Best Best Choice Raised Garden Bed On Wheels

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1. VegTrug 1 8 Meter Raised Bed

VegTrug 1 8 Meter Raised Bed

ManUFACTURED IN THE USA is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. The only merchant that sells this filter on Amazon is Myriad Traders. The cedar wood is certified by the FSC. Holds up to 7 (60L) bags of compost and is 72.06” L x 29.92” W x 31.49” H. Can be easily netted or covered. It is easy to work height. No more kneeling or bending. It's ideal for the elderly and wheelchair users.

Brand: Vegtrug

👤I searched high and low for a raised garden bed. This has everything I wanted, tall height, food safe materials, and a large size with good depth. The bags of organic garden soil were 35 liters. The box and one of the wooden boards were damaged when they arrived, but the scratched and dented part of the board ended up facing inwards. I did not put the lining in as shown. It's much easier to watch the video on YouTube than to read the instructions. Can't wait to see the results of my planting later in the season.

👤When I received this, I was very disappointed. The wood is substandard and it was made in China. Two of the boards were cracked and the third was split. I'm pretty sure it would fall apart once it was assembled. It is being returned.

👤I had one for 7 years and it was made in New England. Theirs is made in China. It needs to be replaced because it rotted. The best price and free S&H was found on Amazon. It's made in China and is supposed to be Red cedar. I was not sure. I am very happy to say that everything went well after receipt and assembly. The parts were included in the directions. It can take a few hours to put it together. The first one was thicker. This planter is a good size to grow vegetables at home. There is a liner in the package. The insect netting is useful. Will it last as long as the other one? Time will tell.

👤The 4 veg Trug we ordered were all from the vendor. It was damaged when we ordered it on Amazon and we wanted to add a fifth. This isn't the first time this has happened, we received a damaged unit from the previous vendor, and they credited us some for the damage. Do you want to pack it up and have it shipped back? It's heavy. They need to improve the quality of the goods. Bad back, Older, Wheelchair or just don't want to be on the ground, these work great. It takes about an hour from unpacking to putting in place and filling with dirt. It's great for watering and drainage. There is a liner. There are some things that are CONS: The pictures are easy to put together. I wouldn't move once the dirt was filled with it. We put in some brackets to reinforce the corners. I rated it 4 out of 5.

👤The VegTrug is very strong. The size is perfect for our garden. We are growing a mixture of both root and leafy vegetables in the winter. Over seventy different herbs are being grown using the VegTrug. My mobility is limited by physical issues. The VegTrug is a solution that will allow me to continue my passion for gardening. The height and width allow planting without kneeling or stooping. Due to limited weeds and pests, our commitment to a strictly organic approach to gardening is easier to accomplish with the VegTrug. Within the past month, we have placed our third order for the VegTrug.

2. Raised Planter Outdoor Elevated Vegetables

Raised Planter Outdoor Elevated Vegetables

Battle is a mini game for consoles that allows you to challenge your friends. The planting box is 40 x 15 x 31 and holds about 2.5 feet of soil, which can be used to raise vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants. It's ERGONOMIC. The raised planter box with legs makes gardening convenient. A raised garden bed on wheels is a great way to move around. The raised garden bed is made of stable galvanized steel and has an anti-rusty grey coating. It can be placed outside or inside for a long time. DRAINAGE: There is a drainage hole in the middle of the cart to prevent waterlogging. It's easy to set up. The space saving standing planter is easy to put together and can be raised.

Brand: Foyuee

👤I can't put this together because there are no instructions. I asked the seller for help, but he never responded. They finally got back to me after 2 weeks, and I was able to get their attention by leaving negative reviews. I will return this because of their poor customer service and the fact that they didn't send me all the pieces. If someone doesn't have instructions included in their delivery and they are lucky enough to receive all the parts, I have attached a picture of the instructions in this review so that they can refer to it.

👤The planter went together without a hitch. It seems very strong. I added 1/2 inch r3 insolation foam to the outside edges to lower the heat transfer in the sun and for the winter, I added some aluminum hvac tape to prevent the majority of the water from dripping down behind the foam. I will add mulch after the fall crop bulbs come in. The only thing I can make is a hanging tray.

