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1. VegTrug RHP6007GW USA Planter Pocket

VegTrug RHP6007GW USA Planter Pocket

If the performance of their bags does not meet your expectations, please contact them immediately, they will reply within 4 hours, to ensure your satisfaction! There are pockets where you can grow 8 different herbs. The flat pack is easy to build. No more bending or kneeling. It's ideal for the elderly and wheelchair users. All your herbs can be grown in one place.

Brand: Vegtrug

👤The product looks great after I received it today. After use, I can update my review. I can't find a way to contact the seller through Amazon or the packaging. The lower shelf is supposed to attach at each side, but the shelf is about an inch too short. Structural strength is dependent on the attachment. I would like to hear from the manufacturer or seller about a replacement shelf. The assembly was very easy.

👤Very nice. We waterproofed the wood so it doesn't wear out too soon. Is described.

👤My husband did it in 30 minutes. We put it on the windy side of the house in the sun and it is still in perfect condition. Not blown over and won't. We are growing a lot of different things in it, including parsley, basil, and chives. They all did well. I water every day because the bins are lined with weed mat and they dry out quickly, but it doesn't bother the plants at all. The water does run straight through, so if you are thinking about it indoors, maybe don't. The color is sturdy and cute. It was a great investment.

👤The planting areas are large enough for a deck herb garden. The mesh liners do a good job of keeping the plants dry.

👤The liner was not in the sealed box. I can't get a response from the seller. I need a liner.

👤The holes that were supposed to be put together did not align. I could have fixed it by drilling more holes. It should be right to start.

👤I bought this because I moved to a smaller place with a limited yard. My normal ground garden was no longer an option. I got this for my patio. It is easy to assemble, as you only need an Allen wrench in the package. It might be suggested to use a drill at times, but you don't really need a drill at all. It is what I wanted for the money. It's bigger than the pictures make it seem, but it's not huge. The individual slots are the right size for a few herbs. I wouldn't plant anything like Rosemary bushes, but things like basil, mint,thyme, and so on will be found for it.

👤It is easy to assemble. I have to figure out how to keep the water out of my floors but it looks great in my space.

👤It's easy to assemble and it looks nice. I'm not happy with the wood. It's the cheapest wood the company could find. It doesn't think it will last for more than 2 years. Maybe that was their intent. The wood is rotting under the fabric. I don't like buying things again because I like them to last longer.

👤My grandma loves it because it was bought as a Mother's Day gift. Her friends are asking where she got her gift after she posted it on Facebook. She got a flourishing little garden table after sending some herb seeds.

2. Miracle Gro VB00003 Perlite 2 Pack

Miracle Gro VB00003 Perlite 2 Pack

A rich blend of the finest natural ingredients is contained in organic gardening. Synthetic plant foods are not used. Strong root development is promoted by preventing soil compaction. Miracle-Gro Plant Food is enriched. The lightweight media helps start the root cutting process. Improves drainage and aeration. Only with container plants.

Brand: Miracle-gro

👤I want my money back. I don't like this very much. I desperately need perlite, but I hate Miracle Gro so much. I should have trusted my gut. Miracle Gro products are terrible. The bags are made of pure perlite. I had to sieve it through to remove the powdery perlite, but they are still very small.

👤I dislike miracle-gro because they are owned by Monsanto, a terrible company with terrible practices and a terrible history. Their products are almost universally good. Their garden soil has a lot of trash in it. This is perlite. It is a good size.

👤I mixed my soil with perlite that was different in size. I decided to try the miracle grow since it was cheaper. After I watered my plants, they all had a layer of perlite on the top of the soil that floats, and it seems to bring more to the surface each time I water. From now on, will stick to the coarse perlite.

👤This is what I call my "go to" perlite. Every month I go through several bags of perlite to inspect my plants. I prefer Miracle-Gro over the others. Some brands leave you with a sand like product at the bottom of the bag, but the size of the granules is perfect and it doesn't seem to crush as easily. You can't beat the price.

