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1. DHP Convertible Quickly Converts Leather

DHP Convertible Quickly Converts Leather

The low profile design of the futon frame has chrome metal legs. The split back design has multiple positions, including lounging and sleeping. Pair with the matching chair, ottoman and/or lounger for a sectional look and extra seating or sleeping space. The sleeping dimensions are 71"L x 43"W x 16"H and the weight limit is 600 lbs. The shipping dimensions are 45"L x 36"W x 13"H and the net weight is 70.5 lbs.

Brand: Dhp

👤You get what you pay for. The cheap futon is nicer than it looks. It is very firm and not comfortable at all. It is a foam cushion that will eventually change into something else. I expected the box to be big but it was not. It was not possible to open it. I got it out of the box and I saw a disgusting insect. A roach is dead but still alive. I have received packages before and I have seen bugs, but a whole lot of roaches. I read a review before buying a new futon. I was like that. There is no way that could happen. I decided to let it go because I was already upset. I opened the futon and noticed a TEAR in the bottom right by the zipper where the legs and tools are stored, I paid $200 plus tax for something I expect to be brand new and not damaged. I decided that it was in the bottom after I failed to unwrap this futon and convince myself that it was fine. No one will see. Tell me why I see another roach dead on its back the next day. The apartment I am in is brand new. I had no problems when I moved in. When I moved in as a precautionary due to the heat, I assumed that the building was dead because my apartment was fumigated for insects. I believe the tear in the futon is housing roaches and I will return it. It was very disappointing. I strongly advise purchasing from this company with caution, as I might have just had bad luck. I don't blame Amazon, it was packaged prior to being delivered. I don't blame the apartment building. Be careful.

👤I didn't want to spend a lot of money on extra seating for my tv room. I searched Amazon first because it's my go to for everything. I haven't had much luck with Amazon furniture, so I was hesitant when I saw this highly rated piece of furniture, but I saw the thousands of reviews and decided to buy it. The box was the first thing. For me, the shipping box was not one annoying staple, which meant no cuts. The legs were hidden in a compartment underneath the bottom of the futon, which was wrapped in a cloth protection cover. The assembly was the second. Over the years, I have put together a lot of furniture for myself and my family. I rate the assembly process on a number of levels, including how many glasses of wine I drink during the assembly process, how many breaks I take during the assembly process, and how long I take before I call my husband and tell him if he doesn't take over. The scoring process is 1) 0, 2) 0 and 3) 0. A 0 score is perfect! It takes about 15-20 minutes to screw on the legs. That's it! It is firm for comfort. Again, it cost more than $150. I didn't expect the foam cushion to work in my house, but it did. The bottom doesn't bother me and I will probably buy some pillows for the back. I believe it will work as an extra bed in an emergency. Many people prefer a firm mattress. If we have a guest who prefers a softer mattress, we can use a softer one. Trust the reviews. This is the best option for an affordable seating option.

2. Easy Going Slipcover Waterproof Furniture Protector

Easy Going Slipcover Waterproof Furniture Protector

The compound waterproof layer in the fabric can achieve 100% waterproof, and there is a funnel-shaped design on the corner of the sofa to prevent the liquid side from leaking under the sofa. DIMENSIONS Please measure before purchasing a sofa cover. Non-slip fabric back. Longer over the arm flap will make the fabric tighter. Two foam pipes tucked into the grooves on two sides to stay in place. FURNITURE PROTECTION: Protect your furniture from daily wear and tear. It's a good choice for homes with children and pets. Easy care. Mild laundey detergents are advised, please do not bleach. Do not iron package. There is a cover with foam pipes.

Brand: Easy-going

👤This cover is not waterproof. I bought two covers to protect my new sofas. The urine went through the cover and stained the sofa fabric.

👤The sofa was saved by my dog, who had an accident on it. It's easy to wash! The cover doesn't go all the way over the sofa, but it works great for the purpose it was intended for.

👤Our dog has had a few accidents on the cover, and we have had it for almost a month. The urine did not leak through to the couch. We washed it with cold water and hung it up to dry. It is still waterproof and has held up well. I recommend this product if you don't want your sofa to be ruined from spills or accidents.

👤This isn't waterproof. If you find the spill immediately, it may work. I had a cat pee on my couch in the night and it was wet by the morning.

