Best Best Choice Raised Garden Bed with Wheels

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1. VIVOSUN Gallons Thickened Nonwoven Handles

VIVOSUN Gallons Thickened Nonwoven Handles

The pot has a diameter of 17 and a height of 14. Approx. 15.2 gallons. The size is advertised. It is made of 300g of nonwoven fabric and has reinforced sturdy handle straps for easier lifting and moving, it is built with a flat base, you can easily fill it by yourself. Breathable: The nonwoven fabric keeps your plant roots aerated and air-pruned inside the grow bag, which makes them more efficient and helps keep their roots from circling. The grow bags drain any excess water, and the soil will be moist but not wet. It can be used with traditional soil or soil mixes, and it can be placed into a new pot if your plant is going to grow through the bag. The handles have double stitching, which makes it easy to transport your bags full of soil and plants.

Brand: Vivosun

👤After I posted my review, I was offered a $10 refund. I said that since my wife couldn't move the bags by myself, I would have to discard them after this growing season. I wanted to get a replacement bag of the previous quality or a refund of my purchase price. I was able to get a refund for my purchase price. I have purchased 15 of the 15 gallon containers over the last 3 years. I've used them to grow vegetables. The first 2 purchases have been used for 2 or 3 planting cycles and have been very durable and easy to move around a patio to maximize sun exposure. I highly recommend the containers to family and friends based on my experience with the first two orders. The quality of the product has dropped with my newest order. The handles on one of the containers broke when I tried to move it for the first time. See the picture. I looked at the handles on the other containers and found that they would not allow the containers to be moved as they were designed to be moved. The old container handles were the same as the container bodies, but the new handles were much more flimsier and mesh-like. I can't understand why a high quality product would be changed. I'm going to order 5 more containers soon and will definitely be looking for a different brand unless and until VivoSun returns this product to its previous level of quality. The price for a 15 gallon container of the tan fabric was around $24 in April 2020. The current price is $38 for the same product. Higher price and lower quality. The buyer should beware.

👤First time with Vivosun, 2nd go round with grow bags. These are shorter and narrower than my previous ones and are rated at 7 gallon capacity. Several different heirloom varieties were planted in my'mater garden'. My homemade mix is made of vermiculite and compost.

👤These are a great way to garden if you don't have enough room. The 15 gallon bags are tan. They are 20 in. A foot deep. I wanted the tan as I live in Arizona and thought that would be a better choice than black to keep them cooler. I built simple plant dollies for a few of them with furring strips and wheels so I could move them around as needed to get the best exposure, they are very heavy once filled with soil and planted. Some of them are sitting on rocks or soil.

👤The snapped handles on 7 of the 10 pots were not durable. I bought the GeoPots 3 years ago and they are still holding up well. I contacted customer service after exchanging many emails and photos and they asked to provide photos of every pot-ridiculous person to have to spend more time for a $25 item. The product is poor and the customer service is terrible.

👤I bought these bags to experiment with moving my garden. My raised beds haven't produced a good tomato crop for many years. Too much shade and a lot of tomato plants in the same area. I had a lot of tomatoes this year. The 30 gallon bags took about 3 square feet of soil, but they held my biggest tomato cages. Not one of the plants fell or was blown over, although I did stake them well. The tomatoes were planted in June. I cleaned up the tomato plants for the winter and am happy to say that the bags are in great condition and will be used next year. I'm not surprised that we had a wet summer in Maryland, since there is some algae growth, but I will probably try to rinse or scrub them on a warm day. I wouldn't call them dirty. I am not sorry I got the larger size because it would serve just as well for tomatoes. I grew full size plants, not patio plants.

2. Ogrmar Pockets Vertical Planter Vegetable

Ogrmar Pockets Vertical Planter Vegetable

When a vegetable is finished, you can plant another vegetable. They can be folded and stored. The MEDIUM size is 39.4" X 39.4" (100 cm x 100 cm), built well enough for growing season, can match several planters together for covering large wall areas and move randomly. It can be easily Attach to a Fence by Zip Ties and mounted on a wall using nails with a larger head. You should get washers to keep the heads of the screws from slipping through the grommets, if you are mounting to a wall with screws. It is easy to remove. ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL: feels good and can breathe. Eco friendly and non toxic. The growth conditions are growing. Water Retaining Felt is a great material to use indoors or outdoors.

