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1. Laifug Orthopedic Durable Removable Washable

Laifug Orthopedic Durable Removable Washable

Laifug dog bed has a double pillow design. The design of the pillow and head neck is smart. The memory foam is called the orthopedic memory foam. 45D memory foam and super soft foam. Provide maximum comfort support. Won't flatten. The Laifug foam will retain most of its shape support over the next 3 years. The cover design has a waterproof liner and a microfiber cover. The cover is machine washed. It was soft to the touch. It's easy to spot clean hair. Dry on a gentle setting. The Extra Large Bed is 50"L x 36"W x 10"H. The foam bed is your pets favorite sleeping spot.

Brand: Laifug

👤These are still in great shape. Multiple washings have not shrunk the outer covers or the zippers. A picture is worth a thousand words but I still need to use my words. I don't like moving cushions around so I wanted a dedicated cushion for my porch. My girls should have a cushion in every room. I should be comfortable in every room. Some of my ratings are positive but I don't think I'll be disappointed. The inner cover repels water. The foam expands over night. It is as thick as advertised. Solid memory foam, not cheap egg crate foam, is what it is. The outer cover has a zip around both sides. It is easy to get the cover off and on because of the large zip and the inner cover being slippery. The cover is larger than the cushion and that is part of the design. Think about it. The seams won't be straining if there is a little extra room. Genius! My girls love it. Slate Gray is the color. It is definitely gray, but one reviewer said it is light blue. It works with the colors of my porch and my dogs.

👤I own a cane that is 150 lbs. This is the first bed he can flop on and not have something hanging over the edge. He appreciates the little headrests. He isn't prodding the bead to make one for him. His joints are protected because it is very thick.

👤I like to wait several months after receiving a product so I can get a good idea of its quality. After owning this dog bed for several months now, it is the best investment I have ever made. I used to buy cheaper beds just to save a buck. I was hesitant to spend over $100 on a dog bed but I am very happy with my purchase. The product is very easy to care for, there is a zip around the bed, you can throw it in the wash, add a little bleach, and just throw it in the dryer. I like to wait several months after receiving a product so I can get a good idea of its quality. After owning this dog bed for several months now, it is the best investment I have ever made. I used to buy cheaper beds just to save a buck. I was hesitant to spend over $100 on a dog bed but I am very happy with my purchase. The product is very easy to care for, there is a zip around the bed, you can throw it in the wash, add a little bleach, and just throw it in the dryer, no special care required. It takes 10 seconds to get it back on. I have a 75 pound German Shepherd and she has lots of room to spare. A thick waterproof mattress is underneath the top layer. The foam pad is still the same shape. My dog has never scratched the waterproof mattress or top cover. This bed is great for larger dogs who need lots of extra space and I would highly recommend it to other people, it is an investment and very durable, and I put my full support behind it.

2. Orthopedic Waterproof Mattress Removable Washable

Orthopedic Waterproof Mattress Removable Washable

High-density foam is filled with foam that will fit your pup's shape to provide support and comfort for your pain-ridden pet. Medium dogs can use a 36 x 22 x 3 inch large dog bed crate pad. The size of the dog bed is important. Measure your dog before purchasing. The machine washable cover has a zip that is machine washable for quick clean up. For convenient cleaning, zip it up or off. They will be great if you just throw cover and lining in the washer. Premium surface material. The long plush material of the dog bed mat makes it feel warm and comfortable, and your pet will feel surrounded by love and warm hug, they could relax more easily. It was made for safety. The plastic bottom can be used to fix the position of the dog bed. It fits almost anywhere, including crates, cars and any room in the home.

Brand: Western Home Wh

👤I was looking for something small to put in from the fireplace. It was initially thought to be too thin, but it expanded nicely and has been used by all our dogs.

