Best Best Cat Litter Box for Multiple Cats

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1. PetSafe ScoopFree Lavender Clumping Crystals

PetSafe ScoopFree Lavender Clumping Crystals

ODOR CONTROL: UNBEATABLE. It's better to absorb urine and dry solid waste than it is to clumping clay cat litters. There is a lesson to be learned. 99% of the time, low-tracking crystals are dust-free. There is protection for leAKs. The plastic tray lining has a powerful extra barrier. Simply remove the tray and throw it away, it's easy. PetSafe brand's Customer Care experts are based in the U.S. and will be happy to help. Since 1991, the PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I had a major illness and was treated with different types of cancer, so I was no longer able to lift and scoop the litter box. My litter box struggle would be less if my traditional scooping litter was delivered right to my door. I was wrong. I could barely get down on my knees to scoop the box, but I couldn't carry out the heavy bag of clumps or the dirty litter from the box to the dumpster. I can't wash the box every 7 or 9 days as I always have. I was worried about the health of my pets and myself. I was worried about the cats' urine, odor, and feces, as well as the fact that they were unable to properly dispose of their waste or keep their litter fresh, because I was unable to find alternative places to dispose of it. The fresh scoop box has changed my life. The litter box scoops itself. After a few days, I remove the light housing from the disposable litter tray and put the litter tray box top in the used litter tray. I take cheap packing tape or rubber bands and secure each side of the box with them. It is amazing to me that a used litter of 2 cats is contained in a compact, clean, approx size of 25x15 and thick in a white box. I can carry the box under my arm and just drop it in the dumpster. I used to have layer 3 new stretch scented trash bags inside of each other to make a reinforced bag that was certain not to tear with the weight of the used litter, get on my knees next to the box and try to scoop the very thick, sludgy, wet, and The trash pick up is three times a week, because the urine odor attracts rats, I would have to wait with a heavy stinking garbage bag with 2 days worth of dirty litter until just before the garbage pick occurred to throw out the dirty litter. When I heard a dump truck coming down the street trying to get a heavy garbage bag outside and in the dumpster before it arrived, I panicked and ran. I can't lift the bag up into the dumpster if I use a small cart. The issue was getting so big that I was worried. Thanks to the technology of scoop free litter box and efficiency that Amazon offers, I am no longer worried about taking care of my pets, and I am happy to say that. It is really great. I don't want to point out any negatives with this lifesaver, but the price is the only downside. I am on a fixed income because of my health and it costs me a lot. I worry that the price will continue to increase at a rapid rate. I wish that the company that sells the 6 pack of refill program or club would offer a lower price for it, so that consumers could save money. The scoop free litter box system has an added bonus that cats love, that is, when they hear the "arm" mechanism engage, they run over to the box and wait until the show starts. bengal has figured out how the whole thing works. She will round up her less smart partner in crime, step halfway inside of the box and attempt to set off the cleaning mechanism. After a few seconds of wild movement, she quickly backs up and out of the box, then crouches down with her friend on the mat waiting for the show to start. It's hilarious! This litter box is very good. The box addresses concerns for anyone who struggles daily due to health, mobility, age, living arrangements, etc, or simply dislikes the whole process of lugging home crazy heavy boxes of dusty litter, scooping the box religiously, disposing of the dirty litter, the odor produced from the litter box.

2. PetFusion BetterBox Non Stick Cleaning Superior

PetFusion BetterBox Non Stick Cleaning Superior

The non-stick coating on the cat litter box reduces the amount of litter that sticks up to 70%. Better hygiene and less odor for cats and kittens. Open top litter pan to promote healthy usage and enclosed spaces might cause behavior issues. The walls of the litter box are high. Older cats have a low entry. The plastic litter boxes are more durable and rigid than the standard plastic ones. (ii) A non-stick coating for pets. There is a 12 month warranty for any issue that results from a manufacturer defect. The design is smart. The large litter box has spacious curves that make it easier to clean. (ii) For use with crystal cat litter, Fresh Step cat litter, and other cat litters. All life stages have easy grip lip. Large size and safety: 28.6 x 18.6 x 8.0 inches. The materials for their cat litter box are tested using international safety standards.

Brand: Petfusion

👤I don't know what kind of magic created this box, but Truely is non stick. The cat is in my home. She is lazy, overweight and enjoys making her point by sitting on the floor in front of her box. My once a day efforts at cleaning her other litter box were not acceptable. She doesn't like enclosed boxes or self cleaning boxes. I was not happy with her behavior. There is a I bought this gem and a litter genie for her so that I could clean up her business several times a day. I don't hate her as much. I don't have to clean her turds off the floor or smell them anymore, so I think the feeling is mutual. We call it an uneasy truce.