Brand: Ogrmar

👤We put all sorts of herbs and strawberries in this. The herbs keep getting bigger and we hung it from the patio door. One thing I wish we had known before we started was that all the pouches were flat. We started from the top and were frustrated at how hard it was to fill them.

👤This is a great way to make art out of your gardening skills. I like the pocket size. I split the plants up to save money. The black makes the flora pop. The mounting process is the most challenging thing. There are reinforced holes. I would recommend using all the holes for mounting. I plan to buy more of this product.

👤If you have an empty wall, this will give it life. This was bought for use indoors. I would recommend building a frame and installing a gutter in the bottom. The pockets are large enough to hold large plants. I didn't use any soil because I use this as an aquaponics system. It might be more difficult with any type of plant material. It is very compatible with my 75g aquarium. I think it is worth it for the price.

👤I decided to grow my herbal garden collection to make less grocery runs for my regular staple (basil, mint, Parsley) as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The idea of a vertical pocket planter seemed like a novel idea and it had great reviews. I got started planting after I primed it. I added Miracle Gro veggie food to make sure my herbs had a balanced diet. They're dedd now. I planted the exact same plants in a separate garden with the same conditions, even though I normally chop this up. The ones planted in my regular planter are doing well, but the ones planted in these pockets are not. This would be perfect if I planted plums hoping for plums. These were a complete failure for me. The planter is being shipped to an Amazon Return Warehouse in the states in a brown box in the back of a truck.

👤This product is definitely not for plants. Unless they are artificial or native to the desert or cacti, they are not. When I filled the pockets with soil, the grommets tore almost immediately. Most of the strawberry plants that were relocated to this planter are dried to a crisp because they were put in a location that is shaded half the day. I know how to grow things. I have had strawberries grow in similar products. This was a big mistake. Lesson learned.

👤I purchase this item to protect our view from the window. My wife and I decided to build a garden on the wall. See the picture.

👤I sent it back. I needed more information in the description. It was 4'x4'. The pockets get smaller as the pocket count goes up. I think they're 4x4 each.

👤I put 40 strawberry plants in a raised bed. I had a hunch that strawberries would increase in size. I wanted to get them out of the bed and planted in a way that I could easily maintain them. The bags did the trick. Most of the plants are in full bloom, these pictures were taken a couple weeks ago. I use a watering system. I took a close up of it. I have water in the top row and it's gravity that feeds down to the rest of the plants. Depending on the temperature, I water them three times a day. If you're going to plant something like this in them, you need to water regularly. The pouches don't have much dirt in them so they don't get wet in the sun. The deer discovered them after I planted them in the hanging planters. I would buy these again and again, I love them. The garden has a cute approach.

3. TheFitLife Heavy Duty Flexible Garden Hose

TheFitLife Heavy Duty Flexible Garden Hose

If this wall planter doesn't satisfy you, they will give you a full refund. The lifespan of the garden hose is increased by the use of a high strength inner tube which is used in designing safety seat belts, lightweight and durable. It's not like an extendable hose that's easy to tear and wear. If you don't need to purchase hoses every year, their flexible hose should last at least 5 or 10 years. Heavy-duty garden hose, no more wasting money and time on expensive repairs or returns, it responds well to high water pressure and extreme weather, and they use stronger and thicker PVC as the inner tube. The inner tube is tested up to 2000 uses and the typical hose is only 200-250 uses. You don't have to worry about holes or damaged areas where water escapes. The new design of the connectors are made from 7-Series aluminum. They are crush resistant and light. Water leaking from the joints is prevented by the unique inner construction. Their flexible hose can be connected to a sprinkler or sprayer nozzle and can be quickly used for both cleaning and watering plants. It is time to say goodbye to your leaking hose. It is easy to use and always stays smooth and flexible. Typically, twist-free. Also portable. It can be rolled up and transported quickly and can be stored in a bucket or on a hose hanger. Attaching to a hose reel or wheel is recommended. Being flexible and robust means it can be used for any work that needs to be done in the garden with water. It is puncture and thorn proof. Their hose is long enough in any water pressure, unlike the expandable hose, which is too long in some water pressure. When the water pressure is not strong, it won't shrink like the garden hose. It is possible to connect in 25 feet, 50 feet and 150 feet. It can be quickly used for gardening, watering, pet bathing, or car washing. They are so confident that you will love these great garden hoses that they are giving you a no questions asked warranty. They are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of their garden hose, as well as the fact that it is portable and versatile. They are so confident that you will love these great garden hoses that they are giving you a no questions asked warranty. They are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of their garden hose, as well as the fact that it is portable and versatile.

