Best Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Best Sellers

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1. Yeowww Catnip Toy Yellow Banana

Yeowww Catnip Toy Yellow Banana

There is 100% organic catnip.

Brand: Yeowww!

👤Jack didn't wait for me to open it when it arrived in the mail. He ripped the shipping package into shreds after jumping up on a high table where it was placed. I suspected it was his toy when I saw it. He ripped the banana to shreds within 10 minutes. 10 minutes! Jack is a 3 year old cat and I don't want to rate this product badly. He had to fight his way through his first 3 months of life in a rescue before he was adopted, being bullied by the bigger cats in the same cage. He loves to fight and was left with that experience. We play hard. He also has a lot of dogs that are over sized, which is what caused this toy to fail. It is an ideal toy for cat owners who have normal cats. I had to take it away because he ripped the seam and all the catnip started pouring out, but it's worth a try for any cat owner. If you have a normal cat, don't rethink buying it because it's a good product for them. It might be one of your cat's favorite toys if it lasts. The damage and cat can be seen.

👤The name is The Yeowww! The closest thing you can get to a "sure thing" in a cat toy is Catnip Banana. I bought 3 bunches for my cats, shelter/foster donations, and gifts. Most cats that are 6-9 months old can see the color yellow and enjoy the bearhug. Three of my friends are banana fans. One likes to lick it. I was so excited. If she stumbles upon it, she will sit on it for hours and then drag it to her secret hidey hole for a good hour of cheeking. The banana needs to be taken down, pursued, and held. Did you know that bananas can fly? Cats are also included. If you inhale, that catnip is funny. I don't, obviously. Some cats don't respond to catnip at all. They may still like kicking the banana. They might look at you like you have three heads. Other versions of this toy are also sold by Yeowww. I have seen a lemon, cigar, and fish. The banana is the better choice. You will want to replace it before the cats are ready because the shape and color just works. Don't bother with imitations. In times of need, I have purchased banana imitations from my local pet store. What could go wrong? The poser bananas won't attract cats within a week because the catnip scent isn't strong. It's not worth it here, even though I'm all about half-price. Get the good stuff. I don't work for them. My living room smells similar to mine. Is that?

👤This arrived today. The cat was on me and I couldn't get it out of the plastic. I threw it on the floor and Basil was all over it. I didn't smell anything, but one of the cats got a high. The cat who has never been interested in intoxicants of any kind has taken possession of the 'nanner and is refusing to give it up.

2. OurPets Play N Squeak Real Birds Interactive

OurPets Play N Squeak Real Birds Interactive

The realistic hissing sound is. The OurPets Real Birds cat toys feature an electronic sound module that makes a realistic bird sound, providing safe, indoor prey and fueling your cat's desire to chase. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Cats can be physically fit and enrich the pet's quality of life if they are kept active. Mental health issues. Cats need stimulation from play to keep them busy. Emotional stress, axiety, and boredom are included. Play gives more than just exercise. Play helps relieve stress and anxiety. When indoor cats don't have toys to play with, they supplement their playful instincts with anything they can find around the house; curtains, toes, shoelaces, etc. Contained catNIP: Provide your cat with a cat toy that has a scent that is attractive to them and they will enjoy playing with it. The strongest, most aromatic catnip ever produced was grown by OurPets North-American-grown Cosmic Catnip. Cats are driven wild when the aroma from the dried leaves is released. The item is 0.916 inches in width.

Brand: Our Pets

👤I'm not sure if buying a number of these toys was the right move or a horrible mistake. These birds make your cat crazy. The feather sticks are the only toys my cat likes. He plays with things. He's a cat, not an elementary school kid with rich friends. But these things? I think he thinks it's still alive. He carries it all over his mouth and meows a lot. I am not sure if he is having fun or overwhelmed by the experience. I used to think he was confused about why it was still chirpy after he'd killed it, but then one lost its chirp and he was still as psycho about it as ever. If he still has one with him, he'll set it in front of the bedroom door and meow until I take it. A gift? I don't know. Maybe he is evicting a demon. Don't leave me alone with this monster. It makes cat brains melt. If you want to see Hyde to your cat's personality, go for it.

