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1. Controller Charger YCCTEAM Rechargeable Charging

Controller Charger YCCTEAM Rechargeable Charging

There is a technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. The battery pack for Xbox One has a capacity of 1200mAh, which is more durable than other 500 and 1000mAh products. When fully charged, it will play for 8 hours. The rechargeable battery can save money and make a difference to the environment. The charging station has been upgraded to support a variety of controllers. You can check the battery level of your controller whenever you want, the controller has an indicator light. The battery indicator is in the front of the charging station, the red charge indicators turn green when controllers are fully charged. The charging protection is on. If you forget to remove the battery in time, you don't have to worry about the controller being damaged. The original intention was to store your controller when you don't need to charge it, but they designed the charging station to have a stand function. You can find it when you need it. Each section can charge one controller at a time or just the batteries. The battery can be charged directly. They all support charging the Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and the Elite wireless controller. Also, note: The battery can't be used with the controller. The Perfect Design Chager is a high-quality battery pack that can charge your controllers. This battery can't be used with the Newest Xbox Series S/ Xbox Series X controller.

Brand: Yccteam

👤The dual charging station has a charging dock, batteries, and a charging cable. What? The batteries in this set are a bit bigger. I was able to see that they are a little heavier. The controller is slightly heavier because of it. - A red light turns on when I dock the controllers. The light turns green when charged. The red light has not changed even after 6 hours of charging the controllers. I removed one controller to use it. The battery icon on the dashboard was almost empty. When the other controller's light turns green, I will update. I don't mind that it takes longer to charge as the battery lasts a long time between charges. You can charge the battery on the controlled while it's docked. It works well and serves its purpose, despite the slight heaviness and long charging time. How long it takes to get fully charged and how long it takes to retain the charge will be updated.

👤I bought this because I was tired of pouring AA batteries into my controller. The controller is fully powered overnight and easy to use, just replace the batteries with their battery pack. The product was pretty good.

👤The battery doesn't fit into the controller all the way. The controller still works, but the battery pack falls out if I move it. The L shape of the top clips of the battery pack makes it difficult for the pack to fit into the controller. The battery pack should fit into the slots in the controller that are straight, because the battery cover clips are straight. What happened? It doesn't fit into the controller, but it is meant for it. The top light is red, even though I have had the batteries charged for more than a day, and the bottom light is green.

👤The batteries are difficult to install. You have to press hard and slide it in. You could break the latch if you are not careful. The battery case is very flimsy. The battery works well once on. It looks good. I have a black controller that meshes well with my xbox one. You might not like it for other colors. The controllers are held in place by a magnet and two batteries. A full battery charge took about ten hours. A full charge takes a long time. You can use it during charging, but you need to hold the charging pad and controllers at the same time. The power brick that comes with the charging pad will provide the best charging time. The pads have battery light indicators. Green is fully charged while red is charging. Two controllers are at a time. This is a great product that gives you a rechargeable battery so you don't have to worry about changing your batteries.

👤The review has been updated. The YCC would not give me a refund. They gave me the refund after I got Amzon involved. The battery dies within 3 hours. Don't buy from this company, go with the competition. One of the batteries dies quickly and doesn't give any notice. The customer says they will return the money. Let's see.

2. Xbox Wireless Controller Pulse Red Windows Devices

Xbox Wireless Controller Pulse Red Windows Devices

Experience the modernized design of the Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring sculpted surfaces and refined geometry for enhanced comfort and effortless control, with battery usage up to 40 hours. Stay on target with the hybrid D-pad and textured grip. The 3.5mm audio headset jack is required. You can connect using the port on the console or PC. There is support for AA batteries on the rear. Capture and share content with the Share button. You can play on the devices with either Xbox Wireless or Bluetooth. It's compatible with the Xbox One and Windows 10/11 devices.

Brand: Xbox

👤The controller works well with the PC. The feature does not work well with Steam. There are a few steps you have to take in order to get it to work. 1. The accessory app is available on the Microsoft store. 2. Attach the controller to the cable. The controller 4 needs to be updated. Pair with windows devices. It should recognize the controller as the Xbox Series X/One controller. 5(a) If you did the steps before doing it. Go to the next step and remove the device. It should work without an issue. The controller is very sturdy and has nice textured grips on the back. The size of the controllers is similar to previous ones. Since I just got it, I can't comment on battery life. I think many of you will have a rechargeable battery. I haven't had any issues with it since it was put in my bag. The range is good, I am close to my TV. It is a better controller than my ps4 controller. It works well with Windows 10 and once setup with Steam the buttons are mapped.