👤Being able to help the elderly is rewarding. They loved this bed. It was easy to build and the perfect height for a wheelchair. I would highly recommend this for a loved one who is unable to get down to the ground to garden.

👤I love the raised garden bed. The water in our backyard is very well drained. I bought one for my mom as a Mother's Day gift and she loves it because she doesn't have to bend down to tend her garden. I lined the bottom with garden/landscaping fabric and a quarter inch of small crushed granite and the rest with excellent potting soil. My plants thrive there.

👤Needed a planter for my porch. This definitely works. It was easy to assemble. Is growing things well. I'm going to plastic line it next year, that's the only negative aspect. The amount of soil mixture I had to put in made the planter very heavy and made it difficult for my plants to get the root depth they needed. When I overwater it, the water comes out of every crack rather than the middle drainage. I have enough room on the shelf for a huge box planter, as well as extra pots, watering cans, and more, because I have a vertical planter underneath that catches the extra water. I think it's leaking because of the amount of dirt and coconut coir I put in. I ran a bungee strap from one side to the other to give it more support when it's wet. It's a cautionary tale, because the metal is thinner on the thinner side, and it's a very sturdy planter when it's set up correctly. A small miracle of an urban gardening solution. I was looking for the right raised bed for a long time. This was definitely it. I live in a state that turns into a frozen tundra in October and April. We would have to leave it outside because wood Planters don't disassemble very easily, and it would start breaking down pretty fast. This is so lightweight and easy to assemble that we might use it to hold arts and crafts in the winter, and it's so easy to put in our house for the winter. I live in a 2nd story apartment and it was important that I have easy access to setup and transport.

3. Stackable Strawberry Flower Vegetable Planter

Stackable Strawberry Flower Vegetable Planter

Eco-friendly coating provide a healthy environment for plants and humans. Patented flow through design saves water, saves space, and grows more. It's made of food safe Polypropylene and just needs to water it. It's great for growing strawberries, herbs, flowers, and Succulents. The 5 Mr Stacky Planters Plus Bottom Saucer has a capacity of 25 quarts. It was easy to garden. The ideal gift is made in the USA.

Brand: Mr. Stacky

👤I'm using them to grow strawberries and pineberries because they are a great space saver. The only issue I had with the stack was keeping track of what was water and how much it was. I used Mr Stacky and some Home Depot parts to create my own solution to water.

👤I bought this to start my garden. I ran a pipe through the center holes and put the whole thing on top of a bucket to raise it off the ground. My herbs are growing fast. The cups are great for having different plants in one place. I get a lot of compliment on my setup. It's a good recommendation!

👤I like this product, because I bought two of them, but I realized that unless you put it in a place that gets sun all around it, one side doesn't get the sun it needs. I would suggest that you put a mixture of plants on one side for full sun and the other side for partial sun or shade plants. I like the idea of saving water. You have to put water in the first two tiers to make sure all plants get watered, pouring water on the top is awesome, but you have to put water in the first two tiers to make sure all plants get watered. The plastic is thick and interlocks well with each other. The catch plate can be used to catch excess water, however you have to remove all the containers of plants from it and then put them back on, because you have to lift the plants and put them back on again. It's hard to do it with all the containers attached, so I usually take the first 4 tiers off and then lock the bottom one up, pour the water and then put the other containers back on the bottom one. At first, it was trial and error. It is a good idea to pack down your soil and mix it up again, because I am finding that it is not covering my plants, so I have to make more mix. I hope this helps. I think it would be great for strawberries, but I want people to be aware of the sun issue.

👤The product is cool, but could use a bit more strength. If you order this, make sure the base and tray portions are not cracked, otherwise it will be wobbly. When I assembled the product, filled it with dirt, and planted all my herbs, I realized that one of the tabs that holds the bottom row of pots to the watering tray was a small piece of loose plastic. I contacted customer service and they wouldn't give me a refund or send a replacement unless I shipped the old one back, which would have resulted in my herbs dying from being dug up and replanted. Just going to stick with the broken one.

