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1. Grand Patio Premium Furniture Foldable

Grand Patio Premium Furniture Foldable

The modern outdoor patio furniture set comes with thick cushions, wide and deep chairs, and enough room to seat comfortably. The steel frame structure is rust- resistant. It's perfect for coastal living. It's easy to carry and store space. Premium Edition has a stylish design, wide bars on the seat panel and back, which make it comfortable and strong. The plastic pieces on the feet keep the floor from scratching. If the plastic foot pieces are missing, you can contact Grand patio for a replacement. Heavy-duty construction. Light weight chairs can hold up to 330 lbs. It's easy to set up and fold. Simply clean with wet cloth. The table has a size of 23.6" The chair is 23" X"(W) X 32"(H).

Brand: Grand Patio

👤There are many options on Amazon. I am very happy that I purchased this small bistro table and chair set. After I set up my second set of chartreuse/lime green, I decided to place this review. The first set arrived in a timely fashion with all of the pieces in good condition. I removed the protective sleeve and it unfolded itself. The pieces were kept from scratching the paint in transit and there was no damage to the box. There were no tools required. There is a way to prevent the chair from folding. The table top is covered with a plastic sleeve to prevent it from being touched. Waxing the surfaces against weathering is a word of advice that was given. I didn't think of doing that. I attach photos of how I use the two sets. There are three chairs at a table. One chair is under an umbrella. I enjoy my morning coffee outdoors. I set my iPad to do mail on the metal surface. It has a magnetic attraction to the table. I saw this was built by a German company and that was a factor that assured me that I got the right product. I have a preference for German work, and until I am shown otherwise, I include that preference in my choices. The last two photos show how easy it is to secure the chairs and tables in case of bad weather. They are light enough to be carried to a more secure location.

👤The wife wanted a nice small bistro to eat breakfast next to. The hard plastic feet were broken so they were changed with clear rubber ones. The magnets were used to hold a small towel. The Dianmei set cushion is used by her. Feet upgrade details include counter sunk screws, washer, and self locking nut. I used a flap disk to round the screw on my grinder. There are plastic clips on the table and chairs that look like safety locks, so don't throw them out if you think they are shipping material. The fit was good and the finish was good, but the feet were missing and there were scratches. 4-star, fair offering for the price point. DIAN MEI Seat Cushion for Office Chair, Tailbone Pain and Pressure Relief Seat Cushion are related products.

👤This is the best bistro set ever. I ordered the mint green and it came as pictured. The three pieces are sturdy and heavy. Highly recommended!

👤I am changing the number of stars from two to five as the company went too far to satisfy my concerns. I didn't unpack the bistro set for three months and when I did, I noticed a few places with no paint and the color wasn't red. I didn't make a complaint because my husband had burned the packing materials. Customers were told to look at the product when it was received. I still think that is good advice. The company contacted me, listened to my concerns, and shipped me a new one. It is perfect.

2. Best ChoiceProducts Folding Portable Plastic

Best ChoiceProducts Folding Portable Plastic

Food, drinks, and much more can be placed on the heavy-duty table top with high-quality plastic up to 17% thicker than other brands. The weight capacity is 300 lbs. It's perfect for an indoor or outdoor use, and can be used as a serving or display table. STURDY SUPPORT: The table is kept in place with the help of powder-coated steel legs, frame joint locks, and non-slip rubber feet. It's accessible. It is easy to take on the go or store away in a small space when not in use with a side lock and handle. The weight capacity is 300 lbs.

