Best Best Dog Bed for Chewers

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1. Bedsure Waterproof Large Removable Washable

Bedsure Waterproof Large Removable Washable

The dog bed pillow has a full-coverage inner liner to help protect the filling from accidents. The cover is re-sealable and machine washable. Large size dog bed pillows are not recommended for pets with chewing behavior, but they are easy to clean and have a non-skid bottom. This pet bed is made of plush polyfill stuffing and is ultra soft, so it keeps your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The portable dog crate mat can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be taken anywhere you and your partner go. Please note. The dog bed is compress-packed because they want you to spend money on the quality of the product, not the delivery freight. It will take some time for a recovery. Continue to fluff the bed if necessary.

Brand: Bedsure

👤We used two to line our car. Domenics slept well. The soft layer is not great for the water resistant part, because there is noMoisture Absorbing. The water proof part is below the soft surface. That does work. The foam mattress will remain dry, but the outer cover will smell like wet dog if it gets wet. There is a loose term formattress. It is more like a cheap pillow. Think of buying a pillow at Walmart. Are you sure you feel them right? This is a $10 pillow compared to the range of $5-$50 pillows. I don't suggest this for any type of bed for my dog, but I would suggest it for a solution, like road trips, on the living room floor, etc. I bought two of the largest ones. My two Irish wolfhounds and Great Danes were able to sleep close to each other, even though they were side by side.

👤Poor quality. I bought a dog bed a year ago that was four inches thick and my dogs love it. I bought a second one a couple weeks ago and it is barely 2 inches thick. I thought I had gotten a lemon when I ordered a replacement. The second one came and it was the same as the third one - not foam inside and not four inches. The first one was great. Number two and number three are not good. Don't buy them. They are either a different supplier or have changed the manufacturing process.

👤The dog bed is nice. Dogs love it! It zips to remove and wash the cover, and it looks like it came out of the vacuum packing. My dogs are 50 and 40 lbs, in the photos, for reference. Hopefully it is tough enough. They have destroyed every other bed we have gotten.

👤The dog and dog mom were approved. I stumbled upon this bed after another dog-bed failure. I would return a large if I wasn't satisfied. Dogs prefer this bed more often after six weeks. snacks are eaten on the bed and it is easy to clean, but I haven't had the chance to test water resistance. The inner has been clean so far. I can only imagine how a dog's urine would pool at the bottom of a crate if it was leaking through a zip. I can imagine the reverse of pooling urine under the zip if it were to happen, as the zip is at the bottom of the bed. The cover and inner are holding up well, and I was able to inflate them over 72 hours before use. I have purchased a second Bedsure, this time a bigger one. As time goes by, I will update this review.

👤Bedsure brand bamboo sheets and a quilt were great products, so I was happy to see their brand in the dog bed section. She refused to sleep in the other beds we got on Amazon, but her old bed was held together with duct tape. It took a few minutes to get her to try it. The bed filling is thin, but it seems puffy to me. My dog is 55 lbs and it works well. My toddler claimed "mine" as soon as he saw it and fought the dog for the bed. If you wanted to, you could put one in a crib or toddler bed.

2. Orthopedic Removable Mattress Memory Foam Prestige

Orthopedic Removable Mattress Memory Foam Prestige

Your dog will get a good night's sleep in this luxurious bed, it is designed with extra care, and the plush poly-fill bolster gives your dog exceptional comfort. The bed has been tested to be durable and long lasting. The bed is 36in x 28in x 9 inch and has a huge clearance, it's perfect for a couple smaller pets who like it cozy or one medium dog or one large dog breed up to 75 lbs. The new bed is ideal for pet-loving parents. The bed stays in place with the help of the non-skid bottom. The cover is machine-washable and easy to clean, they stand by their promise of quality.

Brand: Friends Forever

👤The boxer is in a large bed. I bought a second bed for him. This one does not have extra room. It's big enough and comfortable. It was easy to put together. The large would have been fine. When he is not overweight, we have 90 pounds of Boxer. There will be room for her when he comes to visit. The memory foam is better than just filling. This is better when we travel since fill is unstable and can be hard to navigate. Love the bolsters! Boxers like to sleep on their arm rests. This is not as high. It is a good alternative. Great bed.

👤I was worried that the 105 pound Great Pyrenees would not be large enough. She has some room to spare and it's perfect. She takes many naps in it and it's very comfortable. I would recommend this to other large dog owners. She now chooses this bed over her other dog bed. It must feel good on her bones.

