Best Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Interactive

Toys 29 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. BurgeonNest Interactive Automatic Rotating Charging

BurgeonNest Interactive Automatic Rotating Charging

BurgeonNest interactive cat toy comes out with outstanding performance after thousands of trials. The self- running mode can make cats want to run. The interaction mode gives your cat happy playtime. If you want to keep playing with your cats, you can use the Standby-run mode. The electronic cat toy has two speeds and is suitable for both cats and kittens. Slow speed suits for cats. Fast speed suits for kittens. "squeakingmouse sound" can attract cats' attention. The BurgeonNest automated cat toy uses a low-consumption technology to ensure that your cat has 20 minutes of playtime after starting, and then rests for 1.5 hours and then restarts the next 20-minute period. 20 minutes of fun at a time is the best for your cat. The smart electric cat toy has an intelligent operation program that will make sound when it interacts with your cats. It can react in another direction when bumping to an obstacle. Your cat will chase, jump, catch, hunt, pounce for exercise when it is attracted by its irregular movements. The spinning cat toy has a lamp that changes colors to attract the cat's attention. Compared with other easy-broken feather wands, they choose special material to make it bite- against and durable. The mouse toys for cats can run on the floor and carpet. Cats get more exercise when they try to catch with the accessory's feather attachment.

Brand: Burgeonnest

👤My kitty doesn't care about her new toy but she really likes it. I love how it rolls on the floor. The toy won't roll on the carpet. We play with that in the basement. It's better to have a toy to play with. She likes the different feathers.

👤I liked the fact that it works on the carpet. It goes over power cords. The sound can be turned off so you don't have annoying mouse noises. There is no medium mode. Fast mode is too aggressive and can cause an eye injury due to how fast it whips thetail. If you have a cat with slower reflexes, it's especially important. He is a CH kitty who does not always react in time. The slow mode is too slow to keep my cats interested. It gets stuck in corners and between things.

👤So generous! The toy is made well. Truthfully. They did not skimp on parts. It plays with and teases your cat. You can charge it on all floor surfaces by plugging the cord in. No batteries to buy! I'm happy. It took me a few times to get my cat to dig. He really likes it now. If yours get worked on, it has extra feathers. I love it! If it's not being played with, it will start up again within an hour. Your cats will never get bored. Don't hesitate. It's worth it.

👤We have a Maine Coon kitten and 3 older cats. We needed a toy to help burn off the kitten's extra energy so we could focus on the older cats. The toy is a robot. Sound caught their attention. The effect on the kitten is the key, as the older cats joined into the chase. The toy is small enough that it can navigate on its own under couches, tables and chairs. Let's think about the power cycle. It woke up and charged back out. The kitten can carry it by it's tail in victory. The kitten has taken the toy to all the rooms in the house. The variable speeds help. Very happy.

👤My cats like this toy. It is easy to charge and run on one charge. It has a lot of different features to appeal to my cats. The toy will stop moving if my cats stop playing with it. It will start up again if they mess with it. It makes mouse noises, lights up, rolls, shakes, changes directions, and comes with 3 different toys to attach to it. My cats need a lot of activities to keep them busy, so this little toy is perfect for them. I would recommend this toy to everyone.

👤Likes: colorful, makes noise. The cat and I agree that the toy is crazy. It turns on and off on its own. It reminds me of a movie where the electronics come to life and start attacking people. I know this won't happen. I think so. I don't understand why the white part looks like a mouse. It makes it more frightening. My four month old kitten is terrified of this toy and intrigued by it. If this toy does anything for me or the kitty boy, it is at least entertaining.

2. Cats Motorized Automatic Minute Settings

Cats Motorized Automatic Minute Settings

Pick from 3 speeds to attract your cat. Motorized muzzle is silent and changes direction when you least expect it. Cats of all ages will stay active with Cat's Meow. Keep kitty off your furniture and carpets. All floors work great, carpets, wood or tile won't interfere with kitty's fun. 30 minute auto shut-off helps to conserve battery life.

