Best Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Puppies

Chewers 5 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Nylabone DuraChew Peanut Butter X Large

Nylabone DuraChew Peanut Butter X Large

A multi textured chew toy keeps dogs busy while satisfying their natural urge to chew. It was made of durable NYLON. The longest lasting dog chew toy can be difficult to play with and discourage chewing. Ridges and nubs help prevent plaque and tartar build up as dogs chew. The dog chew toy is made in the United States. A peanut butter flavor dog chew toy is available. Size souper chew toy is for dogs over 50 pounds. There are toy dimensions. The package is out of it's way with a length of 7.75" and a width of 2.25.

Brand: Nylabone

👤A dog loves a bone. I wish he didn't. It has become a weapon of doom and destruction after he chewed it and chewed it. My husband, my pregnant self, and my son all have stepped on this mother's chewed up bone and I think it's a bad thing. Try one of these. It's sheer and devastating. If you can be more aware of your surroundings, you might have more luck. Maybe you should wear shoes around in case you can't see where you're walking. The dog likes it. He likes it more now that he can use it as a tool of vengeance.

👤The German Shepard has regular vet visits and is an active chewer. Positive things to say about his oral health are what they have to say. I am hesitant of any toy he gets, so I check the durability of everything right away. He had cut his teeth and drawn blood, the tiny part of the bone he had chewed immediately had razor sharp edges. This is the first time it has happened. I will not buy a product again. It took a short time to cause damage to his teeth. I think it's important for animal owners to know what they're giving their pets, because I don't often leave negative reviews. I was happy I looked before letting him have it all day.

👤My dogs have teeth on these. Our younger dog broke a tooth in half, exposing the root of the tooth, and had it removed. I thought they were good for keeping our dogs busy, but they are not good for them. I warn anyone in the toy isle to be careful. Please learn from my experience. I've worked in the dental field and wouldn't recommend anyone to anyone. Kongs with peanut butter and lots of exercise are what I recommend to keep them busy. Small pieces of plastic will break off when your dog chews on them, and that goes through their stomach and intestines. Ours never seemed to mind, but that is not very comfortable.

👤I wanted to see how long it would last before I reviewed it. My dog chewed through the large cow bones in less than two hours. $20 gone in 2 hours. He chewed through a minimum of $250 worth of toys in less than two months. A person at the grocery store recommended the Nylabone to me because I have a husky. She said that he will probably never stop chewing. She said that the Nylabone was a lifesaver. I tried it. He hasn't chewed through much of it since it was almost 2 months ago. I pick it up out of the floor and put it in his toy bin and he takes it back out. He does chew on it. It was worth the money and it saved my baseboards.

👤There are two big dogs in my house. It makes my head spin because they destroy toys so quickly. Most of the toys we've tried don't last very long. I had heard good things about the person. I decided to give them a try. They last longer than the average toys. The dogs love every flavor we have bought, and could spend the entire day knawing on them. We had to buy two so that the two dogs didn't have to share. If you have tough chewers, they last about 3 or 4 months, which is good for a dog toy. The reason they don't last longer for us is because they end up turning into a "shank" as my husband refers to them. After a couple months, they turn into little sharp daggers after about a week or two of chewing. That's when we throw them. When they are rough after chewing, my husband and I try not to step on them, we just try not to let them rub up against our legs with the bone. We haven't found that the dogs are hurt by the toughness, but worried when it gets smaller and sharper. I would recommend this toy to a serious chewer, but with reservations. I don't think it would be very safe if you had a baby or young child around. It's a great toy if there are no youngins and you are willing to watch where you step. I will keep buying.

2. Pet Qwerks Zombie BarkBone Flavor

Pet Qwerks Zombie BarkBone Flavor

We fused this nylon toy with real bacon to give their fur babies the best of two worlds: a long- lasting chew and an irresistable taste of real bacon. The bone for aggressive chewers is tough and durable. Quality First is made in the USA with premium nylon, Food-grade Allergen-free Flavor, and NO artificial Preservatives to ensure your pups's safety as well as pleasure. If your dog creates nylon while chewing, please be careful, but if they are, they will pass without a problem. Life is too good to stress over returns.

Brand: Pet Qwerks

👤Another great product! My dog is very strong. He destroys toys. This toy has been around for a long time. This is our second bark bone and we love it. It doesn't break into small bits like some of his other bones, and it seems to appeal to both my bulldog and my beagle. The bone is strong and cute. I love it!