👤We love this bed. I bought a small bed for my cat. It is important that I find a place that he will be comfortable in and able to leave. He loves my beauty rest bed, so I decided to look for a memory foam bed that he would like. I assume he won't look at cat beds because they are too small, because I only buy him dog beds. I know he hates them, but I don't know for certain. I bought this bed because I thought it would feel similar to my mattress and away. He loves it. I have moved it around a few times and he has laid it wherever he goes. He is heavy. I wanted a bed that was more supportive and firm, and this bed is perfect, I didn't want a soft mattress in the bed. It is not hard and it is not soft. He loves it because it is perfect for his little body. The only issue is that as a cat he likes to sleep against the bolsters, and there is a front gap in the bolsters, which causes him to fall out. I put a long pillow in front of the bed to hold him in, but I wish I could find a bed like this one, it will be completely enclosed bolsters. I still give this bed 5 stars because he doesn't mind and he loves his new bed! I love it as well.

👤The dog bed looks cute in the pictures, but when it arrived, it smelled like chess and I realized it was made in China. My dogs spend a lot of time in the bed and I only want USA made products. Who wants their child to be exposed to toxic fumes? No one. I don't recommend this product.

👤I replaced the training beds of my German Shepherd puppies with Friends Forever beds. The large size is large enough for both puppies. I ordered a bed for each puppy as they will need their own beds as they grow. The beds are very comfortable and roomy, and I love the pewter color. The puppies like to lay their heads on the headrest and just sleep. The picture was taken at 7am and shows Roman on the left bed and Logan on the right bed. The beds are very easy to put together and you can wash the outside cover if you need to. I paid $119 for a large bed and it was worth it. I am very happy with my purchase. Friendsforever beds are very good for your dog. I would like to thank Friendsforever for a great product that made me and my pups happy.

3. JOYELF Orthopedic Removable Washable Squeaker

JOYELF Orthopedic Removable Washable Squeaker

High-quality materials. For maximum comfort, use 1Solid Memory Foam base for your pet's body. The dog bed is made from flame retardant material and has a built in rubber backing that is perfect for senior dogs. The base high-density memory foam can provide the ultimate sleep experience with superior overall comfort and to last, and the bottom is lined with to avoid the bed from ever sliding around. It is easy to maintain, simply remove the cover, zip closed, and find and remove hair. Do not immerse in water for long time, and Line dry better. There are gifts. Squeaker toys are gifts. The measurement is from the outside of the bolster. The sleeping area is 29'' x 20''. The base is made of memory foam. It's great for dogs of Medium to Large size.

Brand: Joyelf

👤I bought this for my golden retriever who has been affected by arthritis since he was 4 years old. I have managed her condition with supplements thus far but she has been getting sore and stiff when she first wakes up. It was time for the big guns. I had been looking for an orthopedic bed for a while now and I knew she would love it because of the reviews and the surrounding cushions. She was in the mattress when I put it in the packaging. She was trying to drag it around at first, but once she sat in it, I couldn't get her out. She loves it and I like seeing how comfortable she is. I think she likes the large size of the bed and the amount of wriggle room it gives her.

👤We needed a new bed for our dog. He is a little large for a Boston. I chose the Small JoyElf dog bed based on many recommendations and I like the way it looks. I put it on one of our couches which has soft cushions, the JoyElf Bed has a nice firm bottom pad built in which gives the perfect amount of support. Boston jumped up and took a nap as soon as I put the JoyElf bed on the couch. It was funny to see him in the Joy Elf Bed because he is normally very active and not a long term sleeper. The bed stays put because the materials are very well made and the bottom one has little rubber bits that don't slip. It took a couple of days to completely fluff out the smell of industrial material. Even though the stuffed dog bone has a squeaker in it, my dog doesn't care about it. Not much of a toy. The dimensions of the "small" JoyElf Memory Foam Bed are 17 inches wide, 17 inches tall, 2 inches thick, and 24 inches long. The cover is not permanent. I am very impressed with the comfort and quality of the product, as well as the design that allows our dog to park his head on the raised sides, and I think it's a keeper. This dog bed is very good.