Brand: Cat's Meow

👤I bought this for my cat three years ago and she loved it. After 3 years, I'm content with it being worn out. It received a lot of love. I bought it again from Amazon. I saw the same thing, but when I turned it on, it started to smell like burning rubber. It makes a high pitched shriek when it crosses a point on the wheel. It's a moving toy, the gear noise is expected and I enjoy it since I associate it with my cat jumping around attacking the little red tail. Something is wrong with the unit and the shrieking is not normal. The burning smell occurs within 1 minute of the toy being on. I'm too scared to put the toy on because it has a timer and will cause a fire. Will the smell cause the smoke detectors to go off? I'm not sure why this unit is faulty, but I'm afraid to buy another one because of the same thing. It was a great toy for my cat. I need to find a similar product from another company.

👤I have bought this product before and I am okay with it. I didn't know why I liked it more than the SmartyKat version. I bought both of them this time. The cats meow works better on carpet than it does on other surfaces. It has a plastic end with a ball on it that helps it not get stuck. It works well on hardwood. The fabric top on the SmartyKat shuts off after 30 minutes. There are three speeds and a random speed. The SmartyKat version works well on hardwood floors. The wand has fur on it, which makes it look like a rat or other small animal under the fabric, but this is what keeps it from working well on carpet. The wand gets stuck if it is not on a smooth surface. The SmartyKat version only has two speeds. When a cat stops the wand from moving, it makes a horrible clicking noise, as if the motor is breaking, which is the worst issue I have with the SmartyKat version. I am not sure if it is breaking, but it's very loud and annoying. Cats are meant to stop the wand when they play with it. I only had the Cats Meow for two days, and it is already squeaking from use. It's not as bad as the SmartyKat. I'm sending the SmartyKat back and buying another one. The product is the better one. My cats love them as they only last a few months with hard play.

👤Buyers beware! I have purchased at least 4 of these before and I loved them. They wore the gears out as they played with them so much. My cat was able to turn them on and off. I don't recommend this one because it's so cheap and different from the others. The box says new, but it must be very old stock. It doesn't have an automatic shut off timer or speeds. This is a cheaper version of my other ones. I couldn't see the words because I didn't realize that this one was different from the others. I just expected it to be like all the others. It is made to look like all the others. I don't know if it's an illegal knock-off, but it isn't worth it. They have a push button on top to select 4 different settings, along with on-off, if you look for one with the lights and speeds. A good one has an automatic shut-off after 20/30 minutes. I paid the same price for all the others.

3. Zenes Butterfly Cat Toy Replacement

Zenes Butterfly Cat Toy Replacement

The cat's nature will be inspired by the dog's rotating butterfly. The butterflies will glow in the dark, which will attract your kitten, and let them enjoy dancing with the butterfly. It's easy to use with 3 AA batteries. The base is broad and heavy to prevent it from sliding. If you keep interacting with your cat with this cat toys frequently, it will help the cats to get exercise to avoid Obesity, also enhance the dependence and emotional connection between you. Automatic cat toys provide 2 replacement butterflies that are resistant to scratching and biting to prevent cat damage. Their 100% satisfaction service in Flurff guarantees a one-year warranty. If the toys are broken, please contact them to get a new one.

Brand: Flurff

👤Pets love it. The dog would be into it too. It was easy to set up and not loud. The butterflies are soft and come with a replacement.

👤If my sister plays with this toy too much, my son will growl at her. It was funny when I first received it, but I couldn't figure it out for a long time. He came back at it with vengeance.

👤I have a 3 month old kitten that I am desperately in need of entertainment for, but it is not connected to me. This toy is amazing. He went right to it and it is holding up better than my feet and arms. It was very easy to put together. It came with everything I needed, except for batteries, but I am a parent and my husband is a gaming enthusiast, so batteries are a staple of this household. It doesn't make a lot of noise. It comes with two butterflies, which is cool, and I am sure he will be able to rip it off the fishing wire at some point. Mr.Bitey is a happy cat.

