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1. VegTrug 1 8 Meter Raised Bed

VegTrug 1 8 Meter Raised Bed

ManUFACTURED IN THE USA is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. The only merchant that sells this filter on Amazon is Myriad Traders. The cedar wood is certified by the FSC. Holds up to 7 (60L) bags of compost and is 72.06” L x 29.92” W x 31.49” H. Can be easily netted or covered. It is easy to work height. No more kneeling or bending. It's ideal for the elderly and wheelchair users.

Brand: Vegtrug

👤I searched high and low for a raised garden bed. This has everything I wanted, tall height, food safe materials, and a large size with good depth. The bags of organic garden soil were 35 liters. The box and one of the wooden boards were damaged when they arrived, but the scratched and dented part of the board ended up facing inwards. I did not put the lining in as shown. It's much easier to watch the video on YouTube than to read the instructions. Can't wait to see the results of my planting later in the season.

👤When I received this, I was very disappointed. The wood is substandard and it was made in China. Two of the boards were cracked and the third was split. I'm pretty sure it would fall apart once it was assembled. It is being returned.

👤I had one for 7 years and it was made in New England. Theirs is made in China. It needs to be replaced because it rotted. The best price and free S&H was found on Amazon. It's made in China and is supposed to be Red cedar. I was not sure. I am very happy to say that everything went well after receipt and assembly. The parts were included in the directions. It can take a few hours to put it together. The first one was thicker. This planter is a good size to grow vegetables at home. There is a liner in the package. The insect netting is useful. Will it last as long as the other one? Time will tell.

👤The 4 veg Trug we ordered were all from the vendor. It was damaged when we ordered it on Amazon and we wanted to add a fifth. This isn't the first time this has happened, we received a damaged unit from the previous vendor, and they credited us some for the damage. Do you want to pack it up and have it shipped back? It's heavy. They need to improve the quality of the goods. Bad back, Older, Wheelchair or just don't want to be on the ground, these work great. It takes about an hour from unpacking to putting in place and filling with dirt. It's great for watering and drainage. There is a liner. There are some things that are CONS: The pictures are easy to put together. I wouldn't move once the dirt was filled with it. We put in some brackets to reinforce the corners. I rated it 4 out of 5.

👤The VegTrug is very strong. The size is perfect for our garden. We are growing a mixture of both root and leafy vegetables in the winter. Over seventy different herbs are being grown using the VegTrug. My mobility is limited by physical issues. The VegTrug is a solution that will allow me to continue my passion for gardening. The height and width allow planting without kneeling or stooping. Due to limited weeds and pests, our commitment to a strictly organic approach to gardening is easier to accomplish with the VegTrug. Within the past month, we have placed our third order for the VegTrug.

2. Melnor 65003 AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler QuickConnect

Melnor 65003 AMZ Oscillating Sprinkler QuickConnect

Saves water in the heat. A mini sized oscillator with full-size coverage up to 4,000 sq. ft. Four-way adjustment for precise watering. Multiple sprinklers can be set up throughout the yard with the flow-through base. The smooth operation of the motor will not cause puddling and it will last for years. The sprinkler can be connected and disconnected with an included QuickConnect Product End Connector. The Melnor Lifetime Warranty is backed by this. They are behind their products.

Brand: Melnor

👤I use 2 different styles of sprinklers in my yard, one with a circular design that has 8 projections on top, and the other which shoots water far away. I think this one will take the place of both. Product came loose in the box. The Melnor QuickConnect system has one free piece. I upgraded to the metal version because the plastic parts didn't hold up. Assembly of the sprinkler is as easy as hooking a garden hose to the wall. You can change your pattern with two levers on the top of theREAD. This is great for irregular shaped yards. There are adjustment shelves below the head. The knob on the side that controls VOLUME of water coming out is something I really like. You have to adjust the water flow from the wall to get the right amount of water. You can adjust the pressure from the knob. The only concern I have is that the unit is plastic, so longevity may become an issue. I used to use Melnor's QuickConnect system. I hope this sprinkler holds up better than that product.