👤I have 9 cats in my home. I use a litter that is not harmful to the environment. I have had problems with litter sticking to the bottom of the box in the past. The problem of stuck litter always occurred when my boxes were cleaned twice daily. I have never used a litter box where there is no sticking. It is amazing. It's a non-stick skillet. The clumped litter that is on the bottom of the box just slides onto the litter scoop. The high sides of the box help prevent litter from being thrown out. I know a thing or two about litter boxes and I would highly recommend this box. It is made of strong material and has a non-stick coating. I'm surprised someone didn't think of this sooner.

👤A male cat is 18 pounds. My cat is a digger and he digs a hole in the litter box and buries it, I was attracted to the high sides of the box. He likes to pee towards the side of the box which was always stuck to my last litter box. The build thickness of the sides and bottom of the box made this box a little more expensive than I expected, but I expect this to be the last box I buy at a local pet store. In the long run, it is a savings. I have had a problem with the litter sticking to the box on the sides and bottom since day one. I don't know what the box is coated with but I would like to thank the person who did it. The scooper is easy to clean because it slides across the bottom. Since using this box, I have not had sticky sides or clumps to sift through. I would like to say the same for my scooper. I will be looking for a scooper made from the same materials. I still love this box, as much as you can love a litter box. There is no scratch on this. Since I use clumping litter and my cat likes to dig, I'd have to remove the box and it looked like it was 10 years old. I've used this for a while and nothing sticks to it. Still recommend.

3. Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Hooded

Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Hooded

One bag of 3.5 lbs. litter pellets is included in the litter box system, giving your cat one month of refills. The disposable cat litter pads are designed to last for 7 days for one cat. Breeze system's anti- tracking cat litter pellets are dust free and cut down on tracking around the box. The floors are neat. Feet are neat. It is guaranteed. Solids stay on top for fast removal and urine is locked away in the super-absorbent pads below so there are no clumps to scoop. Absorb. Throw. It's time to replace.

Brand: Purina Tidy Cats

👤A bit of background. A new kitten in our multi cat home wrecked havoc and wreaked havoc on our home, so we started using the breeze system. She and the youngest member of the tribe were trying to establish dominance. The breeze system was easy to convert to back then. I kept a regular box next to the breeze and they all showed their preference for the breeze. We have five boxes around the house for four cats and we have 100% litter box compliance, which is great because we had to re home the kitten who is now happily living in a two cat house. I am a sucker for new versions of great products, and I am not a fan of the new hooded box that was announced by Purina. I wanted to use the hooded box in a more populated area so the litter could be more hidden. The hood is great. Some people say it is too small for their cats. Two small cats and two large cats are in our house. The cats' favorite box was put into use in the first week and needed to be changed quickly. I haven't seen any splash out of the box. It is amazing for those of you who are new to the breeze system. The pee stays on the pad. If your cat buries the poop, it sits on top of the pellets. The poop is easy to scoop after landing on the pellets. The only problem I've ever had is a splash of scurvy that requires the box to be cleaned with water. That would be true of any litter box that was hit with stool. Unless you purchase the scented pads which we all found pretty toxic, the pads for these boxes have been ridiculously expensive. I noticed that purina recently dropped their price, so I thought they were making knock off pads. I'll be watching the pricing to see if it lasts. I have tried a number of litter systems over the year, including expensive electric machines and toilet training kits for cats. The toilet training worked for one of the cats, but the other refused to try it, so we had to scrap it. The breeze system is the best cat waste system. It is easy to clean and the cats love it. The added hood makes the litter situation much more discreet. I've found this to be less expensive in the long run. It was a win win.

