Best Best Dash Cam 2021 Front and Rear

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1. Garmin Dual Lens 180 Degree Front Facing Interior Facing

Garmin Dual Lens 180 Degree Front Facing Interior Facing

The dash camera has two 180 degree field of view lens that record in tandem to provide complete video coverage around the driver. NightGlo technology captures clear video of all passengers at night, and the interior-facing lens with night vision features a crisp video record. Voice control, built-in gps, and built-in wi-fi allow you to view and share video on your phone, while the Garmin Drive app lets you record and share video. The Dash cam auto sync feature allows you to control and play back synchronized video from up to 4 dash cameras on your phone. Drivers can power their phone or other device while on the go with the extra port. When the car is parked and turned off, parking mode lets drivers record motion in front of and inside the vehicle. Ready to use right out of the box. Some countries regulate or prohibit the use of this device. It's your responsibility to know the laws and rights of privacy in the countries where you plan to use this device.

Brand: Garmin

👤Many bugs, completely unreliable, lack of common sense features, especially in this price range. The video quality is very good, but the rest of the camera is terrible. The camera locks up when it's not being used. I know that when I come back to the car after parking, the camera will have a green light. It will need to be powered on again and there will be a couple of parking mode videos that make it seem like it was locked up. Since the camera was locked up for all this time, the internal fan won't be running even though it's over 120F in the car, so it's likely that the camera overheated. The camera only works for one connection, and then it won't stay on. I have to power cycle the camera to work again. The app can be used to make camera settings, and it works great. It fails at everything else. It takes a full minute to populate the library page with video access being ridiculously slow. In the meantime, it shows an empty library message. You can never be sure if the library is loaded or not because the app fails to load almost 80% of the time. There is no way to mark a video. If you want to save an event, you have to pull the card from the computer and plug it into the computer to copy the video, otherwise it will be erased. The only options for parking mode are off, or a timer interval to turn off. I don't understand how the parking mode can't befenced so that it won't record at home. I don't need a video of the inside of my garage. The camera doesn't have a way to turn it off. The manual states that you can connect the power. It's difficult since it's hard wired with a parking mode cable. I would have preferred one of the Chinese brands. You would expect a high-quality and solid product from the brand, and that's what you'll get from Garmin. They should be ashamed to release a product like that.

👤I saw some false bad reviews on Best Buy when I looked up the product. It's a great product with pros and cons. One person said you can remove the camera after it's mounted. It's holding it on. Pull. It takes a minute to connect to the internet on a smart phone, but you can watch live feed from there. You don't need to hardwire in the parking mode. You can use a OBD-ii to Microusb. The same port used to plug a diagnostic test into a vehicle can be found on the vehicle. You can use a power bank. I bought a 30000 MAH Power Bank from an AuKEY store. I will switch to Microusb once it arrives after I ordered the OBD-ii.

👤The video and image quality is terrible, on par with the $20 Chinese-market dash cam I used to use. I'm sad that I bought this. Do you want to be sad like me if you buy this dash cam?

2. Vantrue Capacitor Starvis Parking Detection

Vantrue Capacitor Starvis Parking Detection

The front and rear cameras simultaneously capture the road front and rear in crystal detail. The discreet design of the dash cam allows it to be stuck to the window for optimal field-of-view, thus not attracting attention and making safe driving. The rear camera cable is perfect for trucks, pickup,s, and SUVs. The single front recording captures crystal clear video at 4k 2880x2160P@ 24FPS or 1920x1080P@60FPS, which makes key details like road signs and vehicle number plates legible. The built-in gps module allows you to view the Live speed in dash cam. If an accident occurs, you can use their Windows and Mac compatible gps viewer to see the exact driving route, speed, and location on the map. When the front dash cam motion sensor senses an object moving, both cameras will record and save those important events. The dual lens dash cam can be used in low bitrate recording mode, which allows it to record at a high rate for 24 hours a day in parking mode, which saves memory space and provides a safer parking environment. The dual-lens dash cam is equipped with a Sony Night Vision lens and Sony Starvis CMOS. It automatically adjusts the camera exposure and delivers clear images even at night. The Super Capacitor is a power source that is heat resistant and can be used instead of a battery to extend the life of the camera. The videos are locked to the event file to prevent them from being overwritten. When the card is full, Seamless loop recording auto-inflates the oldest file. Time lapse takes photos at a set time interval and then edits them to a video clip. Email replies within 24H and a full 18 months warranty are included. The Vantrue microSD Card B07WXH12TC has a capacity of up to 512GB.

