Best Best Choice Zero Gravity Chair 2 Pack

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1. Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

You don't need to assemble the chair if it is fully assembled. Just enjoy it. The frame is large enough to support the canvas seat with a bungee cord for a softer sit. The cup holder on the tray table makes it easy to keep your cell phone and beverage. SMOOTH RECLINE: No pre-set locking positions mean you are in control of any position. A metal latch pin can be used to prevent the chair from folding. Remove it before folding the chair. There is an oversized churchyard for easy storage. The frame is open in the chair position and it is 33.5"w x 44.9"h x 21.6"d. The back height is 29.3" and the seat height is 23". The chair is 25 lbs. It folds up to a compact 33.5"w x 37.8"h x 5.9"d. The weather is stable. A navy blue and brown combination is what this sturdy black steel frame and 600 Denier canvas is made of. The weight capacity is 400 lbs. There is a PADDED PILLOW and WOODARMRESTS. A padded pillow can be used for head, neck, or back support. The anti-gravity chair has wood in it.

Brand: Coastrail Outdoor

👤The chair was well packaged and I like to note that sometimes packaging can cause issues with the item inside the box. There was no damage to the outer box. Everything was well packaged and not used when opening the box. The chair was easy to assemble. The opening and closing of the chair were smooth. There is a nice pad for your head on this one. The cup holder is a nice bonus but it may be difficult to travel with. The chair seems to be made from solid materials and the stitching looks great. It seems like it will last a long time. The chair has small plastic locks that can be used to lock in different positions. The chair arms have locks on them if you can't find them. The wood accents on the arm rests look great. I bought a different type of chair from the same brand and the same critique was given: It would be nice to have a lock on the chair when it's folded up, but flipping it upside down makes it easy to grab and keep it closed. I am very pleased with these and look forward to Summer! I'm treating myself here and there during winter and Christmas time.

👤The wood armrests are not finished and are not protected from the rain and sun. There is a sticker on one armrest. Product info would not have made a purchase if it had stated that the product needed to be stored away from the elements after use. They faded before I could treat them myself. Being disabled this chair allows me to get some exercise. Hopefully my husband will be able to clean it. The side table/cup holder is not snug.

👤Quality materials are well made. It's wide enough and has a 400lb weight capacity for a couple. The chair handles are wood and will need a little maintenance so they don't weather. I would recommend this chair after extensive research and reading reviews. I got the blue and beige combo.

👤This is my second chair. I bought one of the chairs for our camping trip. There's plenty of room for me and my kid and we fell asleep and felt secure. If you don't want to leave them out, they are easy to fold up and put away. It has cup holders as well.

👤It's more comfortable than your regular camping chair. It's easier to get out of the way as you try to stand.

👤This chair is great. I am very happy with the quality and comfort of them, they relieve my back pain and are very comfortable for napping. If you're looking for comfort and quality, I recommend this.

👤There is plenty of room in this chair. It seems good so far.

2. PHI VILLA Oversize Adjustable Recliner

PHI VILLA Oversize Adjustable Recliner

Product dimensions are 31.5-60.2 x 26 x 33.9-43.3 inches and can be adjusted depending on preferred position from upright to reclined. The padded seat has a double bungee system that provides more comfort. The armrest is large and provides more comfort. Cup tray is used for holding drinks or food. The extra long chair is large enough for people over 6 feet tall. The double bungee rope and tube frame are strong. The maximum capacity is 400 lbs. The Anti Gravity Recliner can be adjusted to any position with a degree of freedom. Smoothly glides to a zero-gravity position with elastic cords that adjust to your body. The set up size is W30" x D35.4" The height of the chair back could be adjusted. The folding size is L30" x W5.9"x H36". The structure is easy to fold and is suitable for any patio occasion. Lifetime customer support is provided by them. If you have an issue with their product, please contact the customer service.

Brand: Phi Villa

👤I was using the chair to sleep. It was very comfortable and I slept well. The rear legs of the chair crumpled one night last week. I woke up when my head fell on the floor. I tried to contact the seller but never heard back.

👤It would be nice if it didn't break after a year. The fabric is ripped. I take good care of it. I have a broken back and have had many surgeries. There are many other problems. I spent 10 hours in this chair and it didn't make my back worse. I had three other that were more expensive. This one is different.

