and chews on the nylon. Petmate makes a variety of pet products, such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, and more.

Brand: Pet Qwerks

👤It is dangerous for a dog's mouth and insides. I made my dog bleed when she went to poo. She chewed on it and it turned into a sharp lump. There is no way to stop your dog from eating small pieces. I missed the deadline.

👤Damage in 30 minutes. The gums were made to bleed. I own a 90 pound black lab.

👤It's nearly impossible to find anything that our big guy can't destroy. He has been chewing on it for a week. He has done some damage. I think it will be worth it to us.

👤My dogs love this bone. I love this company because I have a tough chewer who has never been able to get through Pet Qwerks bones. The dogs still go crazy even though the BarkBone has no smell. It's great for any breed. My dogs love to chew on the large bone that we got. Our medium sized dog! He was excited to chew on the bone when I brought it out. He was trying to take the pictures for the entire time. After giving him the bone, he kept him occupied for about an hour and a half before he passed it off to another dog. He is the toughest chewer I know, and he was barely able to make a dent. You should see the amount of toys he buys. The bones are easy for the dogs to hold and don't break off in small pieces that could be easy to swallow. They are amazing bones and last a lifetime.

👤Heavy chewers will love this bone. My golden can tear up a toy, but he's been chewing on this bone for a couple weeks now and it's still intact! He has not been able to chew off any pieces. We chose the large size because he is around 60 pounds. He loves the bone and it keeps him busy.

👤The bone is great. My dogs love it. I ordered a large bone so my dogs could enjoy it. Tucker is my favorite chewer. He went to town after I gave him it. He chewed on it for about an hour before taking a nap. He slept on top of it. The stick style bones are very easy to hold for the dogs. The smaller parts of the bone are so durable that they don't break off in chunks. The bone doesn't smell to me, but my dogs go crazy when they see it! There are a lot of good things about this bone. I recommend it to everyone!

👤My dog is very destructive with toys and bones. I tried the subscription service for aggressive chewers, but he won't touch it, it was an extremely hard thick piece of plastic. He likes to chew and not break his teeth. This was a pleasant surprise that he actually likes. It doesn't break off small pieces to be swallowed and it doesn't break his teeth. It's keeping his attention. So yeah. He's happy. I'm happy.

7. Aggressive Chewers Apasiri Indestructible Teething

Aggressive Chewers Apasiri Indestructible Teething

The dog bones are made with nylon and rubber. The rubber tooth cleaning design is more helpful than ordinary nylon toys. Dogs can chip off small pieces of nylon toys and leave marks on the toy. They can swallow pieces and pass easily. The dog chew toy is strong enough for chewing. The product has passed many chew tests. It's designed for chewers that weigh up to 80 lbs, strong, large, heavy, aggressive, and tough to destroy. Food grade nylon and rubber. The large dog chew bones are made from food grade nuts. It wouldn't be brittle into pieces or into halves. The beef flavor doggy chew is great for chewing on. It is a good dog gift. This dog toy is an ideal interactive dog toy for fetch and retrieve games. The beef flavor in rubber can make your pet want to play more. It will help to release the dog's pressure, cultivate your dog's trust and understanding, and reduce destructive behavior. The best dog toys have a satisfaction guarantee. The dog chew toy has been tested by many dogs, but only one, the aggressive Pitbull. If there is a quality problem with the product, please contact them and they will be happy to replace or refund you.

Brand: Apasiri

👤It was destroyed on the first use. Definitely not indestructible.

👤I have had this for weeks and my dog has not lost interest or torn this to shreds. My dog is chewing on it as I type. My dog is a mixture of a Shepherd and Ridgeback.

👤Completely disappointed with the purchase. I got two for my dogs, but they didn't last more than half an hour with them. This was supposed to be a Christmas toy for them.

👤I bought this for my bull terrier. I had to toss the rubber in the middle after she chewed it off.

👤My pittie grand pup was busy for a long time after I gave him this toy. He has held up well after having it for about a week.

👤The dog is chewing on a toy. He has a hard mouth but is unable to do any damage to the toy. It must be the beef flavor. It is easy to give a positive review.

👤A dog destroys toys within a day. She loves chewing on it. Well made and tough.

👤My catahoula chewed off the rubber in the middle on the third day. It's not good for power chewers. The rest of the bone is very strong.

👤This was for 40 minutes for my mixed bully breed. I took the pictures. Garbage. I expect some teeth marks on harder toys, but this is not durable.

👤Strong! Dogs destroy toys quickly. The picture is of 3 big dogs playing with a toy. It took them a while to get used to it, but now they love it. Our dogs are all pitbull crosses, not "tame" chewers.

