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1. Greesum GS 3RCS8BG Pieces Outdoor Furniture

Greesum GS 3RCS8BG Pieces Outdoor Furniture

A complete tool kit will help you assemble the chair. The assemble process will not take much time. It is comfortable and convenient. The soft cushion on the sturdy rattan can offer a perfect use experience. The set whole weight is light, you can easily move it to any suitable place. A user friendly design includes a soft cushion, spacious seat, strong chair frame and light material. It is fashion due to its look and light material. It is comfortable due to its soft cushion. You can use the item to have a chat with your family in the garden or put it in the porch. It is suitable for decorating the yard and not taking up a lot of space. Sturdy anddurable. The chair set is made of high quality rattan wicker which can face all weather and is treated with anti rust and anti-corrosion to ensure its longer service life. It's easy to assemble. Installation instructions and a complete tool kit can make assembling it easy.

Brand: Greesum

👤It took a long time to assemble, much smaller than pictured. It was not what we expected.

👤Some holes did not line up as they should.

👤The set came with no screws at all. There is no one. I had to go to the hardware store to get all of them. There were instructions for 32 screws. It had to go back to the hardware store again for more. I had my husband tighten some of the screws because the holes didn't line up correctly. Someone strong is needed to complete this set. It looks nice and feels good.

👤The set is nice. The seat fell in after an adult man used the porch.

👤I put this together in under an hour. It is very easy to read instructions. There were pieces labeled. I like the size of these pieces. Sturdy. Absolutely recommend. Great purchase for the price. Exactly what I was looking for. It was comfortable. 5 stars.

👤I gave it to my mom as a gift. She loves it!

👤The hardware is not good. The washers that come with it are too small. The bolts are painted and you have to use a wrench to get them seated. I went to the hardware store to get new bolts and washers. Pain. It worked out better with the proper washers and bolts. They are comfortable in a small chair.

👤My mother needed furniture that would fit her small porch. We tried various larger pieces before measuring the spice. There are few sets that fit this space. Most reviews claimed that the sets were too small to be comfortable. This was the only set that allowed free returns, which made the decision for us, as returning something this large would be expensive. I will start with the basics. Each chair has a back and a seat. They are held together by bolts. You can't get it wrong because there is no variation in parts. The parts are labeled A, B, C, etc. It looked like the holes were not compatible, as stated in many other reviews. I wondered if the chairs were drilled to fit their own parts, since they were packaged separately. The sides to chair two would not have screwed onto chair one because the holes on either piece would not have lined up. They appear to have been drilled individually, rather than on an assembly line where everything is the same. I made sure that my sides lined up with the pieces I started with. They did. I put the bolts in and gave them a couple of twists so that the chair was assembled very loose. I have learned to tighten everything at the end to make it fit better. It took about 12 minutes per chair to Align the parts and start the bolts. It took 30 minutes to tighten the screws on the chair. The small space provided by the chair means that you have to make very tiny turns with the wrench until it's tight, which is time consuming. I could have loosened the whole side of the bolt to make it screw all the way in, but I chose not to. The table has 4 sides, a top, and a glass top. I believed that the top and glass piece had been left out of the set when I saw the separate box. The glass top does not stay on with the cups. I don't think it will affect my mother's use of the table. The material feels cheap like most outdoor chairs. The set at my house is basically the same as the one at my house. There were no cracks in the material. The end result looks like the pictures. I sat in one of the chairs that was a little shorter than I wanted, but it will fit her space. It is not short. I am not as small as I used to be, and it doesn't fit in my seat. It does its job while still giving room to sit for a set that is very small. The cushions are deflated in some areas but not others. I think she will replace them very soon. I wrote this review because of the other reviews. If you run into this problem, stop and check to see if the side you have will fit the other back, because in my case, each piece had been specially drilled to fit each chair and that might be true in your case as well.