👤Three stars for non-breezy litter issues. The same issues apply to the non-hooded version. It's five stars if you find me a great pellet solution. Four is the average. For those of us who want more information, I made a mistake. I've written this review a number of times, but never submitted it. It's hard to review because most parts are great and the critical part needs negotiation. The system is a great idea between the 2 models. I was happy when the hooded litter boxes were introduced. It's made of plastic. It's a breeze to put it together. I can remove the hood and put it back on without having to work hard to break it. The hinged hood that allows the opening to swing up without having to take the top off makes cleaning litter boxes with solid hoods much easier. The box has a lower profile, but my big, rough-and-tumble cat has no problem fitting inside. Put adiaper in the lower tray to catch the urine that flows over thelitter. Amazon brand pads are cheaper than other brands. You will go through at least two pads a week. The tray is easy to slide. Attach the hood to the slatted-litter-holder on top. The scoop is on the side of the set. This is a dream come true because I can't clean out the heavier litter boxes anymore. I like to clean the hood daily because it helps keep the odors down. The pellet litter is the biggest problem. It's made from a stone-like material. The pieces are about 1/3 of an inch. Some people worry that the pieces can cause a problem for cats. As long as you change the absorbent pad frequently, you can greatly reduce odor. You can simply scoop it out and dispose of it if it sits on the top. You don't need a deep layer of pellets, and you only need to replace them once a month. They are attractive in the system. They're a big problem. The only way to deal with the urine getting coated with the pellets is to rinse them off. You have a litter tray full of wet pellets. You change the pellets more often if you don't rinse them. It doesn't just slip and slide off the pellet. Even if your cat produces stools that are soft, you are going to throw away all the pellets that stick to it. If your cat is a coverer, you lose more pellet. My bag doesn't last long. Because you don't have many pellets in the tray, you don't have to push against it to make sure all the stool makes it onto the scoop. If you use the side of the tray, you can pick up the poop again, but you'll want to clean the sides to remove the smudges. The litter part of the system is not good when your cat develops a case of scurvy or gets wormed. The pellets don't work in these situations. There will be slush on the urine pad. slush will stick to the slats The slush is on top of the pellets. You can't leave them in the tray. If you want to get rid of worms, forget about the smell and the smeared slats and sides, you might want to keep your cat out of harms way. I take the litter tray to the tub, use the shower head to rinse everything, return the tray, and then set a fan nearby in the hopes they'll dry faster. Nope. This part isn't easy. There were no dust problems. The pellets I got had no scent at all. One cat tosses the pellet out. I accidentally stepped on something. My two neurotic coverers can't avoid tracking some of the disease. I've been using pine pellet animal bedding. It works better than the stone pellet. The wet ones break down the sawdust and put it in your urine tray. It's not a big deal when the pine pellets stick to the stool. I can get a 40lb bag for less than $5. I don't mind changing the litter tray once a week for that price, even though the piney smell doesn't last as long for me as it seems. One of my cats doesn't like the pine pellets. I'm trying to find a solution for the picky cat. I'm going to try Yesterday's News, which is less expensive than the stones and still "green." I would give this system five stars if I could find a good pellet solution. How many fingers have I crossed?

4. Omega Paw NRA15 1 Improved Cleaning

Omega Paw NRA15 1 Improved Cleaning

There is a new version of this item. Cleans quickly. The waste is deposited into a tray for easy disposal when the pan is clean. Does not need electricity, liners or filters. It is suitable for small to medium cats.

Brand: Omega Paw

👤The real issue is that it doesn't 100% eliminate the need to hand-sift litter, possibly because it's a little small. If you have to scoop at all, you should scoop the whole thing. Try a different product. 3 stars, minus 1 for lazy quality control. This product is mass-produced, which is fine, but the quality control is not good. If yours doesn't fit together right, either give it the extra push or return it. Everything should fit like a glove for something that doesn't have good quality control. The folding screen did not pop into its grooves on both sides because it was not cleanly cut. Even without shaving, it took a little extra pressure to focus on the offending side. "screen falls out/ doesn't sift litter" was resolved. The top lid would not have been able to be flush over the upper lip on the base, the main method of seal in litter when the box is rolled. "clips don't hold lid on litter spills or leaks" was resolved. Do you want something that has to be carefully put together, while also being aware of product-defeating defects? The thing is four parts and should work perfectly on the first try. That's not the case because of manufacturing defects. Nobody wants a litter box so they have to baby-sit. Sort of... its actual sifting ability. The cats are certified by the MENSA. When your genius urinates on the back wall of the box, it will stick, and you'll have to remove it. Nothing you can do about it. If you have to dig around with a scoop, ask yourself how much time, effort, and ick you're really saving. Which is my last concern. It's small. Our cats are large at 12 pounds. Larger cats have just about enough room to do their business and not an inch more, which increases the likelihood of urine on a surface where it'll stick and not roll into the tray. Wait for clumping before rolling. You'll scoop at best.

👤This is a great way to clean your cats litter box. I have to get the large version. The litter pan section is small, and your cat will be stepping in their own poop and pee while they are trying to pee. The filter section is just as large. The larger version of the litter box is for me. I will thank you later.

👤The literbox makes it easy to clean up mess when using clumping litter. The clips that attach the lid to the base aren't very well aligned and allow some litter to slip past, which I don't like very much. This isn't something that I think is a huge deal. It is not enough to create a mess or allow waste to slip through. We loved it so much that we bought a second one.

👤I received the Omega Paw NRA15-1 Improved Roll 'n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box, Regular, Pewter. I noticed that there was no cardboard sleeve around the litter box, like in the "open box" videos. There was a dried up POOP in the corner of the box. The grill doesn't fall into place completely. The grill has been used. I am very disappointed. I was excited to see how it works. I will get another one and give it a second chance. The next one will be new with other cats poop, so fingers crossed.