Brand: Best Choice Products

👤The pros are 1. It's made of plastic. They use Steel and HDPE. Other foldable tables use wood veneer, which can lead to sharp edges. For a commercial banquet table, this doesn't matter, but for a table you plan to spend hours working on, your forearms will grow to appreciate the smooth curves and soft finish. The job was done well by the manufacturer. 2. The perfect size. The table sizes are in the middle of the Goldilocks zone. Not too large, not too small, and not too skinny. I can roll up to this thing on either the left or right without hitting my knees. This is not a group table. This is a table made of wood. Here I have a big keyboard with a numeric pad, a squishy wristpad, two Monitors, a stack of papers, two Speakers, and a big cup for hydration. I can eat full meals at this station. 3. There is mobility. You can fold it up and put it in your car. When I visit my business partner in another city, or a client out of town, I have a place to sit and hammer out some serious code in either my buddy's spare room or the hotel while on the road, because I bought this as a Makeshift Command Center. I haven't used this yet in a hotel room. I've had rooms with big tables, some with small tables, table built-in's facing opposite the TV, and others with round tables, so it will be nice to know this is in the trunk. It's great to have a portable table that you can use while your buddy codes along side you in the same room, I did it before with our tables facing a big window at night in Vegas and it was awesome. I might put out my portable gear, including a laptop in "Tent/ Stand Mode", a full keyboard, mouse, and a 2nd monitor. The Dell Inspiron 17 7000 is a laptop. There are suggestions. There are color options. I would buy this again in a dark brown color, so it doesn't stand out like someone still hasn't broken down the party from the night before. It's a bit of a shame, because it's67531 is67531 2. Move the handle. The two sharp circular thin hinges on the bottom of the handle will rip up your hardwood floor if you hold it while resting. You must always remember to set on its side, even if you are aware of it. 3. I shouldn't have to use the strength of 10 orangutans to open this thing. The first review of this table was not good. I had a complaint about the table. Having sharp hinges sticking out. The handle is placed so the hinges don't fall on the floor. Difficult opening, 4. I'm not sure if it's the fault ofUPS or if they need to do a better job protecting my purchase when packaging, but I'm pretty sure this is a serious issue with this table, so I'm thinking they need to do a better job protecting my purchase You need a construction worker to open this thing by yourself, and you need a serious he-man strength to do that. I had to give up and ask for help after I tried to open it in front of others. What can I say? I have never seen a day of hard work from my coder-hand. It could be that I need a few more open-close cycles before I loosen up, or that I was manufactured with a tighter fit than most. When I sat this down on my carpet, I was able to open it with only my hands. I try to open it. I couldn't do it because it was on the side. I concluded the force I was using by bending over to open it with the hinges against the carpet gave me the leverage to pry it open because I was pushing down on it hard with my elbows pointing towards the floor. When opening from the side, you don't have this leverage. There is a The solution is to walk it over to a carpeted area or grassy patch and crack it open before setting it up on a delicate surface. I decided to look for a different table. I noticed how smooth my plastic is, and others weren't. I noticed that those with the hinges that did not protrude while folded had theirs protrude below the table when open, so you might feel it with your leg or hand. There is a I'm glad the arm of my chair isn't there because it would have been a problem. This is when I realized that they designed it this way to prevent the hinges from being visible or touchable. The reason it closes so tightly is to prevent it from opening. I looked at all of the tables that were sturdy and could hold 300 lbs and they weighed 20 lbs or more. The foldable table size was rare compared to the square and 6ft tables. After using this table for weeks with no issues, I changed my rating and wrote a new review. I'm trying to work on something in the living room while glancing at the TV, but I doubt I'll be allowed to do that for a long time as it's not nice to see. This table is ideal for the type of work I do. Best Choice Products made this my choice.

3. Best Choice Products Hammock Construction

Best Choice Products Hammock Construction

The table has a size of 23.6" The chair is 23" X"(W) X 32"(H). There is a tenacious position. This stand is made of Rust-resistant powder-coated steel and is great for your living room or patio. Solid support is built with a wide, 4-legged offset base to promote a stable lounging experience without the risk of tipping over. The high weight category. You and your seat can be up to 300 pounds. There are many rating options. You can hang hammock chairs, egg chairs, and even your child's tent with ease thanks to the offset design. A simple 3-piece design makes it easy to build and enjoy this stand.

Brand: Best Choice Products

👤The bad reviews may have come from older models. The photos of the broken stands in the reviews are different from the photos of the base weld meeting the stand, which was shipped with a large reinforcement. Some reviews mention holes not lining up. My screws went directly into the threaded holes built into the stand, not the bolts. Very sturdy so far. Will update if that changes.

👤I was sitting in my new hanging chair for the first time and fell down. I used the pole for the first time. The pole fell over and knocked down a part of my fence that had lights attached to it. I am very disappointed in this product. I have to figure out a way to get it in a box so I can return it. Do not recommend.