👤A great toy for a cat with a lot of toys. It's very interactive and keeps his attention until he tips it on its side. I'll have to figure it out right away. It shouldn't be hard. I ordered this for him and I'm excited. He's been playing with it for about a month. They give you two things when the butterfly is broken. The first one held up for a long time, but it is still under a month. The butterfly came apart in about five pieces, so I put the second replacement in. The second replacement did the same thing. I tied a curly ribbon and feather to the end of the metal piece that was flopping around, originally with a butterfly on the end. I had to tape it to the carpet. This isn't the prettiest. We're just cat people and never get to know anyone else. I changed my rating from 5 to 4 stars. I personally found that it had to be with duct tape, because there isn't a way for the toy to remain upright without securing it. The attachment butterfly pieces break right away and you have to come up with your own toy to put on the end.

👤My cat loves this toy because it keeps him busy for hours. The only problem with this toy is that it runs on 3 AA batteries. The rest of Kitty's toys have an automatic shut-off. The batteries will die. This makes for an expensive toy. There are many options that do the same thing. When the toy is not on, my cat plays with the butterfly. But, gets bored very quickly.

👤They love it! Not as loud as people say. Comes with 2 butterflies.

👤I accidentally purchased it when I was researching it, and I received your item has shipped notification. It is the best toy ever. I am happy it happed. Coconut loves this toy.

4. FOFOS 360┬░Self Interactive Charging Exercise

FOFOS 360%C2%B0Self Interactive Charging Exercise

Eco-friendly material, keep your pets healthy. The roller toy moves in a circle. It stopped after 3 minutes of chasing/jumping/scratching. Touch lightly to re-activate. The sprite moved again. Never get stuck on the sofa or bed. The bright face arouses cats' interest. You can charge for 1 hour and fully roll for 7 hours.

Brand: Fofos

👤I would like to tell you my pets like this toy, but I can't. That is a funny story. It took me a day to figure out how it worked, as there were no directions in the box. I didn't notice the button until I saw the tiny indention. I got beat up by the little gray flappy thing when I found it. It should have been a warning. My mom's dog and cats were interested in it at first. She decided to stay away after the dog attacked her and whacked her nose. The demon started chasing the cats and wanted to poke their eyes out. It took 30 seconds for it to disappear under the couch and then it came back out and ran after my mother for 60 seconds, terrified cats taking to the cabinet tops. If I ever manage to find it and catch it without dying, I might return it.

👤I plugged my computer in for hours and hours, but nothing happened. The opening of theusb charging station is too small for the cord. What is the best way to charge my laptop? Let me know. I plugged it into my computer all day and it worked. I will go with that. Thanks!

👤Our new roommate, a year old Von tabby, is a bit wild. We were reluctant to give him anything too hard or crush potential as he likes biting things hard and he seems to be coming up on the end of the teething stage. I took a chance and he loves it. He toys with it like a mouse, but he doesn't want to destroy it. He has had it for a couple months and it has survived better than the other toys we have gotten him. Our cat knows how to start a design on his own and it is pretty clever. I would like to get more so he can set off some chain reactions. It keeps him busy while we work from home.

👤I bought two for my cat and my parents cats. I tried them in the morning and they didn't work. There was no instructions in the box. I returned them the next day.

👤It's cool, but my cats don't like it. Two people are not sure about it. Two of the other two are scared and won't go near it. I've let it go for an hour or so at a time and they all run. Maybe your cats are smarter.

👤The learning ball is awesome. I thought my cat was afraid of it. He stalks it, pounces on it, and bats it around until it gets stuck under something. This sucker can usually escape a jam. He will hell it across the room by putting it in his mouth. The "arm" taps around to figure out where it is, where to go, and how to get out of a rough spot. The arm is also useful for finding hidden hairballs. The multicolor faces that blink as it runs around add a cute bit of silliness to everything as the ball bangs into everything left and right, trying to locate its hunter. The last time I started the dishwasher, Dave was concerned. He was worried that the dishwasher might hurt his ball. Thankfully, it seems to be very strong at this point. It probably runs for 3 days, on and off, and even when it's dead, it has a quick charge time of about 30 minutes. I think it's very short, but can seem like a lifetime to a cat.

