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1. Gravity Chairs Flolding Recliner Removable

Gravity Chairs Flolding Recliner Removable

The structure is easy to fold and can be used for any patio occasion. Natural wood is used in the armrest of the zero gravity chair. Plastic armrests are more fragile than natural wooden ones. They shouldn't be exposed to the sun or rain for a long time. You should store the product indoors after using it. The high quality zero gravity chairs have a more stable triangular frame, steel tube, double-layer rope and Textilene fabric. This zero gravity recliner is easy to lock and adjust, so you can relax and enjoy a good time at the largest extent. There is a tray and a headrest. It's convenient for you to stay comfortable and get access to drinks and other things because of the comfortable head support and tray. The zero gravity chair is easy to store and carry with a weight of only 18.76 lbs. after being folded. You can take their camping lounge chairs to any place you want, indoors and outdoors. YOMIFUN is committed to providing high- quality products and satisfactory shopping experience for every customer. If you have a question, please contact them and they will give you a solution at the first chance.

Brand: Yomifun

👤We wanted a chair for our backyard so that we can sit together in the backyard. The build quality of this product is very good, and my wife and I are both very pleased with it. The first impression was very good. The box contains everything except the side tray. It can be used in a variety of recliner modes. This product is very good and I would highly recommend it. The Pros: - Very good build quality. The frame is made of metal and it looks solid and secure, it is good enough for an adults chair and can be used in different recline angles. The chairs are very comfortable to lie down on. It's easy to put in the car and go for road trips or camping, and the tray is good to have in lawn chairs. The tray is locked. It is large with multiple sections and has a one-year manufacturer warranty, but my wife and I don't think it's worth it.

👤I had a similar model. A bolt fell out. The chair is sturdy and comfortable. It was listed as holding 330+. It seems like it will last a couple of years or more if you don't cause damage. Excellent reclining position. You don't need those knobs on the side to recline or upright. It is similar to a swing. If you want someone to push you, you can use your legs, arms and body. You can feel how the chair moves without the knobs holding you to one position. If you can control your balance, you don't have to loosen them. The chairs I've seen are over $100 and include shipping. A huge rip-off. Unless you're 400+, this chair is all you need. The value is an approximate $95. Sturdy cords and canvass fabric will probably last longer than the frame they're attached to.

👤The seller has agreed to send me a new chair. I think this is a one-off manufacturing problem and no one else has mentioned it with their orders. The seller was very helpful. July 24. I left the chair on my deck a week ago because of the rainstorm. I assumed that it would be ok since it's an outdoor chair. I came out the next day and found it had rusted in several places. I will be contacting the seller to see if they can make it right. This is the perfect chair for my deck and I've been wanting to get one. It folds up easily. The tray/cup holder is the only thing that is not assembled. It's a good thing that it's a little heavier than I expected. It's easy to change the positions by shifting your weight forward or backwards. All in all, a great chair. Highly recommended!

👤It was surprisingly comfortable. I wanted a chair that would allow me to lounge back and relax. I thought I would have more in this chair. It has a cup holder, a pillow head rest, and reclines very well. I will order another chair if my husband wants one too.

2. Oversized Recliner Reclining Detachable Adjustable

Oversized Recliner Reclining Detachable Adjustable

No assembly. The zero gravity lounge chair has a folding design and compact structure for easy transport and storage, and it has a one year manufacturer's warranty. The chair supports up to 500 lbs. This zero gravity chair is made of thick steel tube frame and durable fabric, which make it water proof, sun resistant, and sturdy enough for everyday use. The outdoor recliner is easy to lock and adjust from upright to fully laid-back by a ring-pull knob. The reclining camping chair has a full reclined length of 77 inches and a width of 29 inches. Their zero-gravity chair can give you enough space to relax outside. The outdoor recliner can provide a zero-gravity weightless experience because it has a headrest pillow for both head and back. You can come with a soft cushion to make it more comfortable. There is no need for an Assembly. The lawn chair can be folded and unfolded in a few seconds. The camping lounge chair can be brought by car. It's suitable for patio, lawn, garden, yard, balcony, poolside and beach.

