Best Best Case for Galaxy Z Fold 3

Case 5 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Spigen Armor Coverage Designed Galaxy

Spigen Armor Coverage Designed Galaxy

The new edge protection technology protects the hinge at all times. Air Cushion Technology and absolute protection with dual layers. An extra layer of shock resistance can be achieved with all-new foam technology. The buttons are open for easy access.

Brand: Spigen

👤This is an update on the case, but my hinge is gone. A case is damaging my phone. No thanks. Spigen, I used your other cases but this one damage my phone, I loved your other cases.

👤The case feels solid. It adds some bulk to the phone, but not as much as you might think. The front screen is hard to use due to the case blocking the corners and edges.

👤The thing scratched the hinge three weeks in. I attached a picture that is not dust and that is damage to the mechanism. When you open the case, it will scratch the back and the case itself. The case may have been good in theory, but now my phone is damaged from it. Don't buy this product until it gets a revision. I paid $80 for this case and thought it would be amazing, but it isn't. I will probably return it after a few days. It is not worth full price. The phone case has holes on the side of the phone and it does a poor job of lining up with the front screen. The sound goes out the side due to the gap. The rest of the case is pretty slick, but the only grip part is the spine. I would have liked it to be more gripping. The case is not as thin as it should be. It is possible that the thickness could have been cut in half. The left side of the screen has a small ticker to hold the hinge. People say that the hinge will scratch the case or phone.

👤There is a design flaw on the flap that is supposed to protect the spine. The flap is made of plastic and collects dust and sand. The plastic and debris rubs against the spine when you open your phone. I have a one month old phone and the expensive case has scratched parts of the spine all the way to the bare aluminum underneath the black paint. You should find another case. I think I would have been better off without a case at all. I've never owned a phone where the case causes this much damage. There are other reviews reporting this. Spigen should have put a soft felt on the inside. Not hard plastic. The phone case is worth a lot of money. It feels great and fits like a glove. It was easy to install and bulky, so it would protect your phone from a drop. My only complaint is the case is too large for typing on the external screen. They overlap the screen too much.

👤This design from Spigen was disappointing. You can't swap your Sim card out of this device. The glue does a good job. Spigen needs to design a cutout. The protection of the hinge is great. I tried to swap cases when the back display ripped off my antenna cover. Above the volume rockers is the cover. I was upset about that. There needs to be a cutout for that as well. If you are 1000% sure that this is what you want, you should only purchase this case. I've been happy with the case despite being upset about it. Before you remove the strips, make sure this case is your number one. You will not be able to swap out your sim card without damaging the antenna cover, if you are not careful.

2. Ruky Ultra Thin Anti Scratches Shockproof Protective

Ruky Ultra Thin Anti Scratches Shockproof Protective

The PC Slim Case is compatible with the Z Fold 3 5G. You can support wireless charging without taking your case off. The built-in screen protectors on the front cover of the GALAXY Z fold 3 case will protect your screen from scratches and cracks. Four reinforced corners with a raised edge could protect your phone from scratches and drops. The protection for your phone is supreme. Ultra thin cover and back is needed to keep the original shape. The phone to open mold design makes it easier to diffuse heat. No bulky, lightweight give you that. Real phone to open mold design is easier to design. It is possible to perfectly fit buttons for easy access. Lifetime Friendly Customer Service is what they provide. If you have a problem or suggestion, please contact them.

Brand: Ruky

👤This case is tough and I love the color. I dropped it and it protected my phone.

👤The case is very durable. The front screen gets smudges very quickly and I don't like that.

👤The case is not great. The protective screen was barely covering the case. It says it is glass but it feels plastic. It is streaky and picks up fingerprints faster than other screen protectors I have used. It's easier to remove the back part of the case when you leave the case on because it struggles to leave the case on. The color is nice and it fits well, but the other issues take away from the quality of the case. I wouldn't purchase again.

👤The phone opened and closed like it did not have a cover. The touch screen works well. It works with the case on.

👤The touch functions work well after installation. Cases fit snug to the phone. I dropped it several times from waist height and survived. Highly recommend it.

👤I don't like that it reduces the brightness of the flashlight. The screen still allows the acknowledgement of my fingers on it, and it feels good in my hand. I haven't dropped it yet because I put the case on.

👤The color of the case is striking. The front has a plastic screen cover. Time will tell if it is easy to hold and sturdy. I would recommend this case.

👤I don't care about the back cover. I use the old one, but this is the best one.

👤Vous pouvons toutes la poussire rentrer et vous pouvons toutes pices. ne pas acheter.

👤Laisse la poussire rentrer, vous avons l'├ęchapper.

