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1. Wellye Bluetooth Controller Accessories Replacement

Wellye Bluetooth Controller Accessories Replacement

For children ages 3-7 years. There are 2 seats, max. 130 lbs. The digital model on the side of the control box is the same model as the one on the model number. The first use of a battery is necessary. Please make sure the purchased part has the same appearance as the original one. The 12V FCCE and the 12C are from the same source. If you need a 7-pin single-sided socket remote control and receiver kit, you can use FCCE.

Brand: Wellye

👤I replaced the control box that came with my kids' Jeep. The seller doesn't specify the difference between the two, but the RX43 should handle more power. The current draw on the BCP Jeep was up to 30 Amps over the grass. This one seems to handle it well. The control box won't work with your existing remote. It's best to get the remote and control box. It works great and seems to handle 25A+ of current.

👤We lost the remote to our baby electric car and they are too young to drive alone, so this was perfect, I replaced the bluetooth inside the car myself, and we were back to enjoying the little car.

👤We lost the remote for my sister's hummer. I searched for the same brand remote but couldn't find it. I was not disappointed because I read the questions about not being universal. I bought it. I was desperate. I followed the instructions when the remote came early. The thing worked. Thank you for that and for anyone else who is looking for the same. I did not need the black block. I don't know what to do with that, but the remote did its job.

👤The motors were upgraded to 35000rpm. You have to have a Rx43 to use it. You will experience extreme heat in the wiring from the battery to the board if you don't. Order the remote with the board. I didn't care what I couldn't get the old remote to work. If you want the larger motors. Get the motor. The gear box had to be changed because it was the original 900rpm motor. It is all interchangeable. The gear boxes are geared high. It is hard to get started.

👤The remote was lost for the Best Choice Jeep. This worked. You need a new transmitter and remote combo.

👤My daughter dropped our remote and we needed a new one. This was the only one that was compatible. It's easy to switch out the controller box. The jeep makes a buzzing sound when we drive her around. I knocked off one star.

👤The product controller was easy to pair. I upgraded the jeep's motor and used this on it. The jeep stopped after 30 seconds of driving. They will need to upgrade the wiring as they get hot with new motor.

👤I bought this to replace the remote system on my Jeep. The swap out was very easy. The remote's batteries have been sitting up all winter and have lasted a long time. Very pleased with this item.

2. Power Wheels Kawasaki Racing ATV

Power Wheels Kawasaki Racing ATV

There is a display with light. Green fully charged. A ride-on vehicle with realistic quad styling. The speed is 3 and 6 mph. The speed is 3 mph (4.8 km/h). reverse Driving on wet grass. Parent-controlled brakes. max weight for kids 3-7 years is 65 lbs.

Brand: Power Wheels

👤We put it together before Christmas, we purchased it for a gift. Why is the axel too big for the vehicle? We have to stop it and fix it every time we turn around because a tire is trying to fall off of it!

👤This is the best power wheel. I've ever bought something. I got this for my 3 year olds birthday and it was very easy to assemble. The quad is very fast. I had no problems with the wheels or the axle, it runs perfect.

👤This was bought for a new child. The power wheel is awesome. I like the button cover that locks out the high-speed button. He was made to get used to operating the vehicle before we gave him the extra power. It has never run out of power, and he has used it for over two hours straight. I follow the guidelines for charging the battery. I didn't like some things. The plastic wheels don't have traction on the hills. A lot of knock-off brands have functional head lights. The rear wheel is too long, but using plastic zip ties between the wheel and the guard fixed it. There is a video that shows how to wrap the plastic wheels. It solved all of my noise problems. The car is awesome. The best money I've spent.

👤Our boys love it! He bought his brother one for Christmas and had to give his grandmas money. They all ordered one for their kids after having some friends over. Kid tested ages 2 through 5 and they all love it. My husband had to modify the back tire with a screw as it would pop out of place, but it wasn't a big deal and works perfectly now.