👤This is yet another toy that says it's for aggressive chewers, but it's in the garbage within a day. My dog chews hard and can get through anything. He was chipping away at plastic and I didn't want him to eat it. I had to throw it. Save your money on this one if you have an aggressive chewer.

👤My dog chewed the black off.

👤Many different dogs love this bone. It's the longest toy we've found.

8. MewaJump Aggressive Training Cleaning Interactive

MewaJump Aggressive Training Cleaning Interactive

Unique modeling. The shape of the cactus makes the dog more excited, it is suitable for small dog, medium and large breed. A unique milk flavor makes dogs fall in love with cleaning their teeth. A dog toy for Christmas. There is a safe material for rubber. Natural rubber is absolutely safe. Its bite resistance has been improved. Large or heavy chewers have long lasting support. It's thigh protection. The puppy's teeth can become uncomfortable as they grow, so they bite to relieve the pain. The large dogs are too active to let go of things. Natural rubber products can protect them from dental problems that can be caused by biting things. It's perfect for small, medium and large dogs. It's also suitable for all growth stages of dogs. Pets can be happy outdoors or inside. Stay healthy. It is a dental cleaning toy that can help reduce dental plaque and gum bleeding. Your dog has a healthy body. Contact them if you need help with your pet's problems during use. The dog toys are sturdy, but there are no indestructible ones.

Brand: Mewajump

👤My dog is an aggressive chewer and she made rubber pellets about a week ago. She had fun while doing it. I wish it had held up better.

👤Our 1 year old mastiff puppy likes it. He tears through a tennis ball in about 10 seconds after he has not destroyed it or taken off any pieces. Some of the synthetic chew toys have been linked to oral cancer in dogs, and this is natural rubber, a very sustainable product. It smells like coconut milk. He only chews on it a few times a week because it's still in one piece and he hasn't even gotten a puncture. This is a good product. I wish it was only natural rubber with no chemicals added to it.

👤My dog loves the toy, but I wish it lasted longer.

👤The toy had an odd odor. The company refused to give me the list of ingredients that they added to the milk flavoring. I asked for a refund and they wanted the product shipped back. I threw it away because it smelled like chemicals and it could be harmful to a puppy. No thanks!

👤This isn't for aggressive chewers. I have a small dog that was destroyed in less than 30 minutes.

👤The product is labeled as great for aggressive chewers. This did not last 10 minutes. The 8 month old dog destroyed the material. Light chewers will not benefit from this toy.

👤Wow! He'd destroy tennis balls and chew resistant toys. This one does the trick. It's easy to hold in his paws while he works. It is strong enough to hold up to the chewing. It still looks brand new weeks later. Not a single part was ripped off.

👤I adopted a T.rex four months ago. She can rip apart a toy in a few minutes. She is probably a Basenji & Jack Russell Terrier mix. She likes plush or rope textured toys, but I can't buy them for every minute of her playtime. A T.rex can only consume so many calories per day, so yaki chews are a favorite. The toy is made of milk. It has been chewing for several weeks. She chews on it for about 10 minutes a day. It is great to add some variety to the days when outdoor play is not possible.

9. Pet Qwerks BarkBone USA Sourced Human Grade

Pet Qwerks BarkBone USA Sourced Human Grade

Your dog will feel like they went to outer space when they eat Alien BarkBone Dog Chews. A strip that runs the length of the chew for different chewing options. Keep your dog happy with this nylon bone, and keep your sofa in one piece too. They taste like real beef stew. Their ingredients are grown in sunny California, USA, for maximum chewing pleasure and peace of mind. All Pet Qwerks chews are made in the USA. They don't use China for their special treats. Your pups's safety is always on top of their priority list with home-grown, locally-sourced ingredients. The Large Alien Barkbone is recommended for dogs up to 85 lbs, Medium for dogs up to 60 lbs, and Small for dogs up to 35 lbs. Satisfy your pups' natural urge to chew while they get their teeth cleaned, massage their gums, and stay happy. This option is safe, tasty, and long- lasting.

Brand: Pet Qwerks

👤My dog loves this bone. He likes to roll it around in his jaws and hear it make a hollow sound, but he hasn't been able to break the bone, and it's been a week. I have never seen him so excited about something. He will pounce on it, shake it, and toss it in the air. This dog is sacked out on various beds around the house, but this bone gets him excited about life. We're on our second bone and it takes us about one per year to chew. These are very long lasting, and don't leave a lot of mess on the carpet. The dog and I are happy.

👤My dogs don't like the plastic in the bone. Our dog started to choke on one of the bones that had splintered off. We threw them away. Not taking the chance.