👤I have a small area of grass. I have tried a number of different sprinklers in an attempt to water just the 20'x40' section without watering my cement, chairs, patio and other items. I used a cheap timer from Lowes and it worked perfectly for a couple weeks when I was out of town. I used to water the grass by hand and it looked better. It feels cheap when you're handling it, but so far it's good and I can't complain.

👤I wanted to be able to water certain areas of my flower gardens without wasting a lot of water. This works well. There was no instruction manual for how to set the water pattern. It took me a while to figure it out, but I got a little wet and that made it more fun. It's easy to understand. It's stable. I'm ordering another one.

👤There's a long, narrow strip of grass next to my house because I have an end unit townhome. This sprinkler is perfect in that I can change the directions it sprays so it doesn't go too far to one side or forward to the sidewalk. It doesn't come with any instructions on how to operate it, but all of the levers are pretty self-explanatory and if you can't figure it out, you can search for the sprinkler on YouTube. I've been using this for a few weeks now and would buy it again.

👤I was looking for a watering alternative that didn't require me to stand with a hose for 1 1/2 to 2 hours to make sure the plants got enough water. I watered the lawn, driveway, and walkway with the two different style sprinklers. I was looking for something that was more flexible. It's easy to figure out what I need to focus most of the water on, without wasting a lot on other areas. The function is plastic and light weight, but it serves my purpose and is worth it if it lasts a couple of seasons. I will be back to reexamine my rating if not. I have to change my rating. Even at full pressure, the sprinkler stops frequently. There is no idea where the steady stream will go when this happens. After a half hour, you can check back, but you will find that you're watering a narrow strip of lawn instead of planting a foundation a few feet beyond the spray. It wouldn't be bad if you could stop the spray and leave a steady spray. Since there is no stop setting, this sprinkler is not reliable and I will continue to look for something else.

3. Stackable Strawberry Flower Vegetable Planter

Stackable Strawberry Flower Vegetable Planter

Eco-friendly coating provide a healthy environment for plants and humans. Patented flow through design saves water, saves space, and grows more. It's made of food safe Polypropylene and just needs to water it. It's great for growing strawberries, herbs, flowers, and Succulents. The 5 Mr Stacky Planters Plus Bottom Saucer has a capacity of 25 quarts. It was easy to garden. The ideal gift is made in the USA.

Brand: Mr. Stacky

👤I'm using them to grow strawberries and pineberries because they are a great space saver. The only issue I had with the stack was keeping track of what was water and how much it was. I used Mr Stacky and some Home Depot parts to create my own solution to water.

👤I bought this to start my garden. I ran a pipe through the center holes and put the whole thing on top of a bucket to raise it off the ground. My herbs are growing fast. The cups are great for having different plants in one place. I get a lot of compliment on my setup. It's a good recommendation!

👤I like this product, because I bought two of them, but I realized that unless you put it in a place that gets sun all around it, one side doesn't get the sun it needs. I would suggest that you put a mixture of plants on one side for full sun and the other side for partial sun or shade plants. I like the idea of saving water. You have to put water in the first two tiers to make sure all plants get watered, pouring water on the top is awesome, but you have to put water in the first two tiers to make sure all plants get watered. The plastic is thick and interlocks well with each other. The catch plate can be used to catch excess water, however you have to remove all the containers of plants from it and then put them back on, because you have to lift the plants and put them back on again. It's hard to do it with all the containers attached, so I usually take the first 4 tiers off and then lock the bottom one up, pour the water and then put the other containers back on the bottom one. At first, it was trial and error. It is a good idea to pack down your soil and mix it up again, because I am finding that it is not covering my plants, so I have to make more mix. I hope this helps. I think it would be great for strawberries, but I want people to be aware of the sun issue.

👤The product is cool, but could use a bit more strength. If you order this, make sure the base and tray portions are not cracked, otherwise it will be wobbly. When I assembled the product, filled it with dirt, and planted all my herbs, I realized that one of the tabs that holds the bottom row of pots to the watering tray was a small piece of loose plastic. I contacted customer service and they wouldn't give me a refund or send a replacement unless I shipped the old one back, which would have resulted in my herbs dying from being dug up and replanted. Just going to stick with the broken one.