👤The product is well packaged. I received a single-pack of perlite, not what I ordered or what the website description says. Unfortunately I had already started my gardening project, so I ended up using it, and Amazon was generous enough to give me a full refund. I was deceived as the packaging box it came in could not fit more than one 8-quart bag. I'm not sure if I'll order from this seller again.

👤Perlite is needed for custom soil. I use 40% Perlite, 40% coir, and 40% pine bark for my base. I agree with others that you should put it in a strainer or a well draining pot because there will be a fine sand left after a couple of rinse and drain cycles. I hate that, just put a stick in the holes and watch out for cold water running down your arm. The dust can cause cancer. Any product that has a dust cloud that you can breathe in is bad for the lungs. If you can, dump these products into whatever you are rinsing outside. Dump and clear the area before breathing and returning when safe. Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is fine like flour and can be used to control gnats. Food grade DE has many health benefits. You can find a great deal on Amazon. Unless you are working with a small business, sifting these products is not worth your time. You might want to wear gloves if you are working with perlite while it is wet. The product takes a few days to dry out. Good luck.

👤If you are pouring the product, please wear a heavy duty mask and goggles because it is very dusty and if you are scooping it, it is fine. I had my mask on and could feel the dust in my nose, but I didn't have the mask secured properly and had to run to put glasses on to protect my eyes. I had to open my kitchen window after a snowstorm to protect my plants from the heavy dust in my apartment. I didn't feel comfortable with the amount of dust in the air. Be careful!

3. Lakeside Collection Raised Garden Bed

Lakeside Collection Raised Garden Bed

The wide compartment allows for more variety. It was made in the USA. This kit is perfect for moms and dads who are trying to improve the look of their yard or other outdoor space. You can easily assemble a garden box or two raised beds. The garden kit is planted into the ground with 8 stakes. You can use it in a one- or two-box configuration, but there are other shapes and designs you can use to enhance the utility of this planter with raised walls. If you want to keep the planter box for your own home, you can give it as a gift to family and friends who appreciate gardening with extra storage and organization. It is made of polypropylene. The set includes side panels of 21-1/4"W x 3/4"D x 5-1/2"H. Each is 9-3/4"L. Overall, as square.

Brand: The Lakeside Collection

👤They seem to be a good value. Plastic should hold up better than wood. I ordered 4 of them. A single layer was done. The bags of compost were filled with about 5ish of them. I mulched at the bottom. If you drill your hole first and use a metal rod to break through the dirt, then the plastic stakes will not be a problem. I may replace them with longer metal ones. I'm happy with this garden bed.

👤I will never use my money to buy this kind of thing again. The garden bed is broken after 1 month. I need my money back asap because I am not happy with this purchase. Don't spend money on this item.

👤It was quick and easy to set up in my desert back yard. Installation couldn't have been simpler because I bought two sets so I could stack them. I usually have someone else do this for me, but this time I did it myself, leveling the spot, putting the first set down, and then setting up the second set on top. The spikes are strong. Good luck if you're trying to push them into something harder than soft soil. I should have thought about buying some metal spikes. It would be a good improvement. The plastic ones worked well for me. We'll see if the plastic boards will hold up against the ferocious Arizona summer sun, next to my other plastic, different brand raised bed. I would recommend this set to anyone.

👤There are three different versions of these in my backyard. The first one is made of wood. I bought the plastic one at the local hardware store. I didn't try to go to the local store because I was on quachicle. I bought a raised garden bed set. It is cheap and thin. I think I will have to replace this in a year or two with something that is decent quality. It was the cheapest one I found online, so I guess I got what I paid for. Get a different kit if you spend the extra money.

👤I thought it was more than the price. I think I'm an idiot for buying it.

👤The starter kit is great. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a fancy set until I knew if I wanted it. The kit was easy to assemble. If you need a lot of good soil for your plants, you will have to dig down further than if you bought a taller kit. My husband stepped on it when he lost his balance on a slope. He put a brick next to the break to prevent the water from leaking out. I am not sure how long the plastic will last in our warm/hot summers, but I am very glad to have it, I spent less than $30 on it. I might upgrade to a more robust kit next year.

👤It was very useful for my decision to plant a garden. My husband sawed off the bottom part of the stakes and I used the top part to hold the slats together. It works well. I made a shallow bed and a deeper bed with the two sets I bought. The bed is holding up well and my plants seem happy. Would recommend.

