Best Best Comcast Modem Router Combo

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1. Motorola Gateway Certified Spectrum Brighthouse

Motorola Gateway Certified Spectrum Brighthouse

The SURFboard Manager app can be used to setup and manage your network. A built-in N450 single band is included in the 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable Modem Plus. A wi-fi Gigabit Router has fourGigE ports, a firewall, and more. The product is recommended for DOCSIS 3.0 and 2.0 cable services. This modem provides actual cable internet service speeds of up to 145 Mbps. A cable modem chip protects against denial of service attacks. Requires cable internet service. It was approved by and for use with other cable service providers. The cable modem rental fees should be eliminated. Savings are shown for Affinity and vary by cable service provider. No cable modem is compatible with any of the services. The model has no phone jack. The built-in high-speed wi-fi is capable of providing internet access for a wide range of devices, including phones, notebooks, tablets, game stations, HDTVs, and Amazon echo. The four 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports provide wired connections to a variety of devices. The wireless power boost adds high- performance power amplifier to boost the signal to the legal limit. Any beamforming focuses the signal on wireless clients to further enhance performance and range. The cable modem and the router can be combined to create a more reliable connection that can save desk space. The vertical design improves cooling, reduces shelf space, and looks great in any home or office.

Brand: Motorola

👤I researched modem/routers to find a replacement for my unit. I paid for at least six of them over the last 5 years. After reading the details on every approved and compatible unit that meets the requirements, I chose the one from Motorola. I picked this model one because it was the only one that was different from the others and most of the others were stupid responses. I didn't see the need to buy the top of the line so I chose this as it was closed to the top and was on sale for $50.00 off. I gave them the S/N and the MAC after I called them. I just plug the 2 Ethernet cables into the power and voila! After it was activated, I was up and running. There is a The new unit is the most exciting thing.

👤I ordered this modem before I got my cable and internet service. I wanted to save money on my cable bill since they charge $10 per month to rent a modem, and I wanted to know what I was getting. I chose this modem because of the reviews and I think it was a great choice. After watching how easy it was for him to install, I realized I could have saved $60 and gotten myself a new pair of shoes. The home I am renting was already wired for cable service, and this unit was a plug and play device. The modem has a password printed on it, which makes it easy to authorize any wireless device, since we often have guests who bring along their tablets and laptops for games or study purposes. I would recommend this modem because we have had no issues with our internet connection. Our home is 1100 square feet and has 3 bedrooms. The signal from the router is strong in the basement and attached garage.

👤I have purchased two of them and they work great. This model is compatible with all the major cable companies and has 4 lan ports on the back to plug into. You can plug in your wireless TV by bringing the signal instantly to the TV without buffering, and you can also free up your internet by doing this. Plug in your box in one of the ports. If you plug in the TV, you should know that this modem only has a single 2.4 GHz network and not a dual 5 GHz network. If you want to use both 2.4 and 5.0, you should buy the TP Link. The modem name and password are important. You can see the address on the label on the modem. You need to type in your complete address into the search engine and then use the login and pasword that are printed on the label. Once you type in the address, the modem brain appears on your screen and you have to click on the save buttons to change the passwords. The hacker programs that are on the net are looking for modems and people that don't change them get into your computer. Save 10 dollars a month and enjoy the internet.

2. NETGEAR Nighthawk Certified Xfinity Spectrum

NETGEAR Nighthawk Certified Xfinity Spectrum

DOCSIS 3.1 and 32x8 channel bonding is Mime Technology. Up to 1,800 sq. of coverage. ft. Up to 30 devices with AC1900 speed. You can save up to Dollar 168/year in equipment rental fees if you replace your cable modem. The speeds of the carriers are: Cox (up to 500Mbps), Spectrum (up to 400Mbps). Plug in computers, game consoles, streaming players, and more with 4 x 1G Ethernet ports. Share a storage drive with any connected device.

