Best Best Choice Raised Garden Bed 72x24x30

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1. Pure Garden 50 LG5010 Planter Container

Pure Garden 50 LG5010 Planter Container

It's easy to set up. The space saving standing planter is easy to put together and can be raised. This decorative planter adds a personal touch to your garden, patio, deck, or outdoor entryways. Adding a lattice pattern to the sides of the container will make the planter look better. The lightweight plant box has a sleek black finish and is strong and sturdy. Simply snap it together. This planter is maintenance free and can hold flowers in grow pots or faux plants. The t shaped bottom of the boat drain water while delivering oxygen to plant roots, so no more worrying about water accumulating. There is a bottom intrusion. The planter has an optional bottom insert that provides drainage, so you can add flowers directly into the box. Simply drill additional holes if more drainage is required. The product is made of Polypropylene. The dimensions are 14.75” x (W) 14.75” x (H) 13. There are no tools required for assembly. There is an optional bottom insert. Black is the color.

Brand: Pure Garden

👤These look great next to my glider. I don't know if my photo shows that, but they are bright white. They are not high quality, but from a few feet away they look good. I placed a brick in the bottom and put a plant on top to keep the pot from blowing away. They are light and should not be left out in the wind without a plant. Assembly only took a few minutes and no swearing.

👤It was perfect. It's easy to put together. We were looking for a way to keep our plants from being knocked over. It was better than expected.

👤I was hoping for a garden box planter. I am returning it because there is a mess on the outside of the box where the plastic was injected to make the part. There is no hiding this spot. The plastic was contaminated with black material. The panels are wavy and didn't line up correctly. The pictures online make this product look better than it is. Someone thinks I might have received a faulty unit. The pictures are attached. Very disappointed. I will be shopping this order of two units back. I was really disappointed with the pictures I received.

👤This is cheap and cute. It's easy to assemble. The "X" bottom won't support heavy weight, but the easiest fix is a round patio stone. The box is secured wherever it's placed by being set inside the four feet. The manufacturer might suggest that on the direction sheet. There is a small mark on each side of the injection mold. I will ask them to leave if they come to my house and look at this planter closely. I'm going to buy another planter.

👤These are great! It sits a little lower than the picture shows, because it is propped up with boards underneath to be higher in the box. This doesn't have a bottom to plant directly. The planter basket is inside. It has a cross design on the bottom to support the basket's weight. We love them! Will purchase more for the backyard.

👤These planters are easy to assemble. The clean white color matches our trim.

👤Totally not what I thought. The reviews should have been read by me. I was expecting a planter. I wanted a potted plant, but it was not what I wanted. Not the best quality.

👤Flimsy? I was not expecting it to perform like others at 5 X the cost. Two rum and cokes were all that was needed to assemble. I will probably use liquid nails on the inside of the planter as I don't want to disassemble it in the future. I live in a town and am always cautious. If this thing is missing or broken, I only have $25 left. I contemplated using liquid nails to attach this to a flagstone paver to make them stronger. I was expecting a milk crate when I bought it. I am happy with both of them.

👤No se acumula tierra abajo por estar levantada del piso. A hubiera to un poco ms grande.

2. 36inx50ft 19gauge Hardware Galvanized Raccoons

36inx50ft 19gauge Hardware Galvanized Raccoons

It's easy to assemble. The raised garden bed is very easy to put together and is very stable. Hardware and instruction are included. The holes are 1/2 inch and can be used to protect your garden fruits and vegetables from rodents. The 1/2 inch openings would have to be very small. In the area of Wisconsion, Colorado, Cal kings, small baby copperhead snakes and rattle snakes come for damage. Before installing a fence, dig a shallow trench to make sure it's partially underground. 1/2 inch hardware cloth is ideal for snake fence, opossum rehab cages, chicken coops run,rabbit fencing, flower beds, wide gutter guard, fruit trees, vegetable garden, and to keep out small creatures such as voles, gophors, racoons. This can be used to protect vegetables and flower roots from animals. It can be used to make baskets. It is very rust proof. Double zinc coated hardware cloth has a long life. The material is not stiff and easy to lay down and cut with a wire cutter. Don't let the gophers in the vegetable garden. If you want to use this material for something else, leave it in a roll with a hack saw and cut the chain link fence in half. The mesh solved issues with snakes, gophor, and other creatures living under the deck. If you want to use this material for something else, leave it in a roll with a hack saw and cut the chain link fence in half. The mesh solved issues with snakes, gophor, and other creatures living under the deck.