👤I am happy with this planter. I put a post down the center as people had suggested. I bought a lazy susan on Amazon to place the planter on so that I can easily turn it for sun and watering. I placed filters on each level to keep the soil out of the big drainage holes. I use mini-pads. They help retain water in the planter levels. You could also use coffee filters. I am growing a few small herbs and leaf lettuce in mine. This would be pretty with a variety of flowers that do not require a large root area. I don't think there will be a problem with the bottom being too wet, as I don't plan on watering that much and there is drainage at the bottom saucer.

4. Active Gear Guy Succulents Artificial

Active Gear Guy Succulents Artificial

If the screw is missing after receiving the goods, please contact customer service, they will solve it for you as soon as possible. Attach a wall mount planter to a fence with zip-ties or use hooks, nails, or screws to create a space saving garden ready for live or synthetic plants. You don't have to bend down to harvest fruit or vegetables in the Tower Garden. The felt cups are large enough to take a small pot or fill directly with soil, and the pouch holds the water to nourish the root ball. As the seasons change, you can easily swap plants in and out of the cloth containers to keep the look of your tiered garden fresh and vibrant. If this wall planter doesn't satisfy you, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Active Gear Guy

👤This is a good planter. I used mine for strawberries. It is much easier to fill the plants bottom to top than it is top to bottom. It seems like it is thick and quality. I think it was a good investment. I fastened it with vinyl siding clips. The planter was light even when watered. I used 5 across the top to hold the clips. I don't find strawberry plants on the ground. Time will tell.

👤Number one mistake was planting it in full sun. Number two mistake was using the wrong soil. The black felt would have a negative impact on the retention of water. My camera flash isn't working, I took a photo at midnight. I'm not happy with this but it has to do with my soil choice. The black felt has an impact on the soil's ability to retain water. I planted vincas. I think the hanging planter was not secured properly in the first place because people were talking about it falling down. I think that it will fall apart before the fall comes, but that is speculation. All of the seams are holding. We need to water three times a day to saturate the soil. It hasn't gotten hot yet, we live in Central California. The black felt isn't a good material unless you use it for something like Succulent or impatiens. The water is completely evaporated in a few hours. I use a meter that will register wet after watering and it will stay that way for 3 hours. It is usually on dry by the time we water again. I would never buy anything else from Kellogg's again. I have noticed that my potted plants are requiring more water with this so-called soil so I'm sure that has something to do with the never-ending need for water. I have had to add soil to the exposed roots three times because of the soil wash out. The vincas from the pony packs are still looking like they came out a week ago. I am using miracle grow as I replenish the soil, but it is also what will wash out with water. I'm considering taking out all the plants and replacing them with miracle grow. A difficult situation should be alleviated by new soil. This hanging planter is the best time to pay attention to the directions to make sure the soil is wet before planting. Many people don't bother with getting the soil wet before planting. If we had not done that, the plants would have died. I had to replace three plants that died overnight. I'm not over watering and anyone who thinks I'm, will just need to buy one for him or herself, make the same soil and full sun placement mistakes that I did, and you will find out that I'm not over watering. It's funny.

👤So far it's been good. If something changes, will update. It seems to be similar to felt. I would like to add some photo's, but I can't because Amazon isn't displaying the "add photo" button. strawberries have doubled in size in 3 days, I planted them in it. Doing great in this.

5. Boogie Garden Water Filter Outdoor

Boogie Garden Water Filter Outdoor

The growth conditions are growing. Water Retaining Felt is a great material to use indoors or outdoors. CHLORINE and CHLORAMINE are aggressive chemicals that can cause illness and eliminate your plants' essential biology. The BoOGie Blue Plus water filter removes 99% of the Chlorine and 87% of the Chloramine, and reduces all levels of volatile compounds, toxins, heavy metals, pesticides/ herbicides present in the water. The competition is UNMATCHED. It has more dual catalytic-carbon and KDF material than its nearest competitor, giving it a 45,000 gallon output. It's easy to install. The Boogie Blue Plus water filter is ideal for garden, livestock, pets, pools, hot tub, spas, compost teas, RV use and more. ManUFACTURED IN THE USA is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. The only merchant that sells this filter on Amazon is Myriad Traders.