👤I got my mom a puppy. I had to find a Christmas themed dog bed for him. The pillow was placed in a kennel at her home, butJasper seems to love it! It is a good bed. The entire bed can be washed. It is a good size and quality. I love the bright color red. I think the gift was complete with the beautiful snowflakes and Christmas cheer that came along with it. It is soft and appealing to the puppy. The raised snowflakes make this pad as beautiful as it is. Jasper thinks that it is comfortable and that he sleeps well on it. It will be cute to have out during Christmas and the winter.

👤I thought I was getting a thick bed for my dog. Not even. The outer portion is soft, but it is vacuum sealed, so you are pretty much stuck with it. The bed is about half the height of the picture. It is not memory foam. Definitely not happy.

👤I think my dog's nails will pierce the cover but it hasn't happened yet, fingers crossed. The foam is very firm. I asked my dog if it was comfortable, but he didn't reply. I think it's a good bed.

👤I have big dogs and I expected this to be ok but not great for the price. I opened it up and it was even bigger, supporting the Dane and all the other people over 100 lbs. My dogs like the feel of it. It looks great in my living room.

👤I took a chance because of the mixed reviews, but I had mixed feelings before ordering. I was going to buy two and I was hoping for better. I'm keeping the one I ordered but won't order another. It's just. It is not as thick as I was hoping. It's a decent size for our dog, but it's not as large as I thought it would be. I like the fact that the bed zippers are on the bottom. It's nice to see a home that doesn't look like a dog bed. I'm satisfied with the time being, until I find something else.

👤The photos are not accurate. The product is vacuum sealed and given time to set, but there isn't much to the cushion. I am not happy with how thin it is. This won't help my senior dog. If I didn't wait so long to open, I would return it.

👤The dog bed is made of orthopedic material and has a soft surface. Your pet will be comfortable and warm on winter days.

3. WAYIMPRESS Warming Non Slip Sleeping Anxiety

WAYIMPRESS Warming Non Slip Sleeping Anxiety

The dog bed is made of soft luxury faux fur material, which feels like mom's fur,super cozy and warm. The mats can help the dog sleep and calm them down. Large dog beds measure about 36x23.5x4 inch. Shake and pat the pet bed package before use. The dog crate mat is filled with thick inner, soft and durable, and is perfect for older pets. The water resistance bottom with sticky beads can ensure pets safety. The ideal dog furniture is a folding metal dog crate, dog pillow, kennel bed, dog carriers, cat carriers, and dog houses. The strong stitching design on the surface will hold up the filler through washing and won't break over time. You just need to put the whole bed in the machine. The machine wash is gentle, drying and low heat.

Brand: Wayimpress

👤The dog bed was wrapped well and came earlier than expected. The bed was wrapped in plastic and placed in a vacuum sealed package. This bed is very comfortable and has plenty of stuffing in it. My dog lay on it. This is a great bed and would be a great choice for any dog. I bought the large because they have different sizes. I will get 2 more for my daughters dogs.

👤The dogs love their beds. It doesn't make a difference to the size of the bed. I keep mine on the floor because they share it. Our dog sleeps on the big ones all the time. I would recommend it. Just bought round 2 of the same size beds. We got a new dog in January after losing one last year. The new beds are great for our labs. The other 3 were clean and in good shape to donate to our shelter. Highly recommend!

👤I bought a new crate with a very soft bed. He hasn't been in a crate in over four years. He fluffed the bed himself when I put it in the crate. The mission was accomplished.

👤The terriers loved the bed when it arrived. I ordered a memory foam crate bed because I felt that it didn't have enough firmness to be comfortable all night and I was going to use it in their play area. They wouldn't get in their crate until I put this bed back in it. They love it. Our boys don't chew on it but it is soft and comfortable and they love it. I only washed it once and it dried well. I just bought a second bed in case something happens to the first one. They will not be in their crate while the bed is being washed and dried, so I can switch them out.

👤My girl has arthritis and wouldn't use the round calming beds, but she took to this right away and now it's her favorite spot. I washed it a few times and it still looked brand new.