5. PetFusion INTERACTIVE Electronic Nighttime Batteries

PetFusion INTERACTIVE Electronic Nighttime Batteries

Attach your cat's attention and whereabouts. A unique stimulating interactive cat toy or kitten toy that mimics prey popping out from 6 entries with a randomized and fast paced feel. The lighting is great for daytime or nighttime. Cats can benefit from interactive play from cat toys. A great alternative to traditional cat toys. Anti-skidding feet. These cat toys are kept in place on smooth surfaces like hardwood floors and tile. These electronic cat toys are perfect for indoor cats because they have multiple levels of play. It is easy to replace feathers when purple mode is extended and pauses. Replacement feathers are available for purchase. The batteries have an 8 minute auto-shut-off feature. Any part that is broken due to a manufacturer defect will have a 12 month warranty.

Brand: Petfusion

👤This thing is loud. I put the batteries in and scared my cats. I tried to show them what to do with it. One of them tried to play with it, but it stopped and he lost interest. I want to see if they get used to it. It was the same day and several hours later. I tried to give them an opportunity to go near it, but they went as far away as possible. If I was holding it, they wouldn't sniff it. I'll be back soon.

👤Our cat was watching the holes for the feather to come out and was very excited. He was able to grab it one time. The auto shut-off feature held our cat's attention and we had to turn it on again because he kept looking for the feather. Would recommend to other cat owners. A month later, the cat is still a huge hit. He is completely engrossed from the moment it is turned on. Highly recommended!

👤One out of two cats is interested in the toy. One of the cats is a bit destructive and has already bitten the toy. The device looks like a donut. This is not a quiet device and I am not sure why this says nighttime play other than the lighting. If it was set off in the middle of the night, it would make me crazy. I can hear it from another floor when I'm trying to work nearby and I can't see it. Right now, it's going on. I can't concentrate on this review. If they couldn't get the noise down more, it would have been smart to use some kind of insulation. I'm not sure if I'll keep it because of the sound. I really wanted something to keep my cats entertained, but not at my expense.

👤I got a toy for my cats. They love it! It has an unexpected side effect that has been helpful. My dog was diagnosed with heart worms and has to be kept quiet and calm for up to six months. She immediately focused on this toy and will play with it for hours. She loves it as much as the cats do. It's keeping her activity level down, but it's also teaching her to focus, which is a huge training tool. My dog has not been able to damage the toy or tear the feathers because she has not been able to grab them. It's sturdy and doesn't slide for the cats so they can play with it. It does move for the dog, but only because she's pushing it with her nose. I recommend this toy for any pet that can be interested in it's quick, random moving and brightly colored feathers. While it has a moderate humming noise, it's not too bad when you're watching your pets play with it.

👤I was hesitant to try this new product because we had previously purchased a similar item that was too loud for the cats, but I was glad I did as the cats love it! When I'm trying to get some work done at the desk and cats are looking for attention, I just turn it on and they flock to it. The nighttime feature is great, as you can see the blue glow. The cats like the feather's movement and variety in coming out of different spots on the toy. It's a favorite in our house of cats.

6. YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Build

YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Build

2022 newest redemption version Simply plug in the cable for 1.5 hours and your kitty will get up to 4 hours of fun time. The primary purpose of the self rotating ball is to have your pet chase the ball around and have fun. With a single press of a button, the ball will start to do a self rotation and attract your pet's attention. The red light will be produced by the ball moving around your house. MATIC DIRECTION CHANGE The sphere shape and self balancing system make it possible for the ball to change direction when it collides with objects. All you have to do is turn the ball on to play and turn off when your pet is not playing well. Caution. The ball doesn't roll well on thick carpet, please purchase with attention. The ball will turn off after 40 minutes of rolling, perfect for those who don't have time to watch your kitty.

Brand: Y Yofun

👤I was hoping that this would be a great toy for my cats, who love rough house. They were definitely curious when I first got it out. They all freaked out when it ran over one of their tails. The ball doesn't roll very well. It is too slow to keep their interest. I think the large size of it was intimidating, but it's faster on tile. I improvised after watching it roll around on its own. I don't know if they'll get used to it, but it's too big for them to want to play with. To get them to play with it, I took a big box, cut a bunch of small holes around it, and put the ball in the box. This turned it into a game. The cats run around the box trying to hit the ball. This worked out great. It kept them entertained for a while.