2. Reversible Recliner Furniture Protector Recliner Small

Reversible Recliner Furniture Protector Recliner Small

Easy care and warranty. Do not iron, machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius. They offer a 30 day no question asked on all of their sofa covers. They will be happy to assist you if you contact them through Amazon. Protect furniture from stains. It's great for homes with kids and pets. There is an option for a 1-seat 21''. Recliner-Oversized, 2-seat 54''Loveseat, 3-seat 68'' sofa, 3-seat 78''. The 70'' Futon has three seats. See the guide in the photos. The elastic strap helps prevent sliding. Not recommended for leather. It is easy to install. The installation guide can be finished in 10 minutes. It is possible to double the use and look fresh in new seasons. The reverse side has a stylish trim. It is easy to wash and dry.

Brand: Rose Home Fashion

👤The first photo shows the pad on, the second shows the strap with hooks for the pad to attach, and the third shows what it looks like after I leave the chair. I bought this in the smaller size for my recliner. The elastic strap is meant to hold the pad in place, but the clips on it allow it to slide out. The pad doesn't stay in place. It is annoying. I have to adjust it when I get up.

👤I want to protect my new rocker. It wanted one that fit right, looked good, was easy to install, and was in place. The cover scored perfect marks on each account. If it doesn't hold up to daily use, I will be unhappy. I haven't spilled anything yet and haven't had to clean it, so can't speak to that My recliner is made of either fabric or leather. The cover stays put. I would buy it again if it lasts for a while. It is not recommended for leather. Don't buy it and complain it won't stay on the chair. There is only one material that stays on leather and that is rubber backed or foam backed.

👤This is a good product. It works for a chair cover, but is lighter than I expected. The length is acceptable but it could be a little longer. The elastic strap is my main complaint. I have the smallest recliner and the strap is barely long enough to clip it. There are two issues with this. If I leave it on, the line in the cushions will become permanent. It is so tight that sitting in the chair will cause the threads to fail. I removed it because I don't want my chair with a permanent strap mark and I don't want to tear a hole in it. I have to fight it constantly. The strap has to be longer.

👤It is beautiful and elegant to look at when it is on. If I spilled something on it, it would protect the leather recliner. Once you sit on it, it's over. It becomes a mess when it stays on. I'd you miss all the open areas that have been exposed to the wrinkling mess?

👤It fits my chairs well, and the one strap holds it in place. You can't go wrong for the cost. The hooks that the strap goes on seem to slide off over time, but not a big deal. I would buy them again. This review is for the small cover, the larger one would have been too large for my chairs, this one is just right for a 29" wide seat.

👤I bought three of these for a three seater recliner/couch because I have a dog at home and they have been holding up for a long time now. My dog has had a few stomach upsets where she's thrown up and these protect the couches from getting wet. They are washed and dried often and have held up well. I recommend these if you have kids or have pets.

3. Keet Roundy Microsuede Childrens Chair

Keet Roundy Microsuede Childrens Chair

The fabric is easy to coordinate. A strong wood frame covered with foam has no flame retardant chemical. The recommended age is 2 years old. The chair is 24 L x 18 W x 18 H in. The chair is 24 L x 18 W x 18 H in.

Brand: Keet

👤The chair could hurt your child. Our son leaned against the back of the seat as we got home from the ER. He hit his face on the ground after the chair fell back. He had blood coming out of his mouth. I feel terrible that this happened. Do not buy this chair.

👤I got this for my daughter who is only 27 pounds. It was a bad chair even though it was 4 days later. I was surprised at how soft the fabric was and how big it was, but I was quickly disappointed. I would return the box if I had saved it. My daughter is not as active as my brothers kids, 888-247-8873, 888-247-8873 The seat is already caved in and has a small rip, we had it for less than a week. I was aware that getting a cheaper chair probably wasn't going to be the best quality, but it should have lasted at least months. I'm so upset that this was so bad. I wouldn't recommend this chair to anyone.

👤There is a staple in the cushion. Blood started pouring out of my son's knee after he screamed a scream and kneeled on the chair. I won't recommend this product to anyone.

👤We tried the chair after buying the toddler couch. My kids love them! The quality is good. Highly recommended.