👤We decided to try this chew toy out for our dog because of the great reviews. It is difficult to find chew toys that he can destroy because he is a 40lb mixed breed. We decided to try it because this one had a lot of five star ratings. It has been three days since he got this bone, and it is about to be thrown out. We are afraid of him swallowing plastic because he shredded both ends. He carries this bone all over the house and it is too bad. It wasn't worth the purchase price for us. I guess he will have to be satisfied with the few toys he has that are good for chewing.

👤I love this brand. A few years ago, I came across one of these bones in a pet store, and my dogs loved it, I have been a loyal customer ever since. I have a lab and a golden that are over 80 lbs. The brand is perfect for aggressive chewers. It keeps my dogs busy when my family and I are eating and there is no mess. In case an issue arises, I never give my dogs anything unattended. The bones are kept in a toy box and the dogs don't have access to them, so they go nuts when I take them out. Both dogs seem to benefit from it during the Covid-19 drama. I will be buying more in the near future to switch flavors.

👤I was so excited for these to arrive and I was sure they would be the right size for me. The answer to the raw hide and bones. These are heavy, but doable. I thought it was great that they didn't have a smell. My beagle needs something to chew on because her stomach rules her life decisions and she needs something to chew on. They are too smart to get into anything unless they have a bone or rawhide. I know that rawhide needs to be watched carefully. The bones don't distract her for long. She ran to her crate with 1 from my hand, but she wouldn't chew it. I tried to fetch it by running it under hot water. She doesn't like chewing them. This does not reflect on other dogs. Only you know what your dog likes.

10. Sugelary Squeaky Aggressive Indestructible Non Toxic

Sugelary Squeaky Aggressive Indestructible Non Toxic

It's great for playing, fetching, or tug at war. A fun addition to your dog's lifestyle. Dog physical and mental development can be improved with healthy play. By encouraging healthy play and satisfying instinctual needs, this dog chew toy helps solve chewing, separation, anxiety, teething, boredom, training, barking and more! Natural rubber pineapple puppy toys are safe and indestructible. Non-toxic food grade rubber. The dog chew toy is the closest one to being completely indestructible. Pineapple is 13 cm long, 9 cm wide and 3.6 cm long. The dog chews have been tested by many dogs, including German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Siberian huskies, Labrador, Golden retrievers, and many other power chewers. The dog toy has a built-in squeaker that can catch the dog's interest in engaging games of fetch. The squeaker is a great way to bond with your dog. Each of their products undergoes rigorous quality testing, and they are committed to designing the best toys for dogs. If your dog's squeaking toy is malfunctioning, please contact them and they will be happy to help you with a replacement or refund.

Brand: Sugelary

👤We got this for our two dogs who destroy every toy I buy them, so we took the first 3 pictures. A 100# shepherd thinks it is his job to eat the squeaky out of everything. Single. There is a toy. We took it out of the package and he took possession of it. He whines constantly because he cannot destroy it - it's annoying, yet kinda funny - but here we are, 6 months later, the pineapple still has a squeaky, and now has an actual name. It has been referred to as the nookie. The shepherd is still carrying it around and dropping it in your lap. If you have a dog that destroys toys, you will not regret buying it.

👤I got this for my pitbull, but my dog wasn't giving it back. I can't say no to him. It is a pineapple and it is very squishy. It is very thick and durable and looks nice as it has ridges for the pineapple. I am going to have to get another toy for the other dog as I don't think he can tear up this toy so quickly. I was worried that the leaves would be torn off quickly by the big dog as they are not the same material as the pineapple, but the little they are safe with so it can keep its charm.

👤I really wanted to play with this toy. I was hoping my dog wouldn't break the toy in, but I will have to keep looking. My dog is a medium size terrier mix who is very good at destroying toys and he still loves it and carries it around with him, so that is a plus. I don't think he could chew through it. He killed the squeaker the first day he played, because he pulled off the fabric. The pineapple has a squeaker in it. It seems like they could have put something inside the toy to keep him from getting his teeth on it. The yellow bottom is heavy. I don't like it for fetch because it's too heavy and throws and bounces off the ground. We like to play fetch inside, but this is too heavy and unpredictable. Even though it is heavy, my dog still wants us to throw it and bring it back. There is a I will give this to my large breed puppy to see how she does at chewing it, once I find another one. I think the material is very strong, and should last a long time.

👤My golden retriever bit the leaves off when he received the toy. I have 3 dogs, a golden, pit bull and boxer, and none of them have destroyed it. They all like this toy. The boxer didn't know that it was tight and now she tries to squeeze it.