Brand: Vantrue

👤If you hardwire this camera to your car's battery and leave it on parking mode, it will slowly drain your car's battery. The next time you try to start your car, there are 4 factors that will determine if it will be dead. 1. The amount you drive. If you drive a decent amount, you should be able to charge your car's battery enough to keep the camera alive. If you have a short commute, you may have a net discharge each day. 2. How often do you drive? If you leave your car parked for a few days. If the camera keeps recording, it may drain your battery. Depending on where you park. Where you parked. If you park on a street, in a lot, in a driveway, or in a car port, your camera may be active most of the day. People, cars, trees, and even birds cause your camera to turn on. 4. The type of battery. The average car battery is not designed to be constantly charged and drained. It isn't designed to run for a long time. It's designed to give you a burst of power to start your engine. Your battery's lifespan will shorten if you drain frequently. You can see sulfate crystals on the terminals. Some car batteries are designed to provide both power and sustained power, and they don't lose as much off their lifecycle by draining frequently.

👤The camera was packaged with some items. 1. The front S1 Dash Camera has a second one. Rear camera 3. The mini-USB is a 12 V adapter. The rear camera has a cable to connect to it. There is a mini-usb cable outside of the car. There is a front camera mount. The rear camera mount is 8. There are additional 3M stickers. The only thing you need to add is a card that the manual recommends, so I bought a card that was recommended by the manual. The setup was easy and the sticky mounting part held the camera well for over 3 weeks. The plugs are put in a way that makes it very easy to install yourself and they have 90 degree bend upward so it is very easy to do a professional looking install. If you want to have it hardwired, you can use the included 12V lighter plug to enable recording even when the vehicle is not running. The settings were configured to do a 5 minutes loop. If you have it set to 5 minutes loop, the bigger the memory card, the longer your history will be. It's easy to find and save the clips you need from the split video files. I increased the even sensitivity settings to most sensitive mode. Since I have a lot of storage and time until I have to clean up the clips, it's worth it. There is a button to press if you want to manually lock a file. The neat thing about the software is that you don't have to look for them in hundreds of 5 minute files because they are saved in a separate folder on the microSDXC card. Very nice detail. If you need to connect to perform updates, the front camera is easy to remove. I had a small issue that I had to email support for. I was able to install the update painlessly after they released an update to resolve my issue. If you have an old smaller card that isn't even a phone, it will be useful to use that during the update so you can load the update on that card instead of using the larger card. The camera has been running for 20 days and has not had an issue with power up or power down. All the event based recording have been saved. I would highly recommend this camera for its ease and reliability. You need to get a Samsung card.

3. R2 4K Dashboard Camera Recorder Vision

R2 4K Dashboard Camera Recorder Vision

The Rove R2-4k dash camera can record videos up to a resolution of 2160p. The quality of the video recording is so good that it will not be as clear as other dash cam. Super Night Vision Technology helps to get clearer footage and images from the recording in low light. The ROVE App can be used to view and manage dash cam recordings on your mobile device. By using the app, you can download your 4k videos directly to your smart phone and then easily share them on social media with friends and family. DASHCAM has a built-in gps that accurately records your driving location and speed. You can view your driving route and tracker on the app or with the Car DV Player. This car camera can be upgraded for free. The car dashboard camera has the largest in the industry, parking mode, motion detection, 150 A+ wide angle lens, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, slow-mo. The dash camera for cars is backed by a one-year warranty. You can either text them or email them and they will respond to your questions and resolve your issues in a timely manner. It comes with a full refunds within 30 days if you have doubts. The dash camera for cars is backed by a one-year warranty. You can either text them or email them and they will respond to your questions and resolve your issues in a timely manner. It comes with a full refunds within 30 days if you have doubts.

Brand: Rove

👤This is my third camera. The only one that's good is that one. I base it on the ones I have. The first one was good, but the second one was not very good. The night vision on this one is good, but it is blurry, so you can't tell if someone hit you, or if you witnessed an accident. The clarity of the pictures is shown in the photos I put up. The pictures are clear but grabbed from moving pictures. The things I like about it. How fast you are going, what direction you are going, and your coordinates are all recorded by the gps device. If a cop pulls you over and says you're doing 65 in a 55 zone, you have video proof of how fast you were. 2. You can use your video camera to take pictures of places and things, even if you don't have a video camera. It's a great cam and might have to carry a battery pack for power. 3. I can use my phone to see what it sees. It's not going to be long but you can connect and watch what's going on if you're close enough. 4. The mount for the cup is the best I've seen. Other mounting options are also available. I chose this and it's great. 5. I can make a video of 1, 3, 5, and 10 minutes. You can do 4gb per video, but at the highest setting, you're not going to get much, and once the card is full, it won't overwrite old files. The other settings will work. 6. You can watch the video on a variety of devices. 7. You can see your videos, but it will show you on a map where you are during the video. Quality is why I ordered this one, if you do have an accident or witness one like I did, it's because of that. You are covered. You can see for yourself in the pictures I posted, but it could be a bit more for my liking. I don't like the size of the screen but I knew it was posted in the description so I can't complain. The camera is still great, even though a larger screen would be nice.