👤This was given to our 18 month old girl for Christmas. At the time, she was 34 inches tall. Her feet rest on the floor if she sits upright in the middle of the seat. If she sits her bottom forward and leans back in the seat, her feet are above the floor and she is now 36 inches tall. The chair is very lightweight and wooden feet make it slippery so either get rubber grips for the bottoms or put the back of the chair up against something solid. Pale lavender colour and soft fabric. My daughter feels like a big girl having her own seat. It is easy to tip over if climbed or stood on. A daughter colored chair with crayons and rubbing alcohol on a dry paper towel was scrubbed clean.

👤My 18 month old son loves sitting in different chairs. I let that slide because we waited so long for this to ship out and get to us on prime shipping. The box arrived today and the stapler fell out of the chair. After making sure the staplers were out, our son was able to play with his chair. There are loose threads on it and there are burns on the left arm of the chair. This chair is sub-par and we are not very happy with the quality.

👤It looks good in my living room. My son likes to sit. People like it. If my son tries to climb it, it will tip backwards. The rocking chair version seems more tip proof even without the rocking parts attached and simply left as a chair, even though my sister has the same one.

4. Easy Going Slipcover Furniture Protector Polyester

Easy Going Slipcover Furniture Protector Polyester

If you have a problem, please contact them. They will reply to you as soon as possible. The fabric is high quality and soft. DIMENSIONS The chair has a seat width of 25-35. Please measure before purchasing, more details can be found in the measurement guide. FURNITURE PROTECTION: Protect your sofa from stains and wear. You can choose the color you want to cover. It is easy to install. The installation guide can be finished in 10 minutes. There is a package. One piece of furniture with foam anchors. Easy care and warranty. Do not iron, machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius. They offer a 30 day no question asked on all of their sofa covers. They will be happy to assist you if you contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Easy-going

👤The material is soft and it fits perfectly on my couch.

👤I think this is a great idea. The dog did a number on the couch. Her nails ripped it apart. We just got a puppy and it made no sense to buy new furniture right now. The cover was easy to put on. The arms/front/ and back were all attached with stickers. It is very soft and can be washed. It serves its purpose until we get new furniture. It looks very appealing. Doesn't look cheap.

👤I bought this cover because the half of the leather sectional sofa that I still have was peeling all over the place. It looked bad, and the peeling bits were stuck to my skin, either this cover works or the sofa goes. It was easy to put the cover over the sofa. Keeping the fabric tucked under the cushions was the only challenge. The foamies provided weren't doing it, but I remembered a bag of rags I had, and I put them into the crevices, and they were doing the trick. I put the cover on my sofa because I don't want it to be dirty. The cats approve of it.

👤The cover is stretchy and soft. It is easy to put on the couch because of the tags on the inside of the cover. It took my girlfriend. I only have about a minute to put it on and another 30 seconds to fit it. It works great and for the price you pay, you can't beat it, but I wish it fit the couch a bit more snug. The bits of foam it comes with are supposed to be tucked in to keep the cover from moving, but they are useless. Great buy and works to order another one. Will talk about the durability at a later time.

👤The sofa cover is the best purchase I've made so far. It does what it's supposed to do. I wasn't sure if it would fit my sofa, but it does. It fits perfectly and stretches all four ways. It's easy to clean and looks great. I bought another one just like it when it came on sale again. The value is amazing. I don't know if it will last long, but I bought two, so I'm not too worried. I have a dog that jumps on the sofa and sleeps there so I'll be washing them weekly. They look new every time they wash up. This sofa cover is very good. I bought the gray one.

👤I was able to bring new life to my love seat. It's easy to install. It looks custom. I bought a swimming noodle at a local Family Dollar Store and split it in half with a butter knife. Cut it into 3 pieces. Two pieces for arms and one for a seat. There is no need to adjust after each use.