👤Diesel likes these bones. It keeps him entertained for a while. Great bone for chewing. We have different flavors and styles by Petqwerks. Our brand is our go to brand. We buy a large Diesel is 40 lbs. Highly recommended.

👤Our new dog has been chewing on everything we give her and we would rather she didn't chew. This bone is amazing. She has been chewing on it for several days and it is still in one piece. I will definitely be ordering a new bone when the time comes. Excellent product!

👤Our dogs love chewing on this bone. The yellow color is good for our dog and puppy. Our puppy is very durable because it is an extremely aggressive chewer.

👤Our house is a big hit with the Pet Qwerks bones. We ordered the large in the zombie bone and our medium labra dog, cockapoo andhavanese, and they love it! They really like all of the Pet Qwerks flavors. Our labra dog is an extreme chewer and she is no match for this bone. Our dogs are crazy about the Zombie bone, it's long- lasting and it's very popular.

👤No break off for my puppy. While he is in his crate, feel safe. I am very cautious with my pups. This is a 5 stars. After 12 dogs. I have ever given a 5 star rating.

👤My dog will make short work of toys and bones. I've seen him power through bones in a matter of hours, and while he loves to chew on them, it's actually holding up. He loves this bone and keeps returning to it. This one was very happy with!

👤He immediately took it into his private space after he got it. He is busy so far but won't really know how it is until tomorrow. I ordered a Medium but it was smaller than I expected. I would suggest a large for the dogs. It's harder than I thought, and it makes me think he might chip a tooth. I will update in a few days.

👤For extreme chewers. My friend is an extreme chewer. The expensive bones from the Pet store didn't work and were bitten in half. The bone was eaten in 45 minutes. I tried this bone and it is still here. He got a new one for Christmas, after chewing on my baseboards, my furniture was saved, and he got a new one. My dog is happy and I am happy.

👤I ordered the largest size, which is up to 85 lbs/39 kg, and it's perfect for my Siberia. He's happily gnawing on it after it arrived. It's very hard for teething and it might be too hard for young teeth. I'm not sure. It seems like it will hold up, despite my guess of a 5/5 for longevity.

3. Tikaton Indestructible Aggressive Chewers Teething

Tikaton Indestructible Aggressive Chewers Teething

The nylon dog toy is a safer alternative to real sticks. It's easy for you pet to recognize a real bone shape, it creates positive association with toys for dogs, and it reduces their anxiety and boredom. It was built to be tough and safe. The scent of beef makes your dog want to chew. Your dog must love it. Medium dogs can chew toys up to 60 pounds.

Brand: Tikaton

👤We can't find chew toys for our dog. I gave this one a try, but quickly took it away from her because I am not comfortable with her eating something that is made of this. She tore through it with such force that she left a lot of sharp-ish particles on the bone. It doesn't smell great, but there is no scented dog toy. I gave it 3 stars because our pup seems to destroy everything that claims to be indestructible, but there are a lot of positive reviews on it. It's probably our dog.

👤I wouldn't market it as "indestructible", "slightly harder to destroy", or "safe" because my dog destroyed it within 24 hours. It is shards now. I wouldn't buy it again. I want my money back.

👤My 10 month old bulldog usually has her bone removed in a few hours.

👤I ordered the recommended size for dogs up to 60 lbs and the Golden Retriever was pictured for comparison. The bone is the size of my hand. There is no way that bone could be as durable as it is marketed for. I gave each to my 55 and 42 lbs mix breeds. They chewed small bits off in a matter of minutes. I had to take them away. They wouldn't cut up their teeth. They aren't destructive chewers. I hesitated getting the largest size as both dogs are over 60 lbs. I would have ordered the larger size, but I am only out $20, so I am happy. They would have cut their mouths open if it was similar to this size.

👤The #1 chew bone in my house is this one. My dogs range in size from 10# to 112#. I think this is the best nylon chew bone on the market. I've tried all of the top chew bones and none compare. It doesn't break down as quickly as other brands.

👤I received this product tonight. I bought the medium. They seem to like it. I will give an update on the future. So far, so good.

👤The puppy likes to gnaw on the bone. Both of my dog's favorite bones! They get excited when I give them it. This is the exception, as they don't normally play with something that long. They grab this one first when there are other toys around. I'm going to order another one.

