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1. Nutrition Facts Color Changing Coffee

Nutrition Facts Color Changing Coffee

Purchase with conviction is what Funny Bone Products is dedicated to. They will do everything they can to make you happy with your purchase. They are here to help so buy with confidence. You can add to cart now. As seen on NBC, CBS and FOX, your new favorite mug is color-changing with surprise text that will make anyone laugh out loud. It was designed to deliver the punch line perfectly. Waking up can be hard if you're one cup away from the perfect morning. Make sure you get your daily dose of laughing, joking and Compliments so you can conquer the day with a smile. Gr8AM is focused on the quality of your mugs so that they can last a lifetime. Gr8AM's mission is to make sure their customers are happy and that's why they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their mugs. The perfect gift is funny, sincere and heart-warming. Laughter is the greatest gift. You have a winning formula if you pair that with Caffeine. I don't know if this mug will change your life or not. Either way, you will love it! Coffee Lovers or Tea Drinkers will find great coffee mugs for all of their needs. A fun gag gift for the office.

Brand: Gr8am

👤The saying on the cup is correct for me. My dog wakes me up at 4:13 every morning. Coffee doesn't stay hot long, so the inscription fades too soon, so the fun fades fast. Cup can't be put in a dishwasher or microwaved. The cup should be microwaveable and the full inscription should appear permanently. It is not for when you want to sit and sip your coffee, or when you need to re-warm your coffee. Go for it if you choke down your coffee before the fun ends.

👤I really like this mug, even though the text should be hidden until hot liquid is poured into it. It made me laugh when I found a little tip after I turned it over to see if I could microwave it. One of my favorite things about this mug is watching the color change. I took one star off because of the first thing I said.

👤My 7.5 year old daughter picked this out as a Christmas gift. Both of them get a kick out of it. My husband thought it was "best farter ever." When he poured his coffee, he was surprised to see it had changed. It's fun. I like a larger mug, but this works.

👤Our child bought this for Dad. It worked just like it should and we had a lot of fun with it. Read the instructions. It can't be washed in the dishwasher. Only hand wash. This is a great gift for the dads in your life.

👤I gave this as a gift to my husband because he loves coffee. I did not tell him. He was laughing so hard when he saw the message that it changed colors. Totally brightened his day! These are great gift ideas. There are a lot of sayings to choose from. Definitely recommend!

👤I loved this cup, the way it changes color as coffee is poured in is amazing, and my son wants it now, it is an amazing gift for anyone, they have so many cups with different funny sayings, I recommend!

👤If you look at the mug, you can see the raised letters, but it doesn't work as advertised. It is the special dad mug in our house.

2. WUJOMZ Insulated Birthday Christmas Daughter

WUJOMZ Insulated Birthday Christmas Daughter

Father's Day is a great time to give a gift to the hero in your life. The insulated coffee mug is vacuum designed to keep warm for a long time. If dad can drink hot coffee, he will be happy and proud of his children. The coffee mug is vacuum double insulated. The beverage can stay hot or cold over time with the double-walled insulation design. Dad can enjoy drinks. The coffee mug is made of food grade steel and will not rust, the liner of the mug is recommended. The structure of the coffee mug is strong and can be used for a long time. The mug is light and easy to carry, it is sweat-free, and the design makes it easy to grip. The coffee mug handle is long and wide. Good for Starbucks is an awesome and useful gift for coffee lovers or tea drinkers for Christmas, Mothers Day, inexpensive holiday gift, holidays, Thanksgiving, birthday, funniest creative small gifts.

Brand: Wujomz

👤There was no mention of stickers on the mug. Everything was shown as if it were a mug. I paid for what I wanted. You can put the stickers on the mug. This is a good product. Not what I wanted or expected.

3. MAUAG Christmas Gifts Best Coffee

MAUAG Christmas Gifts Best Coffee

We guarantee a one year limited warranty on their mugs. If the mug you ordered shows signs of wear and tear within a year of purchase, they will replace it or give you a full refund. The funny dad coffee mug and microwave safe are printed on both sides. Father's day is the perfect time to give the best dad coffee mug design. 100% pure white ceramic with a money back guarantee. The handle is easy to use and suitable for hot and cold drinks. It can be used for both home and office. A great gift for your dad, grandpa, grandfather, granddad, uncle, brother, family member. They will appreciate this novelty for a long time.

Brand: Mauag

👤The print is double side, both on the right and left side, as you can see in the pictures. The quality is good.