👤I bought a Best Choice Steel Hammock Chair Stand for my wife as a Christmas gift, so she could use it in the spring and summer. I should have opened it and put it together before Christmas to make sure it was correct, because I just learned that the product had a 60-day warranty from the date it was ordered. I found this information in a question and answer section. I found a dirty and wrinkled page when I opened the item to try to assemble it. The page had drawings of each part of the item and names of the people who were involved. There was no instructions and a frame load limit of 300 pounds. The frame is not intended to be a swing set. Failure to adhere could result in injury. There is a warning to look for rust. I was trying to assemble the item. The upright support did not fit on one of the screws. 2. The chair fabric was attached to a carabiner type hook, which made it impossible for the "360 degree" swivel to be used. 3. The nylon braided cord that is used to suspend the chair appears to be too light to take the stress of the chair over time. 4. My intent was for my wife to use the chair on the lawn where she likes to sit and read, but the chair was made to be bolted down to a deck floor and will have to modified for her to use as intended. Modifications to the item can be made in my small shop. I know from experience that I can build a wooden support structure that will be more functional and cost less than this product.

👤I always be sure to be fair and honest when I write reviews. Let's point out the discrepancies in the description. If you read the 5th bullet point, you will see that the title is not "Solid Steel", but "2” diameter tube". This hammock stand is 7 feet tall and has nearly 360 degrees of swivel capability, which is the first bullet point. You can easily catch the sunset when evening rolls around with a book and a picture of the base. The base bolts right through the bar. "Easy Assembly" is the next claim that I don't like. It would be easy if the product is made correctly. I found the slot for the bottom bolt where the base connect to the "C" arm did not fit because it was not fully cut out. The lower portion of the "C" arm's bolts did not line up correctly. Assembly was not easy with those issues.

4. Greesum GS 3RRCSBU Pieces Furniture Coffee

Greesum GS 3RRCSBU Pieces Furniture Coffee

The set is made with a steel frame that is rust-resistant and 55" wide. Ships and arrives in 2 separate boxes. Delivery times can vary per box. You don't have to worry about falling down because of the rocking design. The chair has a balance design. You can chat with your friends on it. The chair is strong and durable. The anti rust and anti-corrosion process makes it able to face all weather and has a longer service time. The table can be used to put ornaments such as small flowerpot, it can also be used to put mobile phone, fruit plate or wine glass when you are reading or chatting with your friends. The materials are light and you can easily move the chairs to the appropriate place. It depends on your like. A complete tool kit will help you assemble the chair. The assemble process will not take much time.

Brand: Greesum

👤It was well packaged. This set is lovely. I will use it on my front porch. I am a young grandma with arthritis. I put it together myself.

👤I'm happy with the purchase so far, although we just put them together and have used them once, which is still rare in the northeast. The directions were clear, just don't mix up the two side pieces like we did, check the screw holes at the top to make sure they're facing inward. I was taught by my husband to never tighten a screw until everything was perfect. It was easy to remove them to correct our mistake. The cushion covers are made of outdoor fabric and should be impervious to rain. I expect to have to replace the seat cushions after a year or two, but it's easy to do if you sew and buy the foam and cover them yourself. The relatively low cost of this set is not a big deal. I will update my review if there are problems down the road. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on outdoor seating, this is a good alternative.

👤These were easy to put together. I was a little worried since there were no photos. Can't wait to see how long they last. I was impressed with the packaging. I don't want foam which is important to me.

👤I absolutely adore this set. It was very easy to put together. I ordered beige and it came in white, but it still looks great.

👤The customer service is great. They corrected their mistake. Completely unaware of the effects of the disease. The plastic wicker broke and started to come undone. It will be difficult to get back in the box. There was a pain in the butt. So disappointed.

👤It's easy to assemble an Ikea package. The second chair went quickly. The washers and bolts were packed. The seat cushion is thin and not very comfortable, but it was more comfortable the second day. It seems sturdy.

👤The manufacturer sent me two replacements. The set is currently being disassembled to return it to Amazon. I was happy to keep the box. Don't buy this set. I was able to assemble the first chair with a friend, but the second chair had a screw that wouldn't tighten on the seat. The hole was rotating and it was not good. Customer service sent me a replacement part after I contacted them. I had a chair and a table for a while, but it was not a big deal. The replacement part is DEFECTIVE. The holes in the adjoining pieces are not aligned with the screw holes. I tried to force it, but the corner wouldn't tighten. Is it worth returning the whole set and buying something else? The chair and table are nice looking and easy to assemble if you have the correct parts. The color is as expected but the cushions are thin and will be uncomfortable for a while.