👤As far as comfort, I can say my sugar loves it, as we only had it for a couple of days. We are trying to get her used to it so that when she goes to Spain, it will have her scent, our scent and her favorite toys. We are trying everything to make the trip less traumatic for her. Will update after the trip.

👤My puppy said that it was Fluffy and comfy. She took a nap after hopping right in. It works perfectly in her crate. It will be easy to put it into the washing machine. She has chewed through a bed before, but she hasn't gnawed on this one yet. Puppy approved!

4. Bedsure Waterproof Large Removable Washable

Bedsure Waterproof Large Removable Washable

The dog bed pillow has a full-coverage inner liner to help protect the filling from accidents. The cover is re-sealable and machine washable. Large size dog bed pillows are not recommended for pets with chewing behavior, but they are easy to clean and have a non-skid bottom. This pet bed is made of plush polyfill stuffing and is ultra soft, so it keeps your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The portable dog crate mat can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be taken anywhere you and your partner go. Please note. The dog bed is compress-packed because they want you to spend money on the quality of the product, not the delivery freight. It will take some time for a recovery. Continue to fluff the bed if necessary.

Brand: Bedsure

👤We used two to line our car. Domenics slept well. The soft layer is not great for the water resistant part, because there is noMoisture Absorbing. The water proof part is below the soft surface. That does work. The foam mattress will remain dry, but the outer cover will smell like wet dog if it gets wet. There is a loose term formattress. It is more like a cheap pillow. Think of buying a pillow at Walmart. Are you sure you feel them right? This is a $10 pillow compared to the range of $5-$50 pillows. I don't suggest this for any type of bed for my dog, but I would suggest it for a solution, like road trips, on the living room floor, etc. I bought two of the largest ones. My two Irish wolfhounds and Great Danes were able to sleep close to each other, even though they were side by side.

👤Poor quality. I bought a dog bed a year ago that was four inches thick and my dogs love it. I bought a second one a couple weeks ago and it is barely 2 inches thick. I thought I had gotten a lemon when I ordered a replacement. The second one came and it was the same as the third one - not foam inside and not four inches. The first one was great. Number two and number three are not good. Don't buy them. They are either a different supplier or have changed the manufacturing process.

👤The dog bed is nice. Dogs love it! It zips to remove and wash the cover, and it looks like it came out of the vacuum packing. My dogs are 50 and 40 lbs, in the photos, for reference. Hopefully it is tough enough. They have destroyed every other bed we have gotten.

👤The dog and dog mom were approved. I stumbled upon this bed after another dog-bed failure. I would return a large if I wasn't satisfied. Dogs prefer this bed more often after six weeks. snacks are eaten on the bed and it is easy to clean, but I haven't had the chance to test water resistance. The inner has been clean so far. I can only imagine how a dog's urine would pool at the bottom of a crate if it was leaking through a zip. I can imagine the reverse of pooling urine under the zip if it were to happen, as the zip is at the bottom of the bed. The cover and inner are holding up well, and I was able to inflate them over 72 hours before use. I have purchased a second Bedsure, this time a bigger one. As time goes by, I will update this review.

👤Bedsure brand bamboo sheets and a quilt were great products, so I was happy to see their brand in the dog bed section. She refused to sleep in the other beds we got on Amazon, but her old bed was held together with duct tape. It took a few minutes to get her to try it. The bed filling is thin, but it seems puffy to me. My dog is 55 lbs and it works well. My toddler claimed "mine" as soon as he saw it and fought the dog for the bed. If you wanted to, you could put one in a crib or toddler bed.

5. Big Barker Orthopedic Pillow Top Microfiber

Big Barker Orthopedic Pillow Top Microfiber

Big dogs can be imprisoned. There are dog bed sizes available. Too powerful for small dogs. It's a circumstantial trait. The University of Pennsylvania found that using a Big Barker for just 28 days resulted in less pain and more mobility. 10 year warranty American made therapeutic foam is the best quality for dog beds. Over time, won't flatten or pancake. Made in the USA is handmade in a small Pennsylvania workshop. It is easy to clean. The cover is 100% Micro-suede. It looks great in your home.