Brand: Kingbo

👤The chair was advertised as large. The chair is only 24 inches wide. We will send it back, so request an immediate refund.

👤The product is not large. I am 6 feet tall and it was not worth anything to me. I told my daughter that it was not oversized. It isn't as advertised.

👤The cushion that was sent with the chair looks very different from the picture that was advertised. The chair is comfortable, but I wish they sent a nice looking cushion.

👤The chair is not what the description says it is. It is supposed to be 29 inches wide. It's only 24. The cushion in the picture is 3 or 4 inches thick. It's an inch. It can hold up to 500 pounds. I don't believe that for a second. It is a bit comfortable, but it is not what they said it was. It's a lie!

👤While I am taller than the best chair, I need the capacity to have a long life. The back is more upright than most and I like that. It is easier to push into the reclining position than any other zero-gravity chair that I have used. The locking mechanism is the most convenient, is more comfortable with the longer lever, and seems to lock into a more stable position than other chairs. It takes a bit of effort to get both locks secure. I had to wiggle a little to get the second lock secured, but I knew it was easy. The cushion is nice, but not great. I might like it better over time. The side table is small enough for a drink and most phones. Maybe the biggest phones won't fit in that pocket.

👤I had back surgery. I lay on my sides for a short time. I had to put a strap in the front to help me sit up, but I was able to sleep without pain. I had to tighten two screws. I was able to rest.

👤We bought this to take into our hotel rooms. This is perfect because there is never enough recliner options. Light that can carry in and be comfortable to sleep in.

👤The chair is sturdy and well made. It is large and wide. It can hold up to 300 pounds. If you are over weight, the width is a little small. I wanted a chair that was sturdy and wide. It would have been perfect if it was two inches wider. The pad is thick and comfortable. I think it's a good value for the price. When it's brand new, it can be a little stiff to fold. I putBubble wrap on my legs when I am reclining because my feet go past the bar. It is fully assembled. For any position, locks are placed under each arm.

3. TIMBER RIDGE Gravity Folding Reclining

TIMBER RIDGE Gravity Folding Reclining

DIMENSIONS When closed, the chair is 28.5" wide by 33.5" deep, and it measures 71 cm x 96 cm x 21 cm. A zero gravity lounge chair is ideal for your patio, lawn, deck, or poolside. It can be set to any position from completely upright to laying back, and anywhere in between for comfort. It's convenient. The lounger has a bungee suspension system, a thick padded back and seat cushion, and a slide-out side table with an integrated cupholder. It is possible to fold flat for convenient transportation and storage. The size is convenient. The lounger is 350 lbs. When folded for storage, the weight capacity is 37.8" x 5.5" x 31.1".

Brand: Timber Ridge

👤You are missing out if you have never relaxed in a zero gravity chair. I had back surgery and sitting upright wasn't the best idea. Zero gravity chairs are not built to last and are poorly made. This brand of chair is worth the extra expense even though it is more expensive than other cheaper models. The awkwardness of folding them up is the only cons. I fold one up in our small living room nightly. It is a bit cumbersome but eventually folds into place. The locking mechanism sometimes slips and makes a noise that sounds like something is breaking, but that is the other odd thing. It is not. I think it's due to the locks being fully engaged. The chair is sturdy and should last a long time.

👤The Timber Ridge Banyon Zero Gravity lounge is better than the predecessor. The chair is lighter and the support has been modified to keep it's position. The chair is strong. The structure is made of aluminum. A full sitting position. The lounger is very comfortable now that it has padding. I was able to sleep in a reclined position. It's easy to carry the bottom of it's feet. The tray is locked. Buying one for my spouse who wants one too.