👤I like the cover of the sofa. It is very easy to put on and it is made of good quality fabric. There are three pockets on the right side that are useful to put your phone or tablets. When I opened the package, it had a little smell, but it was gone after I hung it in the back yard for a day. The sofa cover was not wet when I hung it outside. It is waterproof.

👤When I buy a product, I wait until I use it for a while before writing a review. I purchased this product in May and here's the skinny: The product is great colors to choose from, but not waterproof. If you do it correctly, it will be washed on warm and dry low. As others have complained, straps break easily. Not waterproof. I have a dog who has trouble with housetraining. I bought this product because he urinated on my couch. Training has been going well, but he will sometimes make mistakes. I went into the living room and found pee on the couch. 10 minutes before, I was in the living room and didn't pee. Most of the pee was already in the Easy- Going covering. I bought PoochPads because I was suspicious of the efficacy of the product and put them under the Easy- Going cover. I think that the droplets would have seeped in eventually, even though they were still on the cover. The backing should prevent the urnine from entering the couch. The backing is porous. The couch was protected by the PoochPad. I was careful not to put the cover in a hot dryer because other people said it fell apart after washing. I washed with warm water and dried on low. Hope this is helpful.

👤I bought this because I have a new sofa and an old cat that gets sick on furniture. I spilled a few drops of water on it, but it was water proof. The water trickled down. I don't know if it was a gallon of water, but it seemed like it was a dry spot. My kitty had to go over the rainbow bridge a few days after I received it, so I no longer had a use for it. I ordered grey-green and the color was off, so my sofa is green. I might have kept it even if my cat had been there. Customer service was great. The return was easy.

3. Easy Going Slipcover Reversible Furniture Pets Kids Children Dog Cat

Easy Going Slipcover Reversible Furniture Pets Kids Children Dog Cat

High quality. The quilted texture is thick and fast. Two color options. Double the use. DIMENSIONS Please measure before purchasing a sofa cover. Longer over the arm flap to make the fabric more tight is a feature elastic straps. Two foam pipes tucked into the grooves on two sides to stay in place. FURNITURE PROTECTION: Protect your furniture from daily wear and tear. It's a good choice for homes with children and pets. Easy care. Please do not bleach laundry detergents, they should be washed at a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius. There is a package. There is a cover with foam pipes.

Brand: Easy-going

👤I bought three of these from different companies and this one is the clear winner. The arm covers are a good 6 inches longer than the other two, and it has a seam at the bottom of the back that helps it stay tucked on the sides. It's very similar to the other two. This one has attached elastic to help hold the back up, but it's a little loose and not adjusted, but... I like that it's attached because I lost the elastic part to one of the others and the third is sitting on my desk. I think the convenience of having it attached is more important than the others. Whenever I find something I like, it gets discontinued, so I will be ordering more of this one.

👤I had it on my sofa for a week. So far, I'm very pleased. I took it out of the package and put it on the couch. I thought I would have to wash it because of the wrinkling, but it was fine. It fit well. Our couch is made of fabric. It lays and tucks in very well. Our 2 labs made themselves at home. Our young one chewed up one of the foam rollers that were used to keep the sides tucked in. No big deal. I will be washing it this weekend. It is a thin, quilted fabric so I am expecting good results.

👤It is easy to place the product on the couch. It was advertised as working on leather couches. It does not. I place this on my faux leather couches to prevent my dogs from scratching them and even when I sit on them the strap that they attached to the cover slips off the back reclining portion of the couches and bunch up on my lower back. If you have leather or faux leather couches, please be aware that these bad boys will slip right off. They cover the seat portion of the couch but not the back part. I should have used an old blanket to cover the seats and it would have been just as good.

👤This came with foam inserts for the arm and seat cushions. This keeps it from shifting and makes it look like a good cover. The sofa is protected with this product, which means that the cover stays in place, even if the dogs play on it. I'm very happy.

👤I got this last week. Bug was already covering it in hair when I took it off the sofa, so it will work until it needs to be replaced. The bottom part needs to be straightened out once in a while, but it stays in place. Not having to vacuum the sofa every day is nice.

👤We bought these for our new sofa and love seat and I am so happy we did. We have cats and dogs. We didn't have to worry about pet hair because we had leather furniture. spills were easy to clean Our couches would be goners with fabric. We have had them peed on by cats and had many toddler spills. They still look great after one wash a week on the heavy setting in hot water and hot dryer. I am very impressed!