👤My dog chews on it. She's barely made a difference. It's very durable. My dog still loves to chew on it even after all these months. I can't give them enough stars.

4. HEYKEY Indestructible Aggressive Milk Flavored Teeth Cleaning

HEYKEY Indestructible Aggressive Milk Flavored Teeth Cleaning

It's important to meet institutional needs. Dog Squeaky chew toys help satisfy instinctual needs and provides mental stimulation, you can train the dog with fun games of fetch or other interactive play with your puppy, it effectively helps solve the problems of boring, chewing, training, barking, weight management, separation anxiety and so on. The dog chew toy design makes chewing more exciting. Natural rubber is safe and durable. They pay attention to the health of pets. Their dog toys are made of 100% Natural Rubber, which is hard, flexible, and non-toxic. The smell of toys will make dogs chew and attract their attention. The dog toothbrush toy is convenient for the dog to grab and bite. The toy's leaf can be used to clean teeth and maintain oral hygiene. The same can be applied to dogs. Large dogs: The chew toy is long and wide. For large dogs. Their chewing toy has passed many tests with many dogs, except for very aggressive dogs. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: HeyKEY. If you don't like your dog toy, they will give you a money-back guarantee.

Brand: Heykey

👤My daughter bought this for her mini Australian shepherd. It lasted 15 minutes before we had to take it away. I bought this because it said it was for aggressive chewers. The company is continuously asking me to pull my negative review. They initially offered a refund, but now they are giving double my money back. I don't post many reviews, but I will not remove this one because it is an inferior product that could harm someone's dog.

👤My dog likes this toy because it is hard and bright. Dogs like milk scent more than you do. Medium to large dogs can use this toy, and it is resistant to biting. The quality is good. My dog can bite quickly on other toys, but this toy still looks good after he bit it for a week. A pleasant shopping experience! Will pay attention to the toy choices.

👤I bought this toy because my dogs chew through toys so easily. I wanted a toy that wouldn't fall apart or break right away. I have spent hundreds of dollars on toys that never last, but I have had a carrot toy for over a week. Both my dogs love it, it's still in new condition.

👤This is a toy that I love. My Rottweiler chews through toys in a few days, but we had this for about 2 weeks and it is still in one piece. Excellent material. I love that it is a carrot. It reminds me of the bark box toys. It would be a good idea. I would buy all of them if they had similar toys.

👤My dog is notorious for ripping things apart, including shoes, toys, remote, and the grill outside. My goal was to find something that he couldn't destroy. I posted pictures of him playing with the toy. He ripped the top of it off.

👤My dog is only 20 pounds and has trouble picking it up, Definitelt recommends it for bigger chewers.

👤Our American bull dog eats these types of toys in a matter of minutes. This has been weeks, and still in one piece. There are small grooves from her biting it, but no huge chunks have come off. She stopped the squeaking, but there is no separate squeaker. She carries this one around a lot. It was worth it for us.

👤I have two dogs who are 18 months old and are very aggressive chewers. They destroy most toys within minutes. They have been playing with the toy for 48 hours, chewing it and playing tug of war with it. There are a few small teeth marks on the carrot, but nothing else. The leaves on the carrot are not showing any signs that they will be coming out soon. I'm about to order everything they make.

5. Pet Qwerks BarkBone Peanut Butter

Pet Qwerks BarkBone Peanut Butter

The large size of the BarkBone dog chew is easy for your dog to pick up. BarkBones come in a variety of shapes and flavors to stand up to power chewers and discourage destructive behavior, and they also promote dental health by massaging gums and cleaning teeth as dogs chew. BarkBone Sticks are strong and built to provide a great, long- lasting chewing experience with multiple chew textures for your dog to enjoy. The BarkBone Sticks are made in the USA with food grade nylon and are infused with peanut butter flavor that releases as your dog licks and chews on the nylon. Petmate makes a variety of pet products, such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, and more.

Brand: Pet Qwerks

👤It is dangerous for a dog's mouth and insides. I made my dog bleed when she went to poo. She chewed on it and it turned into a sharp lump. There is no way to stop your dog from eating small pieces. I missed the deadline.

👤Damage in 30 minutes. The gums were made to bleed. I own a 90 pound black lab.

👤It's nearly impossible to find anything that our big guy can't destroy. He has been chewing on it for a week. He has done some damage. I think it will be worth it to us.