👤I received a chair. It appeared to be stronger than the standard zero gravity chairs. The lounger is not a zero gravity chair. It does not recline back as much as other zero-gravity chairs. The circulation in my legs was cut off by a cross brace under the seat. 5 minutes in the chair was all I could think about. I returned it to Amazon after I boxed it up. The curve in the cross brace was not causing any pressure on my legs. They could have made the chair a little longer. When I sat in the chair and reclined, my ankle hit the bottom bar. I would have kept the chair if I had known that a piece of pool foam noodle would take care of that. It's too bad because the oversized chair had so many good things going for it, except that poorly designed cross piece. When a cheaper brand could be had for 40 to $90, I paid about $240 for my first gravity chair, which I believe was the original ones. The original chair lasted four years. The search continues.

👤The Zero Gravity Chair is one of the most secure and comfortable chairs out there. I was impressed with the large padded seat and back. I was confident that the chair would hold up. I bought this chair to use at home while I recovered from my hip replacement. I wanted my daughter to try out the chair first since I didn't want to take any risks after surgery. She ended up with her feet in the air because the chair folded into her. She didn't put the sides together before sitting down. The chair worked perfectly once the safety locks were in place. The operator error is. The design of an anti-gravity chair makes it feel like you might tip over, but I had no issues with it. I recommend this chair to anyone who has had hip, leg, or back surgery. This chair has been very comfortable. I will be using the chair after my recovery because it is very attractive. Puppy enjoys the chair, not included.

👤I already owned a regular cheaper model gravity chair and this is an upgrade. The material is more sturdy than the feel, which is very similar. It is much nicer looking. I feel like I have a car on my porch. Some of the screws were stripped and overtightened. It doesn't seem to affect anything, but I will email the customer service number in the box to see what they say. I paid the full price and didn't get any discounts.

3. Cross Land Universal Replacement Recliners

Cross Land Universal Replacement Recliners

The policy is warranty. They are committed to doing every process well for their customers. Please let them know if there is a question, they will deal with it immediately. This is not a chair, it is a replacement fabric and standard size. The Velcro design is easy to install and no need to disassemble recliners. All standard reliners from Faulkner, Lafuma, Caravan Sports,XtremepowerUS, Best Choice Products and etc. can be replaced with a universal replacement. A durable time use is ensured by the 4.2x1 Weaving method. Textilene fabric has high- strength elasticity, waterproof oilproof, and anti-UV qualities.

Brand: Dream Art

👤I bought a pair of zero gravity chairs at True Value. I loved the chairs. Mother nature took a toll on the canvas fabric. The canvas ripped right along the stitching as I sat on my favorite chair. My wife was sitting on hers when her granddaughter jumped into her lap and the canvas split down the middle. I wanted to keep them out of the garbage. I found this product on Amazon, because the manufacturer didn't offer a replacement. My rating is based on a new product. From the first impression, it seems like thevinyl might be the thing. It seems like a nice material. The originals on my chair are of a higher quality. The elastic cords were the same length as the originals. It was a perfect match. If you've ever laces a pair of skates properly, you know how easy it is to pull the fabric into place. The installation of the new fabric took roughly 30-40 min, which was okay in my opinion. I'll have to tell you about that. We will see how long this canvas lasts. First impressions are that it was worth it. It's cheaper to replace the chair.

👤The canvas on the zero-g chairs from Home Depot split after a season in the sun, so I purchased two of these to replace it. I can't say how long these will last, but they were easy to replace. They were narrower than the originals, but still worked well. It took 45 minutes to replace each one. It's a great way to get a working frame without buying a new chair. I will consider it worth it to replace them again if these last another 2 seasons.

👤The replacement fabric was what I needed. Installation was much easier as you don't need to drill out the rivets at the bottom of the frame back and replace them with bolts. We'll see how long it will last, but so far it is holding up. I painted the frame after stripping the old fabric and lacing. The chairs are brand new. Installation of the new fabric and lacing is a workout. The bungee laces are long enough to make it all the way. It is necessary to work both sides at the same time. Go a few holes on one side and the other on the other side. To hold the laces tight while I switched sides, I used spring clamps. I used a spring on top to keep the velcro from being pulled apart. The chairs should last a few more years.

👤The headline and other descriptions of the fabric are incorrect. Our original chairs are 18” and 18.5” I don't want the fabric to be larger than what it is replacing.

👤This replacement for a worn-out LaFuma has the same number of grommets as the original LaFuma, and is the right overall dimensions, except that the top part has a Velcro closure that needs to be wrapped around the LaFuma top bar, and this mat, when bungee I had threaded all the cords, but I needed to unthread them and redo the lacing to make the top end of the mat reach around the frame to use the Velcro. It's okay, but it would be better if the top end of the pad was long enough for the Velcro closure to work with the frames.