4. Easy Going Slipcover Sectional Reversible Furniture

Easy Going Slipcover Sectional Reversible Furniture

High quality. This product has a patent. The patent number is 902,230 S. Two sides are available. DIMENSIONS There are three sizes to choose from. Before purchasing, please measure the armrest width up to 20 in,sofa length up to 67 in,chaise length up to 78 in, andchaise width up to 28 in. The Measuring Guide can be found in photos. One sofa cover is also suitable for L-Shape Sofa Left and L-Shape Sofa. Right. There are foam pipes that are inserted into the space between the armrest and seat part to prevent it from sliding. FURNITURE PROTECTION: Protect your furniture from daily wear and tear. It's a good choice for homes with children and pets. As a holiday gift, Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift. Easy care. It is recommended to wash at a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius, but please do not bleach. Easy care. It is recommended to wash at a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius, but please do not bleach.

Brand: Easy-going

👤There is false advertising. The only reason I bought these covers was because they are not waterproof. When I contacted the seller, they didn't offer a Refunds on the covers cost. They have to do that. I had to change my cushion foam. What a joke!

👤The foam pieces make it easy to put on. It was definitely a great purchase.

👤I enjoy it. This cover is soFA. The quality is good. This sofa cover is very good.

👤I bought a new $600 couch from wayfair and this couch cover saved it. If you own a puppy, your couch will be ruined, unless you own one of these... unfortunately you can't see the look of my amazing couch but at least it does not smell like feces and urine. It is water proof. I will keep updating my review.

👤Most reviews on this site are about small dogs and how this cover works. I am going to give you an expanded review. A dog sleeps on a couch. It is better than our bed because she does all the shifting and snoring at night. She sleeps all day. On average, about 20 hours. A cat is 135 lbs. The top picture is from the clothes washer. It was tucked in nicely and tight. The middle picture shows the arm. Not as full as I would like. I think this covers most applications. The bottom picture is after 24 hours of lounging. If your measurements come in just above the small, I suggest getting the larger one. You have more ability to enhance grip. The foam tubes help out a lot. She likes to lean against the back and slide down against it, so we only adjust it occasionally, retuck a little on the sides a couple times a week and the seat and back are never adjusted. That was the worst cover. I had made a heavy flannel cover before. We had to fit it in a day or two. It looked messy even though it was covered more. I'm curious to see how this wears. Quality fabric for less is not something I can sew better. I think the quilted fabric helps grip. The smooth fabric doesn't catch her hair as much. Blood was washed out well after being treated withShout. It is also surviving our 10 year old. Update on April 2020: has survived better than expected. The kid lounges and eats on it. The dog is drooling in her sleep. Impressive.

👤Due to my dogs and cat, I was looking for a simple covering for my couch. This seems to fit the bill. I got the small size, even though my couch is a few inches longer than the small size covers. It seems to have enough coverage. It comes with foam rollers to tuck in between the covering and cushions, but I found that it works well so far. The lounge portion is a bit shorter than the rest, but I don't think it will be a big issue.

5. Novogratz Brittany Premium Upholstery Wooden

Novogratz Brittany Premium Upholstery Wooden

The linen upholstery wipes are stylish. There is a ribbed tufted back with oak coloured wooden legs. Sturdy wood frame construction that is stable. The filling is comfortable. 70.5L x 43.5W x 16H inches is the sleeping size. The dimensions are 81.5"L x 34.5"W x 31.5"H.

Brand: Novogratz

👤I like the way it looks. Assembly was not rough. It was packaged well. It is hard to sit on a couch. There isn't a comfortable position. It is plain old awkward. I had high hopes that the price tag would be considered. Maybe I am just fancy. I don't think that's the case, all I want is something that looks nice and is comfortable as the same time, if I had a lot of money. The couch is not right in the end. You will say the same thing after you buy this thing.

👤I'm happy with the price. I wanted a sofa that could be used as a bed for guests. The style is clean and comfortable for sitting and laying down. This is not gray or white, which makes it look dingy. Just a little. The fabric is not pleasant against bare skin, and it feels like a synthetic material. Soft pillows and fuzzy throws are needed to compensate. It attracts pet hair more than most furniture. Be prepared. There is a I would return it or take off a star if it cost more, but it's pretty much what I expected for less than $300. I'm happy that this will stand up to abuse. If that's not the case, I'll update.