👤I was shocked when I opened the package because of the many glowing reviews. It is a red color. It is all about that. It is smaller than I thought. The toy does not make "bird" sounds, but it does produce a tinny bell sound when shaken. One wing was out of shape and could not be folded back in. One of the "eyes" was placed at the outer left edge of the black mask on the bird, while the right one was more centered to one side of the beak. The cats were confused by the long label of the brand " Cosmic", which was longer than the bird. Two plastic wires that were attached to the toy's packaging protruded out of the toy's side and could not be cut out without damaging the toy. The plastic points could hurt the cats' paws or mouths. It is not an expensive toy, but it is too costly because of the problems with it. It's dangerous for cats. Humans and cats are Distressing.

👤My friend gave me the bird. My cat went crazy over it. I decided to try and buy one online after he lost it. I found one for about $5 on Amazon. I bought a bird. It makes the same noise as the black and white bird, and my cat still loves it. Cats are crazy over this thing. It's seriously. The sound of RealMouse makes a difference. I can tell you that the real sound is not a joke. I got mice recently. I thought my cat was getting a little more excited than usual, but then I decided to look over. Low and behold... It was a real mouse, not a toy. The sound of the RealMouse is so realistic that cats love it. I've learned that the toy is not a real mouse. The toy has an electronic sound. If you're not paying attention... hooboy.

👤I was very pleased with the first time I bought this product. The quality of the feathers was really good. My cats liked it. I have the first one. The cats still go there. I liked the first one so much that I bought the second one. I kept it in a drawer as the other was still playing. I can't say why I opened the plastic on the second purchase, but I was disappointed. The first one was as well done as this one was. It wasn't thick and didn't fit in. A dud. The cats did play with it a bit, but not like the original. From time to time, that one gets them revved up. I like the product but don't like being sold items that are not as advertised. I decided not to come back as it wasn't worth the time to repackage and go to theUPS. They have a cute product, but need to work on their quality control. I will not be buying another.

3. SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Value

SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Value

The Smartykat Skitter Critters Value Pack is a great way to play with your cat. These toys are the perfect size to chase, bat, and carry. It's a great choice for a multi-cat household if youACTIVATES your cat's hunting instincts. Filled with pure ingredients and free from pesticides. At 9 months of age, cats usually develop a reaction to catnip. These toys are perfect for solo or interactive play and weigh 1.13 ounces. The item is 1.5 inches in length. All stages are described in the age range description.

Brand: Smartykat

👤After the China milk and infant formula scandal of 2008, I vowed not to let my pets chew or ingest any product from there. I purchased these cat toys because they claimed to be from Switzerland, but when they arrived, they were made in China. I will send them back. Up front, Amazon vendors should tell you where their products are made. This was not good.

👤My two cats chase these, throw them in the air, and generally have a ball. The cat version of fetch by meowing like crazy is what Pacino does, and I do. She always runs to it, sometimes just to sniff, but she always runs back to me with or without the mouse. I tell her what a good girl she is, and then I give her lots of love. The two brothers and sisters are ten years old. It's nice to see them having fun.

👤I gave this product five stars because I have had this before and they last a long time. Three years ago, we found a kitten with a broken tail and had to have her tail removed. Since then she has been very cautious and has never been playful. She went missing for a few days and then injured her leg when she came home. It took several days to catch her in a live trap and take her to the doctor to have her leg removed. She is a completely different cat now that she has no tail or leg. She is getting a lot braver, she is doing things she would never do before, like laying by her two huge dog brothers, and these little mice have shown me a side of her I have never seen before. She picked up the first mouse within 30 seconds of me throwing it down. I'm happy she's happy.

👤My cat likes them. I've tried a lot of brands, but he prefers these ones. I think it's because they're more plush than real mice. He can carry them around in his mouth. As any cat owner knows, what one cat loves may not be the same as what another cat loves. They're well made and I like them. They hold up to a lot of abuse. I see a little pink felt ear on the floor occasionally, but I have never seen the tails or eyes come off, nor have my cat been able to bite them off.