👤I bought the small size for my Chiweenie. There is room for my Min Pin to lay down next to her because the size was perfect for her. It's a good bed for some dogs, but it's also a bad bed, because it sheds really bad. My Chiweenie likes to "dig" at her bed for a minute before she lays down and whenever she does this, pieces of fluff from the bedding get everywhere. It now looks like I own a large, fluffy, white dog, because of the fur on my pillows, blankets, and floor. I tried vacuuming the bed to see if it would help, but it didn't. I don't want the fluff to get all over my washing machine, so I'm hesitant to wash it. If you own a dog that likes to dig at their bed before laying down, this will make a huge mess in your house.

4. Gowild Oversize Waterproof Outdoor Travel

Gowild Oversize Waterproof Outdoor Travel

The waterproof dog mat is made of Oxford cloth, which is water resistant for almost all weather, and can be easily wiped off. Medium and large dogs can use this pad. The perfect outdoor dog bed is a camping mat, sleeping mat for pets, traveling car mat, and a crate mat. The mat is not recommended for aggressive chewers, but it is durable with refined stitching, scratch resistant and claw resistant. The dog bed is packable, a carry bag is in the package, mat can be folded and slid into the bag, and the bag is portable, roll up the mat, convenient for travel, camping and other outdoor activities. The front side of Oxford is easy to clean and can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Brand: Cheerhunting

👤This mat is what it says it is. Don't believe the people who say my dog fits with room to spare. It's not a puffy pillow, but it is what I wanted. I wanted a mat to use on the porch when we are all outside, something that can be quickly and easily stored in a small space, and my dog loves it. Is it cooler on the porch floor? Maybe, maybe not. I don't know if my dog goes for it when we go outside. My dog is well cared for but not a spoiled dog. He expects to be comfortable. He likes this mat.

👤I bought this to bring camping gear for my dogs. Depending on your dog, it may be enough for some but not for others. It is easy to carry with us because it folds up into a bag like a sleeping bag. It doesn't get a lot of stuff stuck to it compared to other beds and it wipes off nicely. It was placed on top of a cot to give my senior dog a bit of extra cushion. I plan to bring this for the beach so she can lay on the sand without the cot. If you have a senior dog with old joints, you need a long term bed solution.

👤1. A light quilt is not a bed. Storage and size 3 are nice. Water resistant, not waterproof. I was going to use this for kayak camping, where I was going to put my dog on the bed at night. It takes forever to dry after I returned it.

👤The mat is large enough to fit on our patio, but not too large for a dog. She lies on it all the time. We have left it out in the rain more than once, only to have it dry completely within a reasonable amount of time. It is well washed in the washing machine. I am very happy with the mat.

👤The mat is too small in the title. It's not... I have a medium size dog and he was too big for this mat. I was disappointed because I ordered it so my dogs could fit on it. The fabric and thickness is nice and my dog liked it. I am returning it because it is too expensive to keep.

👤Nice. It is pretty flat. The dogs head for it. It is easy to move and lightweight.

👤I liked the size of the bed. The dog shredded it in 5 minutes. I would not hesitate to buy another one for a different dog.

👤I don't care about my dog. This is garbage. I would rather spend 20 bucks on a blanket than carry one from goodwill. Like there is no... I wouldn't even lay my head on it, I couldn't bring myself to have my dogs lay on it. It's 49.5" inches long, not 51" Yes. I want what I pay for when I spend money. I'm telling you to stay far away from this product. There are better mats at a lower cost point. This mat is not for you. If your dog weighs more than 2.5 pounds, it's probably not for anything more than that. This is not a bed or mat.

5. Bedsure Orthopedic Memory Large Medium

Bedsure Orthopedic Memory Large Medium

The dog bed is made of high density memory foam, which provides support and cushion for the joints to maximize sleep comfort. The high density gel memory foam is thick. The gel memory foam dog bed has a better cooling capacity and works to absorb and draw heat away. The blue one should be on top and the white one below. There will be no difference in quality. The large dog bed is great for senior and arthritic pets. 101% waterproof inner lining under the cover for the memory foam prevents liquid from penetration. The dog bed can be fixed with non-slip dots on the bottom. It is not suitable for pets with destructive chewing behavior. The cover is machine washable. The cover is made of delicate patterns and is suitable for year-round use. The pet bed has upgraded zippers and reinforced stitches.

Brand: Bedsure

👤My boxers ranged in size from 65 to 85 lbs, and I purchased two of the larger beds. They are great! Soft but supportive of them. They love the beds. The box is packed with two compressed pads that quickly expanded when opened, and then they slip into the water proof cover, and the pads have their own protection. I love how the cover opens on both sides, so I am not trying to smooth the pads in. Their customer service is top notch and they have a great price. The picture shows three of them crowding on to one of the beds and ignoring the other beds in the room, the other dog being selfish and keeping the other bed to herself.