👤I've been looking for a small fold out couch for a year and a half. It was originally wanted for storage and guest sleeping, but was found for $600 at Ikea. I don't have air conditioning in my bedroom so I usually sleep on the couch in the summer. I thought the futon looked like a couch, but it is. Looking forward to sleeping. It was very comfortable laying down on the couch. The fabric is great. I like that, but it's very firm. It was shipped quickly and at a good price.

👤I bought this for my home office. I wanted to get rid of the big bed in our guest room and replace it with a small one for guests and a sitting space for my clients. There are a few things. The fabric is stapled on and not neatly, which makes the price so affordable. You can't see it because it is on the sofa. I hope people don't look at the bottom of the sofa. The futon is very firm, but I don't find it to be uncomfortable. If you like, you can add a foam mattress if you have guests or if you sleep frequently. I ordered a blush pink, but it can look a little different in certain light. It looked like it was under my office's floor lamp. If two people sleep on it, be sure to pull out the reinforcements. I tried to fit 2 people on it, but the weight was not evenly distributed. There is a compartment behind the pillows. Two slim people could fit, but this is made for one person. My husband put the futon up in about 45 minutes, but he did use some of his own tools to get a better grip on it. He didn't have to hold it alone, but it can be assembled with one person. The box that it arrived in is large, but it's amazing how well the futon is folded up in the box. Don't forget the instructions. The instructions will fall out when you open the futon. Don't do it if you're looking for a premium futon for $200. If you understand how much fabric costs and how expensive furniture really costs, you will find this futon to be a good deal. I think it's a good value. I would like to buy the other colors. It's a good thing. I think it's an ingenious idea and I want to know the price.

6. CHUN YI Polyester Slipcover Furniture

CHUN YI Polyester Slipcover Furniture

Their sofa covers are made of 85% polyester 15% spandex, which makes them more stretchy and durable, ensuring both good function and comfort. There are many adorable colors that can be used to decorate your sofa. Just right. Large size 72"-92"; small size 32"-47; medium size 57"-70; and small size 32"-47. It is suitable for 92"-118". Refer to the size guide picture for more information. Measure before you buy. Stay in place. The back of your sofa can be covered with their couch cover. Each package has a sofa cover and cushion cover. The bottom of the slipcover is elastic. Please check the attached video for detailed installation steps. Excellent care. It is machine washed with the same colors. The temperature is under 80F. Mild laundey detergents are being advised. The Drying is at a low temperature. Don't iron. You can be free from housework. Due to the diverse light and monitor display, colors may slightly differ from picture and product. All of their products have a 30 day question-free service. Even though the standard return window is closed, they are happy to serve you even though they have better home decor products.

Brand: Chun Yi

👤Don't you hate that there are so many reviews after the item is received? I want to know how a couch cover will hold up over time. I can tell you that these are worth it. I have a cat with sharp claws that is hard to get a photo of on the couch, and I have two young boys who are very rambunctious. We've washed them several times, used them, and had these covers for at least six months. They have stood up to it all. After the abuse we'd given them, our best couches were looking quite worn. Structurally they were ok, but would you pay more than a thousand dollars for a couch? That's a flight to Europe. But spills, scratches, and the like looked terrible. All that was changed for a low cost. I looked at reviews for a range of covers on Amazon, and they looked best, albeit a bit more expensive. They have not been disappointed. After all this time, they look better than the couches. The covers don't shrink in the wash. The soft cover on the couch makes it feel more comfortable. The couch is less saggy because of the single cover. It's easy to wash the cushion cover. These are amazing. I want to change the look of the living room when I buy a second set. Highly recommended!

👤I bought a couple after researching them for a day. The exact same product was sold by Maytex and Wal-mart. They were soft, but thin, and I could only find one piece, which means you'll always have to retuck. I received this one in the mail last week. It is amazing. My couch is brand new. The gray has a blue tone, but it is pretty on. When I looked at the couch this morning, I couldn't tell if someone had been on it yet. If you want to get a 2 piece, kick in the extra bucks and buy this product.

👤The dark blue two piece cover was purchased to replace the chocolate one piece cover. Both took the same amount of time to set up, but the material and feel are the same. I like the look of the two piece, it looks cleaner and more polished. The package arrived on time and it is stretchy and blue. The white straps are not shown in the same photo.