Brand: Boogie Brew

👤The flow rate on Amazon is 4.5 gallons per minute. When I installed it for the turnon of my largest drip line, it became obvious that its actual flow rate is less than it appears. After one week of use, my water meter tells me that it has not delivered the expected flow rate, despite the fact that I did the initial washout of loose filter material. The product was misrepresented and ended up being less than the indicated capacity. SELLER has refused to respond to my message because the manufacturer is unwilling to correct the problem.

👤I was either sent a faulty product or a complete garbage scam. A lab grade Apera ph/TDS meter was used. Three water samples were tested. The first was distilled water, the second was regular tap water, and the third was tap through this filter. Distilled - temp 71.2 ph: 8.0 Conductivity: 10 Resistivity: 7.5 The resistivity should have increased. Also, the PMs should have decreased. To request a replacement or just a return, reach out to the seller. If a product actually works, I will update my review. The replacement was just as bad. The test result pics were very dissatisfied.

👤I test water by chlorine test straps and get 0 chlorine and 0 free chlorine.

👤It is not certain if this was a good one or not. The material is not of good quality. I tried to fix it on my water faucet, but it snapped in the joint of the neck. Will give the benefit of doubt and order a replacement. This is a one start. I will be happy to update the review when I test the new one.

👤I discovered that the Boogie Blue Plus filters seriously diminish water pressure, rendering my drip-system inoperable, as of the past year. The water pressure from the tap has been reduced to less than a quart per hour as it leaves the filter. All of the water lines were checked for blocked screens and other problems. My system was restored to normal after the removal of the Boogie Blue Plus filters. Don't buy these filters.

👤I have a plot in an organic community garden and I have to attach and remove the filter at least once a week when I water it. The filter works. The plastic threds don't show any signs of wear after months of use. I put the filter in a plastic bag because the directions said to keep moist. I will buy the same thing when this one is done.

👤This was a straight forward install. It came with everything we needed. We like having our cold water removed from the tap. We used to use bulky and annoying adaptors to the faucet. Our only complaint is that the filter doesn't seem to do much for removing chlorine, and the water tastes great after a short time of rest.

👤I think they are trying to cash in on the name. The filter works. The RV filter came with a flexible hose saver/adapter, but this one works just as well. I don't know if that's true, but perhaps this will last longer.

6. Ogrmar Pockets Vertical Planter Vegetable

Ogrmar Pockets Vertical Planter Vegetable

When a vegetable is finished, you can plant another vegetable. They can be folded and stored. The MEDIUM size is 39.4" X 39.4" (100 cm x 100 cm), built well enough for growing season, can match several planters together for covering large wall areas and move randomly. It can be easily Attach to a Fence by Zip Ties and mounted on a wall using nails with a larger head. You should get washers to keep the heads of the screws from slipping through the grommets, if you are mounting to a wall with screws. It is easy to remove. ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL: feels good and can breathe. Eco friendly and non toxic. The growth conditions are growing. Water Retaining Felt is a great material to use indoors or outdoors.

Brand: Ogrmar

👤We put all sorts of herbs and strawberries in this. The herbs keep getting bigger and we hung it from the patio door. One thing I wish we had known before we started was that all the pouches were flat. We started from the top and were frustrated at how hard it was to fill them.

👤This is a great way to make art out of your gardening skills. I like the pocket size. I split the plants up to save money. The black makes the flora pop. The mounting process is the most challenging thing. There are reinforced holes. I would recommend using all the holes for mounting. I plan to buy more of this product.

👤If you have an empty wall, this will give it life. This was bought for use indoors. I would recommend building a frame and installing a gutter in the bottom. The pockets are large enough to hold large plants. I didn't use any soil because I use this as an aquaponics system. It might be more difficult with any type of plant material. It is very compatible with my 75g aquarium. I think it is worth it for the price.