👤Don't buy it! I have the best dad ever and he has received this mug. If you gave this to a dad, it would be a lie.

👤It broke right away after few use.

👤A very enthusiastic mug! My dad loves this because he has a very simple style. I don't recommend this item for people who have a small nerve and have a lot of stains on cups.

👤A nice mug. I thought it would be bigger. I was expecting it to be in a box. It was inside a bag. My son is excited to give this mug to his dad.

👤During the holidays, I bought a mug for my dad. It is dishwasher safe and has not faded. It's a great gift for a great price.

4. Best Coffee Great Fathers Birthday

Best Coffee Great Fathers Birthday

It's a great gift for your dad, father, uncle, family member. They will appreciate this novelty for a long time. The ceramic mug has a blue band around it. A printed gift box is included. 13 ounces.

Brand: Burton+burton

👤I bought this for my husband on his first father's day after joking that we would have matching mugs. He loves using it. I gave this to him in June of 2015. He uses it at least once a week and we run it through the top rack of the dishwasher. It's cute, the colors look good, and it works like a coffee mug should. The mug doesn't get too hot when you pour coffee into it, and the handle is easy to hold. The only complaint we have is the size of the coffee mugs. It's not a big deal. I hope I get a "best mom ever" mug this mother's day.

👤The package arrived earlier than I anticipated. It was packed with care. I dropped it on the floor because it was taped close to the floor. I almost died when I dropped it, but no damage was done to the package. The paint job was very good, except for a few minor unnoticeable chips here and there, but I guarantee you won't notice them unless you're looking for flaws in the mug. I'm confident that it will last in the dishwasher, but if it doesn't, I'll add that to the review. I assumed the size would be larger due to the reviews of others, but it's just the size of any regular mug, which I have no problem with. I can't wait to give this to my dad. I hope the review helped.

👤Over the last couple of years, we've had quality and it's not chip or break. It's nice that this one has lasted so long because some of the cheaper mugs don't do that in the wash. It's a simple gesture, but it's a nice gift for a great father.

👤I can't talk about how long this will last. I gave it to my step dad because he's an extra dad to me. They've only been married for 3 years, so it was a special gift for me. He's a good dad. He put it in my mom's cabinet. Mom said he bragged to everyone and was happy with the thought behind it. It was worth the few bucks to hear how much he appreciated it.

👤I gave this to my partner for Father's Day. He used to drink his coffee in my mugs, and I thought he should have his own mug. He drinks coffee every day. Men are pretty nonchalant about things like this, but I think he's really excited to have it. It is well-made. I was worried that it would break when it got here, but it was well packaged and wrapped in tons of bubble wrap, which our son loved.

👤I gave this cup to my husband for his first Father's Day. He was excited to use the cup, but the image wasn't transferred onto the cup precisely.

👤The handle came off. Maybe it's not dishwasher safe. I don't know. It broke after a little crack at the handle.

👤A nice mug. My kids dad liked the blue.

5. Best Large Double Sided Coffee White

Best Large Double Sided Coffee White

You can purchase this mug with confidence if you know that it will work or not. It can be fun to be a parent. The best daemon ever is the morning conversation starter. It was designed with you in mind. Your time is valuable to them. Unlike most mugs which hold 11 ounces, they have printed their design on a mug which holds 15 ounces of liquid, allowing you to pour and enjoy more. The mug is large enough to keep your morning dose of coffee piping hot. Their mugs are printed using high-definition graphics, detailed color contrast, and finished with a high gloss finish. The double-sided design allows both right- and left-handed coffee drinkers to show off their mug to friends and family. Their mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, which means you can enjoy them over and over again. It's perfect for many sacramentals. The best Dad ever mug is a great daily functional accent piece. Including yourself! They guarantee a one year limited warranty on their mugs. If the mug you ordered shows signs of wear and tear within a year of purchase, they will replace it or give you a full refund.

Brand: Artisan Owl

👤I was worried that the cup might be broken. I don't order a lot of glass. I'm looking forward to giving it to my husband because it arrived in perfect condition.

👤We love this mug. The quality, size, and graphics are great. We recommend it without reservations.

👤A great mug. It works well for coffee in the home or on the go.

👤I will definitely order more because this mug is very well made.

👤This has become my husband's go-to mug.

👤Father's day gift! My husband likes it.

👤I bought it for my husband for Father's Day. There is room for milk and still room to walk around.

👤Love it. It is dishwasher proof, and it is a great size.

👤Producto, perfecta descripcin.

👤When I opened the box, I saw my mug was broken.