Brand: Big Barker

👤The dog bed was expensive and only lasted a week. After a lot of research, we decided that our dog bed would be the last one we would ever buy, because of the tough, chew resistant fabric. I spend my mornings picking up the loose foam that didn't last the week. My dog doesn't chew but digs around until she gets used to it. It was very disappointing that this bed was so expensive and easy to destroy.

👤The German Shepherd that I ordered the XL for is 100 pounds and can sleep comfortably, but a Giant would have been better because he likes to stretch out when he sleeps. I made a mistake, no fault of the bed. We needed a supportive bed that would help him in his healing process because he was unable to sleep on the Queen guest bed because of his surgery. We took a chance ordering it online, but we were confident it would be a great purchase. We were not let down. This is the only dog bed he has ever slept in, it's supportive for his aging hips, and the cover is very soft, which adds to the coziness. He likes the headrest. I found my husband sleeping on it. It's a win for him because he is picky about his bed. Thanks for making a great product!

👤I wanted to be able to speak from experience before I reviewed this. We bought this as an alternative to buying a futon mattress for our one year old great dog. I love it. I'm jealous. We got the Big Barker a week ago, and Bear went from waking up at 4am to waking up at 6am. The second result is why we decided to try this dog bed instead of getting another large breed pillow thingy, so that success alone was worth the extra cost. I thought Bear was crazy to want to go stand outside in the wee hours. It took a little bit of persuasion to get him onto the new bed. He was happy when he realized that the bed wasn't going to eat him, because it was a bit thicker and springier than his old ones. As a Great Dog, I have a new Big Barker Bed. Pigs in mud don't have it as good. There is a Oh. This thing is tough, I have observed it for two weeks. There isn't a hole or tear in or on the bed when Bear tries tobury treats in his bed. You have it. This product is tough enough to hold up against an energetic young Great Danes, and it will sleep better on it than on any conventional dog bed you'll find in a pet store. The product is made out of high quality fabric and was shipped promptly. I know a good sewing job when I see it, and this is top notch, because my mom used to own an upholstery shop. They email you how to care for the mattress and cover. Hope this helps.

6. KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Waterproof Anti Slip

KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Waterproof Anti Slip

The dimensions are 50”l x 34”w x 7” thick memory foam. Hypo-allergenic premium memory foam is not the same as therapeutic foam found in high end mattress stores. It's great for pets with arthritis or joint and muscle issues. The interior cover is waterproof fabric and has a double layer of protection. The exterior cover is soft and has an ant-slip bottom. kopeks is the best-seller of pet accessories.

Brand: Kopeks

👤Would buy again. Our pup is 130 lbs. And solid as a rock. She always wants to chew on it and it needs to be cleaned more often, so you can buy a twin size bottom sheet at the thrift stores and use them as bed covers. It's so easy to change them a couple times a week and then take the bed apart to clean the cover.

👤My dog is a 125 pound pit bull/lab mix and he is my favorite of my dogs. He is the sweetest dog that has ever lived. He would not complain if he only had to lay on the floor. I like to make him feel comfortable. He slept on a "orthopedic" bed before, but it seemed to sink in the middle and he looked stiff in the morning. He wouldn't lay on the dog bed that I bought him, the Cadillac of all dog beds. Our other senior, a black lab weighing 121 pounds, loves that bed and sleeps on it every night. When I accidentally stepped on his dog bed, Lefty was so sleepy that he didn't even move. I think it's the right amount of support and soft. On the day we received the bed, I sat and laid on it, I am a one hundred and forty pound human. I couldn't feel the floor. I wish there was a human version of it because it's so supportive. Lefty passed out on his bed as I wrote this.

👤The product is the same as described. My 9 year old 140lb mastiff loves it. He snored for 5 minutes after walking onto it. A great value compared to high dollar brand beds. Downside is increased snoring and rabbit chasing dreams of my dog. It's a good thing. I will be buying a smaller model for my pit mix.

