Best Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed

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1. M C Works Pineapple Aggressive Indestructible Non Toxic

M C Works Pineapple Aggressive Indestructible Non Toxic

The unique design of the shape. The dog would love to chew and grind from the shape. Natural rubber material is tough enough for large dogs and aggresive chewers, and it's shock absorbing. The dog chew toy has been tested and approved by many aggressive chewers. Dog chew toys help to clean teeth, control plaque and tartar, promote your dog's strong jaws, and relieve anxiety or frustration. It can be used as a dog chewing toy, trianing toy, interactive toys, and a stuffable food dispensing toys for your dog. If there is a small dog logo on top of the pineapple and the base part is three holes each line, it is a genuine product. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to them, they will get back to you very soon.


👤My husky dog is not a heavy chewer, but do not let that innocent face trick you. The last picture shows a pineapple toy next to a firehose chew toy that is supposed to be used for heavy chewing large breed dogs, but she had to destroy it before I could take it away. The pineapple toy is one of the longest lasting toys I have had. It is one of her favourite toys to play with, as it provides a soft texture and sound that comes from chewing on it, but at the same time not being destroyed. I need to give it a standing ovation for being so strong. This investment has been great for my heavy chewer.

👤My dog couldn't chew through it in less than 2 days. It has lasted weeks and has not caused any damage. The best part is how much he loves it. He will chew on it for a long time.

👤I bought the big one for my chewer. This thing is large. It is very firm and heavy. The hole on the bottom doesn't move or stretch, so I couldn't squeeze dog treats into it. That was very promising to me. Light color. I'm tired of the black chew toys being hard to find in the yard or under the beds. You can put more treats inside. My dog looks like he's in heaven while chewing. The green top was chewed off quickly. I don't rate the top as being made with a dog that actually chews in mind, since I have a border collie/golden retriever mix that is an insane chewer. He loved doing that. I would advise others to watch their dog while he chews on this because he doesn't eat what he chews up. I wouldn't recommend giving it before leaving the house. He loves it, I still like it.

👤He is a destroyer of all toys. Our dog chews toys in under ten minutes. They are shredded. Any and all toys are gone. He loves this one. It does clean his teeth as well. There are no small bits of rubber like other toys. Highly recommended for heavy chewer pups.

👤The company reached out to me to explain the scent and offered to make it right. I really appreciated that. I contacted the company to give them a chance to speak. It smells terrible, no way this is not toxic. I washed it and gave it time to calm down, but it didn't help. Won't buy it again. Boo.

👤We were pleasantly surprised by this pineapple. Even our most aggressive chewer can destroy anything, even toys marketed to him. It is played with frequently and our dogs and their friends all seem to like it, with one exception - but that dog is not a fan of hard rubber bones and toys. The dogs like the toy and it is still safe for them to play with because they are not able to get big chunks out of it, something we have seen happen with other toys. There is no squeaker in this toy, which is a plus or a minus depending on what you like. It's still fun because it has a good chewing texture. After two months of regular play, I have attached a picture of what it looks like.

2. Clemas Indestructible Aggressive Chewers Squeaky

Clemas Indestructible Aggressive Chewers Squeaky

One of the most popular dog toys is a super chewer. Every day your dog will play with the toy. You will be able to work or cook in peace. The tough dog toy is fun to play with. This may cause dogs to chase after it as they try to pin it down. Interactive dog toys are great for consuming your dog's energy at home when you can't go out on a rainy day. Nature rubber is non-toxic andBPA-free. The dog toys are perfect for small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, girl dogs, boy dogs. A crinkle toy is a gift for a puppy. Not recommended for dogs with a strong bite. You may have problems to solve. The puppies chew toys when they are chewing on things. This puppy teething toy can help soothe the pain from the teething stage and help combat pet boredom. The irregular shape of the dog teething toy can keep jaws strong and clean the dog's teeth. Keep the dog's oral health in line by squeezing dog toothpaste on the toy surface. The goal is to provide satisfactory service for dog owners. Dog behavior is unpredictable. If their dog toys for aggressive chewers destroy within three months, don't hesitate to contact them. They will give a new dog chew toy for free after 24 hours. The weight is 21 cm/7 inch long and 10 cm/4 inch wide. 230g/0.51 LB.