👤I am happy with this planter. I put a post down the center as people had suggested. I bought a lazy susan on Amazon to place the planter on so that I can easily turn it for sun and watering. I placed filters on each level to keep the soil out of the big drainage holes. I use mini-pads. They help retain water in the planter levels. You could also use coffee filters. I am growing a few small herbs and leaf lettuce in mine. This would be pretty with a variety of flowers that do not require a large root area. I don't think there will be a problem with the bottom being too wet, as I don't plan on watering that much and there is drainage at the bottom saucer.

4. Miracle Gro 75686300 Potting Mix 16 Quart

Miracle Gro 75686300 Potting Mix 16 Quart

The vertical stripe and card holder design are combined to make the raised garden beds more textured and beautiful. The raised bed can be extended. Plants grow twice as big as unfed plants. More blooms for more color. For container plants indoors and outdoors. It can be used in containers.

Brand: Miracle-gro

👤The bag is large and worth the price. I added a picture for comparison. The bag is the length of my leg. Miracle Gro is my favorite brand for my plants. They have gnats that aren't an issue for my outside plants and aren't a deal breaker for my inside plants. I will either use it for inside plants or not. When I get a new bag, I try to avoid putting soil in my plants. If I have to, I add cinnamon to the soil and water them with a solution that takes care of the issue. 2. My usual route is to open the bag, pour the contents in a container and let it bake in the sun for a couple of days, which will kill the fungus gnat issue. I understand that this may be a lot of work for some people, but Miracle Gro is a relatively cheap brand of soil, so issues are to be expected. The work around depends on your need and patience. I will definitely be purchasing again after this helps.

👤I try to resolve things with the company first, but feel I need to warn people. I don't have much but my plants are dying because a company makes a quick, dishonest buck and I'm disgusted that people step on others to get ahead! This is a serious health hazard for me. They never had the decency to respond to my letter. I will never purchase this again. I'm in a wheelchair and have enough issues, now I have fungus gnats and they're killing my plants. I should have listened to the reviews. You should not buy cheaper products to make more money from the resale. The reputation of repeat customers pays off in the long run. Very disappointed!

👤There were small worms in the soil. The larvae of the gnats are commonly known as. I ruined my plants. I checked the bag to make sure they were there. Don't bother! It was thought that ordering from Amazon would be easier during this crisis. I got a bad smell from the soil.

👤This planting mix is full of gnats, which is easy to repot indoors. My house has a lot of flying bugs. I had the same experience a few years ago and should have known better. The little buggers were dead for several weeks. I don't recommend this product.

👤The bad reviews about bugs are old. I bought this in February and it was only 10 bucks. It was a pretty good deal. It came a week early for me. I filled up a 12 inch tall 5 inch wide pot and a 24in X 7in X 5in pot with about 1/3 of the bag. A game for size comparison.

👤I get home today and see a box with a Lowe's logo on it, but I didn't order anything from Lowe's. I open it to see what I bought. I looked at the packing slip to see that I paid someone $3 to order it from Lowe's and send it to my address. I get that I'm stubborn about buying from Amazon. I think it's ridiculous. I use it for my indoor herb garden. I found some mint and balm in my lawn. You couldn't miss the smell when I mowed. My local soil is made of mostly fine gravel, sand and other fine particulate, which is terrible for potting. The reason that this mix is mostly moss and wood is that it retains water and doesn't become too dense. When a plant is trapped in a clay or plastic container, earthworms can't move the soil and it isn't well protected from evaporation, it makes sense. It depends on what type of plant you're growing. I've had good experience with Miracle-Gro, it's a reliable brand. I have an easy solution for you if you are having issues with gnats. You can make "tobacco tea" by getting a pouch of organic pipe tobacco. If you want to mist the soil of a planter, load that up with a spray bottle. It will take care of a lot of pests. Nicotine is poisonous to honey bees and they're having a hard time with it, so I would strongly ask you not to use it with outdoor flowering plants. I've learned that nicotine is useless against ants and termites, despite being related to bees. I'm not seeing flies orgnats in my bag, and it's just the consistency I expected. I haven't had time to use it yet, but I expect good results. Mint and lemon balm is a weed. I want to remove it from my lawn. Rather than killing it. I thought I'd gently remove it and keep them contained. There's nothing like fresh mint tea.