👤My husband is spending time in this chair daily. We got them in the spring. They look and operate like new when they are outside in the sun and weather. I would recommend it.

👤The handles to recline and decline are difficult to move if you don't have a lot of hand strength. I had to ask for help. I hope they will loosen over time. The rest of the product is of good quality.

👤Solid construction, great fabric and fine details. This will last a long time. The tray is attached well and very solid. If you don't want to use the tray, you can hide it. I'm impressed. You could sleep comfortably in it.

👤This chair is heavy duty. It is heavy and awkward. It's a portable recliner. It was very well made. I have seen cheaper prices but they are not the same as the cheaper chairs. This is a nice one.

👤The timber ridge in blue a d brown with the wooden arm rests was a nice chair but the side table was too heavy and it wasn't a good look. This one was only $2 more and made of high quality aluminum and has a nice pillow that slides up and down and not on an elastic strap, so it is better to drag along for camping and it is less heavy.

👤Two years ago, I bought another chair from a different brand. It was built and performed to my standards, but it rusted under the cover in a manner of weeks. They had to be removed from my houseboat due to rust stains. The Timber Ridge Banyon chairs are better than the other chairs. Sturdy, padded, aLUMINUM! The side tray is easy to use. I used them in my house for a few days before taking them to the dock. I am very happy.

4. Oversized Replacement Anti Gravity Backyard Recliner

Oversized Replacement Anti Gravity Backyard Recliner

China is the country of origin. A high-quality Textilene fabric makes your chair last even in the sun. This replacement fabric has a lay out seating surface that won't stick to skin on hot days. The width of the chair fabric has been increased to 63x21 Inches, it will support weight up to 350 pounds with most oversized anti-gravity chair frame. To make sure the size of their product is in line with your requirement, please confirm the product size before purchasing. Any chair with a width between 22 and 23 Inches can be used with this product. The back frame is needed in order to install the top. You don't need to buy a new chair or spend money on recycling one if you repair your balance chair or suntan bungee chair with the high-quality fabric by your self. The install process does not require a lot of work and they will give you detailed instructions. You will be able to do it yourself.

Brand: Ikepahok

👤1. The instructions are not very useful. They are not printed and are hard to read. They tell you to dig out the rivets in your chair, but don't explain how to get it back together. They don't tell you where to find new ones. 2. They don't include replacement bungies. I'm sure the fabric is fine, but I can't install it. I'm returning the product. There was an 8-13 update. I requested a return through Amazon. The seller was unresponsive to the request. Beware! The product was bad and the seller was bad.

👤The chair was 66" in length. It wasn't a surprise that this one was 61", I knew it. I wanted people to see the review so they could find it. It still fit on the chair. If you have a chair that is riveted together instead of bolted, you will need to drill out one rivet and find a bolt similar in size with a nylon nut on it. The nylon nut is used to keep the bolt from coming undone. It was necessary to remove one rivet to replace the fabric. There is no way to get the part onto it. Make sure your cords are working. If needed, replacements are cheap.

👤The chairs look great and the pillows with elastic adjustments fit better than the original ones.

👤Just what we needed. It's difficult to find replacement canvas for large frames. They take a long time to install, but are perfect.

👤Me costo el material, pero no me gusto ordene.

👤After a week of use, the holes are ripping.

👤The cord kit wasn't in the box. We want to keep the fabric, but need the cord kit. thx

5. PHI VILLA Gravity Adjustable Reclining

PHI VILLA Gravity Adjustable Reclining

Any place you want, backyard, patio, pool and at home. The padded seat has a double bungee system that provides more comfort. Extra-large armrest provides more comfort. Cup tray is used for holding drinks or food. The extra long chair is large enough for people over 6 feet tall. The double bungee rope and tube frame are strong. The maximum capacity is 350 lbs. The Anti Gravity Recliner can be adjusted to any position with a degree of freedom. Smoothly glides to a zero-gravity position with elastic cords that adjust to your body. The set up size is W26" x D35.4" The height of the chair back could be adjusted. L26" x is the folding size. H37 The structure is easy to fold and is suitable for any patio occasion. Feel free to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Phi Villa

👤I put it on the porch. I read and watch the dogs play. It's easy on the butt and back. I like it.