5. EVER ADVANCED Oversize Gravity Recliner

EVER ADVANCED Oversize Gravity Recliner

Product dimensions are 31.5-60.2 x 26 x 33.9-43.3 inches and can be adjusted depending on preferred position from upright to reclined. The off ground seat height is 22 and the chair back is 30 and the folding seat width is 21. The endocannabinoid design is ERGONOMIC. The maximum loading capacity of the chair is 350 lbs, which makes it large enough for larger people up to 6'2”. The structure is easy to fold and is suitable for any outdoor occasion. The locking system. The zero gravity recliner can be adjusted to any position from 0-170 degrees. A fully padded seat and back with a pillow for a more comfortable sitting experience.

Brand: Ever Advanced

👤I paid more for a chair that was rated at 350 lbs. because I am a big guy. It was the perfect chair for me. We go camping for ten days in August and I bought the chair for that. It was the most comfortable I have ever used. I was very happy with it. On the last day of camping, I fell asleep in it and the back half collapsed, forcing my back into a downward and backward shape. I was hurt. I hope the seller reads this and contacts me because I can't find a way to contact them.

👤I am getting ready for retirement over the next three weeks. A new patio chair was on the list. I wanted something portable and comfortable. I was brought to this chair by a lot of favorable reviews. As I write this review, I am lying in a state of zero gravity and I have to tell you that it is a slice of heaven! The chair is constructed well. It's a bit heavy to carry around, but when you show up to an outdoor gathering and unfold this baby, you are going to be the envy of everyone there. The chair is above the norm and definitely stands out in the crowd. You can only imagine how comfortable the chair is with the thick padding on top of it. You feel like you are hanging in the air when you raise the chair back, because your body sinks into it. It's a level of luxury that one doesn't experience from lounge chairs like these. The chair is large enough for larger people. If you want to have more support for your back, there is a headrest that slides down a track. It's a great pillow, and I am using it for my head. The cup holder and fold-out tray is a bonus, but I haven't used it yet. The chair was worth the price. If you know what a good car feels like, you can translate that into this chair. It takes very little time to get lost. You could sleep in this baby.

👤My dad has had many back surgeries, fused disks, multiple herniations, and has had trouble with his hips. I could see the relief in his face when he sat in the chair. It was worth every penny. Ours stays in the living room have never been out doors, but I can see it lasting a while in this way.

👤This has helped my neck and back. This one is my favorite because it has some cushion, but other ones don't. I would buy this chair again.

👤So far, so good. It's nice. Before using, read the instructions. I almost messed it up by notunlocking it before setting it up. You need to know how the locks work beneath the armrests. The size is good. I weigh in at 230 lbs. It's right for me. It's not going to be unbreakable because it's metal with plastic joints. It should last if you're not clumsy. It's not a lounger that you would carry a long way down to the beach. Light, but not heavy. A lounger in the backyard. Absolutely love the drink holder. It has a slot for the coffee mug handle. This would be a great gift for a dad who is a little bigger than most.

6. Greesum GS 3RCS8BG Pieces Outdoor Furniture

Greesum GS 3RCS8BG Pieces Outdoor Furniture

A complete tool kit will help you assemble the chair. The assemble process will not take much time. It is comfortable and convenient. The soft cushion on the sturdy rattan can offer a perfect use experience. The set whole weight is light, you can easily move it to any suitable place. A user friendly design includes a soft cushion, spacious seat, strong chair frame and light material. It is fashion due to its look and light material. It is comfortable due to its soft cushion. You can use the item to have a chat with your family in the garden or put it in the porch. It is suitable for decorating the yard and not taking up a lot of space. Sturdy anddurable. The chair set is made of high quality rattan wicker which can face all weather and is treated with anti rust and anti-corrosion to ensure its longer service life. It's easy to assemble. Installation instructions and a complete tool kit can make assembling it easy.

Brand: Greesum

👤It took a long time to assemble, much smaller than pictured. It was not what we expected.

👤Some holes did not line up as they should.

👤The set came with no screws at all. There is no one. I had to go to the hardware store to get all of them. There were instructions for 32 screws. It had to go back to the hardware store again for more. I had my husband tighten some of the screws because the holes didn't line up correctly. Someone strong is needed to complete this set. It looks nice and feels good.

👤The set is nice. The seat fell in after an adult man used the porch.

👤I put this together in under an hour. It is very easy to read instructions. There were pieces labeled. I like the size of these pieces. Sturdy. Absolutely recommend. Great purchase for the price. Exactly what I was looking for. It was comfortable. 5 stars.

👤I gave it to my mom as a gift. She loves it!

👤The hardware is not good. The washers that come with it are too small. The bolts are painted and you have to use a wrench to get them seated. I went to the hardware store to get new bolts and washers. Pain. It worked out better with the proper washers and bolts. They are comfortable in a small chair.