Brand: Netgear

👤I'll note first that I'm reviewing the Netgear AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem with two lines of telephone support, as it appears Amazon is grouping reviews of similar products. I paid for it on Amazon. This is not one of the "AC1900" models that are out there. I was paying $10 per month for the cable modem that I bought this to replace. It looks like it will take 28 months before I see a return on my investment. I assume my modem will work for the next two years. It was easy to set up, and once I had my own password and SSID, I called the cable company. The nice lady who spoke English well and was a subscriber to Xfinity was able to get internet and voice telephone working easily, even though she had to send multiple signals to the modem, but it eventually responded and has been working fine ever since. I was surprised that I now have two internet connections in my house, one 2.4 GHz and the other 5.0 GHz. The old 2.4 GHz signal is required by some of my devices, including my printer, Oppo BluRay, and even an older version of the Nexus 7. I have no complaints about using my new cable modem. Installation is easy and the bill is lower. I'm happy.

👤This is a review of a cable modem. I use to measure the internet speed of my service from Comcast Blast. I still found that browsing the web was very interesting, with each new page typically taking less than a second to fully paint, who has time for that?! When I ordered this modem, I assumed that it would improve the performance of my web experience on WIRED connections, but I didn't think so. I was wrong. The difference was immediately apparent when I had this modem up and running. Web pages pop up like TV ads. This will change my life, and I already find myself going deeper into websites because I am not afraid of the slow painting with each new click. The difference in browsing performance seems to be much quicker than the previous 150, even though is now showing 280+ downloads. I have a modem in one corner of the house, and the signals seem to be faster than I thought. The installation was easy. I just went to and didn't call the station. I was up and running with internet and phone service after just 2 clicks. The administration utility for the routers is easy to use, and seems to have all the capabilities that a technical user might need. I feel like I have jumped 5 years into the future with the new speed of this box. It is worth $300 to me since I will get back my rental fees after 30 months. I discovered that the 'Stream TV' service wouldn't work because their system thought I was not on my home network, so wouldn't show some of the TV Channels. I wasted an hour of my life telling them that they needed to register the MAC addresses. It worked after they did that. The web might not suck anymore, but it still does.

3. NETGEAR Cable Modem Router Combo

NETGEAR Cable Modem Router Combo

The cable modem and the router can be combined to create a more reliable connection that can save desk space. The vertical design improves cooling, reduces shelf space, and looks great in any home or office. It is comparable with all major cable internet providers. Not compatible with any of the other providers. Model C6 220 replaces your cable modem and will save you up to 168 dollars a year in equipment rental fees. The speeds by carrier are: Cox up to 150Mbps, Spectrum up to 100Mbps. Get up to 1200 sq ft of wireless coverage and 20 devices connected with AC1200 speed. Fast wired connections to your computer, printer, game box, storage drive, and other devices can be made with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1USB port.

Brand: Netgear

👤I've always had great luck with netgear products. I thought I could get rid of the router from comcast since it was under 50 bucks. The brass connection that the antennas use was loose, like really loose. I had to tighten them down with a pair of pliers to keep them from tipping over. Installation and setup for a netgear routers was easy, as you'd expect. This and the smooth ordering process with Amazon are the only reasons I didn't give this thing a star. The first picture shows that the device is listed on xfinity's site as an approved device for their 200 Mbps plans. Things went downhill once it was setup. The signal strength was terrible. We were able to use ethernet to see if we could get better speed. The TV, laptop, and Xbox Series X all had terrible speeds. We called netgear support because we were paying for a 200Mbps plan and the internet was fine with our existing modem. They were useless, and after a few calls to different techs we were told that we needed to upgrade the firmware. I've done it many times on other devices. I log into the device in a browser at while I'm on the phone with support and can't find the option to upgrade the firmware anywhere. I was told by the tech that I needed to connect from a phone to the device and use the netgear genie app for the IOS platform. The problem is that the app on my phone can't connect to my router because it's out of date, so I have to go through the hassle of finding our password and download the app on the phone. The tech told me that I needed to contact my internet service provider and that they would push the update to the routers. The netgear C6 220 was the one that came with the 1.02.01 version. In the second picture, you can see that the comcast version is I called comcast just for the sake of it, knowing full well what they'd tell me, and they told me to pound sand, and that they weren't going to push out a firmware update to a customer owned device. In case you're thinking of trying it. I thought I'd try to use the netgear genie app for windows on my laptop. It was able to connect to the router and see the v.1.02.01. When I hit the update button, I was told that I already had the most current version. There was no luck there. In conclusion... I think that's correct. The device ships with a newer version of the software. You can't update it from netgear's own app because it won't connect to the device because it's outdated. The only way to upgrade the firmware is to connect to the router with a browser. It will not be pushed out that would hopefully get the thing working correctly. What do you do? If you return it, you should seriously consider buying a netgear router from Arris or Motorola, and pay the extra couple of bucks. Even if you get one of these with newer firmware, you might not be able to use it for a long time because comcast updates their list of deployed firmware. If you've already bought it and are having issues with it, you should not return it. We wasted hours trying to get it to work.