👤After reading the reviews, I was skeptical about purchasing these. I had no issues with mine. I was able to put them together quickly. My son is not ready for the fast mode yet, but no problem with the back axle, it's just that he is not used to it.

👤I had the same problem as other reviewers with the rear axle. I added some hose gasket to fix it, but it should be fixed by Mattel. The battery life is the next issue I have. My 4 year old is about 43 lbs and only gets 15-20 minutes on it. The battery I received was not used, but everything else seemed new. I fully charged the battery for about 24 hours before I used it, and it still doesn't seem to last as long. My yard is mostly flat grass, and my son was riding on the driveway a bit. I'm not sure what's happening. It's great if it's not.

👤I bought this for my son's birthday. I wanted to introduce him to powered riding because he's a bit taller than me. It took him a couple months to warm up but now he's happy to ride it around the yard. There is a This is an incredibly easy build if you know how to fix a screw driver or the basics of mechanics. I would have preferred a button on the handlebars, or a twist throttle, because they slip along the grass or concrete. A rubber strip in the center of the tire would help. The battery life is a pros. The battery was good for a couple of months. I think he has a good battery life, only charging it once a week, and he is doing more than 2 minutes at a time. The buttons are multi-speed. The neighbor boy was able to ride around the yard with the higher speed because the 2 year old was learning how to ride. The max weight is on the low side. My wife was able to ride this thing across the yard in the low power setting because of the parts wear and tear.

3. FLH Universal Products Mercedes Indicator

FLH Universal Products Mercedes Indicator

There is a 90 day money back guarantee and a two year warranty. Please contact them if you have any questions. TheFLH-D1210 Input: 100V-240V 50/60Hz Input Power: 0.23A Output:12Vdc 1000mA 2.1mm Center Positive Barrel Plug The products are certified for safety. Fast charging and providing protection against overcharging. The stage of charge is indicated by two colors on the light show. The green light is fully charged. They provide a 1 month return policy.

Brand: Flhfulihua

👤The red power led seems dim when charged, but it is charging successfully so far. I am not playing the mp4 player to charge the car. It is a previous version of the same car model. Who knows where it came from when it was bought in downtown Los Angeles? The exact model I have is on Amazon. The mp4 screen is missing.

👤It was exactly what we needed for my granddaughter's car.

👤A toy car. The toy car battery doesn't work. It's ok with the charging device. The battery no.

👤After my wife lost an origional, I used this to replace the car's charging port.

👤The indicator on the light let's you know when the battery is full.

👤We haven't been able to charge a replacement for the Moderno Kids 400$ BMW.

👤It works and charges our car.

4. RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 68835 Complete 1997 2006

RAMPAGE PRODUCTS 68835 Complete 1997 2006

The dash camera for cars is backed by a one-year warranty. You can either text them or email them and they will respond to your questions and resolve your issues in a timely manner. It comes with a full refunds within 30 days if you have doubts. Jeep Soft Tops have options of quality fabric with sewn seams. The seam is welded shut with heat seal tape. Simply slip off your old Jeep soft top and replace it with a new one featuring reinforced stitching, marine grade thread and heavy duty 30 mil windows. The Rampage products are covered by a 3 year warranty and can be used for repair or replacements. Jeep parts and accessories like bumpers, interior accessories, steps, and more are provided by Rampage. Offroad accessories include bumpers, trail gear, and recovery tools to help you out of sticky situations. They offer a lot of accessories. Offroad accessories include bumpers, trail gear, and recovery tools to help you out of sticky situations. They offer a lot of accessories.

Brand: Rampage Products

👤This is the top that came on my Jeep, it's been three years since I bought it. We only used the bikini top for the last two years because we had it off and on. It was something we could rely on to be done when we needed it. We had to replace the zipper because it gave out this summer. We ordered it that day because I knew I wanted it the same way. When we got the new top, I let it set out in the sun to stretch and then put it on in the evening. When I put the top on, one of the zippers began to pull away from the side. I was told to take a picture of the problem and send it in. The piece that was tearing was replaced after I followed their instructions. The person I dealt with made the entire process easy for me, even though I wanted to buy some. Chris dealt with my situation and I will be a rampage customer for the rest of my life.

