Best Best Case for Samsung Z Fold 3

Case 29 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. SUPCASE Unicorn Full Body Protector Kickstand

SUPCASE Unicorn Full Body Protector Kickstand

Drop protection is created by multi-layer TPU and Polycarbonate materials. Guards against scratches without compromising sensitivity are built into the screen protectors. Convenient hands-free viewing from either landscape or two different angles of portrait mode, doubles as ring holder. A built-in pen holder protects your stylus from daily adventures. Please note. The pen holder is compatible with the pen. S Pen is not included. It's compatible with the SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G.

Brand: Supcase

👤I have been buying SupCASE for my phones for the past few years and it is another 10/10. Attaches are made of great quality material and are comfortable to hold. The case is 4.5% more expensive than the device it's protecting, but I know that it will save my phone if it hits concrete or goes down a flight of stairs. A happy customer and a great product. The s-pen storage is inside the case, which makes it more secure in the event of a fall.

👤When the Z-Fold 3 first appeared on the market, I was a little disappointed that Supcase didn't have a case for it. I tried no less than 4 cases and never liked any of them. Supcase figured out that there was enough market share to make a case for the Fold line of phones and I am happy they did. The negatives are that it was expensive and that it was pricey. The case is a little heavy and bulky, but it's not a big deal since it's the same size as a large candy-bar style phone with an extra.25 inches in thickness. I know my device will survive a fall. The case has multiple rubber pads and a hinge protection that provides a great gripping surface when the phone is open. I can hold the phone in my hand at any angle. The hinge houses my s-pen perfectly. I didn't want to lose my s-pen, so I kept it at my desk. Wireless charging works well. The front screen protectors are high quality. The plastic case is sturdy and easy to hold in any configuration. The ring holder is sturdy and works better than anything I have seen thus far. The patterns on the plastic are high tech looking and add to the grippy feel. Supcase is located in the USA, in Alpharetta, GA. I love seeing ingenuity and high quality from an American company. The new case is pricey and adds some bulk, but the protection and ease of daily use make it so worth it. There is nothing similar out there. I will probably buy a blue or green one once they become available, I like this case so much, I am sure they will add more colors once sales increase. Highly recommended! -Nate.

👤This case is amazing. It is bulky, but provides both hinge protection and carries the SPEN without using magnets. The case stays on firmly with only one strip of grip tape on the front cover. The kickstand is very nice. Since the phone has a hinge cover, you can't lay it flat, which is the only downside. The phone's hinge makes it possible to take notes on the phone without it being on a flat surface. This case is very good. This is a good one after buying and returning many cases.

👤This case is everything I wanted. The Spen slot is a hinge protection. There is a built-in screen protectors for front and back screens.

👤My case was just received. A perfect fit. The screen protection is great. The gold is taken for 1st place. The Supreme case of all cases is the one for the z fold 3 model. Exceeds expectations. It is definitely worthy of a 5 star rating.

2. Samsung Electronics Protective Shockproof EF XF711SBEGUS

Samsung Electronics Protective Shockproof EF XF711SBEGUS

The Slim Line protects without being a bulky addition to your phone; it is designed with a slim form factor, keeping the sleek design of your phone intact. Protect your phone's corners and exterior to keep it safe from damage, as the Aramid material is durable even against scratches, so it stays safe in your pocket or purse. The thin material wraps around your phone and enhances the grip so your hands stay comfortable, it helps your hands hold on. The package weight is 0.1453000000000002 pounds.

Brand: Unknown

👤I pre-ordered the Z-Flip 3 on August 14th and was very excited about it. I checked the status of the order multiple times a day until it arrived. After the first 24 hours of owning the phone, I started to second guess the decision as the battery life and camera are noticeable downgrades from my previous phone. I liked the leather cover of the phone, but it was a little too heavy for my liking, and it felt like a wallet. I'm back in love with the Z Flip 3 after this case arrived. If this carbon fiber cover had been included in the first place, they would have sold more Z Flip 3's. It looks awesome, fits perfectly, and has a tacky feel to it. When I flip the phone open with one hand, I don't throw it across the room. It is very thin. It's pricey, but it really makes the phone.