4. ARRIS Surfboard Gigabit Certified Xfinity

ARRIS Surfboard Gigabit Certified Xfinity

The AC1750 has a dual band wireless internet connection and 4 ports for voice and data services. There are 3 products in 1: DOCSIS 3. The cable digital voice service is not supported. It is compatible with major U S cable internet providers. Not compatible with other internet providers. There are 32 downstream x 8 upstream DOCSIS channels. Best for cable internet speeds up to 4 Gbps. It's required for cable internet service. Wave 2 AC2350 dual-band concurrent wi-fi Router has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The SURFboard Manager app can be used to setup and manage your network.

Brand: Arris

👤I have good experience on this subject and I am a Systems Engineer. I can tell from my tests and perspective that this is not a reliable product. I had a good experience with the Support, good people that look to care about your problem will answer you in a reazonable way. They pointed me to the signals out of range after looking at the modem QAM table on the GUI interface after few interactions, tests, and changing my modem twice for the same model. I was asked to contact the company to solve the problem. I contacted the company and they opened a ticket for me to change all of the cables and signals for my installation, after some adjustments to their equipment all the signals were with the specifications I requested. After a week, boom... The modem is frozen again, and it starts to lose packages on the network at a rate of 80% to 90%. My home has a cabled network that is connected to a pair of Gateways that are connected to two different internet providers. I have tried a number of different modems from different companies on this setup, and all of them showed the same behavior. The internet speed degrades until it is practically useless after a few days when network packages are lost. I have to restart the modem twice a day until it 800-273-3217 I need to restart it again. I'm thinking about a solution, but the modem/router doesn't have a feature to schedule an auto restart, and there are times when you have to restart it twice to get a good connection. It's useless to try to use a smart outlet to recycle power on a scheduled time. It will be useless if it didn't connect after the first recycle. I never used the embedded WIFI from this modem/router because I just need cabled internet to my firewall. There is nothing to add about the quality of the internet. Summary of a problem. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing After a few days, the modem starts to lose network packages. You can't access the GUI when the modem doesn't respond to requests. I didn't try to break into the modem to investigate the software issue. It works fine after a hard restart, but it might be related to a persistent cache of something that only gets flushed after the second restart. Conclusion It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing After using the modem/router for a while and trying different modems, I have stopped using it. I believe that the series of Gigabit modem have an Important reliability issue on the software that doesn't implement adequate quality assurance mechanism for the connection and are incapable of self recovering from a degraded connection situation making it a bad option for most users. If you don't want to restart the modem every time your internet is slow, then I don't recommend it. The other modem had the same behavior. I tried not to be too technical on my review, but this is my first extended review that I feel compelled to write. Leave a comment if you need any more information. I don't think I can share my email here. I was told over the phone that only the internet service provider would be able to update it. That is not the kind of answer you want to hear from a product with that price range. This review is not related to the opinion of any company or customer I've worked with until now.