👤My cats don't agree on a lot, but they love mice. I have never had one of these fall apart, but my cats aren't too rough on their toys, so I can't say how well they'd hold up. It seems like it loses it's strength quickly once it's out of the bag. My cats enjoy playing with the large tag on the mice, as much as the mouse itself. I wouldn't say it's a bad thing. My senior citizens are very excited and playful when I give them one of these fresh out of the bag and they are a safe toy for them to play with unattended. I would recommend these.

4. Pasking Interactive Running Scratching Scratcher

Pasking Interactive Running Scratching Scratcher

If the worm is caught into pieces, please remove it immediately to prevent cats from eating it. The mouse is fixed firmly to the rotator and the Interactive Cat Toy has rounded edges for safety. A cat toy. Health Safety is made of non toxic hard plastic and encourages healthy active movement and interactive activity to enhance their cats overall health and well being. You can use your kitty's touch to determine the rotation of the discs, without batteries. A cat toy that is perfect. To encourage healthy cat scratching habits, and to keep cats from scratching furniture, a top felt pad can be used. A great gift for cat lovers. Feel free to contact them with any questions or concerns. They will do their best to make sure you are happy with your cat hunt toy.

Brand: Pasking

👤The top of the toy was pushed in so the mouse wouldn't get stuck. Send it back. I bought a toy that is unlike anything else. It has a butterfly that flaps around in circles. I have never found an interactive toy that is strong enough for my cats to play with. I bought them as gifts for my cat people, and they were all impressed. Cats love them. If you want something good and don't want to waste money, check it out. The refill butterflies are $10, but 2 butterflies come with it and last forever. Don't forget to have some ready, it requires 3 AA batteries. Enjoy! P.S. I'm not associated with the toy people. It's too good not to share.

👤My cat got bored easily with the kitten toy. She ripped the mouse tail off so it wouldn't last very long if a kitten could do that. The cat has to stick their paws inside the toy to pat the mouse because it doesn't extend that far out. The mouse should be in a different location. The texture of the scratch pad doesn't attract my cat to scratch it. It seems like a cute toy but eventually will end up in the trash.

👤Our cat likes this toy. She removed the mouse's tail on the first day. She hasn't stopped playing with this toy.

👤I had a similar one for my first cat. She played with it until she died. I bought this one for my cat. She likes it. We play with it. I start the mouse spinning, she sticks her paw in to stop it, and then hides it behind one of the "posts". I start it spinning again after finding it.

👤A good toy for a 16 year old cat.

👤I thought my cat would like this because he's obsessed with the type of small furry mouse toy that sits inside, doesn't like the sound of motorized toys, and constantly wants to play. He was curious about it, but got bored with it after a week, even though I stuffed it with catnip. He uses the scratching pad on top.

👤Our cat had his eyes and tail gone in 24 hours. He still plays with it, but not the way he did when he first got it. I think a plastic molded mouse would have held up better. There are no parts that can be removed.

👤A cat is moving all over while trying to play. I only had one of my cats play with it for a short time, and it has been sitting ever since. It might be better for kittens.

👤Entretenido y resistente, solo me hubiera gustado.

👤El producto tiene unque creo.

5. Rechargeable Activated Automatic Interactive Installation

Rechargeable Activated Automatic Interactive Installation

The laser toy would turn off after 5 minutes if it caught cats/dogs/pets/kitten moving around. The large capacity battery is included, please use the 5V/1A Adapter. The toy is being charged. Working 8 hours continuously and charging 3 hours. Placing on high can be used to install on wall, window, and closet. The automatic lazer cat toy will help your cat exercise. The sensor working height is 0-80 inches, and the best height is 4048 inches. If you want to reduce the sensitivity a bit, hang it higher than that. Two modes with one button are available, one is slow and the other is fast. The cat shape with colorful light and silicone ears will grab your kitten's attention more. The service was fast and top quality. The quality of the product has passed a test. The motor with the precise gears would not disturb you and your pets. Please email them if anything goes wrong. Customers are welcome to give them suggestions.