👤My mother needed furniture that would fit her small porch. We tried various larger pieces before measuring the spice. There are few sets that fit this space. Most reviews claimed that the sets were too small to be comfortable. This was the only set that allowed free returns, which made the decision for us, as returning something this large would be expensive. I will start with the basics. Each chair has a back and a seat. They are held together by bolts. You can't get it wrong because there is no variation in parts. The parts are labeled A, B, C, etc. It looked like the holes were not compatible, as stated in many other reviews. I wondered if the chairs were drilled to fit their own parts, since they were packaged separately. The sides to chair two would not have screwed onto chair one because the holes on either piece would not have lined up. They appear to have been drilled individually, rather than on an assembly line where everything is the same. I made sure that my sides lined up with the pieces I started with. They did. I put the bolts in and gave them a couple of twists so that the chair was assembled very loose. I have learned to tighten everything at the end to make it fit better. It took about 12 minutes per chair to Align the parts and start the bolts. It took 30 minutes to tighten the screws on the chair. The small space provided by the chair means that you have to make very tiny turns with the wrench until it's tight, which is time consuming. I could have loosened the whole side of the bolt to make it screw all the way in, but I chose not to. The table has 4 sides, a top, and a glass top. I believed that the top and glass piece had been left out of the set when I saw the separate box. The glass top does not stay on with the cups. I don't think it will affect my mother's use of the table. The material feels cheap like most outdoor chairs. The set at my house is basically the same as the one at my house. There were no cracks in the material. The end result looks like the pictures. I sat in one of the chairs that was a little shorter than I wanted, but it will fit her space. It is not short. I am not as small as I used to be, and it doesn't fit in my seat. It does its job while still giving room to sit for a set that is very small. The cushions are deflated in some areas but not others. I think she will replace them very soon. I wrote this review because of the other reviews. If you run into this problem, stop and check to see if the side you have will fit the other back, because in my case, each piece had been specially drilled to fit each chair and that might be true in your case as well.

7. Office Star PCT 05 5 Piece Square

Office Star PCT 05 5 Piece Square

There are 4 folding chairs. Heavy-duty light grey surface with grey powder-coated tube frames provide strong long- lasting use and lightweight portability. The set is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The tube framing is powder-coated and lightweight. The table is 36 inches square by 29 inches high and the chairs are 17 inches wide by 34 inches deep. The table is 36 inches square by 29 inches high and the chairs are 17 inches wide by 34 inches deep.

Brand: Office Star

👤I was waiting for my husband to build me a picnic table. I ordered this item because I was tired of waiting. It was great to use it for the first time. My husband likes it, he doesn't build picnic tables for me. Maybe I'll let him take it with him in the fall.

👤Since purchasing, we have used this a lot. There are 23 in the immediate family. It is so small. It provides more seating than the traditional card table and separate chairs when the family comes over. We can get a lot of kids here. We just pop it in the living room and everyone is together. Definitely recommend.

👤One of the benches was malfunctioning. The middle leg was not straight. I tried to contact Amazon for help in finding a replacement for my machine, but they told me to go to the office star. Excellent customer service. I am sarcastic if it is not obvious. A trillion dollar company doesn't have the contact info of its suppliers. I finally found the supplier's website and sent an email, but it has been 2 weeks since. Someone from an office star is hoping to see this and send a replacement bench.

👤This is better than I anticipated. We outgrew our kitchen table very quickly. I was drawn to this product because of the ease of use, portable, and easy cleaning. The assembly is very sturdy and took seconds to assemble. This table is used for everything. We eat our meals there, do our lessons there, and do a lot of other things. I would recommend this product to anyone. Great product!

👤I love it. It is easy to put away. If you want to carry it, it has a carry handle. It works for our whole family. It is strong. I need that. My kids hit stuff. This is a hard job. The benches aren't weird and narrow like some of the others we saw. I was hoping that these were strong and sturdy. Would buy again. Definitely not weak.

👤I like how portable the table is with its built-in handle, and also appreciate the strap for the chairs that's included to help tie your chairs together and carry them easily. It's a sturdy table. The chairs are inexpensive, but they don't seem as stable as a metal folding chair, but the molded plastic makes them a pretty comfortable seat. The table is heavier than your average card table, which is probably due to its greater stability and solid construction, and the fact that the table is more like 26.75" tall, which is important if you're trying to match it up.