👤I bought this and the coordinating cover for an armchair. The furniture I got from a family member was in great condition, but they are not as attractive as they could be. I'm very impressed with the quality and ease of install so far. I have not mastered the art of pinning the slipcover down, but it definitely keeps it in place if you want to tuck in the back cushions for a really great look. If you pay attention to the tag clearly labeled "BACK", you will not have any problems installing the material. The elastic at the bottom edge of the cover makes the cover look cleaner and tighter. My sofa and chair are made of rolled arms and T-cushions. I had 2 cushions on the sofa and the slip for just the cushions fit well and look like one long cushion now. I would recommend spending the extra $10 or so and getting the 2-piece slipcovers since they look great. I think they look like new furniture. The color is true to the photo, and I got them in Navy. I will post an update after I throw these in the washing machine. I have not experienced any tears or rip in the seams. I will check back in if there is a change.

7. Lifestyle Solutions HRFKS3BK Grayson Black

Lifestyle Solutions HRFKS3BK Grayson Black

It's possible to have 888-405-7720 The thick, plush seat cushions on their button-tufted rolled-arm Grayson sofa are the epitome of comfort and style. It's perfect for relaxing with the family. The soFA is beautiful. The sofa's handcrafted back and square faux wooden legs add to its classic American comfort. It will complement your home or office space. SPECIFICATIONS: The sofa is made from premium microfabric and has a sturdy wood frame. There are no tools required to assemble. A traditional design. The sofa is 78.7 L x 31.5 W. H inches. Care instructions. The soft brush attachment can be used to remove particles from a vacuum. Before a full clean, you should spot clean. Use a dry cloth with soap and water to apply pressure, and avoid harsh chemicals to treat. Their brand is always innovative and Lifestyle Solutions has been crafting comfortable furniture for over 30 years. They take pride in all the details. Their brand is always innovative and Lifestyle Solutions has been crafting comfortable furniture for over 30 years. They take pride in all the details.

Brand: Lifestyle Solutions

👤One day late, Couch arrived today. I was able to set it up by myself and I will surprise my boyfriend when he gets home from work. It seems like a good price for a couch. It's soft, sturdy and comfortable. It was easy to set up. It would have taken 3 minutes with two people. The amount of negative reviews made me hesitant to buy this couch. I am very satisfied so far, but we will see. If there is a negative outcome, I might post an update in a few weeks. This couch has been with us for a year. I have trouble curling up on it, it's narrow and not super comfortable. It is good for movie nights with friends.

👤Positive reviews are written by me. This will be different. Please judge for yourself. There is a difference. The couch was not comfortable. It looks nice, but that's all. It may be good for kids. Not for children. I won't buy couches online anymore. Good luck!

👤It's easy to put together. We are satisfied with the purchase. It is a good size for the living room.

👤I live in a home with a law apartment upstairs. Both the front and back stairs have landings. It's difficult to get sofas to the apartment. This worked well getting it upstairs. It comes in 4 pieces. It hooks together on metal brackets. It is not made to have kids jump on it. This is the perfect sofa for a small space or mobile home. I would have said dark gray. The fabric has an odor from the dye, but I am sure it will go away. The value is great. The dye odor went away after a few weeks.

👤1) The size and color of the product did not match what I received. I ordered dark grey and it turned out to be murky blue. There are two more It was supposed to be 80" long, but only measured 75" from arm to arm. There are 3 more The legs are made of plastic. I will return it tomorrow. Save your money! There are better products for a similar price. This thing is a mess.

👤I got the couch today and was able to set it up by myself in about 20 minutes, it was very soft and I was comfortable to sit and lay on it. I am 5 foot 9 and can comfortably lay on this couch with my lab laying right next to me on the opposite side.

👤This couch is a cheap first apartment couch. The couch's back is so dirty you have to put it against the wall to keep it stable. It was easy to put together, but it will always be modular. The pieces of the couch don't permanently snap together, so you have to put it back together if you move it. The arms, seat cushion and back are held by hooks. Two weird back rest ear pieces are needed because they don't fit with the couch. I think the manufacture would have done a better job if they had just eliminated them. They have permanent metal structures that they cover, so you have to use them. The couches are comfortable. The cushions are soft and the velvet is pretty. I wouldn't buy it again. I only paid $215 for it from the Amazon warehouse, so it's not worth the hassle to return it.