Brand: Amagabeli Garden & Home

👤The price is a great value. The hardware cloth is easy to work with, as it is not as stiff as some other brands. Hardware cloth should be predator proof and I used it to cover a brooder. I posted a picture of a brooder. If a rat busts through the hardware cloth and gets my girls, I will update this review. No predator was able to get my baby chick.

👤I bought a hardware cloth for my chicken pen. It lives up to its reputation. I am watching to see how the fencing wears in the hot weather of SW FL. I covered the portion of the ground that I inherited with the help of the pavers that I ran along the bottom of the cloth. The zip ties were much easier to use than the rabbit clips. I can easily replace the zip ties if they were out. The ends of cut ties are very sharp, my husband said, so I left the ties original length.

👤I read reviews for several brands of 1/2 inch hardware cloth and decided on Amagabeli. I needed at least 50 feet of the 3 and 4 feet wide rolls. I used this to make a chicken run, and I didn't have any problems with either roll. The 3 foot wide roll was shipped in a box, but the 4 foot wide roll was shipped as a bag. I was concerned that the wider roll might have been banged around during transit, but there was no damage. I didn't see any broken welds or stretched sections. I found this on Amazon.

👤Attaching this to our vinyl fencing and used steel ties worked well to keep animals out of our garden. The 19 gauge wire was easy to work with and the squirrel who got in before we finished the project was hilarious.

👤The product arrived on time. I have used 40 feet of the 50 foot roll and it is what I wanted, even though I didn't get to use it right away. 40 lineal feet were installed into the raised garden beds. I will purchase another roll from Amagabeli once I finish installing this one. The wire is the same color as some products, but not as heavily coated. I liked that feature. It's much easier to cut and shape than it is to be completely galvanized. The hardware cloth has a nice appearance. I was contacted by the company to see if I was happy. I am. The Amazon price went up after I ordered another roll of hardware cloth. I contacted the sellers and inquired as to why, was immediately promised a refund on the additional price since I had just previously purchased a roll. The refund was given the next day. I'm very satisfied with Amagabeli.

👤This is being used to build a large chicken house. It was used this morning to cover the window and the air conditioning ductwork around the top of the building. They put some on the ground to deter digging. This is less expensive than the brand that my local farm supply store carries, and they don't have it in 50' rolls. I would be paying $85 for 5 10' rolls instead of $50. Why pay more when the quality is the same? It was easy to work with. I will be buying this product again from Amazon. If I can help it, I won't be buying any other brands again.

3. Punada Premium Protection Reusable Anti UV

Punada Premium Protection Reusable Anti UV

Plant cover can be used to protect your plants from the sun and heat, as well as prevent frost and snow damage on plants in winter, and keep plant away from insects. Their winter plant covers can cover a large area. You can use a row of sticks to support the plant covers or you can choose the cover for a bed of plants. It's a great choice to prevent frost and snow on plants. Soft durable material and UV resistance. Their plant covers are made of solid fabric that can be used outside. It's a great choice to keep plants away from insects. The fabric can be used for a long time with proper care and can be used again and again. The plant covers are Breathable and can protect plants from UV damage and allow air and water to reach the plants. The best after-sale service. Their priority is your satisfaction. If this plant cover didn't work for you, please contact them. There is no risk purchase here. They want to offer you the best after sale service. You can have a try and enjoy it.

Brand: Punada

👤This is an update to our previous review. Punada was quick to contact us to offer apologies, a refund of our purchase price, and a free Shrub Jacket, which they believe will work better for our conditions, after reading our review. We are not able to try out the Shrub Jacket because we will not get any more freezes in Phoenix. We raised our review from one star to three stars because the vendor provided great service after trying the freeze covers. The plant covers did not work for us so we went to 3 stars. The seller stood by their product so we could recommend Punada. We live in the suburbs of Phoenix. The covers went over the plants completely and were directed to go down to the ground. The rock held the bottom of the covers to the ground. We had three days of near freeze and one day of 30 degrees that produced a light frost. The plants had frost damage despite the effort to cover them. We can only conclude that the covers do not protect against frost damage because some of our neighbors did not cover their plants.