👤If you're looking for a toy that's tough, you just found it. My dogs tear the leaves off the pineapple the first time they do it, so it's no surprise that they dismantle toys first. The pineapple itself has held up well to being chewed on by my puppy, who has managed to get a chunk out of every kind of rubber toy she's had so far. Over a month later, this thing is still intact. Your house is full of seagulls and the squeaker is annoying. We deal with it because she adores it. If you hate your neighbors, 10/10 would recommend playing outside. It's been a little longer since my initial review. Thank god! We are grateful that she didn't change it to whisper mode and that she still hasn't apologized. The bottom line. This thing holds up.

11. GoDog Dinos Triceratops Guard Technology

GoDog Dinos Triceratops Guard Technology

Go Dog Gray Frills Dino has a guard technology. Dogs love bubble plush. Their soft plush toys are made with aDURABLE design that adds a heavy-duty lining. It was designed to meet child safety standards.

Brand: Godog

👤All of them are dead except for the dragon. I wouldn't recommend anyone with a pit or bull mix to get 2 stars because I'm sure other dogs could get some mileage out of it. I have a pit beagle mix that likes chew toys. I thought this thing would last him 30 minutes flat. The back end was eaten whole, with the squeeker in his mouth. I timed it to come out of the dryer after a wash at 9:28am. I could see an eerie silence. I thought to myself that the noise he was making was a hired assassin or a meteorite that was going to kill the triceratops. I got the purple brachiosaurus, blue alligator, and Grey dragon, and he has given them to the dragon, but I wish him luck!

👤We were looking forward to chewing guard, but the toy held up for a while. This was a failure, but we have had others before. She was able to pull the squeaker out. The companies we know have a quality product that can hold a chewer.

👤I'm trying to review every product I've ever bought and used in order to give back to the people who have helped me. Some reviews are easier than others. My dog is a notoriously bad chewer, so I ordered the large and small triceratops toys. He carries it with him wherever he goes. He shredded the stuffing within days and tore it out, so he carried around part of the body. If you see the stuffing lying around, don't be alarmed; it's a weird blackish color. I suppose it's durable, since he still loves deflated toys, but the big one has been ripped open so thoroughly that you can see what was supposed to bechew-proof, and the mesh is interesting. He wrecked the shop because he doesn't have all of his teeth anymore. Why is the rating high? When our dog doesn't have enough parts of those toys to rip apart, we're probably going to get him these again. They have a certain charm even though they're lying in disemboweled state across several rooms of our house.

👤There are about 10 different styles of Go Dog toys. My dogs get a new toy at Christmas. I have loved this brand for many years and have some toys which have lasted for many years, until I retired them. They have never stopped working. These toYS are not proof. There is no stuffed toy that is proof. The brand of stuffed toy is more chew proof than other brands. If you're looking for a chew proof stuffed toy, be aware that it doesn't exist. There is no fabric that is chew proof. I wouldn't want my dog to ruin his teeth by chewing through the fabric. One's dog's teeth should be the priority. If a dog can chew through a toy, they can easily chew through it. Some customers may be misled by the "Chew Guard Technology" language. I have used the brand for many years. I don't get paid or get toys. Since I have had many styles within this brand, I thought I knew what I was getting. Some people prefer this toy to be stuffed. My dogs prefer stuffed toys. They can sink their teeth into it. This toy will be fine. I can tell you won't be a beloved toy like the purple brontosaurus. The grey version would be the same as the pink version, so I was responsible for not reading more closely. I keep some of the Chew Guard toys in a pile if they get bored. One can wash and dry these toys. One can replace the squeakers once they die. Also on Amazon. I am willing to replace the squeakers a few times in the life time of one of these toys to be able to wash and dry them occasionally. It takes a couple of cycles to get the toys dried completely. If you have an aggressive chewer, you may want to look into Goughnuts dog toys or other hard rubber toys that are designed for aggressive chewers. The toys can be chewed through with a determined dog. I think they have a replacement guarantee. West Paw has some toys of hard rubber. A brand that also offers a one time replacement. Bully Sticks can be used for chewing. The hard plastic chew toys are not good for you. Your dog's teeth will be destroyed by hard plastic toys. I ruined one of my dog's teeth after learning the hard way. I was asked if my dog could chew. Every tooth was broken or cracked. I had to pay for root canals and caps because I didn't want to pull my teeth. If you can't chew with your finger nail, don't offer your dog the toy. Good advice to follow. Some of the Bully Sticks are so hard that they can chip or break teeth. It's best for you and your dog.


What is the best product for best dog toys for chewers?

Best dog toys for chewers products from Eastblue. In this article about best dog toys for chewers you can see why people choose the product. Rmolitty and Petstages are also good brands to look for when you are finding best dog toys for chewers.

What are the best brands for best dog toys for chewers?

Eastblue, Rmolitty and Petstages are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best dog toys for chewers. Find the detail in this article. Sharlovy, Nylabone and Pet Qwerks are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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