5. Motorola Extended Internet Approved Comcast

Motorola Extended Internet Approved Comcast

The "Internet Service Providers" List is available in the "Compatibility Guide" under "Product guides and documents" Better control over your network, better placement of your routers, and savings over the long term are all reasons why a separate modem and router is a good idea. The MB8600 Cable Modem is a high-speed link between all your devices. Even when you are far away from your computer, the MR2600 can deliver high speeds and extended range. The DOCSIS 3.1 and DOCSIS 3.0 have 32x8 capabilities. It was approved by Cox and CableOne. Including higher tier services. Not compatible with RCN. There is no cable modem that is compatible with the other services. Up to 168 dollars per year is spent on cable modem rental fees. You can trust the support from the USA and the 2 year warranty from the company.

Brand: Motorola

👤Positive reviews and ratings made the matched system pair possible. They work as expected. It was easy to set up.

👤This thing is amazing, I get a signal in my car.

👤Quite happy with the purchase. There were no issues with the signal outside. The bundle is a great deal.

6. MOTOROLA MG7540 AC1600 Gigabit Maximum

MOTOROLA MG7540 AC1600 Gigabit Maximum

Adding a high- performance wi-fi power amplifier to boost the wireless signals to the legal limit gives a significant boost in speed and range. The signal on wireless clients is further enhanced by anybeam performing at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. A built-in AC1600 dual band modem is included in the 16x4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. There are four GigE ports on a WiFi Gigabit Router. The product is recommended for cable internet speeds of up to 375 Mbps. A cable modem is used to protect against Denial of Service attacks. Requires cable internet service. It was approved by Charter Spectrum, BrightHouse, CableOne, RCN, Mediacom and other cable service providers. Rental fees for cable modem can be as high as 168 dollars per year. The savings are shown for the provider. Not compatible with other services. The model does not have a jack. The model can't be used to make or receive telephone calls. The AC1600 is a built-in high-speed wi-fi router. The internet is available for a number of devices, including the Amazon Fire TV and the Apple TV. wired connections to Windows and Mac computers, HDTVs, game stations, streaming TV devices, and other Ethernet- capable devices can be made with 4 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports. The router is less vulnerable to interference from neighbors because it can work on the same frequencies as the internet. The signal on wireless clients is further enhanced by AnyBeam beamforming at both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies. A reliable connection is created when the cable modem and router are combined. The vertical design improves cooling and looks great in any home or office. Your investment is protected by a 2-year warranty and rugged lightning and power surge circuits.

Brand: Motorola

👤Wow! What a change! Tech came to the house and could not find any problems with the line, but he told me my 7 month old routers was garbage, and I looked up a dual band routers, which was Amazons Choice. Same day delivery! I went through setup with my internet service provider and within 10 minutes I went from 15-20 Mbps to 200mbps with no issues for the last 72 hours. I was impressed with the range and availability of this mix. I was looking for a cheaper option, but I found this unit that has a 5G wireless option, and it's even better on the other side of the house. I was so impressed by the first review I have ever written, that I decided to log on to Amazon and write it in the middle of streaming. Same day delivery for a super buy? I am a fan.

👤This is the modem for you. You can launch your browser by hooking up to it with an Ethernet cable. A screen will show up in a minute, and you are done in a few minutes. I changed my password and sign on to my previous one and all my devices were ready to go. Rental fees are no longer charged.

👤I try to avoid modem/wireless combo. I made an exception because of the reviews and ease of only having one device and after 2 and a half months, the wireless signal on the router has degraded to the point where I'll be returning the device. The signal degraded 20 days outside of the return period so I picked up the protection plan. When I purchased the modem/router, I was getting between 140 and 150 mbps on 5 GHz and 40-50 mbps on 2.4 GHz on a 200mbps connection. It was expected that apartments have a lot of congestion. The issue isn't on the internet service provider but the computer that I have hard-wired to it. I purchased a protection plan for the device, but tonight has pushed me to the point where I'm going to use it. I'm getting 70-90 mbps on 5 GHz and 20mbps on 2.4 GHz at 5 feet away. At 30 feet away, my signal is around 30 mbps on 5 GHz and 900 kBps on 2.4 GHz. There is an update on 9-21. When I got a new router, the download speeds were better than they were when I wrote the review. If frequent resets are required to maintain adequate speed, will update.