4. Coastrail Outdoor Gravity Chair Armrest

Coastrail Outdoor Gravity Chair Armrest

YOMIFUN is committed to providing high- quality products and satisfactory shopping experience for every customer. If you have a question, please contact them and they will give you a solution at the first chance. Extra wide. 33" width zero gravity lounge chair gives you more space to relax. Zero gravity chair support up to 400 lbs. No assembly is needed for the weight of 25 lbs. The Zero Gravity Reclining Chair can adjust from zero to 170o. The camping chair has a locking mechanism. Push down the lock to keep in the comfortable position when you sit. STURDY STRUCTURE: The camping lounge chair is made of rust- resistant steel frame and 600D fabric. It's perfect for outdoor use. The wood armrest andremovable pillow give you a relaxing experience. Safety is their first priority. The chair has a metal latch pin that helps to prevent the chair from folding. Pull it out when you need to fold the chair. There are multiple functions. The zero gravity lounge chair is perfect for outdoors. It is also suitable for indoors. The portable side table is portable. It can be a relaxing area in your home.

Brand: Coastrail Outdoor

👤I'm 6'5" and 340 lbs. I'm exactly who this chair is intended for. It's almost impossible to sit down on the concrete driveway since your feet are so far out in front of you. You are aware that it is not intended for the weights it claims to be for, but you still straddle a side with one leg so you can sit down without throwing yourself down. Good luck if you are tall and heavy. The lean back is not easy to get back in. The creaking legs were opening 1 more inch. I was going backwards. I grabbed the right handle to hold my self up with my left hand on the ground behind me, the chair legs were creaking open and I was slowly slinking lower. My wife had to help pull me out because the chair was close to me while I was trying to hold myself up, and she had to slink down and try to hold me up. I am a former high level athlete with a lot of weight. I still have above average. Balance and agility. If you're under 6' and under 300 lbs, it might work for you, but at that point, why would you want a chair that wide? Don't buy.

👤My doctor told me to keep my feet up. I am an obese man who needs to sit in this chair from 4 to 6 hours a day. I can do it. Getting up is the only problem. I need some help with that. I still give it a 5 star. The price looks good and works well. I would like a table a little larger. Every person in my family has sat in the chair and felt comfortable.

👤I love this chair. The size and colors of it. It is easy to fold and put it away despite the fact that it is large. It's great for backyard and also good for camping because it's in the back of my car. Normally, I put other stuff on top of it so it doesn't take much space. The chair can be locked with 2 locks on the side of the handles, but the additional lock on the right hand side makes it safer. You will find this useful when watching movies outdoors. Great chair!

👤The chair has become trash and unsafe. The plastic teeth that hold the chair in place are starting to bend and I have become stuck several times. It was almost falling back. My 5 year was eaten by this thing. The bungee cords look like they're giving in. I get scared when it clicks when I recline, because I think it's coming apart with me on it. I am well under the limit because I weigh over 200 lbs. I wish I could get this back.

👤I bought a recliner chair for my husband. The quality of the product is very good. It was easy for him to get out of the upright position. Reclining the chair was a problem. It was hard to recline, unlike mine. He had to push hard to get it to move. He couldn't get it to move to the upright position once reclined. He was stuck. We tried many times to get it to move upwards. I had to tip him to get him out of the chair. I tried it again after that and it wouldn't move forward. I got stuck in the reclining position as well. I don't recommend this chair for seniors who don't have good strength in their legs. I wouldn't recommend someone over 300 lbs who might have issues getting out. There should be a warning in the chair description. The chair is being returned.

5. Original Foot Cushion Gravity Chairs

Original Foot Cushion Gravity Chairs

The zero gravity chair can be used as a recliner at home, as a folding bed/lounger, or as additional seating in your living room. The lawn chair can be used outside and indoors. The foot rest bar on the Standard Size Zero Gravity Chair is less than 19 inches and will not fully cover the bar on larger chairs. Experience full relaxation and complete satisfaction. When you first purchase your Zero Gravity Chair, you will be able to relax in it with their high quality Foot Rest Cushion, which is one of a kind. It's easy to install, it's rugged, and it's good for your feet and legs, but it's also good for your comfort month after month in the outdoors. The perfect accessory for troll USers. The padding for the back of the legs allows you to stretch out completely instead of folding yourself up to keep your feet on the bar of your patio chairs, outdoor lounge chairs or Zero Gravity recliner; Relax and enjoy your chair the way you choose. RV owners and campers can receive gifts. It's the Christmas gift that keeps on giving, it's a unique gift for friends, mom, dad, men, women who would appreciate more comfort on their RVing or camping adventures, if they have everything already, including a Zero Gravity Chair, they need this fun present next