5. PetSafe ZAC60 15710 ScoopFree Reusable Tray

PetSafe ZAC60 15710 ScoopFree Reusable Tray

There is an alternative to disposable litter trays for the PetSafe ScoopFree Original and Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes. The convenience set up includes a 4.5 lbs bag of PetSafe Premium Blue Crystal Litter. The plastic tray is easy to clean. The lock is locked away. The waste shield has magnets on it that will not rust and will help secure it to the ScoopFree waste trap. The ScoopFree litter box warranty doesn't void the warranty of your competitor products and includes a quick start guide with cleaning tips. PetSafe brand's Customer Care experts are based in the U.S. and will be happy to help. Since 1991, the PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤We thought we'd try this to cut down on our costs. Don't do it! I'm not sure. We normally get about 40 visits out of the disposables, but for some reason, the plastic material does not allow the crystal to breath quickly in 25 visits. Our cat refused to go in the box because they were so soaked. The smell was terrible. I don't blame him. The tray to hold the poop is not large enough to hold the amount of poop that is disposable. And now the cleaning! The crystal sticks to the plastic. It won't fall off into your garbage bag, so you'll need to take it out in your back yard. The plastic material is going to have a permanent smell in the next few cleanings. Save your money! This is not a good idea.

👤The ScopFree self-cleaning litter boxes use disposable cardboard trays. It seems like it would cost more to be a plastic tray with a magnetic shield. It seems like an improvement over the disposable cardboard trays that were originally designed for the self-cleaning litter boxes. The magnetic shield is attached to the waste storage cover and can seal odors from the waste storage. After 6-7 fills, you will break even, compared to using cardboard trays. You will save half the cost of the cardboard trays after that, since the crystal litter costs half as much as a tray filled with that litter. The shield that protects the waste storage cover falls off at least once a week. The metal tabs on the shield are not held in place by the magnets in the waste storage cover. The shield was permanently attached to the waste storage cover by drilling a hole in the shield where the magnets attach. I used a longer screw to attach the shield after removing the magnets.

👤I thought I would save a lot of money by replacing the cardboard trays every 3 days. I didn't realize that the litter box was soaked into the cardboard without smelling, and that the crystal tray on top of the trash bag acted as a liner. The first time my cat used the litter box, it was so obvious that the entire house would fill up with the smell of ammonia, having basically a cup of pee in your house with the non-porous material underneath it all. It's all nasty, we don't want to do it, but this made a noticeable change in the length of the litter box, and I wish I could get my money back.

👤I know it's expensive. The electronic litter box is worth the money. The litter tray leaked into the rug a few times. It was gross. A friend recommended it and I tried it. No leaks! You can buy bags of litter in a bag as a refill, unlike the ones that come with the cardboard tray. I have a couple scent options for the litter I bought separately.

👤This tray is made from a litterbox. I was dumb enough to know that my cat was peeing all over the bedroom because she hated her old litterbox. The Scoop Free litterbox is always perfectly clean and she is 100% happy with it. I can't afford to buy the disposable refill for the litter tray, so it's a must for me. The price of refill is too high for my budget, and I have two cats that use the box. I'm thankful for the tray because it has saved me hundreds of dollars. The smell is a downside, though. This thing really stinks after a few days. The lid doesn't seal off the poo the way the disposable tray does. Most people buy this box so they don't have to scoop, and with this tray you'll end up doing it again. Not as often, but every other day. If my cat wasn't happy with it, I wouldn't keep it. If you have a small budget and a persnickety cat, this is still the way to go. I can't tolerate the smell anymore. I bleach this thing once a week and put new litter in it. I think the urine got into the plastic. The box works well when it has a refill in it, and it smells bad when you use a disposable tray. The cat will retaliate by flying on the carpet again.

6. Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter

The cat litter box looks like a clay pot. The plants and parts are in the middle of the litter box. It is made of polypropylene. Dust and odor can be controlled with a Filtered Vented System. Large cats and multi-cat households.

Brand: Good Pet Stuff

👤I've never written an Amazon review in my life, but I felt like this was necessary to review. If you're thinking about ordering a litter box, do it! My house is a small 1000 sqft home that's low on living space and has a hideous cat litter box. This hidden cat litter box is an answer to my prayers. The entrance is completely unnoticeable and guests have been floored when I tell them that it's the litter box. The original color is ugly and matches nothing in my house, but that's nothing a spray paint can't fix. I don't like how gross the litter boxes are and I was not willing to dump the cat litter directly into this litter box. I did some research on Amazon to find a round basin, and I found one that was perfect for this hidden litter box. The Vrinda Plastic Economy Round Basin is the name of the basin I ordered through Amazon. The 18 inch basin is only $20, but you can get more than one size for it, and the hidden litter box is 18 inches in diameter, so the 18 inch fits very well. I put one of those litter bags in the basin, tuck it over the edges, tie it tightly around the outside and then fill it with litter! I will never use a regular old litter box again. The cats immediately took to the new litter box and we haven't looked back since. A man!