4. Burpee Premium Organic Potting Quart

Burpee Premium Organic Potting Quart

The 3-position wheel adjustment is adjusted. Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix is an all-natural mix of plant food and coconut coir. OMRI is listed for organic use. This premium mix is the one that releases essential nutrients immediately. This growing mix is perfect for containers. The slow release plant food that feeds for up to 3 months is provided by the potting soil. This growing mix will make it easy to grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs in raised beds or patio containers. There is a retirement ministry. The coconut coir helps hold water for plants. Coir has better air circulation than peat. Coconut coir is an organic and sustainable resource that helps maintain water between waterings. Adding flowers and foliage of different heights will add to the dimensions of your container. Place tall plants in the middle or back, mounding them all around and spilling them at the edge. This premium potting mix is good for live flowers. 100% GUARANTEED. Burpee is committed to the success of gardeners. Each order is treated with care to ensure healthy seeds, plants, and gardening supplies are sent in excellent condition. They want to make it right if you are not happy with your purchase.

Brand: Burpee

👤I ordered it from Amazon. It should be spread on my beds. A week later there was a huge outbreak of roaches. I am angry. Parkin came in after I pulled my entire garden out. I will never order anything like this from Amazon again.

👤My hydrangea did not bloom for three years because of the cold and snowy winter. I gave the plant one more year before giving it up and this spring I added Bone Meal to the soil. I have flowers again!

👤I know bone meal can grow great tomatoes. When tomatoes come up, we'll see how this brand does. My dogs love it too, so watch out for them digging up your plants. We had to put barriers around the plants. We had a great tomato crop this year. I think only one plant was lost. We had great tasting tomatoes after using bone meal.

👤I opened my bag of soil last week and it was nice. I used a large spoon and a clean plastic spoon to fill up some small pots in my apartment so I could grow herbs. I used 2 large clips to lock the bag shut so it wouldn't be opened to the air or spill out, when I closed the bag. I opened it again today and found a bag full of white mold. The bag was not exposed to anything that could have caused this type of mold. I used a clean spoon when I took out the dirt from the bag. I've used many other soils before and have never had this problem. I just needed a little bit for my herb garden so I bought the smaller bag of Burpee Organic. I was shocked and upset when this happened. There's no reason for this soil to be bad. I gave it a one star rating because there is something wrong with this product that makes it break out with mold the first time it's exposed to air. It was very frustrating.

👤We are. The fire department left after this product spontaneously combusted in a south facing window. I don't want to think about what it could do in a hotter place if it happened in an overcast Chicago neighborhood. Buy anything else. We could have died.

👤This stuff is amazing and works well, but the exact same bag is $5.99 at the store.

👤The product brought out the kid in me. Do you remember those times when you were younger? This stuff may bring back some fond memories. It was a lot of fun pouring the warm water and watching it expand. I had to help it along and mix it up because I was not satisfied with just observing. This should be advertised as an adult therapy tool. I must have stirred it up for 10 minutes. It only takes about 2 minutes to fully saturate, so maybe I was playing in it. I want to do the second brick, but I don't need to use more substrate at the moment, so I'm trying to stop thinking about it. It is so satisfying. I might need help. Is there a Coconut Coir Expanders Anonymous? It's funny.

5. Miracle Gro 3002610 Vegetables Continuous Release

Miracle Gro 3002610 Vegetables Continuous Release

When water is added, it creates up to 90 percent more air space in native soil. Natural ingredients are used to feed the microbes. It is specially formulated to help plants grow strong and produce more fruit and vegetables. Stronger cell walls are produced by calcium, which is used to make fruits and vegetables. It helps prevent calcium deficiency related disorders in crops. For use in containers. Now contains natural ingredients that help feed and nourish above and below soil, for even better quality and longer lasting fruits and vegtables.

Brand: Miracle-gro

👤I'm sure this product is great for the plants, but it's a hazard to pets as I'm sure it landed my mini Aussie at the vet with a serious injury and could have killed her. She became ill the next day after she applied, so be careful using in an area where fur babies can get to it.