👤I have this top for about a year and a half. It was great at first and works as expected. The bag/divider was included with the panels. It started taking on water at the one year mark. My interior is completely damp when it rains. I end up with a wet shirt unless I wear a rain suit for the slightest rain because it has started to leak and drips directly over both front seats. I didn't think it would last 13 years like the factory but it did. This isn't the first bad experience I've had with that manufacturer.

👤Less than a year with this thing. The stitching and seam tape coming undone caused the leaks in the front seats. There is more stitching around the tub trim. I contacted Rampage for a replacement. I finally got a shipping order for a replacement after hearing nothing for a few weeks. No apology or anything in the email. Nbd. We were getting a replacement and I was happy about it. Since the "shipping date" of my replacement, I still have no top. I was told that someone should have contacted me to let me know that they were on back order. I could get the top in two days if I ordered it from Amazon. Radio silence was caused when I questioned if it would be possible to get one through their store. It was impossible to zip the rear window all the way on either side because of the broken back window zippers. We are in a rainy season with a soft top less than a year old and more holes than a golf course. The onboard storage bag is a joke. It's like a pair of jeans. I'm not rough with this top. It's kept indoors if off and never put on in cold weather. I'm fine with that. subpar products that need replacing are fine with me. Sometimes I'm okay with not having communication. I'm not a fan of all 3 at once. Especially when there are solutions to be had. I wouldn't spend my money on another product after this experience. It was installed on a 97 TJ. The larger windows are more comfortable than the framed Smitty I had on prior, and being able to store the windows in the top is a huge plus. It's already ripping on the tub plastic stitch on my window. I noticed it was missing half of the stitch in the plastic when I was on the Jeep in warm weather. The glues around the windows don't look like they're made for a long term hold, but we will see. There is a seam cover over the drivers side seats which is peeling off. I always get a leak with a heavy rain if I don't caulk in the forward side of the front doors. The front of the top is filled with water. It isn't that bad for the price. I drive my Jeep in the mountains and in the woods. It's not going to complain if it leaks. It's difficult to seal a vehicle that pulls apart. Don't blame it on the top. It's very convenient to use in different setups because it's quick to take on and off.

5. Products Wrangler Universal Supplies Dynacraft

Products Wrangler Universal Supplies Dynacraft

Offroad accessories include bumpers, trail gear, and recovery tools to help you out of sticky situations. They offer a lot of accessories. 5 Ft power cable, 2.1mm center positive barrel plug, and 50/60Hz input for AC. The display is red. Blue is the charging color. Completely charged. The majority of 12V Children Ride On Car models are compatible. Their products have passed a safety certification. Fast charging and providing overcharge protection system, short circuit, overload protection, and overheat protection. There is a 90 day money back guarantee and a two year warranty. Please contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Kavcent

👤It didn't work for my grandsons car. The green light never charged. I had to buy another one.

👤A replacement for a Power Wheels vehicle was purchased. This didn't work for me. May was just a dud.

👤This review request was made with cheaper wire and it just popped up. After a few uses, the wire slipped out of the adapter. Don't expect the best quality.

👤The child's battery operated car should be used for the child's parent to direct where the car goes. Great feature!

👤It worked well on my car.

👤It worked well for my grandson motorcycle.

6. Go Store Choice Products Electric

Go Store Choice Products Electric

The ride is powered by kids. The car universal charging indicator light is on. Their products have passed the test and are safe to charge. 6 Ft power cable, 2.1mm center positive barrel plug, AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz Input / 12Vdc 0-1000mA Output The Kid Dynacraft battery-powered ride is compatible with 12 Volts. On the car. 24Awg Power Wire Exceeds 10 years Lifespan. There is a display with light. Green fully charged.