👤I sent back a case I bought for the Z Flip 3. The case was too thick when the phone was folded. The case is very thin and provides good protection. I dropped the phone from 3 feet to 2 feet. The phone is light and has a grip so it doesn't fall out of your hand. It's expensive but it works great with the Z Flip 3 and you will never need another case.

👤The case fits like a glove since it was made by the company. It feels good in the hand. Spigen is a good case, but there is no hinge protection when the phone is closed. The case is so thin that I can't imagine it protecting against shock from drops.

👤Love this case. It's on the top and bottom. I haven't used the sticky tape yet, but I have not had an issue with it moving. The hand is smooth and grippy. It is good protection with total coverage on all corners. The smooth edges are what I like the best. While holding on to text, my fingers don't get sore or scratched. It is expensive. I think the slim profile makes it worth it. Would buy again. The cutouts are all perfect.

👤Likes: It's a good phone, it's snug, and it comes in black, so it's pricey.

👤The texture of the case is nice. You can show off the sleek and elegant look of the carbon fiber at a nice dinner or everyday. I'm fine with the cutouts exposing the power and volume buttons. It's not the same as a case that covers the volume buttons. The case doesn't provide much protection to the screen since it lacks raised edges, and if I ever drop it, the phone will probably be closed. The material thin case provides great elegance.

👤The case fits the phone perfectly. It slides in and out of my pocket with ease. The corner of the case was damaged and I didn't give 5 stars. I would try to exchange. I don't feel like going through the trouble and there's currently no stock in stock. I'm likely to add more damage. It would've been nice to have one that wasn't prescuffed.

3. Samsung Electronics Protective Shockproof EF XF926SBEGUS

Samsung Electronics Protective Shockproof EF XF926SBEGUS

The case is made with a thin material that snaps on to your phone without adding bulk. The thin, lightweight material is strong and durable, so you can rest assured that your phone is ready to go even when the going gets rough. The rear and sides of the phone are secured with the Aramid cover, which is shaped to wrap around the edges of the phone. The item package weight was 0.158 pounds. The Z Fold3 is compatible with the phone.

Brand: Unknown

👤The case is high quality, thin, fits well, feels good in the hand, and will surely provide protection from everyday use that can cause light scratches, but not drop protection. The case covers a small screen on the left hand side of the display, which is why I changed it. If you visit a website that has text all the way to the edge of the left hand side of the cover display, you will see that the case intrudes on the screen. If you want a case that doesn't have this issue, go for the Silicone case. Similar case, similar fit, just a different material, and doesn't cover up part of the display screen.

👤One reviewer commented on the case partially covering the front screen. While the case is on, you can still see the black area around the front screen. This case feels great. The aramid fibers are coated with a silicone-like coating which makes them feel soft without being sticky. The case is so thin it feels like there's no case at all.

👤The case is nice. The case around the port blocks the cable from fully connecting, so it's a problem. The case is on, so Apple's chargers won't fit.

👤I immediately realized that my Fold 3 was too slippery to hold without a case and had to find one. I bought a few cases from both companies and once again the cases made by SAMSUNG are a step above the others. This thing doesn't add much bulk to the phone. I ordered a Silicone case from the same company as the one I received, it was pretty nice and I think it's better for a phone that costs $2k. They can be hard to find in stock, so buy while available. It's too early to tell how well this will protect the device, but I'm enjoying it.

👤The case is clearly used and repacked by the manufacturer. I hope they are more serious about their job when packing. I believe the back case is made of silicone, and the front cover is a third party made cover. I have received nothing related to the material. I have been waiting for this case to arrive and I am very disappointed in what I have received.

👤Good grip, slim profile. We will see how long it will last. It feels great and looks great on the phone.

👤A piece of plastic is expensive. Not worth 70 dollars. There are a lot of good cases out there that are less expensive. Save money.