👤It is not waterproof despite the title. The elderly dog accidentally leaked through the inner core and ruined the bed less than 2 months after purchase. The lack of true waterproof is a big issue that renders the bed unusable, so we bought this for him to be comfortable in his old age. I contacted the seller to request a refund and will update with their response. It was never heard back from sellers.

👤I only had this product for one day, so this is just an initial review. I needed to get my Rottweiler a thick bed that would help him with his arthritis. I initially found the Big Barker and was impressed, but the price tag was quite large. I was happy with the price and gave this bed a try. The size is enough for him to spread out. He seems to be quite happy with the thickness and firmness of it. I will update my review after we get some wear out of it. The bed gets a thumbs up from my rottie if you take a look at the second picture in my review. I am still pleased with my purchase of this bed.

7. BDEUS Orthopedic Traditional Removable Anti Slip

BDEUS Orthopedic Traditional Removable Anti Slip

The high density foam support is super high. The base is made of a high density foam that provides the ultimate sleep stability experience while the tear- resistant surface provides that one of a kinddurable experience with superior overall comfort that lasts. The bed is lined with fabric to prevent it from sliding. Also, note: It takes 72 hours for the dog pad to get thicker. Bdeus big dog bed mattress is made from Certi-PUR-US foam, which is eco-friendly and provides additional high-loft cushion support for head-rest, as well as plenty of space. The dog bed is machine washed. It's easy to spot clean and remove hair. The design makes re-loading base easier. The dog bed is built with strong sewing that makes it more durable. The size of the breeches is 50x36x6 in. The weight range is up to 125 lbs. A large dog bed is vacuumed inside a box. It is easy to ship a gift. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. BdeUS is confident that you will be amazed by the quality, design, and practicality of their pet bed. Since they put so much effort to create products that will improve the quality of your life, they warrant them all against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of retail purchase.

Brand: Bdeus

👤BUY IT. I was hesitant because of 2 reviews, but I'm glad I bought it. I have a 100 pound german Shepard and he has so much room. It feels like a foam and is very comfortable. The cover comes off so you can wash it. The price is unbeatable. Will be buying more for my mom's shepards. I looked over a month for a good large bed that was affordable and comfortable and I would buy it 100 times.

👤I'm not sure how to review this dog bed. It's large enough for my 40-lb. dog to stretch out and sleep through the night. I can't give it more than two stars because it's listed as an eco-friendly option by Amazon. It is foam-based and made in China. The cover cannot be removed from the foam. I had to scrub it with soap and water after my dog threw it up. The warranty is for 15 months, which is more than the five year guarantee offered by some American companies. I didn't explore my options enough after we adopted our dog, because I was looking for a bed quickly. It makes me sad that my dog will ruin this bed within a year, and I hope the local shelter can reuse it. Would not buy again.

👤The quality was better than I would have expected. It takes a minute to fluff up. You will not regret it. This is my very large 150 lbs English mastiff who was terrified of his elevated bed and sleeping on the jumbo plus and loving every second of it. I highly recommend it.

👤I bought the bed because it said it was a high density foam bed and was 6.5 inches thick. It sat out for a few days. When I fluffed the cut up foam inside, I was able to measure 6.5 inches. There is a hole in the fabric of the pillow part of the bed. The cover is nice and the size is large, which gives my GSD plenty of room to spread out. The cover is not water proof and there is no water proof liner so liquid that gets through to the foam insert won't be washed. I replaced the inner foam with a 4 inch thick twin size piece of memory foam and got a waterproof bed liner to cover it. Sam slept on it with the original foam, but she would sink to the floor if she slept on it again. She sleeps on it for hours now that it has memory foam in it. I should have spent the money on the higher priced dog bed with liner and memory foam since I ended up paying over $100 for the bed and modifications. I put the memory foam in the bed.