👤If you already have a blutooth capability for your PC, you don't need to buy a wireless adapter. The only thing you have to do is download the accessories app, turn on your controller and hit the button on the controller to find it. After that, open up your settings in the windows to make it a new device. I've used the accessories app to see if the buttons work. I haven't had any problems playing Ghostrunner or Yakuza 0 so far. The controller can be powered by a cable if you don't have batteries.

👤I didn't expect a controller that runs on batteries. I was expecting a cable. Something that comes standard with the PS4 controllers. Silly me. I thought microsoft should play nice together. No. It pairs easily but is not a good doornail for games that support the xbox controller. I hope I can find an affordable cable that will work. I'm not sure. The controller is heavier than the PS4 controller even without the batteries. I just bought a third party cheapo instead of this one.

👤The blue color and white back of the controller is attractive. The controller is nice. When you start gaming, you will barely notice the controllers. Minor iterational improvements are no different here. The controller looks and functions the same as the one on the Xbox One, except for the "share" button in the middle and a switch from micro-USB to USB-C. It still has the 3.5mm headset jack, accessory port, and runs on AA batteries. The feel of the controller is different. It now has a textured feeling, which extends to the bumpers. The bumpers used to be glossy and slippery, but now they're more of a matt finish. The D-pad is much better than the one from the Xbox 360 and feels tighter and clicky. It's similar to the paddle D-pad on the Elite Series 2. The controller feels smaller in the hand. It feels a tad different than the previous generation. The Share button makes it easier to save clips from the game, and it's also just a shortcut from pressing the Xbox button and manually navigating to share settings. This thing works with all of the consoles, as well as PC and bluetooth devices. It has a lot of different uses. It works great out of the box and I was able to adjust to it quickly. Again, it's barely different, so when I say I adjusted to it, I just mean I switched to it. I'm a fan of the controller. I have yet to experience the PS5's haptics, which sounds interesting, but in my opinion it is nearly perfect. I don't mind the AA batteries as they last a long time and you don't need to worry about aging internal batteries. If you have had issues with the controllers in the past, this iteration won't change your mind.

3. Razer Wolverine Ultimate Multi Function Intrchangeable Thumbsticker

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Multi Function Intrchangeable Thumbsticker

With interchangeable thumbsticks and two interchangeable D Pads, swap between thumbstick heights and shapes, and quickly change between a tilt or individual D Pad button layout. There are a number of extra buttons for advanced gaming, 2 remappable Multi Function bumpers, 4 Multi Function Triggers and a Quick Control Panel in the Wolverine Ultimate. With the remapping function on the fly, you can master next level techniques like moving and aiming with both thumb sticks. You can show off your personal style with a wide selection of lighting effects and stunning profiles through Razer Synapse for Xbox. After hours of practice and interchangeable parts, the ergonomics stay comfortable and adapt to your hands.

Brand: Razer

👤I have owned a few controllers, including the Microsoft Elite Contoller, and now the Razer Ultimate Wolverine is my favorite controller. I can't speak bad about the SCUF because my paddles kept breaking and I had to replace them often. It was annoying, but not major. The only issue I had with the Elite was the paddles breaking over time, but I had the SCUF for over 2 years with heavy use. I upgraded to the Elite because I wanted to move from 2 to 4 paddles. I was able to pick up a controller at a local store that day, I didn't have to wait for my controller to be made, the Elite fit the bill. I was excited initially, but I have had many problems with my Elite. My left bumper broke, so I searched for an elite bumper repair kit, but my sticks became loose. The grip panels on the controller began to peel, so I just removed them. I bought the controller in April of 2017 and it was still usable, but I wouldn't say the quality was worth the price. The Elite was surpassed by the SCUF FAR. Now for the ultimate version of the character. I can tell you that this is my favorite controller. The controller feels like it will last, even though I can't say for the quality or durability yet. I will update my review at different times. The buttons are responsive and feel more like a mouse click than a squishy feeling you get from a regular one controller, and the hairtriggers work. I am not sure if Scuf has made any improvements to this area with their newer controller. The Elite controller was better than what I had. The way the Elite does it, the Wolverine does it the same way. I did not have issues with the hairtrigger being a problem like I had with Scuf and even elite, I had to calibrate the triggers using the software on XBOX. I have played both games so far. The hairtrigger systems that allow for the Elite to register are not compatible with the games that need the Trigger to travel more than one time. I have not had a problem with the Wolverine not playing a game yet. The top paddles are very easy to use, and I thought they would be an adjustment. The bottom 4 are easy to access using your middle and ring ringers, eliminating the need for your fingers to ever leave the sticks. The default buttton mapping is X and Y On left and right top paddles, A and B on the first 2 of 4 bottom paddles, and the bottom right for AGILE. I am not going to explain to you what FOCUS and AGILE do, just know that once you get used to the controller and the idea of having it, it is a game-changing experience! Is there more speed or precision as you need it? Yes, please. If you are considering this controller, this should be a sign that you should try it. I used a copperhead mouse from the Razer brand when I played PC games back when dinosaurs were still a thing. I am glad I decided to try the movie, it has not disappointed me yet. I am still using the controller. There is a paddle that has stopped working. I am incredibly happy with my purchase.