Brand: Go Store Choice

👤The green is the end of the charging. Your equipment has a problem if it is only green or not light up. Check the specifications. I used this to charge my power wheels. It worked well. Our neighbors power wheel ATV doesn't work for them. The light is green. This is a charger that can't charge anything plugged in.

👤Excellent work. The powrrwheel that my sons bought on Amazon has a remote control so you can drive it for them, but I lost the charging dock. I bought a cheaper one before buying this one. The previous one I purchased was more expensive, but it charged my sons powerwheel. He was very happy. When powerwheel is fully charged, the light starts off red.

👤Thank you! When we bought our granddaughter a motorcycle, it didn't come with a battery, so she can now ride it.

👤I was looking for a 12v charging station to charge my son's car, and it was there. My son was able to meet his friend and drive his car on the park because of the price and delivery time.

👤It got here fast but when I opened it and got it out of the box it was covered in dust which I thought was weird but I plugged it in and it stayed green for an hour before turning red and the car was dead since we lost the original.

👤I had an issue with the power charger I purchased, but it was solved when I bought it here. It is very cheap to compare ones I have already bought. It works well from the day I started using it.

👤My grandson's 2v car works perfectly with a power adapter.

7. Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Blue

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Blue

Refer to the battery care instructions. One Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler is included in your purchase. There is a user manual and a charging device. The recommended age is 3 to 7 years. 12V is the battery voltage. Hot wheels have colors and graphics. The doors are open and closed for easy access. Drives on grass. drives max The forwards are moving at 5 mph. Max. reverse 2.5 mph.

Brand: Power Wheels

👤The ride-on toys are very similar, the main differences being the style. I have complaints about the quality of the Fisher Price Jeep, but it's higher quality than some of the other units we compared. A lot of these comments apply to all Fisher Price motorized toys. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing Price... You can watch the prices. The price was $199 with free Prime shipping, which is exceptional, and smaller units start around $250 in stores. The price may go up even more at Christmas time. The average price is between $250 and $300. This is a warning to watch the price. SHIPPING... Comes in a big box. The box was undamaged, but the left motor broke and cracked the frame. The rear electric motor is not attached well to the rest of the car, I noticed a design flaw and decided to repair it myself. I suggest that you drill a few extra screws into the frame. The assembly. Nothing comes pre- assembled. The rear roll-bar is in the photo. The decals are not included in the 16 pieces to be screwed together. Allow 90 minutes, but my repair took another 90 minutes, making assembly time a little over 3 hours. All you need is aPhillips screwdriver for assembly. The kit comes with a pair of small tools. There is a size. It's wider than most of the ones I've seen in stores, so it won't fit through a normal doorway. Storage is a huge pain because of that. AGES... The box says 3-6 years, but I say more like 2 to 5 years. My kids are taller than average, but my 4-year old is already bumping her knees against the dashboard, I'm sure she will have grown up by 6. My 2 1/2 year old does well with it. There are wheels. They are hard plastic. It doesn't work at all in our yard, it's too many slopes. Flat astroturf is the best surface for this, but it works well on a parking lot. It slips on the deck. It slips on damp grass, on tall grass, and uphill. There are many solutions. You can spray the tires with rubber grip at any hardware store for $6-12 per can. It will peel off over time. You can do a search on Amazon for product numbers B0006SU3QW or B007I6IFX8. There is Caleity. This is a two-seater and it fits two children. Two kids have had their toes run over several times because of the dangers of being in a vehicle that is easy to jump out of. The box says it can hold up to 130 pounds, but it can hold up to 200 pounds. There is batteryy. This is a small car battery. Bring the battery inside to charge after removing it from the hood. If it isn't charged at least once a month, it will die. It's a proprietary battery and you can either buy a replacement from fisher price or find a generic one on eBay or Amazon. The battery lasts at least 4 hours. The battery life will shorten over time, the best case scenario is that it will last you a couple years. The only way to know if it's full is to use a battery tester or multimeter, since there is no light indicator. Don't leave the battery plugged in for days at a time, this AC adapter/charger is not a trickle charger, and could fry the battery to overcharge. The speed is GEARS. There are 4 gears in the car, controlled by a gear shift in the middle, which I can't find, no matter how much I fiddle with it. There's only 3 gears, though it really needs a park or brake, because kids are loading and unloading. It comes with a screw in the shifter that can be removed when your kids are ready for more speed. The "slow" speed at 2.5mph is still fast for small children. The gas pedal is an on/off switch, not an ignitor. You get whiplash because there is no speeding up or slowing down. There is no brake pedal. It's probably 6-7 feet. A lot of flat space is needed to use this. It's heavy and bulky to take to the park. It's too heavy to fit in a minivan, SUV, or sedan, so you have to throw it in a pickup truck. If you don't have a big yard or a school next door, think again. TRUNK... The trunk has no room despite how the photos look. It's about three feet deep. It looks like there is room for more than one child. There's no room for a small 3rd child, but I believe the motor could handle it. Adding a hitch and rigging a trailer is something I've thought about. There was some concern. The only other option is a garage or shed. The sun will fade, there are lots of pockets for water to get trapped, which will rust and breed mosquitos. The weight. It's 55 pounds. It's difficult for an adult to drive it because you have to lift it. The stairs to our front porch make it difficult to store and move. It's taller than it needs to be, there's no place to lift it, and the front bumper and roll bars add several inches to the dimensions. They will break if you try lifting it by the roll bars. Styling is excellent and I love the Jeep details. Kids in the neighborhood love it. There are other areas. None really. There was no horn, radio, lights or anything like that. These things are decals. The fake key/ignition switch doesn't do anything. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing Is that true? My kids and I have a blast with it, but we rarely use it. They don't ask for it. It's difficult to pull out, it's difficult to store and it's difficult to keep charged up. I have a huge yard, but it's not enough for everyone, and the Jeep gets stuck on a stick or a clump of grass, it's frustrating for everyone. It's fun to take it to the playground, but it's difficult to load it up because I have to take the rear seat out of the minivan. I have a feeling that many people feel the same way, that the exercise machines that get used once or twice are forgotten. Good luck with your shopping, that's a lot of objective information that will hopefully help you.