👤My mom is loving it, I got one for her. When I saw some negative feedback, I had little doubt. It took us less than a minute to figure out how to set the positions. There are two levers that can be used to lock and adjust the arm rest. One on each side. Before getting off the chair, make sure to adjust to sit up position and unlocked the levers. Since your feet can't touch the ground, don't get off when it's in a reclining position. It is dangerous to climb onto the chair if the leg angle is not set at its most secured position, and if you try to adjust to any reclining position without sitting on it, you will not be able to. It feels secure and stable when used properly. It's a plus that the headrest is adjusted. My mom gave it 5 stars.

👤My husband and I bought this for my dad. This is the perfect chair for him because he enjoys sitting on the deck. It is very easy to recline and he likes to nap in it. It was very nicely crafted.

👤The chair is comfortable, but the side tray was damaged. The seller shipped me a new tray in a very timely manner, adding 1 star to my review. The side tray design is not ideal but I am satisfied with the seller's response to my complaint.

👤I purchased a three piece outdoor set of two chairs and a table for around $440.00 through Amazon. The high-top table and its assembly parts were not delivered by UPS. I contacted Amazon and PHI VILLA and asked for the high-top table and assembly parts to be delivered quickly. I'm not getting anything. I believe that Amazon is not vetting its vendors properly and will not take action against PHI VILLA, a disreputable manufacturer and vendor. The word "frustration" isn't enough. Do not buy from Puerto Rico.

👤I bought this product for my husband's birthday. I am not happy with the quality of the chair compared to his previous zero gravity chair that he has been using for many years. The material seems to be of good quality. The hinged stability portion is something that I am really disappointed in. The chair doesn't sit up nicely for use as a regular chair. When you get out of the chair, there is a small chance that it will start folding on its own. There isn't an anti-foldup component. There are better options for a cheaper price.

👤The chair has been good for me. I use it on my balcony all summer. I am a weak person so I can unfold and fold it, but I can not carry it very far. The furthest back position is where the zero gravity is reached, but it is also comfortable in the other positions. It is hard to get out of it occasionally, but I can usually push it further upright using my feet and legs. There are a few negatives. I have to stand in front of the chair a bit more than it is comfortable and I have to use my muscles to get up because the bar hits me in the middle of my heels. I have to use a blanket or pillow under them since my chair is now rusted around the screws. I still recommend it.

6. MFSTUDIO Oversized Gravity Recliners Poolside

MFSTUDIO Oversized Gravity Recliners Poolside

YOMIFUN is committed to providing high- quality products and satisfactory shopping experience for every customer. If you have a question, please contact them and they will give you a solution at the first chance. Oversize Dimension The seat width is 24.4" and the arms width is 30". The open dimensions are 35" L x 30" W x 45" H. Big and tall people are very friendly. The folded dimensions are 30 L x 6 W x 36 H. Storage and transport are easy. The MAX capacity is 350 lbs. Excellent stability is offered by the triangular support structure. This heavy-duty zero gravity chair is sturdy enough for long time use because of the solid steel tube frame, strong bungee cords and durable Oxford fabric. A locking system makes it easy to glide to any reclined positions with 0-170 degrees as your preference. Lowering elevation helps alleviate pressure and provides optimal support. Raise your legs and enjoy the sensation of floating. The ergonomics design with full padded seating, a wood pattern armrest, and a pillow provides extreme comfort and relief from stress. A side cup holder tray is convenient for accessibility. It's ideal for enjoying both indoors and outdoors. An excellent addition to bedroom, balcony, garden and courtyard. It's perfect for camping with a motor house, vacation on the beach or rest beside the pool. Completely assembled. Take out the box and unfold it. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. A manufacturer's warranty for one year.