Brand: Valonii

👤I bought the laser toy from this company because I saw it was motion- activated. I have a cat who loves laser pointers and can't wait for the 90 min cycle of her old toy. She will tear the house apart if we don't turn her laser on. I get up from my desk chair every 15 minutes if this laser toy can sense her playing with it. This one is a great buy for more than just the motion sensor, as she seems to be even more simulation by it than the old toy, making it a great buy for more than just the motion sensor.

👤The cats love playing with the laser light. The kitten. I have two pens, but I can't play with them all day. I have a job. I have purchased other laser toys, but they are not as great as I had hoped. The best feature is that it is powered by the internet. You are golden if you can place it near an outlet. I had to find a place for it to be plugged in because the charge doesn't last as long as I would like. All you need to do is for your cat to walk in front of it and the motion sensor to detect it. When the cats have moved on, it will time out. So yeah... The last cat toy. They learn how to use it. When they start going crazy in the other room, I can hear it from home. I have it on a table. I haven't tried the wall mount. I'm sure they are fine. This seems to be a good product. This item is a must have for me.

👤I had previously purchased a similar item, but the laser only went in circles, and after a while it became too predictable for my cat. I read about this one and saw that it makes the laser move in different ways, and I plugged it in until my kitty was exhausted, she loved it. The laser is pushed back and forth in an area that is getting larger. The little girl was very excited. She's still playing with it. I haven't been able to stick to a window yet. Thank you so much!

👤It needs to be charged daily or left on the cable. Does not turn on or off with motion detection. There are three options, on-fast, on-slow and off. When it was switched on, I thought it would last for 5 minutes, then shut off, and then come back on when the kitty wanted to play again. It is nice to be able to play with a laser light toy without having to manually use it. The cup works. I kept it plugged in on the stand so it wouldn't go.

👤My cats and dogs love it. Its cute and quiet. I like the lights on its ears. I would change one thing, it would be the remote to turn on and off. The lazer's speed makes it easy for my pets to see it and catch it. There are 3 different ways to set it up. There is a attachment that will do the job no matter where you set it up. It's a good quality product. Doesn't feel cheap. Pets get great stimulation. We love it! This toy is good for pets. Get it! You all should be happy!

6. UPSKY Colorful Interactive Physical Exercise

UPSKY Colorful Interactive Physical Exercise

This cat toy is made of strong and tear-resistant PP that is strong enough to stand up to cat scratching and is easy to clean. It's perfect for more than one cat. The cat toy stimulates your cat's senses and hunting instincts, this will increase their sensitivity and will not cause persecution on the furniture at home. This toy provides hours of exercise and self-amusement for health care and elimination of boredom and pet depression since your cat can play alone when the master is not at home. Two or more cats play with this toy together, which will make the cat happy and enhance their friendship. The cat toy has a cute cat head shape on the top level. It is fun to entertain your cat.

Brand: Upsky

👤The product was easy to assemble and it was delivered quickly. The toy was made with rubber so it wouldn't slide around when my kitten plays with it. I chose this product because it came in a light blue color, unlike similar products that only had one color. She is entertained for hours because the toy has three tiers.

👤Two kittens are playing at the same time. They can choose to bat the same ball back and forth. It was worth every penny.

👤I have a cat that has taken me 5 years to tame. She loves this toy. She is obsessed with it. There were no instructions on how to put it together. She was strong enough to take the rows apart. I'm thinking about using gorilla glue to hold it together. It's perfect except for that. I recommend it for every House cat on a scale of 1 to 10. It was delivered in 3 days. It was a bonus. There is an update on Feb. 2, 2019. This cat is very fond of this toy. She took it apart again. I didn't glue it. She plays it several times a day and it still looks new. I love it!

👤I have 4 kittens that are enjoying this, even days after the purchase. If I remove this and some of their other toys from their playing area for a short time, the kittens will get interested in the toys again. I gave it a 5 star rating. It is larger than the other cat roller toys I have found, and it has kept my kittens from getting into trouble. I may have to separate the toy since the kittens got it apart. That's right. The kittens ate the eyes. I also removed the rubber feet. I am thinking about weighing the cat roller toy down so that it is light and easy to carry. I didn't know how to make a video of the kittens playing with the roller toy, so I submitted some photos. It is worth the price. We are all enjoying it.

