Best Best Day Ever Disney Shirt Women Plus Size

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1. Disney Fashion Contrast Shoulder Mickey

Disney Fashion Contrast Shoulder Mickey

The pocket size key is called a ee chb.

Brand: Disney

👤It's soft and comfy. It was good quality and was shipped quickly.

👤I ordered the 3XL, but it is not an large one. It is too small. The description says it's plus size. That is a lie. The shirt is cute, but it's too small.

👤I read reviews. I wear a 14-16 and am not large around my waist but have love handles. I don't like tight clothes because I don't want my beautiful breasts to show. I ordered an 1X and it is perfect with a small room around the mid section. The reviews said it was small so I took a chance and did well. The material is very thin, which is great for Disney's hot weather, but not sure how long it will hold up. Hope this helps. God bless!

👤My daughter was in a large for the chart. I received a Junior size 11-13 which would fit my 10 year old granddaughter. The size chart is off. The shirt is beautiful but I would have liked to receive the correct product.

👤The look is cute and fits well, but do you know that the shirts that start thin after every wash become almost tissue paper like so that they are completely see through? This material is similar to this one. It's cute. I have a Disney trip in 2 weeks, so I'm going to keep it. Hopefully it doesn't do that.

👤The shirt runs small. I'm usually a 2X or a 1/2. I had to buy 3X because it's not a Plus Size shirt. It will be fine for my trip to Disney, but I'm not sure how much I'll wear afterwards.

👤The picture shows a shirt that is 8 inches shorter. It is an understatement to say I am disappointed. I would return it, but the family already washed it. It is so frustrating when you don't get what you ordered. Next day, we will update. The shirt was small. This is too short and tight. It fits like a youth for a plus size.

👤The size is off. I usually buy the 3xl and this time I did. I could wear it as a night shirt. This fit me like a normal t shirt. I will wear it as a t shirt. I bought it for night wear.

👤large non XL.

2. Disney Mickey Friends Squad T Shirt

Disney Mickey Friends Squad T Shirt

Disney Mickey And Friends Apparel is officially licensed. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Disney

👤I collect all Mickey Mouse shirts in honor of my son who passed away 5 weeks ago.

👤Mickey and Friends is a great idea, but was too snug. It was necessary to return for a bigger size of cotton.

👤The way it arrived was going to Disney in a few weeks. It is an understatement to say I am disappointed. I hope I can get a replacement in time.

👤Nice item. For my little girl. Sized up but still small.

👤I have washed the shirt a few times and it seems to be holding up. I like the shirt.

👤It fits perfectly.

👤The design is cute. Not as bright as in the picture.

👤Excellent quality! This shirt is great. Cotton is very soft. Fit is perfect! I would order again. My son is 155 pounds and 5'11

3. Disney Mickey Mouse Classic T Shirt

Disney Mickey Mouse Classic T Shirt

Disney merchandise. There is a Disney mickey mouse. Men, women, boys, and girls can wear a t-shirt. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Disney

👤I ordered a red t-shirt in a medium size. When it arrived it was more like an X size. I ordered a large red shirt, and it was closer to an expected fit. There is a big difference between the large and medium sizes. The large red shirt was discolored around the Mickey. You could see the area around the Mickey was faded. I noticed that my shirt was the same color as the Mickey. I ordered a red and gray one and sent them back. I kept the gray one because the 3rd red shirt was also bad. I wouldn't recommend this shirt.

👤Not worth more than $20. I don't know how they can say "official Disney merchandise" when you can see in other reviews that the logo is printed on a cheap t-shirt. I thought the print of Mickey looked good on the other pictures, but I got a cracked graphic of Mickey. After a few washes, it will probably be barely there. The location was not in the pocket area. It was too low in the center. The app told me I didn't have to send it back. I think it will be a pajama shirt for my boy. I will throw it away since he hates that type of tag. These reviews are not real.

👤The Mickey is off the right chest. It was very awkward. Right above the abdomen and close to the middle of the chest. After one wash, the image began to peel. Considering how bad the quality is, it's pretty expensive.

👤The Disney logo was also printed by the company that screen printed the Mickey design. It is not a Disney product. The shirt will be fine for what I need it for, but should not have cost more than $8. There is a If you need something fast and don't mind paying triple the price, this shirt was made for you. I will probably throw it away or let the dogs use it as a chew toy. I bought a medium and it fits. I am looking at the shirt again. I will not wear it. It hurts. The screen printing is not in the correct location. Mickey will probably fall around the nipple line. Not even Mickey. If it was $8, I would be okay. I would have known what to expect.

👤It's not as thick as you might think, but it's cute and perfect for Disneyland. I gave it to my boyfriend. He's 156 pounds and medium fit him.

👤It fit as expected. Similar to what you'd get at Disney. I wish I could find these on a better material. This is a light weight shirt. No regrets.