👤The camera is clear and easy to use once you know what the buttons do. I sat down and read the book that came with it in a different way so that I could understand it better. I haven't set it to 4K yet because the video is at default settings. I recommend the 128 class sd card for it as it records without freezing. If I have any problems, I will post an update. So far, so good. I will update when I use the app, but I can't say yet because I haven't used it. I haven't used the player yet, but I downloaded it for Mac and it's compatible with both PCs and Macs. I will update again once I use these features. I finally used the app and it worked well for me. I was able to see my videos when I connected to it. I don't know how to use the player. I thought the sd card would read from the video player and show me the data, but it wasn't the case. Please let me know if anyone can figure it out. I bought a kit so that I could plug the camera into the fuse box for a direct power source, because I integrated the camera into my video. It was easy to do and now it turns off when the vehicle is turned off. If you have parking mode on, it will turn back on if you shake your vehicle, but it shuts off after recording an impact. When I turned my vehicle back on, it said "parking mode was activated" so I knew I needed to check it out right away. The video is fantastic. I will update again when I learn to work with the player. There is an update on 12-18-2019. I have figured out everything so far. My son wanted a one like it, so I bought another one. He loved how easy it was and how much he was kept up to date on the cam. When we ordered it, they contacted us. They said they would be happy to speak to us over the phone with a live agent if we needed anything. An agent is live! They were nice. I have not had a problem with this cam. I recommend it to others. I'm going to buy another one for my husband because they're having a sale on it. Can you tell me a Christmas gift? There is a 25% off code on the website. I think it is ROVEVIP25 to get 25% off. This is a great car. I couldn't have asked for more. I am a loyal customer.

4. Channel Dashcam CAMBASE Capacitor G Sensor

Channel Dashcam CAMBASE Capacitor G Sensor

The DC40 dash cam has a 170front camera, 120 inside cabin camera, and 140rear camera which record video at a rate of up to1080p. Three channels record your car to keep you away from accidents liability. The front and inside dash cam modes give clearer details. Dash cam with 4.WDR and IR Night Vision is a Dash cam with a Sony IMX335 sensor, F/1.8 front lens, WDR technology and cabin cam, perfect for rideshare drivers. There is a super Capacitor. The dash camera's lifespan can be extended with the help of the superCapacitor, a premium alternative to a lithium-ion battery which can safely endure extreme temperature. Your Witness for Accident has a 6.G-sensor. The dash camera for cars has a built-in G-sensor that will lock the current footage to prevent it from being overwritten when a sudden collision is detected. TheCAMBASE Dash cam for cars can start recording after detecting vibration when parked, and can be used to guard your car 24 hours a day. TheCAMBASE car camera comes with a mount that can be used to install it on the windshield.

Brand: Cambase

👤I returned a Campark camera that I received because it recorded inconsistently. I think they're pulling a bait and switch. The first one was worse. I set the recording time to 3 minutes but it only recorded 20 seconds and left a 10 second gap. It's garbage for a consistent streamline recording. The picture quality is amazing. Hope the recording you need is not missing 10 seconds.

👤I hardwired it so I can be on for parking mode, at first it recorded in 3 minute loops, and then about a week later I pulled the memory card to see the videos. The image is clear and the sound is good. It was wonderful. It started recording in 25 second bursts with 10 seconds missing in between. It needs to be recording all the time. If there is an accident and the impact is not recorded, what happens? I was not happy with that. I need it to record everything. I requested a replacement hoping it was the unit I had. I received the replacement a day later, thanks to Amazon. It was recording in 10 second bursts out of the box. Disappointed. I asked for a refund and sent them back. Waiting for my money to come in. I ordered a more expensive dash cam, hoping it does what it needs to do without me worrying about the recording.

👤After my daughter was involved in a car accident and the other driver was threatening but could not hit my daughters window, we invested in her 2010 vehicle with a dash cam and she was able to see what was happening. After my car was repaired, her windows were tinted and I invested in a dash cam with amazing video quality. I wanted 24 hour parking mode so I knew she was protected. I learned that when people don't have insurance, they tend to try to take you for everything you have when you have good coverage. We can record the rear without having to run wiring through the trunk. She can point to the side windows and keep recording when meeting up for marketplace sales.

👤The 10 seconds delay between video segments would be reduced if you turned the G sensor off. The original review was original. I noticed a lot of complaints about the dash cam skipping recordings while searching for instructions on how to connect it via hardwire. I can confirm that the videos it records skips about 10 seconds with no recording between them. The setting is set to record at 5 min intervals and some recordings are around 1 min. Not all of your drive is recorded. I have the same problem as many other people, and I found this out. My return window just ended. I wish I knew sooner.

👤Excellent dash cam for the price. There are no problems with the camera system. I had a problem getting the micro SD cards to format correctly. It took a couple buys and a lot of searching to find one that worked. I had to buy two different hardwire kits because the first one wouldn't fit into the camera, and the second one had a straightusb mini port, not one that has a 90* bend to it. The cup is meant to hold the camera to the window. It is difficult to mount because it is shaped in such a way. If you're in the market for a Dash cam, this one is worth it. I highly recommend.