4. Speck Products Presidio Perfect Samsung

Speck Products Presidio Perfect Samsung

Up to 13 feet of protection. For extreme durability, the case should be open. The construction is easy to open and use. Anti-yellowing materials keep your case looking clear. The impact technology protects your phone from damage. Microban reduces the growth ofbacteria to protect the case.

Brand: Speck

👤This case is amazing. Don't push the front and back PIECES! I saw someone do this in a video and it was ruined by him. It was nice to have a nice feeling in the hands. I stuck a ring wallet to the back of my car. It makes the phone even more bulky but it's worth it because I don't care how big it is. I wouldn't have bought the phone period if I did. The case has great coverage and doesn't slide off when you open it or close it. There were no problems with port access and volume. I know a lot of people say this phone gets a lot of dust from the pockets. When the case is going on, I haven't had that issue. The raised edges form a seal. There's hardly any room for fingerprints since I have a wallet on the back. This does not cause the screen protectors to peel up. I took the screen protectors off of the case that started lifting it on the edge. If I ever need another case, I will get this again.

👤I had previously used a Spigen clear case. The front case was very flimsy and it wasn't sturdy. It wasn't cheap, but it was about $39. I made up my mind to purchase Speck's and was a bit hesitant at first, but it was worth it. I feel my phone is being protected with the protection but not too bulky like some cases do, the edges are sturdy and not flimsy. I love this case.

👤The case was bought after it cracked on the front corner. This case is the best one to compare against the ones with the pen slot. The case is well built and will protect in a drop. The price was reasonable. It's crazy that a piece of plastic is almost $100 for a phone case. The back of the case might have some grip stickers added as it's pretty slippery. I'm not sure why both sides of the case are connected, but there are some concerns about that tiny piece snapping or breaking after a while. I think cutting off the excess and using as two separate pieces will be fine. - The left side of the phone is raised and does not have the antislip vinyl strip on the phone frame, so it looks like it should be more to the left. The edge is high and it's hard to gesture in from the left side to go back, but with good lock you can widen the area you can make the gesture with. If the case fails in some way, it will be updated.

👤I've looked at other cases and the one with theSamsung case is the one I have. The best case for the Fold3 is this one. It can be slippery at times, but it is a great case. I wish it came in a different color.

👤This case is perfect for my Z Fold 3. I like how it's attached in the middle so that it doesn't need to be attached with strips. The buttons and openings on the phone match the cut-outs. It seems pretty protective as well. I started with an otterbox flex case and I felt like the front screen was not staying in place. The two sides of the case are in the center of the picture. I like the look of my phone when it's bright, and it's clear and not black. This case allows the skin I bought to be very visible. There was no damage to the phone or the case when I dropped my phone with this case. I am very happy with my purchase so far.

5. Spigen Armor Coverage Designed Galaxy

Spigen Armor Coverage Designed Galaxy

The new edge protection technology protects the hinge at all times. Air Cushion Technology and absolute protection with dual layers. An extra layer of shock resistance can be achieved with all-new foam technology. The buttons are open for easy access.

Brand: Spigen

👤This is an update on the case, but my hinge is gone. A case is damaging my phone. No thanks. Spigen, I used your other cases but this one damage my phone, I loved your other cases.

👤The case feels solid. It adds some bulk to the phone, but not as much as you might think. The front screen is hard to use due to the case blocking the corners and edges.

👤The thing scratched the hinge three weeks in. I attached a picture that is not dust and that is damage to the mechanism. When you open the case, it will scratch the back and the case itself. The case may have been good in theory, but now my phone is damaged from it. Don't buy this product until it gets a revision. I paid $80 for this case and thought it would be amazing, but it isn't. I will probably return it after a few days. It is not worth full price. The phone case has holes on the side of the phone and it does a poor job of lining up with the front screen. The sound goes out the side due to the gap. The rest of the case is pretty slick, but the only grip part is the spine. I would have liked it to be more gripping. The case is not as thin as it should be. It is possible that the thickness could have been cut in half. The left side of the screen has a small ticker to hold the hinge. People say that the hinge will scratch the case or phone.