5. GADI Vegetables Galvanized Designed Cleaning

GADI Vegetables Galvanized Designed Cleaning

The size of garden cloth is 24 inches by 50 feet. The raised garden bed volume is 7 Cu. Ft. is a large area. You can grow plants in your yard, garden, greenhouse, and patio. It is built to last. The raised garden bed body made of steel plates galvanized layer is strong anti-rust to keep it looking its best for years to come. The open- bottom garden is built to prevent water rot and allow easy access to food and water. The removal of excess water can be accomplished by side ventilation. Plants should be kept healthy. It's easy to assemble. The raised garden bed is very easy to put together and is very stable. Hardware and instruction are included.

Brand: Gadi

👤This is great for the beginner gardener. I have a hard time planting. I thought I would take a shot as a raised bed because I have always wanted my own garden. The solution was perfect. The bed has a thin metal frame, which is easy to place in the ground, and it is secured nicely with a rubber mallet. It's so much easier to plant in when I filled it with my preferred easy grow soil. This is a very simple design, but it was very easy to build. It is easy to read and follow the instructions. It is light weight, easy to lift and move, but it has support beams across the middle to keep it from wobbling. I appreciate that this bed only uses two pieces of hardware and no tools, because I build all my own furniture and put things together all the time. You can tighten it by hand if you want, but I didn't find that necessary. Simple design, light weight and looks lovely!

👤I needed a quick place to sleep. This worked for the price. But putting it together didn't happen. It was impossible to assemble without buying my own hardware due to the fact that at least 2 of the nuts were not threaded properly. If you're short on space and patience, it's difficult to put together. I was trying to avoid the big box store, but now I have to go there. Either add extras or source better quality. Lego sends extras. Too much work to dismantle and come back.

👤It was easy to put together. I did it myself and it was easy. I am not sure if I like the wing nut bolts. We will see. I put the soil into the holder. It was easy to move around when put together. Time will tell if it will hold up in the weather.

👤The screws strip easily and there is no locking washers included. There is only one locking nut. The screws were loose when I carried them in the garden. The materials and design are nice, but there is more to it. If better hardware were included in the packaging, I would have given this a higher rating.

👤Vents on the sides make no sense to me. A lot of money wasted. Don't buy. I took them out of the big box that had two smaller boxes in each have not opened but one and put them together, but they suck. Save your money and buy a decent one, nothing like the ones I've bought before.

👤The item was damaged. Had to come back for the replacement. When the new one arrives, I will update my review.

👤I thought they were going to be bigger when I bought them. These are small. I decided to set them out where my garden normally is and they will give me more space to grow more vegetables. I am ready to purchase more of these to accommodate my vegetable garden needs as food prices go higher and current at a 13 year high.

6. Burpee Premium Organic Potting Quart

Burpee Premium Organic Potting Quart

The 3-position wheel adjustment is adjusted. Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix is an all-natural mix of plant food and coconut coir. OMRI is listed for organic use. This premium mix is the one that releases essential nutrients immediately. This growing mix is perfect for containers. The slow release plant food that feeds for up to 3 months is provided by the potting soil. This growing mix will make it easy to grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs in raised beds or patio containers. There is a retirement ministry. The coconut coir helps hold water for plants. Coir has better air circulation than peat. Coconut coir is an organic and sustainable resource that helps maintain water between waterings. Adding flowers and foliage of different heights will add to the dimensions of your container. Place tall plants in the middle or back, mounding them all around and spilling them at the edge. This premium potting mix is good for live flowers. 100% GUARANTEED. Burpee is committed to the success of gardeners. Each order is treated with care to ensure healthy seeds, plants, and gardening supplies are sent in excellent condition. They want to make it right if you are not happy with your purchase.

Brand: Burpee

👤I ordered it from Amazon. It should be spread on my beds. A week later there was a huge outbreak of roaches. I am angry. Parkin came in after I pulled my entire garden out. I will never order anything like this from Amazon again.

👤My hydrangea did not bloom for three years because of the cold and snowy winter. I gave the plant one more year before giving it up and this spring I added Bone Meal to the soil. I have flowers again!