5. Garmin 140 Degree Monitor Connected Features

Garmin 140 Degree Monitor Connected Features

Car key-sized dash camera mounts discreetly behind the mirror and goes virtually unnoticed. A wide 140-degree lens records a high definition video with the help of the Clarity HDR. Voice control is only available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Swedish. Saved videos are uploaded to the secure online vault to be viewed later. The parking guard feature requires constant power and an active connection with wi-fi technology, as well as access via the garmin drive app on your phone, to monitor activity around your parked vehicle. Live View monitoring requires constant power and an active connection with wi-fi technology, but you can access it via the garmin drive app on your phone. You can view video from up to 4 dash cams on your compatible phone with the Garmin Drive app.

Brand: Garmin

👤The garmin drive app was not compatible with my phone. You will need the app to view recorded videos on your phone. If you don't have it, you'll only be able to view your recorded videos by plugging it into your computer. I know my settings are right, but it usually hangs in the "connecting to feed" screen when it works randomly. The dash cam is beautiful but the app experience is horrible. The app finally worked after an update 9/13/2021. It works well, but I wanted to warn others about the parking mode. The "parking mode" that is advertised works by plugging your dash into your fuse box. If your vehicle is turned off for a set amount of time, you can set your dash to record it. You can continue to record after you shut off your engine. The issue is here. You leave your car unattended for 24 hours in a neighborhood. The car is turned off and you want to record it. Most of your previous footage is written over by the time you get back to your car since it continuously records due to a lack of motion detection or vibration feature. I don't understand why I would want 24 hours of parked footage when other dash cameras can record only when motion is detected. The design on the part is terrible. It does overheated under extreme conditions. I was on a road trip in 100 degree weather and received a warning that the dash camera was shutting off on its own.

👤The Mini 2 won't add itself to my app, and the Dash cam 57 won't add itself to my app when traveling at highway speeds. I am not impressed by you. Tempted to return both and try another brand since your support doesn't seem interested in getting to a final resolution with me.

👤There is an update on 9/24. I reached out to them months ago to let them know that they had added a function. I'm amazed that they took the feedback and added the feature, but reached out to me months later to let me know. I bought it again and it is silent after the FW update. When you turn your vehicle on or off, it will sound. Tech support said it wasn't a feature but they would consider it. I wouldn't consider it until they added this option which they could do with an update.

👤There are known issues with the connection. They shipped a new camera. The second camera won't connect to the phone. I spent a couple days trying to connect with the internet, but no luck. I explained the issue to the manufacturer. They said they would send another one because it was a known issue. I just got a second camera and it won't connect to the internet. I have an electronic device. I didn't do the steps to pair with the app. The camera doesn't show up in the list when I select an accessory. The dash cam mini 2 is reviewed. I am trying to pair with the phone.

6. CHORTAU Dashboard G Sensor Recording Detection

CHORTAU Dashboard G Sensor Recording Detection

The dual dash cam has a waterproof rear camera and a resolution of1080P. The front camera of the car dash cam captures the license plates and road signs clearly even at night, so you can get the best footage. The cameras help eliminate the blind spots of your vision. When the card is full, loop recording overwrites the old footage with new content. The G-Sensor automatically senses a sudden collision and saves the relevant footage and locks it up. It will prevent any overwriting and protect your video evidence. Don't drive disputes. The dashboard camera supports up to 32 gigabytes of storage. If your car is scratched by someone in parking, the dash cam will start recording as soon as the impact is detected. 24x7 monitoring of your car will ensure your peace of mind. They suggest that you turn off the G-Sensor level, loop recording, motion detection, and parking monitor. The dash camera is easy to install and operate with reference pictures. Attach the power supply to the power supply and then insert the card. When you shut off the engine, the dash camera will start recording immediately after it ignites. If you need more information about operation and installation, please download the user guide. CHORTAU is a remarkable company and believes in driving innovations to add value to their customers. They offer 7 hours of technical support for this dual dash cam. If you have any questions, please contact their customer service team.

Brand: Chortau

👤There are great views of front and rear. It's very easy to start recording. It's great for insurance when you need it. It will save the video of any accidents you may have. The front view video and the rear view video record in separate files.

👤I bought the original about two months ago. It worked well until 3 weeks ago. It is rated for operating temperatures from -86 to +158F. I arrived at work at 6:30 a.m. and left at 7:30 p.m. The outside temperature was 99f. The camera worked for a short time, but then shut down and wouldn't restart, after I returned to my car. I followed all the customer service advice, but it was dead in the water. There was no haggling over the part. They told me that my replacement camera was on the way after several emails. I love the camera and Chortau's customer service is amazing. I would buy this product again.