👤There is a design flaw on the flap that is supposed to protect the spine. The flap is made of plastic and collects dust and sand. The plastic and debris rubs against the spine when you open your phone. I have a one month old phone and the expensive case has scratched parts of the spine all the way to the bare aluminum underneath the black paint. You should find another case. I think I would have been better off without a case at all. I've never owned a phone where the case causes this much damage. There are other reviews reporting this. Spigen should have put a soft felt on the inside. Not hard plastic. The phone case is worth a lot of money. It feels great and fits like a glove. It was easy to install and bulky, so it would protect your phone from a drop. My only complaint is the case is too large for typing on the external screen. They overlap the screen too much.

👤This design from Spigen was disappointing. You can't swap your Sim card out of this device. The glue does a good job. Spigen needs to design a cutout. The protection of the hinge is great. I tried to swap cases when the back display ripped off my antenna cover. Above the volume rockers is the cover. I was upset about that. There needs to be a cutout for that as well. If you are 1000% sure that this is what you want, you should only purchase this case. I've been happy with the case despite being upset about it. Before you remove the strips, make sure this case is your number one. You will not be able to swap out your sim card without damaging the antenna cover, if you are not careful.

6. Samsung Protection Storage Kickstand Tempered

Samsung Protection Storage Kickstand Tempered

Only for the SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G. 9H Tempered Glass screen protectors are of the highest quality. It's a perfect cutout for Finger Print and Cable Charging. The edge thickness is 2.5 MM. There is a pen holder with and without a pen hinge included. One credit card is supported by the credit card slot. Kickstand is designed for hand writing and watching movies. Power share support and wireless charging.

Brand: Akabike

👤The phone is protected by the case. It's too heavy for the S-pen. I like the case more than that.

👤The cheap plastic screen protector has a pen stuck in it. Just junk!

7. TORRAS Shockproof Military Grade Protection Translucent

TORRAS Shockproof Military Grade Protection Translucent

The left side uses a PC hard panel, the edge is higher than the screen. Pull Down Menu and Typing are not affected by lip height, as it protects the front screen from scratching. The right side of the phone is made of a material that can protect it when it falls. Say goodbye to the hassle of the strips! The interior of the case is made of bumps and can be fixed on your phone with a click. Remove the case and replace the card at any time. The side of the case has an ergonomics design, which makes it easier to grip. The backboard feels like a baby's skin when touched, and it's refreshing. The fold 3 case can be used without taking off the phone case. Please confirm your phone model before buying because the fit for the galaxy Z fold 3 5G is very good. If you have a product problem, please contact them through the Amazon message center.

Brand: Torras

👤This case has all the protection and style of other cases, but it also has two unique features. The case is very smooth and easy to slip in and out of the pocket. The bottom edge of the outer screen case has been moved so slightly downward that I can use the home/back/multi gestures easily. I had trouble digging my finger into the edge of my Spigen case so that I could use the gesture to go to the home screen. This is no longer an issue with the Torras case. That was a big problem for me and I'm glad that the solution was found by Torras. The case is sleek and slim and feels great in the hand, even for one-handed use. The case and phone show no signs of damage after I dropped my phone. It is also protective. The camera lens are protected by a raised edge. Absolutely recommend this case. It's great in a lot of areas.

👤I knew before I ordered that there was no way I would justify keeping this case for the price. I was wrong. It's not spectacular and is definitely overpriced, but the feel is what got me. It is very thin and close to not having a case on. I could've gone with the thin fit, but I wouldn't use the glue on my phone. If they found a way to put hinge protection that doesn't add bulk to this case, it would be the best way to go and it would be easy to remove. I have to rip off most cases because I like changing them up, but with this it snaps off so smooth, I'm afraid I'm going to break it. If you can afford it and want the most minimalist case out there go for it, I'm tired of trying new ones and this is my sixth case for the fold 3.