👤The placement of the graphic was off. It was too low on the shirt and too close to the center. The quality of the graphic was terrible. A fake Disney label was put on the shirt behind the generic shirt, it was not an authentic Disney shirt. The second shirt came the same as the first one, so I returned hoping for better placement. I am very disappointed that my child's graphic positioning looks wrong.

4. Disney Minnie Mouse Face T Shirt

Disney Minnie Mouse Face T Shirt

Disney merchandise. Women, Men, Boys, and Girls can get a t-shirt with mickey mouse. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Disney

👤The shirt was described as an official Disney product, but it is not. The quality of the print was choppy and rough, but the logo was imprinted directly on the shirt, which is not indicative of authentic Disney. I ordered three shirts and took an extra trip to send them all back the next day.

👤The product did not look like a picture of a Disney character. The character looked like someone made the shirts in their basement and it seemed like only white and red screen printing colors were used. I returned some shirts.

👤When I ordered, I chose to size up. I think that is the best bet.

👤The quality is good and the price is good.

👤The shirt was not what I was expecting. The image looks like it was put on a shirt. The shirt is thick. The bow is not glittery. If you want a shirt with a cartoon character, you should buy it from Walmart.

👤I ordered a 3xl mens. A woman's was received.

👤Good for a gift and pretty wear.

5. Disney Mufasa Starry Night T Shirt

Disney Mufasa Starry Night T Shirt

Disney Lion King is licensed. The shirt is t-shirt. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Disney

👤The shirt was not what I was expecting. It's like an iron-on image, not a print screen. The shirt had a graphic image on it. The shirt smelled terrible when it arrived. It's not true that it's described as an "Officially licensed Disney Lion King Apparel". If Disney knew about the claim and how the trademark was pressed into the inside of the shirt, they would be horrified. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because my sons loved it and they had it in time for the opening night of Lion King. They said they wouldn't wear it again until the odor leaves it and it hadn't after 2 washes, only if the image is still "new looking" and not cracked by then. The price should be cheaper for the quality.

👤I got this shirt for my birthday and am in love with it. I got a 3x for a little more room and it fit perfectly and was very comfortable, unlike the 2x I wear in men's. It looks better in person.

👤This was bought for The Lion King premier. I bought them for myself and my daughter. I loved matching her. Quality was what I was expecting.

👤5 of these were bought for 3 people. Just love them. Adding in Lion King was genius for the son's shirt collection. All the kids are excited to see which shirt he wears each day because he's a teacher.

👤I bought this shirt for my nephew, who played Mufasa in the Lion King, and he thought it was cool. Lots of praise from friends and family.

👤After washing, the smell of the package went away. I get a lot of praise for this shirt. You will get noticed if you wear it.

6. Disney White Grumpy Graphic T Shirt

Disney White Grumpy Graphic T Shirt

The Disney Snow White tee shirt is officially licensed. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Disney

👤A great gift for my mom. She really liked it, even though I thought she'd hate me.

👤A nice shirt. My husband likes the shirts.

👤The shirts were grumpy, sleepy and happy. Both the L and the XL were the same size. The shirt was stained when it arrived. It was a very disappointing experience.

👤I usually wear a women's t-shirt, but this one was too small. You should order a size up.

👤Just like the picture. Very cute and comfortable.

7. Disney Mickey Friends Best Ever

Disney Mickey Friends Best Ever

Disney Mickey And Friends Apparel is officially licensed. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Disney

👤Wanted a shirt for a Disney trip. White can be hit or miss but did not want black in June. I would like to see other colors besides black and white. You can see your hand, but it's not clear. def there This may not be a good idea for a lot of more modest people. If you want to stand out, go for it, it will work with the right color sports bra. It's not certain if you'll take home the first prize in the wet t-shirt contest. Your skin is not see-able as you press against the shirt, and is not as long as I would have liked. I ordered 190 lbs.

8. Disney Lion Simba Mufasa T Shirt

Disney Lion Simba Mufasa T Shirt

Disney merchandise. The Lion King t-shirt is available for men, women, boys, and girls. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Disney

👤It is a beautiful shirt. It's a great gift for a father. The company is great to do business with. I would buy from them again. The quality is good. Thank you.

👤I was disappointed in the colors. The sale photo shows it to be not as bright. It was thrown in a shipping envelope. It will work, but not what I was expecting.

👤The shirt is cute but short. He raises his hands and it goes above his waist.

👤Father's day is a great time to give a gift. My son got it with his allowance. Dad was happy with it. The size was described and the material was very comfortable.

👤This was a gift for my son-in-law.

👤A great shirt for Disney World.

👤The shirt for Daddy was perfect because my daughter loves the Lion King and calls him 'Dad'.

9. Disney Incredibles Sketch Graphic T Shirt

Disney Incredibles Sketch Graphic T Shirt

Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Apparel is officially licensed. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Disney

👤They are snug for women. They are very tight. Very small fit. I wear medium in every t-shirt I own, but had to get this one in larger sizes. The company accepted all returns. A 3 star rating was given because of the fit. I tried 5 shirts before I found one that fit. The men's fit in smaller sizes was not right. I wish they had a bigger size for women.