👤The coverage for my 2,500 square foot house is great, it works perfectly without being located near the center of the house, and several items using the internet, without any issues: two computers, one laptop, 2 cellphones, one tablet, two firesticks, an Apple device. I'm very happy with the equipment, no more dead spots inside the house, and good coverage outside, with two concrete blocks wall between my phone and the modem.

👤Wow. I got this because people said it boosted their speeds a bit. The picture was plugged in and up and running in no time. I think I ran at 200. Let's see how it handles streaming devices. It is worth it in my opinion... I was charged $10 a month for their rental, but it will pay for itself in a year.

7. NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000 Compatibility Providers Including

NETGEAR Nighthawk C7000 Compatibility Providers Including

Share a storage drive with any connected device. Not comparable with other providers of voice services. It is comparable with all major cable internet providers. Model C7000 replaces your cable modem and can save you up to $150/yr in equipment rental fees. Check your cable internet service provider website for compatibility, not compatible with cable bundled voice services, Microsoft Windows 7, 8,Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS, UNIX, or Linux, or a combination of the two. It is built for fast speed. Best for cable provider plans that can reach 400 Mbps. You can get up to 1800 sq ft of wireless coverage and 30 devices connected with AC1900 speed. DOCSIS 3.0 SAFE & SECURE: Includes parental controls, and supports WEP andWPA2 wireless security protocols.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I wouldn't buy refurbished items. You have a chance to get 2 bad modems just like I did. The first one worked for 2 weeks and the second for 5 weeks. The reason why this was frustrating was because the second modem was out of the warranty time frame and was already registered to someone else. The technical support guy at Amazon was aware of the issues. My question is: why is Amazon selling modems that are false about being renewed?

👤The nighthawk cable modem worked well. It was easy to set up. The modem has a password that you need to use to access it. Some of the reviews may have been due to not being able to set it up correctly. I've had it for a month. Works well. The internet speed is the same, but the modem is better. The difference is obvious. The day and night are different. Didn't get paid to write about it.

👤If you are looking for the best modem/router in the market today, look no further, the Netgear Nighthawk is the answer. It's easy to install. The equipment is fast.

👤This is a product that has been used before. The unit was not reset back to factory settings and the admin password was not set to default. This locked me out of the router and made it impossible for me to control it. They told me to return the unit and order another one. If the next one has the same issue, I will abandon the'renewed' option and go for the new. The product was completely different when I received the 2nd one. The first one was just a box with a power cable and the second one was almost new. Each component was individually wrapped. The product works perfectly. It seems like a flip of the coin as to what you will get with renewed based on my experience, but the return policy on Amazon makes it easy to return if you get a lemon.

👤The first one wouldn't let me log on, it wouldn't project a signal for me to log onto, and when we contacted customer service, they got us a replacement and that one had the same problem. Don't buy a refurbished modem. Its not worth it.

👤While using multiple devices, the internet does not lag. The current provider has 400mbps.

👤Modem works well most of the time. I lost the wireless signal while working on the computer. I looked at my phone. The internet may not be available next to the icon. The music was played through all the problems. The modem works great out of the box. I live in a small condo and get great signals in each room. I am testing signal on my Fire TV devices and I am getting close to 170-190 Mbps. I would buy this again, instead of renting the modem. I haven't contacted customer support for this modem. You can't take it off once you click on it.

👤The new modem. When you can find a refurbished cheaper device, you shouldn't buy a new one.