3. Samsung Electronics Protective Shockproof EF FF92PCBEGUS

Samsung Electronics Protective Shockproof EF FF92PCBEGUS

The flip cover of the S Pen Fold Edition has been changed to fit the new Z Fold 3. The S Pen Fold edition is included. You can work smarter with the S Pen. And make your scruple into masterpieces. The S Pen Fold Edition holder is included with the flip cover. The case provides stability, so you can place the Z fold on a table. Begin writing without your phone. The components include a holster. The country of origin is Vietnam.

Brand: Unknown

👤Unfortunately, this is the only case with S Pen support, and it is a good concept. The front flap is always open. It should have been magnetic or something to keep it safe.

👤This case is not worth anything. If you're buying this case thinking it will protect your investment, look elsewhere. The Pen is the first thing we will start with. The pen is very good. You will not be disappointed if you ever use any Note products. The pen holder does not have a clip in it. It slides in and holds onto the pen. The pen's surface will degrade over time. Bye bye pen. Is it better to say "buy buy" pen? The case. What the hell was they thinking? The case has to protect 6 corners. It only protects 2 out of 6. It is barely protected with a thin rubber plastic. The corners are free for cracks and dents. GG is required for your battery if you plan on flipping the case open. The case has a small magnetic field that tells the screen to turn on. After using the flap, it permanently keeps the screen on. Definitely. Normally, I can get through the entire day if I have my phone in my pocket. I get about 1/3 of the day after putting this case on. You can see what's happening in my pocket if you watch the video. Hide your kids from this case. This is the most worthless piece of junk you will ever buy.

👤The S Pen fold edition can't be held in the case because it's not a pen pro. The left side of the case is not connected due to the fold screen. Save your money, it's not a good case. There are no cases that will take the s pen pro. The pen is in the middle of the case and that makes it difficult to use the front screen. They don't know how to make cases that are comfortable with the front screen. If you have a slide front cover that you can slide up or down, you can just put the phone in the other part of the case, and then just slide it back in until you are done. Not sure.

👤The only good thing about this case is that it has a pen and holder. The front of the case has a flap that opens. When you open the phone in closed mode, the front of the case slides past the edge of the phone. It's barely any protection, you can't see the front screen without opening the frond flap, and it's awkward to hold or lay down. Don't waste money.

👤The new S Pen Z Fold Edition and three extra tips are included in the Z Fold 3 Case. The front flap that covers the phone when it is not in use is annoying and I have encountered other issues with this case. If you are taking a picture with the phone open all the way, you have the option to enable a screen preview so that the person you are taking a picture of can see themselves on the cover display. The feature is useless now that the flap is in the way. It's a bit annoying to not be able to see the phone screen when charging. It sticks out about an inch to the left of the phone when it's opened. The instruction manual says to keep it away from credit cards to avoid damaging them, which is inconvenient, but it has a magnet in it to snap closed. Power share: If you want to use the Power Share feature on your phone, you should take the entire case off. Also inconvenient. The place where you store the S Pen creates a big bump on the back of the phone when it is open all the way. If you place the phone down on a flat surface, it won't lie flat and will be tilted at an angle. I am not a fan of this case at all. I would rather not deal with the other annoying features of this case and just carry the S Pen with me. The phone isn't even covered by the case, so it doesn't feel like it would offer much protection in the event of a drop. If you don't care about all of the other things, then maybe it would work for you, because the material feels nice, it has an antimicrobial coating, and it has 2 stars instead of 1.

4. Spigen Thin Designed Galaxy Fold

Spigen Thin Designed Galaxy Fold

Air Cushion Technology is used to achieve a slim design. The S-Pen is not included in the built-in S-Pen holder. A slim profile with a matt finish. The phone is pocket-friendly because of the scratch resistant PC.

Brand: Spigen

👤Since people have taken the time to review this case based on obvious conclusions from the photos and not actually owning the case, I think I'd review it. The case is great for the person who wants to have the pen with them all of the time and doesn't want to attach a double-sided pen-loop holder to the back of their phone or whatever case they found suitable for the time being. The finish has attached figure prints and greasy marks. I use a front screen protectors and it has not caused any lifting. The Tech21 and Spigen cases are clear. The hold is helped by the use of the same strips on the inside of the case. The power buttons are easy to reach. My brother can lock the phone and my niece had no problems. She was able to remove the pen. The pen won't fall out easily. It takes a minute to get used to retrieving the pen from the slot. It does not have hinge protection. The front of my case is missing some paint. I'm stuck with this one because it took too long to receive this case, but the quality control did not slack with my unit. It works just fine with wireless device charging.