Brand: Thefitlife

👤The cheap expandable hoses are easy to maneuver and are convenient for a few years. They don't last long and fail suddenly. I was afraid that it would lead to short life as it was already fraying out of the box, but I thought it would be tougher. It went back to the box after connecting once. The main issue is that it has the same problems as the cheaper, lighter hoses, and it is heavier and stiffer than I thought. I returned it and will replace the cheap hoses every year or so. I wouldn't recommend this hose at this price.

👤The quality of the hose is great, strong and light. The weight of the hose was important to me. I contacted the vendor after I was disappointed by the nozzle that came inside the box. The issue was that the number of threads on the nozzle was less than the number of threads on the hose. I had a new nozzle within 2 days. I am very happy with both products and the customer service. Happy senior, no leaks, easy use, and no embarrassment!

👤I checked the description to make sure that this was not a cheap "pocket hoses" that expand and contract. Try washing it with one of those! Unless you shut it off at the faucet or leave it running, they pop. A lot of water. I have learned that my pocket hoses have died after a short time. Even if the sprayer is off, the FitLife hose is strong and can be turned on. It's easy to store and drain. If you're looking for a lightweight hose, this is a better investment. I will be ordering my second one today. Excellent product!

👤It failed miserably about 3 weeks past the return date, but was purchased for its flexibility. The seller failed in their response. We don't recommend this product.

👤Don't buy this. We have been using it for less than two months and it is leaking profusely. We have had it for over 30 days and it is no longer usable. No assistance from Amazon.

👤This is a military grade hose. The hose will not live long. The spray head has a new design. The material on the hose feels like cotton. It was nice.

👤The best hose in the world is this one. The bomb diggity is one of the many different types of hoses I have used. I will never buy another type of hose again. I would like to say that you don't lose water pressure because it doesn't expand, it's durable, and it won't puncture, it's just that you don't have to worry about it! Thus far. I wasted a lot of money on those hoses when they first came out, they were pretty tough, but then every Tom Dick and hose wanna be manufacturer began making them and the quality was cheapened, theDurability was non existent, and they are damn expensive! I recommend this hose for its value, quality, and light weight, as well as its ability to move around your yard. Buy it!

4. Raised Planter Outdoor Elevated Vegetables

Raised Planter Outdoor Elevated Vegetables

Battle is a mini game for consoles that allows you to challenge your friends. The planting box is 40 x 15 x 31 and holds about 2.5 feet of soil, which can be used to raise vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants. It's ERGONOMIC. The raised planter box with legs makes gardening convenient. A raised garden bed on wheels is a great way to move around. The raised garden bed is made of stable galvanized steel and has an anti-rusty grey coating. It can be placed outside or inside for a long time. DRAINAGE: There is a drainage hole in the middle of the cart to prevent waterlogging. It's easy to set up. The space saving standing planter is easy to put together and can be raised.

Brand: Foyuee

👤I can't put this together because there are no instructions. I asked the seller for help, but he never responded. They finally got back to me after 2 weeks, and I was able to get their attention by leaving negative reviews. I will return this because of their poor customer service and the fact that they didn't send me all the pieces. If someone doesn't have instructions included in their delivery and they are lucky enough to receive all the parts, I have attached a picture of the instructions in this review so that they can refer to it.

👤The planter went together without a hitch. It seems very strong. I added 1/2 inch r3 insolation foam to the outside edges to lower the heat transfer in the sun and for the winter, I added some aluminum hvac tape to prevent the majority of the water from dripping down behind the foam. I will add mulch after the fall crop bulbs come in. The only thing I can make is a hanging tray.

👤Being able to help the elderly is rewarding. They loved this bed. It was easy to build and the perfect height for a wheelchair. I would highly recommend this for a loved one who is unable to get down to the ground to garden.

👤I love the raised garden bed. The water in our backyard is very well drained. I bought one for my mom as a Mother's Day gift and she loves it because she doesn't have to bend down to tend her garden. I lined the bottom with garden/landscaping fabric and a quarter inch of small crushed granite and the rest with excellent potting soil. My plants thrive there.