👤This was used in our garden. All I can say is...WOW! We gave the vegetables to neighbors because we didn't know what to do with them. The use is directed on the label. We used this with the plants in our garden.

👤This year, I used four types of tomatoes, two types of peppers, cucumbers and basil. Absolutely loved it and already have some for this year. I applied twice in the summer and couldn't be happier. My tomatoes are different than my neighbors tomatoes.

👤I didn't want to kill all my tomato plants if I used too much Miracle Gro Shake N' Feed, so I did them all with Miracle Grow Shake N' Feed. Wow! The plant that was the healthiest has become the smallest compared to the ones who got Miracle Gro. You can easily see the ones that did not get any. It's easy to use the world of difference. Will be stocking up.

👤I used "Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Tomato, Fruits and Vegetables Continuous Release Plant Food Plus Calcium" during the tomato season. My tomato plants are smaller and have less fruit. I was tempted to just shake, feed and forget, instead of using my go-to "Miracle-Gro Tomato Vegetable Food" which requires mixing with water and feeding it to my plants every two weeks. It was a big mistake. Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed is not very useful.

👤I love Shake and Feed. I shake it around my flower beds before I water them. I mix it in the soil when I am planting and I don't have to worry about the liquid being left in the soil. I don't worry about the weather or the time of day. I like to water it in. I know it isn't as strong as the liquid, so it may not be the best bargain. It's strength is a good thing for me as I tend to over do it and the liquid doesn't distribute evenly. It seems to me that my plants get a more consistent feeding that is less harmful to them, with the shake and feed. The refill bags for the bottle are even better. What a great value! WOOP WOOP!

👤Our tomato crop was saved by this product. There were tomatoes that were rotting. They would bloom, grow a bit, and then rot. I think it's because of a lack of calcium and their vitamins. This product provided that, and provided it in such a quantity that it was able to turn our crop around. Our garden was a fun hobby again.

👤I used this on some watermelons that had started to grow. When I added this, I noticed that they didn't get much bigger. They were barely the size of a small fruit, the insides were dry, and then they died. I don't know if this stuff did it, but it surely didn't help keep them alive. I'm not sure why the watermelons didn't grow because they were watered daily with the right amount of sunlight and new soil. I will not be using this again.

6. ECOgardener Landscape Heavy Duty Eco Friendly Convenient

ECOgardener Landscape Heavy Duty Eco Friendly Convenient

Now contains natural ingredients that help feed and nourish above and below soil, for even better quality and longer lasting fruits and vegtables. The ECOgardener ultimate pro weed barrier landscape fabric is here to make your life easier and hassle-free. This premium weed barrier fabric is designed to provide unparalleled weed control. It is easy to set up the ECOgardener weed blocking fabric since it is light enough to carry and cut, and heavy enough to protect your garden. Your soil has value. Their exclusive garden weed control mat is designed to let air and water through, thus preserving your soil's hydration and value. The ECOgardener is going to keep weeds away without blocking air or water. The ECOgardener pro landscape weed barrier is made to last and will provide you with premium weed protection for a long time. Helping you to reduce chemicals so you can help the environment as well. ECOgardener believes that you should get the most advanced, durable and professional solution for your home garden. They offer a 30-day hassle-free, full refunds on their weed barrier fabric.

Brand: Ecogardener

👤Take a look at the pictures above. The weeds were 4 inches tall within 2 weeks of the barrier being put down. Simply doesn't work. This cost me time and money and now I have to find a new one.

👤Some users complained that it was not water permeable and they supported that finding with photos and videos. I chose this brand because of that. When it arrived, I tested it and found that water quickly penetrated the fabric. It was easy to cut. I bought more of the same and plan to buy more for another project.

👤Water does not enter through this. I ordered two big rolls to cover my garden because we have thick, deep grass that dies in the south. I should have done a water test on a small portion before I started rolling out and scrawling down the square footage. I was positive. I wanted to see how well water would penetrate the surface after it was rolled out and down. After spraying it with the hose, the water pooled up on the surface and wasn't budging. I had to carry two rolls of paper up to the store to return it because I was so frustrated. I was happy to get it off my hands. I was very hopeful that this would be the answer to my weed problems. Everything would die of thirst. The product has the potential to be great if the top layer of the fabric was made more absorbent.