👤This toy is amazing. The battery lasts for hours. It's easy to charge. Plug into a hub. It is nice to keep our cats occupied at night when they are feeling wild because they are obsessed with it. The toy is not loud moving around in our apartment. Very happy with the purchase! Thank you!

👤The one thing I like about this product is that it has a fee. I don't have to spend more money on batteries. My boyfriend asked if I was the one controlling the ball because it was smooth. One of my cats is scared of the ball because of its randomness, but another cat follows it around for 30 minutes or so, which is a good exercise for him. Highly recommend! Your cats won't get bored easily, and it's free. I wanted most things in a cat toy.

👤This is my first time owning a pet and I have a stray cat. I decided to purchase this ball for Kenny after doing some research. Kenny fell in love with the toy immediately and now he has to play with it every day. The toy is easy to play with and it's durable.

👤I don't understand how this thing won an award. Don't be foolish. I have two cats, one is fat and the other has an IQ of a banana peel. I thought the idiot would love it. They stared at me with disdain when I turned it on, and I swear I could sense their plans to scratch my eyes while I sleep. They have not touched it as it rolled around the floor. I think my kids enjoy it more. Buy some trash bag twist ties and save money.

👤My cats love this toy. I like the way it moves. My cats will not feel bored chasing it. It will not stuck in the corner. Don't play this toy on the carpet. It works on the floor. It is convenient to have ausb rechargeable. The battery lasts a long time. I was worried that my cats would break the ball. It is a really durable toy.

7. Paws Interactives Flutter Refil Pack

Paws Interactives Flutter Refil Pack

The butterfly toy can be fun to play with. The flash butterfly can be rotating in a certain degree. Your cat can play with this butterfly when you are away. Please don't remove the green circle from the original spinner toy when replacing the butterflies, they are replacements for the All for Paws Interactive Cat Butterfly Spinner Toy. If your cat is an indoor cat, it is important to add exercise to keep him healthy. Money back guarantee. Their priority is your satisfaction. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Afp

👤It spins quickly. The mylar butterfly would hit a kitten in the eye. I ran it on two batteries instead of four. The butterfly was no longer a problem after they caught it, because they tear it apart with relative ease. I attached a long fluffy worm toy to the end. The kittens seemed to enjoy chasing that around, it was heavier and dragged on the floor. I put the batteries back in to account for the extra weight. The motion sensor isn't a motion sensor. Most motion sensors are not motion sensors at all, because they use a different type of technology to detect heat within their field of view. They don't work through a window because of that. The light sensor is cheaper and requires less circuitry than the one that turns off porch lights when the sun comes up. A bright light source shining on a small hole in the side is what this one depends on. When something happens that light causes the switch to go off. If the object is less than a foot away from the switch, it won't work. The cats walked away when it stopped. I had to use a flashlight to start it up again. I cured that by opening it up and moving the sensor closer to the outside of the wall, and then making a hole cone shaped to allow more light to hit the sensor. The cats like playing with it.

👤These replacements are available. They fit the toy. I got my mine in under 2 weeks, and the shipping says it takes so long from the UK, don't be discouraged. My cat is obsessed. She's not a cryer but she will meow when we're close to her toy, asking me to turn it on. This was Kitty's birthday present and she won't let anyone else play with it. I think so.

👤3 of my cats love this toy. There are some issues with it. The wire that is attached to the butterfly bends very easily. Sometimes it has to be bend back into shape. There is no automatic shut off button so if left on it will keep running until the batteries die. The butterfly is made out of thin material so it can be ripped open by your cat. It does help if you put clear packing tape on both sides of each wing. I don't have to replace as often.

👤Thank you baby cat Jesus for the butterflies. I have a butterfly toy and they fit it. My demon loves this toy and destroys the butterflies in a matter of days to weeks depending on how she is feeling. She ruins them and I let her sleep in my bed. If I hadn't been able to keep this toy going, it would be sad. You will need them sooner than later if you have the base.

👤I have purchased these before and they would last a long time. I only have to replace the butterfly once a month. I received these four days ago and have been replacing the butterfly ever since. The plastic body of the butterfly is torn off as soon as they start playing with it and then they can get it off the wire. A wire hook that was holding the body on can cause injury to my cat if it is not removed. I will be buying these again. My cats love this toy and it's a shame.