👤I decided to grow my herbal garden collection to make less grocery runs for my regular staple (basil, mint, Parsley) as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The idea of a vertical pocket planter seemed like a novel idea and it had great reviews. I got started planting after I primed it. I added Miracle Gro veggie food to make sure my herbs had a balanced diet. They're dedd now. I planted the exact same plants in a separate garden with the same conditions, even though I normally chop this up. The ones planted in my regular planter are doing well, but the ones planted in these pockets are not. This would be perfect if I planted plums hoping for plums. These were a complete failure for me. The planter is being shipped to an Amazon Return Warehouse in the states in a brown box in the back of a truck.

👤This product is definitely not for plants. Unless they are artificial or native to the desert or cacti, they are not. When I filled the pockets with soil, the grommets tore almost immediately. Most of the strawberry plants that were relocated to this planter are dried to a crisp because they were put in a location that is shaded half the day. I know how to grow things. I have had strawberries grow in similar products. This was a big mistake. Lesson learned.

👤I purchase this item to protect our view from the window. My wife and I decided to build a garden on the wall. See the picture.

👤I sent it back. I needed more information in the description. It was 4'x4'. The pockets get smaller as the pocket count goes up. I think they're 4x4 each.

👤I put 40 strawberry plants in a raised bed. I had a hunch that strawberries would increase in size. I wanted to get them out of the bed and planted in a way that I could easily maintain them. The bags did the trick. Most of the plants are in full bloom, these pictures were taken a couple weeks ago. I use a watering system. I took a close up of it. I have water in the top row and it's gravity that feeds down to the rest of the plants. Depending on the temperature, I water them three times a day. If you're going to plant something like this in them, you need to water regularly. The pouches don't have much dirt in them so they don't get wet in the sun. The deer discovered them after I planted them in the hanging planters. I would buy these again and again, I love them. The garden has a cute approach.

7. X PROTECTOR Furniture Cups PCS Protectors

X PROTECTOR Furniture Cups PCS Protectors

All your herbs can be grown in one place. Is your bed floating all over the house? Is it making your floor stinky? Do you want to stop it? Furniture caster cups X-protECTOR® will keep the wheels in place for all furniture, which you need and protect the floors in your home. Any type of surface is perfect for the X-protECTOR® furniture cups. It is safe and effective for any floors. The furniture coasters are round 3 12”. It has 2 1/3” wide and 1/6” deep. It will fit in your bed with wheels, couch, chair, sofa, recliner, desk, table, dresser, piano, sofa, bed frame. The rubber caster cups will stop it forever. The X-protECTOR® bed stoppers are of the highest quality and are the best floor protectors. They used strong and soft rubber to make sure the floors were safe. X-protECTOR® is a registered trademark and should not be used in conjunction with the COPIES. Their customers are guaranteed 100% satisfaction with their wheel stoppers. If you don't like their copay copays, they will return your money. Press the button and it will be risk free. Right now! X-protECTOR® is a registered trademark and should not be used in conjunction with the COPIES. Their customers are guaranteed 100% satisfaction with their wheel stoppers. If you don't like their copay copays, they will return your money. Press the button and it will be risk free. Right now!

Brand: X-protector

👤We got these bed wheel cups about a month ago. I was not sure when I first saw them. We moved into a home with beautiful Pergo floors. Our bed was moving a lot. Our new floors could be chewed up by the wheels. We tried different styles of furniture cups and they worked well with our beds. All the people who have lost. The wheels didn't stay put for a day. I saw these on Amazon. When the arrived, I was disappointed. They were very shallow for the job and not much different than the others. We had them, so I tried them. I must say I was wrong. The bed is not moving. The wheels are still firmly centered, and there are lots of tosses and monkeys bouncing on our bed. I like to say I was wrong.