👤Today is the first day I have used the sofa cover. I feel like I have a new couch after putting it on, which was very easy, and I'm giving 5 stars out of good faith. It fit like a glove after being adjusted. It could not be better. I went with a neutral color so I could change it up from time to time with different blankets and pillows. The left side of the cover is reserved for one of my cats who must have his favorite sleeping blanket at all times. I'm not sure if I'll be able to update this review after a few months. Adding pillows will be done by putting a fast picture together.

5. Easy Going Pieces Microfiber Stretch Slipcover

Easy Going Pieces Microfiber Stretch Slipcover

High quality material. Micro Fiber is soft and comfortable. DIMENSIONS The seat width is 25.5-34in. Please measure before purchasing, more details can be found in the measurement guide. FURNITURE PROTECTION: Protect your sofa from stains and wear. You can choose the color you want to cover. It is easy to install. The package can be finished by one person in 10 minutes. Easy care and warranty. Do not iron, machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius. They offer a 30 day no question asked on all of their sofa covers.

Brand: Easy-going

👤I love this cover. I bought it for my mom. When she moved in with us, she refused to part with it. The white with blue flowers looked terrible in my western living room. I chose this brand after reading the reviews. It fits nicely. It does not slip around. It adjusts to the T shaped cushion very well. It holds up when the kids are on the chair. I will update later if there are any negative issues. I like the look of the brown in my living room.

👤The product arrived quickly and in a good condition. Slip covers are an easy way to make a chair and couch match. The elastic at the bottom of the product holds the slip cover to the chair or couch. The back of the covers are labeled so you know how it goes on the couch. The material is soft and durable. I appreciate that it holds up. It is easy to wash and maintain its shape in the washing machine. I wash it every week for six weeks and it comes out the same every time. I would buy again from this company.

👤Would you like your furniture covered by a pair of cheap leggings the size of a bed sheet, in a completely different color than advertised? Camel is more orange than tan. This is for you. Would you like to put cheap leggings into your furniture over and over and over again, because someone just touched it, and they breathed heavily in it's direction? Also for you! Would you like to question your ability to make wise financial decisions while you lie to yourself and stuff this thing into a dark closet, maybe someone else could use it? The purchase for you! Do you want your pet to laugh in your face, knowing that you will never be able to stop them from dropping on your furniture? Good because your pet is full of reserved laughter for this purchase. Don't do it!

👤I love the chair cover. The cover is just right. I decided to get a cover instead of having The chair upholstery before the holidays. The price is correct. I'm very happy with the chair cover. Thanks a lot.

👤It was a perfect fit. It is easy to get on as it has tags. Well washed. It was well made. Will get more of these.

👤It's easy to use and soft. I was disappointed in the color options that were available, but I love how this transformed our glider. I had this slip cover ready to go within a few minutes. No ironing or steaming is needed.

👤The chair was covered by the cover. Even though the cat is laying on it, the material is holding up. My wife can't ask for anything anymore. Good product.

👤The cover fits my chair nicely. The inexpensive solution allows me to continue using a chair that doesn't fit in with my decor.

6. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair

DIMENSIONS When closed, the chair is 28.5" wide by 33.5" deep, and it measures 71 cm x 96 cm x 21 cm. The ergonomics recliner increases the angle between your torso and thighs for a comfortable sitting position. Once you find your best position, use the tilt lock function to stay in place. BREATHABLE MESH - Contemporary black mesh office chair promotes increased air flow, keeping you feeling cool and comfortable during long sessions. It was designed to provide you with all-day comfort with fully upholstered back, height adjusting seat, and pullout footrest. The office chair slopes slightly downward to help reduce stress on your legs. The built-in support and headrests help protect your neck and waist. The overall dimensions are 26.8"L x 26.8"W x 45.7"D. The seat area is 19.7" by 18.7" The backrest is 22.4" wide. It's recommended that height is under 5'10". The steel frame construction is durable. The 5-star silienced wheeled base allows for quick and easy movement. The weight capacity of the high back chair is tested.

Brand: Hbada

👤Attached is an image of a good review. If the photos were drawn by a 4 year old and some of the screws were labeled wrong, the assembly instructions from Ikea would be very similar. The chair is better than the bar stool I had to use, but it leans to one side and the cushion makes a noise when you stand up. I received a letter in the mail stating that if I wrote a 5 start review they would give me 40 dollars. It's funny. Go clear.