👤I was skeptical about it. Very surprised. The package was in perfect condition when it arrived. The table is folded in half. It is easy to carry with this handle. The table is easy to setup. It holds all the food and drinks. The benches are easy to seat on each side. The bench is narrow, so make sure it is set up on a flat surface or it will tip over. It's easy to fold up and store for our July 4th party.

8. Best Choice Products 6 Piece Rectangular

Best Choice Products 6 Piece Rectangular

The table is 36 inches square by 29 inches high and the chairs are 17 inches wide by 34 inches deep. A 6-PERSON family dining set includes a table, 4 chairs, and a bench, perfect for family meals or gatherings in your kitchen or dining area. There are built-in storage cages. The metal rack under the table can hold a lot of things. There is a sad tabletop. The table top is cut extra thick to make it perfect for eating dinner, working on your laptop, or playing games with friends and family. Smooth table and chair finishes make it easy to wipe them clean, so your dining set can maintain a new look through years of use. The set is made with a steel frame that is rust-resistant and 55" wide. Ships and arrives in 2 separate boxes. Delivery times can vary per box.

Brand: Best Choice Products

👤This is a good set for the price. 99% of the negative reviews are null and void if you can 1. Remember that you bought a $300.00 set, not a $3000.00 set. Follow the assembly instructions. Someone took a photo of that little guy. There are only a few millimeters difference, it's easy to mix the bolts. Not strong? This thing is sturdy as a rock, you tightened it too early or unevenly. You can't push against the table without the table sliding. You can't, it's a $300.00 table. Is it not real wood? It says it isn't in the description. Again, $300.00. It didn't hold up because you let your children use it as a jungle gym, I can't imagine what you would do at home. If any of the above sounds like something that would happen at your house, you should skip this item and buy something at the furniture store for about $30000. There is no reason why this table won't last you a long time.

👤The first thing I have to say is that I am surprised at how sturdy it is and how nice it looks. It arrived in 3 days after I ordered it. I don't have anything bad to say, but even if it crumbled in 6 months, I'm still going to be happy. I had to loosen up the screws and re tighten when everything was in place because the pieces didn't lined properly. Everyone with small space and a budget should buy it.

👤Put together the table and love it. It's a plastic material but it fits in my open kitchen and has the appearance of wood. It's pretty lightweight but sturdy. It's easy to assemble a great value. There are more details below. The package was delivered quicker than initially stated by Amazon. The boxes were large. They would recommend a dolly or a second person to help carry them. Each piece is wrapped in plastic and protected by Styrofoam so no damage is done when you arrive. The set has enough screws to complete it, so don't lose any. I stripped the Allen wrench down to the point it was useless when I tightened the last chair. I would not recommend you tighten the screws all the way until you've got all the screws in place. It took a little elbow grease to put the screw holes in place. It might not align if you tighten screws on one side before securing the other. I was worried about it during assembly, but it seems very sturdy now that it's finished. I will adjust my review if I have any issues. The pictures are easy to follow and just like adult Legos. I took 1.5 hours to assemble the table and chairs. It's definitely a plastic table and plastic chairs, although some of the Q&A claim that it's wood. It looks like wood but you can't tell it's not. The table, bench, and chairs are very light. Storage under the table and bench is nice, but not sure how much weight it can hold. It's great for items that don't fit in cabinets. The chairs and bench don't all push under the table since they would collide. If you're trying to fit into a tight space, the space for the table and chairs should be wider and longer than just the table. If you want to get a realistic expectation of the space it will take up in a room, you should add an additional 8 inches on each side of the table.

9. Ruby Sliders Seen BulbHead Scratching

Ruby Sliders Seen BulbHead Scratching

chairs and furniture legs scratch your floors. Ruby Sliders fit over furniture legs to protect tile floors from scratching. Your floors look great! Not designed for carpet floors. You can't trust your floors to just any old one, so look for the red to know they're authentic. The Ruby Sliders have a distinct red felt pad, so look for the red to be authentic. Don't accept imitations of Ruby Sliders. Soundless glides over hard surfaces can sound worse than nails on a chalkboard, depending on what type of flooring you have. Ruby Sliders soundlessly glide over your hard floors to end that noise. Ruby Sliders are easy to fit over furniture legs. You will never have to use glues or pads. You can slip them over your chair legs to keep them in place. Not all furniture legs are the same size and shape. Most furniture legs on your chair, couch, bed, and more are compatible with Ruby Sliders. Ruby Sliders will fit in any shape or size. Ruby Sliders have a premium felt pad attached to the bottom of their protectors that is glue on with industrial-strength adhesive so it doesn't fall off. Large furniture is difficult to move. Those heavy, bulky pieces can easily glide across your hard surface floor with the help of Ruby Sliders.