👤Your dog will love it. My two big dogs like to sleep on the same bed and I needed a large dog bed. I saw this one and bought it. I have two 80 pound dogs and they have a lot of room. It feels like a memory foam and is very comfortable. Sometimes I can't get them off of this bed. The cover comes off so you can wash it. The bed needs to be washed a lot. The price is unbeatable. Will be buying more for my mom's dogs. I looked over a month for a good large dog bed that was affordable and comfortable and I would buy it 100 times over. Your dogs will thank you for it.

8. WNPETHOME Orthopedic Waterproof Washable Removable(XL

WNPETHOME Orthopedic Waterproof Washable Removable%EF%BC%88XL

The dog bed is waterproof and has a soft faux fur surface. The dog bed is 42 x 30 x 4 inches and is suitable for load-bearing less than 90 ibs. After opening the package, leave it in the air for 24 hours and the dog bed will rebound and become full. The faux fur large dog bed surface with luxury rose pattern short plush provides a calming and anti anxiety feeling. The Egg-foam Inner is thick. Older pets can benefit from the extra support and security of a large dog bed, which is filled with 4 inch high resilient foam. The waterproof dog crate bed cover is easy to remove, quick to clean, and will be as good as new, so just throw it in the washing machine and it will be as good as new.

Brand: Wnpethome

👤The dog bed is great. There is a memory foam inner layer and a fur outter layer. The fabric is great. The girl jumped in it and took a nap. It is very soft for her. Excellent recommendation.

👤It's perfect for my growing dog and kitten. It is light weight. We can move it as needed. It was easy to remove the cover when it needs to be washed.

👤The product is amazing for a great price.

👤My dog is very fond of this bed. He knows that he has his own space and now takes his toys to it. The value is great.

👤If Winnie is happy, I am happy.

👤After the foam insert was rolled up, I was really happy with it. I would buy it again.

👤I bought beds from a store. My Doodles wouldn't touch them. They like the soft egg foam crate mattress over the harder memory foam. I think the top is too hot. Every seed, sticker, leaf, and little debris that gets caught in their curly coats gets embedded in the Sherpa top and is impossible to remove. If needed, it is easier to shake off on a delay basis.

👤I like the bed. I wish it was a bit bigger. I'm thinking about getting a second one. My dog is 80 lbs and has hip dysplasia. When she is ready to lay down, she needs a soft bed because she gets sore when she runs and rumps still.

9. Active Pets Calming Anxiety Marshmallow

Active Pets Calming Anxiety Marshmallow

Only the best for your pet! The plush donut dog bed will create a calm, soothing environment with a soft, shaggy faux fur lining that mimics your dog's preferred way to sleep. Dogs that sleep in their anti anxiety dog bed are calmer, friendlier, and less anxious, and this leads to a happy relaxed environment at home and outside. After resting in a fuzzy nest dog bed, you will be surprised at how calm and rested your dog will be. The dog bed is soft and plush, and it is designed for your pet's comfort. The raised rim and round shape of the bed help your dog burrow like it would in a natural environment, and it has head and neck support that your cute friend will love. The dog calming bed is designed to give your dog a good night's sleep. The dog bed is lightweight and portable. It is a soft dog bed with a plush faux fur exterior, a soft pp cotton filling, and a heavy-duty point plastic cloth base that is slip- resistant and safe to use. A dog donut bed is easy to care for. All pet beds are easy to use and care for. There are three sizes of dog beds: 23” x 23” for small dogs, 30” x 30” for medium dogs, and 36” x 36” for large dogs. They have the perfect fit for any size dog bed. Your dog bed should be donut shaped. It's secure and convenient to have a dog bed for barking or a cat bed for calming your cat. They stand behind the quality of their pet calming bed for dogs, and they believe that you will love your dog bed as much as they do!