Brand: Clemas

👤The blowfish lips and the rest of the toy took about 10 minutes to disassemble.

👤The dog toy is amazing. My dog is holding up well and is an aggressive chewer. This toy is very good. It's super sturdy and weighted so it makes them stay out of harms way when chewing. I like the fact that the squeaker is not easy to play with. This is a great buy that will last a long time.

👤The smell of the toy is so bad that neither of our dogs will touch it, so we will never know how durable it is. We have washed it many times and it still smells terrible. We have a dog that chews through toys. We were hoping this would be a good choice.

👤So far, so good! The two dogs are chewing. They like the toy we received. Time will tell on the longevity of the material.

👤My dog is very fond of this toy. It was bigger than I expected and definitely worth it.

👤My puppy had a hole chewed in in 15 minutes. These are not made for chewing fast.

👤Our two dogs are not nice to people. Most toys last about 5 minutes before the pile of shredded fluff/rubber starts to accumulate. This has been alive for 3 days, which is a new record. The squeaker is still working. I went ahead and ordered a second one.

👤The fabric was pulled out in 20 minutes. Save money.

3. Aggressive Chewers Indestructible Large Squeaky

Aggressive Chewers Indestructible Large Squeaky

There are dog chew toys for small and medium dogs. Squeaky fun and safe. The wild goose toy has a hidden squeaker. Your dog will run around the house carrying it in her mouth and shake it to make it sound better. The other dogs in the neighborhood like it too. It helps clean the teeth and remove dental plaque. Keep dog's teeth clean. Dogs will love the bubble plush goose. It's perfect for small to medium dogs and puppies to play with, cuddle with or chew on, because it's about the same length as the wild geese. Your dog will enjoy playing with the toys.

Brand: Vitscan

👤Not very tough! Pdizzle split it in 1.5 minutes. She enjoyed it a lot.

👤My dogs ripped through it in the first 2 minutes. This toy is more suited to dogs who don't chew on their toys a lot.

👤After only one day, my dog had a tear in her foot and the seam was ripped and all the stuffing was out of her body. She was able to open it quickly after she realized that the fabric was not very thick. If your dog is not a big chewer, this toy would probably hold up well, but not for heavy chewers.

👤Wow! Is there excessive aggressive chewers? Really? It lasted about 2 minutes and my dog and puppy ripped it apart. I should have read the reviews. The maker of the so-called aggressive chew toy does not understand what that means. What a waste of money! Now it is garbage and not cash.

👤We have bought duck toys for our dog but they never last long. The toy was more expensive than other toys we have bought, but the promise of a durable toy was worth the experience to us. The puppy destroyed the toy in less than 20 minutes. She ripped the wings off in the first few minutes. The only hazard for this toy is the standard squeaky in middle. Disappointed by the false advertising for a toy. I would recommend cheaper versions that are of the same quality.

👤I should have read the reviews before buying. My dog destroyed this toy in less than 2 minutes. The material is poorly sewn together. My dog ripped the stuffing and the squeaker all by the time I got to the bathroom after the arms ripped off. It was cheap and not worth the money.

👤Absolutely not a good use of money. The words "for aggressive chewers" and "indestructible" were used. My poodle chewed a hole in the beak of a goose. The main body is made of a material that shreds into individual threads which would be a real problem if swallowed. This toy is not as tough as others. I don't think an average dog would use this toy.

👤My senior dog shredded this toy in under an hour, and I didn't notice until a second toy arrived that it smelled terrible. I would look for organic toys to avoid the latter and a different type of toy altogether.

👤This is the worst product I've ever bought. Don't waste your time. I paid fifteen dollars for a product that was described on the seller's page as "indestructible" and was meant for large breed dogs who are aggressive chewers. The toy was small for a large breed toy, but it was still pretty much what I expected. I have a dog. She is 45 pounds and loves to chew. I gave her the new toy and immediately regretted buying it. She ripped a hole in one of the legs. She ripped the stuffing apart. The process took two hours. Don't waste your time on this garbage if you have a dog that wants to chew. If it were possible, I would give zero stars.