👤Needed a planter for my porch. This definitely works. It was easy to assemble. Is growing things well. I'm going to plastic line it next year, that's the only negative aspect. The amount of soil mixture I had to put in made the planter very heavy and made it difficult for my plants to get the root depth they needed. When I overwater it, the water comes out of every crack rather than the middle drainage. I have enough room on the shelf for a huge box planter, as well as extra pots, watering cans, and more, because I have a vertical planter underneath that catches the extra water. I think it's leaking because of the amount of dirt and coconut coir I put in. I ran a bungee strap from one side to the other to give it more support when it's wet. It's a cautionary tale, because the metal is thinner on the thinner side, and it's a very sturdy planter when it's set up correctly. A small miracle of an urban gardening solution. I was looking for the right raised bed for a long time. This was definitely it. I live in a state that turns into a frozen tundra in October and April. We would have to leave it outside because wood Planters don't disassemble very easily, and it would start breaking down pretty fast. This is so lightweight and easy to assemble that we might use it to hold arts and crafts in the winter, and it's so easy to put in our house for the winter. I live in a 2nd story apartment and it was important that I have easy access to setup and transport.

5. Lakeside Collection Raised Garden Bed

Lakeside Collection Raised Garden Bed

The wide compartment allows for more variety. It was made in the USA. This kit is perfect for moms and dads who are trying to improve the look of their yard or other outdoor space. You can easily assemble a garden box or two raised beds. The garden kit is planted into the ground with 8 stakes. You can use it in a one- or two-box configuration, but there are other shapes and designs you can use to enhance the utility of this planter with raised walls. If you want to keep the planter box for your own home, you can give it as a gift to family and friends who appreciate gardening with extra storage and organization. It is made of polypropylene. The set includes side panels of 21-1/4"W x 3/4"D x 5-1/2"H. Each is 9-3/4"L. Overall, as square.

Brand: The Lakeside Collection

👤They seem to be a good value. Plastic should hold up better than wood. I ordered 4 of them. A single layer was done. The bags of compost were filled with about 5ish of them. I mulched at the bottom. If you drill your hole first and use a metal rod to break through the dirt, then the plastic stakes will not be a problem. I may replace them with longer metal ones. I'm happy with this garden bed.

👤I will never use my money to buy this kind of thing again. The garden bed is broken after 1 month. I need my money back asap because I am not happy with this purchase. Don't spend money on this item.

👤It was quick and easy to set up in my desert back yard. Installation couldn't have been simpler because I bought two sets so I could stack them. I usually have someone else do this for me, but this time I did it myself, leveling the spot, putting the first set down, and then setting up the second set on top. The spikes are strong. Good luck if you're trying to push them into something harder than soft soil. I should have thought about buying some metal spikes. It would be a good improvement. The plastic ones worked well for me. We'll see if the plastic boards will hold up against the ferocious Arizona summer sun, next to my other plastic, different brand raised bed. I would recommend this set to anyone.

👤There are three different versions of these in my backyard. The first one is made of wood. I bought the plastic one at the local hardware store. I didn't try to go to the local store because I was on quachicle. I bought a raised garden bed set. It is cheap and thin. I think I will have to replace this in a year or two with something that is decent quality. It was the cheapest one I found online, so I guess I got what I paid for. Get a different kit if you spend the extra money.

👤I thought it was more than the price. I think I'm an idiot for buying it.

👤The starter kit is great. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a fancy set until I knew if I wanted it. The kit was easy to assemble. If you need a lot of good soil for your plants, you will have to dig down further than if you bought a taller kit. My husband stepped on it when he lost his balance on a slope. He put a brick next to the break to prevent the water from leaking out. I am not sure how long the plastic will last in our warm/hot summers, but I am very glad to have it, I spent less than $30 on it. I might upgrade to a more robust kit next year.

👤It was very useful for my decision to plant a garden. My husband sawed off the bottom part of the stakes and I used the top part to hold the slats together. It works well. I made a shallow bed and a deeper bed with the two sets I bought. The bed is holding up well and my plants seem happy. Would recommend.

6. NuVue Products Raised 15 Inch Garden

NuVue Products Raised 15 Inch Garden

The perfect gardener. This soil can be used indoors and outdoors, and you can test it at any time you want, with the help of their soil test kit. The snap lock system is easy to assemble. HD vinyl will not rust or rot. It is easy to clean and will look like new year after year. The sides are heavy duty.

Brand: Nuvue

👤I am very pleased with the product. The beds were easy to assemble. I used landscaping fabric to hold the garden soil and 3 feet of moss for each bed. The neighbors seem to like the look of the raised beds. Pictures are attached.