Brand: Mfstudio

👤I use the chairs to sleep because of their benefits. I ordered a new chair to replace my old one. It is a great price for what they advertised. I would not have minded if the chair was strong. The item was less sturdy than advertised and one of the main screws that hold the seat to the frame was missing. I tried to return it, but the seller wants me to pay to send the item back to China. The screw I found in my tool box was not the same as the one I found in the carrier. There was no padding for the chair because the box was in an ok ship. I am out $100. It's better to buy it in a store. I don't recommend this chair.

👤The chairs are comfortable. The feet are the same level as the heart, so you get the zero gravity feel. We just began to use the lock feature and I don't know how it will hold up in the future. Overall, we are very happy with the purchase. If you want to get all the benefits of a comfortable zero gravity chair, the extra money is worth it. The customer service is excellent. They were very helpful when we had a small issue.

👤Zero gravity chairs have helped my wife with her low back issues. She can spend hours in this chair and is an avid beading artist. She doesn't necessarily need the extra width, but it does give her some room to wiggle around and it's easier for her to get in and out. It is nice when you get what you pay for. The price is very reasonable. That is a great value in my book.

👤We didn't bother with the trays because all the reviews were complaining about the chairs, and we thought we wouldn't bother with them. The trays were good. They are not held in place by a screw or clip. They hang on the chair. I had a bowl of salsa and a claw in the cup holder. It was awesome. Tray got up several times and left back. All in all, great value chairs.

👤I got this for my husband for Christmas and he loved it. There are 3 spots on one of the armrests that were peeling after he opened it. There is a small spot on the other armrest. The chair is very nice, except for that.

👤My husband is 350 lbs and says this is the best Christmas gift he has ever received. The chair is sturdy and comfortable. I'm hoping he's getting me one for my birthday.

👤These chairs are amazing. It's so roomy and comfortable. Well made!

👤I can't tell you how hard it is to find a lounger that doesn't fall apart. This is a work of art. Is it so comfortable? I loved them so much that I bought 2 more for my patio.

7. MAIUS Replacement Accessories Recliner Upgrated

MAIUS Replacement Accessories Recliner Upgrated

The gravity chair has a cup holder. They have included a large cup holder to hold beverages and small items. Textilene is an outdoor fabric that is made out of vinyl mesh. The textilene fabric is very tough and easy to clean, and can bring a soft and comfortable feeling to use. The maximum weight of the replacement fabric is 200 kilogram. Most lounge chairs have a replacement corder repair kit. It's suitable for most types of sun lounger, lounge chair, recliners, folding chair, anti gravity chair and bungee chair. The replacement bungee cord is made with latex rubber core surrounded by silk, it is very stable and hard to wear out. It will be easy to repair your chair by yourself, as both ends of the replacement lace are molded metallic to help make re-lacing easier and quicker. It is easy to roll up the laces and bring them with you when you go camping or fishing with your anti-gravity chair. You will get a replacement cloth, 4 cords, and 2 short lengths, instead of buying a new recliner. Saving a lot of money.

Brand: M Maius

👤10 years ago, this one came on my chair. cords were short I replaced the cord on the chair a few years ago and had to use some cord. The top portion of my chair is not broken because the chair has screws on it. Boy scout rope tricks worked.

👤The fabric was cheap. The lower half of the elastic cord was to be short. I had to use my old cords. The hole is for the separated cord. The company only offered me a new elastic cord.

👤Good material for chairs, but not keen on drilling out some rivets to install the replacement material. It should be strong when you are lacing up.

👤I was given a swing that needed to be replaced. I made it fit because I found this was the closest replacement parts I could find. I have a brand new swing for a small amount of money. It took a little time but it was worth it. It's easy to fix.

👤These are not sanitary. It was installed two weeks ago and is coming apart. The previous ones lasted 3 years. My daughters chair is not a weight issue. She is 115 lbs. Very disappointed.