👤I am amazed at the quality of this camera. This is great if you are looking for a camera for your vehicle. The Scandisk class 10 micro card had an issue with the camera. I unplugged it from the power and plugged it back in and it started recording. You have to buy a card, but they are cheap now. I paid $10 for a 64 gig and it lasts almost a week and a half before it starts removing older videos. The rear camera had an issue. The mount that came with my truck didn't work because my back window was flat. I got some 3M automotive tape and made a "L" shaped bracket after paying $3 for it at home depot. I have had the unit for two weeks and am happy I bought it. It's great for around $40. We are going to buy another one for my SUV.

👤The camera is decent for the price, but it didn't work the day I bought it. I sent them a message and they said they would send me a new rear camera, but I haven't received any information or a new rear camera in months.

👤This is my first camera purchase. It has been great so far, and I think the quality is great and there are no blurry pictures. The video works well.

👤I think I am a road killer. I have had three crashes in the past year. The accidents were all about my car being hit. I bought a dash cam just like I bought good insurance to prove I am not at fault in accidents. I thought when I installed this device on my car that it would be five stars. I took it out of the car to write. I only took one picture and it was taken when I was shaking. Hopefully you can see how clear and detailed it is. The night vision is clear. The camera is easy to install. It is small and beautiful. I didn't feel it when I was driving. It is a loop recording. I don't have to worry about memory space. I am very happy with it so far. It is a great shopping experience.

7. REDTIGER Display Dashboard Recorder Support

REDTIGER Display Dashboard Recorder Support

Real 4K+FHD1080P dual dash cam The REDTIGER F7N dash cam has a Sony STARVIS Sensor on the front camera and 1920*1080P on the rear camera that captures super clear view. You can help by reading street signs, license plates and other information. Wide-angle dual cameras capture all pedestrians and vehicles around the car, providing sufficient evidence for rear-end crashes. The 4K backup car camera has built-in wi-fi and is easy to use. It's convenient to operate live preview, play back, and device management on your smart phone with the "UCAM" app. The built-in gps can easily record your driving route, speed and other information, which will become your important evidence. The F7N dash cam with Sony STARVIS Sensor improves low light sensitivity and allows clear images in low light environments. The professional WDR, HDR technology ensures the clarity of images at night. Car license plates can be easily seen, even in low-light environments, because of the elimination of the need for an auxiliary light source. 24 hours of parking monitoring and recording. The recorder can be used to automatically monitor the environment. The camera will lock video when it senses a sudden shock or collision. Automatic loop recording will wipe out old files. Recording will be done automatically. The parking monitoring function requires a dedicated Hardwire kit. Contact the support team to get it. Their greatest goal is to satisfy the needs of consumers. They are willing to give a lifetime warranty for the products, and they can give it away for free within a year. The most powerful guarantee on the market is this one. They offer 24 hours of technical support. If you have a question, you can contact them on Amazon or the page of instructions.

Brand: Redtiger

👤I bought a hard wire kit to get the parking mode to work. I know it works because it powers the unit without the keys. I went into the menu to put it in parking mode and it told me to hook up the hard wire kit. The camera works fine, but the hardwire parking mode was a selling point for me. I am very disappointed.

👤The Redtiger 4K camera is amazing. It works well. I would use the card they recommend. I tried several of them, but they didn't work. I ordered the Redtiger recommended microSD card and it works great. The hardwire kit is here. It is cheap to say the least. The one I ordered broke. It is constructed in a way where the fuses are pushed into a fitting and then soldered to a wire. I cut off the original fused ends and added the add-a-fuse ends to the battery and the wires to make it work again.

👤The camera is great, other than the recording options. There is no option to record long drives. The whole point of a dash cam is to capture the entire drive. If you ever get rear-ended, the back camera won't record, so you'll have to use the front camera. Everything else about this product is a waste of money. I would recommend buying any other camera. Not worth the price. I would only spend $20 for what works in this product.

👤I would like to buy this sooner. There are many pros to this. Playback works great at night and is better than just viewing through the camera. Don't just look at the camera. It is not until you play it back that it will be better. It is perfect as per the picture attached. I need that added protection since I go home at night. The gps part is great, so it logs where you are if someone questions you. Lock feature makes it harder to destroy video. If something happens, you can send it to others through your phone. The gps is mounted to the window and it has its own internet. They give you a window cling so you don't have issues taking mount off. I didn't have a chance to mount the back camera which has decent resolution but they don't make it long enough to fit the full back window. I have to adhere it to the dome light. The wiring needs at least an extra foot.

👤There are pros and cons to having the time gps and speed stamp option on video. Very good audio and video quality, small enough to mount behind a mirror. It doesn't interfere with your field of view, so it makes me more attentive and safer. I can't record the driver side window or passenger side window because the mount doesn't swivel. If I stand outside, the signal is weak and the rear camera mount is limited. When you get in the vehicle, you have to turn on the internet, not all menu options from the cam are one the App.