👤The layers are not labeled when they arrive. It was easy to assemble. The handle makes it easier to carry. I am a vet and just found out my old man has arthritis of his elbows. New beds were part of getting him more comfortable. We bought two of these because his 120# was so happy. He has plenty of room to stretch out on the large size.

👤I have purchased two brands that cost around $100 and the other one that cost $199, but they couldn't be returned because of the past 30 days. I got another dog bed and returned it. I gave up looking and bought the perfect one. I started looking again after getting so much time on my hand. I thought expensive meant good quality. I came across Bedsure. I was wondering why it didn't have thousands of reviews like other ones, but pictures and descriptions are pretty good. I thought the price was competitive and I didn't have to pay a lot. I washed the cover after I received it. It was well packaged. Everything was still in place after the cover was washed. Most foam beds have a chemical smell. The bed inflated after a couple hours. Wow! The foam doesn't sink when my dog lays on it. I tried sitting on it and it wasn't feeling right. My dog is about ten years old and I want him to be comfortable. If you are looking for a dog bed. This is it, 101%. They will thank you for it. It also comes with a waterproof cover. The dog bed is very nice and cheap.

👤I was expecting a bed that was not as good as this one. I let it sit overnight and as soon as I put it together my dogs refused to leave it. They love it. The foam is thick and soft. The large is the perfect size for my 65lb boxer with room to spare for his little boy. The company is wonderful. They sent me an email when I ordered thanking me and giving me all the instructions for washing and drying. I would order another one.

👤My husky approves! It is rolled into 3 pieces. 2 foam layers are in the covers and the other is denser. It was easy to put the 2 foam layers in the outer cover before they expanded.

6. Hero Dog Mattress Washable Sleeping

Hero Dog Mattress Washable Sleeping

Dog bed made of durable material. The Othopedic dog crate bed is easy to break but not for aggressive scratching or biting. The Superior Soft Gentle Touch Crate Bed is especially good for older or disabled pets,support joints and sucks pressure points for deeper, 3 cm PP Fiber inside to make the mattress thick enough for better sleep. The Multi Sizes for Choice are: S 27.5 x 19.7 inch, M 36 x 22 inch, L 42 x 28 inch, and XL 47 x 33 inch. Small to Extra Large Dog Crate Bed is a choice. Dog Beds are 100% Washable in a washing machine and keep their original shape even after many cycles of washing. The cover Pet Seat Bed can protect furniture from dirt and fur. The non slip bottom design of the dog mat keeps it in position and can be elevated as a dog bed.

Brand: Hero Dog

👤My dog loves sleeping on this mat. I have bought him many expensive beds and memory foam mattresses, but he would rather lay on the hard tile and it was putting stress on his joints. I am very happy that I found this mat on Amazon. He is always laying on it.

👤I usually don't write reviews, but after reading so many reviews I found this one. I wanted to pick something that my lab puppy wouldn't eat because it's not like they are expensive. I have been very pleased with this item. The griping texture on the underside is probably the best part. Unless my dog decides to dig under it, it doesn't shift in the crate. My dog has gotten sick a few times and had a case of fleas. I washed this about 4-5 times in a short period and it held up. If I don't have something on the inside of my dog's crate, I can hear him scratching and bouncing around, which can be loud. This helps make the crate a sound barrier. I will do this again.

👤The reason I bought this mat was because it said my dog could chew through it.

👤The non-skid material on the underside of the mats became stuck to the tile floor. I had to pull them off the floor because they didn't skid. It was as if they had been put down. The tile has been ruined. I've tried a lot of different things. I will have to strip the tile of its finish. I'm not happy. Attached is an image. My dogs and I have both liked these mats. They're a good deal if you don't put them on tile. I wonder if this will happen to wood and composite floors.

👤I have never used this pad, so I couldn't write a review. I asked Louisa May to add a few words of her own. This is a great pad. It is so comfortable that if I am asleep on it, I will miss the fact that my humans have gone to bed. I like that it gives me a softer place to lie on than the crate floor. I can stand up more easily because the dog bed is not as heavy. The manufacturer says that some may chew it, but I have not yet had the desire to chew it, so I can't comment on the flavor or consistency.