👤Working out perfect as a whelping box for my white lab pups. The dura whelp 4x4 pig rail fit like a glove.

👤It works well as a whelping box. She outgrew her $200 one by the time the pups were a few weeks old. She has plenty of space to nurse the puppies. She didn't wean until 12 weeks ago, so this gives us all the space we need. The rails are made from the same material as the box, so they can be easily removed. She likes jumping over the side of a door so we decided against cutting it.

👤It's perfect for making a whelping box. This was the perfect whelping box because I couldn't find one for under $400. I would recommend for puppies.

👤These are great to use as whelping boxes. I bought a few of them. 2 for whelping boxes and 2 for attaching with hardware brackets purchased from Lowes to create a pen. It is easy to clean and wipe down. They were intended to be used for different purposes, but they work great.

👤The garden bed is very attractive in the yard and won't rot. Time will tell if it will stay yellow. Very happy with the purchase. It's very easy to set up, but my recommendation is to set it up on a large flat surface first before placing it in the yard. There are four pieces that fit inside the corner squares and there is not much room to push one of them inside the top edge of the square. The railings were easy for me, but the corner squares were hard to snap together. I don't have large hands. It looks great.

👤I don't understand what people mean when they say that the product is confusing because it is a beautiful simple design that takes 20 minutes to put together. Highly recommend buying this product.

👤We used this to make a box for our puppies.

👤It is easy to assemble. I have been using it as a whelping box, but it would be great for a garden as originally intended.

👤This is my second purchase of this product. I planted a lot of plants after buying one in the early spring. I bought another at a lower price and will set it up next year. It's easy to assemble, but you have to place landscaping fabric or bricks or wood to keep the soil from running out, because it is open at the bottom. As you walk by, the top posts come off. It was aesthetically pleasing and functional. Thank you.

👤I like the product. It was not easy to assemble. The stabilizing clips are inside the corner post. You need long hands. The unit kept moving. The top panels are locked. Each side requires 2 panels to be installed. It was perfect once it was set up. Really looks good.

7. Pure Garden 50 LG5010 Planter Container

Pure Garden 50 LG5010 Planter Container

It's easy to set up. The space saving standing planter is easy to put together and can be raised. This decorative planter adds a personal touch to your garden, patio, deck, or outdoor entryways. Adding a lattice pattern to the sides of the container will make the planter look better. The lightweight plant box has a sleek black finish and is strong and sturdy. Simply snap it together. This planter is maintenance free and can hold flowers in grow pots or faux plants. The t shaped bottom of the boat drain water while delivering oxygen to plant roots, so no more worrying about water accumulating. There is a bottom intrusion. The planter has an optional bottom insert that provides drainage, so you can add flowers directly into the box. Simply drill additional holes if more drainage is required. The product is made of Polypropylene. The dimensions are 14.75” x (W) 14.75” x (H) 13. There are no tools required for assembly. There is an optional bottom insert. Black is the color.

Brand: Pure Garden

👤These look great next to my glider. I don't know if my photo shows that, but they are bright white. They are not high quality, but from a few feet away they look good. I placed a brick in the bottom and put a plant on top to keep the pot from blowing away. They are light and should not be left out in the wind without a plant. Assembly only took a few minutes and no swearing.

👤It was perfect. It's easy to put together. We were looking for a way to keep our plants from being knocked over. It was better than expected.

👤I was hoping for a garden box planter. I am returning it because there is a mess on the outside of the box where the plastic was injected to make the part. There is no hiding this spot. The plastic was contaminated with black material. The panels are wavy and didn't line up correctly. The pictures online make this product look better than it is. Someone thinks I might have received a faulty unit. The pictures are attached. Very disappointed. I will be shopping this order of two units back. I was really disappointed with the pictures I received.

👤This is cheap and cute. It's easy to assemble. The "X" bottom won't support heavy weight, but the easiest fix is a round patio stone. The box is secured wherever it's placed by being set inside the four feet. The manufacturer might suggest that on the direction sheet. There is a small mark on each side of the injection mold. I will ask them to leave if they come to my house and look at this planter closely. I'm going to buy another planter.

👤These are great! It sits a little lower than the picture shows, because it is propped up with boards underneath to be higher in the box. This doesn't have a bottom to plant directly. The planter basket is inside. It has a cross design on the bottom to support the basket's weight. We love them! Will purchase more for the backyard.

👤These planters are easy to assemble. The clean white color matches our trim.