8. Pet Craft Supply Interactive Silvervine

Pet Craft Supply Interactive Silvervine

The cat toYS are automatic. The Pet Craft Supply Shimmy Shark Flipper Flopper Cat Toy is just like a real fish. Every time your cat touches the toy, the built-in motion sensor will turn on. The bright colors and playful shark design will make your cat want to stay. It is recommended to keep your cat's hunting arsenal. The realistic movement of the toy helps promote exercise and fun interactive play. The cat toys are a great way to get your cat excited and start moving. Soft Plush and ausb rechargeABLE: The Fipper Flopper Cat toys are made of soft and durable plush materials that are safe and non-toxic. It's easy to replace batteries with theusb rechargeable. All Life Stages is an age range description. If your pet isn't happy with the product, please contact their team of caring pet lovers. You can visit their website for more information.

Brand: Pet Craft Supply

👤If the cat didn't like it, I figured it out. The pigs or dogs would. I was correct. The cat liked it for about 30 seconds, but then 888-739-5110 Our indoor pigs and large dogs were very happy with this. I wouldn't allow them to have it unattended as pigs and dogs could easily rip it open, but it is worth it when you can watch them. My cat is 12 years old and she doesn't play much. Highly recommend!

👤Chief Inspector Nibbler is not fond of the thing. He gave it a thumbs up after many tests. If this guy recommends it highly, buy your own furry demigod one. There is a A pretty big pickle is flopping like a fish. If not played with, it holds a really good charge. My cats love it, they steal it from one another, and never seem to tire of fishing it out of boxes.

👤I never thought my cat would like a toy like this. My cat usually sniffs a toy and then walks away. Not this one! She loves the shark. She cleans it at night, she can't get enough of it. I would like to thank you for making a wonderful toy for my cats. 10/10 Highly recommended!

👤I didn't buy Mr. Pickle, this is based on the shark version. I'm sure they use the same motor inside. When I took it out, my cat loved it. Being able to charge it is nice. They can hug it and bite on it. When it was on for more than 3-4 minutes, it started to smell like burnt plastic. The motor is no longer strong enough to move the tail, even after charging it. I must have taken out the toy 10 times. She can no longer play with it. I can't return it. If it didn't break so easily, it would be a great toy to keep. I bought this toy based on the positive reviews so it could be a hit or a miss.

👤It is a broken product. He was a very shaky shark. He scared the cat so he didn't engage with the shark. It went from shaky to weird vibrating thing. The plastic on the tail broke. I don't know if it's worth it to send it back, and I don't think I can fix it.

👤This is a great pickle. It is very cute. My cats don't. They are either scared or annoyed by it. They would like to cuddle with it. They don't like it when it starts jumping around. I have cats and kittens. They all avoid it. My cats don't approve of it.

👤He likes it. He will play with his shark. He got more active with this toy. He is not happy when I take it. This toy is for sale.

9. TOOGE Electric Realistic Interactive Flopping

TOOGE Electric Realistic Interactive Flopping

The puppy toy looks like a real fish. It will keep your puppy on her paws. The plush interactive cat toys have a strong scent that makes your cat excited and relieve your kitty's depression and stress. The wiggle fish dog toys for small dogs are portable and can be charged from the internet. The infused motor can be used to clean the plush toy. The texture of the TOOGE cat chew toy will not hurt your cat's paws. It's perfect for biting, chewing and kicking. When your cat touches the fish toy, the built-in sensor starts to vibrate, so that it wiggles like a live fish. Your cat will kick and play when you encourage it.

Brand: Tooge

👤We received a package of 2 fish, one worked and the other didn't. I was worried that the seller would have a hard time fixing the issue. They replaced the DOA fish with 2 perfectly working ones and made it very easy. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that our little girl cat won't appreciate anything we do for her unless it's a paper ball or a toy that she likes. Our little boy cat is not the same as our little boy cat. I don't know where to start. He's crazy for them. The first time we gave him a fish, he was playing with it like he was playing a game. It's kill time now, it's no longer play time. He skips the playing and goes straight for the nose/mouth area to smother it to death. Won't die. My handsome fella's "little kitty" makes an appearance and we are all left with post-traumatic stress disorder. I have to give it 4 stars because it does what it promised to do and at least one of our cats gets a lot of use out of it. I've seen things that can't be seen. Our little boy is a raging psychopath.