👤I bought a bed for the 7-month puppy, but it was not for him. I wanted to get a mat for the dog to sleep on. When it arrived, I was very pleased with its compactness and non-slip bottom, since I'd decided to use this bed in a tiled-floor kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised to see the puppy tugging it around the room because it was compact and non-slip, and the bed just ended up in a different area. The foam bed that the puppy dog threw left foam chunks throughout the kitchen, so I expected dog beds to be better made. I will be replacing the foam bed with another Hero Dog pad because he tugs and moves without issue. It's a nice pad with soft padding. It's a treat for dogs.

7. FurHaven Pet Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress

FurHaven Pet Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress

It was designed for pets. The classic pet bed mattress design gives both dogs and cats plenty of room to sleep in a variety of different positions, with the gusseted sides providing additional cushion for enhanced nestling and lounging. The sleep surface is sleepy. The main sleep surface is lined with thick, soft, plush curly faux fur that is gentle on noses and paws for enhanced comfort. It's easy on joints. The egg crate foam mattress helps distribute body weight, cushion pressure points, and improve air circulation to help ease discomfort and encourage sleep. Gray; large, 36" x 27" x3" There are available VARIANTS. The bed is available in Cream, Chocolate, and Gray. Easy care. For more specific washing instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label. Customer Assurance: The product comes with limited coverage against material defects and may also qualify for their Worry-Free Program, but purchases from unauthorized 3rd-party sellers may not be covered by Furhaven. Pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior are not suitable.

Brand: Furhaven

👤I don't usually write reviews unless I'm blown away by a product or company. People should be aware of the poor quality of this product. I paid for a dog bed that I got, and I was looking for an inexpensive one. I expected them to last longer than a few months. I removed the covers to wash them and was amazed at what the insides looked like. I had noticed that the middle was collapsing but I didn't think it would be completely gone. I bought these in February and they were in good shape for a few months. I have two dogs, one is 75 lbs and the other 55 lbs. We can get our dogs to stay off of our bed by using these dog beds. There were no tears in the covers when I removed them for the first time.

👤I bought this bed for my puppy. The "orthopedic" foam was destroyed when I pulled the cover off to wash it. My pet did not destroy this item. It is not eligible for a return. This should have held up for more than 4 months. The foam insert is disappointing. The cover will be washed. My dog only lays on this at night. It's a pity.

👤The dog bed is one of the best investments I have ever made. I can't tell you how many dog beds I have spent my money on and my dogs don't use them. Both of my dogs love it! It is easy to clean and lasts a long time.

👤Over the years, I have purchased 6 of the same dog bed from Fur Haven. I bought one a month ago. I bought another one a week ago because I needed an extra one in another room. The new bed had a strange smell. The old bed had an egg crate insert, while the new bed had a thin piece of foam. I have never had an issue with this company before, but how did the product change so much in 3 weeks with no change in the description or price? The old and new beds are shown in the photo.

👤It was completely flattened in a couple days, like other reviewers said. After 30 days, I took the cover off to wash it, and the foam inside was already disintegrating, so I had to throw it down the drain. The picture is below.

👤Poorly made. It was high priced. I was expecting more quality since it is advertised as "Orthopedic". I gave the cover 3 months to start peeling and degrading after I opened it. I don't have a choice as I'm using it for my dog who is recovering from knee surgery. Will try to find a more reliable bed on the weekend. Does not meet the description.

👤I had to buy a new bed. My dog is a mobility assist dog and keeping his joints in good health was important to him. He was very uncomfortable because I had to cover this with 2 comforters. You could tell he was not comfortable when he got up and tried to get comfortable many times. You should go with an otheropedic bed. I found a bed that was sqooshy and not hard and rigid like other othopedic beds and it was over $60. If your dog is not a service dog or an elderly dog, then this is a better bed. Money was wasted. This was a perfect size, but when you push down on it, you feel the floor. I had to put a comforter over it to make it soft for my dog. He loves it! He is a large dog. Large - Brown