4. Controller Xbox Remappable Enhancements Superhuman X

Controller Xbox Remappable Enhancements Superhuman X

Turtle Beach Audio Advantage is an easy access audio control that includes a game and chat volume mix. Superhuman Hearing setting gives you the ultimate audio advantage, from quiet footsteps to enemy weapon reloads. Play with confidence with smooth thumbstick movement and an accurate 8-way D-pad. Save up to four profiles with the two quick-reaction buttons. One of the buttons, Pro-Aim, tunes thumbstick sensitivity for long-range accuracy. Four Turtle Beach SignATUREPRESETS are used to modify your game audio. The game and chat audio mix controls are conveniently located. Cooling loops and reactor burps are ERGONOMIC. Micro-cooling channels and a comfortable shape keep your hands cool and dry while reducing fatigue, and dual rumble motors in the handles andtriggers enhance realism.

Brand: Turtle Beach

👤Wow. That's all I can say. I expected a lot more from the turtle beach that I came from. I wore 2 headsets in 6 months. Why would I expect more from their controller? The buttons are so touchy that you can't move the controller in your hands without hitting them, the audio is mediocre at best, and the Dpad is raised and super annoying to hit. I thought wired was an option. The hype of turtle beach is over for me. They are junk. Everything about the company. Junk. The world is called Hetero X the world.

👤I watched a few videos and saw how good this controller was. I don't have to worry about batteries if I have a wired controller. The first impression was okay. The controller feels better than a power A $30 controller. The grips and buttons felt good. The d pad is not as good as it could be. The cable length was long. This is where it gets disappointing. The two back buttons are easy to hit. I can't hold the controller comfortably without hitting the back buttons. The audio enhance feature was disappointing because I thought I was going to get a good audio exprience. Wrong. It sounds bad. I couldn't take the hissing noise. My mic monitoring was off. I tried different headsets. I don't know. Maybe I got a bad product. It wasn't for me anyways.

👤I've only had this controller for 2 weeks but I play more than I should and I haven't found anything I don't like. I don't have to replace batteries at the worst possible time because it's wired. The buttons are easy to use. I have never owned the elite controllers because they are too expensive and the controller is similar to the original Xbox controllers. The buttons on the back are in a good position for my hands. There are a few clicks. Since I first tried out the controller, I haven't noticed it. The sound settings are very good. I've played many games and never heard any of the sounds that I notice now. I heard footsteps louder than my friends. If you're like me and want to have fun, I would recommend this controller.

👤I'm very disappointed with this. After less than a month of use, the right analog stick is no longer usable. The issues other have had with disconnections and mic randomly screaming at me are the same. The buttons on the back need to be reset every time it happens. I will live with some issues with a first generation product. The failure of the device is caused by the analog issue. I will update my review when the replacement process is complete.