👤The item was stuffed in the product box. There were a few layers that were very dirty. There are missing foam feet. There are missing eye stickers. The product looks like it was used.

👤My cats like this toy. Even with the non-skid tabs on the bottom, they still move the flooring around the floor. They tip it over while playing. The description states that the center of gravity is low, but it could use some weight in the hollow center. The company contacted me to make sure I was happy with the product. I like their interaction. It is nice to see a company care about the customer.

👤This is a cute product, but it doesn't assemble very well. The levels come apart too easily, and I had to glue them together. If the levels were made more secure, this would be a real winner.

👤The item was exactly what it was described and on time. I thought it looked like a baby toy when I opened it. Since we got it, it has been our favorite toy. I have three cats. I didn't think my oldest cat would like it. The youngest was the first one to check it out and he immediately had the time of his life. He was playing with this toy for at least an hour. The oldest cat was watching while he was playing with it. As soon as the kitten walked away, she was over it. All of my cats love this toy, but I can't say about any of their other toys.

7. Petstages Tower Tracks Cat Toy

Petstages Tower Tracks Cat Toy

The cat toy is designed with 3 levels of tracks and 3 brightly colored moving balls. Your cat will love batting, swatting, and pouncing the bright colored balls as they engage their natural instincts to hunt. The Tower of Tracks is a great place to keep your cats entertained with bright colors and spinning balls. The safety bar design is unique. A small bar across the top central opening keeps kitties from getting stuck while playing with a track toy. There is a jury courthouse and non-sLIP base. The Tower of Tracks are held in place by durable plastic and a non-slip base. Play it safe. There is no toy that is impervious to damage. Do not leave toys with pets. If toy is damaged, remove and replace it.

Brand: Petstages

👤My cat likes ball in track toys, and this seems to be her new favorite because it has three ball tracks instead of one or two. The triple design and the fact that it allows my cat to smack the balls through horizontal rather than vertical holes are interesting. This is a great choice if your cat likes balls and track toys. It's made for a cat toy and has a smaller footprint than similar products, making it easier for small cats to use and take up less space. The toy doesn't require "monitoring" the cat for safety, but it is light and I wish it had more colors.

👤Our cats love ball in track toys, and this is their new favorite with three tiers. There is a bar across the top of this version that has been corrected for a safety problem. It's the same size as a cardboard scratcher circle and is 5-1/4" tall. It has rubber feet to keep it from sliding. It didn't move with the cats playing with it. Not much more for me to say. I'll let the cats show you.

👤This is the best toy I have ever made for my cat. He disliked other ball chasers in the past, but he loves interacting with it. I did a review on it and I highly recommend it. Balls move around nicely. Cats don't get stuck in the tracks. Balls are bright and easy to see for a boy with vision issues. I double checked the reviews and found that the toy has a bar across the top so my fur ball wouldn't get stuck if he tried to look inside. I hear him playing with it at least a few times a day, and I tell you that the God's honest truth is that he just swatted a ball, just this minute! There are some images from my video. I love the bright orange color of this thing, but it may not mean much to others. I don't know why.

👤This is much smaller than I thought and is designed for kittens. I have 3 adult cats that tower over this thing, they rarely play with it, and the only one they ever touch is the top level, so if this toy was twice as large it wouldn't be the case. I bought a toy at Pet Smart that is twice the size of this item, and I'm not making it up. It was more expensive. This is a case of you getting what you paid for.

👤We adopted a kitten last week. He loves playing with bell balls and ping pong balls, but he also has a habit of getting them stuck behind the couch, which means his play time is short-lived. We end up spending a lot of time trying to find where he hid his toys. His favorite thing in the world is this tower. I pulled it out of the box and he played with it for over an hour, until he almost fell asleep on top of it. This is a great toy for kittens that they can play with. When we leave the room, he doesn't look up from the ball tower. If you have a kitten that likes ball toys, I highly recommend this toy. There was a time when you could chase balls under the couch. I have a dozen videos like this one of him being the best kitten in the world, and I am getting a good workout with this one.