8. PetFusion Waterproof Premium Zippers Ultimate

PetFusion Waterproof Premium Zippers Ultimate

Better health and premium consumables are included. The SOLID 4 inch MEMORY FOAM in their dog bed provides an ultra premium base for superior overall comfort, reduced joint pain and improved health. Dogs who suffer from anxiety can benefit from a calming dog bed. The bolsters are recycled. The cotton and the polyester aredurable and comfortable. Large dog bed base and bolsters provide optimal support, comfort, and security. The waterproof dog bed liner is water resistant and tear resistant. The bottom is non-skid. It blends in with your home. Replacement pet bed covers are available separately. Peace of mind. The Certi-PUR-US memory foam used in their dog bed is free of harmful substances. Low VOC emissions for indoor air quality keep your pup safe while resting. The European REACH safety standards have been tightened. The cover fabric was certified as 'Skin Contact SAFE'. IDEAL FOR MEDIUM / Large or MultiPLE SMALLER dogs are 36 x 28 x 9 inches. Can hold a lot of weight. (ii) Search for Pet Fusion x large pet blanket. All Life Stages include components: Memory foam orthopedic dog bed mattress, waterproof dog bed foam liner, and Polyfilled bolster cushion. Simply insert the memory foam base and zip closed. The dog bed cover is easy to clean. It's simple to spot clean and remove hair. Dry on a gentle setting. Do not bleach your washing. 36 month warranty on any part that is broken due to a manufacturer defect.

Brand: Petfusion

👤I searched for a long time and finally found my dog's dream bed. The ELuxury wood bed frame has this in it. The bed in size L fits into the M frame. I covered this bed with a crib mattress pad and fitted crib sheet so I could just rip the crib sheet off and wash it. It's easier to change the sheets than it is to disassemble the bed. Not being washed will make the bed last longer. The memory foam base is dense and soft, which my tripod bull terrier loves to sleep on. The positioning of the bolsters has worked well. I bought 3 other bolster beds in the exact same size, and they all took up more of the interior space than this bed. My dog's ability to fit in it is affected by the bed's 4 inches more length on the interior. He took this bed immediately after I put the sheets on it. I had to get the foam inside the plastic cover before it broke. My dog is 55 lbs and it is a great fit on the 36x28 bed. He can stretch out if he wants, but most of the time he likes to sleep like a cat. There is a lot of room left inside the bolsters. I bought this bed on Amazon warehouse deals for $107 and it's even nicer than the beds I looked at at Petsmart which were $150 - $175. This is a good quality bed.

👤After only 3 months of use, the zipper no longer works. Between purchase and failure it had its foam removed twice. This is advertised as having YKK zippers. This is not true. The pull tab has a YKK imprinted on it. The pull tab has an imprinted 'PF' on it. It is not a YKK product. The reason to buy this bed is if it has a strudy YKK zip. The first thing that goes out on a pet bed is the zipper. This bed is just like the other cheapies for sale, but they are advertising what it is made out of.

👤The dog beds are nice. The jumbo bed I purchased was a perfect size for my two large breed dogs. My golden retriever doesn't like to be close to the bernedoodle so we decided on a large for him and a small for the medium golden retriever so they could each have their own bed. I took pictures of all sizes to compare for those of you who were struggling with which size to buy. I hope they can help you with your decision. The quality has been very good for us. I bought a waterproof crib sheet to throw over them for easier washing and to allow the original cover to last longer.

👤The inner liner said it was water proof. Water resistant means that water will enter but not all of it, as opposed to water proof, which means that water does not penetrate at all. The inner liner is waterproof. I bought two of these beds. My 19 year old dachshund is having issues peeing herself and when she peed this bed it went through the top cover, through the line and into the memory foam. If it's waterproof, this isn't supposed to happen. The bed comes with two liners. One is supposed to be water proof. If you are cleaning the main liner, the other water resistant is also a backup. Both liners are water proof. Both of them are well cared for. There were no tears. Do not put the inner liner in the washer or dryer. It is not water proof. When my elderly dog inevitably has an accident, I will have to replace my expensive dog beds. They are already ruined. The outer cover is easy to clean, but it is not waterproof. Don't waste your money if you are spending more for the waterproof feature. Two of my beds smell like pee. There is a video showing proof of water easily flowing through the liner. There is proof that pee penetrated the outer cover and liner.

9. Big Barker Orthopedic Pillow Top Microfiber

Big Barker Orthopedic Pillow Top Microfiber

Big dogs can be imprisoned. There are dog bed sizes available. Too powerful for small dogs. It's a circumstantial trait. The University of Pennsylvania found that using a Big Barker for just 28 days resulted in less pain and more mobility. 10 year warranty American made therapeutic foam is the best quality for dog beds. Over time, won't flatten or pancake. Made in the USA is handmade in a small Pennsylvania workshop. It is easy to clean. The cover is 100% Micro-suede. It looks great in your home.