👤Totally not what I thought. The reviews should have been read by me. I was expecting a planter. I wanted a potted plant, but it was not what I wanted. Not the best quality.

👤Flimsy? I was not expecting it to perform like others at 5 X the cost. Two rum and cokes were all that was needed to assemble. I will probably use liquid nails on the inside of the planter as I don't want to disassemble it in the future. I live in a town and am always cautious. If this thing is missing or broken, I only have $25 left. I contemplated using liquid nails to attach this to a flagstone paver to make them stronger. I was expecting a milk crate when I bought it. I am happy with both of them.

👤No se acumula tierra abajo por estar levantada del piso. A hubiera to un poco ms grande.

8. FOYUEE Standing Vegetables Apartment Galvanized

FOYUEE Standing Vegetables Apartment Galvanized

We are so confident that you will love these great garden hoses that they are giving you a no questions asked warranty. They are sure that you will be satisfied with the quality of their garden hose, as well as the fact that it is portable and versatile. The planting box is 38" L x 20" W x 8.3" deep and holds 3.5 feet of soil, which is enough to raise vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants. It's ERGONOMIC. The raised planter box with legs makes gardening convenient. A raised garden bed on wheels is a great way to move around. The raised garden bed is made of stable galvanized steel, not wood which may rot. It can be used for a long time. DRAINAGE: There is a drainage hole in the middle of the cart to prevent waterlogging. It's easy to set up. The space saving standing planter is easy to put together and can be raised.

Brand: Foyuee

👤I received a completely different product. All the water draining from the top shelf will ruin the items stored there because the middle shelf is not a grill. All water will leak down to the bottom shelf if the top bed plate is not secured. The photos were giving a cool look. The product received is bulky, awkward, and doesn't fit the description on the website. I can not return it without spending a lot of time taking it apart. I hope the seller refunds me.

👤The planter is a good value. It has some sharp corners, but they haven't been an issue. The version we received has a solid bottom shelf. We put an inch of rocks on the bottom for drainage and it's holding the weight well and no dirt is leaking out of the drainage hole. I had to drill another one because one of the legs had a hole in the wrong place. There was no support number to call to get a replacement part. Some of the items shifted around during shipping because they weren't packaged securely. It would be difficult to ship this back. If we expand our garden, I would order another one.

👤This product is dangerous. The edges of the pieces are very sharp. I would return this item immediately if I had kids. It's an okay product. It is difficult to get off the seran wrapping.

👤The POS Planter has sharp edges. The fingers were cut while assembling. It can't hold the weight of soil and it bows at the base tray. It's filled with soil and plants so it can't return. Will not buy from POS made in China again. Should have known better. The waste of $90. The person who gave rave reviews for this planter is lying.

👤I was able to put together the items myself. They are easy to wheel around with. When filled with soil, they wheel well. I put water into the bed when it was empty to see how well the drainage system worked. I bought 3 more because I liked it. The description states that the measurements are posted.

👤We waited for a month. When we received it, it was destroyed. Very disappointed.

👤The planter box was in a brand new condition when it arrived. The assembling took about 30 minutes to complete. It is recommended to use gloves when working with metal plates because the sides and corners are sharp. I cut my finger using gloves. I removed the plastic cover from the planter bed because I didn't like it. It was a tough job and took a long time. The planter bed is easy to move with two wheels and a handle. The product is sturdy.

👤This is a good size for a small garden. There is a lot of room for the growth of (3) Basel, (1)Parsley, and (1) Zucchini. It was easy to assemble and you should wear gloves. Thank you for the tip. I only gave it 4 because it was draining out of one side. There is a hole where I put a bucket, but it also has a drain on one side. It has a shelf. Those with limited space and bad knees can enjoy a standing garden.

9. Stackable Strawberry Flower Vegetable Planter

Stackable Strawberry Flower Vegetable Planter

Eco-friendly coating provide a healthy environment for plants and humans. Patented flow through design saves water, saves space, and grows more. It's made of food safe Polypropylene and just needs to water it. It's great for growing strawberries, herbs, flowers, and Succulents. The 5 Mr Stacky Planters Plus Bottom Saucer has a capacity of 25 quarts. It was easy to garden. The ideal gift is made in the USA.

Brand: Mr. Stacky

👤I'm using them to grow strawberries and pineberries because they are a great space saver. The only issue I had with the stack was keeping track of what was water and how much it was. I used Mr Stacky and some Home Depot parts to create my own solution to water.