8. ARRIS Surfboard Telephone Certified SVG2482AC

ARRIS Surfboard Telephone Certified SVG2482AC

The CODA high speed modem features DOCSIS 3.1 with 2 downstream and 2 upstream channels, which reduces the time taken for devices to reach their destinations. There are 3 products in the 8x4 docSIS. cable modem with AC1750 The wi-fi and the phone. It has been approved for use with the Comcast Affinity internet and voice service. Does not support home security or home control service without also having an internet connection from the other cable internet providers, such as Time Warner or Bright House; not approved by any other cable internet providers. It is required to use this product for internet plans up to 600 Mbps. AC1750 There are 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired devices. 802. The 11AC wi-fi speeds up to 1750 Mbps. The maximum theoretical speed is listed, with the radio and antenna configuration. Depending on distance, interference, and client capabilities, throughput speeds can vary. Not compatible with the Xfinity internet speed packages. 2 telephone ports to support Xfinity voice; optional battery backup for placing and receiving voice calls during power outages; 2 year limited with them technical support. Not compatible with home security service. This model will not be provided for Gig speed services. A DOCSIS 3. 1 modem is required for Gig speed service.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤Many people pay $10/month or more to use the internet and voice gateway that this is a direct replacement for. It is the same general shape and size, has the same ports on the back, and is cheaper to buy than rent after a year or so. This model does include a phone line, but other replacement modem/router combo don't, so if you have the company's voice service, you need this model. After a few minutes of telling the support agent the MAC and serial numbers, the account was activated. The gateway it replaced feels faster than the one that was replaced, but that's not confirmed with an actual speed test comparison. It is much quicker connecting to smart TVs for streaming.

👤The company that sold me this piece of equipment is mostly frustrated with me. I have been trying to connect it to our service since it was previously owned. It should have been disconnected from its previous owner before it was sold. I own equipment that can't be connected to my service. I will request a refund. Over the past week, I have spent a lot of time on the phone with the company, and will have to wait for a new piece of equipment to be connected to my service. Purchase from someone else and save yourself the misery, even if it costs a little more.

👤I can't say anything more. It is much faster if you have an older cable modem. It is working perfectly so far. Wait until it syncs. 10 minutes or so. I was sad. After it was sync, I went to the activation code to make sure it was me and then flew out of hell. If you don't want to have to change everything else, then use your old ssid and password. I kept the same 2.4 ssid and everything else worked. I will make up the annual cost of my first year of ownership with a monthly rental fee.

👤It was easy to install, once you realize that you need to leave it hooked into the network for a while, then it will be easy to use. The biggest problem I have is with the internet. When I walk into the next room with no obstructions, the highest rate I get is 270-300, even if I stand next to the router. I have to turn my cell phone off in order to use some of the apps. I am not happy with this product.

👤Installation was difficult after spending 4 hours with the phone tech at the company, and they asked me to make an appointment with one of the technicians. After installing the modem fairly quickly, the modem wouldn't work again after a second tech visit, and after trying over the phone, the modem wouldn't work for two days. I now know that all the problems I had before were caused by incompetence. The reason I don't give a 5 starts is because of the short range of the WI_FI. The reason for changing my rating from 3 to 4 starts is that most of the issues with the SVG1282AC were created by the incompetence of the tech services of the company. It took a total of 2 weeks, 2 visits from techs, and over 5 hours on the phone to have the equipment fully functional, comcast agreed that they where the cause of all the problems, but they still charged me $70.

9. NETGEAR Nighthawk Certified Spectrum Refurbished

NETGEAR Nighthawk Certified Spectrum Refurbished

The SURFboard Manager app can be used to setup and manage your network. The input voltage is between 100 and 250V. The product is certified to look and work like new. Functional testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging are included in the process. The product may arrive in a generic box with all relevant accessories. Only sellers with a high performance bar can sell Certified Refurbished products on Amazon. It's compatible with all of the above. Not compatible with cable voice services. Three-in-one DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, AC1900 wi-fi and 4 gigabit wired switch. There is a modem speed of 960Mbps and a dual-band AC1900 that has a speed of 5 GHz. 24x8 channel bonding is approved for 500 Mbps plans. DOCSIS 3.0 has 24x faster download speeds than DOCSIS 2.0.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I have had my nitehawk for a month now and I absolutely love it. It's fast, reliable, and has had no trouble, I wish my cable provider was the same. I purchased the extreme bundle from my cable provider and regular ethernet cords don't cut it, so make sure to get the fiber cable. This is the only way to get the speeds that are advertised.

👤Since setting up this device, my network has been slow or dropping offline randomly. Since installing it, there have been attacks on it. The logs are full of attacks from the DOS program, and each one is at the same time as my network is slowing. This is possible with DOS protection enabled. It's a common problem, it appears from a few web searches. When my kids and partner use the internet, it becomes useless. If you notice drops and slow downs, you should check the logs in the advanced section of the device.