4. Ottoson Outward Hound Brick Puzzle

Ottoson Outward Hound Brick Puzzle

The Dog Brick interactive puzzle is one of their most popular designs and it includes additional obstacles and combinations of steps that will keep your dog focused and mentally-stimulated as they search and sniff out the tasty treats! Lift and flip to get to the treat. The dog brick comes with three different types of treat hiding compartments to test your dog's skills. The puzzle dog toy has three hidden compartments and two treat hiding spots. Positive play habits are encouraged. The puzzle is fun and can be used to reduce anxious dog behavior. The Outward Hound interactive treat dog puzzles are food safe and designed with your pet's health in mind. It is easy to clean with warm water and soap. Play it safe. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Outward Hound

👤Many people are saying that the bones were chewed up. The dog has to be taught that the item within the bone is not the prize. They don't reason like we do, and anything to a dog is a chewable item. I made the same mistake with my 8-yr old mix. When he was a puppy, I didn't know a lot of what I do now, and he tore up a lot of toys because he did. I have a new puppy. The 10-month old tried to chew the bones. I took them out of her and put them in the real treasure. After the 2nd round of training, she started ignoring the bones and going for the real treat. She now takes her meals in a Kong Wobbler. I have to watch because she chewed up one of the bones while I was typing and she was bored waiting for me. The 8-yr old was the one who owned this. He picked up the bones after putting his paw on the center and then threw them to the side. He was more slobbery than the girl, so be aware that these things can get slimed. I'm using other toys with him because he was too easy to play with, and to offer him more of a challenge since this was too easy for him. The 10-month old has been bored a lot. She broke her toe when the two dogs ran full speed ahead in the yard. I'm learning all sorts of new tricks to keep this puppy active for 4 - 6 weeks so I can make up for the lack of physical activity. The Kong Wobbler and a plush toy with holes help me pull smaller plushes from her foot now that she's able to put weight on the toy. The puzzle toys are good, but require training to prevent dogs from chewing the pieces up, and are noisy if your dog manhandles them. It takes a little time to set up the supervision needed. He can't hear "sit" when he doesn't want to. :D I have to send him to the crate because he has resource guarding issues that I've never been able to train out of him so I send him away from the game before I refill. He would have finished up quickly if that one piece hadn't escaped. The girl is not as elegant as she could be.

👤The dog toy was the best purchase I have ever made. My lab mix loves it. He can solve it in a couple of minutes but it is very stimulating to him. He will play with it even when it is empty. If you have a destructive dog, this product might not last. My dog is rough on it, but it has held up well. Since he is a large dog, I give him the puzzle multiple times a day with tiny trainer treats. Treat the knobs with treats. If my dog slides the knob a few times, another treat will appear. Can't wait to get the level 3 version of the game. My dog has a heart condition that makes it hard for him to walk and play. He could do this all day. This puzzle makes him happy. Highly recommend it.

5. VANFINE Indestructible Aggressive Squeaker Non Toxic

VANFINE Indestructible Aggressive Squeaker Non Toxic

The brand and apprenticeship patent is from the USA. There are American trademark and product appearance patent certificates, dog squeaky toy, novel and unique design, perfect size suitable for dog chewing. The rubber is soft and elastic. The toy is safe for your dog. There is a toy for dogs. The squeaker dog toy has fun sounds that make chewing more exciting for dogs. It is extremely dense. The dog toy is made of all natural rubber and can stand the most aggressive chewers. The dog toy is top level. There is a beef flaVOR. They only use real food for flavor and scent. Your dog will enjoy this beef flavor chew. There is a lifetime replacement guarantee. Dogs are unpredictable. This toy has been tested by many animals, including German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Siberian huskies, Labrador, Golden retrievers, Pitbulls and many other power chewers. They can offer a LifeTime Replacement Guarantee. If there is something wrong with the toy, you can contact them and they will be happy to help.

Brand: Vanfine

👤I have a dog that chews. The "Superchewer Bark Box" was no match for him. He eats everything in a matter of minutes. I feel like I'm not wasting my money on toys that I can't find because I'm not going to use them. This is for the most aggressive chewer. My dog loves the sound of it. I will be buying more from this company. The price was great. It's always a win when toys that don't break the bank are used for aggressive chewers.