👤I know bone meal can grow great tomatoes. When tomatoes come up, we'll see how this brand does. My dogs love it too, so watch out for them digging up your plants. We had to put barriers around the plants. We had a great tomato crop this year. I think only one plant was lost. We had great tasting tomatoes after using bone meal.

👤I opened my bag of soil last week and it was nice. I used a large spoon and a clean plastic spoon to fill up some small pots in my apartment so I could grow herbs. I used 2 large clips to lock the bag shut so it wouldn't be opened to the air or spill out, when I closed the bag. I opened it again today and found a bag full of white mold. The bag was not exposed to anything that could have caused this type of mold. I used a clean spoon when I took out the dirt from the bag. I've used many other soils before and have never had this problem. I just needed a little bit for my herb garden so I bought the smaller bag of Burpee Organic. I was shocked and upset when this happened. There's no reason for this soil to be bad. I gave it a one star rating because there is something wrong with this product that makes it break out with mold the first time it's exposed to air. It was very frustrating.

👤We are. The fire department left after this product spontaneously combusted in a south facing window. I don't want to think about what it could do in a hotter place if it happened in an overcast Chicago neighborhood. Buy anything else. We could have died.

👤This stuff is amazing and works well, but the exact same bag is $5.99 at the store.

👤The product brought out the kid in me. Do you remember those times when you were younger? This stuff may bring back some fond memories. It was a lot of fun pouring the warm water and watching it expand. I had to help it along and mix it up because I was not satisfied with just observing. This should be advertised as an adult therapy tool. I must have stirred it up for 10 minutes. It only takes about 2 minutes to fully saturate, so maybe I was playing in it. I want to do the second brick, but I don't need to use more substrate at the moment, so I'm trying to stop thinking about it. It is so satisfying. I might need help. Is there a Coconut Coir Expanders Anonymous? It's funny.

7. Jobes Organics 9026 Fertilizer

Jobes Organics 9026 Fertilizer

For a more abundant harvest, fast acting organic granularfertilizer is needed. Certified organic means no synthetic chemicals, and OMRI is listed for organic gardening by the USDA. Jobe Biozome is a proprietary microorganism archaea that aggressively breaks down material for faster results. Jobe's Biozome helps your garden resist disease, insects, and other unfavorable conditions within a growing season. The bag is easy to pour and has a Fertilizer analysis in it.

Brand: Jobe's

👤My plants needed some help. I needed a boost after using fish emulsion for a while. I mixed a few with water and poured around the plants and in a few days they were getting green. Very cheap. I ordered 3 more bags.

👤I checked through the reviews and responses to make sure I was using it correctly. It was still disappointed. I wish this was the same for me. I used this to grow fungus in my plants. I was wondering why we had a huge increase in flying insects, it's because they're attracted to the fungus. I noticed before it killed my plants. I have to get new soil and repot them all again, this stuff might work better for outdoor plants or larger plant beds.

👤Jobe's tomato and vegetable organicfertilizer is a great value for your money, and it makes my plants look even green while still producing a lot of fruit. I used this on my tomato and pea plants and they have grown bigger and produced more fruit. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quality product that is inexpensive. When I opened the package, I saw that it said 1 and 1/2 cups per 4 inch container and 1 and 1/2 cups per 16 inch container, but it didn't make sense. If a 16 inch container is four times as big as a 4 inch pot, the application for the 16 inch pot should be four times as big. They said that the packages they have say that the application for a 16 inch pot is 6 ounces, which is correct, so maybe they updated the packages and will send the new one after the old ones run out. I wanted to note that for whoever is a little bit confused by that.

👤Two out of four tomato plants were killed by the product. I didn't use it on five of them. The smell and end result say it all.

👤Let's start with the smell of thisfertilizer. It was so bad that I had to buy a respirator. Chicken poop is what it is. I thought I could use some extra nitrogen when I bought thisfertilizer. I thought it was 4 pounds, but it was definitely more than that. This product has been a disaster from the beginning and I am not going to praise it. After applying the putrid-smellingfertilizer, I noticed mold on top of the beads on top of the soil. The mold slowly killed my plants. For clarification, I used the correct amount of the fertilizer and ended up killing all my tomato plants. I've never had a urea do this before. If you are serious about your garden, don't buy any of these cheaper brands of plant food andfertilizer. You should buy a blood and bone meal combination to better fit the needs of your plants. Maybe my bag was contaminated. I don't know if I would recommend this product to people starting a tomato garden.