👤Get this chair now! I'm trying to be as concise as possible and not rant about how much I love this chair. I'm going to thoroughly review this marvel of modern engineering. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a 6 foot tall 250 pound military member with previous surgery on L5S1 which has left me with nerve pain every day of my life as well as problems on three other levels of my spine. The chairs aren't designed to seat a person of my stature and won't last very long. I need a chair that's sturdy and easy to use. I was overjoyed when the box arrived, but I was unable to lift it into my apartment. The box's weight was the first thing I noticed. I was reassured that I bought quality. The Hardware was of good quality. The chair needed double the hardware to be assembled. Extra hardware is something I love. The instructions were easy to understand and the chair was built in minutes. The way adjustments were engineered into the chair was something that I really appreciated. You can adjust the arm rests while assembling. The arm rests will only adjust once the bolts are tightened. The chairs construction has an adjustment built into it that keeps the distance from the seat to the back rest. I was happy to see that it is a feature on higher end chairs, and it is usually only a feature on higher end chairs.

👤It was better than I expected. The price is great, the quality is great, and the comfort is great. The ergonomics of this chair are very comfortable for my back, and the mesh is keeping me cooler than my previous chair. I lean my head back and am greeted with a soft mesh back when I forget the headrest is there. I love the look of this chair and the metal base is very sturdy. It's perfect for my gaming section. The back of the chair has a slight wobble due to the way it is made, and only time will tell how long it will hold up. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this chair to anyone. The chair is starting to rock after a couple months because of the screws coming loose. I have to tighten the screws every month to keep it nice and sturdy. It should be a single default in my chair. I would still recommend this chair to anyone. The chair is still rocks. I am going to apply some screw tape and hope it keeps them in place, but I had to remove a star because I was constantly tightening the screws.

7. Evelyn Century Modern Fabric Chair

Evelyn Century Modern Fabric Chair

The Arm chair is fun and retro. The plush selection stands on four rubber legs. A welcome addition to any home in need of a new place to live. The dimensions are 32.50 inches high and 30.50 inches wide. Seat dimensions are 22.50 inches deep, 22.50 inches wide, and 17.75 inches high.

Brand: Christopher Knight Home

👤The chairs are gorgeous, but they are more gray-blue. If you have gray or taupe, you should get the cream chairs. I am buying the cream for the living room and putting them in a different room.

👤The chair is comfortable and easy to put together, but the color looks different than the picture shows. It has a touch of gray. The chair is in natural lighting.

👤The cushions are firm. It was easy to assemble. The chair's cushions don't have the character in the photo. The cushions have seams rather than being divided into segments with a slight bulge. The colour is not as bright as pictured. The chair is fine, but it is not worth $190.

👤I hope we will break it in a little over time. It was easy to assemble and arrived in good condition. The chair is good for the price.

👤I wasn't expecting much but this chair is great. It's easy to assemble and I have a 7 month old. Yes... It is very comfy, but it is not as stiff as it looks. I got this chair for my boy because rockers are too expensive for him, and I thought it would be a good chair for my office once he grows out of the nursery theme. I am 5'7" and it doesn't reach to my head so I can't rest my head anywhere. It works for me. I don't want to fall asleep while I'm nursing my boy in the middle of the night. The chair has a perfect amount of space and I can nurse him very well on it. You can see the color of the chair by looking at my walls. The chair is on the darker side of grey and has a hint of blue in it. I thought the chair would be hard but it is soft.

👤It was easy to assemble. The chair is stronger than a chair that doesn't require assembly because you slide metal parts in place. It's a sturdy piece of furniture for an online chair-in-a-box. It is a B+. It's a little more inviting if you put a pillow in. If you're used to recliners, I don't recommend it. The chair is great for people who need a quick piece of furniture and like sitting and using their laptop while watching tv. If you don't want your guests to stay around longer than you want, then this chair will do the job since your guest will be comfortable until the evening wears thin.