👤It is easy to is tall. Better than the original material.

👤Once you get used to it, it's easy to install.

8. Guide Gear Oversized Zero Gravity Capacity

Guide Gear Oversized Zero Gravity Capacity

Stable Triangle Construction is made of reinforced sturdy steel frame, durable fabric, and double bungee lacing. The guide gear zero gravity chair is great for relaxing outdoors Their chair is comfortable and makes you feel like you are floating on air. The heavy-duty, oversized design has a 21” seat width. It is the ultimate chair for relaxing outdoors. The chair has a tubular steel frame. The construction supports a weight capacity of 500 lbs. The reclining chair folds flat for easy transportation. It's easy to fit in your vehicle for convenient storage. The gravity chair has a cup holder. They have included a large cup holder to hold beverages and small items.

Brand: Guide Gear

👤I bought this for my son-in-law. He loves it! He said it's wide enough that he has plenty of room on each side. He doesn't worry that his weight will cause a problem because it's very sturdy.

👤The chair is my new favorite. I have the best seat wherever I go, even though it is a bit heavy. I have a chair that reclines so comfortably that I am very happy with it. Can not recommend this chair enough.

👤My husband and I could have matching chairs for the patio. We chose this chair because we wanted to crash on the deck because the chair made for 250 lbs couldn't hold that much weight. I use my chair in the recline position. It is as deep of a recline as I have experienced in other chairs, but those chairs also couldn't survive past 5 uses. It is very comfortable for my line backer husband, who is 6'2, and we have added a headrest so he can rest on something softer than the metal frame. The cup holder is small so it won't hold water bottles. It has space for a phone, so you might need to use other things to keep your tablets close.

👤The chair is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The price is unbeatable. This chair is sturdy and comfortable. I tried it out in the living room before taking it to the balcony. I bought one for my husband and one for me. I might buy 2 more.

👤No directions on proper use sounds silly. I figured it out. It's nice and sturdy, but it's a bit pricey. I feel that it lacks a lock to keep it from unfolding. Unless there is one but no directions.

👤I bought two of them for my patio. We have been very pleased with them. We have been using it for two weeks. They are comfortable and sturdy.

👤The chair is good, but the seat is soft and not good for a bad back, and the back of the chair is not stinky.

👤My husband, who weighs over 300 lbs, fits in this chair. There was no indication that it would hold him. Everyone thought it was very comfortable. It was a good purchase, but needed to put in a wagon to get to the beach. It is definitely worth the money.

9. Oversized Gravity Reclining Capacity Headrest

Oversized Gravity Reclining Capacity Headrest

Textilene fabric has high- strength elasticity, waterproof oilproof, and anti-UV qualities. There is a chair for zero gravity. The recliner is strong enough to hold people over 350 lbs. The lounge chair is large enough for tall people and can be fully reclined. There is a multi-fuCTIONAL referral. Breathable mesh back connected to padded seats, a side table for drinks and phone storage, and a padded pillow for both the head and back. Recliners are designed with a locking system and can be adjusted to any position with a degree of freedom. Safety! Oversized dimensions: The set up is 30" L x 29" W x 44" H and has a seat width of 21. The folding size is 29" L x 7.5" W x 37" H. The structure is easy to fold and can be used for any patio occasion, such as a balcony or yard. No trudging buying: Natural wood is used in the armrest of this chair. Plastic armrest is more fragile than natural wooden armrest. They shouldn't be exposed to the sun or rain for a long time. You should store the product indoors after using it. If you have a quality problem in the next year, please contact them.

Brand: Portal

👤This was not comfortable. I could feel the metal structure when I sat in it because I was under the max weight limit. It wasn't very wide and I felt like I was trapped.

👤It was very comfortable. It should not be a problem to fold it easily and adjust it. The arm rests are disappointing. I had a cheap one from the store that did not do this, and I had it for about 5 years. Too late to come back.