👤It's easy to install and compatible with Xfinity. $13 a month is charged by Xfinity for this.

👤We pay for a small amount of internet access from Xfinity. The modem combo maxes out at 190 MB. A technician will be coming out this weekend to test and verify. Will update. How can this have good ratings? Returned the refurbished unit with no issues after ordering other brands. It must have been a dud.

👤I bought a refurbished item from Amazon. The 3 year protection plan was also purchased with it. It was cheaper than the new item. It took it to my internet provider and they were able to add it without any issues. It was connected up at home without any issues. If you've set up a Netgear router, this one works the same. I have up to 15 wireless devices connected at any given time, and signal has been stable so far. If you want to update the firmware, you have to have your cable company do it. My old Netgear Nighthawk had a better range than Signal, but it's still decent. It's noticeable. The purchase allowed me to free up a fair amount of space and cabling and I am still very happy with it. I usually avoid combo's like the plague, however this one seems to be well made.

👤I would've replaced my rental xfinity modem sooner, but I would've put off investing in my own because of the mixed reviews on Amazon for wireless modems in general. The rental cost of the xfinity modem went to 14 a month, so that was the final straw, so I bought the NETGEAR AC1900. I am happy to report that it works perfectly, and has a separate 2.4 GHz and a 5G signal, so it's like 2 different signals in one. For the less technical types, please read. Call them and tell them that you are changing your modem. The modem serial and model number will be given to Xfinity by you. You will not have internet access until you call Netgear to register the modem, even though the signal will be working. It will be working as soon as you do this. You may need to take it out for 20 seconds. I have a lot of devices on it. There were no issues with signal drops. I've gotten my monthly bill for Xfinity down to $49 a month and I couldn't be happier.

10. NETGEAR Cable Modem Router Combo

NETGEAR Cable Modem Router Combo

Perfect compensation: The MFi certified cable is compatible with the 11 Pro Max, 10 Pro Max, and 8 Pro Max. 6s, 7s, and 7 Plus Plus 6. The latest iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad, iPad Pro, iPod touch, as well as the latest iOS 11 12 13 system are included. It is comparable with all major cable internet providers. Not compatible with any of the other providers. Model C6250 replaces your cable modem and can save you up to $168/yr in equipment rental fees. The speeds by carrIER. Cox has up to 150Mbps, while Spectrum has up to 300Mbps. Get up to 1500 on the internet. There are 25 devices connected to the AC1600 speed and sq ft of wireless coverage. Fast wired connections to your computer, printer, game box, storage drive, and other devices can be made with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1USB port. There is a technology called mole technology. DOCSIS 3.0 is engineered with 16x4 channel bonding. SAFE & SECURE includes parental controls and supports WEP and WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols. The "Internet Service Providers" List is available in the "Compatibility Guide" under "Product guides and documents"

Brand: Netgear

👤I don't write reviews, but I wanted to let others know that I was frustrated with this product. The modem/router was easy to set up, and allowed me to use the internet on our devices, however I got a new one due to my job, and wanted a reliable internet connection for the job. I use a virtual private network on my work computer. I was able to log in to my work computer with the internet, but the PureVPN wouldn't work for 5 minutes. I could connect back in, but the issue was the same. I called the help desk at work and had them try different set ups, but nothing worked. I called my internet provider and had them run tests on their end. I called NETGEAR to try to get them to shoot the issue, but after 3 calls, nothing worked. I did my own research on the internet, and found that the modem/router does not support the internet. There is no way to fix it. I spent over $130 on a modem/router that is useless to me, so I wish I had known this before I bought it. It works perfectly after you bought a motocycle.