8. Easy Going Slipcover Furniture Protector Anti Slip

Easy Going Slipcover Furniture Protector Anti Slip

The lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display may affect the photo's color. 15% spandex+85% polyester, high quality stretchy fabric, soft and comfortable. DIMENSIONS The total sitting area is 60-81 in. Please measure before purchasing, more details can be found in the measurement guide. FURNITURE PROTECTION: Protect your sofa from stains and wear. You can choose the color you want to cover. It is easy to install. The installation guide can be finished in 10 minutes. One piece of furniture. Easy care and warranty. They offer a 30 day no questions asked guarantee on all their sofa covers, please do not bleach, do not iron and machine wash. They will be happy to assist you if you contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Easy-going

👤The material is soft and it fits perfectly on my couch.

👤I think this is a great idea. The dog did a number on the couch. Her nails ripped it apart. We just got a puppy and it made no sense to buy new furniture right now. The cover was easy to put on. The arms/front/ and back were all attached with stickers. It is very soft and can be washed. It serves its purpose until we get new furniture. It looks very appealing. Doesn't look cheap.

👤I bought this cover because the half of the leather sectional sofa that I still have was peeling all over the place. It looked bad, and the peeling bits were stuck to my skin, either this cover works or the sofa goes. It was easy to put the cover over the sofa. Keeping the fabric tucked under the cushions was the only challenge. The foamies provided weren't doing it, but I remembered a bag of rags I had, and I put them into the crevices, and they were doing the trick. I put the cover on my sofa because I don't want it to be dirty. The cats approve of it.

👤The cover is stretchy and soft. It is easy to put on the couch because of the tags on the inside of the cover. It took my girlfriend. I only have about a minute to put it on and another 30 seconds to fit it. It works great and for the price you pay, you can't beat it, but I wish it fit the couch a bit more snug. The bits of foam it comes with are supposed to be tucked in to keep the cover from moving, but they are useless. Great buy and works to order another one. Will talk about the durability at a later time.

👤The sofa cover is the best purchase I've made so far. It does what it's supposed to do. I wasn't sure if it would fit my sofa, but it does. It fits perfectly and stretches all four ways. It's easy to clean and looks great. I bought another one just like it when it came on sale again. The value is amazing. I don't know if it will last long, but I bought two, so I'm not too worried. I have a dog that jumps on the sofa and sleeps there so I'll be washing them weekly. They look new every time they wash up. This sofa cover is very good. I bought the gray one.

👤I was able to bring new life to my love seat. It's easy to install. It looks custom. I bought a swimming noodle at a local Family Dollar Store and split it in half with a butter knife. Cut it into 3 pieces. Two pieces for arms and one for a seat. There is no need to adjust after each use.

👤Today is the first day I have used the sofa cover. I feel like I have a new couch after putting it on, which was very easy, and I'm giving 5 stars out of good faith. It fit like a glove after being adjusted. It could not be better. I went with a neutral color so I could change it up from time to time with different blankets and pillows. The left side of the cover is reserved for one of my cats who must have his favorite sleeping blanket at all times. I'm not sure if I'll be able to update this review after a few months. Adding pillows will be done by putting a fast picture together.

9. Olee Sleep Tri Folding Memory Topper

Olee Sleep Tri Folding Memory Topper

Extra floor seating is possible by folding up. 5 inch dura i-gel foam has support foam. The memory foam is supportive and provides a good night's sleep. It's ideal for temporary sleeping accommodations. It's perfect for sleeping over guests, dorm rooms, camping and traveling. It's portable and comfortable, no pain in the back or neck when people sleep on it. The smart package uses compressed package technology to deliver the topper directly to your door.

Brand: Olee Sleep

👤This is going to sound crazy. I bought them for guests. I wanted something that I could have for at least a few years without having to buy new mattresses because I have had air mattresses before and they always get holes. I let guests sleep in my bed and I put two of these pads side by side to create a queen after I pulled them out of the packaging. I slept on these pads for a week and now my guests are gone, I still sleep on them. These are very comfortable. Very happy with them so far!

👤I am 6'1, 185 lbs. I am able to sleep comfortably on this mattress. The trifold layout of the memory phone makes it easy to store your sleeping mat. The padding is strong enough to be used indoors or in a tent. The foam had a mild scent when it was first unpackaged. There is plenty of memory foam to sleep on. It is a great value for a single person sleeping pad, and it is perfect for how I am currently using it. If you want more space to stretch out on, or if you want to really sink in and get lost in your memory foam, you might be better off with a 6 in memory foam pad. I don't have the space to fit a large mattress, but I know that if I can sleep well on a single size, 4 in memory foam mat, I would be very comfortable on a larger, thicker one. The sleeping pad is great if you need something small and portable, but if you want a good nights sleep, you should go with something bigger.