Brand: Clever Camper Company

👤The product is perfect for resting on my camp chair. I don't like the misleading photos that exaggerate it's length and the statement that it fits an oversized chair outside. It fits. It would fit a child's chair that was only 16 inches wide. If you have an extra wide lounge chair, you need more space to stretch out. To keep your feet on top of this foot rest, you would have to lash your ankles together. Look at their pictures, the picture shows it mounted on my chair. The one they use looks longer than the one you get.

👤When I got this, I was amazed at how heavy it was. Every detail is of the highest quality. I had tried the homemade pool noodle with duct tape, which looked tacky but also wasn't really all that comfortable, at least the way I made mine. The babies are very comfortable to the achilles tendon, which is where my legs hit the cross-bar. The join is at a slight angle so that it never splits if you step on it to get in and out of the chair. I wish I did it a long time ago.

👤What a difference this cushion makes! I sat in my zero gravity chair for a couple hours last night after I received it, because I was so tired. If you use your zero gravity chair as much as I do, you need it as well. I was happy that it arrived sooner than anticipated. There is a small card in the packaging that tells you how to reach the company if there is any trouble. I appreciate that. Great product!

👤I used pool noodles before. The noodles deflate quickly and offer no more comfort. This is new. I might come back but it is already bigger. The noodle pieces are softer than the softer ones. I use my zero gravity chair daily and it should be a good addition.

👤This is a small company. They might not have the exposure to attract the big guys yet. This product is the best thing that has ever happened to people like me who are taller than the chair. I am tall. The ZGC hits me in the back of the ankle. The pad keeps the blood flowing in my legs and allows me to sit comfortably. I am very happy with the product.

👤You will not be sorry. Don't try to make them yourself. The guys have it nailed down. Sturdy! It's so comfy and worth the money. The customer service from this company is outstanding.

👤We bought two of these for our new zero gravity chairs. They are a decent addition to the chairs. I think they are a bit overpriced for what they are, and with height challenged people, at least with our ZG chairs, are unnecessary. My wife's feet don't reach the cushion in our chairs, so it doesn't offer any benefit to her. The cushion is better for me than the metal bar end of the chair.

6. Gravity Replacement Antigravity Elastic Recliner

Gravity Replacement Antigravity Elastic Recliner

The structure is easy to fold and is suitable for any patio occasion. Lifetime customer support is provided by them. If you have an issue with their product, please contact the customer service. The elastic chair cord is made of premium quality imported latex and nylon which is difficult to wear out. It was woven into the rope. It is strong and stable because of this. It can be recycled for a long time. The recliner chair cords of Uned Chair are suitable for zero gravity chairs. The recliners from Faulkner, Lafuma, Caravan Sports, and BestChoice products are not excecption. The molded metallic ends of the cords make it easy to repair. The old zero gravity chair replacement cord could be replaced with 2 kinds of lace. It will be very easy to fix your chair by yourself. You don't need to buy a new chair if you repair your chair with the high quality bungee chair cord. It can be recycled for a long time. The package includes a set of 4 ropes, 2 long cords, and 2 short cords.

Brand: Uneede

👤Works well! I made a chair again for $8. Hopefully it will last a long time. I took a couple of hours to figure it out. I had to pull it out and start over after stringing it wrong. Zip ties can be used to hold it in place and keep tension while you cut it off. It's important to make sure the holes are lined up with the loops. I wish I had found this trick before I started. The top only took 10 minutes once I figured out the bottom half of the chair.

👤Once you figure out the stranding path, they work well. The instructions were written by a foreign person. One side tells you to follow the same path as the other. There are words that are not spelled correctly. If you want to replace the other side, look at one side still in place and use that as your guide. Cut off the thin tie wraps as your new strand approaches to keep the tension in place. You should install from top to bottom. At the end, tie a knot.

👤My wife's Zero Gravity chair needed replacement support cords after 4 years. The cords were easy for a 67 year old. I developed a method for future installs after replacing the first long cord. I used a pair of pliers with tape on the claws to not compromise the cord. I would feed the end of the cord and then grab the end of the cord with pliers so that I wouldn't loose tension, and then proceed down the line in a repetitious fashion until the end. So far, so good.