Brand: Big Barker

👤The dog bed was expensive and only lasted a week. After a lot of research, we decided that our dog bed would be the last one we would ever buy, because of the tough, chew resistant fabric. I spend my mornings picking up the loose foam that didn't last the week. My dog doesn't chew but digs around until she gets used to it. It was very disappointing that this bed was so expensive and easy to destroy.

👤The German Shepherd that I ordered the XL for is 100 pounds and can sleep comfortably, but a Giant would have been better because he likes to stretch out when he sleeps. I made a mistake, no fault of the bed. We needed a supportive bed that would help him in his healing process because he was unable to sleep on the Queen guest bed because of his surgery. We took a chance ordering it online, but we were confident it would be a great purchase. We were not let down. This is the only dog bed he has ever slept in, it's supportive for his aging hips, and the cover is very soft, which adds to the coziness. He likes the headrest. I found my husband sleeping on it. It's a win for him because he is picky about his bed. Thanks for making a great product!

👤I wanted to be able to speak from experience before I reviewed this. We bought this as an alternative to buying a futon mattress for our one year old great dog. I love it. I'm jealous. We got the Big Barker a week ago, and Bear went from waking up at 4am to waking up at 6am. The second result is why we decided to try this dog bed instead of getting another large breed pillow thingy, so that success alone was worth the extra cost. I thought Bear was crazy to want to go stand outside in the wee hours. It took a little bit of persuasion to get him onto the new bed. He was happy when he realized that the bed wasn't going to eat him, because it was a bit thicker and springier than his old ones. As a Great Dog, I have a new Big Barker Bed. Pigs in mud don't have it as good. There is a Oh. This thing is tough, I have observed it for two weeks. There isn't a hole or tear in or on the bed when Bear tries tobury treats in his bed. You have it. This product is tough enough to hold up against an energetic young Great Danes, and it will sleep better on it than on any conventional dog bed you'll find in a pet store. The product is made out of high quality fabric and was shipped promptly. I know a good sewing job when I see it, and this is top notch, because my mom used to own an upholstery shop. They email you how to care for the mattress and cover. Hope this helps.

10. WAYIMPRESS Warming Non Slip Sleeping Anxiety

WAYIMPRESS Warming Non Slip Sleeping Anxiety

The dog bed is made of soft luxury faux fur material, which feels like mom's fur,super cozy and warm. The mats can help the dog sleep and calm them down. Large dog beds measure about 36x23.5x4 inch. Shake and pat the pet bed package before use. The dog crate mat is filled with thick inner, soft and durable, and is perfect for older pets. The water resistance bottom with sticky beads can ensure pets safety. The ideal dog furniture is a folding metal dog crate, dog pillow, kennel bed, dog carriers, cat carriers, and dog houses. The strong stitching design on the surface will hold up the filler through washing and won't break over time. You just need to put the whole bed in the machine. The machine wash is gentle, drying and low heat.

Brand: Wayimpress

👤The dog bed was wrapped well and came earlier than expected. The bed was wrapped in plastic and placed in a vacuum sealed package. This bed is very comfortable and has plenty of stuffing in it. My dog lay on it. This is a great bed and would be a great choice for any dog. I bought the large because they have different sizes. I will get 2 more for my daughters dogs.

👤The dogs love their beds. It doesn't make a difference to the size of the bed. I keep mine on the floor because they share it. Our dog sleeps on the big ones all the time. I would recommend it. Just bought round 2 of the same size beds. We got a new dog in January after losing one last year. The new beds are great for our labs. The other 3 were clean and in good shape to donate to our shelter. Highly recommend!

👤I bought a new crate with a very soft bed. He hasn't been in a crate in over four years. He fluffed the bed himself when I put it in the crate. The mission was accomplished.

👤The terriers loved the bed when it arrived. I ordered a memory foam crate bed because I felt that it didn't have enough firmness to be comfortable all night and I was going to use it in their play area. They wouldn't get in their crate until I put this bed back in it. They love it. Our boys don't chew on it but it is soft and comfortable and they love it. I only washed it once and it dried well. I just bought a second bed in case something happens to the first one. They will not be in their crate while the bed is being washed and dried, so I can switch them out.

👤My girl has arthritis and wouldn't use the round calming beds, but she took to this right away and now it's her favorite spot. I washed it a few times and it still looked brand new.