Brand: Bulbhead

👤I thought my chairs were small. These are too big to fall off. I tried to hold them snug with rubber bands. As per my pic, it's still too big and floppy. I will try to return. They look great for the right chairs, but not for me.

👤Don't slide on our carpet or tile floor, it's easy to install. Not impressed.

👤Product description says it fits. Ours is too large for them.

👤I used to use the stick on the felt pads at Walmart. I would find them on the floor. It has been a long time since a product that lasts! Ruby Sliders fit perfectly on my kitchen chairs. Installation was easy. The entire process was very satisfying. The way they stretch wraps themselves around the legs. There is no way these puppies will fall off. The chairs used to make loud noises, but now they are whisper quiet. I don't need to worry about scratches on my floors, I don't need to worry about worn out felt pads on the floor, and I don't need to worry about the noise. The investment in Ruby Sliders is worth it because they will save me a lot of money in the long run. I want to order more furniture for my home. They are clear so you can't see them. They are not like other ones that I've looked at. These are the best.

👤I have always struggled to clean behind this curio cabinet and my husband cut felt pieces for me so they were ugly. The Ruby Sliders are invisible because they are stretched to fit over the cabinet legs. I can now slide the cabinet out and back without damaging my hardwood floors. ordering more These things are great.

👤I needed something for my chairs to slide. The ones I wore fell off. I saw these on TV and bought them. They work on my floor but don't buy carpeting.

👤They fit perfectly. It was easy to put on. Silicone products are much clearer. I love them! I need to order more for my table.

👤We have tried many attachable sliders, which slip on and fit every chair. None of them do and these are the same. They don't stretch as shown. They fit over our living room side tables, but only for kitchen chairs.

10. Amazon Basics Textilene Adjustable Reclining

Amazon Basics Textilene Adjustable Reclining

Everything you need is included, including a raised twin inflatable mattress with built-in pump and pillow, a storage bag for convenient storage and transportation, and a repair patch in case of an accidental puncture or rip. Zero-gravity chair with side table is perfect for relaxing outdoors. The chairs and table fold flat for easy transport and have 2 cup holders integrated into the table. The lockable recline function is made of steel and Textilene fabric. Spot clean with a damp cloth, do not iron, and do not use strong chemicals for cleaning. The chair and table have dimensions of 26 x 31.5-60.2 x 33.9-43.3 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. When I receive my purchase, I am usually surprised one way or the other. I do a lot of research before I buy something. Thanks to Amazon, I don't get a real piece of crap very often. This is one of those times when I am surprised at how good a choice I was able to find. I was asked by my wife to find some chairs for her camper. I went in search of a decent set that was reasonable. I read reviews and decided to take a chance. Wow. I was really happy that I did. The quality is excellent. Well made chairs. They look the same as the pictures. Nice motion. When you are lying back, there are locks to hold it in place. There are side tables that attach to the chairs and a table that goes between them. For $100? I was a bit skeptical, but I am happy. Great deal. What is the most important? My wife is happy. I look like a hero because she loves the chairs. I love making my wife happy. Thanks for reading.

👤The order was placed on 9-11-19 and arrived on 9-12-19. The box was big and heavy and arrived undamaged. We could figure out if they were sturdy or uncomfortable by sitting down and setting them up. My first words were, "I'm in Heaven!" We love them. I'm 180 and my husband is 218. I'm not getting up, so yes, to sturdy and comfortable.

👤These chairs are comfortable. I paid less than $70 for this set and think it is worth it. They are lightweight because there was no set up. knobs to secure the position of the chair are not very strong I have to sit still if I want to recline 50%. It is fine if you plan to sit upright or recline completely. The cup holders are not very sturdy. I only use the actual cup holder on the ledge because I don't feel safe putting anything on it. The small table is the same thing.

👤Skepticism is really bad. I think that's correct. I thought that I would have to spend a lot of money on a new set of furniture for my balcony. I'm still in shock, these chairs are very comfortable and easy to carry. The materials are strong, and even held my uncle, but he won't see them. My parents loved them.

👤The locking mechanism does not seem to work well. You can change the recline angle with a hammer. They are listed at a 200 pound weight limit. They are sturdy enough to handle more than 220 pounds, although if you run a little bigger I would look elsewhere.