8. EZ GRO Garden AeroFlow Proprietary Victory

EZ GRO Garden AeroFlow Proprietary Victory

The hanging wall planters pockets have been widened to accommodate more soil. You can use it outdoors and also decorate it in your interior with the upgraded waterproof design. They are looking forward to your purchase, and they will do their best to solve any after-sales problems for you. Plants, flowers, and fresh herbs can be grown in a raised garden bed. Ready to leave the box. The fabric Aeroflow is a non-woven fabric that is UV resistant and has exceptional air flow throughout the soil and root systems, which allows excess water to drain away. The rectangular shape can be placed on any flat surface. It holds 8 square feet of soil or other planting mix. The wide compartment allows for more variety. It was made in the USA.

Brand: Victory 8 Garden

👤It was just as great as I had hoped. I have two squash in this. It couldn't be simpler. You can fill it and plant it. I've picked a lot of squash and have many more to come. Cucumber, dwarf eggplant, cherry tomato and green pepper are all in the 1 foot square cubes I have, and they are doing great as well. I have all of them on tables on my deck so no bending over, no weeds, and no bugs so far. Highly recommended.

👤This is a good size for a small garden. It is deeper than most container gardens I have looked at. It was easy to fill and held a lot of soil. It holds its shape well even when filled to the top, thanks to the extra support at the corners. I have 3 types of lettuce, peas, radish, and chives. The thick cloth keeps the soil dry. Great purchase!

👤I bought three beds that are 6 feet by 3 feet to start gardening and save money on vegetables and tomatoes since I have a family. The bed is very nice. There is a section for the bed. It is optional for the gardener. If you add up all the bags of soil you have, the beds require 18 bags of soil. We plan on using coco coir to mix with our soil and we are thankful I didn't get the 4 foot by 8 footbeds. It took a long time to get the beds because of the national Pandemic, but that's just the way the world is operating. The beds seem sturdy so far, I will post about that later in the year.

👤I'm new to gardening. The bed was made of fabric. The garden yielded squash, strawberries, peppers, and tomatoes. We moved before the harvest started. The bed was flexible enough to fit through a door. I replanted it with greens.

👤This is my first season using these bags and I love them. We planted beans,spinach, squash and sun flowers. I hope you have a successful harvest.

👤My wife wanted to have a garden in our apartment. It was easy to set up, but had to buy special pads for the garden bed to protect the carpet. The premium garden soil was taken to fill up. A variety of vegetable seeds were planted. Waiting for them to sprout Update: Planted vegetable seeds carefully. Four feet from double windows, a raised garden bed has two sets of indoor grow lights that completely cover the bed. The seeds were watered according to directions. Three weeks ago, seeds were planted, but so far nothing has sprouted. After three weeks, nothing has happened, despite the instructions on the packages that said seeds should be sprouted in one to two weeks. The raised garden bed's description said that it accelerated plant growth and improved planting results. We haven't seen any results, so we don't know why. If there is no sprout next week, then transplant the plants to the garden bed and see what happens.

9. Keter Bloomer Plastic Elevated Graphite

Keter Bloomer Plastic Elevated Graphite

The product is made of Polypropylene. The dimensions are 14.75” x (W) 14.75” x (H) 13. There are no tools required for assembly. There is an optional bottom insert. Black is the color. The dimensions are 32. 3 in. L x 7 in. W x 7 in. H. Water gauge indicates when plants need more water. The watering system can be opened or closed. The full watering system has a water reservoIR to prevent root decay. Easy assembly. Simple assembly with instructions. It's perfect for use as an herb garden or balcony planter.