👤My dogs love this bone. I love this company because I have a tough chewer who has never been able to get through Pet Qwerks bones. The dogs still go crazy even though the BarkBone has no smell. It's great for any breed. My dogs love to chew on the large bone that we got. Our medium sized dog! He was excited to chew on the bone when I brought it out. He was trying to take the pictures for the entire time. After giving him the bone, he kept him occupied for about an hour and a half before he passed it off to another dog. He is the toughest chewer I know, and he was barely able to make a dent. You should see the amount of toys he buys. The bones are easy for the dogs to hold and don't break off in small pieces that could be easy to swallow. They are amazing bones and last a lifetime.

👤Heavy chewers will love this bone. My golden can tear up a toy, but he's been chewing on this bone for a couple weeks now and it's still intact! He has not been able to chew off any pieces. We chose the large size because he is around 60 pounds. He loves the bone and it keeps him busy.

👤The bone is great. My dogs love it. I ordered a large bone so my dogs could enjoy it. Tucker is my favorite chewer. He went to town after I gave him it. He chewed on it for about an hour before taking a nap. He slept on top of it. The stick style bones are very easy to hold for the dogs. The smaller parts of the bone are so durable that they don't break off in chunks. The bone doesn't smell to me, but my dogs go crazy when they see it! There are a lot of good things about this bone. I recommend it to everyone!

👤My dog is very destructive with toys and bones. I tried the subscription service for aggressive chewers, but he won't touch it, it was an extremely hard thick piece of plastic. He likes to chew and not break his teeth. This was a pleasant surprise that he actually likes. It doesn't break off small pieces to be swallowed and it doesn't break his teeth. It's keeping his attention. So yeah. He's happy. I'm happy.

6. Benebone Wishbone Durable Aggressive Chewers

Benebone Wishbone Durable Aggressive Chewers

Is it a long-lasting chewer? Bring it on. Bene bones are tough and last a long time. The real Baron! They only use real beer for flavor. Dogs can tell the difference. The Wishbone is easy to pick up and chew on, because it is curved for a paw-friendly grip. Dogs don't. Everything in the USA is made by them. Have an issue? Happiness is guaranteed. Would you like to chat? If you reach out to them directly, they will get a real person who will make you and your pup happy.

Brand: Benebone

👤There is a warning! Please read! It's the same thing. My dog had two broken teeth due to these bones, I have a $1300.00 vet bill and two Samoyeds in a lot of pain. I bought these bones because they have a very high rating, I thought I was doing my research well and making the right decision for my dogs. I don't give any other types of bones, and when I took them to the vet, they said that the bones were too hard and they needed to be replaced. I don't want anyone else to have this happen to their dog because I feel like a terrible dog parent, my dog is only 3 years old and has no top teeth. The result was pain and a high vet bill. I don't recommend using it at all.

👤Hugely disappointing and angry. My 16 month old Rottweiler mix had just been attacked and had to have stitches. I decided to give him a new toy to cheer him up. This bone seemed to be a good choice after some research. The reviews on Amazon seemed good to me. He broke his tooth after chewing his new bone. He can't run with his friends and can't have hard chews until I fix his tooth. Thanks so much. Much Bene! My dog goes through all the imitations with no problems. I have written their customer service and it's bad enough that I have to come up with several thousand dollars to have his tooth fixed, but to have to pay for the bone that caused the problem is just offensive. It's worse that now all of a sudden there are more reviews and the first one says not to buy, broken tooth, wish that had displayed when I first did my search, and so on and so forth.

👤Although my dog loved chewing it, it is not safe for him to consume and it is very sharp if you brush up against it after it has been chewed on. It is next to impossible to get the piece the dog breaks off before it gets swallowed, so it is advised to keep an eye on the dog. My dog is a heavy chewer and broke a huge chunk off almost immediately and then swallowed it before we could take it away which caused a lot of concern. We were very lucky that it didn't cause any medical problems, but we didn't want him to have it. There is a If you have a dog that doesn't destroy its toys, then this might be an option for you. It was not a good fit for our dog. He always gets things that can be safely eaten if he gets a big bite.

👤I have 3 dogs that love chew toys. The vet warned me that these are so hard that some dogs have broken teeth chewing on them. We had to take our dog to the dentist. He found that she has some teeth that are missing. We need to get her a root canal to save her fang. He said to replace the toys with Kong items. My dogs have never liked the Kong toys no matter the shape or size. There is a warning.