👤This is not the first fishing adventure we have had. I had to get more since my little beast acts like a cat. The bright and colorful goldfish caught my attention. My little beast didn't like what I did. He flopped with the stuffed Goldfish. He is napping but you can bet he will go fishing very soon.

👤I thought I would just throw the money away. One of our cats tore into the gift that was under the tree, because he couldn't wait until Christmas. I heard a fight between 3 cats. The fish was not turned on yet and they were going crazy over it. I snuck it away and charged them. They were all in a frenzy after the flipping motion. Our dog butchered it after hours and hours of entertainment. Poor cats! I plan to buy them more soon, but I wanted to let you know how much these fish have been loved by our cats.

👤My cat has always been an inside cat. I wake up to crime scenes when she brings animals in the play. I have been looking for a toy that will give her the same stimulation as she becomes aggressive if she can't go outside. She ignores every toy I buy for her. She likes this one. She can play with it as she pleases. It's easy to turn on and use. I am very impressed with the quality of the charging. This toy is definitely recommended.

👤These make more noise than I expected and they scare my cats. My house has mostly hardwood floors. The cats can keep them on a bed or couch. I think these are a great idea and they work. I hope my cats come around.

👤Cat was very fond of them right away. The second we opened it, he tried to steal them. My 5 year old cat was enriched by the fact that he had been kicking them and giving them curious boops. It is rechargable and you can turn it on and off. He has been kicking with his back legs and hasn't ripped them yet, which is more durable than I thought. It also had a catnip insert.

10. ALL PAWS Interactive Replacement Butterflies

ALL PAWS Interactive Replacement Butterflies

The butterfly toy can be fun to play with. The flash butterfly can be rotating in a certain degree. Your cat can play with this butterfly when you are away. There are two butterfly refill. The toy has two replacement butterflies so your cat can play with it for a long time. Not included is work with 3 AA batteries. Adding exercise to your cat will keep him healthy, especially if he is an indoor cat. Money back guarantee. Their priority is your satisfaction. If you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Afp

👤The toy is awesome and you can be creative with it. My cat killed it on the floor. She needed a longer prey sequence so I put it in an Amazon box with cut out windows. I stuck it to the floor. She complains if I turn it off before she catches her and kills her prey. When she kills it, I turn it off and give her a treat. Highly recommended! There is an update on 10/10-20. My cat is not getting bored with this. The base is strong. She crouches outside the box when she is ready to hunt. The batteries have been changed only 4 times. One reviewer wrote that he doesn't need to replace the butterfly weekly, so I bought refill butterflies with the toy. The butterfly is a piece of plastic that has been torn and worn. My cat will continue to attack it as long as the shiny plastic keeps fluttering. She swats and stares at it and occasionally bats at it, trying to get it to move. I turn it on when I catch her. She is back on the hunt, batting, pouncing, holding the wire down, and chewing in the butterfly. She can have another round. She flattens the wire at the base every couple of days so it doesn't spin. I straitened the wire with pliers and put the butterfly unit back in place. As I do this, she follows me and reaches for it. She returns to attacking, playing with, chewing on and killing her prey when I put it back on the unit. I think she will shred the butterfly so completely that it comes off the wire. I will replace the butterfly at that point, but it will not be ready for a long time. More highly recommended than when last posted.