Brand: Keter

👤I have no idea what I'm doing, but for some strange reason I got the urge to garden for the first time in my life. I don't want to make a garden in my yard until I know if it's a passing fancy or not. I bought this for my deck. I planted herbs plants from the home depot. They've all exploded after about a month. I bought another one and planted a bunch of plants, including chives, jalapenos, regular basil, lemon balm, and white tea. Excellent success. This is getting out of hand as I've purchased a total of 4. I'm happy with my tea garden and my strawberry planter is lush after only 2 weeks. Is this what happens when you reach 30? Are you excited about planters and herbs? I can now make pho without going to the grocery store, so I'm happy. These things are easy to use. The self- watering feature and little floaty leaf are great for beginners. It was easy to setup. The whole thing feels cheap and flimsy, but it works perfectly so I can't complain much. It looks pretty nice, but it is a little bit cheap. I think these things are great. I would definitely recommend them. They're rather spendy, but they're half the price at home depot.

👤Good quality and sturdy. We put wheels on it so it would roll. I haven't planted anything yet.

👤I enjoy a nice exposure to the south with my bay window. In my early years, I was a landscaper, and still do some for friends and family, along with my entire condo complex that covers a block. I was looking for something to grow in my garden without the flower pots. I chose to go small first and now want two, side by side. Assembly is easy and the directions are straightforward. I love the drain spout as if I go on a trip, my plant watcher doesn't have to worry about water on the floor as if the floater is high, the planter is fine. It's an easy way to drain water. Peppers, tomatoes, and carrots are growing. I highly recommend! The farm is always being tended to.

👤This thing is awesome. The black one is very cute and I chose it for my deck. It has a nice wood grain look and it is easy to put together and it has easy to understand instructions. It's also pretty strong. I plan to grow herbs outside in the winter so I can stop spending so much money on grocery store bunches of herbs I never use up. That is a good size, but not huge. I think I'm going to be able to grow about 10 bunches of herbs in it. If you are planning to grow a lot, you may need more than one. I really like this thing. The water indicator and little planter are perfect. The extra water collects in the bottom but doesn't just pour out, which is great because 1) I don't want dirty water all over my deck and 2) the water can be saved for re-watering. The plastic is very nice and doesn't look cheap. This almost looks like stained wood panels and will be much easier to clean and last forever without maintenance, even though I only like wood, metal, etc. This is a cute piece for being plastic and I'm picky about decor items. Thanks to the manufacturer for building a good quality planter, it's a definite buy. The little shelf underneath hides our ugly deck light switch and holds my watering can and citronella candles. Awesome! Thank you so much!

10. Miracle Gro Raised Bed Soil 1 5

Miracle Gro Raised Bed Soil 1 5

15 gallons of fabric grow bags are in the package. The pot is 20 inches in diameter and 14 inches in height. Grows bigger, more abundant plants. Vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs are available. The control of weeds and pests is simplified by raised bed gardening. OMRI is used in organic gardening. The mulch and soil is certified.

Brand: Miracle-gro

👤Shame on me for not checking the price. The product is overpriced at $40 a bag. Shame on me, I think Amazon should help customers by limiting this. The price is 3-4 times what it should be.

👤The soil is Miracle Gro raised bed soil. These bags are more than one square foot. The bags say they are 1.5 feet of soil, but I think they are closer to 2. You're saving a lot more by buying these bags of soil than you are by going to the garden store. The bags are three times more expensive than the soil at the stores. These two bags are a great buy, I'm very happy with them.

👤There are large wood chips and rocks in the soil. More than any other soil I have purchased. I am new to gardening and will be growing carrots for the first time. I have read that rocks and twigs can affect the growth of the root. The smell is similar to manure. As I spread and fluffed the soil, I was making a mess by splitting a large piece of poop. I will see how the carrots turn out.

👤I ordered this online because I can no longer carry them in my car at 65 years old. I have lost so much strength that it is hard to get it out of the carriage. I only had to struggle with dragging the bags of soil from my front door to my back yard. Whew! I trust miracle grow products. I will buy more when the season is over. I waited to the last minute last year and they were sold out.

👤Don't buy! The whole bag is dry. The soil was flying away when I poured it. Disappointed!

👤This came with a lot of bugs. I filled all my window boxes with this bag after repotting half my indoor plants. There are little black bugs in my apartment. If 2020 wasn't bad enough... I have been pulling plastic clumps out of the dirt. shredded plastic bags were added to the mix. The bag of soil is not good.