👤I've tried at least 4 phone cases for my Z Fold 3 and all had pros and cons. I decided to give the case a try after I came across it. I was looking for a high end case that didn't require tape to stay in place. Most people gave this case a high rating, and I read all of the reviews. I received a high end case when I received my case, and it was a reward for ordering it. It clips on with no gaps. It has a smooth Premium feel. The case really enhances this phone as far as looks, feel, and function. The access to the fingerprint monitor is excellent, it's one of the reasons I've tried other cases. It needs more grip on the edges, but it's not a dealbreaker. It would be Flawless. I would buy it again even without the extra grip. I dropped my phone with the case on the pavement, and there was no physical damage to the case or my phone. Yes!

👤I have been using the excellent cases from TORRAS for all my phones. They have lived up to their high standards with this one for Z Fold 3. I love it, it has a premium feel to it, and is sturdy as well.

8. HJCMikee Compatible Kickstand Protector Strengthen

HJCMikee Compatible Kickstand Protector Strengthen

The phone is specially designed for the galaxy Z Fold 3, it is not compatible with the galaxy Z Fold 2. The magnetic closure method is good-looking equally when unfolding and provides strong protection for the fragile hinge of z fold 3. The hidden mobile phone holder design is beautiful and practical. Your phone will be protected from drops and scratches. The case design is higher than the camera len. They will try their best to make you happy, but you can contact them just feel free.

Brand: Hjcmikee

👤The hinge protectors are not strong. The company gives you a gift card for 20 dollars and you can give it 5 stars. If the product is trash, people shouldn't give reviews of 5 stars. The back cover seems to be good.

👤This case is less bulky than other more expensive cases and gives you full hinge protection on the Fold 3. The raised edges on the front of the case are slimmed down so that you can still use edge gestures. The magnets keep the cover in the folded position. The flexible faux leather portion on the back of the case doesn't match the color of the rest of the case, that's the only real gripe I had with the green color variant. The corners don't seem to confirm the rounder edges of the device, but that could be a good thing as it creates a buffer in case of a drop impact. The best case that I could find was that protection and slimness are equally balanced.

👤This case is a must have. After owning my device for a few months and a few cases, I have to say this case is the best one I have ever used, but also the one that offers the best protection to my device. I had a standard case that did not offer any protection on the hinge area. I immediately purchase a leather all around Clamshell type case and install an all body screen protectors. The leather case shifted slightly and the plastic portion of the case popped out as I got off the phone. That is when I buy this case. I can say that my fold was as good as it was the day I got it. This is the only way to go if you don't protect your device. simialr cases from know brands use sharp metal springs on the hinges that will almost certainly scratch it, so I did extensive research. This case is the best you can get.

👤I've had this case for a few days now and I'm loving it. Few things to think about. It does not have a screen protection. The kickstand is doing a good job. The volume keys are at the bottom when using the kickstand with the Z fold unfolded. You have to press the side buttons to adjust the volume on the phone. The fragile kickstand is holding it back. Installation is pretty self explanatory. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I thought the case wouldn't fit around my phone because it wasn't snug. The black on the phone was blocked by the lens cover I had on to protect the camera. The case fit perfectly after I took the lens cover. I am happy with the purchase after a day of use. The most important part of a 2000 dollar phone is the hinge. The quality is superb and it feels great in the hand. I will probably order another one soon so I have 2. The flap over the middle of the phone is something I don't like. All in all, 5 stars.

9. Samsung Electronics Protective Shockproof EF PF926TBEGUS

Samsung Electronics Protective Shockproof EF PF926TBEGUS

The Silicone cover's soft grip material makes it even more comfortable than before, and a matt finish enhances the softness and ups the style factor. The Slim Form Factor doesn't add bulk, so it still easily fits in your pocket or bag. The Silicone cover on your phone is safe from edge to edge. It covers the sides and edges with softness and adds protection to the phone's front. And Rear. Keeping the shape intact. The components include a holster.