8. Power Wheels Battery Powered Preschool Exclusive

Power Wheels Battery Powered Preschool Exclusive

If your car isn't working, please check if you have a quick change wire connection. The battery cable is connected even if the battery is damaged. A battery-powered ride-on vehicle has a pretend grill. There are 5 pretend food play pieces. The Jeep Wrangler styling is realistic and plays fun grilling and driving sounds. The vehicle drives on hard surfaces. 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph reverse. Power-lock brakes and high-speed lock out. For children ages 3-7 years. There are 2 seats, max. 130 lbs.

Brand: Power Wheels

👤We discovered that it was missing a rear fender after assembling the flimsy plastic pieces together. The car didn't do anything after we charged the battery for 18 hours. Didn't make a sound. The service center sent us a new battery after we contacted them. Same thing. It was charged for 18 hours and plugged into the car. It's frustrating for a huge item that is all put together and is indicated as non-returnable. I don't know what else to do. I'm pretty sure we received a cheap product. Be careful!

👤It was a nightmare to get the JeepAssembling the Jeep was a nightmare. A number of the pieces were warped and didn't fit together correctly. It was difficult to use the included wrench on the rear axle. There was a small pack of screws missing from the package.

👤This is the second Power Wheels. Our first one lasted five years and our boys wore the treads off the tires. The weak battery is par for the course and never had an issue other than that. The Jeep was assembled today. It was a disappointment. Pieces of body didn't line up, clips were broken, hood bolts weren't fastening, etc. A big disappointment. It seems very cheap. I wouldn't buy it. If it lasts through the summer, I will be shocked.

👤I ordered this for my son for Christmas and when I put it together it had a missing rear axel. I called Fisher Price and they said they would be there the next day. My son would get it for Christmas. Steve at Fisher Price hit the wrong button. The part did not make it for Christmas after I called Fisher price back. It is a nightmare to get the parts that should have been there in the first place.