👤Wow! Our dog loves to destroy things. It is her only true joy. She is focused on it and insane. One time we had a toy that lasted two whole play sessions and I thought it was the best toy I had ever found. The squeaker has lasted a week. It's blowing all of our minds. She is crazy and protective of it, but she carries it everywhere. I read reviews of squeakers before I buy them, and I wonder if the person had achewing dog. Our dog is a pit/lab mix and when she makes her mind up, a toy is destroyed. This toy was missing plastic pieces after her second chew session. The squeaker was still there. So. Yes. I will buy more. I registered for a warranty card that I will have to report if something goes wrong, because six months seems impossible to insure a toy for.

👤My pitbull boy loves it. It's difficult to find one that lasts because he's a squeaky toy kind of guy. He likes this toy more than the rest. He can't pull it apart through lack of trying. I need things that keep him entertained while I'm at home. This does. Thank you. You are so much.

👤This is a great toy. It is well made and looks good. My dog has not put it down since it arrived.

👤My dogs were able to destroy the toy in less than 2 minutes, one is a 60lb hound mix and the other is a 90lb pit mix. Not a good toy for chewers. Considering how expensive they were, they were very disappointed.

👤I bought this toy for my German Shepherd because he loves the sound of it but always destroys my toys. He likes to play fetch with this toy. I would recommend a lot of chewers.

👤Excellent recommendation for asparagus chefs. I have a French dog who loves anything squeaky. He is a very aggressive chewer, and usually breaks the squeaker in any toy within 20 minutes. I didn't have high hopes for this toy as there is yet to be a squeaky toy my dog can ruin right away, but I purchased it after reading about the durability. My dog did chew the end cap open, but it was well attached and I just pop it back in place and it works again. I am very pleased and excited that I found a toy that is durable and can be used for a long time. My Frenchy loves the texture as well. He eats it for hours. I have to keep an eye on him when he chews on this toy for fear that he could rip off the end cap and swallow it. The end cap is leveled inward so I don't think it will happen. This toy is very good.

6. FIREOR Squeaky Stuffing Animals Squirrel

FIREOR Squeaky Stuffing Animals Squirrel

The plush pet toy set contains 5 big woodland animals. Quality playing time together will increase their bond with their owner, as well as helping dogs to exercise more and improve their health. It's the best gifts for dogs on any holiday. It's very safe for your puppy to play, no worry about swallow or choke on, it's 100% stuffingless. Most dogs are less likely to kill an unstuffed toy. There is no need to clean up bits of fluff from all over the house. The two squeaky toys have squeakers in both of their heads and tails which will draw the attention of the dog. When you're away from home, you can use squeaky toys to help your pet relax. There is no need to worry about your dog being alone at home. Excess energy will be released when dogs are given toys. Good quality is made of non-toxic premium quality plush fabric that is soft and durable. The fox and lion are 17 inches long, the tiger and raccoon are 21 inches, and the squirrel is 23 inches. These toys are more durable for dogs. These toys are not for aggressive dogs, such as hound. The dog toy has a one year replacement and refund guarantee. If there is anything wrong with it, please contact them and they will be happy to help. If you give the toys to your Tough Chewer, watch for the dog to pull the squeakers out due to aggressive chewing.

Brand: Fireor

👤My puppy is an aggressive chewer who loves soft, plush toys and can't keep them in one piece for long. Sometimes he will have a plush toy for less than an hour and an ear or limb is already missing or the fur is gone in a single spot. I bought these for him because I thought they were worth a try. He has only gone through two of them so far but I think he has won them all. He takes them everywhere and is constantly shaking them in his mouth, pulling at them, and sometimes just cuddling with them, and for a plush toy to last four weeks with him is amazing. These aren't long term toys but they make him happy for a few weeks.

👤They are just what they say they are, and they avoid the problem of stuffing in the house. My dog loves squeakers, but he doesn't like them until he has ripped them out and chewed them into pieces, which I have to try to intercept before he eats them. They look like dead animal carcasses. They make decent tug-a-war toys, once the initial joy of cutting them off has worn off, and they're also easy to sew through a sewing machine, so I extend their usefulness by sewing in pockets of kibble for him to tear out.

👤The dog ripped out the squeaker within an hour. Within a few days, she chewed out the eyes of the fox and torn holes in the body. She loves playing with her new toy and playing with the pathetic looking animal in the house. We are saving the other animals when the fox is chewing. She is an aggressive chewer so I am happy that she can't eat stuffing.