👤So comfortable. It is easy to lock in place. I like how big it is, how far it leans back, and the pillow is perfect. It looks like it was built well. It's doable and just a minor hassle, but it's a little heavier than I thought, so it's not a big deal.

👤This is the best gravity chair I have ever owned. It's worth the money. I bought gravity chairs that came with two. The bungee cords broke because they were cheap. The picture of last year's chair is included. It is the red one. I just bought a new one and it is perfect. The old one wasn't wide enough for me to sit in Indian style. The construction of this one is better. I like that the head pillow is changeable because I have lower back issues. Great purchase.

👤I bought a chair to sit in. This type of chair helps me a lot. It is sturdy and comfortable. I like the chair.

👤A set of these was just received. They are great so far. I couldn't ask for anything more. Don't know what people were saying about it. There is no bar in your back. Very strong. Exactly what I was hoping for. I am glad I bought them. Great deal!

👤It's comfortable if you don't recline. There is a bar in your lower back when you lay back. If you fold it up and carry it, someone will assume it's going to unfold immediately. The chair had other plans and I tried to lock it up. Every time.

👤I have a chair in my living room. The wooden arms give it a nice look.

10. Patio Watcher Oversized Adjustable Reclining

Patio Watcher Oversized Adjustable Reclining

This comfortable outdoor patio reclining chair is a great choice for relaxing by reading a book or taking a break. The lounge chair can be used indoors for outdoor activities, such as BBQs or beach day, or at the office, lawn and yard. There are oversized dimensions. The open dimensions are 29"W x 29"D and 45"H. The chair back is 30" and the chair seat is 24" wide. The chair has a zero gravity mechanism. The folded dimensions are 29" L x 5.5" W x 35" H. It's easy to carry and store. A recliner chair is adjusted. Zero gravity chair can be adjusted from 0o to 170o. The lounge chairs have a locking mechanism. Pull the clip back to lock it and push the clip front to open it. You can sit or recline in the chair. STURDY STRUCTURE: The chair is made of heavy duty metal and cloth. The lounger is lined with thick bungee cords. You can support up to 330 lbs. The chair is safer because of stable triangle construction. The Gravity recliner chair has a fully padded seat and a padded pillow for support. The cup holder tray can hold drinks, food, magazines or phones. The zero gravity patio chair has a wooden armrest that provides more comfort. The patio zero gravity conveyor is fully assembled. The zero gravity patio recliner is an excellent addition to any outdoor area, whether it's a garden, backyard, balcony or bedroom. It has many ways to lay or sit, with no pressure on the whole body. It is possible to enjoy it with your family or friends. It is an awesome gift for anyone.

Brand: Patio Watcher

👤It is an important safety tip. There is a metal pin attached to the chair that needs to be inserted in the back leg to avoid injury. The company felt that this was not important enough to include with their directions. I fell twice before finding this. The chair is comfortable.

👤It looks like an ok chair. There is incorrect information on the sell page. The product had tags showing different weight maximums.

👤A comfortable patio chair can be used to relax after a long day of work. * The chair is assembled. * It comes with a padded pillow. The pillow can be used as neck or back support. * You can push it up. * The chair has a lock on it. * The attachment holds a glass and small plate. * It's easy to store when not in use. * It can fit a person up to 6'3". I'm 5'9".

👤I didn't put the pin in. I did not know there was a pin. My instructions did not mention a pin. I locked the legs in the chair and jumped into it. The chair flew backwards, head first, into a wall behind me after the rear leg collapsed. I found a small pin on the chair frame after crawling out of the wreck. Ah, the pin. After recovering from the crash, I found a small piece of the pin. It's become my favorite chair. I wasn't the only one to take the backward ejection. The pin should be found first. It's somewhere.

👤For my father's birthday. He hit his head when it collapsed on him coming back down. Something is wrong with this product. It's dangerous.