👤I want to warn anyone considering buying this litter box for their cat that the leaves and straw can be dangerous for a cat that chews and plays with it. My cat had surgery to remove the leaves he ate from the plastic plant part. I am not bashing this product, but it is not a good design for cats to get into stuff. Before buying, please consider this. The leaves and straw should be thrown out.

👤Great purchase! I used 2 cans of white spray paint to make a beautiful litter box. I saw people who didn't like the leaves but I don't think they look bad. I used the feed bin as a liner and used trash bags on the bottom. It's easy to clean. The only downside is putting it back together. I found it hard to line up the grooves after cleaning and now I clean it while it's assembled. I don't have to put it back together.

👤I was interested in the container. The thought of my cats going in there to do their businrss under the guise of a plant was magical. I ordered this because I wanted my cat's toilet to be less obvious. It was huge when it came. I would have given it 5 stars, but the price of $50 for a kitty porta pottie was not usable. The plant is a joke. Really bad. Themoss was a choking hazard. All my cats like it. They tried to make something out of it before I could put it together. The litter pan is worth the most. I already used glass marbles instead ofmoss when I switched out the plant. The marbles were supposed to be used for a wedding centerpiece, but they were better used for my cat's washroom. Thanks to the floral department at JoAnn Fabrics, I added new pics of my new plant. I consider myself the Martha Stewart of litterbox decorating. Is that a beautiful orchid? Nope. My cat has a smelly litterbox. Got you?

7. Petmate Booda Clean Litter Colors

Petmate Booda Clean Litter Colors

The Petmate Booda Cleanstep Litter Box catches litter from your cat's paws in a single step and prevents scatter and tracking with its enclosed dome design. The litter dome is 50 percent larger than the average cat box and it is easy to clean and move. They have a full line of products and solutions for pet families, such as doghouses, bowls, leashes, charcoal filters, cat and dog toys, travel accessories, and more. Petmate is passionate about providing fun, trusted, quality products to enhance the lives of pets and their families for over 60 years. Petmate makes a variety of pet products, such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit, and more.

Brand: Petmate

👤The box seems great at first. The steps keep the litter inside the box and the cat seemed to like climbing them. ACK! The seam is leaking. If your cat aims his or her derriere anywhere near the edge of the box, that wiz is going on the floor. You're not going to notice much right away. It's going to build up over time, and you're going to shift the box a bit one day, and have a full on panic attack when you see a telltale ooze on the floor of the apartment that you rent. Not cool, catbox. Not good.

👤It's difficult to say poetically about litter boxes. They're containers of plastic that your cat excretes. You can only say so much about them. Does it look good? Yes. Yes, it does. I don't think it's weird that it's in my living room because it looks nice. Does my cat poop? Yes. I have a cat. If no one is watching, feline likes to only poop. My kitty can pretend like no one is watching with this litter box. Maybe they are pretending they are in the Taj Mahal. I don't care. They poop in it. The litter box is clean. After many years of owning the first one, we reached a point where it was less annoying to buy a new one than to clean it. That's not a dig at the litter box. I don't want to talk about how long the first litter box lasted before I needed to replace it. This is a great covered box if your cat wants to poop in it. It will last you a while, it looks kind of alright as far as litter boxes go, and there are stairs so your cat can pretend they're in, I don't know, Santorini, or wherever cats would like to vacation for their poops. I have never been a cat, but this is what I would like to do.

👤It is worth the price. My cat is able to easily enter and exit. He used without hesitation. My dog can no longer help himself to cat made tootsie rolls because he's a big boy at 30 lbs. and he has no troubles using his new box. I didn't bother with the box liner. I have never been a fan of them. My cat doesn't like being in the dark. I've always used a small light in his boxes. The box is darker inside. A light will fix a warped cat. The shape of this box is going to be important for using scoopable litter. If you're not a fan of scooping than I wouldn't recommend this box as it would be awkward to handle with dirty litter and trying to dump it. I've shown how the light was added. The dog disapproved of the cat. Mommy was happy.

👤If your cat pees against the lid, it will follow the channel and go down the stairs. I spent 15 minutes cleaning it. I will be getting a different litter box after this.