👤Pupper likes these! She shreds them in to little bits when she squeaks on them. She gets a lot of time to play with each one. A good value for my toy.

👤My dogs love these toys. It is nice that they don't have stuffing to pull out. The squeakers have not blown out, but they have been Squeaking them nonstop. They seem sturdy as they play tug-of-war with them and it has not ripped.

👤I didn't know it would happen, but I gave our dachshund the full range of toys. If I hide one, and throw another, he knows I've made a switch and won't do anything until he finds the one I hid. He likes to find them in hiding. These toys are difficult to play with. Since the ears and other details can be chewed off, we don't let our dachshund use them as chew toys. They're great for fetch games in the house.

👤I ordered it twice. The first set I ordered was made out of a thicker more course fiber than the second set and the fur can be pulled out by me and my puppy. The first set he and I were able to pull out the fur. I ordered the second set because I wanted to get him a new one because the fox is pretty worn out. I re-ordered the same product from the same company because they found out that the pull out material used in the other set was not the same as the one I got the first time. I have two sets that are not good for my puppy. Why can't they just leave it alone? Don't fix it if it isn't broken.

7. Sugelary Squeaky Aggressive Indestructible Non Toxic

Sugelary Squeaky Aggressive Indestructible Non Toxic

It's great for playing, fetching, or tug at war. A fun addition to your dog's lifestyle. Dog physical and mental development can be improved with healthy play. By encouraging healthy play and satisfying instinctual needs, this dog chew toy helps solve chewing, separation, anxiety, teething, boredom, training, barking and more! Natural rubber pineapple puppy toys are safe and indestructible. Non-toxic food grade rubber. The dog chew toy is the closest one to being completely indestructible. Pineapple is 13 cm long, 9 cm wide and 3.6 cm long. The dog chews have been tested by many dogs, including German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Siberian huskies, Labrador, Golden retrievers, and many other power chewers. The dog toy has a built-in squeaker that can catch the dog's interest in engaging games of fetch. The squeaker is a great way to bond with your dog. Each of their products undergoes rigorous quality testing, and they are committed to designing the best toys for dogs. If your dog's squeaking toy is malfunctioning, please contact them and they will be happy to help you with a replacement or refund.

Brand: Sugelary

👤We got this for our two dogs who destroy every toy I buy them, so we took the first 3 pictures. A 100# shepherd thinks it is his job to eat the squeaky out of everything. Single. There is a toy. We took it out of the package and he took possession of it. He whines constantly because he cannot destroy it - it's annoying, yet kinda funny - but here we are, 6 months later, the pineapple still has a squeaky, and now has an actual name. It has been referred to as the nookie. The shepherd is still carrying it around and dropping it in your lap. If you have a dog that destroys toys, you will not regret buying it.

👤I got this for my pitbull, but my dog wasn't giving it back. I can't say no to him. It is a pineapple and it is very squishy. It is very thick and durable and looks nice as it has ridges for the pineapple. I am going to have to get another toy for the other dog as I don't think he can tear up this toy so quickly. I was worried that the leaves would be torn off quickly by the big dog as they are not the same material as the pineapple, but the little they are safe with so it can keep its charm.

👤I really wanted to play with this toy. I was hoping my dog wouldn't break the toy in, but I will have to keep looking. My dog is a medium size terrier mix who is very good at destroying toys and he still loves it and carries it around with him, so that is a plus. I don't think he could chew through it. He killed the squeaker the first day he played, because he pulled off the fabric. The pineapple has a squeaker in it. It seems like they could have put something inside the toy to keep him from getting his teeth on it. The yellow bottom is heavy. I don't like it for fetch because it's too heavy and throws and bounces off the ground. We like to play fetch inside, but this is too heavy and unpredictable. Even though it is heavy, my dog still wants us to throw it and bring it back. There is a I will give this to my large breed puppy to see how she does at chewing it, once I find another one. I think the material is very strong, and should last a long time.

👤My golden retriever bit the leaves off when he received the toy. I have 3 dogs, a golden, pit bull and boxer, and none of them have destroyed it. They all like this toy. The boxer didn't know that it was tight and now she tries to squeeze it.