👤I now understand why some reviewers think the butterfly is flimsy. The butterfly's wings are made of a strong material but they are attached to the wire by two pieces of plastic that are easily separated. I tried snapping them back together but I think I ruined the blue one, which Baron enjoys more than the yellow one. I used a rubber band to tie the wings back onto the wire. I wanted my cat to have a toy to play with when the cat sitter is not around because he doesn't like motorized toys very much. He ripped one of the wings off the butterfly toy I brought home after he loved it, because it was made of feathers. I was looking for a more sturdy butterfly toy. I was skeptical of the motorized part of the toy, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the toy can still spin without the motor, so my cat could still chase the toy around and it wouldn't be a total loss. The toy spinning without the motor is a good one because it wont run the batteries down and your kitty can play while you're away. The butterfly and base feel more sturdy than I expected. My boy destroyed the feather one in a flash and I was looking for a replacement toy. I think these butterflies will last him a while. If something fails, I will update. My boy will have something to keep him occupied while I'm away, and I'm thrilled with this purchase.

11. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Concealed Motion

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Concealed Motion

There are ENTICES and EXCITES cats. The SmartyKat Hot Pursuits is a game that encourages healthy activity through the fun of play. The wand is unpredictably changing directions. Children play with toys. The cat toy is designed to mimic the thrill of the hunt and encourage even inactive cats to transform playtime into exercise time, with moving lights and a teasing feather tail. It was designed to endlessly entertainment. This toy is battery-powered and has multiple speeds to keep your cat entertained. All of their products are made to meet child safety standards because SmartyKat always makes safety a priority. You can feel confident in letting the littlest family members enjoy some quality bonding time with their feline companions because they do not contain small parts, long cords or other dangers. All of their products are made to meet child safety standards because SmartyKat always makes safety a priority. You can feel confident in letting the littlest family members enjoy some quality bonding time with their feline companions because they do not contain small parts, long cords or other dangers.

Brand: Smartykat

👤I have a brother and sister. The girl can't get enough of the toy and the boy can't care less. She wants it all the time. I connected a cable to the computer so I could leave it running while I plugged it in to a charging station. I ran the cable through a hole under the door mat and zip-tied the toy to it. The girl is crazy for this thing.

👤This cat toy didn't last a month. I have to open the toy and fix it. I bought a second one to give this toy a fair chance. This is the worst toy. The second one I bought was so slow that it was a joke. It is not the batteries, but something else. I have changed the batteries a few times and thought they might be faulty. That wasn't the case. I took the batteries and put them to another toy. The toy is designed to steal from people. I think half of these reviews are fake. I wouldn't recommend this toy to anyone. Be careful, buy at your own risk. I don't buy anything from Smartykat anymore and I spend a lot of money on their toys.

👤The original version of this was purchased a couple of years ago. The new version has a few changes that I wouldn't call improvements. 1. The old one was a big hunk of plastic, the new one is a skeleton, and my cat knocks it over every time. 2. The furball that is supposed to entice the kitties is now a big furball that doesn't move very well underneath the cover. The old version had a feather bit that peeked out from underneath the cover, which really intrigued my cats. 3. The toy stops every few seconds to flash the lights. During this time, my cats lose interest as they don't care about the blinking lights. I would not recommend this product as it seems more expensive than the old version, and it's not very good. The old version is no longer available.

👤Don't buy if you're warned. You have to watch your cats at all times with this toy. Let my experience serve as a warning. My cat loved this toy. It will be sent back for a refund. I was close to the incident when it happened. I was in the bathroom when I heard a loud bang outside the door. I immediately went chasing after my cat after she got the wand which was attached to just enough rope and string to get the toy untangled from her neck, as she was traumatized by crashing into nearby walls and defecating in the process. I wouldn't have thought a toy could be a strangulation hazard. I am thankful that I was nearby when she got tangled up. I'm a fan of the SmartyKat brand cat products but I will be reaching out to their corporate office to make sure that this item is modified for better safety or discontinued. Just wanted to add that to this date, months later, after attempting to contact SmartyKat by phone and email, there is no response.


What is the best product for best cat toys for indoor cats interactive?

Best cat toys for indoor cats interactive products from Burgeonnest. In this article about best cat toys for indoor cats interactive you can see why people choose the product. Cat's Meow and Flurff are also good brands to look for when you are finding best cat toys for indoor cats interactive.

What are the best brands for best cat toys for indoor cats interactive?

Burgeonnest, Cat's Meow and Flurff are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best cat toys for indoor cats interactive. Find the detail in this article. Fofos, Petfusion and Y Yofun are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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