👤If your chair is starting to fall apart, it's a great product. It was left outside many times. The original string was only looped through once and I didn't notice until I bought this replacement. There was one strand going through each hole. The replacements in this packet are long enough to go through each hole twice. They feel a lot stronger than the chair was made with. If you don't pull the string through every hole as tight as possible, you'll run out before you get to the last hole, and there's no fault to the product. You will be fine if you pull it all the way through each hole. One package has all four runs for each side. I was unsure so I ordered two. When our other gravity chair fails, I have another. It's a good thing.

👤It's a total pain to restring this chair, from removing the old lace to installing the new one. I just cut the old lace in several places because it was already stretched, rotted, and broken in some places. It's going to take some time. The cords are long enough to complete the project, which means they can be used for the top and bottom half of the chair. The tension of the laces is used to keep the webbed laying mat in place. The lacing needs to be tight to keep the mat in place and to support the weight of the person sitting on it. When a heavier person sits on the string, there is some give to it so that it can flex. That is how they are designed. I tried to pull both ends of the cord through the holes at the same time when I first started restringing my chair. This was extremely difficult and hurt my hands. Instead, I looped the cord through the firstbuckle and then pulled each half of the lace through the holes one at a time. I didn't need to use wire ties or binder clips to hold it because I did it this way. You do need to keep the rope taught as you pull it through the holes, so thank you for suggesting these tips. If you're working your way through the project and it comes up short, the most likely reason is that it wasn't pulled tightly enough through the buckles and the holes. I had to restring two strands because I didn't pull them tight enough. The strength of these is remarkable and I found it to be stronger than the chairs that came with them. I'm pretty sure these will dry rot like the originals, but I would definitely purchase them again as they are a good price and easy to do once you get the hang of it. Make sure you pull the cord tightly. If you have an inch or so left after your last hole, it's much easier to end the cord and loosen it a little backward through the lace than it is to re-weave it because it wasn't tight enough to start with. As you move up the chair, keep the lace tight. Good luck!

7. PHI VILLA Gravity Adjustable Reclining

PHI VILLA Gravity Adjustable Reclining

Any place you want, backyard, patio, pool and at home. The padded seat has a double bungee system that provides more comfort. Extra-large armrest provides more comfort. Cup tray is used for holding drinks or food. The extra long chair is large enough for people over 6 feet tall. The double bungee rope and tube frame are strong. The maximum capacity is 350 lbs. The Anti Gravity Recliner can be adjusted to any position with a degree of freedom. Smoothly glides to a zero-gravity position with elastic cords that adjust to your body. The set up size is W26" x D35.4" The height of the chair back could be adjusted. L26" x is the folding size. H37 The structure is easy to fold and is suitable for any patio occasion. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Phi Villa

👤I put it on the porch. I read and watch the dogs play. It's easy on the butt and back. I like it.

👤My mom is loving it, I got one for her. When I saw some negative feedback, I had little doubt. It took us less than a minute to figure out how to set the positions. There are two levers that can be used to lock and adjust the arm rest. One on each side. Before getting off the chair, make sure to adjust to sit up position and unlocked the levers. Since your feet can't touch the ground, don't get off when it's in a reclining position. It is dangerous to climb onto the chair if the leg angle is not set at its most secured position, and if you try to adjust to any reclining position without sitting on it, you will not be able to. It feels secure and stable when used properly. It's a plus that the headrest is adjusted. My mom gave it 5 stars.

👤My husband and I bought this for my dad. This is the perfect chair for him because he enjoys sitting on the deck. It is very easy to recline and he likes to nap in it. It was very nicely crafted.

👤The chair is comfortable, but the side tray was damaged. The seller shipped me a new tray in a very timely manner, adding 1 star to my review. The side tray design is not ideal but I am satisfied with the seller's response to my complaint.

👤I purchased a three piece outdoor set of two chairs and a table for around $440.00 through Amazon. The high-top table and its assembly parts were not delivered by UPS. I contacted Amazon and PHI VILLA and asked for the high-top table and assembly parts to be delivered quickly. I'm not getting anything. I believe that Amazon is not vetting its vendors properly and will not take action against PHI VILLA, a disreputable manufacturer and vendor. The word "frustration" isn't enough. Do not buy from Puerto Rico.