👤If you're looking for a toy that's tough, you just found it. My dogs tear the leaves off the pineapple the first time they do it, so it's no surprise that they dismantle toys first. The pineapple itself has held up well to being chewed on by my puppy, who has managed to get a chunk out of every kind of rubber toy she's had so far. Over a month later, this thing is still intact. Your house is full of seagulls and the squeaker is annoying. We deal with it because she adores it. If you hate your neighbors, 10/10 would recommend playing outside. It's been a little longer since my initial review. Thank god! We are grateful that she didn't change it to whisper mode and that she still hasn't apologized. The bottom line. This thing holds up.

8. JW Hol Ee Roller Aggressive Chewers

JW Hol Ee Roller Aggressive Chewers

The Hol-ee Roller X is thicker and tougher than the traditional Hol-ee Roller, and it's designed for tough dogs and aggressive chewers. Natural rubber is gentle on your dog's gums as they chew and it's an enriching chew toy. The full line of versatile and durable chew, tug, and fetch toys were made to meet the unique developmental needs of your dog. JW pet products are designed to improve the lives of pets and owners. Try their full line of dog and cat toys. Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens, and other furry friends; check out their brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit and more. There is a dog toy made of rubber. Medium, large, and extra-large breeds are suitable.

Brand: Jw

👤I ordered this item because you said my dog couldn't chew it. She was seen eating it as well. I won't be asking, nor will I go through the hassle of returning it, I will not be ordering any of your products at this time. I will let others know of my experience with your product. I hope I found something that she could play with.

👤I buy the jumbo size for my larger ball pythons. I add these balls to their tanks for enrichment and they love climbing on them. I buy all sizes from small to jumbo. I've never had an issue with them. They last forever for what I buy them for. They look brand new. The balls don't break down and I can use a cleaner on them. I don't have any complaints.

👤Not as pictured! I have two old Hol-ee Roller dog toys, one black and one blue, and both have smaller holes than the one pictured. The black version is more difficult than the blue one. The softer black version was what I expected. I wanted to warn other buyers that the old "tougher" blue version is not being shipped by the company. The black ball will not hold up if your dog is aggressive. The black lighter duty version is adequate for my boxer because he does not chew up his rubber toys. If I had ordered the black ball, I would have given it 5 stars. I wanted to alert the seller that there was a problem with the pictured product.

👤I love these toys and I recommend them, but the price on Amazon is too good to be true. I've been buying large Hol-ee Rollers for my dog for a long time and he's always been his favorite toy. He's a big chewer and while we try not to let him treat them like pull toys, they inevitably degrade after 4-5 months of endless indoor/ outdoor fetch and victory shakings. It makes for a great indoor fetch toy for our dog and our apartment because it's a perfect toy for when the dog is not in the house. The price is not for a large group. We usually pay about 15 dollars at PetSmart to let him pick out his next color. I thought I'd match the price at other stores. This time, always buy his food from a store. They were listed under $9 on Amazon. It was too much of a discount to pass up, even though PetSmart doesn't price match Amazon. The order was completed with Prime after I put the quantity to two. One showed up two days later and was noted on the product tag as a medium. I decided to let him have it despite the fact that I had made a mistake. It's a fine toy in its own right, but dangerously bouncy by comparison and seems harder for my medium-sized dog to catch, so not good for my purposes. I'll be returning the medium sized ball that was in the next box for a refund. It's cheap because they're shipping the wrong size.

9. GoDog Dragons Guard Coral Large

GoDog Dragons Guard Coral Large

The package is 31.75 cm high. The package is 6.35 cm in length. The package is 16.256 cm in width. For any size of dog, it's available in both small and large. If the chew Guard doesn't last long, consumers will be given a replacement toy.

Brand: Godog

👤I read a lot of negative reviews about these toys and it looks like people expectations are the problem here. A fabric dog toy is not indestructible, unless a dog carries it around or sleeps with it. The stress of pulling will eventually rip fabric toys apart, so they aren't suitable for tug of war games. A dog with a high pray drive will play rougher with a toy than a dog without a high pray drive. I got a large coral dinosaur for my young Labrador in July and after 5 months it only has one ear and it still sounds great. After the teething stage is over, the average life of her toys is usually two weeks to a couple of months depending on the toy quality, but she is not fixated on chewing unless she is bored. I am ordering more because I am very pleased with the quality of this toy. If your dog destroys fabric toys in a matter of hours, you may want to consider rubber toys or nylabones.