👤Price point: 4/5 Quality/design/Durability: 5/5 Need/ability: 2.55 Recommendation/Giftable Factor: 4/5 Some solutions have helped but have not solved the issue. I bought a mesh to cover the plants. The cover mesh works to keep the sun out and the cold out. It's nice to extend your garden season so you can plant early and harvest late. If I didn't already have this set up for the bug/bird mesh screen, I wouldn't buy this just to have frost kept out of my entire garden. Measure your garden to allow a little less than the size of this to put weight at the bottom. The material is of good quality. I recommend the product to those looking for a similar need to mine.

👤I absolutely love this product. It will work well for frost, but not a hard freeze. It protects plants from frost and light freezes. The product is 24 feet wide and 8 feet tall. I made a light framework to support the garden row. I plan to use it to cover a row of tomato plants if we have some cool weather this fall. I plan to buy more pepper plants to keep them going longer. I thought I would try it this summer to keep the Japanese beetles out of the grapes, but it turned out that the size will be right for the grape trellis. It should let the light and rain in while keeping pests out. I was very impressed with the material it was made of. I will buy more soon.

👤It's not good for daytime use. I recommend that you remove this cloth early in the morning as it doesn't allow enough sunlight to penetrate and your plants may die if you do.

👤There is a generous amount of material. It's easy to cut to the size you need. I haven't had a below 30 night since purchasing, but my seedlings have done very well. The sprinklers run at night, which means less watering during the day. I made hoops so the fabric doesn't get wet. I stapled the cover. I'm interested to see how the season goes. I will do a follow up review after that.

4. Land Guard Galvanized Planter Vegetables

Land Guard Galvanized Planter Vegetables

If you want to use this material for something else, leave it in a roll with a hack saw and cut the chain link fence in half. The mesh solved issues with snakes, gophor, and other creatures living under the deck. Each raised metal garden bed has a size. The raised garden beds outdoor are made of Q195 galvanized metal sheet, double-layer anti-corrosion galvanizing and oval structure, which is more beautiful, can resist greater pressure at the interface, and is not easy to loose. The galvanized stock tank is easy to set up and assemble. The planter raised garden bed metal galvanized is designed with an open base, which can effectively prevent water accumulation and decay, protect the roots of plants, and allow the roots to better absorb nutrients. The galvanized planter galvanized sheet has a double thickness of 0.78mm and the thickest part can reach 1.56mm, which is extremely stable. It will be the right choice for you compared to the ordinary rectangular elevated garden bed. buy it!

Brand: Land Guard

👤My wife is an avid gardener, having had gardens since the year we were married over 30 years ago, and I have built a number of raised garden beds out of brick and wood, but this was way easier to set up, taking only 20 minutes apiece. You just put them on the ground, fill them with dirt, and plant them. The planters are not heavy gage metal, but they are more than good enough to last for years, and if you buy 2, you can set up one longer garden and a smaller round garden with the supplied pieces. The longer garden will need an external stake to support the sides until it is filled with dirt, but we liked the idea of having two smaller beds.

👤Beware of children! Our daughter's friend jumped in one and sliced her leg, it was 4 inches across and an inch deep. I don't know if I will keep these or what to do to protect the kids. There is an update. Now that the soil is in the spots, they should work well with kids. These are sturdy and I like them.

👤I have bought raised garden beds here. I wanted to go with this kind of thing from now on. Everything was locked into place when I attached them. The galvanized nuts and screws on the panels make them impervious to the weather. This raised garden bed is perfect. If you buy these beds, leave them out for a couple weeks to see if they adapt to the weather and if there is anything new. I wouldn't worry about that because you have 30 days to return here. I want to see if you have any rusts. You will never know if the paint falls off unless you test it. After a couple weeks, mine is solid and looks the same so I can get it ready. It is easier to move it around if you put it in the right place. Pull it on the grass and it might tear your grass up. Quality is excellent.