👤I bought this product for my husband's birthday. I am not happy with the quality of the chair compared to his previous zero gravity chair that he has been using for many years. The material seems to be of good quality. The hinged stability portion is something that I am really disappointed in. The chair doesn't sit up nicely for use as a regular chair. When you get out of the chair, there is a small chance that it will start folding on its own. There isn't an anti-foldup component. There are better options for a cheaper price.

👤The chair has been good for me. I use it on my balcony all summer. I am a weak person so I can unfold and fold it, but I can not carry it very far. The furthest back position is where the zero gravity is reached, but it is also comfortable in the other positions. It is hard to get out of it occasionally, but I can usually push it further upright using my feet and legs. There are a few negatives. I have to stand in front of the chair a bit more than it is comfortable and I have to use my muscles to get up because the bar hits me in the middle of my heels. I have to use a blanket or pillow under them since my chair is now rusted around the screws. I still recommend it.

8. PORTAL Gravity Recliner Folding Headrest

PORTAL Gravity Recliner Folding Headrest

The manufacturer's warranty is one year for worry-free purchasing. The frame is sturdy and will support up to 300 lbs., and the fabric is high quality for a relaxing sitting experience. The locking clips underneath the armrest will lock the chair in its upright position, and can be adjusted from a full reclining position to an upright position for maximum comfort. The cup holder keeps drinks within reach for convenience, and theremovable headrest can be used as a support pillow. The lounger is easy to store and transport, and it is the ideal size. Use this chair as a recliner at home, or as a folding bed or lounger on your patio or living room.

Brand: Portal

👤Zero gravity? I don't think so. I found a ufo in 1983 and have been building a space craft ever since. The lack of gravity in space will be part of the training that will be needed for preliminary pilot training, as the Machine is close to completion. I thought this product would fit the bill, but I thought of Lance. The chair does not have any effect on reducing the effect of gravity, but it is very comfortable for taking a load off, and having a seat. The chair was the perfect use for it. My cousin Mike was kicked in the head by an animal last March and is now a human. He was in need of a change of scenery, and mostly just sits on the sofa and stares at the television. We put this chair in the front yard to sit cousin Mike in. He can now enjoy watching the cars go by, and the passers-by can point to him and say, "what's up with that guy?"

👤I like this chair, it's very gentle, but there's an issue seen in the picture, I spent 3 hours in it and have been very gentle. The left front leg that goes into the left armrest now separates from the left armrest when I recline. The recliner is brand new. It has never been dropped or forced into any position. I need help. I'd be happy with the chair if this hadn't happened. I'm wondering when the right front leg will leave the armrest.

👤These things are so popular because they are. Everything is plastic or punched sheet metal. The fabric doesn't dry out quickly. They are not easy to fold up and transport. They're ugly. I don't understand it. They are not that comfortable compared to a camp chair that leans back.

👤There is a picture of a chair in reclined position. The chair will recline at 50 degrees. The fabric is very hot.

👤I got her a couch for camping. Instead, this bad boy shows up and she is addicted to its tendency to put you to sleep through soft caresses of your back and butt. Don't say you weren't earned if you get one. It will make you late for work.

👤The chair is great. The feature of reclining is something I like. It folds up easily when stored away. I don't see why this shouldn't be purchased for trips or just sitting at home. The chair is great for money.

👤I don't like the need to push it back once seated. It's not easy to get out, but it may be easier with use. I haven't taken it to the beach yet. The foot rest makes it hard to get out. I have to dismount and do a side mount. Maybe I'm not heavy enough. That would be great. It's too soon to know how well it will hold up.

👤I needed a space saver reclining chair in my sewing/craft room so I could lay back and watch tv or relax and think about my next creation. It serves its purpose. Make sure the arm handles lock to avoid the chair collapsing.

9. Gravity Oversized Folding Recliner Headrest

Gravity Oversized Folding Recliner Headrest

A small surface area is great for accessories such as a book, sunglasses, snacks, or even a small purse. The oversized zero gravity chair has a padded design. It uses a bungee suspension system, high density fabric and sturdy steel frame to make it a solidly constructed chair. The reclining patio chair can lift your feet higher than the average reclining camping chair, and it doesn't put pressure on your back. You don't feel any weight for foot or back pain. The locking mechanism of the heavy duty lounge chair holds its position well, you can lock the chair at any position you want, and additional cushion that can be easily used as a head rest or as a lower back support depending on your need. The side table is great for a drink or a phone, it slides out from under the lounge chair and hooks up to a sturdy knob. The folding recliner chair has a set up size of 30" L x 29" W x 44" H, seat width is 21", with a capacity of 350LBS, wide and sturdy enough for big people. The folded size is 29" L x 7.5" W x 37" H.