👤I am pretty sure we received a fake product. I have had to put soil in the soil because it is so bad. There are pieces of wood and plastic that shouldn't be there. It was weeks late getting here and we are still missing a bag. I'm pretty sure they filled the original bags with cheaper product and sealed them.

👤I used this growing media in my garden. It was a perfect growing medium for my vegetables, using this product 50/50 with my existing soil. The growth rate of my plants is very fast. Two weeks ahead of schedule, I have healthy, robust vegetables ready to harvest.

11. Land Guard Galvanized Planter Vegetables

Land Guard Galvanized Planter Vegetables

If you want to use this material for something else, leave it in a roll with a hack saw and cut the chain link fence in half. The mesh solved issues with snakes, gophor, and other creatures living under the deck. Each raised metal garden bed has a size. The raised garden beds outdoor are made of Q195 galvanized metal sheet, double-layer anti-corrosion galvanizing and oval structure, which is more beautiful, can resist greater pressure at the interface, and is not easy to loose. The galvanized stock tank is easy to set up and assemble. The planter raised garden bed metal galvanized is designed with an open base, which can effectively prevent water accumulation and decay, protect the roots of plants, and allow the roots to better absorb nutrients. The galvanized planter galvanized sheet has a double thickness of 0.78mm and the thickest part can reach 1.56mm, which is extremely stable. It will be the right choice for you compared to the ordinary rectangular elevated garden bed. buy it!

Brand: Land Guard

👤My wife is an avid gardener, having had gardens since the year we were married over 30 years ago, and I have built a number of raised garden beds out of brick and wood, but this was way easier to set up, taking only 20 minutes apiece. You just put them on the ground, fill them with dirt, and plant them. The planters are not heavy gage metal, but they are more than good enough to last for years, and if you buy 2, you can set up one longer garden and a smaller round garden with the supplied pieces. The longer garden will need an external stake to support the sides until it is filled with dirt, but we liked the idea of having two smaller beds.

👤Beware of children! Our daughter's friend jumped in one and sliced her leg, it was 4 inches across and an inch deep. I don't know if I will keep these or what to do to protect the kids. There is an update. Now that the soil is in the spots, they should work well with kids. These are sturdy and I like them.

👤I have bought raised garden beds here. I wanted to go with this kind of thing from now on. Everything was locked into place when I attached them. The galvanized nuts and screws on the panels make them impervious to the weather. This raised garden bed is perfect. If you buy these beds, leave them out for a couple weeks to see if they adapt to the weather and if there is anything new. I wouldn't worry about that because you have 30 days to return here. I want to see if you have any rusts. You will never know if the paint falls off unless you test it. After a couple weeks, mine is solid and looks the same so I can get it ready. It is easier to move it around if you put it in the right place. Pull it on the grass and it might tear your grass up. Quality is excellent.

👤I was able to assemble them by myself in 45 minutes. There's no film attached. I was able to bend the end back with a pliers and tighten it down to the next piece to make sure it didn't hit the corner of a couple pieces. I bought two kits with two 8x4 beds. You can compare shipping weights to other products, they're all the same. It had machine screws and square nuts. You only need a power screwdriver if you're not familiar with assembly of similar items. I used my fingers to hold the nut. They should be dry fit and not tight. If the holes don't line up, it's because the purchaser skipped dry fitting. They're a little bendy when assembled but solid when filled. I put mine into long beds and rounds. The double kit can make two 8x4s, a 12x4 and a 4 ft round, or a 6x4 and a 10x4. The sides are 2 feet in length. I filled mine with dried branches, followed by a mixture of plants and shredded wood chips. The dirt was dug out and set aside before I put the beds in. I'll be able to plant in the spring and this will be rich dirt for a couple of seasons. I'm very happy with my purchase.


What is the best product for best choice products raised garden bed?

Best choice products raised garden bed products from Vegtrug. In this article about best choice products raised garden bed you can see why people choose the product. Melnor and Mr. Stacky are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice products raised garden bed.

What are the best brands for best choice products raised garden bed?

Vegtrug, Melnor and Mr. Stacky are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice products raised garden bed. Find the detail in this article. Miracle-gro, Gadi and Burpee are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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