👤After the weed barrier is placed on the ground, I would recommend covering it with mulch, rock or soil. The material began to degrade from heat exposure after two days in the sun. It was the beginning of summer in the Central Valley of California. The weed barrier from one box broke down in the sun but the other did not. The product was easy to use and seemed to be good material, but I thought the item and sun exposure were odd.

👤The landscape fabric is a lifesaver. The fabric is heavy duty and has helped cut down on the amount of weeding we have to do in the garden. We bought this to help us get a neglected garden patch back in shape, and it has killed off some of the grass that we put over. It's easy to cut it to the right size and place it in the ground.

👤The run of the mill big box store weed mat is much less sturdy. It is put up with foot traffic, mulch and multi-year use. I save this for my garden every year. I highly recommend this for any area that needs a weed mat that will last.

👤I received this product the day after I ordered it. That was impressive. The material requires a sharp blade to cut. It seems very heavy duty. The lines are similar to roofing paper so it's a bonus to be straight when laying it out.

👤I am satisfied with the barrier. I had looked at a lot of different stores but what they offered was very cheap and would not last very long. I look for a long life from heavy products. I used it under a small river stone and it held up very well, even though I had to walk on it to spread the stone. Larry.

7. Miracle Gro Raised Bed Soil 1 5

Miracle Gro Raised Bed Soil 1 5

15 gallons of fabric grow bags are in the package. The pot is 20 inches in diameter and 14 inches in height. Grows bigger, more abundant plants. Vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs are available. The control of weeds and pests is simplified by raised bed gardening. OMRI is used in organic gardening. The mulch and soil is certified.

Brand: Miracle-gro

👤Shame on me for not checking the price. The product is overpriced at $40 a bag. Shame on me, I think Amazon should help customers by limiting this. The price is 3-4 times what it should be.

👤The soil is Miracle Gro raised bed soil. These bags are more than one square foot. The bags say they are 1.5 feet of soil, but I think they are closer to 2. You're saving a lot more by buying these bags of soil than you are by going to the garden store. The bags are three times more expensive than the soil at the stores. These two bags are a great buy, I'm very happy with them.

👤There are large wood chips and rocks in the soil. More than any other soil I have purchased. I am new to gardening and will be growing carrots for the first time. I have read that rocks and twigs can affect the growth of the root. The smell is similar to manure. As I spread and fluffed the soil, I was making a mess by splitting a large piece of poop. I will see how the carrots turn out.

👤I ordered this online because I can no longer carry them in my car at 65 years old. I have lost so much strength that it is hard to get it out of the carriage. I only had to struggle with dragging the bags of soil from my front door to my back yard. Whew! I trust miracle grow products. I will buy more when the season is over. I waited to the last minute last year and they were sold out.

👤Don't buy! The whole bag is dry. The soil was flying away when I poured it. Disappointed!

👤This came with a lot of bugs. I filled all my window boxes with this bag after repotting half my indoor plants. There are little black bugs in my apartment. If 2020 wasn't bad enough... I have been pulling plastic clumps out of the dirt. shredded plastic bags were added to the mix. The bag of soil is not good.

👤I am pretty sure we received a fake product. I have had to put soil in the soil because it is so bad. There are pieces of wood and plastic that shouldn't be there. It was weeks late getting here and we are still missing a bag. I'm pretty sure they filled the original bags with cheaper product and sealed them.

👤I used this growing media in my garden. It was a perfect growing medium for my vegetables, using this product 50/50 with my existing soil. The growth rate of my plants is very fast. Two weeks ahead of schedule, I have healthy, robust vegetables ready to harvest.