Brand: Active Pets

👤I ordered the medium because I wanted my baby girl to have lots of room and be comfortable. My dog won't stay in it for long. This thing is so thin that there is no pillow in it. The small amount of stuffing is so whopped that it moves around. My 9-year old son said Oprah isn't going to like that thing. It doesn't have a cushion. I can't decide if I'm going to return it or just sew 3 pillows myself. The dog is supposed to sleep in the middle part of the house. It's like laying on a blanket on the floor when she is in the middle. One hand grabs both ends of the middle. The bed is draped over the back of my chair. PIC 3 is a picture. I made Oprah lay on the pillow for the picture. The material is so thin that my hand is feeling the cold floor underneath. Can you see my fingers? Yeah! This thing is very thin.

👤I bought this because it said "Washable". The fine print says that it is possible to wash by dry cleaning. It is not the same as being able to throw it in the wash. I am very disappointed as my older dog loves it but peed on it, now I have to either pitch it or dry clean it.

👤The picture is nothing like the other things. This thing is almost like a flat piece of shag carpet because there is hardly any filling in it. This isn't a good product, and I can see how some people might think it's just how these types of beds are if they're their first one. You can find other calming beds that have enough filling in them even at this price. This thing is a ripoff.

👤Our dog is 14 years old and we bought this for his birthday. He loves it! He's a bigger Pom, about 20 lbs. I thought the small size would suffice, but he should be able to stretch out if he chooses. I got the medium size and I think it's worth it. The sides are big enough that he can nestle in and sleep, and the bottom is plush so he has the support his bones need. We've only been using it for a couple weeks but so far from a comfort standpoint he seems really happy with it and sleeps better at night. I have to keep my 4yr old out of his bed.

👤The little chihuahua mix dog is getting older and has trouble getting used to it. She spent more time fluffing and digging at her old bed than she did resting in it. She decided she liked this bed in a few minutes. I left the old one next to it for a day or two and she would always choose the new bed. She jumps in, lies down, and passes out. We're always happy to find products that our dog likes. The dog bed from Active Pets is a hit.

10. Vintage Collection Majestic Pet Products

Vintage Collection Majestic Pet Products

Extra large dogs between 70 and 100 lbs can be accommodated in a pet bed. The base of the bagel bed is made of waterproof 300/ 600 Denier. The dog bed is made of Premium High LoftPolyester Fil and is machine washed. The cycle is air dry. Dogs can rest their heads on the Bolster on the pet beds. You are guaranteed a high-quality cushion pet bed if it is made in the USA with imported materials.

Brand: Majestic Pet

👤My baby has been laying on couches and human beds since she was a pup, and she loves this bed. I put it on my bed to help her get used to it, but now she sleeps on it even though I leave it on the tile. It is kind of sad. I miss her stealing my pillows but she prefers her own space. My dog is a german shepherd / husky mix with a long torso, and she weighs 58 lbs. I was torn between the 40in and 52in but decided to go with the 40 since she likes to be touched and I wasn't sure I had enough room for the 52 in my studio apartment. I am very happy I went with the 40 inch. She still has a fair amount of room despite the fact that she is curled up. Her legs will hang off if she lays out full. I think she would have been just as happy in the 52 inch bed and it would have given her a little more of a "play/chew area" on the inner part of the bed. She understood the purpose of the bed and got right in when I laid it out, but she still doesn't understand why it is there when there is a good couch a few feet away. When I got home after work, I realized that she has her own little island. The sides are puffy when she is in it. I think the inner pouf could use more stuffing if your dog is too heavy. I don't think she's touching the ground when she's laying on it. She's close. I will add foam egg crate for more padding. I weigh about 150 lbs. I crawled in it last night and it was quite comfortable. I was touching the ground. It was still comfortable and the weight suggestion for the 40 inch is 45 to 70 lbs. The navy is a true navy and the material of the bed is very high quality. It does collect dog hair, which is great news for my tile floors, but it doesn't get stuck in the fabric, making it easy to remove, and it's also great news that it does collect dog hair. The fabric is heavy and will hold up well even to a scratcher. The bottom is waterproof but I wish it had some grip on it. She jumps in it and it slides all over the floor. It's annoying and for the price point, that should be factored into the design of the bed. I will be using a hot glue gun and dot the bottom in order to fix the flaw. I put my baby on my memory foam bed to warm him up. She didn't get out of it the rest of the night. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I didn't come back to her because I had taken my pillow. I am happy that I don't have to share my pillow. I like to call it the "boat" as I like to put it on the bed every night.