👤I am happy with this chair, it fits my small reading corner well, it is easy to assemble, and it is a nice chair. I think it is comfortable for sitting and reading, but maybe not for a long time. It is a dark gray and only has the 4 stars. It is a blue gray. The two pillows are both dark gray in the first picture. It looks nice and it is a good chair, I don't mind the color.

8. Amazon Basics Executive Adjustable 360 Degree

Amazon Basics Executive Adjustable 360 Degree

The executive office chair is comfortable. It's ideal for an office or conference room because of the padded seat and armrests. A modern air-pressurized office chair with height adjustment, tilt-tension knob and smooth rolling casters is easy to use. The dimensions are 29.1 x 26.0 x 41.3-45.1 inches. The dimensions are 29.1 x 26.0 x 41.3-45.1 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤This is a great deal for the same chair you pay for at a big box office store. There is an issue with the design. The inner infrastructure of the chair is assembled in a way that is not right. The back failed on me after 6 months. The leather and foam were removed to inspect the issue. The wood has brackets attached to it. They have installed the pieces opposite, so this is sufficient to connect them. The nuts are on the back and the L brackets are on the front. When you sit or lean back, the weight holding ability is more dependent on the nuts than on the brackets. I took mine and put it back together. I put the L brackets under the base and nuts on the top side. I put the nuts on the front and the L brackets on the back. The chair 10 fold was more stable thanks to this. The photos show the nut that pulled through the wood and my repair. The chair is still working great after 11 months. The leather material is more durable than the office store chairs. I could make this a 5 star review and a great value for a $100 chair if the manufacturers would switch the process or give me more information on the chair engineering.

👤1. The handles are peeling off as I sit in a chair with bonded leather. 2. Squeaks have to apply for wd-40 every now and then. 3. There are foam cushion inserts. 4. The screws on the side are covered with a black plastic cover. Get something that doesn't have 'bonded leather' as the material, that and maybe something more reliable.

👤I am disgusted with this "office" chair. The brown chair has a matt gold finish, not a pewter colored one. As we began unpacking the pieces, we noticed that. This was the beginning of our troubles. The screws for assembling the chair were too short. Someone should be doing something else for a living. We can't get the screws to stay tight. We needed three people to help us fit the parts together after assembling it was a nightmare. After two hours of fighting to get the chair assembled, we stood back to look at the finished product and discovered a small tear in the back of the chair that we never noticed when we unpack it. Too late now. The chair's arms loosen up because of the lousy construction design. The chair is uncomfortable because we are afraid to lean back in it or sit against the back of it for fear of it falling apart. The little end caps that are supposed to hide the screw heads are falling off because they weren't manufactured properly. It's too late to get the chair back. The hassle of packing it back up and sending it back is something that nobody wants. I would leave this chair empty-handed. I'm going to contact Amazon to find out what happened with this product. If you want to buy this chair, you need to read all the reviews and watch the videos that upset buyers. I wish I'd been more careful before buying it.

9. Baxton Studio Mid Century Upholstered Chair

Baxton Studio Mid Century Upholstered Chair

The lounge chair is mid-century. The finish was dark walnuts. The seating dimensions are 17.16 high from the floor. It's wide x 20.28 long inch. Arm height is 6.05 high. From the floor to the top of the arms. Button-tufting with piping on the edges of a cushion. There are cushions underneath the seat cushion. The legs were splayed. The legs were splayed.

Brand: Baxton Studio

👤I bought this product to make sure I liked it. The first one was described. It took a few minutes to figure out how to put it together. 2nd I ordered it from 3rd party and it was out of stock. I would have kept it if the 3rd party had not sent me a Chinese knock off. We all know where this stuff is made. If you pay attention to detail, they are not the same as in the picture. There are two boxes, the baxton one and the un-named box with no style numbers. If you look at the picture of the wood, you will see that the legs are constructed differently, not the same, the stain is different, and the cushion color is different. You need to put all the hardware in first, then tighten everything once it's all together, because people say the holes don't line up. I never tried to put the knock off together. I am ok with a chair that is very stiff to sit on, but others may not.