👤I bought this to start my garden. I ran a pipe through the center holes and put the whole thing on top of a bucket to raise it off the ground. My herbs are growing fast. The cups are great for having different plants in one place. I get a lot of compliment on my setup. It's a good recommendation!

👤I like this product, because I bought two of them, but I realized that unless you put it in a place that gets sun all around it, one side doesn't get the sun it needs. I would suggest that you put a mixture of plants on one side for full sun and the other side for partial sun or shade plants. I like the idea of saving water. You have to put water in the first two tiers to make sure all plants get watered, pouring water on the top is awesome, but you have to put water in the first two tiers to make sure all plants get watered. The plastic is thick and interlocks well with each other. The catch plate can be used to catch excess water, however you have to remove all the containers of plants from it and then put them back on, because you have to lift the plants and put them back on again. It's hard to do it with all the containers attached, so I usually take the first 4 tiers off and then lock the bottom one up, pour the water and then put the other containers back on the bottom one. At first, it was trial and error. It is a good idea to pack down your soil and mix it up again, because I am finding that it is not covering my plants, so I have to make more mix. I hope this helps. I think it would be great for strawberries, but I want people to be aware of the sun issue.

👤The product is cool, but could use a bit more strength. If you order this, make sure the base and tray portions are not cracked, otherwise it will be wobbly. When I assembled the product, filled it with dirt, and planted all my herbs, I realized that one of the tabs that holds the bottom row of pots to the watering tray was a small piece of loose plastic. I contacted customer service and they wouldn't give me a refund or send a replacement unless I shipped the old one back, which would have resulted in my herbs dying from being dug up and replanted. Just going to stick with the broken one.

👤I am happy with this planter. I put a post down the center as people had suggested. I bought a lazy susan on Amazon to place the planter on so that I can easily turn it for sun and watering. I placed filters on each level to keep the soil out of the big drainage holes. I use mini-pads. They help retain water in the planter levels. You could also use coffee filters. I am growing a few small herbs and leaf lettuce in mine. This would be pretty with a variety of flowers that do not require a large root area. I don't think there will be a problem with the bottom being too wet, as I don't plan on watering that much and there is drainage at the bottom saucer.

10. Gardzen 10 Pack Gallon Aeration Handles

Gardzen 10 Pack Gallon Aeration Handles

Shop with confidence. Collections Etc has been selling unique, inspiring, and home solution products for over 50 years. Collections Etc products come with a 60 day easy return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Premium Quality Material is made of high quality and durable non-woven fabric, which is fluffy and has a good hand feeling. The material is free of harmful substances. The grow bags are clean. These grow bags provide aeration and good air permeability, can offer enough space for roots to breath, and promote a healthy root ball. The woven design provides good drainage and allows your roots to breath which results in faster growth and greater plant vigor. P.S. Plants need to be watered every day in the summer. No worries about moving them around. The handles are double thick. Sturdy handle straps allow easy and safe moving of grow bags. The pot has a diameter of 17 and a height of 14. Approx. 15.2 gallons. The size is advertised.

Brand: Gardzen

👤I was skeptical of these bags because they were one of the only 10-packs I could find on Amazon and per bag they were considerably cheaper than the other ones but their money-back guarantee made me fall in love with them. When I got the bags, they were some of the most professionally packaged bags I've ever purchased, but they were wrinkled so I was like, "Oh great, I bet they're terrible." I was wrong. I'm completely sold after the first use. I decided to write the entire review. The bags are some of the best I've ever purchased and the handles are double thick so they don't rip. These are better than the flimsy handles that some of the other companies have. The bags seem to be a little thicker as well as improving their sturdiness. These bags are the way to go, ignore the small amounts of reviews or the cheap price, they're easily some of the best in Amazon.

👤We tried to grow a few pepper plants last year and were surprised at how well they turned out. We wanted to go a bit further this year. We decided to give these a try because we weren't sure of the cheapest way to go about it. The bags would be a good start since we tossed up between raised bed kits. We found cheaper bags with worse reviews and thought they were the best value. It seems that we were correct. They are very sturdy and easy to fill. As our pepper and tomato plants grew, we found it easy to transplant them and make sure they had the right amount of sun. The seeds we started were more successful than we expected. We will definitely be getting more as our garden grows, I would recommend these.