Brand: Unknown

👤I was hesitant in purchasing this one because of the terrible reviews for cases on this phone. I am glad I did. It feels good to hold my phone. I can unfold now instead of hitting the buttons. It fits perfectly, every hole is aligned with the phone. The back of the phone is leveled when laid flat, but the camera sticking out the phone will spin. I would recommend this one to anyone looking for a good case at a good price.

👤I'll keep it short. The slim case is easy to put on, but only offers some protection. The front of the case is pushing up on my factory screen protectors, and the Silicon by the power button started peeling in chunks after about a week, so now that needs to be replaced. It's a 10 dollar gas station case with a logo on it. Maybe they were too busy counting their money.

👤The case does not add a lot of bulk to the phone and the camera doesn't touch a table when the phone is placed. It's convenient to unfold the phone. The case adds a bit of grippiness. You are less likely to drop the phone. The rubbery Silicon picks up dust and lint very easily, which is the main downside of the case. After you put your case in your pocket, you'll be brushing it off a lot.

👤This isn't protection for a $2000 phone. You need a different case if you want sturdy protection. This case is an excellent one to have so that you don't have to worry about scratching the back or the screen of your phone, as well as being able to put it on the table or on different surfaces. If you put the phone upside down, you don't have to worry about the screen getting scratched because you don't need a screen protection. If you drop it, forget about it, it's still a great phone.

👤A good fit, quality build and comfortable grip. It's so slim it's enough for drops from waist height. The wedge shape of the case makes it easy to unfold the phone. The phone edge is flat without the case on, so unfolding without it is a little cumbersome. It would be perfect if this had a slot for the pen.

👤I have tried a few cases and this one seemed to fit best. slippage is less likely because it is made of silicone. It is a snug fit so there is no need for glue. Highly recommended!

👤It's easy to put it on the phone.

👤No hay ms, pero no hay escribir, pero no hay 2 piezas, pero no hay telĂ©fono.

👤Tiene el ajuste perfecto, haba comprado otra marca y la parte frontal. Con una mica decristal.

👤Es una delicada de proteccin de silicn. Es una segunda funda that compro de SAMSUNG.

👤Busque muchas opciones y todas tenan varios "inconvenientes" a dos meses de tener.

10. IMBZBK Shockproof Designed Non Yellowing Protection

IMBZBK Shockproof Designed Non Yellowing Protection

The case is compatible with the foldable phone. The case is made of top materials. Sturdy cover is made from hard premium polycarbonate material, which has excellent anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint performance. It is easy to install and can wrap your phone. The Z Fold 3 case is certified to drop-test from 10 feet of height. High-quality materials are used to protect your phone. It can scratch and impact. The edges of the case are designed to raise just enough to protect the screen from drops and scratches. The cutouts for all buttons, speakers, camera and charging hole help against dust.

Brand: Imbzbk

👤The plastic is cheap. The front cover is loose. There were little scratches on Case alreay. The phone is bulky and doesn't look good.

👤I don't usually leave bad reviews or reviews at all. This needs to be written so that anyone can get a case for their phone. This item is not compatible with the device. I adjusted it every time I opened it. The plastic and fit are cheap. The case claims to be shockproof. I can tell you that it isn't shockproof. I dropped my phone and it fell. The front screen doesn't work. The deductible was high, but I had insurance on my device. I'm very upset with this purchase, but what can I do about it?

👤The front part of the case is not as good as the back part. The back part is thinner than the front. You can feel the difference between the two parts when the phone is unfolded.

👤This case was a good solution for a short time. If you are waiting for a delivery or don't have the cash, get this. I couldn't use the cront plate due to the fact that it was Peeling the screen protectors in at least 2 places. The instructions say not to remove the acreen protector. The quality of the screen is important and so is the protection. I would suggest spending the extra on your case and hold it over until your case is better. I did that.

👤The case is very loose and the lips are big enough to hold it. Don't buy this.