8. IPrimio Enclosed Sides Stainless Litter

IPrimio Enclosed Sides Stainless Litter

The only litter box you will ever need is made of steel and will never rust. The rounded edges and enclosed sides of the design make it easy to get stuck in the corners. Plastic litter boxes have unpleasant odors and get stained after a few uses, which may be harmful for your cat. Their litter box is rust-free and never collects any odors. The litter box has high enclosed sides with a total height of 12 inches. The enclosure is 6 inches high and has extra litter scatter protection. The pan is long and wide and deep. They know it can be difficult to clean and wash litter boxes, but this coated litter box resists any messes. This is the best way to help you with your daily chores. The manufacturer's notes say that brown is normal on the pan because of the machine that created rounded edges. They make sure that it is new and normal. The box may not have the sticker on it. It's for safe shipping that you should throw away the black corner protective pieces. There are two holes on the pan's edge, one for a scooper holder and the other for the pan.

Brand: Iprimio

👤The pans were bought in February and are already starting to oxidize. If you ask me, it's false. They are not stain proof or rust proof. Before I left my review, I reached out to the business owner. Even though I have always used cats pride litter pan liners, and no harsh cleaners, it is my fault that there are spots. I need to get a special cleaner to prevent the spots from happening, I was told that these are similar to a kitchen sink. I don't use special cleaners on my kitchen sink because it has never done this before, and I have a kitchen sink that is a scuplture of a scuplture of a scuplture of a scuplture of a s The owner stopped responding to me. Don't waste your money. Garbage is overpriced.

👤My experience with the owner of the company and his commitment to customer satisfaction are covered in my review. It's a long review, but I think it's important to share it with each other. Product review I have a cat that I adopted several years ago and I have been trying to give her a better life as she gets older. She will always be suspicious of new things, but her soul is sweet. I never had to deal with keeping up with a litter box because I live in Florida, where the weather is mild. She was forced to use a litter box because of her age and frequent hurricanes, so I decided to put her on my protected back porch. I was only able to achieve success with a large, shallow plastic box, and even with sifting it twice a day and using odor control litter, it was a constant battle to avoid unpleasant odors due to the heat and humidity. She wouldn't use it after a few days. This is the ultimate proving ground for litter boxes. I initially thought the price was more than I wanted to spend, but I was thrilled to see that a version existed. It made sense for me to try it since I was using replacements for a year and the cost of replacements was adding up. I didn't want to add more plastic litter boxes into the landfills. The concept and design of the box were well executed, despite the fact that my initial and replacement order arrived with dents. The iPrimo XL Cat Litter Sifter arrived in perfect condition, I ordered it with it. How has the product worked so far? It holds more litter than my old ones did, which has made it easier to dispose of. I spill more litter when I clean it than she does, because the higher sides contain it better. I am also using their scoop to pick up clumps that drove me crazy. The scoop fits the pan perfectly and makes the litter much cleaner. It doesn't absorb any odor, and even with our ongoing 90+ degree weather, there is no smell after she has taken her waste out. How does she like it? She had to inspect it to make sure it would meet her standards. She rubbed her chin on the corner a couple of times, climbed in the box and christened it right in front of me. She had me at meow, even though she didn't have any modesty. The seller's review is here. I was really annoyed that the boxes were damaged, and I thought they were shipped from the manufacturer. I asked the seller how the boxes could pass the quality control and shipping departments and arrive damaged. The owner of the company apologized and pointed out that they were both fulfilled by Amazon. He told me that they rely on them to pack and ship the large quantity to Amazon. He went above and beyond to make it right despite the fact that he wasn't responsible for the issues with my orders. His gesture had a bigger impact because his company is a small American business. I apologized to the owner after getting my foot out of my mouth. I hope others will keep my experience in mind if they have any issues with their order, as it may be Amazon's fault, not the seller. If you find this honest review helpful, click 'Helpful' immediately below it to increase the likelihood of others seeing it too. I would like to thank you for reading my review.

9. Dr Elseys Premium Clumping Litter

Dr Elseys Premium Clumping Litter

Also, note: The package shows the weight in lbs and lbs. 40 Lb is equal to 18.14 lbs. The litter box should have 3′′ to 4′′ of Dr. Elsey's litter. Twice daily, scoop waste and refill box. The entire box should be replaced every month. The disposal of used litter is done in a manner that is respectful of the environment. Do not use any water. Natural litter is hypo-allergenic and perfect for families who suffer from allergies. It's the perfect clumping litter because of its hard nature. The multi-cat formula and superior odor control keep your home smelling fresh and clean. It's easier to dispose of your kitty's waste if you use a sifting and mechanical litter box. It's easier to scoop up and clean the box twice a day because of clumps that don't break down.