8. Potaroma Electric Flopping Realistic Interactive

Potaroma Electric Flopping Realistic Interactive

Every time your cat touches the cat kicker toy, the automatic built-in motion sensor kicks into action, and the cat fish moves in a wiggling way, intriguing your cat to kick and play. Pets are a perfect gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. The realistic fish toy looks like a real fish, an eye-catcher for cats, keeping your kitty on her paws and engaged in real time, alleviating boredom and loneliness and promoting cat's exercise when you are away from home. The battery capacity was increased to 350 mAh so that each charge lasts longer. The mechanism to extend the lifetime of the fish toy was improved. This fish toy is a great christmas new year holiday gift for pet owners or your own pets. The kitty toy is made of soft plush for your kitten to chew and wrestle. Cats love the smell of catnip and can get excited and happy if they have a pouch. Cats could benefit from the use of catnip to get them up and moving. This toy is portable and can be charged from the internet. There is a cable in the package. The plush toy has a chargeable motor that can be removed for convenient cleaning. When charging, the red light comes on, and when fully charged, the red light goes out.

Brand: Potaroma

👤I'm not sure if a new cat toy will be received as well as I hope, but this one delivered! I have to take it away to charge it when my cats are playing with it, but they have been playing with it all day. The other two can't get near it because one of them is hogging it. It took them a few minutes to realize that they had to touch it to get it to move, but once they understood, they were off to the races. I can't say for sure, but I think it will last a long time since the cover can be removed for cleaning.

👤My cat liked it for about 20 seconds. My pitbull came in. My cat was horrified as he tried to kill the fish with his mouth. I tried to tell him to drop it. I was laughing so hard that I cried. My cat is very upset that this monster took his toy. The fish still works after the fiasco, but one of his head snaps, which may have caused the tail to fall off. My cat is not interested in it. My son's cat still likes it, but she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkiaTrademarkia, she is a catTrademarkia I will buy another one. I think my lord can play with it when the dog is in a crate. Please send thoughts and prayers that Lord Logan doesn't eat me in my sleep.

👤I avoided this toy due to its high cost, but have been looking at it for a year. It has an on/off switch, it has an on/off switch that changes the speed and cadence of the tail flapping to keep interest. When the cat is already hard at play, picking it up increases the intensity of play. Multiple of my cats were playing with each other. No regrets!

👤It is amazing. It is wonderful. It's hours of entertainment for me, never mind for my actual cats. If you're buying re: charging it, there are a few things to note: the light doesn't turn green when it's done charging, the red light just turns off, and the flopping motion is activated by tapping the toy. It's probably because if you switch it on after charging, nothing happens. It goes to sleep after a while, but only when tapped. genius Just buy it if you are on the fence. It's already scented in a way that makes it attractive to cats right out of the packaging.

👤The interactive fish toy was chosen because the boy kitty was starting to annoy his sisters. He is smart and has a lot of energy. After watching his sisters play with it, he decided to take on the fish. He strikes it, wrestles with it, and carries it all around. He will play with it for a long time. Exactly what I was hoping for. You can remove the battery to charge it. It lasts for several days. It's so convenient! You can wash the skin. It comes with a great catnip pouch that can be used with the battery pack. The packaging made us crack up. It looked like smoked trout. It's funny. All my cats love this toy.

9. Ethical Wide Colorful Springs Cat

Ethical Wide Colorful Springs Cat

The springs are colorful to entertain your cat. Extra wide springs are used for bouncing. Spot Colorful Springs will make your cat happy. The bouncy toys are hard for your cat to resist.

Brand: Spot Ethical Products

👤Since we got him three years ago, these have been a staple for his enjoyment. They're all around the house. The guests returned home and found one in their suitcase. Our cat had a sore in his mouth and lower lip. The vet gave us a liquid medication to apply, but he couldn't tell us what it was. The condition would get better. The springs can get stuck in electrical cords or under furniture and the cat will pull at them and sometimes the end will snap back out of his mouth. I thought that the sharp ends might be grabbing at his lip when they snap. I tried to bend the ends of the toys with needle nose pliers, but they were too small. I have been doing this for about four months and there have been no issues with lip sores. The only thing keeping this from being a 5-star review is the modification. It would be great if the manufacturer would modify the product so that it isn't necessary.