👤I took my dog for a walk before he had his dino eaten. I had high hopes but I think he is the monster. He looked very cute for the first hour, and he enjoyed tearing it apart. I bought two of these and they both went down in flames. I was pretty sure that the dinosaurs were going to extinction and I didn't bother with the replace promise. They didn't stand up to the claims and cost so they returned what was left. They didn't make a week, but it was a heavenly delight for him. If your dog is chewing, look elsewhere.

👤The paper tag with the chew guard label lasted longer than the toy because I missed it before giving it to them. Both toys were done with huge holes less than 12 hours later. I expect that from the cheap stuffies, but not the advertised chew-guard technology. It didn't seem different from cheapo fabric. I have a sheltie and a border collie and they are not aggressive chewers.

👤The German Shepherd says that the brand of toys is the best. He would prefer the old goDog toy over the new toy. There are two Mini Aussies and a 75lb GSD in our house. One Australian is a stuffing slayer and the other is a squeaker slayer. Our dog is gentle with toys but has a strong chew. The dogs seem to like this brand of toys. The squeakers are difficult to remove, they don't have "hair", and they have limited stuffing, making them safer for the dogs. The company calls these toys chew guard because they help prevent them from being torn up. Have realistic expectations. This is a toy. If your dog is a focused chewer, you should use something that will prevent them from shredding through a toy. The trash can is about a month away from being ready in our house. A $3 supermarket plush toy might last for a day or two. Highly recommended.

10. Petstages 219 Dogwood Stick Large

Petstages 219 Dogwood Stick Large

Petstages chew stick is made in the U.S.A. from a blend of natural wood fiber and safer synthetic materials to mimic the texture and taste of real wood that your dog will love. Positive energy. He was a chef. Their dog chew toy will provide a great outlet for your teething pups and will encourage a healthier outlet for dogs who need to satisfy their chewing urges. There is a range of sizes and furors for the wooden stick chew toy. Petite, small, medium, and large are available. InDOOR and outdoor fun. The alternative chew toy is ideal for chewing outdoors. All dogs are available in multiple sizes. Play it safe. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Petstages

👤My dog threw up foam after chewing into this, so don't buy this product for him. There are toxic chemicals in this toy. I am going to try and get it off the list. Don't buy!

👤A Boston Terrier is 16 lbs and is an aggressive chewer. After several months of chewing the Petstages Ruffwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy, the bone is still in tact. When we saw thePetstages dog chew toy in the Mesquite flavor, we thought it would be a homerun. Our dog loved it so much that she almost neglected her original ruffwood bone. We had to throw this away after one week because it was more than halfway chewed down and we had to take away her. The bone was shredding into small pieces that could be seen in her feces, and it was also breaking off into large chunks that we would have to take out of her mouth before swallowing. Who knows what could have happened if she had not been supervised when chewing this bone. We were not happy to see her feces in the bone. We don't want anyone to buy this bone. The Petstages Ruffwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy is a good choice. The link is below. It is possible to find this information on the website.

👤My dogs are professional chewers. These last a good amount of time and my dogs keep coming back to them even when they lose interest. They love them so much that I have at least six or seven around the house at any given time. They chew the ends to make shivs to eventually take over the house. They can't get enough of them.

👤My dogs love it, but on the back it says "Not for ingestion", but everyone says it's safe, and even though others have the experience of their dogs spitting it out, it's like "natural wood", even though it says it's like "natural I have to watch them like hawks. We bought this to distract them from chewing on our furniture, but I don't think it's a very safe alternative. I don't want my dogs to get sick from eating the pieces. I've decided to take it away after a while. It states on the back that it is not safe for ingestion. Be safe!

👤My dog loves to eat sticks and has caused us a few emergencies by getting stuck in his mouth. Couldn't break that habit until we got these. He easily digests them, even though they end up being like tiny pieces of rice. He has a sensitive stomach and is on special food that doesn't bother him. After about 5 days of chewing, he goes through the large. He is 70 pounds.