👤3rd party vendors can use the same photos and reviews for different products on Amazon. I thought it would come with a guarantee. Apparently not. The other chairs from the reviews are a lot higher quality than the ones from Amazon. If they can't guarantee that what is shown matches the quality you receive, then they should stop selling furniture.

👤The chair shown in the photos is not this one. I decided to assemble it anyways in hopes it would work out. It is not what was advertised. The back of the chair is not straight, the screw covers are ugly, and the wood is dark. The chair is being returned. The chairs from the warehouse are correct, but the one sent to me by the vendor is not.

👤These chairs are for $163 and I am very impressed. Many furniture reviews mention that packaging arrived in good shape, but not torn up. The furniture in the box was in very good shape. The light damage looked to have come from when it left the factory, the spots where I have seen any were well padded in the box. Assembly was a bit of a head scratcher because of the odd diagrams and broken English. The assembly was easy, just needed aPhillips screwdriver and 3/16 Allen key. The Allen key was included, but thePhillips screwdriver was not. It's much easier to assemble with a quality driver than with an Allen key. The result is solid. The cushions are firm but that makes for a more comfortable chair to sit in for a long period, the armrests are a bit low but that is better than I think. The cushions are small so don't expect any support on your back or thigh. They reach on me at 6' and 180 lbs. The width is wide enough for me to cross my legs without having to use the armrests. The stitching on the cushions is done well and the fabric was cut properly, no asymmetrical lines or shoddy craftsmanship were used to ruin the aesthetic. This product is very pleased with it's price.

10. GDF Studio Elizabeth Charcoal Recliner

GDF Studio Elizabeth Charcoal Recliner

One Recliner Arm Chair is included. The dimensions are 35”D x 28”W x 40.50”H and the seat width is 20.50” Some assembly is required. The Elizabeth Recliner will make a statement in any room of the house. The shape and height of the back are what command attention. It's perfect for entertaining or relaxing and has an intelligent design touch. The Elizabeth Recliner will make a statement in any room of the house. The shape and height of the back are what command attention. It's perfect for entertaining or relaxing and has an intelligent design touch.

Brand: Gdf Studio

👤I bought two for my mom's house because we were very happy with these. The legs are solid and have teflon bottoms. The cushion is very comfortable. The fabric is soft. It's easy to put together but needs two people. The fumes coming out of this chair made me feel unwell for 24 hours. It's best to let it air out in the garage. They were fine after that. The reason I gave 4 stars is very uncomfortable and I apologize for it. My mom left the boxes in the living room for a day so I could assemble them. A baby asian roach was found in between the cushions when I assembled one that night. It was tired. We don't have this type of thing in her house. I was in denial until the next day when I found a baby scrambling around after I pulled the cardboard out of the second chair. A baby and one roach. Very bad odds and wrong species.

👤Terrible! Three months ago, I ordered this chair. The other side is coming off. The chair is not safe and the company refuses to give a refund or replace it.

👤I'm happy to report that mine did not have bugs. I carried them in pieces after inspecting them. The chairs are not high quality, but what I expected. I wouldn't classify these chairs as sturdy. I don't allow my child to climb on them, and I can see them breaking down over time with my husband sitting in them. They have an awkward lean to them. I have to hold my head up when I recline. They are firm, but after a week you can feel springs in the lower back area. They look great and are comfortable for sitting in. There is room for a small dog or small child to sit next to me, as I am 5'4 and small. My feet should be extended at my ankle. It took about 15 minutes per chair to assemble them. The pieces came together to form a tight fit.