6. SassyCups Engraved Stainless Insulated Birthday

SassyCups Engraved Stainless Insulated Birthday

A gift for step dad is perfect. Give a unique gift to a special person in your life. It's perfect for the best partner ever. There are gifts for dad that you can find. This travel mug is perfect for dad gifts from daughter, presents for dad, father gifts, dad gifts from kids or as a dad birthday gift from son. The best dad mug is packed in a gift-wrap-themed box and is the perfect birthday gift for dad. The double-wall tumbler was designed to keep your beverages hot or cold. It has a side- close lid, a matching straw, and a non-slip base. Excellent quality 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL. Their insulated tumblers are ideal for keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot because of their double-wall vacuum insulation and shatterproof lid. This tumbler with straw is compatible with most cup holders. If you are not happy with your tumbler, please contact them so they can make sure you are happy.

Brand: Sassycups

👤The plastic lid on the first one was cracked. Amazon sent a replacement. My husband has a commute of 1.5-2 hours. He puts hot coffee into our coffee pot and by the time he gets to work it's too hot to drink. Its amazing! The "best Dad ever" mug is definitely true.

👤It doesn't keep drinks warm as long as a ceramic mug would. The seal works well, but it feels cheap. It is not very flexible. It is still a cute gift, but don't expect much in the ability to function department. I wouldn't pay 20 plus for this again. HomeGoods would be the place where I would pay 8.97 for what it feels worth.

👤Great mug! The cap is perfect. The plastic lid was a problem with previous insulated mugs. The sliding tab was made of the same plastic as the lid so it broke easily. The mug has a plastic lid. It's easy to clean because it stays open when drinking. This mug keeps my coffee hot for a long time.

👤I bought this for my son to give to my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loved it. I don't remember seeing any instructions for washing it in the dishwasher, but I would recommend hand- washing it instead of putting it in the dishwasher, as it would be ruined by detergents.

👤It's really bad. I want to give this 5 stars, but I can't. The cup is sturdy. I like the black and silver colors but my husband discovered a design flaw when he used the cup. Liquid cannot flow out of the mouth because there is no vent hole. He had to take the lid off the cup to drink. It is not certain if this is a flawed batches or poorly designed batches. My husband is going to try and drill a hole in the lid to make it work because it was a gift from our son.

👤My kids picked this out for me. My husband told me that no liquid will come out of the lid. He had to drill a hole in the lid himself after he noticed there was no hole in it. After first wash, water gets trapped in a sliding lid and nowhere for it to go, which will lead to mold. I would return the box if I still had it.

👤There is a small pocket of space in the lid where you can sip, but there is no way to clean the coffee out. The best way to clean it out is to soak the lid in hot soapy water. It was a nice gift.

👤It was a well liked gift that someone was proud to give, so let a coworker take my coffee cup now.

👤The cup is nice and fits under the machines but the lid is hard to clean and can be popped off. It worked well. Good customer service from the provider.

👤Muy calidad y guarda.

7. Dad Birthday Gifts Daughter Funny

Dad Birthday Gifts Daughter Funny

The Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem are lightweight. The best daffodils are available. A simple, "Gag gift" can make people laugh, but then it gets thrown in the garage. A novelty mug is useful because it can be great for coffee, soup, or tea, but also when your Dad looks at it, he will smile and remember when he first got the useful and funny gifts mug! A priceless joke printed on both sides turns into a lovely memory for the mother. Unique gifts can be great for Father's Day gifts from children. 50th 55th 60th 70th Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, retirement gifts, anniversary gifts, or just because, can be given to your dad whenever you want. The #1 dad mugs are the best gifts for dads who have everything. The mug is a great way to show your love and bring some humor to your family. There are gift boxes. The gift box has a printed bow on it and it is ready to be presented as a funny mug. Do it immediately. This eliminates any worry about the gift wrapping and presents and leaves you just as a deliverer of a top gift for dad. They will do their best to ensure you are happy and satisfied with your purchase. They understand timing is important when offering a gift, so please send them an email and they will serve you asap.

Brand: Breezy Valley

👤I gave this mug to my husband for Father's Day. It is the perfect mug for a Dad who is special. The mug has a bold print. I know it's a smaller mug. It is strong. The bottom of the mug is where my "but" comes from. I was surprised at how rough it was. Coffee mugs aren't always the best on the bottom, but this one would definitely scratched my kitchen counter top. I contacted the seller. My husband doesn't drink coffee. He has it on his desk. All of this shows my 3 stars. A person is on the bottoms. I think some turn out this way. It wasn't the best for drinking coffee.