👤It had been going on for 4 years when my controller died. Microsoft had a big sale and I got a new XBox Series X controller for my XBox One. That was a disaster. It made dozens of games crash, including the brand new game. There is no Microsoft support number to call, so I posted on their support forums and nobody from Microsoft ever replied, despite there being over 1,000 replies to this one thread alone. When the left stick died, it was the biggest insult. Only after a long time of use. I wanted a decent solution. The original XBox One controllers are still available for $80 plus, but the new ones are garbage. A friend told me to look at the controller. He had watched a good review on the internet. I decided to give it a chance after watching that. This thing is great! Every feature makes a big difference. There is no outside application to use. All features are on the controller. You don't need to go into the XBox menus to change the balance, and the controller has chat and game volume controls right on it. You can do it on the fly with this. Enhanced audio mode will help you hear footsteps in COD and other games. There are two buttons on the bottom of the controller that are perfect for programing. For COD, I can program one as a jump button and be able to jump and aim at the same time, all without changing the layout of the buttons I'm used to. I can program one as a click on the left stick, so I can sprint without having to press in on the left stick, allowing for easier control. I can program both buttons for 4 different games with 4 different sets of them. The buttons on the controller are easy to program. You don't have to leave the game and go to another app to change what a button does. It comes with a braided and longusb cord that is both long enough for most uses and will last a long time. I haven't tried out the aim sensitivity mode yet. The price, feature set, and build quality are all things that make this controller great. I have only had one problem with it. It takes a little time to get used to having buttons on the bottom, and I pressed them a lot when grabbing the controller. You get used to it. If you don't mind wired controllers, this is the XBox controller you need. It would increase the price, but a wireless option would be the only suggestion I have right now for improving an already incredible option.

5. Turtle VelocityOne Universal Control Windows X

Turtle VelocityOne Universal Control Windows X

Every home-pilot will have a full suite of controls right out of the box with the Universal Design of the VelocityOne Flight. The yoke is built to last with a non-contact hall effect sensor in the yoke shaft, you'll have smooth control over long-term usage. There is a Mutant Trafalgar. Light aircraft and heavy jets have a realistic experience with dual lever controls and integrated pitch trim wheel. Controllables: comprehensIVE. Flight has integrated rudder controls and brake buttons that make Taxi, land and turn easy to navigate. There is a flight management display. The full color display with dedicated controls help you learn and use the system on-the-fly, and you can switch between input modes and use the training feature to learn each control.

Brand: Turtle Beach

👤2/25 The SIP behind the yoke will not work if you plan on using this with your Xbox. They will remain illuminated even if the game is over. I asked TurtleBeach when this will be available and they said no expected date, even though they updated for PC in January. I like TurtleBeach. They don't care about helping the customers. Why would you sell something without the advertised features? Do not buy this if you are using the XBOX. This is only half of what Turtle Beach can do until they update their XBOX software.

👤Went through the entire process of getting the box and hooking it up. The basic controls work well. The sound is dead when the unit is plugged in. I found a faulty plug that told the computer that a headphones was plugged in when it wasn't. I returned the unit for a refund.

👤I found a controller for Microsoft Flight Simulator that I could use without spending a lot of money. It will only get better with updates in the future, but as delivered it was better than the other controllers I have purchased. The setup documentation was good, but the configuration documentation could have been better. I would only use it with an XBox. The trim mechanism is a bit sensitive, but it is the best controller I have ever purchased.

👤I really like this controller. I don't like the lack of smoothness when pushing and pulling the yoke. It is not perfect. I've watched videos on this topic on the internet and some people say after a while of play with the controller, it will become a smooth interaction. I took 2 stars off for that and will return them if something changes.

👤This yoke and throttle set is amazing. It's small and you get a lot of features in a small package. The SIP doesn't work right at the moment, but everything else is amazing. I can land my plane in the air without setting it on fire. It is well built and should integrate with any flightsim.

👤Turtle Beach is great at making products. The look of this yoke is amazing. Why only 4 stars? I would like to get a complicated piece of equipment like this with a simple mode out of the box, and I'm sure many other people are the same. The preset buttons are great but not labeled and the programming is a little vague. Thank goodness for You Tube! Once you understand the features, I am absolutely terrified! It is worth every penny.

👤On Sunday, I received mine. It was well packaged and protected. It is very easy to connect and assemble. I have been using a HOTAS and it is not the same. I must say that this unit is a pleasant surprise. A complete set up with many options. People complain about it being cheap, sticking and not being smooth in some reviews. It is smooth and precise. I am not used to higher end equipment, but this unit does its job well and feels good.

6. Microsoft Wireless Controller Midnight Forces Special

Microsoft Wireless Controller Midnight Forces Special

The Midnight forces II special Edition features a blue camouflage pattern. The headset jack is 3.5mm. Stay on target with a textured grip. There is a technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Brand: Microsoft

👤Works as advertised. Walmart sells cheaper.