👤My dog loved chewing on these. He was looking bloated after about half way through the second one. I called my doctor. She told me to put my boy on a lead and walk and walk. He stopped many times, spun and then finally left a small stool that looked like gravel. The vet said it was mostly small pieces of a toy. The gravel looked like a fish tank. The X-ray showed he had a lot of small pieces. The vet gave him some medicine to help him and he had to pay a lot of vet bills. He was clear. I bought 8 of them at your Christmas sale. I threw the rest away.

11. Hyper Pet Doggie Wiggly Interactive

Hyper Pet Doggie Wiggly Interactive

There are toys that wiggles, vibrates, and barks. Allow your dog to run, chase, play, and exercise. The interactive dog toy is fun for dogs of all ages. There are dog toys for small, medium, and large dogs. These funny dog toys and plush dog toys are great for capturing your puppy or adult dog's interest and keep them engaged with its interactive dog toy movements. The wiggle and wobble will keep them busy. The On/Off button is located on the top of the plastic ball. Hold the button for 2 seconds to turn the ball on. To throw Hyper Pet Doggie Tail. The motion will continue for 10 seconds. If action stops, rock, roll, or throw the interactive dog toy back at it. Press the button when playtime is over to turn the dog ball off. Remove the plastic ball from the plush toy cover to change batteries. Use the tab to open the toy. Remove the battery compartment. The dog toy has an automatic stop feature, but it is not used to extend the battery life. Batteries are included with the Hyper Pet Doggie Tail. There are additional Hyper Doggie Tail covers available. Hyper Pet is a brand. The color of the dog's tail may vary. Your pet should always be supervised while in use.

Brand: Hyper Pet

👤I wanted a toy that moved. I didn't know that the toy made noises that sounded like a dog getting hurt. I don't want to encourage her to attack something that cries like a dog in pain because it terrified my dog. The toy would be great without the puppy crying.

👤The green monster version was ordered. The noise the toy makes is not ok. It starts off sounding like a dog and then starts crying and whines until it fades out at the end. It sounds like your dog killed it. I ordered the green monster version so that he wouldn't get used to chasing something that looks like a squirrel. My dog responds well when other dogs are crying. The toy would encourage him to ignore the sounds. It was AWFUL. Unless you have a plan to socialize your dog with a real animal, don't buy.

👤A pitbull is chewing on my daughter's dog. A lot. On everything. The cover doesn't last very long so I took away one star. I took one star off because you go through a lot of batteries with this. This toy is very popular with Mocha. It's the only toy that lasts more than a few days. Replacements are available, but that was a couple hours at best. They are a little expensive because they don't last long. It does not provide any action for our dog or make us laugh. She picks it up and throws it into the air, hitting our wood floors. She chases it across the room. Sometimes she'll hit the on-off switch with a tooth. She is shaking her head. She tosses it. She drops it in my lap to fix it. She dances around with it when I turn it on. She's a big dog. She has been trained to never take anything off the table. I heard her cry and found her sitting at the table. She landed the ball on the table. She was shaking because she wanted to reach up and grab her toy. There is a tip for using this. If you have single socks, you can slide them down to the toe and let your dog have fun.

👤I bought the Doggie Tail Interactive many years ago. It works great after being in a toy box for years. I just bought the Crab. The old Doggie Tail did not work like this. The new Crab Interactive requires you to shake and bang it. The old Doggie Tail works if it is barely touched, but our puppy isn't interested in trying to get the new Crab to work. To get the Crab to work, I have to pick it up, shake it and bang it. It isn't geared to be sensitive to a small puppy. The new Interactive may be lazy, cost-cutting, poor workmanship and lack of quality.

👤This review is for a toy. My six pound morkie loves this toy. She quickly learned how to make sounds. I like how the toy moves and makes sounds for a short time, then it stops, either by the dog or a person. That saves the battery life. Even though a dog would mostly see subdued colors, the colors are vibrant. The bouncing and sounds will keep our dog entertained for as long as the batteries last. The toy had batteries that lasted less than a few minutes. The toy's fun lasts longer after good quality batteries are put in. I would caution the manufacturer against giving less than good quality batteries. I wouldn't be surprised if people returned the toy because the batteries only lasted a few minutes. People may think that the toy is bad rather than think that the batteries are bad. I have attached a video of my baby playing with a toy.


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