8. Channel Dashboard Recorder G Sensor Recording

Channel Dashboard Recorder G Sensor Recording

The V1P is a well-hidden witness to the road ahead because of the low-profile design. The included rear camera can be connected to the 4K front camera. You can record and display the road in front and behind you. 170 DEGREE WIDE ANGLE LENS. The glass lens opens up to give you a panoramic view. The WDR technology allows the camera to perform in any lighting situation by adjusting the exposure to create balanced images and footage. The parking marshal is a super criminal. The dash cam uses a supercapacitor that can survive temperatures from -20 to 176F, which prevents the risk of overheating, and extends the life span and reliability of the camera. The dash cam will record when the car camera senses vibration or when the dash cam captures frames for a time lapse video. The parking mode can be activated by connecting the smart hardwire kit. You can view, save, and share dash cam recordings on your mobile device with the use of an app interface. Video can be recorded in 1 to 2 minute intervals. When the storage limit is reached, new recordings will automatically be added to the old ones. Micro SD memory cards can hold up to a maximum of 128 gigabytes in memory size. Important footage is kept protected when the current video is locked because of the built-in gravity sensor. Videos that are locked will be kept safe.

Brand: Rexing

👤I have had this for a few weeks and I like it. I like the fact that the camera is forward facing. The video looks good on a computer monitor. It's easy to see what's happening. The rear camera is mounted in the back window. It's worth the additional installation. I don't like dual cameras that are mounted on the front of the car, because they give you a view out the rear glass and the passenger compartment, and I don't like dual cameras that are mounted on the back of the car, because they give you a view out the The Dash cam has a remote camera that is placed directly to the rear glass. There are 3 more If you allow the camera to format the card, it will be able to use a 128 gigabyte card. The problem was fixed in the firmware update they released after the original post date. If you are still having this problem, you should update your firmware. At the start of each video file, the video is choppy. It looks like it is mixing the previous and present frames. The first photo is attached. There are yellow lines on the left of the photo. The stop sign post is split. The screen capture was from the video and I added a yellow line to make sure that there were two separate frames in the video file. You can see part of the building in the far parking lot, as well as the car parked next to it. You can see the leftmost part of the bumper on the car in front of me in the center-left of the picture below the stop sign. The effect can last up to a minute in the video, but it usually disappears within 20 seconds. It's not noticeable when the frames are changing quickly. I've tried a lot of different cards. This effect occurs if I copy the video file to the hard drive on the PC and then view it from there. There are two more In the image above, the stamp should say "REXING DASHCAM and possibly a license plate number is partially blanked out." It may have something to do with the dislike seen in comment 1. There are 3 more Sometimes the date stamp in the video is incorrect. See the second image. The video was taken on July 26, 2016 The time is correct in the yellow box, but the day is not displayed on the map as it should be, because the gps was tracking my location so it had a position signal. I blanked out the license plate number and road names on the map. This has happened many times now. I would recommend this product to anyone. It's always good to get feedback from people who have used it. I would like to find a solution to these problems but it wouldn't stop me from buying this again. I hope someone uses it. I edited some of the content and realized that the photos I referred to didn't attach. As of this date, they've been attached.

9. Built Display Dashboard Recorder Support

Built Display Dashboard Recorder Support

4K+1080P dual recording The REDTIGER F7N- Plus dual dash cam records video up to Ultra HD 4K (3840*2160P)+FHD1080P resolutions with a Sony COMS Sensor, which helps you read the key details like road signs, vehicle number plates etc. Important evidence can be retained and presented in the event of a collision, and the front 170 and rear 140 wide-angle dash cameras ensure to reduce blind area. The night vision is superior. The driving recorder has an optical lens with a large F 1.5 and 6 layers and is equipped with a technology that captures important details under low light conditions. The dashboard camera can connect to your phone via built-in wi-fi. You can use the [UCAM] app to view, play, and manage dash cameras on your mobile device. One-click sharing allows you to share your travel scenery and wonderful moments with your friends and family, and you can also download and edit videos in the app. The drive recorder has a built-in gps and records the driving route, real-time speed, location, etc. The car dashboard camera has a number of features that make it an excellent tool for accident recording.

Brand: Redtiger

👤These days, a dash cam, jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, and emergency kit are things you should always have in your car. These small cameras can be attached to your dashboard or rear-view mirror in a matter of minutes, and they are relatively inexpensive, so you can save a lot of money in the event of an accident. There are many benefits to having dash cam footage on hand, such as getting a picture of the license plate of the car that side-swiped you on the highway or proving to your insurance provider that you weren't responsible for that fender bender. Here are all my good and not so good points about this model. If you are lucky, you can get a 4k dash- cam, but only if you are lucky. This one is confirmed at 4k. The rear camera has a recorder. When you turn on your car's ignition key, you will start recording. It's easy to install. The large color screen is helpful for setting the camera and reviewing the footage. There is a The box contains everything needed to mount the camera. There is a 3M double sided tape is on it. When I need to remove the camera from the car, the front camera is replaceable. When parking in a high risk parking zone, it's best to leave it there. + The camera has all of the good features you would expect from a good dash- cam, such as parking mode, ultra-wide viewing angle, crash detection, screen auto-sleep, OSD.etc, and aGPS module that can record your speed and display it on the recordings. This can be used to prove that you weren't driving at the speed indicated on the ticket. I can't manually record an emergency video with this camera. The Micro-SD card is not included. The box does not include a pry plastic tool, so I had to use an old one from a previous installation. That is all for today. I hope you enjoy your dash- cam for a long time, as I am enjoying it. If you liked my review, or just want to offer some encouragement, you can click the helpful button. Thank you. Be well.