👤As far as comfort, I can say my sugar loves it, as we only had it for a couple of days. We are trying to get her used to it so that when she goes to Spain, it will have her scent, our scent and her favorite toys. We are trying everything to make the trip less traumatic for her. Will update after the trip.

👤My puppy said that it was Fluffy and comfy. She took a nap after hopping right in. It works perfectly in her crate. It will be easy to put it into the washing machine. She has chewed through a bed before, but she hasn't gnawed on this one yet. Puppy approved!

11. Bedsure Large Elevated Outdoor Skid Resistant

Bedsure Large Elevated Outdoor Skid Resistant

The dimensions and care are mentioned. The large raised dog cot is up to 85 lbs. It's perfect for all breeds and ages of dogs and cats. The design isdurable. The frame of the pet bed helps it to be stable and safe for your dog to rest easy on, and the sleeping surface is durable and resistant to scratches. The emperor has conquered. Bedsure Elevated Dog Bed (8" Off the ground) is a great way to keep your dog cool on rainy days. The Teslin (recyclable) mesh allows air to flow through it and he/she will be feeling the breeze in summer. It is easy to clean the tight mesh with tap water or hand wash. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for transport, including: 1 mesh, 4 legs, 2 leg extension rods, 4 cross support extension rods, 4 screws and a key.

Brand: Bedsure

👤Two of my dogs seem to always share the same bed, and the other one likes her own space. I was surprised that they all cuddled up on one. I went out on the deck with my one inside the house. I will re-read it in about 30 days, but for now I would recommend this bed to my dogs because they love it.

👤Two brands seemed good, so I was unsure of which bed to choose. I bought a Large Bedsure Original Elevated Dog Bed and a Large Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed for my golden retriever who is getting up in her years and I wanted two elevated beds for her. The beds are the same length, but the Bedsure is wider. I would give the Coolaroo a slightly better rating for ease of assembly because they were both a little frustrating to put together. I put them together and let the dog lay on them for a while, then told her to go to her bed. She picked the bed. I don't recall the kind of rubber feet that they claimed to have to protect my hardwood floors. The floors would not be protected from my dog flopping on the bed if the feet were made of rubber.

👤Great bed. It is easy to assemble. I need a large for my cane. He is 115 lbs and tall. He fits it perfectly. The bed is a great price compared to other brands.

👤I was skeptical when I bought this because our dogs are very picky, but I was wrong. They love the dog bed, and are now choosing it over their normal dog bed. It's very easy to put together. I've bought 2 and I'm planning on buying another, who knows I may buy one for every room at this rate! Would definitely recommend it.

👤This is a great bed. I can't tell you if this one is any better than others, but there were no complaints at all. I can tell you from experience that assembling this bed only tightens about 50%. The bed material doesn't have much room for error and if you lock down all the screws as you go this thing becomes very hard to assemble. The dog bed will be complete once you tighten all the screws.

👤A cat and pumpkin are featured in photos. She's always looking for a place to sleep or play. I decided to try it out. It would allow her to be close to the ground, but off of it, she could relax. She got really excited and wanted to help put it together after she decided she couldn't help herself. It was easy to put together. You will have to break through the coated screws. It's small and sturdy, and she sleeps on it.

👤I bought two of them, one in small and the other in medium. The assembly instructions are pretty boring, but once you assemble one corner/leg correctly, the others go quickly. I was surprised that when you move the bed, the frame doesn't stay taut, but it does a weird trick and doesn't seem to harm anything. My goal was to teach my pup that his bed is a boundary for him to stay on and remain calm, and this is much easier to train with a raised bed, like this, which has a much more defined space than a mat that lies directly on the floor. My dog will go to it for quiet time. We've traveled with them and they both look like new and seem to be durable after about a month of use. My only criticism is that the legs extend beyond the actual bed, which seems to add unnecessarily to the overall dimensions. My dog is too large for the small bed, and the medium bed is too large for him, so I wish there was a bigger bed for him.


What is the best product for best dog bed for chewers?

Best dog bed for chewers products from Bedsure. In this article about best dog bed for chewers you can see why people choose the product. Friends Forever and Joyelf are also good brands to look for when you are finding best dog bed for chewers.

What are the best brands for best dog bed for chewers?

Bedsure, Friends Forever and Joyelf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best dog bed for chewers. Find the detail in this article. Cheerhunting, Hero Dog and Furhaven are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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