👤The controller is good. The price of a gaming system is outrageous. It's worth it when your grandsons want to play on Xbox and you only have one controller. It's very strong. The color is what the picture shows. The shipping was on time. My grandson is very rough with it and it has held up well.

👤This was a great gift for my grandson. I set him a game room, chair, controls, battery packs and headset because I couldn't make it to his birthday because of the gas crisis. If you're there you should have Amazon available to ship to love ones.

👤I am very happy with my purchase, it is a top quality controller, the shipping was fast, and I love the color.

👤I needed a replacement controller for both xBox one and Series x because the original one was falling apart. The color scheme is a great replacement.

👤The drift was so bad I couldn't use it for a month. The audio port never worked for me, so I don't use it, and the seller didn't blame them, so that wasn't important to me.

👤The thumb joy stick broke in 60 days.

👤Pues la carcasa se siente botada de la parte de atras, cmo se ve el la. Para ser "nuevo" con dos usos, el stick derecho tiene una ligera. No son detalles de otro mundo pague el precio original. La observacin.

👤La forma del mando tiene una textura that permitse un perfecto agarre. Adems de su conectividad, tiene una excelente eleccin para la pc.

👤Un control inalambrico con un buen diseo y me encanta es comodo.

👤When delivery notice said it would, it came on time.

👤Muy rpida, todo en orden.

7. Controller High Speed Charging Technology Rechargeable

Controller High Speed Charging Technology Rechargeable

1 x is included in the package. 2 x battery packs, 4 x battery cover, 1 x user manual, and a charging station. The playing time is more than twice that of the others. The batteries could be charged about 2000 times. The batteries are compatible with the Xbox One and the Series X. Series X, S, and X consoles, as well as the Xbox One X and the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller. For better experience, they recommend the 5V 2A output of the battery charge. More SafetyCharger is built in an intelligent chip. Fire-resistant material and strict production procedures help you enjoy the game. It takes around 5 hours fully charged. Green light means fully charged. A red light says your battery pole is connected. The package includes 2 x battery packs and a battery charging station. You can charge your batteries with Microusb, type-c andusb.

Brand: Ponkor

👤I bought the battery pack and kit to be an alternative to throwing batteries away. I can always have a battery pack fully charged and ready to go with this. I use Duracell procell and these packs seem to last longer. If you're buying a battery pack like this that can charge by plugging it into the Xbox directly, you should make sure you have your console configured to supply power to charge accessories even if it's powered down or you can plug it into a standard port that provides power.

👤These things are amazing. The 2,500mAh is pretty high. One battery lasts about a week before it discharges, and I play games on PC almost every day. It's incredibly fast to get them to 100% via Type-C. It's easy to swap one in and out during the middle of the game, and it's not as hard to find another pair of AA batteries. The best gaming investment.

👤I was tired of using the stock batteries. They work fine and hold a charge for a while, but after a couple years of use, they break down and don't hold a charge for very long. The 2500mAh batteries were a great upgrade and I did my research to find out. I always have a backup battery ready to go because of the charging cradle. I usually don't need to replace a battery more than once a week, but I might need it for a few hours a day if it's a normal day. The batteries last for a long time with a wired headset. A standard battery for the Xbox One from Microsoft is 800mAh, so you're more than tripling the battery capacity. They don't take forever to charge up, I believe a full charge takes around 1.5-2 hours. If you need to go without waiting a long time, you can have both batteries fully charged and ready to go. This may be the best option for $20 and under. The batteries have a great value.

👤I really like this and recommend it. The Amazon battery pack only charges when in the controller. It's hard to get the cover on the battery pack. The battery is easy to slide in. I tried the top plugs which fit the cables for my cell phone, but they didn't fit. I am very impressed with the power cord options. I can play with one battery and charge the other. It pays for itself by saving me from buying a lot of AA batteries.

👤The XBOX One S has been getting a workout and AA batteries have been consumed. I roll by In alwaysnuse on my two controllers. I wanted to save on battery costs in the long run. They are a great alternative to traditional AA batteries, but only for what they say they are for, and this is a battery pack that won't fit a TV remote controller. I had an issue with the longevity of the batteries in the first shipment, but customer service was responsive and they replaced the licky-split. I charged them before the green light came on to give them a deep charge. I can play several hours for 2 days before I have to charge again. They come with a two-battery pack charger with a charge indicator light and a plug that folds along the side of the charging surface for storage. I made my money back on these batteries after just a couple of weeks.