👤I love it! It was rolled up and easy to unwrap. My friend has a nice place to sleep when she's over for x-mas weekend because her inflated to 4 inches was inflated in about 30 minutes. Money well spent!

👤I can't return it or I can't. It was vacuum packed and opened. I couldn't get it into the original packaging. 1. It is not 4 inches thick. 2. memory foam is not worth anything. It sinks into the floor. I don't recommend this product because it doesn't look like the photo.

👤This was perfect for camping. It fit the cot well, wasn't too heavy or bulky, and provided a comfortable night's sleep. Only the note. The trifold has one seam on the top and one on the bottom. If you put that under a hip, the mattress will gap here. I slept great when I moved the mattress under my ribs. I got a carry case. It fits perfectly and has vital handles.

👤We use these in our bunks. The size is just right for the kids. I wish I had bought more for us instead of the "mattresses" I got. They arrived in tightly wrapped bundles and needed a few hours to get used to it.

👤The mattress I purchased is very comfortable and has 1.5 inches of gel memory foam over 2.5 inches of regular foam. It has more memory foam than other products. The fabric cover is durable and will probably remain cleaner than a light colored fabric. I'm a 6'1' male with 195 lbs and will be using this for all my camping trips. Take the mattress out of the packaging to make it bigger. The instructions are very clear that it's not good to leave it wrapped and that you should take it out immediately. I found the best mattress in this product after spending 10 hours searching. It's also well priced.

10. Easy Going Slipcover Furniture Protector Polyester

Easy Going Slipcover Furniture Protector Polyester

The fabric is high quality and soft. DIMENSIONS The fit seat width is 65-80. Please measure before purchasing, more details can be found in the measurement guide. FURNITURE PROTECTION: Protect your sofa from stains and wear. You can choose the color you want to cover. It is easy to install. The installation guide can be finished in 10 minutes. There is a package. One piece of furniture. Easy care and warranty. Do not iron, machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius. They offer a 30 day no question asked on all of their sofa covers. They will be happy to assist you if you contact them through Amazon.

Brand: Easy-going

👤This was bought to cover a cheap futon. It's perfect. It is very stretchy. I bought a dark grey one that is not see through and it makes my futon look nice.

👤This is great! It works great in my camper, I bought it for it. I love it! It was stretched perfectly.

👤My teen son got a leather futon. I've bought one before and it kept popping off. He left it off. I received this this morning and it was easy to put on, I love it. The fabric is perfect. The futon didn't budge when I tried to pick it up.

👤It's a perfect fit for our futon. The fit on the full size sheet was too loose and it looked sloppy. We might buy a second color so we can change things up.

👤I was worried that it would be too small for my camper futon, but it fits perfectly with some pulling and tuck. I love it! The material allows every little thing to stick to it. It is hard to clean up. You will need a lint roller. I will do it. It was very soft and pretty. It's much better than reupholstering.

👤This is a great cover for our futon. We have two Great Danes who love to sleep on the futon and they have a lot of hair. It is easy to clean with this cover, it fits perfectly and looks cute. I was able to put it on myself. We are going to order another one so we can change the colors and have a nice one when guests come to stay. It is also very soft. I caught the dogs rubbing their faces on it multiple times. I would recommend this cover to anyone.

👤Excellent quality fabric. Nice look. So comfortable. Will buy another color. I bought this for a piece of furniture. It is very stretchy. It was easy to use.

👤This cushion was perfect for our futon. It felt like it was made for it. We needed it to cover the scratches on the cats and children. It is difficult to clean this material because it holds pet hair and we have lots of pets. I still love it.

👤Cumpli mis expectativas, el diseo y el color.


What is the best product for best choice products convertible lounge futon sofa bed?

Best choice products convertible lounge futon sofa bed products from Dhp. In this article about best choice products convertible lounge futon sofa bed you can see why people choose the product. Easy-going and Easy-going are also good brands to look for when you are finding best choice products convertible lounge futon sofa bed.

What are the best brands for best choice products convertible lounge futon sofa bed?

Dhp, Easy-going and Easy-going are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best choice products convertible lounge futon sofa bed. Find the detail in this article. Easy-going, Novogratz and Enerplex are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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