👤I opened the box outside and now I'm laying in them because I have nothing else to do since I'm under a quark, and they are absolutely perfect. Do yourself a favor and order these chairs.

👤There were no missing pieces when my set arrived. The chair is very sturdy and it's quite comfortable, and the small table is also sturdy, and it holds a couple of cups of coffee and other items without fear of anything falling off. The side tray is not as strong as I would like it to be. I don't get the idea of "zero gravity" because no matter what position I'm in, I can still feel the chair. The chair is more comfortable than the standard reclining pool-side chair. It's worth every cent for the price and quick delivery.

11. Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure 14 5 Amp

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure 14 5 Amp

Add to cart now The wireless accessory for the Xbox one is manufactured by a third-party company. The quality of their adapter will meet your needs as much as possible. If you have any questions about the wireless adapter, please feel free to contact them, and they will respond to you in the first time, your satisfaction is their biggest goal! Text Sun Joe to ask questions. The motor has a power of up to 1800 watt and can generate up to 2030 PSI at initial discharge per CSA internal pressure testing. It'sTILE: Cleaning tasks include homes, buildings, RV's, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patio, lawn equipment, and more. Two onboard detergent tanks and a separate set of tanks for storing different types of detergent can be used to tackle different cleaning projects. The total stop system shuts off the pump when thetrigger is not engaged to save energy. CSA internal pressure testing has a max PSI at initial discharge. The Max GPM is over. At minimum pressure, the nozzle is open.

Brand: Sun Joe

👤If your pressure washer stopped working, read this. I bought this pressure washer just over 2 years ago for a single job. I forgot about the unit for two years, until I needed it this summer. The pump ran for about 5 seconds after I fired it up. I tried for days to get it to work. I was over the warranty by a week. I was stuck with junk. After using the pressure washer, you're supposed to use a pump protector lubricant, according to the guy at work. The leftover water in the unit can cause the pumps internal gasket to seize up. I don't know if it's due to the minerals in the water. I thought I would use the pump protectors liquid on my pressure washer, after I considered buying a different unit. I bought a Powerfit 3oz Power Washer Pump Protector at Wallmart. My pump and pressure washer were brought back to life by this $5 liquid. The threaded garden hose inlet on the pressure washer has plastic threads on it. Then squeeze the bottle. I didn't know if I was doing it right because I couldn't tell if the liquid was actually going in. The unit worked after I connected the hose. Hope this helps some people. The power wash pump protector liquid trick didn't fix an issue with the pump that wasn't starting. I thought it was an electrical issue when I tried different outlets. I probably left the power washer unit outside in the rain a few days last year because of the electrical issue. Take the cover off of the unit's GFCI plug and then take the unit out of the house. If you see a lot of water trapped in the plug, it will prevent it from running. I bought a replacement plug at the hardware store. You can find a replacement plug for my pressure washer by typing "Leviton 16693 15- Amp, 120-Volt, Grounded, Compact Automatic Reset Right angle GFCI" into the Amazon search bar. Attach the wires to the new GFCI plug by connecting them to it with the black wire and screws. Attach the new plug to the "U" shaped stress clamps that come with it. Attach the new cover and you're good to go. 5 years later, my Sun Joe washer is still going strong. It's possible that the very fine holes in the spray nozzles will get damaged after a few seasons. The amount of water that can pass through a pump can be affected by a variety of factors, and I found that it can be difficult to shut the pump off if there is a problem with the pump. If your pump doesn't work with the spray nozzle attached to the wand, that's a sign that you need to do some maintenance on your nozzles to reopen the holes in the nozzle. I took a bowl and filled it with something. There are other good ways to get rid of the corrosive elements in the house. I soaked the nozzles in a bowl. I poked the hole with a sewing needle to clear it of any rust. After soaking them for a couple more hours, I put them under some hot water. After drying them off, I sprayed each nozzle with olive oil cooking spray to help prevent any more rust before storing them. I used something I had around and it worked. The method opened 3 nozzles for me.


What is the best product for best choice products outdoor furniture?

Best choice products outdoor furniture products from Grand Patio. In this article about best choice products outdoor furniture you can see why people choose the product. Best Choice Products and Greesum are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice products outdoor furniture.

What are the best brands for best choice products outdoor furniture?

Grand Patio, Best Choice Products and Greesum are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice products outdoor furniture. Find the detail in this article. Ever Advanced, Office Star and Bulbhead are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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