👤I was able to assemble them by myself in 45 minutes. There's no film attached. I was able to bend the end back with a pliers and tighten it down to the next piece to make sure it didn't hit the corner of a couple pieces. I bought two kits with two 8x4 beds. You can compare shipping weights to other products, they're all the same. It had machine screws and square nuts. You only need a power screwdriver if you're not familiar with assembly of similar items. I used my fingers to hold the nut. They should be dry fit and not tight. If the holes don't line up, it's because the purchaser skipped dry fitting. They're a little bendy when assembled but solid when filled. I put mine into long beds and rounds. The double kit can make two 8x4s, a 12x4 and a 4 ft round, or a 6x4 and a 10x4. The sides are 2 feet in length. I filled mine with dried branches, followed by a mixture of plants and shredded wood chips. The dirt was dug out and set aside before I put the beds in. I'll be able to plant in the spring and this will be rich dirt for a couple of seasons. I'm very happy with my purchase.

5. Planket Frost Protection Plant Rectangular

Planket Frost Protection Plant Rectangular

The best after-sale service. Their priority is your satisfaction. If this plant cover didn't work for you, please contact them. There is no risk purchase here. They want to offer you the best after sale service. You can have a try and enjoy it. Plant blanket helps protect plants from cold weather. It covers up to 200 square feet. The best way to secure to ground is with 14 built-in grommets along the edge. It's lightweight, but durable and folds up nicely for easy storage. The 6 ft. is one of the available sizes. A round, 8 feet. A round of 10 feet. 10 ft. x 20 ft. Roll.

Brand: The Planket

👤Zone 11 is where I live. I bought a couple of 10x20 rectangles. The winter has been very cold. In November, the temperature dropped into the 40's and hovered around 30's for weeks at night. I have put up and taken down almost every day. I left planket for 5 days. I used tall stakes, clothesline clips, heavy duty office clips and pool noodles to hold the planket away from the plants. I weighted it down with bricks and planters. I haven't had any damage from the cold. It can get too hot if the sun gets through it. The blanket is light weight and can be torn by thorns. If caught on a nail, screw, or thorn, the fabric can pull apart in a tear. It still works even though it has been damaged. Water can get through it and weigh it down. I staked it out from the plant because it is a plastic material and will transmit cold to the plant. When the temperatures went so cold, I had these on hand. I will be buying a few more for next season to cover my small greenhouse for more insulation, and to protect the seedlings I have started this year. I will be smarter next year and make sure I use against a wall of house to give height and act as another side to the planket. My umbrellas tipped over too often. I didn't receive anything for this review.

👤I used the larger rectangular version of Planket before and had good luck, so I thought it would be great for the flower bed. The day after a cold front had rolled in with high winds, we discovered that this wasn't the case. We secured the product in the flower bed using standard landscape staplers, but once the wind got a hold of it, the eyelets were ripped right out of the product, leaving it blowing in the wind. This turned out to be a waste of money. The rectangular product is so large that the eyelets need to be closer together, especially on the ends, as it provides some good frost protection.

👤It doesn't come with the stakes. It catches the wind even if you weigh it down. I bought this tarp so that I wouldn't have to clean my sheets every time there is a freeze. To keep the tarp from flying off in the wind, I had to use the comforter and sheets. It tried to fly off with my linens, even though it caught wind. I had to stake it with tent stakes but also weigh the edges down with yard ornaments, empty pots, and other items, and it still caught the wind. I don't think this will keep a single plant from freezing if all the cold air is trapped beneath. I don't think it will save a plant when it's too busy flying off in the wind, dragging my linens and patio ornaments with it. I need something large enough to cover several plants, so I am devastated that I have encountered these issues. I had high hopes for these. The size is perfect. It was back to square one with using bed sheets. The delivery was quicker than I expected, and the tarps came with great plastic storage bags.

6. Gilbert Bennett YARDGARD 308247B Galvanized

Gilbert Bennett YARDGARD 308247B Galvanized

The 6 ft. is one of the available sizes. A round, 8 feet. A round of 10 feet. 10 ft. x 20 ft. Roll. There are dozens of uses including coverings for window and screen doors, tree guards, drain, gutter, under eaves, soil sifters, and much more. The quality fencing product is welded and has a double zinc coating for rust resistance. Hot dipped galvanized hardware cloth is heavy duty. The size of garden cloth is 24 inches by 50 feet.