👤I thought the cats would enjoy them for a while and then tire of them. Imagine my surprise when I found out they love them. Izzie and Ollie are my 7 month old cats. They play with each other a lot, but this toy has become Ollie's favorite. He will carry them around the house in his mouth, up and down the stairs, and bring them to me so he can chase them and bring them back. My cat is playing. These little springs were the reason I discovered this. The first night I realized he wanted to play "fetch" with them, I included the video. I don't know if they love them because they look like something they shouldn't be playing with, but my cats play with them all the time. The older cats will bat them around sometimes, but the younger ones seem to get the most fun out of playing and carrying these around. If you have kittens or young cats, I recommend these. They seem to enjoy them and they're easy to grab with their teeth or claws. I haven't noticed any broken ones yet, but they've held up. I know that another reviewer had an issue with this and their cats. We've had no broken things.

👤These were my cat's favorite toy, but they are not safe. The springs are sharp and my kitty scratched his eye because of it. The vet says that he may have long term vision problems. It is not worth the risk of permanent eye damage if your cat has fun with it.

👤My cat loves these things. The video shows how obsessed my cat is with this. If we let him, he will play with these things for hours at a time. He searches my bedroom the morning after I take it away to get some peace and quiet. He always finds it. They are simple, yet perfect. They bounce a bit, and are soft enough that there isn't much concern for injury when the cat puts it into its mouth to carry it to a more central location. The only thing I would suggest is to lightly file the nail file down. Some may be cut with a sharp tip. Better safe than sorry. You can't go wrong with the unbelievably low price. I've never had a toy that made a cat want to play with it. It costs less than a quarter per spring. Unless you have a basketball court-sized open space, the 10 pack is a great idea. Give your cat another and worry about it later, rather than looking for each one with a flashlight.

10. Jackson Galaxy Satellites Cat Toy

Jackson Galaxy Satellites Cat Toy

A lightweight cat toy that glides, bounces, and rolls across the floor. As your cat bats at the Satellites, they'll skittering across the floor, providing those movements that engage their natural instinct and drive cat's wild! Bright colors and bouncy movements will keep your cat interested.

Brand: Petmate

👤These are the cheapest and most overpriced excuses for a cat toy I have bought. They are not round like a ball and cats can't bat at them because they don't roll. The material is not strong for animal play. I stepped on one and it was damaged. I question the safety factor for pets because it is easy to pull apart. I heard a loud noise when the cat tried to take out his paws that were stuck inside, and he had a swollen lip. I was surprised that Jackson was endorsing this product as it was his name that prompted me to buy these. Don't waste your money.

👤Easter Egg for cat owners is an incredible toy. They are light and can be carried in your cat's mouth. There are no dangerous bells or jingly items in them. If you've ever stepped on a hard cat ball in the night and crunched it, you won't have to worry about that with these flexible balls. If you order multiple sets, you will spend a lot of time hunting for them under couches, beds, and other narrow nooks and crannies that your cat will inevitably bat them into. My cat likes to hide under the drawer. I always find stuff there. Happy hunting! Jackson Galaxy knocked this one out of the park.

👤My cat is a big fan of the balls. She can grab them with her paws and even her teeth, which makes her different from other chasers. When I throw the ball to her, she will return it to me so I can throw it again.

👤These are the best cat toys. The balls are easy to pick up in the mouth of an adult cat if they enjoy playing fetch. My cats enjoy playing with them independently because they move somewhat unpredictably. They are quiet for a cat toy, which is nice for me as a human. I have a cat who eats everything, but he hasn't eaten these balls yet. They are pretty much done once you step on one, but they aren't super durable. So you're good, there's still three more left. Highly recommended.

👤The fella who only likes ball-type toys is in love with these, too. They both love batting them around and they love being able to pick the balls up with their teeth and carry them out of tight spaces. Four to a pack, two kittens, and they fight over them. I might have ordered a second pack because they do disappear as quickly as other ball toys.

👤When I opened the package, I threw it to the older cat. It was lost. I can't find it because he hit it around the house. I looked under everything but the second one. I watched where he hit it and was able to locate it. Stoli loves it when he can play. These things are very lightweight and fly when hit by cats. It was a good price for a good time.