7. Dog Toys Aggressive Chewers Large

Dog Toys Aggressive Chewers Large

These dog chew toys for aggressive chewers were tested by Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Labrador, and many other powerful chewers. It was approved that the dog toys are very durable. Medium and large dogs are suitable. You may need to squeeze it harder to make the sounds you want. Dog toys squeaky sound makes dog happy. The built-in squeaker in each large dog toy makes funny sounds when chewed or bitten. The Squeaky dog toy makes the dog chewing more happy. It helps to satisfy dogs' chewing needs in a pleasant way. The surface grooves are convenient for the dog to grab and bite. Birthday toys for dogs. Ackerman dog toys were made of natural rubber and beef, which can be chewed on by dogs. Ensure that your dog is safe when playing outside. Adding beef flavor to your dog's food can make him more excited. Dog toys are durable to keep your dog busy. This dog toy is good to play indoors or outdoors. This dog training toy can be used when you want to do some outdoor training with your dogs. Your dog will be more focused on the training process and games so that it can trust you more. Ackerman is a growing company that strives to ensure every purchase are completely satisfied and they appreciate every purchase and suggestion. The dog toys for large dogs have a 1-year guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns about it, please feel free to contact them via Amazon and their service team is always here to help you.

Brand: Ackerman

👤The squeaker was chewed out in 30 minutes. Contact Amazon according to the listing. Amazon says it is a contact manufacturer.

👤The product has lasted well but it has a pop out at the end and that was the downfall. This ball lasted longer than most of the others. My dog popped out a plug at the end and tore this one apart because I didn't get the ball back one time. If your dog chews on the ball, make sure you get the ball back.

👤My medium dog had destroyed everything else in an hour and a half, tearing things apart and chewing on them until she died. This one has stood up for her. There is a She's not a pit bull or a rottie, she's just a very aggressive chewer. She doesn't worry about if it will come apart. If she's a smaller dog, get a smaller size.

👤I have never come across a chew proof toy in my 13 years of playing with dogs. These were meant to be fun stocking staffers for our dogs, who typically shred any toy within hours/days - especially ones with squeakers. We were surprised that these things barely look used after being thrown around the house by our dogs. Just add it to your cart.

👤I bought this on the spot. Some heavy duty breeds will still destroy the squeaker even if it is easy to take out. I am still waiting for the squeaker to come out in two of them. I bought two. One for a pit bull that is still teething and the other for a German Sheppard black dog that just likes chewing. The dogs would destroy the toys in a matter of minutes. The ball is still holding up. It is beyond worth the money if it does break.

👤I bought my pitbull a bunch of dog toys that claim to be indestructible. The toys didn't last long. I have spent a lot of money on toys hoping they would last longer. My dog loves her toys and carries them around with her even when it's just the outer layer and all the stuffing is gone. She has chewed through rubber toys before and I always worried because I'm sure she ate some of it. You are in one piece after 6 hours. She is the longest lasting toy I have ever bought. Will buy other toys from the company and recommend them to others.

👤I bought this for our Rottweiler, who chews all his toys, but he is unable to chew this one up. It takes all his chewing. It holds up to the weather and is an outside toy. Our dog likes to play keep away from each other. I need one for our Husky.

👤We found a new place to buy all my boys toys. We spent a lot of money on dog toys, but they destroyed the squeaky piece in less than 30 minutes. A dog is looking for another toy and money is wasted. The dog toys that we bought have survived our boy's mouth. I had to go outside and not have him follow me to play after he fell asleep for the first time in awhile because he was so obsessed with these. He was down for the count. A much needed play break was given to Momma. Thanks for making something that could make him tired. Perfectly sized to fit in his mouth, blue approved.

8. FIREOR Squeaky Stuffing Animals Squirrel

FIREOR Squeaky Stuffing Animals Squirrel

The plush pet toy set contains 5 big woodland animals. Quality playing time together will increase their bond with their owner, as well as helping dogs to exercise more and improve their health. It's the best gifts for dogs on any holiday. It's very safe for your puppy to play, no worry about swallow or choke on, it's 100% stuffingless. Most dogs are less likely to kill an unstuffed toy. There is no need to clean up bits of fluff from all over the house. The two squeaky toys have squeakers in both of their heads and tails which will draw the attention of the dog. When you're away from home, you can use squeaky toys to help your pet relax. There is no need to worry about your dog being alone at home. Excess energy will be released when dogs are given toys. Good quality is made of non-toxic premium quality plush fabric that is soft and durable. The fox and lion are 17 inches long, the tiger and raccoon are 21 inches, and the squirrel is 23 inches. These toys are more durable for dogs. These toys are not for aggressive dogs, such as hound. The dog toy has a one year replacement and refund guarantee. If there is anything wrong with it, please contact them and they will be happy to help. If you give the toys to your Tough Chewer, watch for the dog to pull the squeakers out due to aggressive chewing.