Brand: Yardgard

👤It's probably my fault. I thought I had ordered a heavier mesh. I was excited when the product arrived, especially after Mama Skunk and her kits drove out the black snakes and groundhogs this past summer. Ten yards of trenching a foot deep and a foot wide, masonry anchors, mesh laid in an L shape to avoid backfilling, and a dozen yards of horizontal trenching. I am not sure if I have ever taken pride in a maintenance project, but it was miserable in the heat. The wildlife cam shows that the big rabbit with teeth like pliers tried to get me to the porch, but I was able to repel him. You can see the picture for yourself. The product isn't the right gauge to stop large rabbits with teeth like razors, the way they are down here in Virginia. Rabbits don't hibernate, but they do have an eye for a comfy den in a nice neighborhood where the rents are reasonable. I have a good deal left and will use it in an appropriate way. This engagement was lost. The war continues. I need to get the animal out of the way before I invest in armor and retrench. I'll tell you about the big Punxsutawney Phil someday. This is a two-front war.

👤We used this to keep the snakes, bunnies, mice, and toads out of our deck. It was buried a few inches down. It was easy to manage using gloves. Heavy duty wire shears were used to cut it. I wanted to make it difficult for the snakes to continue living under the deck because I didn't want them to sunbathe in the gardens surrounding my deck. I have used this product on my chickens and it keeps everything out.

👤There were strands missing in 20' out of the 50' roll. There was no way to know until I fastened it. I won't order again because it's not worth asking for a refund, so I'll make it work this time. I would think that 1/2" would work well and not have the same issue.

👤The rattlesnake bit the nose of the man. Our sheds arelevated on blocks and may be the culprit. The open area under the shed can be solved with this hardware cloth. We put a cloth along the bottom of the shed and did a 90 degree turn after clearing all the grass. Gravel was used to cover the cloth. The snakes will not be able to hide under our sheds. This was a cost effective way to save our pup. Some plants may be protected from the bunnies with the left over material.

👤An antique bookcase secretary desk was recently restored by me. I decided to take it to a more industrial look and feel instead of replacing the glass because it was missing the front glass. I'm very happy that I did. Everyone loved the hardware cloth on the doors and I made a killing on this piece. After polishing my handles to a beautiful brass color, I sprayed a hardware cloth with brass colored paint to tie them together. It turned out really well. I have a lot of it left. It was a great value for the unique touch.

7. Greenhouse Sunblock UV Resistant Protection Gromments

Greenhouse Sunblock UV Resistant Protection Gromments

The garden shade cloth is made of high density polyethylene, which is different from ordinary plant cover nets. It has anti-aging,corrosion main features, which are applicable for livestock housing, poultry buildings, greenhouses, hoop structures, barns, and more. 6 ft x 20 ft / 2*6 M, 16 Ball Bungees. UNIQUE DESIGN Their plant shade cloth comes with enough Bungee Balls, it has taped edge with 2 grommets on every meter. It is easy to cover on top of the pergola skylights patio for shade, or hang it on the porch balcony railing for privacy, more stable than others. UV PROTETION: The black shade cloth blocks up to 90% of the sun and is great for keeping the heat out of the sun on pergola patio deck. Keep the air fresh and allow hot air to be pushed out of the shade fabric and water to come through. You can clean with a garden hose. Plant cover can be used to protect your plants from the sun and heat, as well as prevent frost and snow damage on plants in winter, and keep plant away from insects.

Brand: Smartelf

👤The mesh is very thin. The mesh material had holes that looked like they had been used. I bought the Shatex 90% Shade Fabric Sun Shade Cloth with Grommets for pergola cover canopy 6' x 10', black for the same price I paid for the cheapo shade cloth I returned. The Shatex is a heavy duty material. I think the product is quality.

👤Unevenly made. There are groups of 3 grommets near each other, then a long distance, and then 2 next to each other. I don't know if someone bought it, added more grommets, and then returned it, but it's not a nice product. It is smaller than advertised. The HomeABC shade cloth is listed as having the same dimensions, but that one hangs 6 inches longer. I will replace this with another one from the other seller.

👤It was worried that it wouldn't be able to stand up to the weather and wind. We would give it a try. It was pleasantly surprised. We wanted to block the sun from hitting our patio, but we can still see through it. The day after we put it up, there was a very windy rainy storm, places under the patio that usually doesn't get rain was very wet. The Shade Cloth held up well.

👤The first one had a whole in the net at the edge of the black plastic. The stitching was close to the black plastic. The hole was long. I sent both back because I didn't open the other one.