👤These are good for my cats. The biggest con is that my cat likes to push the toys and then I have to get them out. They are larger so they don't fit under everything. They are designed for me to throw them around to play with my cat or for her to pick them up and play with them on her own.

11. SmartyKat Hum Singer Electronic Sound

SmartyKat Hum Singer Electronic Sound

The SMARTYKAT Hum Singer Electronic Sound Cat Toy is a great toy for cats. The hummingbird toys are designed to drive cats wild. Your sidekick will have a lot of energy to charge up. Filled with pure ingredients and free from pesticides. At 9 months of age, cats usually develop a reaction to catnip. The dimensions are 0.98 x 4.72 x 5.51 inches and have a weight of 0.22 ounces. The battery pull tab needs to be removed. The toys need to make a sound when hit by a cat.

Brand: Smartykat

👤My cat is a big fan of this toy. I thought I'd give it a try after hearing the example videos. He ran up after I took it out of the packaging and got it on his phone. It is his favorite toy and we have had it for several weeks. He'll chew on it, bat it around, etc. He still loves the feathers and chewed most of them off. It never seems like it's so much that he's all drugged up like some catnip toys, even though the packaging says it has some catnip in it. Just enough to keep him interested, I suppose, but just hearing thetweet from another room will make him run. I'm going to buy more from this line. This is still a favorite toy almost a year later, with the cat mentioned above, and with our second kitty whom we adopted this summer. I'm buying them each a new toy for Christmas because it has been completely chewed to death, but still their favorite toy to chase and cuddle.

👤This is the most favorite toy of my cat. It makes her go crazy because it makes a chirp noise. She tore it up after a year of playing with it. This is her pio. She loves her pio and bites it. If your cat has ever had the pleasure of catching a hummingbird, this is the perfect safe alternative.

👤The toy was the bane of my existence. The song of the hummingbird is cute the first time you hear it. You will snap when you try to fall asleep. You will find yourself cursing at yourself for ever having bought it when you throw it across the room at two in the morning. The cats love it. My fur baby is playing with a dumb hummingbird. I have spent a lot of money on toys that he won't use. I try to use most toys to model how they work and end up looking like a giant idiot. He loves this $4 toy. If it gets stuck under furniture, he bellows. I get nervous about what Poppers is up to if I don't hear it every once. Regardless of whether you need to or not, this is the best investment you will make. We go through one about every other month and I think it's decent for the price.

👤The hummingbird version of the SmartyKat Electronic Sound Cat toys is adorable. One of the cats is obsessed with feathers and noise. The toy has held up well in terms of quality and lifespan. I had to dock a star because it was supposed to make noise, and the sound quality was not good, and I pulled the plug. There was no sound from this toy for two days. My cat is very fond of the toy and is packing it around the house. He's very interested. I would recommend this toy to anyone who has a cat that is interested in birds.

👤My cat loves everything about this toy. She played nonstop and wildly when she got it. We are talking bunny kicks and rolling around. 45 minutes later, it has no beak or wing. I think she will eat the tail tomorrow. She doesn't mind that she's being loved on like a well known children's story of a very loved rabbit. The toy is easily carried around in the mouth of the bird. As a cat owner, I keep feathers and will add on as long as the toy holds up. The shiny fabric has small tooth holes and is holding up well. The shiny fabric is something that my cat likes. It was so vigorous. She is a fan of foil balls, so that may be a sign. This toy is likely to be a hit if your cat likes feathers and foil. I am considering the subscription offer because I like this reaction more than a play session. I hope this helps you. Let me know if you're shopping.


What is the best product for best cat toys for indoor cats best sellers?

Best cat toys for indoor cats best sellers products from Yeowww!. In this article about best cat toys for indoor cats best sellers you can see why people choose the product. Our Pets and Smartykat are also good brands to look for when you are finding best cat toys for indoor cats best sellers.

What are the best brands for best cat toys for indoor cats best sellers?

Yeowww!, Our Pets and Smartykat are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best cat toys for indoor cats best sellers. Find the detail in this article. Pasking, Valonii and Upsky are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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