Brand: Portal

👤It's ridiculous to try to get up when you're so comfortable. The chair was worth it's price.

👤The chair is very comfortable for a man of this size. It reclines all the way back to the "dental exam" position. The locks work well for anything. These chairs are not for carrying to the beach. It was too heavy, but perfect for the deck. After rain, the fabric dries quickly. After 2 months in the sun, the black fabric faded to something like khaki.

👤The chair fits me the most important thing. I can lie all the way back or stop at any position in between with the double locks to hold it in place. We sent the other one back after buying it. With Amazon's return policy, one can afford to order it and try it out without being stuck with a product they don't like or that doesn't fit.

👤The lock feature feels very padded and amazing comfort. It's easy to fall asleep. I need this as I have hip issues and sitting in a hard chair hurts. I can't speak for long term wear on this chair. I don't think opening and folding this is easy for me. I will only need to fold this and replace the plastic bag it came in for when it rains under our deck. So happy to have this!

👤The chair is very comfortable. It is easy to adjust from sitting to almost flat. The chair is sturdy and well made. It doesn't take up much room when not in use. The table is easy to use. The chair fits me well, I'm 6' tall and 185 lbs. Waterline foam insulation was added to foot rest.

👤It is very sturdy and well made. The way the side table slides out is ideal. It is quite heavy because it is so well made. I returned it because it was too heavy for me to carry around.

👤It is very difficult to lean back. Two people in our household tried it. No mater where we set the breaks.

👤Absolutely love this chair. I had doubts after a recent purchase, but they were 1000 times better in every aspect, from the packaging to being an all-around much better built, roomier, sturdier, padded chair. The lock keeps it in place, and it leans back further than my other.

10. TIMBER RIDGE Gravity Folding Reclining

TIMBER RIDGE Gravity Folding Reclining

DIMENSIONS When closed, the chair is 28.5" wide by 33.5" deep, and it measures 71 cm x 96 cm x 21 cm. A zero gravity lounge chair is ideal for your patio, lawn, deck, or poolside. It can be set to any position from completely upright to laying back, and anywhere in between for comfort. It's convenient. The lounger has a bungee suspension system, a thick padded back and seat cushion, and a slide-out side table with an integrated cupholder. It is possible to fold flat for convenient transportation and storage. The size is convenient. The lounger is 350 lbs. When folded for storage, the weight capacity is 37.8" x 5.5" x 31.1".

Brand: Timber Ridge

👤You are missing out if you have never relaxed in a zero gravity chair. I had back surgery and sitting upright wasn't the best idea. Zero gravity chairs are not built to last and are poorly made. This brand of chair is worth the extra expense even though it is more expensive than other cheaper models. The awkwardness of folding them up is the only cons. I fold one up in our small living room nightly. It is a bit cumbersome but eventually folds into place. The locking mechanism sometimes slips and makes a noise that sounds like something is breaking, but that is the other odd thing. It is not. I think it's due to the locks being fully engaged. The chair is sturdy and should last a long time.

👤The Timber Ridge Banyon Zero Gravity lounge is better than the predecessor. The chair is lighter and the support has been modified to keep it's position. The chair is strong. The structure is made of aluminum. A full sitting position. The lounger is very comfortable now that it has padding. I was able to sleep in a reclined position. It's easy to carry the bottom of it's feet. The tray is locked. Buying one for my spouse who wants one too.

👤My husband is spending time in this chair daily. We got them in the spring. They look and operate like new when they are outside in the sun and weather. I would recommend it.

👤The handles to recline and decline are difficult to move if you don't have a lot of hand strength. I had to ask for help. I hope they will loosen over time. The rest of the product is of good quality.

👤Solid construction, great fabric and fine details. This will last a long time. The tray is attached well and very solid. If you don't want to use the tray, you can hide it. I'm impressed. You could sleep comfortably in it.

👤This chair is heavy duty. It is heavy and awkward. It's a portable recliner. It was very well made. I have seen cheaper prices but they are not the same as the cheaper chairs. This is a nice one.

👤The timber ridge in blue a d brown with the wooden arm rests was a nice chair but the side table was too heavy and it wasn't a good look. This one was only $2 more and made of high quality aluminum and has a nice pillow that slides up and down and not on an elastic strap, so it is better to drag along for camping and it is less heavy.