👤This Jeep was shipped with a missing part. If this is replaced, I would adjust my rating, but it looks great and feels sturdy. The missing part will be sent by Fisher Price.

👤This is on sale for a good price. Our kids love it and are 4 and 2 years old. I have been impressed with how much driving they can do before the battery runs out. It has survived being left out in the rain a couple of times. I think it would be a small thing to add to the cost if it had real mirrors and lights instead of stickers. I wish it came with the decorative stickers already attached, as they were too time consuming and annoying to do on their own, and the kids who fit in this are not really able to do it themselves. This Jeep has hours and hours of fun.

👤A couple pieces are missing. The part that goes from the drive motor to the rear wheel is useless. The grill was missing a rubber strap.

👤It's a lot of fun for the little girl. You don't get much battery life, it only lasts about a half hour for her to ride around. It gets weak after that. I have to push her down on the back since she is only 30 lbs. She has some traction. It's getting me some exercise. It's a good thing.

9. SafeAMP 12 Volt Charger Wheels Battery

SafeAMP 12 Volt Charger Wheels Battery

It's easy to assemble. Installation instructions and a complete tool kit can make assembling it easy. The battery is compatible with Fisher-Price Power Wheels. The Power Wheels battery is compatible with the Fisher-Price Power Wheels. The SafeAMP replacement battery is compatible with the Fisher-Price Power Wheels 12-Volt.

Brand: Safeamp

👤I got a bike safety light instead of a powerwheels charge.

👤The power wheels came with a charging station that plugs into the battery. The charging system isn't very smart. The instructions say to charge it for at least 14 hours, but never more than 30. My smart phones only draw power when they need it. I rigged up one of the smart plugs. I can turn on the charging station with a voice command, but I have to turn it off at 9:00 AM every day. If I give the command before 6PM, the battery will be charged for at least 15 hours, but never more than 24 hours.

👤The kids stop playing with their toys in winter. All the charging points have vanished after spring arrived. This was the one I chose to replace the power wheel charger with. The kids can play outside again.

👤My kid's dune racer battery was charged with this charger. I decided to try it after I was ready to give it 5 stars. I don't know if it's charging or not since there is no visible evidence of it. I have read a small piece of paper that says "Don't charge your battery longer than 14 hours" I don't know if it's charging or if I have to use a timer to turn it off. Maybe we are spoiled by the fact that there is a red light that changes to green or a green light that turns off to indicate the completion? I have two chargers that are useless. It's as cold as a chocolate bar, but I was hoping that the charger was warm to indicate the charging in progress. Save your time and buy another model.

👤If the battery I bought was charged after I used it, I would rate 5stars. I bought this to charge the Barbie Jeep battery. The battery didn't charge, I purchased from a goodwill. I am not sure if the product worked or if the battery isn't chargeable. The old battery that came out of the goodwill toy was to blame. The story of my life is that I scored a deal and had to buy a new battery, but I also had to pay for a charger. I have an extra charge for when I buy something that can use this type of charge.

👤The battery is not fully charged or whether the battery is charging or not is not indicated by this charger. We bought a new battery thinking that the battery was at fault because the previous one was malfunctioning. The new battery was not charged by the previous charge. We obtained this new battery charging device hoping it will charge it. We have to see if the battery is charged or not.

👤The power wheels battery should be charged by this charger. If you buy a brand name charger, it's expensive, because the original one disappeared during the interstate move. The charger works perfectly, it came at a great price. This works great if you don't spend more than you need to.

10. LinKe Products Universal Supplies Compatible

LinKe Products Universal Supplies Compatible

There is a display with light. Green fully charged. The class 2 power unit model isLKC-12010-E. The power cable has a Center Positive Barrel Plug. There is a compatible:12v battery charge for ride. On toys that are compatible with 12v. On and more. Their products have passed the test and are safe to charge. The stage of charge is indicated by two colors on the light show. The green light is fully charged. 1 year warranty service and 1 month return policy are included in the after-sales service.