👤I received it for fathers day. My 9 year old was able to buy it from his bank account. He was so proud of giving me this mug that it showed what he thought about me. My son likes to walk me through each one of my "super hero" abilities, even though my Dad is their superhero. A very cute concept.

👤It was difficult to find this message in anything larger than our mugs, which was disappointing. A really sweet message. It was printed on the mug. It was the best I could get for Father's Day, and it did the trick as far as sending the right message. It's not as likely as he actually uses it.

👤My daughter wanted a gift for her dad. This mug was the best. The writing is clear and the picture is on the side of the mug.

👤My daughter bought this for her dad.

👤My daughter gave this to her dad for Father's day. She was happy that she could share her humor with her dad.

👤I bought this for my dad, who loves to drink coffee, but only has random mugs from leftover events. He loved the facts about himself and was happy to get a mug. My siblings were aced out by this one.

👤My kids paid me back after they ordered it for my husband's birthday. The "Nutrition Facts" made him laugh. The box was well packaged and had a bow on it. Glad we bought this.

👤The mug was nice but not good. Tough underneath and can scratch surfaces.

8. Thank You Teaching Man Christmas

Thank You Teaching Man Christmas

Dad shouldn't be the only one to enjoy this talking mug on Father's Day and Xmas. Share the laughter with your grandpa. The Donald Trump Talking coffee cups are a great novelty gift. It will make them happy and make them feel good. There is a best Daid Milk on the market today. Father's Day is a perfect time to give a dad coffee mug with the saying "Dad, Thank You For Teaching Me How To Be A Man, Even Though I'm Your Daughter" printed on both sides. A generous serving of coffee, tea or hot cocoa can be found in the 11-OZ Daid Mug. A black-and-white design makes the artwork pop so friends and family can easily see the funny saying on both sides. It is suitable for enjoying hot or cold drinks. Your dad can wrap his hand around the large handle of this mug. It is great for enjoying hot coffee in the morning or milk with cookies in the evening. High-quality ceramic is dishwasher and microwave safe. The mug is guaranteed to last years of dishwashing cycles with contrasting white ink printed on it. A box is ready to be given to the world's greatest dad. Each mug arrives in a sturdy white box and is ready to be gifted for Father's Day, Christmas, or any other occasion.

Brand: Funny Bone Products

👤My father is a father of 3 of his own and 2 bonus, all 5 of us girls, and he has always taught us how to be self sufficient in any situation. We joke that he always wanted boys, he got us, we look pretty. He got a big laugh when he opened his father's gift.

👤I received a cheap, tight dress instead of the mug I ordered. Don't recommend drinking coffee from the dress or wearing it. This was a gift for my dad. The last thing I want to see is my dad wearing a slutty bodycon dress that was sent in lieu of a coffee cup. This order is a zero.

👤This gift was the best one my dad got, it was cute and good quality, but it was the best one he got, it was a time for laughter and stories, and it was the best gift he got. The shipping was fast.

👤The message is sweet and sincere, and the mug is great. The gifter should have meant the message on the mug. I gave "warmth" a 5 because I believed it to be true when it was purchased. The original intent of the message fell short and we had to return the mug.

👤My step daughter gave this to my husband to make him aware of their father daughter relationship. It was packaged well. It was not easy to read the lettering that was black. You can still tell what it's supposed to say. Not as smooth as pictured.

👤I bought this for my dad on his birthday. This mug described my relationship with my dad, because I was a daddy's girl. The mug made him laugh.

👤It was great because I ordered it the day before Father's Day and it came the next day in time to give it to my son who has two daughters. Good price, good product, great delivery.

👤Nice mug! It was packaged in bubble wrap. It looks like the picture. I'm happy with it.

👤If your dad raised you with the skills you need, this is a great gift.

9. MAUAG Fathers Christmas Greatest Birthday

MAUAG Fathers Christmas Greatest Birthday

A box is ready to be given to the world's greatest dad. Each mug arrives in a sturdy white box and is ready to be gifted for Father's Day, Christmas, or any other occasion. The funny father coffee mug and microwave safe are printed on both sides. 100% pure white ceramic with a money back guarantee. The design is cute and perfect for dad. This will make anyone laugh. The handle is easy to use and suitable for hot and cold drinks. It can be used for both home and office. It's a great gift for your dad, father, uncle, family member. They will appreciate this novelty for a long time.