👤The product is high quality. It is strong and durable. It was easy to use. This is a good size, with lots of grommets and the sun net stopped the turf from burning. The bonus balls kept the cloth in place. I think it's a good value for the money.

👤I wanted to buy more Agfabric shade cloth, but the size I wanted was out of stock. I was disappointed with the quality of the smartelf I bought. It says it blocks out 70% of the light, but it's more sure than the ag fabric. Some photos were posted by me. The Agfabric has more holes than the trim, but it is a lower quality. So disappointing! I need that size so I am not returning it. I am disappointed.

👤We bought this for a reason - to keep our dogs from seeing the squirrels on the patio doors. The material is very thin, so it didn't work. The material was not raveled from the edge seam when we took it out of the package. The material was un raveling and it was see through. The material on Amazon was misleading.

👤I have a canopy with 2 shade walls. We wanted a shade wall for the canopy. I ordered this one thinking it might be similar to the Shatex shade walls that are completely out of stock. It is not close to the quality of a shade wall. These walls are made of black mesh. There is a wall that has a shade rating of 90%. It is possible that it is 50% but that is not certain.

8. Sunnydaze Galvanized 40 Inch Hexagon Vegetables

Sunnydaze Galvanized 40 Inch Hexagon Vegetables

There are 1 tips. Please do not use this product to test the water or other liquids. 2. The probe may be damaged by soil that is too hard. 3. Their products are not suitable for sandy soils. 4. After use, wipe the probe. Don't leave it in the soil for a long time. 5. If you have a question, please contact them. Optimal outdoor placement. The box is 40 inches long from corner to corner, 36 inches wide, and 16 inches tall, and it's perfect for a backyard, patio, or other outdoor area. Corrugated rectangular galvanized steel is more stable than wood or plastic beds. The raised garden frame is easy to use, just place the kit above the ground, add soil, and watch your plants grow. Good root development and growth is encouraged by raised bed brackets. The manufacturer's warranty is one year for worry-free purchasing.

Brand: Sunnydaze

👤The product is easy to assemble. I painted them with a finish that washammered. I can't plant anything in the ground because my grass is bald and there is no topsoil in the corner of the yard. These were nice deep for evergreen shrubs because most raised beds are only 12 inches.

👤I received and assembled 6 of the raised bed planters, two each of the square, rectangular and hexagonal footprints. They seem to be of good quality. The corrugated panels were crimped to eliminate the sharp edge, the pre-drilled holes had enough tolerance for easy assembly, and the galvanizing looked good. An electric screwdriver with a bit to match the special screws and a 3/8 inch screwdriver sockets were some of the tools that came in handy. The allen wrench is included in the package and it goes well with these tools. The galvanizing looks good, but it's too soon to tell how these will hold up to Central Florida's climate. I will update this review after a while.

👤There is a two story house in Concord, Ca. There is a tree and dirt in front of us. The area was upgraded with the Garden Bed. It worked out well. The trim was added around the top. There is a The raised garden can be seen by anyone walking down the path. We are very pleased with how it turned out. The packaging was light and small. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤We love raised beds. I can't wait for them to come back in stock and buy more. They are good quality, easy to assemble, good sized, don't bow out when filled and hold a lot of plants. Our hugulkultur is filled with tree limbs, dried leaves, cardboard, soil and compost to avoid the soil expense. The design looks good and adds flair to the garden.

👤The flower bed is gorgeous. It was very easy to put together a job of this size. It was easy after the first 2 panels were started. I decided to screw all the panels together first, then add the corners on the top, flip it, and then do the bottom, because I wanted to do it all at once. It made more sense that way. I think it looks great. I hid the weed barrier I had placed on the ground by adding the rocks around the bottom. The bad boy is not going away. It was the perfect height to sit on a scooter and garden, and it was very flexible with my yard. I think the price is a bit high, but I am happy with it for a single purchase. I think it will last a long time. I hope so!

👤A raised garden container. It is fairly sturdy. I am certain that when filled with dirt, it will be even stronger. It is easy to put together. I took a photo to show how big it is. You can fit a lot of veggies or flowers. I suggest we put cardboard down. It will help keep weeds down. Weed block material doesn't work. I am excited to start my garden.