11. Laifug Sofa Style Breathable Waterproof Removable

Laifug Sofa Style Breathable Waterproof Removable

Their dog bed has soft pillows that your pet can fall asleep on. The high-density memory foam of the LaiFug sofa dog bed has passed many international certifications, which is not only super soft and comfortable, but also safe and reliable. The cover has a texture similar to baby skin. The ideal size is 38 x 30 x 9 inch. It's ideal for larger dogs. Pets from small to large are best suited for this choice. Double protective covers with waterproof liner are easy to clean. The cover is machine washed. It's easy to spot clean and remove hair. It takes 48 hours to open and restore the memory foam dog bed. If there is a quality problem with the product, please contact their after-sales team as soon as possible.

Brand: Laifug

👤The best bed I have ever purchased. It is worth every cent. It is easy to make apart and clean. My dogs love it, so far it hasn't worn down. My dogs are 75 and 80 pounds. We took care of a puppy that was water proof.

👤It's a nice dog bed and it's well made. It's easy to get the cover on and put it around the mattress. I found it quite comfortable. The problem is that neither of my dogs want to do anything with it. The older dog got on it because I asked him to, but left when my back was turned, and won't try again. The puppy won't sleep there because it likes to chew on it. The waterproof liner crinkles and can be felt through the furry cover, I think the problem is it. I will be trying a mat on top to get around that problem, but for now, it's functioning well as a reading place for my grandkids.

👤My dogs like this bed. They have stopped wanting to sleep in my bed since I bought it. The bed is made of memory foam and has a vinyl overwrap on it. The piece goes into the rest of the bed. The bed is clean. Thepillows are chunks of foam that are encased in waterproof material. The piece zips into the cover. The bed is very nice. It is easy to clean, and the parts that don't fit in the washing machine are not hard to clean. This is the best dog bed I have ever purchased. I tried it out and it was really comfortable. I was surprised. The dogs tried to get on the bed with me. I laid on it for about 30 minutes and was comfortable the entire time. I plan to buy more of these beds. If I can locate the same brand in a smaller version, I will buy that as well.

👤The waterproof cover underneath makes a sound that my dog doesn't like and also takes away from the memory foam feeling. The waterproof cover is not always waterproof.

👤The dog bed I received looked like high quality memory foam and waterproof material. I put it in the bag and let it go up for the recommended number of hours. I put it on the floor for my dog. The cover and waterproof lining ripped into each other within the first five minutes of use. My dog is 75 pounds and not a bed "digger". His claws are dull, so he doesn't have sharp talons. The cover and lining are so thin and flimsy that when a small tear started it just continued to tear. I would sew it back together, but the rip is jagged and not along a seam, and the material is so thin it seems likely that the material will rip again somewhere else sooner than later. Don't buy this item.

👤The dog bed was assembled before Christmas for our dogs. It took about an hour for it to expand from being compressed. It was hard to keep our toddler off of it for a while. The dogs seem to love it now that he is no longer interested. The grey matches our decor very well so it doesn't jump out at you, which is why we bought this one. Looks good! The white insert in the inside zips out for easy cleaning and it seems like it is made out of durable material that will last longer than some of our other beds.


What is the best product for best dog bed xl?

Best dog bed xl products from Laifug. In this article about best dog bed xl you can see why people choose the product. Western Home Wh and Wayimpress are also good brands to look for when you are finding best dog bed xl.

What are the best brands for best dog bed xl?

Laifug, Western Home Wh and Wayimpress are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best dog bed xl. Find the detail in this article. Bedsure, Big Barker and Kopeks are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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