8. Espoma AP8 8 Quart Organic Potting

Espoma AP8 8 Quart Organic Potting

ECOgardener believes that you should get the most advanced, durable and professional solution for your home garden. They offer a 30-day hassle-free, full refunds on their weed barrier fabric. This can be used as a potting soil for outdoor plants and is a great soil mix for container plants and flowers. There are some things contained: This organic soil is rich in sphagnum moss, humus, perlite, and alfalfa meal, and enriched with earthworm castings. Myco-tone: A blend of mycorrhizae and endo. When to use: Any time you want to plant a new plant or move a plant into a larger container. Plants need regular re-potting and fresh planting soil. A rich blend of the finest natural ingredients is contained in organic gardening. Synthetic plant foods are not used.

Brand: Espoma

👤I don't know how this soil gets good reviews. I know what works best for keeping my plants healthy, and I recommend fast draining soil in terra cotta pots. Plants are killed quickly by root rot from sitting in a wet pot. The soil is so fine that it is ridiculous. I tried it even though I knew it would retain too much water. The pot I used stayed wet for 2 weeks. It is not possible for roots to easily grow through this soil because it becomes so dense. Not to mention the high price. I had swarms of gnats. I don't know if the bag was infested or if it was just the fact that the soil was so wet that attracts them immediately. I have been using the cheap, quick-draining soil for years.

👤I don't recommend buying this brand on Amazon. I used the soil in a pinch because of the smell and texture. Our house is full of gnats since the soil was full of gnat eggs and I've lost all the plants I've repoted. I'm very upset. Other reviews mention issues with fungus gnats as well. I lost all of my plants when I bought online.

👤The reviewers warned me about the soil. After repotting my plants, they were all covered in gnats. I wouldn't risk it because it sounds like this doesn't happen to everyone. When I went to my local nursery to inquire about how to deal with the gnats, they said the brand was a good one, but that if the bag had been sitting in a large warehouse for a while it could cause issues with the soil. Don't buy it online. It's terrible. I lost a lot of plants and it was difficult to save the rest. You can't tell if the soil has eggs in it by looking at it. I tried to check.

👤The most ideal and possibly the best garden soil has to have the right mixture of chemical components, physical components and biological matter to achieve optimum results. 1. The soil must be free of substances that are toxic to plant growth and have suitable acid-alkaline reaction levels. 2. The soil should allow water to drain through and air to get ready admittance, but not so loose that it doesn't retain enough water and nutrition for the plants. 3. A minimum of harmful soil organisms and an abundance of favorable organic matter should be present in biological soil. The gardener now has rich organic soil to grow and harvest a variety of crops when the above three conditions are met. Espoma Organic Potting Mix is dark, moist, soft and light. I was able to grow a large harvest of tomatoes, hot peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, and a wide variety of herbs and flowering plants. The best organic mix I've used is this one. A+.

👤This is the first time I've tried anything related to gardening. I've used this mix with a plant that needed a bigger pot and it seems to be doing well. I've used this mix with herb seeds. Zziggysgal has 12 herbs. It said on the packets that there would be 15-21 days to sprout. Out of the first six batches of seeds, the first three sprouted in three days and the rest sprouted within a week. I only planted my second batches three days ago, but one of them has sprouted. I've not been using any extra urea. I soaked the seeds in the soil instead of pre soaking them, so I made sure they were good and good to go. I cut open a large zip lock bag to cover them with see-through plastic. There was no sun and it was around 70 F. I don't know if the seeds I got were lucky or if the soil is just that good, but my other plant is doing great. It has little white balls in it, that's how it's supposed to smell. There are some small pieces of wood and twigs in it. I haven't seen any bugs or anything yet, I have only kept the herbs and plant indoors for a couple of weeks. I will update the review if I do.

9. Jobes Organics 9026 Fertilizer

Jobes Organics 9026 Fertilizer

For a more abundant harvest, fast acting organic granularfertilizer is needed. Certified organic means no synthetic chemicals, and OMRI is listed for organic gardening by the USDA. Jobe Biozome is a proprietary microorganism archaea that aggressively breaks down material for faster results. Jobe's Biozome helps your garden resist disease, insects, and other unfavorable conditions within a growing season. The bag is easy to pour and has a Fertilizer analysis in it.

Brand: Jobe's

👤My plants needed some help. I needed a boost after using fish emulsion for a while. I mixed a few with water and poured around the plants and in a few days they were getting green. Very cheap. I ordered 3 more bags.