8. Controller YCCTEAM Gamepad Joystick Vibration

Controller YCCTEAM Gamepad Joystick Vibration

Wide CompatibilityYCCTEAM Xbox controller is compatible with the Microsoft XBOX system, and supports all of them. The controller for the xbox one has a cable. You can play with your friends and family. The response to ergonomics and rapid response. The asymmetrical design of the controller fit your hands. The wired game controller replacement for xbox one has high sensitivity and fast response, all buttons are easy to press and respond immediately, with good feedback for more comfort and endless gaming experience. The XBOX one controller vibrating motors are embedded in the side grips to provide a realistic gaming experience, which make the impact and action more realistic. Bringing you a more personalized game experience. You can take your games to the next level with dual analog sticks. The wired xbox one controller has an external 3.5mm audio jack that allows you to chat with your friends while you play. The game can be made more exciting with the use of headphones. The various functions of this wired game controller make you feel like you're in a game. You can play with your friends and family.

Brand: Yccteam

👤I bought this because my other cheap corded controller was malfunctioning, but this one is the worst controller I have ever used. I have large hands, and it is fat in your hands. The controls are terrible, and being a good call of duty player, if you try to do any fine aiming your crosshair either won't move at all, or you'll spin a 180, played with game settings for an hour and a half. It's so bad. I am writing a review. If you play puzzle games, it might work for you. I would spend 20 more dollars for a real controller.

👤The controller is a great value. I bought it for my husband. He is very happy with it. He uses it a lot on his console. He said that the stick is more sensitive than the official controller.

👤It works well for a cheap controller, but wired headsets don't work right. You can't hear anything if you're playing modern warfare. The sound quality is terrible. I wouldn't recommend this controller to anyone.

👤I got this for my son and it broke in the first week. I am not sure if it was him being rough with it or if it was a cheap controller. One of the bottons on the controller doesn't work, and the stick is off, what I mean is the right stick goes right, but when moving left it is very touchy and inaccurate.

👤It's fine for browsing but not for games as if you have to hold the lt and tap the righttrigger it won't sustain the inputs.

👤bumpers are already having issues and the controller case is loose from day one, the buttons are glitching and causing auto movements without touching, and the triggers are sticking on a regular basis. All of these issues were solved in less than a month. If you don't plug in a controller to keep your toddler busy, this is a good one, otherwise you'll spend more money on a better product.

👤The device claims to be compatible with Windows, but it isn't. I bought it for the sole purpose of playing a steam game which was causing problems with my usual hotas setup.

👤This is a simple plug and play controller that I bought for my PC. I like the fact that the controller has more feel for the game than other controllers.

👤Im Anfang des Jahres gekauft weil der Anschluss meines. Ihren Lust den Controller regelmig laden ist die meisten alternative Kabellos. War anfangs ist aber bekannt. It's a bit too early. spter die rechte Schultertaste anfing. So sanftem wackeln lie, There is a Nun hat allerdings der linke Joy Stick. Man was so unzugnglich wre, was so richtig, was etwas reinigen beheben knnte. Alles in allem are billig verarbeitet.

9. Rechargeable Battery Controller Capacity Batteries

Rechargeable Battery Controller Capacity Batteries

When the Xbox one battery pack is fully charged, the battery charging indicator light is green, otherwise it is red. 30 days money back without any reason. The 20H+ Long-Lasting Battery is a rechargeable battery pack for the xbox one that is designed to provide more power and enjoy more fun. The batteries for the controller provide up to 20H playing time and 2000 times of charge. It is widely compatible with the rechargeable battery pack. The Series X, One, S, and Elite controllers are for the Xbox One. The xbox one battery charger supports 4 batteries for the controller to be charged at the same time. It only takes 3 hours to charge the batteries. One battery pack saves you a lot of time and extends your playing time, and 4x 1500mAh batteries support your family to play time together as well. It is a hassle to buy disposable batteries and have to deal with AA batteries all the time, so it is nice to have rechargeable batteries. There are three batteries waiting to be used when one battery runs out. It keeps you playing. You can save a lot of money by having a rechargeable battery for your XBOX. The xbox one controller battery pack has a clear indicator when it is fully charged, but the upper and lower indicators will turn red when charging. The battery will be charged safely even if the battery is inserted in a different way. The xbox one battery pack is built in intelligent safe protection and has built in smart over-charging,over-current,over -voltage,over-heated, short-circuit safe protection. There is concern about the damage caused by improper use of the battery.