👤I don't know if the product description explained this, but I didn't notice it when I bought these. I wanted something to put the rollers on. The bed frame on the bottom can be used as a seat and the twin bed mattress on the top can be used as a sofa. You can use it to double the twin bed in size or you can use it as a separate part so you have two twin beds. These were meant to keep the bed from rolling and I wanted them to protect the hardwood floor. That is not what I wanted. I wanted something that would slide and still hold the wheels in it so they wouldn't fall on the floor. I am not going to go back to the product description to find out if it was my mistake or if the description didn't make it clear. I have some wood cups with carpet on the bottom, I have two sets of four, and I have two office chairs with rollers in the cups. Those cops were made for rollers like an office chair and they slide easily across the floor without the chair wiggling. The cup sliders are too small to hold the rectangular shaped roller wheels on the frame. I need a product that will allow the rectangular roller wheels on the daybed to slide on the hardwood floor when you pull it out and push it back into its place under the frame of the daybed and under the top mattress.

👤My mother-in-law is in the hospital and we have hardwood floors. Taking care of her is difficult because the bed would move with the smallest push. The cups stop the wheels from moving. The bed won't budge an inch now, which is awesome. Before we put the cups on the bed, we had to make sure where we wanted it to be. It doesn't move anymore. I am very happy that it works.

👤If you have a bed frame on wheels and it slides away from the headboard, these little do-dads will fix it. The wheels are put in place on the floor by the rubber cubs. I made sure the wheels were in the horizonal position. The cups have been in use for a couple weeks now and my frame has been behaving perfectly!

8. Keter Bloomer Plastic Elevated Graphite

Keter Bloomer Plastic Elevated Graphite

The product is made of Polypropylene. The dimensions are 14.75” x (W) 14.75” x (H) 13. There are no tools required for assembly. There is an optional bottom insert. Black is the color. The dimensions are 32. 3 in. L x 7 in. W x 7 in. H. Water gauge indicates when plants need more water. The watering system can be opened or closed. The full watering system has a water reservoIR to prevent root decay. Easy assembly. Simple assembly with instructions. It's perfect for use as an herb garden or balcony planter.

Brand: Keter

👤I have no idea what I'm doing, but for some strange reason I got the urge to garden for the first time in my life. I don't want to make a garden in my yard until I know if it's a passing fancy or not. I bought this for my deck. I planted herbs plants from the home depot. They've all exploded after about a month. I bought another one and planted a bunch of plants, including chives, jalapenos, regular basil, lemon balm, and white tea. Excellent success. This is getting out of hand as I've purchased a total of 4. I'm happy with my tea garden and my strawberry planter is lush after only 2 weeks. Is this what happens when you reach 30? Are you excited about planters and herbs? I can now make pho without going to the grocery store, so I'm happy. These things are easy to use. The self- watering feature and little floaty leaf are great for beginners. It was easy to setup. The whole thing feels cheap and flimsy, but it works perfectly so I can't complain much. It looks pretty nice, but it is a little bit cheap. I think these things are great. I would definitely recommend them. They're rather spendy, but they're half the price at home depot.

👤Good quality and sturdy. We put wheels on it so it would roll. I haven't planted anything yet.

👤I enjoy a nice exposure to the south with my bay window. In my early years, I was a landscaper, and still do some for friends and family, along with my entire condo complex that covers a block. I was looking for something to grow in my garden without the flower pots. I chose to go small first and now want two, side by side. Assembly is easy and the directions are straightforward. I love the drain spout as if I go on a trip, my plant watcher doesn't have to worry about water on the floor as if the floater is high, the planter is fine. It's an easy way to drain water. Peppers, tomatoes, and carrots are growing. I highly recommend! The farm is always being tended to.

👤This thing is awesome. The black one is very cute and I chose it for my deck. It has a nice wood grain look and it is easy to put together and it has easy to understand instructions. It's also pretty strong. I plan to grow herbs outside in the winter so I can stop spending so much money on grocery store bunches of herbs I never use up. That is a good size, but not huge. I think I'm going to be able to grow about 10 bunches of herbs in it. If you are planning to grow a lot, you may need more than one. I really like this thing. The water indicator and little planter are perfect. The extra water collects in the bottom but doesn't just pour out, which is great because 1) I don't want dirty water all over my deck and 2) the water can be saved for re-watering. The plastic is very nice and doesn't look cheap. This almost looks like stained wood panels and will be much easier to clean and last forever without maintenance, even though I only like wood, metal, etc. This is a cute piece for being plastic and I'm picky about decor items. Thanks to the manufacturer for building a good quality planter, it's a definite buy. The little shelf underneath hides our ugly deck light switch and holds my watering can and citronella candles. Awesome! Thank you so much!