👤I have had this product for 2 months. The product is beginning to rust through the chair. The wood is discolored. There have never been items in the rain. There is a covered area. Stay away. Horrible.

👤It's nice to step out into my back yard and relax on a nice day. This chair is comfortable for a big man like me who weighs over 250 lbs.

👤I learned about the pin after reading previous reviews. The chair was assembled fully. That pin would have stumped me. The pin was put into the hole under the right armrest area. The chair won't fold up completely. If I had not cut the elastic loop, I could have unknotted the pin and used it to fold the chair. I put an elastic band on it. The chair is strong. The padding is firm. It was difficult to recline. Maybe eventually it will loosen up. I haven't put the tray on yet.

11. Oversized Gravity Folding Recliner Headrest

Oversized Gravity Folding Recliner Headrest

Completely assembled. Take out the box and unfold it. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. A manufacturer's warranty for one year. The padded seating has a curved armrest and headrest that add ultimate comfort. The extra wide recliner has a load capacity of up to 350 lbs and can be expanded to a width of 24". The portable folding chair has a handy cup holder and a lightweight design that makes it easy to use. The locking mechanism can be adjusted to any desired positions. Pull the clip back and push the clip front to open it. Stable Triangle Construction is made of reinforced sturdy steel frame, durable fabric, and double bungee lacing.

Brand: Vicllax

👤I was a little worried about sitting in these after watching online videos of people falling while sitting in these. I didn't have that issue with this chair. The elastic moves a bit when you sit in it, but it's not like I'm going to fall through the chair. It's like using a regular fold out chair, but this one locks better in place than some garden/patio chairs that I've owned. I can sit on it and decide if I want to rock or not, once it's folded out. I can recline this back and get in a relaxed state. There is a lock on this chair that prevents it from moving. The cup holder is nice and the tray on the side is big enough to hold my phone. I was able to test this out when the weather was good and I can honestly say that the pillow adds to the comfort and I fell asleep. The chair is easy to store away when not in use, and it's really comfortable.

👤It's impossible to get out of it. Will not sit upright as a regular chair. We tried this on our deck in various places and it didn't matter if the floor was slippery. A husband is trapped and requires assistance to get out. My son was folded in half. Too bad. The fabric and cushion are nice. It's comfortable when lying down. Appears strong. Maybe that's the problem. We've had cheaper versions of this chair with no problems at all, so we know how to use them, but unfortunately this one is going back.

👤I saw this one at my best friends house and decided to buy one for our home, but I wish I'd bought it sooner. The chair came fully assembled, so there was no need to assemble it, and the plastic cup holder was easy to put on the chair edge. Pull out the box, unfold the chair, attach your cup holder and sit back and relax. Since everyone has different likes and dislikes, it's amazing that you can adjust the chair according to how much of an angle you want it reclined. The pillow adds another level of comfort, but can be removed if you want, and can be adjusted to your height. The chair is very comfortable. We don't have an actual recliner so we put it in front of the tv so we can all enjoy it. It is very comfortable and could be a permanent fixture. Highly recommended.

👤The first time I tried to sit in this chair, I extended as far as I could. It was bliss. The chair fell over when I tried to return it to its upright position. I tried again and again. I can't return the chair to an upright position without it collapsing and dumping me on the floor, and I can't find a way to do that. I have back problems. I wanted a chair that could recline and raise my legs. This definitely does the trick. I can't use it because it is so unstable. What a waste of money.


What is the best product for best choice products oversized zero gravity chair?

Best choice products oversized zero gravity chair products from Yomifun. In this article about best choice products oversized zero gravity chair you can see why people choose the product. Kingbo and Timber Ridge are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice products oversized zero gravity chair.

What are the best brands for best choice products oversized zero gravity chair?

Yomifun, Kingbo and Timber Ridge are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice products oversized zero gravity chair. Find the detail in this article. Ikepahok, Phi Villa and Mfstudio are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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