Brand: Tunrop

👤I was very happy with my purchase. The days of wasting regular batteries on my controller are over. The charging dock fits in with my setup and the packs last a while. It comes with 4 sets and I can always have 2 charged up in my controllers. Will update the review with longevity as I see if they hold up over time.

👤I am no longer using disposable batteries after buying these for my kids. Excellent investment!

👤I just upgraded to a next-gen Series S console and found out the hard way that it comes with a completely different controller than the old Xboxes. None of my old battery packs worked with it. Leave it to Microsoft to make our stuff useless. The official charging kit only came with one battery. This set comes with four for almost the same price, so it felt like a no-brainer. They're made in a way that they're compatible with both the old and new Series S/X controllers. They take about an hour to charge, but you can get 15 hours of gaming before you need to swap them out. I keep two in my remotes and two in the dock. Having four packs on deck will help if I have friends over to play Overcooked. I highly recommend this set to anyone that is still using AA's. A good pack/charger combo will save you money in the long run.

👤For a long time, I used a different charging system. My original chargers didn't work anymore after I started to replace controllers. I had to go with another charge because the controller was redesign. I love this one because of the batteries and the led that will let you know when it's ready to go. I recommend this. I'm a master at gaming. It's a good thing.

👤I will change my review after a week after I got these in the mail and the batteries were charged. I live with these batteries and they are not bad value, they only cost about 60 in store, but if they die you just pop it out and it charges no need. The batteries are awesome and the kit is a good 32 bucks, but I went with black so far.

👤I was going to buy a new pack of AA batteries for my controllers, but I decided to go for the rechargeable set because it was the same price. The fit and finish of the whole set is better than I anticipated, and there is a cool X logo that shows the charge status of each battery. I have two controllers and this set gives me a pair of batteries to use while the other one charges, which has been convenient. This set has been great so far.

👤I have some basic Xbox One batteries for $10, in a short period of time. The batteries are not suitable for the controllers of the XBOX One. There is a The rechargeable battery has a very special design, as cool as a spaceship, and four 1500 mAh batteries are very cost-effective, compared to other products. There is a The charging light is also very cool. It fits my controller perfectly, it is easy to slide in and out, and it is very smooth to use. There is no need to worry about the duration of the batteries. You can charge four batteries in 3 hours, and you can play for 20 hours, which is great for me when the epidemic is at home. You don't need to remember the charging location, and you can charge it directly from the base. Very recommended! Very cost-effective.

10. Afterglow Prismatic LED Wired Controller X

Afterglow Prismatic LED Wired Controller X

There are four different light modes and a see-through electronics controller. WIRED COMPATIBILITY is an Officially licensed product by Microsoft for the XBOX ONE, XBOX X, and Windows 10. The free Control Hub App can be used to remap gamepad buttons, reconfigure triggers, and more. You can chat with your team via the 3.5mm audio jack and adjust the volume with audio controls on the d-pad. It's perfect for the top first-person shooter games: Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Infinite, and Fortnite. Modern Warfare, BlackOps, Rainbow 6, APEX, MOBA, or Adventure Games are some of the titles. Thoughtful gift is perfect for holidays, birthday gifts, and father's day gifts. Kids interested in science or engineering will appreciate the gift.

Brand: Pdp

👤I unboxed this thing and it already has a drift. This is BS. The fastest return in the west was 0/10.

👤I got the controller a week before the delivery date. I wanted a controller that was wired. I like the colors. It's too bad that it's not color coding. It's nice to have options.

👤I bought this controller because I like the way it looks and it's much lighter than traditional wireless controllers. It is wired so I don't have to replace batteries or charge the remote. This was definitely not a plug and play situation for me. It didn't work on the first plug in. I had to download the companion software and set up the remote to work. It took me about an hour to update the remote. It works well once you finish the setup and updates. You can change the controller's light rhythm and colors. You can change the sensitivity levels of the buttons in certain games. If you're willing to put in some extra work for a cool controller, this is a great one.

👤My dad ordered a controller for my son. I was not looking for anything fancy so I thought this price was close to what I wanted. This is beyond what I expected. My son loves that he can change the controller's colors with many options to choose from, and the quality of the cord is great.