9. Vegetable Thickened Nonwoven Reinforced Planting

Vegetable Thickened Nonwoven Reinforced Planting

If you have a problem with their products, please feel free to contact them, they will reply you in 24 hours. Your 100% satisfaction is their pursuit. Garnen's 10 gallon grow bags are one of the best choices for growing plants. They have many advantages over pots and plastic containers. Plants grown in them will be safe to eat. They are great for growing fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, flowers, herbs, salad leaves, peas, and many more. Garnen's grow bags drain water well and are Breathable. The porous fabric allows air to move. It will make the plant's root system stronger. The fabric bag is able to drain excess water. The bag has retractable hands. The 260g nonwoven fabric is heavy-duty. The nylon handles are reinforced. They are weather resistant, tear resistant, and can be used for many growing seasons. Whether you want to grow your plants on a patio, deck, or indoors, moving is not an issue with Garnen's grow bags. The handles make it easy to carry plants. They can be folded up and stacked in a shed during the off season. Their limited lifetime warranty is backed by their experienced and dedicated USA based customer service.

Brand: Fosmon

👤The depth is perfect for tomato and pepper plants, and this product is the way to go if you need containers that can be moved. Definitely recommend!

👤Some peppers, herbs and tomatoes can be grown in these. It is very easy to use and move. They are holding up well so far.

👤These bags are sturdy and great for my tomato plants.

👤These were bought for tomato plants that were getting too big for the starter pots. These work well and drain well. Don't worry about over watering. They are large and easy to move around with a bit of dirt. Will definitely be ordering more.

👤I like to have my plants on my porch. My herbs are doing well.

👤The idea of being able to move as needed was a real plus. While filling with soil, I noticed how well made it was and am expecting it to last. Thanks.

👤My rose loves the bag has enough room for a young Rose that started in a one gallon container.

👤Garnen is made in China.

10. VegTrug RHP6007GW USA Planter Pocket

VegTrug RHP6007GW USA Planter Pocket

If the performance of their bags does not meet your expectations, please contact them immediately, they will reply within 4 hours, to ensure your satisfaction! There are pockets where you can grow 8 different herbs. The flat pack is easy to build. No more bending or kneeling. It's ideal for the elderly and wheelchair users. All your herbs can be grown in one place.

Brand: Vegtrug

👤The product looks great after I received it today. After use, I can update my review. I can't find a way to contact the seller through Amazon or the packaging. The lower shelf is supposed to attach at each side, but the shelf is about an inch too short. Structural strength is dependent on the attachment. I would like to hear from the manufacturer or seller about a replacement shelf. The assembly was very easy.

👤Very nice. We waterproofed the wood so it doesn't wear out too soon. Is described.

👤My husband did it in 30 minutes. We put it on the windy side of the house in the sun and it is still in perfect condition. Not blown over and won't. We are growing a lot of different things in it, including parsley, basil, and chives. They all did well. I water every day because the bins are lined with weed mat and they dry out quickly, but it doesn't bother the plants at all. The water does run straight through, so if you are thinking about it indoors, maybe don't. The color is sturdy and cute. It was a great investment.

👤The planting areas are large enough for a deck herb garden. The mesh liners do a good job of keeping the plants dry.

👤The liner was not in the sealed box. I can't get a response from the seller. I need a liner.

👤The holes that were supposed to be put together did not align. I could have fixed it by drilling more holes. It should be right to start.