👤Out of the box. Put it up. Call the company. Someone who learned English 15 minutes ago asked for a model number. AC1600 is not the model number, but it is a Netgear AC1600. What is the model number? I found it on the bottom in a dark print. He says he will call me back. I call again and get an American who will hook me up. The connection works now. The internet doesn't work. No problem. I will set up the modem using the internet. No, no way. The web page tells us to download the app. You can download the app. I use the modem to read the code. The app takes a picture of something and thinks for a while. Do not come back. Call for technical support. I called. Another person who isn't English-speaking. I want my email, full name, etc. Line cuts off after I give life history. I am packing it up and sending it back. My in-law son was visiting. He uses to type into his phone. That opens a page that allows for the setting up of a wireless network. It works now. So why all the BS with the app, QR code, etc., other than the fact that the people at the factory are laughing at them? Why don't you give in the instructions? It works now until I hit 3.5 years, according to the embedded code in all modems. modem makers are not demonic. No, they are not.

👤I upgraded my internet to a higher speed package, so I decided to upgrade my router as well. I got a modem from Netgear because I didn't use a modem from a company like Xfinity. I tested my new internet speed on my old modem and it was around 100mbps, but it jumped to 239mbps after I installed this Netgear modem. Installation was easy, but I had to call to get them to finish setting up my connection. I was expecting a long wait on the phone, but it didn't take long. This modem should be considered by anyone looking to upgrade their internet package.

11. ARRIS SURFboard Telephone Certified SVG2482AC RB

ARRIS SURFboard Telephone Certified SVG2482AC RB

DOCSIS 3.0 has 24x faster download speeds than DOCSIS 2.0. There are 3 products in 1: 24x8 DOCSIS. The modem is from the Xfinity brand. It was approved for use with the internet and voice service. Not compatible with any other internet provider. Doesn't support home security or home control service without an internet-enabled device. The cable modem has 24 download and 8 load channels. This product requires a certain internet service. The AC1750 is a routers. A dual-band concurrent wi-fi router with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Certified by the manufacturer. 1 year is a long time.

Brand: Arris

👤I am not able to express my disappointment with the product or the headaches it caused me. I have been trying to figure it out for the last 3 hours. I thought it was new. It didn't mention that it was being refurbished. It was still registered to a different account when xfinity sorted it out. I was getting zero internet from it when it was fixed, but it was giving xfinity a signal that it was working. This entire process was a huge waste of money and time because I don't have a car and I didn't hear about the internet for three hours. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤I bought this modem because it has all of the functions I need to replace my modem. The modem is still active and I was unable to get it to work. I bought a new version at 2x the price and hoped it would be less headaches.

👤The item was packaged well and easy to install. It turned out that it was registered under another user's account and so I was not able to add it to my account. Had to return it so time wasted. I am hesitant to work with this vendor again.

👤I spent an entire Saturday on the phone with Tech support from both Arris and Comcast trying to get this piece of junk working. The Arris Gateway was registered in the system of the company that had a problem with it. They were able to read the MAC ID back to me, so I knew it was in their system. I couldn't get the internet to work with my devices. Arris Tech Support couldn't figure out why no device could connect with their Gateway. They never offered to replace it. I'm an Amazon prime member. Don't waste your money or time on this garbage.

👤I want the product replaced since it didn't work and only the option of sending it back to get a refund is available. I will be with out internet since I already got comcast.

👤This purchase was made to save on our monthly charges for an Xfinity provided unit. It was compatible with our requirements for a bundle of internet, phone and modem services. It has met all of our internet needs and we have not had any issues with TV streaming on several devices. The process of setting up was fairly straightforward and the rep was very helpful.

👤It was a smart move to buy this unit and pay it off in 6 months, cutting my bill for the old rental unit. I waited so long.

👤It was important to call Cox/Xfinity to have them recognize the modem. The internet and cable were easy to use. It took them about 15 minutes to get the phone hooked up, but it worked out well.


What is the best product for best comcast modem router combo?

Best comcast modem router combo products from Motorola. In this article about best comcast modem router combo you can see why people choose the product. Netgear and Netgear are also good brands to look for when you are finding best comcast modem router combo.

What are the best brands for best comcast modem router combo?

Motorola, Netgear and Netgear are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best comcast modem router combo. Find the detail in this article. Arris, Amazon Renewed and Netgear are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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