👤It's a gorgeous controller, but it isn't the same as the original afterglow controller, which lasted me 2.5 years. The latest addition was dead after 4 hours of playing. Not angry just let down.

👤Plug and play, tienes personalizar. La luz con varias opciones. El agarre es delicado. The cable is important. A y es bastante largo.

👤If you want to use it as a controller to play with friends, and also as a headset to play with friends, it gives off a buzzing voice and sounds robotic. You can't bare to the point. It's weird.

👤I needed a second one for 2 players and had one for a couple years. The first one works well. The software to modify the controllers can be downloaded on PC and Xbox. As long as you don't throw it, it's pretty good.

👤The trash was returned a while ago because it was garbage. It feels like it was made using the cheapest plastic. The controller was slippery. The lights in it were lazy, I have a PowerA spectra enhanced xbox controller and it feels better, and is technically the same price as this 1. The controller does not need to see through the lights to see the buttons and the outer base of the controller. I think it's safe to say that thePDP stands for something. Dog feces.

👤If you want the lights to give a slow pulsing effect, you can either turn them off or change the colour of the lights. I can't give a full review until I actually use it, since my console is somewhere else. I will make changes once I have done so.

11. PDP Gaming Wired Controller Midnight X

PDP Gaming Wired Controller Midnight X

WIRED COMPATIBILITY is an Officially licensed product by Microsoft for the Xbox Series X and One Windows 10 PC. The free control hub app can be used to remap gamepad buttons, re-configure triggers, and add a dedicated share button. A perfect addition or replacement controller. Blue color. You can use the 3.5mm audio jack to communicate with your team and adjust the volume with the audio controls located on the. Works with your favorite headset. It's perfect for games like Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Black Ops, and more. Thoughtful gift is perfect for holidays, birthday gifts, father's day, and back-to-school gifts.

Brand: Pdp

👤I bought it in November 2020. The spring under the "A" button stopped functioning a month ago. The A button is stuck under the controller's body if you push it down. The controller would have been 5 stars if I had reviewed it before this. It is a solid construction and has good weight. It works well. It's pretty bad that buttons on a controller are stuck in position. It would have been a 1 star review if it wasn't for the fact that I loved the controller before this issue. I have seen similar issues with the "A" button, so I don't think my issue is an isolated one.

👤At first, I liked this controller. The Amazon controller I used was better than the other 4 because it had better accuracy in the analog sticks, but I keep double pressing it because the "A" button has gotten less springy. I would have given it 5 stars, but for this issue, it has become useless for action games.

👤I know it's a knock off but there are other options out there. The left stick broke less than a month after this one used proprietary plastic joysticks. I ordered a replacement because the parts are not compatible.

👤I had a red one. I think it lasted for a year before the left trigger spring snapped. I thought it was not bad for heavy use. The white replacement I bought lasted 95 days before the left knob lost all function and tension, flopping to the side. The free-replacement guarantee ends at 90 days. It seems like rolling the dice with this model. It is cheaper than Microsoft and feels a bit different. It has a wired controller on a cord that can be used with either micro orusb ports. There is only a 3.5mm jack on the surface facing the player. The microsoft controller has more tension than the knobs. The feel will be slightly different. There is a small button by the right knob. L/R controls balance between game and player-chat volume while up/down controls headset volume with the D-pad. The headset mic can be silenced by double tapping this knob-button. The third small button in the middle of the controller is a screen grab/record button.

👤This is my third controller. I'm not a fan of controllers. I play fighting games. I like the controller 1 The price is 2. The software is used to control the controller. I could not turn off the rumblers in one of my games. I have problems with my hands because of intense vibrations. I didn't play the game since I couldn't turn off the game settings. Here comes the software fromPDP. I was able to turn off the vibration by going into the software settings. The game is played without hurting hands. I will keep buying this brand. If you break one during a special ops battle or trying to out run the cops on the game, these are cheap enough to buy another one.


What is the best product for best cheap xbox one controller?

Best cheap xbox one controller products from Yccteam. In this article about best cheap xbox one controller you can see why people choose the product. Xbox and Razer are also good brands to look for when you are finding best cheap xbox one controller.

What are the best brands for best cheap xbox one controller?

Yccteam, Xbox and Razer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best cheap xbox one controller. Find the detail in this article. Turtle Beach, Microsoft and Ponkor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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