9. Stackable Strawberry Flower Vegetable Planter

Stackable Strawberry Flower Vegetable Planter

Eco-friendly coating provide a healthy environment for plants and humans. Patented flow through design saves water, saves space, and grows more. It's made of food safe Polypropylene and just needs to water it. It's great for growing strawberries, herbs, flowers, and Succulents. The 5 Mr Stacky Planters Plus Bottom Saucer has a capacity of 25 quarts. It was easy to garden. The ideal gift is made in the USA.

Brand: Mr. Stacky

👤I'm using them to grow strawberries and pineberries because they are a great space saver. The only issue I had with the stack was keeping track of what was water and how much it was. I used Mr Stacky and some Home Depot parts to create my own solution to water.

👤I bought this to start my garden. I ran a pipe through the center holes and put the whole thing on top of a bucket to raise it off the ground. My herbs are growing fast. The cups are great for having different plants in one place. I get a lot of compliment on my setup. It's a good recommendation!

👤I like this product, because I bought two of them, but I realized that unless you put it in a place that gets sun all around it, one side doesn't get the sun it needs. I would suggest that you put a mixture of plants on one side for full sun and the other side for partial sun or shade plants. I like the idea of saving water. You have to put water in the first two tiers to make sure all plants get watered, pouring water on the top is awesome, but you have to put water in the first two tiers to make sure all plants get watered. The plastic is thick and interlocks well with each other. The catch plate can be used to catch excess water, however you have to remove all the containers of plants from it and then put them back on, because you have to lift the plants and put them back on again. It's hard to do it with all the containers attached, so I usually take the first 4 tiers off and then lock the bottom one up, pour the water and then put the other containers back on the bottom one. At first, it was trial and error. It is a good idea to pack down your soil and mix it up again, because I am finding that it is not covering my plants, so I have to make more mix. I hope this helps. I think it would be great for strawberries, but I want people to be aware of the sun issue.

👤The product is cool, but could use a bit more strength. If you order this, make sure the base and tray portions are not cracked, otherwise it will be wobbly. When I assembled the product, filled it with dirt, and planted all my herbs, I realized that one of the tabs that holds the bottom row of pots to the watering tray was a small piece of loose plastic. I contacted customer service and they wouldn't give me a refund or send a replacement unless I shipped the old one back, which would have resulted in my herbs dying from being dug up and replanted. Just going to stick with the broken one.

👤I am happy with this planter. I put a post down the center as people had suggested. I bought a lazy susan on Amazon to place the planter on so that I can easily turn it for sun and watering. I placed filters on each level to keep the soil out of the big drainage holes. I use mini-pads. They help retain water in the planter levels. You could also use coffee filters. I am growing a few small herbs and leaf lettuce in mine. This would be pretty with a variety of flowers that do not require a large root area. I don't think there will be a problem with the bottom being too wet, as I don't plan on watering that much and there is drainage at the bottom saucer.

10. Classic Home Garden 70 Distressed

Classic Home Garden 70 Distressed

It was easy to garden. The ideal gift is made in the USA. The whiskey barrel planter has a Distressed Oak finish and antique pewter colored bands. A raised and weathered Placard done in the same color as bands adds character. The UV coated finish protects the color from fading. The high density construction is lightweight and durable. Delivery with drainage holes. The top diameter is 15 and the bottom is 9.

Brand: Classic Home And Garden

👤Excellent value and cute! I recommend some type of pots toes or feet to keep the drainage open and keep bugs out. I love my pots.

👤A beautiful planter! It looks sturdy despite being lightweight. I've decided to go low to NO maintenance this year, as with the Pandemic lockdown last year, my husband and I would prefer to use our extra time playing golf and having fun rather than maintaining struggling flowers in the 90+ Chicago summer heat. The faux flowers used in this Planter were purchased on Amazon. In case anyone is considering the same look. It is definitely worth the money. Two thumbs up!

👤The big ceramic pots are beautiful. I don't like trying to move them. They are very expensive. I checked the pots when they arrived after reading all the reviews. The first batches were in great shape and I ordered more. I have a nice edge to my deck that will be easy to take care of. They fit inside my portable greenhouse so I can get an earlier start on salad veggies.

👤The pot in the photos is actually a silver, but it looks like black. I wanted this to coordinate with the other barrel pots I have. It was easy to return to Amazon.