👤I am a first time mom. I think I am doing something about it. I bought this shirt for myself. #LoveThySelf It works as expected. It is a comfortable reg shirt. I was worried that it would shrink. And it didn't.

👤It's true to size. My daughter was violet for Halloween and wanted a matching mom, but I was not going to wear a full spandex suit, so this was the compromise. I will wear this shirt again, instead of only on Halloween, because I like it.

👤This shirt fit me perfectly. I don't like buying clothes online because I don't know if they will fit me. The colors on this shirt are nice.

👤It's pretty soft, but will air out for a bit. It looks almost exactly like the picture, but it is definitely a water-color vibe so look closely. I think my mom will like it.

👤Just as pictured, the image is great. Shirt is not the best quality. Not very happy with the purchase. If the fit is not good, I might return.

👤I got a 2xl and it fits perfectly. Material is nice but not see through.

👤It's true to size. I ordered the grey and love it. It is clean and comfortable.

10. Disney Mickey Donald Friends T Shirt

Disney Mickey Donald Friends T Shirt

Disney merchandise. Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are from Disney. Men, women, boys, and girls have a tee shirt. The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight.

Brand: Disney

👤I ate breakfast at a restaurant between the place we went to shop and the place I wore the shirt from for my birthday. There was a hole in the shirt and black marks above the print. It almost looked like it had been burned. I think I would have felt the hole being burned. I cannot take a picture because my husband threw it away. I don't understand what happened to it, but I tried to think of ways I could have done something about it.

👤The design of this shirt is very cute. It was purchased for our Disney trip. The blue tshirt faded from the heat of the iron when they iron it on or when they finished it. The shirt is not very soft, but the fit was correct. The quality of the shirt will probably make it best to hand wash so that the design doesn't come off, but do not feel like it is a shirt that could be put in the dryer due to the quality.

👤I washed the shirt in cold water and it was shorter and tighter than it was before. The fabric is thicker than most Disney shirts. I don't normally expect a Disney shirt to have two things, but it seems like this may be a knock off and not a real Disney shirt.

👤Will wear at Disney.

👤My son with Down Syndrome loves Donald and Mickey.

👤I love the fit and color of this.

👤A nice t-shirt for a Disney fan.

👤My grandson was excited. Thank you!

11. Dream Letter Shirts Casual Sleeve

Dream Letter Shirts Casual Sleeve

Soft fabrics. The fabric of this funny dream tshirt is soft and stretchy, and it is easy to wash. Their funny letter print graphic t-shirt is made of premium breathable fabric that is softer and more durable. The cute shirt will keep you comfortable all day. The unique feature is. A dream is a wish your heart makes, funny letter print shirt, novelty dream shirt, colorful letter graphic printing, classic round neck, casual short sleeve blouse tee, soft and comfy shirt, cute magic happen shirt, make a wish shirt, the cool sayings and basic energetic graphic make a dream There are OCCASIONS. A cute letter print tee shirt for women is a suit for casual, workout, office, party, home and daily wear. It's great for Disney theme parties, christmas, holidays, Disney vacation, music festivals, events and funny Disney world trip. A great gift is a shirt for mom, wife, aunts, grandmas, sisters, cousins, friends and more. This shirt is for spring, summer, fall, winter. This funny graphic print tee top is a great gift. It's possible to pair it with your skinny jeans, shorts or leggings to step up your casual and chic style. Women's a dream is a wish your heart makes. They are behind everything they sell. When you order today, your purchase is protected. Please contact them if you are not happy with your clothes.

Brand: Uniqueone

👤My daughter and I are going to Disney. I ordered a large for myself and a small for her. I ordered a large because I assumed it was a women's size. My daughter is now the owner of two different shirts because of the similarity in size. It is a very soft texture with good stretch, but the lettering would look weird if it were tight. I ordered a 2x in case the difference between large and small is the same. I am large and that was my problem. It was okay in the waist.

👤We are going to Disney World with our family. It was very soft and comfortable. I will get many more wears from the attached letters. Would purchase again.

👤So cute! The lightest shirt ever! I usually buy inexpensive shirts that fit Disney because I don't rewear them, but when I put this on, I thought it was going to be added to my pajama drawer. So soft!

👤It's perfect for someone who needs Disney attire. It's not necessarily shirts with princesses on them. The shirt is roomy and soft. I am between a medium and large shirt, and usually defer to a large. I read comments about how to size up. There is plenty of room for this Medium.

👤This is adorable. I will take this with me to Disney World in May as it will be perfect for the Florida.

👤This fit well without being clingy. It is a thick knit. Quality is good. It was bought for a Disney trip. Very happy with it. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it to Disney in the hottest season because it's not a lightweight fabric, but it's a great product.

👤I usually order a medium because a small will cling to my middle dog. This one feels large. The print is perfect and it is soft. I used my serger to make it a little better because I love the tee so much. Don't side up on this one.

👤Cute and comfortable! It was a little smaller than expected. I was happy I was sized up.


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