👤I bought this because I moved to a smaller place with a limited yard. My normal ground garden was no longer an option. I got this for my patio. It is easy to assemble, as you only need an Allen wrench in the package. It might be suggested to use a drill at times, but you don't really need a drill at all. It is what I wanted for the money. It's bigger than the pictures make it seem, but it's not huge. The individual slots are the right size for a few herbs. I wouldn't plant anything like Rosemary bushes, but things like basil, mint,thyme, and so on will be found for it.

👤It is easy to assemble. I have to figure out how to keep the water out of my floors but it looks great in my space.

👤It's easy to assemble and it looks nice. I'm not happy with the wood. It's the cheapest wood the company could find. It doesn't think it will last for more than 2 years. Maybe that was their intent. The wood is rotting under the fabric. I don't like buying things again because I like them to last longer.

👤My grandma loves it because it was bought as a Mother's Day gift. Her friends are asking where she got her gift after she posted it on Facebook. She got a flourishing little garden table after sending some herb seeds.

11. Harvest Planting Vegetables Breathable Nonwoven

Harvest Planting Vegetables Breathable Nonwoven

Why to choose grow bags? High quality non-woven fabric can ensure the air circulation, let the roots get more oxygen to breathe freely, and also ensure that excess water can be quickly discharged, avoidingbacterial reproduction and root rot caused by excessive watering. The potato planter bag is suitable for indoor and outdoor planting. It is ideal for any outdoor space. They can be used to plant many vegetables. Unique Design The bag has a reinforced left and right side. The Grow bag has a window that can quickly and accurately determine whether potatoes are ripe and ready to be picked. When a vegetable is finished, you can plant another vegetable. They can be folded and stored.

Brand: Nicheo

👤Our soil is AWFUL, I live in the greater Houston, TX area. Sand and clay. I don't have a room anymore, so I didn't want a big garden. I wanted to grow a few things. These planter bags are durable. Sturdy, easy to move around with the handles even when there is a lot of dirt. Thanks! Can't wait to use the trap door.

👤I received my order for the garden boxes. I was looking for a gardening item like this but it was way out of my price range. I put one of them to use so that I could determine if the product will deliver the result I was looking for. I need items that will work for an inexperienced user, so I am just starting out. I planted some potatoes. I had a small sweet potato plant one week later. The plant has grown strong and there is some root activity. I love my garden box. The garden box is strong. I have been rained on at least 6 times and I water my plant often. I plan to order more sets. This item makes gardening easy. I am loving this product.

👤If you put soil and water in them, they will leak.

👤Sorry, but not what I was expecting. It would make a mess of my deck.

👤These just arrived. You have to be kidding. These are supposed to be planters. They're just grocery bags with a window on the side that's probably going to let dirt fall over the place. They're cheap and bad. I'm printing the return label when I get here.

👤I got them yesterday. My input is limited. I'm excited to get them. They are bigger than I think. I need to move myself because I am 75. These will be perfect. I am going to grow potatoes inside this winter. We will see what happens.

👤Works well. Be sure to check the soil regularly.

👤We raised potatoes in these bags and they worked well. When we decided to put the potatoes in a different spot at the harvest time, it was easy to sort them out in a wheelbarrow. We washed them out and they look great for next year. It was fun to raise a garden.

👤I returned them. Big bags made out of felt were used to grow a potato plant. No instructions. If you want a garden bed, I would buy a big planting pot. It would be more durable than this option.

👤I was going to use the growbag until next year, but I discovered that onions in the garden are starting to grow bulbs in the fall, when we have a chance for snow. I brought the small onion bulbs that I started from seed indoors and put them in a 7 gallon grow bag. I will probably move half of the grow bag to another one later on. I had to fold the top because it was too deep. I can see through the clear sections that some mature onions are good size. That would be cool!


What is the best product for best choice raised garden bed on wheels?

Best choice raised garden bed on wheels products from Vegtrug. In this article about best choice raised garden bed on wheels you can see why people choose the product. Foyuee and Mr. Stacky are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice raised garden bed on wheels.

What are the best brands for best choice raised garden bed on wheels?

Vegtrug, Foyuee and Mr. Stacky are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice raised garden bed on wheels. Find the detail in this article. Active Gear Guy, Boogie Brew and Ogrmar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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