👤I was looking for a temporary solution until I decided on a more permanent plan. I was worried that the pots were weak and flimsy. They were what I was after. There are holes in the bottom for drainage. There was no damage from shipping. The price and appearance made me purchase it. I'm happy.

👤I bought two barrels for my backyard to be placed on either side of my picnic table and chairs. I haven't filled the barrels yet, but they are pretty, and I have placed empty barrels on either side of the table until I buy plants. I can't wait to see the end result, they look great, they are not heavy, and they have slots where water will drain out. I would buy again.

👤This is the same pot that you get filled with flowers for the same price or close to it at Lowe's. It is not attractive like a wooden barrel pot. I had to pay $7.50 to return the 2 pots. For anyone considering this item, please be aware. It was cheap, unattractive and expensive upon return.

👤There is nothing to dislike about this pot. I put a ugly pot with petunias into a cute whiskey barrel pot. Very pleased with the results. Plan to buy more. I bought a second one. These pots look great. It's a good price to show off the plants.

11. GADI Vegetables Galvanized Designed Cleaning

GADI Vegetables Galvanized Designed Cleaning

The size of garden cloth is 24 inches by 50 feet. The raised garden bed volume is 7 Cu. Ft. is a large area. You can grow plants in your yard, garden, greenhouse, and patio. It is built to last. The raised garden bed body made of steel plates galvanized layer is strong anti-rust to keep it looking its best for years to come. The open- bottom garden is built to prevent water rot and allow easy access to food and water. The removal of excess water can be accomplished by side ventilation. Plants should be kept healthy. It's easy to assemble. The raised garden bed is very easy to put together and is very stable. Hardware and instruction are included.

Brand: Gadi

👤This is great for the beginner gardener. I have a hard time planting. I thought I would take a shot as a raised bed because I have always wanted my own garden. The solution was perfect. The bed has a thin metal frame, which is easy to place in the ground, and it is secured nicely with a rubber mallet. It's so much easier to plant in when I filled it with my preferred easy grow soil. This is a very simple design, but it was very easy to build. It is easy to read and follow the instructions. It is light weight, easy to lift and move, but it has support beams across the middle to keep it from wobbling. I appreciate that this bed only uses two pieces of hardware and no tools, because I build all my own furniture and put things together all the time. You can tighten it by hand if you want, but I didn't find that necessary. Simple design, light weight and looks lovely!

👤I needed a quick place to sleep. This worked for the price. But putting it together didn't happen. It was impossible to assemble without buying my own hardware due to the fact that at least 2 of the nuts were not threaded properly. If you're short on space and patience, it's difficult to put together. I was trying to avoid the big box store, but now I have to go there. Either add extras or source better quality. Lego sends extras. Too much work to dismantle and come back.

👤It was easy to put together. I did it myself and it was easy. I am not sure if I like the wing nut bolts. We will see. I put the soil into the holder. It was easy to move around when put together. Time will tell if it will hold up in the weather.

👤The screws strip easily and there is no locking washers included. There is only one locking nut. The screws were loose when I carried them in the garden. The materials and design are nice, but there is more to it. If better hardware were included in the packaging, I would have given this a higher rating.

👤Vents on the sides make no sense to me. A lot of money wasted. Don't buy. I took them out of the big box that had two smaller boxes in each have not opened but one and put them together, but they suck. Save your money and buy a decent one, nothing like the ones I've bought before.

👤The item was damaged. Had to come back for the replacement. When the new one arrives, I will update my review.

👤I thought they were going to be bigger when I bought them. These are small. I decided to set them out where my garden normally is and they will give me more space to grow more vegetables. I am ready to purchase more of these to accommodate my vegetable garden needs as food prices go higher and current at a 13 year high.


What is the best product for best choice raised garden bed 72x24x30?

Best choice raised garden bed 72x24x30 products from Pure Garden. In this article about best choice raised garden bed 72x24x30 you can see why people choose the product. Amagabeli Garden & Home and Punada are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice raised garden bed 72x24x30.

What are the best brands for best choice raised garden bed 72x24x30?

Pure Garden, Amagabeli Garden & Home and Punada are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice raised garden bed 72x24x30. Find the detail in this article. Land Guard, The Planket and Yardgard are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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