👤"You get what you pay for" is what applies here. Until I could find a better case, this product was meant to be a temporary one. The screen protectors can lift if the front cover doesn't stay in place, which is why I tried this for the ZFold3. It was strange and a new situation I had never encountered before. The back cover worked well and allowed for wireless charging.

👤This is cheap junk. The phone is so flimsy that it flexes. The volume buttons are on the side where the plastic isn't rigid enough. If you dropped your phone with this case on it, you would have dropped it in a sandwhich bag. I thought this might be better than nothing because there are not a lot of options in stock. I was wrong.

👤False advertisement! The case is not shock proof. The front part of the case flew off when my phone dropped less than 2 feet, and I had to scratch my phone that I only had for 2 days. The case is flimsy and does not fit on the phone. This cheap POS will cost you a lot of money. Don't buy! Do not buy this case! If you spend the money, you will get something more durable, which will make you very upset in the long run.

11. Caka Kickstand Protector Leather Magnetic

Caka Kickstand Protector Leather Magnetic

The case for the galaxy Z fold 3 has a kickstand and is compatible with the galaxy fold 3 5g. The built-in sensitive screen protectors built into the Fold 3 case can provide a clear vision for the phone and prevent it from being scratched. The kickstand case with built-in is portable and can hold your phone for horizontal viewing. The case with the stand fits comfortably over your finger and will provide security when holding the phone and hands-free viewing. The metal patch on the back of the case can be used to attach a magnetic car mount. The magnetic car mount holder is not included. The leather of the Z Fold 3 case is made of high quality PU leather material and it is easy to clean.

Brand: Caka

👤Pros Magnetic popsocket type kick stand is easy to use and covers the screen. It was a loss. thoughts There is a The metal clip is used to hold the phone. It's hold on the phone raises questions about whether you can trust it. The case will be knocked off if there is a good shock. Time will tell. The metal clip came off and stayed with the holder. This defeats the purpose of the purchase. The small plate is held on by weak 2 sided tape and it may not be the fault of the tapes. The points at which it connects are very small.

👤It is a challenge to find a good case. The one that caught my eye was the one with the ring. It only folds up to 90 degrees on one side when it is upright. It's a pain if you have to adjust it a lot because of the phone size. The case is heavy. The front screen protectors are nice. I already have one. I pooped it out because I thought it was ok. I can't return it and have to take the loss because I don't think I was supposed to. I believe they are getting there with a case that has a ring but needs a few more modifications.

👤I've bought several cases for this phone and have been unhappy with all of them. I've only used this case for a day, but it's my favorite. I used my finger to support the weight of the phone. It's easy to forget the glass protection when using the magnetic windshield mount.

👤I had to glue it back on after the back part of the case came off twice. I put drops of super glue on the screen protectors that were disconnected from the front cover. It was a temporary fix because it happened again. I returned it because I didn't think it was worth the effort to fix it. I had a holder for my car. I prefer my phone not to fall from my car mount when I use a self restored case because I don't want it to be random.

👤So far, a great case. I don't use the ringer much, mainly because I don't use one on a case. The front and back covers have protectors made into them. I returned the plastic cases for lack of this or that, but the leather back cover is not slippery like the other plastic cases. hinge coverage is the only area of improvement. Most of the cases don't have hinge coverage unless you pay over $40 or buy a flip/wallet cover. The flap gets in the way of the camera at times.

👤There were two damaged areas on the outer panel cover glass. The notifications area is on the shallow front cover. The back cover prevents wireless charging. I don't recommend this case to anyone, however, the front screen cover fits underneath the s-pen case flap and allows it to wake the phone which I discovered by accident. The case should have an outer screen cover.


What is the best product for best case for samsung z fold 3?

Best case for samsung z fold 3 products from Supcase. In this article about best case for samsung z fold 3 you can see why people choose the product. Unknown and Speck are also good brands to look for when you are finding best case for samsung z fold 3.

What are the best brands for best case for samsung z fold 3?

Supcase, Unknown and Speck are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best case for samsung z fold 3. Find the detail in this article. Spigen, Akabike and Torras are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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