👤It's really disappointing to know that when you use both cameras, you'll end up with 24 frames per second for the front and rear cameras. They don't mention this in the description. Other cameras sacrifice resolution, but they say so up-front. Will return it. Who wants to pay 150 dollars for a dash cam? There is no setting to correct exposure value. It makes plates unreadable.

👤I replaced my older car with three features. I wanted 4K video, built-in gps, and internet to allow easy download of video without having to remove the card or camera to get my recordings. I compared many dash cams with similar functions and chose REDTIGER. The price and appearance of most products are in line with my expectations. The dash cam does a good job. The video quality is very good. The built-in gps means that your recordings include location information, which can be important for accident investigations, and speed stamp, which is important, without having to run yet another wire and piece separate from the camera. There is a It works well to get videos on your phone. It could be improved. The download speeds are slow and I have confirmed I am getting the expected speeds. It's convenient to have video uploaded or shared quickly. Slow and lacking full information. The impact sensor is nice. You can use this function if you have a hardwire kit. The installation of the dedicated hardwire kit is very easy. It is worth mentioning that REDTIGER's customer service is very nice, you can contact with any usage problems, and will reply and solve the problem very quickly. I have only had the camera for a few days, but so far I have not experienced any issues. The camera has a 12 month warranty. I'm very satisfied with the technical support. In the event that something happens in the future while I'm driving, I need an honest, unbiased witness to the event, and this camera gives me that. I will recommend the dash cam to friends and family members after I install it in my house. I'm sure there are better cameras out there, but at this price point you are getting a lot of camera for your money.

10. Nexar Dual Dash Interior Recording

Nexar Dual Dash Interior Recording

Nexar Pro provides the ultimate protection by recording both the road and the cabin of a car. The road view camera has a 135 wide screen. The interior camera has a 720p HD quality camera and 10 red light bulbs. The system comes with 32 or 128 gigabytes of memory, which can be used for up to 16 hours of loop recording. The dashboard camera only works when it's connected to the app. If you need video evidence, the dash cam streams live footage to your phone every time you drive. The app works in the background so you can use other apps while driving. It's compatible with top phones. The FAQ section has more information. Smart Detection and Free Cloud Backup The camera on the road can detect crashes and save them as short clips on the app. The clips are backed up to your free and unlimited account. At the tap of a button,Nexar can create detailed post-collision reports that save you time, money, and stress when dealing with insurance claims. The report summarizes key information from the crash, including video footage, driving speed, G-force impact, and location. Nexar starts recording immediately when your car is parked in parking mode. As soon as your phone is nearby, you can get notified and watch recorded parking incidents.

Brand: Nexar

👤Don't buy this dash cam from Amazon. I don't buy anything from Amazon. If the cam stops working after the return window closes, you will be stuck with a cam that doesn't work. If you purchase a cam through Amazon, they will refer you to the store that sells it. You won't be able to get the warranty throughNexar because you didn't purchase it from them but from Amazon. Buy from Amazon at your own risk.

👤I take privacy very seriously. It's terrible that a camera requires you to record tour routes by gps for it to work without giving you the option of just recording. Extra information and emergency situations can be helped by gps tracking. It can also be a privacy issue for some people. Unless a hard-brake event or an accident is detected, I would like to have the option to not record gps information. The recordings are high quality. It responds well to hard-brakes and the app is great. It will keep recording for hours after you turn off your vehicle.

👤The internal camera is a huge pain, I'm using this for rideshare. In order to get video from the internal camera, you need to create a clip while the customer is sitting there. You can't retrieve any internal video after the ride ends. The external video saves to your phone and uploads to the cloud. Who thought of this terrible process? Had I known what a pain this is to use, I wouldn't have bought it. Considering returning it.

👤You see, it's not compatible with Android. They built it for the iPhone and then made it compatible with the other operating systems. I'm considering returning it and using another brand because of the problems on the phone. This is turning out to be a nightmare on the phone. I am a driver. My drives are very long. I drove for 6 hours straight and it only plays black for 20 seconds. The full 6hr trip is shown in the trip details. I have an entire night of driving blank. This is not good at all and the word "compatible" should be used byNexar instead. I am not happy with this product. There is an update. Absolutely gaga is how to confirm this product. It was difficult to get it to work. It worked. Thedash cam is not found. No matter what I do, it won't recognize it anymore. After submitting 3 technical support tickets,Nexar failed to get back to me. Any company that ignores their customers is a money hungry fraud. I will return the trash.