Brand: Mauag

👤My daughter exclaimed, "I found Dad's birthday present!" I looked at the screen and said, "Oh my gosh." It's a little bit. No, honey. You can't buy a mug for someone that says they're the #1 farter. She did not hear me. Dad is going to love it! She was correct. He grabs this mug out of the cupboard every time, and it always makes him laugh.

👤My daughter bought this for my husband.

👤Product was broken on delivery and part was broken as well. The lettering was faded and looked like a mistake. The cup had dust on it that looked like it had been sitting on a shelf for a year. Not happy. Would not buy again.

👤I thought it was much smaller. It's like a small cup of coffee. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew it was small. I thought it would be a small cup.

👤My husband will get this for Christmas. They thought it was funny. If it matters to you, the red part is not green. I like the red.

👤My wife gave it as a gift. The quality of this mug was really good. It is not as heavy as it could be, which makes it durable. I got a lot of praise for it.

👤Practical and funny. The man with a sence of humor is perfect.

👤The coffee mug is pretty good. My dad showed it off at work. It's a cute mug.

10. Gifts Dad Daughter Son Fathers

Gifts Dad Daughter Son Fathers

This funny mug is the best one for Dad to give him a reason to smile. Imagine him enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with a smile on his face. A fun way to make him happy. Coffee cups with prints on both sides are easy to clean with a dishwasher and microwave safe. Show him how great he is with this mug. His strength, guidance and hardwork are highlighted by theNutritional facts. Surprise your Papa on his special day with this thoughtful coffee mug. You can give a lovely father's present to remind him you are thinking of him. He will absolutely love it so don't be surprised if he takes it to his office and starts telling people how much he likes it. He can drink hot and cold with this durable mugs. It's the best gift for a son or daughter that will make him happy. It's the Best Dad Mug.

Brand: Light Autumn

👤Our mug was not so crooked that I wouldn't want to gift it to someone. The gift is a bit small but cute and my husband liked it.

👤I bought this mug for my dad. He uses the humerous design a lot. I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a good dad gift for a tea or coffee drinker.

👤This product was not worth $20 or more and there was a tacky label on the bottom of the cup. There were lines in the cup. A cheap, light weight coffee cup. Disappointed.

👤The mug I received had a damaged print on both sides. I requested a new item and returned the first one. The second mug was just as bad as the first. Three weeks ago, I changed it, but have yet to receive a refund. Customer support was very disappointing. Would not buy this product.

👤I was expecting a lot more. Cool graphics, but not worth it. Not tall enough for a pencil cup.

👤My daughter bought this for her dad. We didn't check it before giving. He was very disappointed when he took the mug out of the box. On both sides, the writing is peeling off. We are not requesting an exchange because we expect the same problem after delivery or after a couple of washes. Looking for a replacement.

👤My husband's daughter was bought for him. He liked it. He has coffee in it as much as he can. Would recommend and buy again.

👤This is a gift. The printing was rubbed off. It was worse when I ordered a replacement. This mug is not very good.

👤My daughters gave me a mug for my birthday, it was a nice gift. I am the dishwasher.

11. Worlds Greatest Farter Funny Fathers

Worlds Greatest Farter Funny Fathers

A great gift for your dad, grandpa, grandfather, granddad, uncle, brother, family member. They will appreciate this novelty for a long time. The best gifts for kids are daisies. Father's Day, christmas, and birthday gifts are all rolled up in one mug, which is the ideal gift for dads. Perfect last minute gift for PA PA: Coffee mugs for dad are a great gift. Father's Day gifts are under 20 dollars. Are you looking for inexpensive fathers day gift ideas? The funny fathers day mugs are perfect for kids. Father's day gifts for older dads from daughter, the best farter ever mug, funny coffee cups for dad, fathets day gifts, personalized dad gifts, and more. The 11oz coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Brand: Find Funny Gift Ideas

👤My 7 year old gave a cute gift to her father. She thought it was funny and a good cup.

👤A cute mug for Father's Day. Excellent quality.

👤It was fine. It was bought as a gift.

👤It is a nice gift for fathers day.

👤My daughter gave this gift to my husband. He liked it.

👤The product was what was advertised.


What is the best product for best dad mug?

Best dad mug products from Gr8am. In this article about best dad mug you can see why people choose the product. Wujomz and Mauag are also good brands to look for when you are finding best dad mug.

What are the best brands for best dad mug?

Gr8am, Wujomz and Mauag are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best dad mug. Find the detail in this article. Burton+burton, Artisan Owl and Sassycups are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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