Brand: Fireor

👤My puppy is an aggressive chewer who loves soft, plush toys and can't keep them in one piece for long. Sometimes he will have a plush toy for less than an hour and an ear or limb is already missing or the fur is gone in a single spot. I bought these for him because I thought they were worth a try. He has only gone through two of them so far but I think he has won them all. He takes them everywhere and is constantly shaking them in his mouth, pulling at them, and sometimes just cuddling with them, and for a plush toy to last four weeks with him is amazing. These aren't long term toys but they make him happy for a few weeks.

👤They are just what they say they are, and they avoid the problem of stuffing in the house. My dog loves squeakers, but he doesn't like them until he has ripped them out and chewed them into pieces, which I have to try to intercept before he eats them. They look like dead animal carcasses. They make decent tug-a-war toys, once the initial joy of cutting them off has worn off, and they're also easy to sew through a sewing machine, so I extend their usefulness by sewing in pockets of kibble for him to tear out.

👤The dog ripped out the squeaker within an hour. Within a few days, she chewed out the eyes of the fox and torn holes in the body. She loves playing with her new toy and playing with the pathetic looking animal in the house. We are saving the other animals when the fox is chewing. She is an aggressive chewer so I am happy that she can't eat stuffing.

👤Pupper likes these! She shreds them in to little bits when she squeaks on them. She gets a lot of time to play with each one. A good value for my toy.

👤My dogs love these toys. It is nice that they don't have stuffing to pull out. The squeakers have not blown out, but they have been Squeaking them nonstop. They seem sturdy as they play tug-of-war with them and it has not ripped.

👤I didn't know it would happen, but I gave our dachshund the full range of toys. If I hide one, and throw another, he knows I've made a switch and won't do anything until he finds the one I hid. He likes to find them in hiding. These toys are difficult to play with. Since the ears and other details can be chewed off, we don't let our dachshund use them as chew toys. They're great for fetch games in the house.

👤I ordered it twice. The first set I ordered was made out of a thicker more course fiber than the second set and the fur can be pulled out by me and my puppy. The first set he and I were able to pull out the fur. I ordered the second set because I wanted to get him a new one because the fox is pretty worn out. I re-ordered the same product from the same company because they found out that the pull out material used in the other set was not the same as the one I got the first time. I have two sets that are not good for my puppy. Why can't they just leave it alone? Don't fix it if it isn't broken.

9. MewaJump Aggressive Training Cleaning Interactive

MewaJump Aggressive Training Cleaning Interactive

Unique modeling. The shape of the cactus makes the dog more excited, it is suitable for small dog, medium and large breed. A unique milk flavor makes dogs fall in love with cleaning their teeth. A dog toy for Christmas. There is a safe material for rubber. Natural rubber is absolutely safe. Its bite resistance has been improved. Large or heavy chewers have long lasting support. It's thigh protection. The puppy's teeth can become uncomfortable as they grow, so they bite to relieve the pain. The large dogs are too active to let go of things. Natural rubber products can protect them from dental problems that can be caused by biting things. It's perfect for small, medium and large dogs. It's also suitable for all growth stages of dogs. Pets can be happy outdoors or inside. Stay healthy. It is a dental cleaning toy that can help reduce dental plaque and gum bleeding. Your dog has a healthy body. Contact them if you need help with your pet's problems during use. The dog toys are sturdy, but there are no indestructible ones.

Brand: Mewajump

👤My dog is an aggressive chewer and she made rubber pellets about a week ago. She had fun while doing it. I wish it had held up better.

👤Our 1 year old mastiff puppy likes it. He tears through a tennis ball in about 10 seconds after he has not destroyed it or taken off any pieces. Some of the synthetic chew toys have been linked to oral cancer in dogs, and this is natural rubber, a very sustainable product. It smells like coconut milk. He only chews on it a few times a week because it's still in one piece and he hasn't even gotten a puncture. This is a good product. I wish it was only natural rubber with no chemicals added to it.