👤Two years ago, I bought another chair from a different brand. It was built and performed to my standards, but it rusted under the cover in a manner of weeks. They had to be removed from my houseboat due to rust stains. The Timber Ridge Banyon chairs are better than the other chairs. Sturdy, padded, aLUMINUM! The side tray is easy to use. I used them in my house for a few days before taking them to the dock. I am very happy.

11. Coastrail Outdoor Oversized Zero Gravity

Coastrail Outdoor Oversized Zero Gravity

The weight limit is 400 lbs. The seat of this chair is wider than average. The recliner has a 5 inch width. It is easy to carry 25 lbs for camping, patio, lawn and garden. Support up to 400 lbs. An anti-gravity chair made of 600D fabric and steel tube frame is rust- resistant. The lounger is lined with thick bungee cords. The reclining camping chair has a locking mechanism. Sit upright to chat or fully recline to a zero-gravity position and relax. Push down the lock to keep in the position you were meant to be in. The chair has a pillow for both head and back. A zero-gravity weightless experience is provided by the natural wood armrest on this outdoor recliner camping chair. The outside lounge chairs for adults are comfortable because of the fully padded seating, padded pillow, and natural wood armrests. A side table with a cup holder and slot for drinks and phones.

Brand: Coastrail Outdoor

👤These chairs are very nice. I like the mesh of others but I've gotten used to the canvas materials of these. They are much wider than I had expected. I like laying outside in them. For all the people collapsing. I couldn't understand how it was possible for someone to collapse when another person got out of the chair. You have to push yourself in these chairs in a certain way and it's almost like swinging. If you don't do it correctly, the chair will collapse. Too much weight on the legs causes them to fold up.

👤There is a very large seating area. It can be difficult to compare the ZG chairs because of their different measurements. I tried this one and found it to be 33" There was no disappointment in size. The numbers were accurate. The construction is pretty sturdy. The parachute cord is triple woven. The locking mechanism could be beefier. One must be careful when using a tool. The chair must be moved to seat the plastic gears if the clamps are not easy to put in. The protectors on the tube frame are plastic. When using the chair on a smooth surface, it will fold up and make it impossible to get out of unless you are off the side. I am trying to make an anti skid rubber self sick on pad. So far, so good. See the pictures.

👤It was purchased on 10/10/2018. The chairs were not abused or out in the weather. The tilt lock stopped working after 5 months. The fabric seam let go in 2 days after 6 months. The other chair is fine, but it was a 2 pack. It's rated for 400 lbs. The daily user should be within their advertised parameters. An extra lunge cushion is recommended for use of more than a few minutes. The manufacturing quality did not hold up. It was comfortable for 6 months. The manufacturer and Amazon have information on the warranty. The service and all products and services delivered to you through the service are provided as is and available for your use, without any representation, warranty or conditions of any kind. All original packaging is required for a 30 day return.

👤The chairs are made of canvas material. A phone slides off the slippery plastic of thedetachable tray when a drink is put in the hole. They are short. Extra wide is nice, but it would be better if there was more length. My feet hang over the foot rest, which is uncomfortable when reclined. They are great for camping but weigh 50 lbs. Not ideal. Since they are so large, it is more difficult to maneuver since they don't stay folded. The wooden arms have started to warp/mold in a few weeks with only one outdoor exposure to rain, and some rust spots, although the description says the powder coat is rust proof. It was disappointing for the price.

👤My parents are 300 pounds and wanted a chair that they could sit in. We were surprised by the amount of space you have in this chair. A child under the age of 8 could sit next to their parents in the chair. So happy with the space. The chairs are so heavy that mom couldn't carry it too far, but dad carries both. They could have gotten the standard chairs that weigh less, but we are happy with these. Don't forget to put the pin in when you put them up, and then take the pin out when you put them down. Dad didn't put a pin in while trying them out, he fell back, hit his head and back hard, and my mom and I had to pull the chair out from under him. After the fact, it was funny.


What is the best product for best choice zero gravity chair 2 pack?

Best choice zero gravity chair 2 pack products from Coastrail Outdoor. In this article about best choice zero gravity chair 2 pack you can see why people choose the product. Phi Villa and Dream Art are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice zero gravity chair 2 pack.

What are the best brands for best choice zero gravity chair 2 pack?

Coastrail Outdoor, Phi Villa and Dream Art are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice zero gravity chair 2 pack. Find the detail in this article. Clever Camper Company, Uneede and Phi Villa are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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