👤I have a large garden on my patio. I grow everything in pots. I wanted to try it. I planted my small cucumber plants and zucchini plants in these pots about 3 weeks ago, and my plants have blossomed and are huge. They are bigger every day. My cucumber crop is the best ever. I planted 3-6 plants in each 5 gallon pot and didn't fill it to the top and the plants are doing great! See the pictures.

👤The low price option is better than popular brands. Pots are strong enough to be empty, which saves time when filling. The handles minimize flexing of the roots when moving. The top of the pot can't be folded on itself even when empty because of the thinner and denser felt. The pots are in a tough packaging to keep them clean. I wish I'd found these long ago instead of paying more for inferior materials.

👤I received my pack in a timely manner only to discover that the bags are 2.5 gallons, half the size of the promised product, and not used to grow tomatoes in. I have to get the right size bags for my tomato starts. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

11. Boogie Garden Water Filter Outdoor

Boogie Garden Water Filter Outdoor

The growth conditions are growing. Water Retaining Felt is a great material to use indoors or outdoors. CHLORINE and CHLORAMINE are aggressive chemicals that can cause illness and eliminate your plants' essential biology. The BoOGie Blue Plus water filter removes 99% of the Chlorine and 87% of the Chloramine, and reduces all levels of volatile compounds, toxins, heavy metals, pesticides/ herbicides present in the water. The competition is UNMATCHED. It has more dual catalytic-carbon and KDF material than its nearest competitor, giving it a 45,000 gallon output. It's easy to install. The Boogie Blue Plus water filter is ideal for garden, livestock, pets, pools, hot tub, spas, compost teas, RV use and more. ManUFACTURED IN THE USA is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. The only merchant that sells this filter on Amazon is Myriad Traders.

Brand: Boogie Brew

👤The flow rate on Amazon is 4.5 gallons per minute. When I installed it for the turnon of my largest drip line, it became obvious that its actual flow rate is less than it appears. After one week of use, my water meter tells me that it has not delivered the expected flow rate, despite the fact that I did the initial washout of loose filter material. The product was misrepresented and ended up being less than the indicated capacity. SELLER has refused to respond to my message because the manufacturer is unwilling to correct the problem.

👤I was either sent a faulty product or a complete garbage scam. A lab grade Apera ph/TDS meter was used. Three water samples were tested. The first was distilled water, the second was regular tap water, and the third was tap through this filter. Distilled - temp 71.2 ph: 8.0 Conductivity: 10 Resistivity: 7.5 The resistivity should have increased. Also, the PMs should have decreased. To request a replacement or just a return, reach out to the seller. If a product actually works, I will update my review. The replacement was just as bad. The test result pics were very dissatisfied.

👤I test water by chlorine test straps and get 0 chlorine and 0 free chlorine.

👤It is not certain if this was a good one or not. The material is not of good quality. I tried to fix it on my water faucet, but it snapped in the joint of the neck. Will give the benefit of doubt and order a replacement. This is a one start. I will be happy to update the review when I test the new one.

👤I discovered that the Boogie Blue Plus filters seriously diminish water pressure, rendering my drip-system inoperable, as of the past year. The water pressure from the tap has been reduced to less than a quart per hour as it leaves the filter. All of the water lines were checked for blocked screens and other problems. My system was restored to normal after the removal of the Boogie Blue Plus filters. Don't buy these filters.

👤I have a plot in an organic community garden and I have to attach and remove the filter at least once a week when I water it. The filter works. The plastic threds don't show any signs of wear after months of use. I put the filter in a plastic bag because the directions said to keep moist. I will buy the same thing when this one is done.

👤This was a straight forward install. It came with everything we needed. We like having our cold water removed from the tap. We used to use bulky and annoying adaptors to the faucet. Our only complaint is that the filter doesn't seem to do much for removing chlorine, and the water tastes great after a short time of rest.

👤I think they are trying to cash in on the name. The filter works. The RV filter came with a flexible hose saver/adapter, but this one works just as well. I don't know if that's true, but perhaps this will last longer.


What is the best product for best choice raised garden bed with wheels?

Best choice raised garden bed with wheels products from Vivosun. In this article about best choice raised garden bed with wheels you can see why people choose the product. Ogrmar and Thefitlife are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice raised garden bed with wheels.

What are the best brands for best choice raised garden bed with wheels?

Vivosun, Ogrmar and Thefitlife are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice raised garden bed with wheels. Find the detail in this article. Foyuee, The Lakeside Collection and Nuvue are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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