Brand: Flhfulihua

👤The Best Choice 12v Jeep charger replacement was seamless.

👤My son was so excited to ride his new Best Choice Products electric ATV that he drove away from the outlet not realizing it was still plugged in. I bought a new Best Choice Products charging station because it was an original item and the price was right. The charge works perfectly.

👤Our son lost his car. We thought of contacting Amazon. This item was perfect. He was driving around the house after he was received. Thank you so much!

👤I used this product for my children. The Mercedes Benz truck has a battery. I was skeptical that this would work because I've purchased the wrong one before, luckily it was the right one. Everything is simpler when the red light changes to green as your battery is charged. It works fine even though it was left out in an outdoor outlet on a rainy night.

👤I like the light to let you know when charging is complete so you don't over charge. My kids' ride on toys works with the Charger. Yaaaaay!

👤Works great on my son's many rides.

👤My grandson's Jeep was put together in a storage building after he was bought. I didn't realize I shut the door with the dog inside when I put it on charge. I heard the dog bark. He chewed the battery. I ordered a charging device and it works great.

👤It stopped working after a month.

👤No le sirvi pero le sirvi!

11. Weelye 40000RPM Electric Children Accessories

Weelye 40000RPM Electric Children Accessories

FLH has a 30-day money back guarantee. The drive engine for kids is 40000rpm. The high strength plastic board combined with the high quality motor make the engine strong. The kids ride-ons motor has high speed and high Torque. The item is easy to replace. It is not universal for the section of kids ride on cars to learn the Model Number from the motor. If your car isn't working, please check if you have a quick change wire connection. The battery cable is connected even if the battery is damaged.

Brand: Weelye

👤This was used to convert a 12v Power Wheels Knockoff into a 4wd monster. The 2wd speed and Torque are great with this setup. I am surprised that they are holding up well, because I am running them at 20v and putting heatsinks on them. I burned through a PWM before the motors started to wear. After about 4 hours on the motor, still going strong.

👤They seem to be built a little more robust than the stock motor, but we will have to wait and see. Two of the four wheelers that are running 12volts do well in the grass now that they have been upgraded to a single 6volt 4 wheeler. The little car I upgraded with two of these and running them on 24volt with a razor scooter controller will top out with a 165 lbs person on it at 9mph. I would recommend this to others.

👤Didn't work at all. The wheel adapter is completely wrong. I have to keep them because I didn't try to make them fit. Don't waste money. Not for power wheel products. Can't use the gears inside. They are all different. Don't bother trying that either if that's what you're buying them for.

👤It is easy to add power and replace a motor with broken gears. My girl was excited when she saw how fast her bike was. It's easy to fix a toy that has been ruined and scrapped.

👤I put the motors on my kids electric car to get more power and speed but was disappointed. The ones that came on it were 4,000rpm. They almost seem to be looking for something. I don't know if it's any faster when I do get going. A lot of money wasted. They need to advertise better because they didn't help, the only rating is the rpms.

👤I would give 5 stars, but the motor got very hot after 4-5 minutes of use with a child in a car with 2 of these. If you are looking for speed, it is worth the money. I will test them out with my younger child. I was surprised by how much they improved my speed. I had my kids ride on the empty car, and it went over 7 mph.

👤The power wheel atv stripped gears were replaced by this product. Kids are happy.

👤Don't buy. Sometimes the other refuses to turn, but it does not work. After a couple of tests, died. Gave it one star because it could not give any stars.


What is the best product for best choice products jeep?

Best choice products jeep products from Wellye. In this article about best choice products jeep you can see why people choose the product. Power Wheels and Flhfulihua are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice products jeep.

What are the best brands for best choice products jeep?

Wellye, Power Wheels and Flhfulihua are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice products jeep. Find the detail in this article. Rampage Products, Kavcent and Go Store Choice are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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