Brand: Dr. Elsey's

👤I have been buying this litter for a long time and swear by it, it doesn't produce clouds of dust, it doesn't clump, and it doesn't absorb odor. The quality of the product I bought on Amazon declined sharply in the last year. The packaging looked the same but it was very dusty. The dust was more than the granules. I decided to investigate after having issues with Amazon selling versions of popular brands. I compared the two litters I bought. The two litter bags are not the same. The bag on the left is mostly empty and the bag on the right is the full bag. The packaging is slightly different, and you can see the difference in the size of the litter and the smell. There is no dust in the Chewy litter. Like the original formula. From now on, I will be buying from Chewy. It is also cheaper there.

👤I have ever made a purchase that was better than this one. For the first time in a decade, my house doesn't smell like cat poop. If your cat's paw is wet, the litter can form something like concrete on their paw. We had fun soaking, chiseling, and cutting her hair.

👤It's not the same as it used to be. I adopted a kitten at the beginning of the year and have been using this litter from Amazon ever since. My kitten and I have never had a problem with it. The most recent bag was delivered less than a month ago and it is dusty, sticks like glue, and does not control odor. I think it made my kitten very itchy, she has been scratching herself crazy lately. I bought a bag of the same litter at Pet360 and compared it to the one from Amazon, they were almost entirely different. The litter from Pet360 is the same quality that I have come to expect. It is a shade darker than the one from Amazon, it is not sticky, and it controls odor. The company is selling the good quality litter to other stores and the subpar litter to Amazon to cut costs. Amazon doesn't check on the quality of the products it's sending out due to the massive inventory and volume of sales and this particular product already has high ratings so this company can cut some costs and sell the bad quality litter through Amazon every now and then. If someone noticed the bad quality, they can chuck it. This is a trend, read through the comments.

👤I've been using this litter for a long time and have loved it, but recently my cats started tracking my hardwood floors. I emptied all the litter boxes and filled them with fresh litter because the tracking has not stopped. I was disappointed but not sure why the formula would change. I will be looking for another litter.

👤The price has gone up and the quality has gone down. This used to be my favorite brand. It would be great to live in a world where companies are focused on delivering a consistently high quality product and not constantly trying to cut corners.

10. PetSafe Simply Self Cleaning Automatic Clumping

PetSafe Simply Self Cleaning Automatic Clumping

A self-cleaning litter box has a bowl that rotates and sifts clumps from the litter. There is a reduced odor. A replaceable carbon filter acts as a second layer of odor defense when the waste bin is covered. WHISPER-QUIET: The system is running because of the quiet motor and the light that illuminates it. It's easy to clean the waste bin with recycled plastic shopping bags or nothing at all. PetSafe brand's U.S. based Customer Care experts will be happy to help. Since 1991, the PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products.

Brand: Petsafe

👤After five years of manual cat waste disposal, I decided to go into automated feline waste disposal. A friend of mine has had the previous version of this litter box for a year and he loves it. This was enough for me to try it. The only thing he mentioned was the possibility of the motor to burn out, as stated in comments and reviews by many other users. The solution to this is simple - use an outlet timer so that the litter box is only in use about 50% of the time. The newer version has a timer built in, so it runs for 90 minutes, then takes a break for an equal amount of time. It has a slot for a carbon filter over the waste bin to help reduce odors. It worked right away. I had a problem with the "box" not spinning properly, but this was my fault because I had piled in too much litter. The litter box was running fine after I removed some and got it down around the indicated line. It's silent when I run, and my cats took to it without any issues, because the litter sifts and falls through the back side of the arm leading into the ramp. I began to experience the blinking red light, similar to other reviewers, after about a week. The bowl motor has a problem. After a few minutes following the connection of the power cord, the bowl would hang up, and I would hear the "pop" sound that I mentioned in my initial review. If I gave the bowl a manual assist, it would resume turning for a few more minutes before ending up in the same state. After a few minutes of not being able to rotation, the control board turned the bowl motor off completely. As an electrical engineer, I tear into my devices to see how they work, and more often than I care to admit, rendering them permanently non-operative. I decided to start digging because I have a success rate. All of the below is 100% warranty-voiding, so I must say before I start. If you choose to reproduce my efforts, use discretion. The drive gear beneath the bowl was having problems turning the bowl itself. There are small plastic wheels in the bottom of the bowl housing to help keep the bowl spinning, but the bowl also makes contact with the center peg/axle of the housing. I first applied lube, a solution that has proven to be fruitful in many other instances. I used automotive grease on all of the small wheels and the center peg. After a long wait, I would end up with the blinking red light. I disassembled the drive gear housing. There's a small switch at the bottom of the bowl housing that acts as a switch if the bowl isn't spinning, and there's a large gear that's visible at the bottom of the bowl housing. I could see where the tips of the teeth on the intermediate gear had been worn down. The tiny gear on the drive motor shaft was moving past the intermediate gear when the bowl stopped rotating. If the bowl is not spinning, it makes it harder for the motor gear to deliver power to the intermediate gear, as it wears down the intermediate gear's teeth in the process. The fact that these two gears were moving past each other made me believe that their teeth weren't really engaging. I was able to push the motor a little further into the intermediate gear by removing the screws. The shape of the teeth on the drive motor gear don't match up with the teeth on the intermediate gear, which is not my area of expertise. I modified the drive gear housing so that I could mount the drive motor closer to the intermediate gear in order to get better tooth engagement. I used J-B Weld because I had some handy, and I used a 1/36" bit to drill a new screw hole. My modifications seemed to work after re-assembling everything, and adding a little more lubrication to the wheels and the center tab of the bowl housing. It's only been a few hours since I put everything back together, but I've had a green light and a bowl constantly rotating during that time, except for the periods when the built-in timer shuts things down. I knocked a few stars off my rating. The concept of an automatic litter box is great, and the waste conveyor system works perfectly out of the box. There is room for improvement. I'm giving up on this particular automatic litter box because I have to knock off another star. I've been through two of these boxes, and have encountered failures of some kind. The bowl motor has developed a sound that is loud enough to keep me awake at night. The overall concept is solid, but cheap components and poor design decisions have me looking at other manufacturers.