👤I usually don't write here, but I felt like I should since I had read other reviews of this chair. A lot of people don't know what they're buying. This isn't a recliner that looks like a chair. The chair reclines. It's not going to be a big squishy treat for a lazy boy. It's a chair that is comfortable to sit in. You recline by leaning back. It is not rocket surgery. It's a good chair. I don't know how some people ended up with wobbly ones, but mine doesn't budge an inch after putting everything together. It took about 20 minutes. You put the feet on, flip it up and carry the base wherever you want it to live, then you slide the wings on to the back piece. There was a boom. The chair is assembled. I'm 6'3 and weigh 220 lbs. I sat down on this chair. I can lay my head back and have my feet elevated. A pillow is nice, but I don't think it's necessary. The chair is small. I uploaded a picture of it sitting in my study next to a vintage wingback chair that I got to try out first. The newer one is larger. There were no bugs. I would have burned my apartment down. The chair is pretty good so far. I was expecting a mediocre offering that would do in a pinch and last me a year or two, but it is rather heavy and feels solid. The back piece is light but still sturdy. I'll be ordering a second one to replace the old one and make a matching set since I have other places in the apartment where I can have sex and don't have kids running around jumping on them.

11. Easy Going Slipcover Furniture Protector Anti Slip

Easy Going Slipcover Furniture Protector Anti Slip

The fabric is high quality and soft. DIMENSIONS The seat width in the wingchair is 30. Please measure before purchasing, more details can be found in the measurement guide. FURNITURE PROTECTION: Protect your sofa from stains and wear. You can choose the color you want to cover. It is easy to install. The installation guide can be finished in 10 minutes. There is a package. One piece of furniture with foam anchors. Easy care and warranty. Do not iron, machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius. They offer a 30 day no question asked on all of their sofa covers. They will be happy to assist you if you contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Easy-going

👤We should have a conversation about expectation and reality. If you buy this slip cover expecting it to fit on your chair and make it look like a dream, just get your chair upholstery and forget about it. It's seriously. Nothing will be good enough. This is the cover for you if you want to cover the existing upholstery on a chair and not have it look like a frat house. There is a lot of extra material once you get on and it is hard to get on. It took a bit of fussing to get it to look good. The material is a little weird, but that is not an issue. The foam rolls remind me of mini pool noodles that you tuck into the sides of the cushion. It keeps the extra material in place. No one will know if a cute af pillow is added to it.

👤The stretch was easy to clean. Our chairs are made of brown fabric. The cat has had some issues with its bowels. We need something to help protect our furniture from the paw prints. The cover is not a luxury one, but it is perfect for the price and my use. Don't drape old sheets and blankets on everything! The off white/ivory color that I bought has a slight golden/tan hue, which is fine in our room. When people sit on the slip covers, they stay put. There is an elastic bottom that holds them down. The fabric is soft to the touch and comfortable to sit on. I put a slip cover over the waterproof pad on the cushion to help with puking accidents. The cat prefers the other chair. As you can see. They are approved for naps. I didn't get any compensation for writing my review. I try to help others with my reviews, as honest reviews help in my buying decisions on Amazon.

👤I was looking for a slip cover that would fit the Ikea Wing Chair. My kids love putting their feet up on the teal colored chair and I can't keep cleaning it manually. The fabric looked like it could work compared to other wing back slip covers. I took the parts that were off the recommended size. I took a gamble and bought it because it was stretchable. The product was easy to install and there was no strong chemical odor when I opened it. I push the fabric in to make it snug. I don't have to worry about getting the chair dirty anymore because the kids love sitting on it. It's easy to take off and put it in the wash. I will probably put it back on after I wash it. It has labels inside which parts go where.

👤These fit perfectly and look great. My expectations were realistic. These chairs are not high-traffic. The darn thing has a tag on its arm. If you were to look at it, you would see slip covers. I tried to cut one of them off, but it's not possible without cutting the fabric. The blankety- blank tag should be put inside the slipcover. Not outside!


What is the best product for best choice products rocking accent chair?

Best choice products rocking accent chair products from Greesum. In this article about best choice products rocking accent chair you can see why people choose the product. Rose Home Fashion and Keet are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice products rocking accent chair.

What are the best brands for best choice products rocking accent chair?

Greesum, Rose Home Fashion and Keet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice products rocking accent chair. Find the detail in this article. Easy-going, Easy-going and Hbada are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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