👤I checked through the reviews and responses to make sure I was using it correctly. It was still disappointed. I wish this was the same for me. I used this to grow fungus in my plants. I was wondering why we had a huge increase in flying insects, it's because they're attracted to the fungus. I noticed before it killed my plants. I have to get new soil and repot them all again, this stuff might work better for outdoor plants or larger plant beds.

👤Jobe's tomato and vegetable organicfertilizer is a great value for your money, and it makes my plants look even green while still producing a lot of fruit. I used this on my tomato and pea plants and they have grown bigger and produced more fruit. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quality product that is inexpensive. When I opened the package, I saw that it said 1 and 1/2 cups per 4 inch container and 1 and 1/2 cups per 16 inch container, but it didn't make sense. If a 16 inch container is four times as big as a 4 inch pot, the application for the 16 inch pot should be four times as big. They said that the packages they have say that the application for a 16 inch pot is 6 ounces, which is correct, so maybe they updated the packages and will send the new one after the old ones run out. I wanted to note that for whoever is a little bit confused by that.

👤Two out of four tomato plants were killed by the product. I didn't use it on five of them. The smell and end result say it all.

👤Let's start with the smell of thisfertilizer. It was so bad that I had to buy a respirator. Chicken poop is what it is. I thought I could use some extra nitrogen when I bought thisfertilizer. I thought it was 4 pounds, but it was definitely more than that. This product has been a disaster from the beginning and I am not going to praise it. After applying the putrid-smellingfertilizer, I noticed mold on top of the beads on top of the soil. The mold slowly killed my plants. For clarification, I used the correct amount of the fertilizer and ended up killing all my tomato plants. I've never had a urea do this before. If you are serious about your garden, don't buy any of these cheaper brands of plant food andfertilizer. You should buy a blood and bone meal combination to better fit the needs of your plants. Maybe my bag was contaminated. I don't know if I would recommend this product to people starting a tomato garden.

10. Sunnydaze Galvanized 40 Inch Hexagon Vegetables

Sunnydaze Galvanized 40 Inch Hexagon Vegetables

There are 1 tips. Please do not use this product to test the water or other liquids. 2. The probe may be damaged by soil that is too hard. 3. Their products are not suitable for sandy soils. 4. After use, wipe the probe. Don't leave it in the soil for a long time. 5. If you have a question, please contact them. Optimal outdoor placement. The box is 40 inches long from corner to corner, 36 inches wide, and 16 inches tall, and it's perfect for a backyard, patio, or other outdoor area. Corrugated rectangular galvanized steel is more stable than wood or plastic beds. The raised garden frame is easy to use, just place the kit above the ground, add soil, and watch your plants grow. Good root development and growth is encouraged by raised bed brackets. The manufacturer's warranty is one year for worry-free purchasing.

Brand: Sunnydaze

👤The product is easy to assemble. I painted them with a finish that washammered. I can't plant anything in the ground because my grass is bald and there is no topsoil in the corner of the yard. These were nice deep for evergreen shrubs because most raised beds are only 12 inches.

👤I received and assembled 6 of the raised bed planters, two each of the square, rectangular and hexagonal footprints. They seem to be of good quality. The corrugated panels were crimped to eliminate the sharp edge, the pre-drilled holes had enough tolerance for easy assembly, and the galvanizing looked good. An electric screwdriver with a bit to match the special screws and a 3/8 inch screwdriver sockets were some of the tools that came in handy. The allen wrench is included in the package and it goes well with these tools. The galvanizing looks good, but it's too soon to tell how these will hold up to Central Florida's climate. I will update this review after a while.

👤There is a two story house in Concord, Ca. There is a tree and dirt in front of us. The area was upgraded with the Garden Bed. It worked out well. The trim was added around the top. There is a The raised garden can be seen by anyone walking down the path. We are very pleased with how it turned out. The packaging was light and small. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤We love raised beds. I can't wait for them to come back in stock and buy more. They are good quality, easy to assemble, good sized, don't bow out when filled and hold a lot of plants. Our hugulkultur is filled with tree limbs, dried leaves, cardboard, soil and compost to avoid the soil expense. The design looks good and adds flair to the garden.