11. LitterMaid Single Cat Self Cleaning Litter

LitterMaid Single Cat Self Cleaning Litter

The single cat litter box has an automatic scoop with a rake that removes waste for a fresh start. It is designed for a small cat. The LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box requires no daily scoop, meaning you have a scoop-free clean up for up to 7 days. ODOR CONTROL: The waste receptacle with carbon filters keeps mess and odor contained after the rake removes waste. The Litter Box design keeps the area clean by using high walls and a paw cleaning ramp. Includes attachment to fit vacuum hoses with internal diameters of 1 7/16" or less.

Brand: Littermaid

👤It's the best pet product I've ever had. I've tried many different cat litter boxes, including semi-automatic ones, because I have two cats that are 11 years old. I had to clean them all the time because they were smelling and my cats didn't want to use them. I didn't clean the litter for a week, but this product saved my days, it was still clean and not smelling. It works perfectly with non-clumping cat litter for a week without cleaning. The noise, disposable receptacle, and litter on the rakes were some of the negative experiences I read about. The noise is not as loud as a hairdryer, so it does not bother me. If you have to buy them, the disposable receptacle could be a problem. You can reuse them by using bin bags. Double receptacle and lids can make it more stable. The most common problem was stuck litter in the rakes and at the bottom of the box. I tried 6 different cat litters and 2 of them didn't have any problems. One of the litters is non-clumping and the other is plant-based. Any brand of non-clumping and/or silica clumping litters work well. The clumps of bentonite litter could be stuck on the rakes and you need to clean them. The motor may be affected by feces and urine entering the container. It is necessary to empty the box to clean the bottom. It doesn't smell like anything except the stuck ones on the rakes. Not very practical as a result. Non-clumping litter: It is stuck on the rakes, but on the bottom. urine doesn't go in the container and it doesn't absorb the smell so it smells a lot Not recommended as a result. The litter doesn't stick in the rakes or on the bottom, so it doesn't force the motor to work. It works on the box. The light pieces of the litter were carried on the paws of my cats so I had to give up using it. As a result, it was recommended. Similar to the non-clumping litter. It smells because urine doesn't go in the container and it has a low absorbing capacity. It is stuck on the rakes. Not recommended as a result. It doesn't clump, despite the fact that it's supposed to take the urine in the container. The urine causes the fine pieces to get stuck on the bottom, so force the rakes. It is difficult to clean the bottom of the litter. Not recommended as a result. It works perfectly because it doesn't clump and urine isn't taken in the container. The litter does not smell for a week. The motor work perfect for feces because the litter pieces are light. I emptied the container bag after a week. There was no suck in the rake. Highly recommended! The best performance of the product can be achieved by emptying and cleaning the whole box and rakes weekly. I had a single cat version for my two cats, and it worked well for them. The first product I had was not working right, the motor stopped working in the middle of cleaning. When I sent the video to the customer service, they immediately sent me a new product and it works very well. This is more important than the product's function for me. I wouldn't buy a new one and wouldn't use it without good customer service from Amazon and LitterMaid.


What is the best product for best cat litter box for multiple cats?

Best cat litter box for multiple cats products from Petsafe. In this article about best cat litter box for multiple cats you can see why people choose the product. Petfusion and Purina Tidy Cats are also good brands to look for when you are finding best cat litter box for multiple cats.

What are the best brands for best cat litter box for multiple cats?

Petsafe, Petfusion and Purina Tidy Cats are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best cat litter box for multiple cats. Find the detail in this article. Omega Paw, Petsafe and Good Pet Stuff are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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