👤My dog loves the toy, but I wish it lasted longer.

👤The toy had an odd odor. The company refused to give me the list of ingredients that they added to the milk flavoring. I asked for a refund and they wanted the product shipped back. I threw it away because it smelled like chemicals and it could be harmful to a puppy. No thanks!

👤This isn't for aggressive chewers. I have a small dog that was destroyed in less than 30 minutes.

👤The product is labeled as great for aggressive chewers. This did not last 10 minutes. The 8 month old dog destroyed the material. Light chewers will not benefit from this toy.

👤Wow! He'd destroy tennis balls and chew resistant toys. This one does the trick. It's easy to hold in his paws while he works. It is strong enough to hold up to the chewing. It still looks brand new weeks later. Not a single part was ripped off.

👤I adopted a T.rex four months ago. She can rip apart a toy in a few minutes. She is probably a Basenji & Jack Russell Terrier mix. She likes plush or rope textured toys, but I can't buy them for every minute of her playtime. A T.rex can only consume so many calories per day, so yaki chews are a favorite. The toy is made of milk. It has been chewing for several weeks. She chews on it for about 10 minutes a day. It is great to add some variety to the days when outdoor play is not possible.

10. Aggressive Chewers Teething Prevents Relieves

Aggressive Chewers Teething Prevents Relieves

The value is great. A durable dog rope toy set includes 8 most popular dog chew ropes, tug rope toy, knot ropes, flying disk, toss and fetch ball, which will provide your friends endless hours of daily fun and keep dogs healthy and happy. Natural cotton makes your pet safe to chew and play. Large dog toys are more resistant and durable than their competitors because of their tightly woven twist and sturdy knots. Dogs chew these ropes to get teeth cleaning, gum massage and stress relief. It helps to satisfy dogs' needs. They can stay healthy and happy. MEET dog INSTINCTS. The dog toy bundle will make your pets happy. They will show a decrease in stress and anxiety with their attention and focus. For all dogs, interactive dog toys are designed for large and medium breed dogs, small dogs, aggressive chewers, and teething dental health. The variety pack of dogs toys is a great gift for birthdays or holidays.

Brand: Lechong

👤I was looking forward to this rope. I understand that it took a little while to deliver. I was impressed with the 5 thick knots and it was heavy upon arrival. My pitbull is an aggressive chewer. If he is given less than 30 minutes, he will have no toy at all. He likes to destroy ropes in a couple of days. This was the same rope as any other for him. Within two days of it arriving, he chewed through the middle. I spent $5 on a rope that lasted him a week. This rope is two. It is days. The pieces he has to destroy are floppy and falling apart, and the tiny fragments of rope are driving me crazy. I'm used to the mess, but thought it would last as long as other reviewers said it did with their chewers. I wish I would have spent this money on something that was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

👤Our bull terrier is very fond of this toy. It's in his possession all over the house. Takes it with him outside and sleeps with it. He's not begging us to play tug-of-war with him, so he chews on it. It's a great tug of war toy. He's a real power chewer. When we got this, we thought it would last 30 minutes. We've ever bought him, like every other toy. I gave it a day or two. We're going on for two months. It's still in good shape despite some wear. A great toy. Very surprised. I have to order another one.

👤This is the test of time with our aggressive chewer. Nothing has lasted more than a few weeks with our dog. This shows wear and tear, but is still there. I'll be replacing it with this model again when it goes.

👤My dog loves this toy. He started playing with it. It's thick enough to hold up to my 5 year old pitsky and his brother. They love playing tug-of-war. I'll probably replace it with another one when it breaks, because it has lasted a long time.

👤The pictures I posted show that this is not sturdy. A pit bull is making this look like a ball of string. She is only 35 pounds and I bought the extra sturdy version. This is less than two weeks old.

👤We've gone through a lot with our labrador retriever. The cotton material at the local stores is soft and quickly breaks into smaller pieces for our power chewer. There were piles of shredded rope all over the house. We received this rope over a week ago and it has not fallen apart yet. The knots he chews on will not budge. It's perfect for tug of war with a big dog and it's also very long. We have had this rope for nearly a month and it is now in 2 pieces. There are two knot rope and three knot rope. He likes to chew the short one and tug with the longer one. The long rope is showing some wear and will be a 2 knot rope soon. I plan to wait and see how long the rope lasts. There was an update on August 3. I had to throw out 3 out of the 5 knots. We have 2 pieces with rope in between. The rope had a good run and I'm sad it didn't last anymore. I kept my rating at 5 stars because it did not leave a big mess, did not leave a big trail, and kept my dog entertained. The rope was strong.