👤The flower bed is gorgeous. It was very easy to put together a job of this size. It was easy after the first 2 panels were started. I decided to screw all the panels together first, then add the corners on the top, flip it, and then do the bottom, because I wanted to do it all at once. It made more sense that way. I think it looks great. I hid the weed barrier I had placed on the ground by adding the rocks around the bottom. The bad boy is not going away. It was the perfect height to sit on a scooter and garden, and it was very flexible with my yard. I think the price is a bit high, but I am happy with it for a single purchase. I think it will last a long time. I hope so!

👤A raised garden container. It is fairly sturdy. I am certain that when filled with dirt, it will be even stronger. It is easy to put together. I took a photo to show how big it is. You can fit a lot of veggies or flowers. I suggest we put cardboard down. It will help keep weeds down. Weed block material doesn't work. I am excited to start my garden.

11. Miracle Gro Expand Potting Soil 0 67

Miracle Gro Expand Potting Soil 0 67

100% GUARANTEED. Burpee is committed to the success of gardeners. Each order is treated with care to ensure healthy seeds, plants, and gardening supplies are sent in excellent condition. They want to make it right if you are not happy with your purchase. A great substitute for garden soil or mix. Can be used in ground or containers. Grows up to 3X bigger plants than native soil and feeds up to 6 months. It holds up to 50 percent more water than basic potting soil. When water is added, it creates up to 90 percent more air space in native soil.

Brand: Miracle-gro

👤This stuff is great. In my shed, there is precious space. I found a live spider when I opened one bag. It drove the 5 star rating home for me. Spiders help manage pests. If you're afraid of spiders, you should be prepared to live in a world where spiders are abundant. Maybe I'm a spider.

👤All right people. Let me explain to you what this means. I wanted to transplant some plants. When it arrived, my husband took it out of the box and put it in the garage. He took the flower pots to the garage and brought them back full of the expand and grow after I asked for it for several weekends. My husband refused to bring the bag to me because it might get messy, so I never read the instructions. I gave my plants a good watering when I put them in. I walked into the kitchen after a couple of hours and the dirt was already over the pots. It kept growing. The plants were pushed completely out. The soil was getting taller. I watched this happen. Use my experience when buying this. Let your husband put something away. The bag should be read before it is taken to the garage. The pot should be left a couple of inches high. After watering, you can always add more.

👤I have used Miracle Grow products for many years and have found them to be superior to anything else on the market. This soil is not the best for your garden plants. Over the course of my 40 years as a hobby gardener, I've grown a lot of plants in my garden soil in 9 different states. It always produced great looking vegetables and flowers. I moved to Vegas last year after my wife died and wanted to grow tomatoes, peppers, and roses here, so I bought all the necessary stuff to do that. I am a disabled veteran and battling two types of cancer, so this will probably be the last time I grow a garden. I have watched my plants grow to a certain size and even had a few blossoms on my dwarf roses. The plants stop growing when they reach the juvenile stage. I put the right things on them. I have been doing this for longer than most people have been alive, so my experience is lengthy. I used Expand n' Grow soil because I didn't have the strength to carry heavy bags of regular soil and pot it. It will probably be my last time to grow anything. If you want to watch healthy plants wither and die, then you should not buy or use this product. I'm going to contact the Miracle Grow people to see what they can do to help, but I don't think they can do much except say "Sorry" and maybe offer a refund on the soil. The poor plants are doing what I am doing right now, withering and dying. I would have provided pictures with the review, but I don't have the energy to do so, and who wants to look at dead plants? Robert Lightfritz was in Las Vegas on June 1, 2019.


What is the best product for best choice raised garden bed soil?

Best choice raised garden bed soil products from Vegtrug. In this article about best choice raised garden bed soil you can see why people choose the product. Miracle-gro and The Lakeside Collection are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice raised garden bed soil.

What are the best brands for best choice raised garden bed soil?

Vegtrug, Miracle-gro and The Lakeside Collection are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice raised garden bed soil. Find the detail in this article. Burpee, Miracle-gro and Ecogardener are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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