👤I bought a dash cam with gps because I wanted to read my mph during video play. It doesn't do this. If you want to review video on the app, you need to have your location services turned on all the time. The phone is hot when I drive so I keep my location services on and charge it. You should have a hot phone when you drive. Garbage product is not recommended to anyone.

11. GILAYGROW Dashboard Parking Monitor Support

GILAYGROW Dashboard Parking Monitor Support

The CM 100LTE is an optional accessory that allows you to connect to your compatible dash cam. You don't need a new card. The CM 100LTE is connected to your dash cam via theusb port. UHD 4K+1080P dual recording. The dual dash cam records both front and rear of your car in ultra high definition and captures road signs and license plates in case of an accident. It's going to be useful for your records. The dash camera for cars will record real time gps coordinates, driving route and speed to be embedded in video files, and allow to play your ground track on the map with a downloaded player. The dash cam enhances night vision in low light conditions and presents sharp images at night with the help of F1.8 wide aperture, AHD rear camera and WDR technology. When storage fills up,Loop Recording automatically records over the earliest file. The dash cam front and rear will lock the current footage to prevent it from being overwritten when there is a sudden shake. To keep the files from being locked, adjust the middle sensitivity of the G-sensor. The dash cam front and rear will start recording when an impact is detected, which is when the parking monitor kicks in. When the car is parked, please turn on the parking monitor. Turn off the motion detection function when driving to ensure a smooth video recording. The back up camera with guide lines helps you safe parking by connecting the red wire from the reverse lights. There is a note in this picture. The screen is small. 2. If you don't want rear guidance when you put the car in reverse gear, the dash cam will still record both front and rear, and you don't need to connect the red wire of the rear camera. A compact yet solid body make it easy to hide behind your rear view mirror, which doesn't block much of your view while driving. The 170+140 wide viewing angle helps you clearly see what's happening. The dash camera for cars has the ability to support a brand of Micro SD card up to a maximum of 512kbps, which will allow you to retain more footage for longer periods of time before it is recorded over. Before recording on the camera for the first time, please format the Micro SD card. The package will come with a car charging station, a suction cup mount, and accessories. You can use the cable clamps to fix the cable on the dash cam, or you can use the suction cup mount to fix it. GILAYGROW customer support team tries to assist their valued customers with any issues they have encountered and provides an 18-month warranty.

Brand: Gilaygrow

👤This is a great dash camera that will give you peace of mind that in case anything happens while driving, you will have a high resolution recording of what transpired, including any road signs, license plate numbers and any signal lights. If there is an accident, everyone will have different versions of the event, but an impartial recording of exactly what caused the accident will be available. The box contains all of the components needed to install the camera in your vehicle, but the Micro SD card is required to purchase separately. The instructions on how to use and install the camera are easy to follow. The camera will format the micro SD card to its specifications if you place it in the camera. Next, plug the cord into the cigarette lighter and then run it up to where you want the camera to be. The attached tool can be used to push the cord under the plastic in your car to keep them out of the way. The camera has a strong cup and can be adjusted to any angle. The camera can be moved or taken off with ease. The camera is small and if you put it high on the car's hood, you won't even notice that it is there. I ran the cord to the back of the vehicle to install the rear camera. The back of most vehicles have a long cord. I was able to hide the cord under the floor moldings using the included tool. The rear camera can be installed inside or outside the vehicle. The camera can't be installed on the back window of my SUV because the hatch opens up and down. I was able to use the included clips to put the camera in the back of the car on the hard plastic and point out the back window, which has a clear picture of everything behind me. As soon as you start the car, the camera turns on and begins recording your trip, stopping the car the camera automatically turns off. The front and rear cameras give you a clear view of your car, and the attached video shows that. The audio and video record events and give a gps mark. So you know where the accident happened. The camera is programmed to lock in case of an accident so that if you can't download the video right away you can be sure the recording will still be there. This camera is great for peace of mind. It protects you in the event of an accident and can also protect other drivers on the road as you may be a witness to an event and can give your footage to law enforcement.

👤I bought 3 dash cams to see if I could use a motion sensor. GilrayGrow and Kingslim. All of them have a clear menu interface. They are easy to use. They all have 60 frames per second. The speed is off by a couple of mph. Both of them have the same problem, which is that they look exactly the same inside out. The motion sensor did not work. I turned them on with parking motion. They never start recording when a person walks past a car. The impact sensor is not that sensitive. I had them on high for g-sensor setting and I had to tap on the camera to start recording. I don't think it will record if someone tapped your car surface. I bought these cameras because I wanted a motion sensor, but they didn't work out. I will be returning. I am trying the Kingslim, so I don't have feedback yet.


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