11. SHARLOVY Squeaky Crinkle Stuffing Animals

SHARLOVY Squeaky Crinkle Stuffing Animals

The set of 5 dog toys includes squirrel, cow, fox, wolf, tiger dog toys, all in the long size and stuffing free, suitable for dogs of all breeds to carry. The pack is designed for dogs to keep them busy, and it has a design for your dog. The stuffed dog crinkle is a 100% stuffing free design. No fluff dog toys means that your pet is always in a safe condition when they are chewing or playing. The dog will never get bored with the floppy toys, because crinkle paper makes a noise. Long haired dogs with weasels. The toys are made of high quality plush and soft. Features two internal squeakers which are protected by a fabric to prevent it from ripping out, creates hours and hours fun for your dogs, interactive dog toys for boredom. A dog toy is not stuffed absorbent. These unstuffies dog toys are more durable because of the thicker fabric and better stitching. The crinkle paper and squeakers on the body make it difficult for dogs to focus on one toy. These toys last longer with no stuffing. There are warm tips for the dog toYS package. Their toys are clean. Not a heavy chewer dog toy, they recommend supervised play and timely replacement of broken ones. They will give you a satisfactory solution if you contact them before or after your purchase.

Brand: Sharlovy

👤My boxers are playing with the toys and they are holding up well. My dogs are not hardcore chewers but they like to fight for their toys and that tears them apart. I was wondering if the toys would last a day. The five toys have different parts in the middle. My dogs love a lot of therinkly stuff. The toys are reasonably priced. I am happy with my purchase and I will purchase again when I need to because all soft toys eventually die in my house.

👤Don't waste your money. It was destroyed in less than 3 minutes. The tiger tore from one end to the other when our dog played with it. The seam was open. We have small dogs, but I am sure they could destroy these toys in a few moments.

👤All dog toys of this nature are going to be destroyed by any dog that has teeth, so I'll start my review with that. This group is by far the best I have ever bought. They are large enough to be where I live. Dobie doesn't let it go in his mouth by picking it up. Some of them say "large" and show a picture of a big dog, which is not true. The head squeaker goes immediately. As with any dog toy, the pup should be supervised to not choke. The crinkle paper and front squeaker is still a frequently used toy. I just throw the decapitated cow in the sink and it's brand new. It's what they want.

👤My husband and I were surprise weekend sitters for my son's 3 dachshunds who were bored with the toys we had. The grand puppies loved these when they arrived. The construction is strong and has days of constant play by notorious squeaker killers. Each dog could have their own favorite animal. The toys come with a well made bag that the dogs like to pull out of, as part of the fun. I am not sure how the toys will hold up with larger dogs, but I am very happy with them!

👤Our puppy is now big and I bought these for him. We don't give him all of them at once, so we have to hide a couple in the bag. Our puppy dog loves them. We tell him that these are toys that he can play with inside and outside. I saw one in the snow. We washed them several times. Our dog is not willing to tear these up. He sleeps with them. The first one we gave him was the one with the squeaks and the noise in the middle. One of these is placed in a spot where we step on them when he is sleeping. He wants to know if we are going to go somewhere, so we use this as a way to know. Even if it is in the other room. He likes to swing these back and forth, just stay out of his way. He likes to play tug of war with them, but only lightly. It's weird for the plastic dog toys that he tears the squeaker out of in minutes. He won't do that with these. I think these are the best buys we have ever bought. We will be buying more at some point. Our aussie loves them! Coralie.


What is the best product for best dog toys for aggressive chewers puppies?

Best dog toys for aggressive chewers puppies products from Nylabone. In this article about best dog toys for aggressive chewers puppies you can see why people choose the product. Pet Qwerks and Tikaton are also good brands to look for when you are finding best dog toys for aggressive chewers puppies.

What are the best brands for best dog toys for aggressive chewers puppies?

Nylabone, Pet Qwerks and Tikaton are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best dog toys for aggressive chewers puppies. Find the detail in this article. Heykey, Benebone and Ackerman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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