👤A person who bought it and didn't just look at the picture gave a review. THIN is the case's title. It is thinner than the official leather case. The only port that is difficult to access is the sim slot. Before you put the case on, make sure you put your sim card in. You only have 1-2 tries before you have to use the extra glue-strips provided in the packaging. I recommend the official leather case if you want a case that doesn't use glue strips. There is a small bump on the back to keep the phone from wobbling when you place it down or write on it. That was a pleasant surprise. The front screen is protruded so that it is not annoying to gesture. The pen slot is the main feature. It doesn't affect the finger print sensor. It might get in the way if you want to open it while it's closed. I put a finger on the tip of my middle finger to make it work. The pen is not vulnerable. It doesn't move. I have to get it out. It doesn't protect the hinge. Spigen has cases that offer hinge protection. One is a BRICK for ultimate protection, and the other is slim. I wanted a simple case with a penholder. Not the silly wallet offered by the company.

👤I hope they can make a case that covers the hinge.

👤I would like to set the record straight. The location of the S Pen holder does not affect the functions of the device. Everything can be accessed with ease. The sharp edges would be the only thing I would criticize this case for. I had a slim carbon fiber case on my phone. It barely provided any protection. The case protects the phone. I can live with the sharper edges. Great case! If you plan to use the S Pen with your phone, it's recommended.

5. EACHO Protection 360 Degree All Inclusive 2021 Green

EACHO Protection 360 Degree All Inclusive 2021 Green

Eacho is a case specifically designed for your precious SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G. Before placing an order, please check if the item is sold in the US. The fold 3 case hinge protection folds smoothly and without obstacles. The anti-skid design of the hinge makes it hard to slip and fall. The built-in shockproof airbag on the hinge part provides strong protection for the fragile hinge of the mobile phone and reduces impact force. The buttons and interface of the case are cut to fit with humanity. The shell doesn't affect the use of the phone, and you don't need to remove it when using it. The galaxy z fold 3 case is very thin and does not increase the volume of the phone. You don't notice that there is a case. The high-quality after-sales service is offered. The case can support wireless charging without being removed. Eacho has a 90-day return service. If you have any questions or are dissatisfied, please contact them and they will be happy to help you.

Brand: Eacho

👤I have tried many cases since I got the zfold 3. This is the best one so far. It looks good. I own a silver zfold. I got the green because they don't have a solved case. It's almost black and reflects a greenish tint, making it look more high end than their competitors who go for a green shade. The material is much higher than any of my other cases. It's slim but still has a soft feel that's almost rubbery. You get the best of both worlds. The phone is less likely to fly because of the ridged hinge protectors. The design of the hinge protectors is more impressive than other cases with them. I can assure you that most magnets will fall out sooner than later. The case does not rely on magnets. It's a hinge function that works as well or better than the magnetized cases without the added worry of parts falling off. It costs the same as other poorly designed cases, so I'm really impressed with the design, but I'm surprised higher end companies aren't even using it. I love this case if you can't tell. There is some room for improvement. I would love to have a screen protectors built in, as I find built in screen protectors last a lot longer than others, and I would miss the kickstand of my old case. My five star rating is unaffected by these. You should buy a kickstand attachment if you want to buy another case. This is the best case for the zfold 3 and definitely the best with hinge protection.

👤I dropped the phone and it scratched my hinge. I've been looking for a good case that won't break my wallet. The overall fit was great and this is a good priced item. The whole case has a good grip. It is hard to find a good case for this phone.

👤The best case I have found. They did not do well and others got me by. This one has a good feel. The phone's spine is the best I've ever used. I think this case will be a top seller for this phone. I had already bought a screen protector and it didn't bother me that it didn't include it.

👤This is it after spending nearly 200 in cases. $30 bucks and it feels great. Well constructed, lightweight and comfortable. Y'all need one.

👤Have had about 10 different cases looking for a good case for the z fold 3 that was not thick and had hinge protection. This one is a perfect blend of sturdy and less bulk, and finally gives a sturdy case. There is only one thing missing, a built in kickstand that would take it to the next level. If you're on the fence about this case, buy it.

👤I don't like to write reviews. I felt compelled to write this. I bought the speck case for the fold about a week ago. The lack of spine protection made the phone feel incomplete. I was looking for a good case for a long time, but finally found this one. The s22 ultra feels like a complete product now that I slapped this bad boy on and it feels like a complete product. Couldn't recommend it enough.

6. Samsung Protection Storage Kickstand Tempered

Samsung Protection Storage Kickstand Tempered

Only for the SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G. There are 2hinge protection types with and without pen holder. It's a perfect cutout for Finger Print and Cable Charging. The edge thickness is 2.5 MM. No Tape is needed. One credit card is supported by the credit card slot. Kickstand is designed for hand writing and watching movies. 9H Tempered Glass screen protectors are of the highest quality. The case support wireless charging support.

Brand: Akabike

👤The soft touch finish that collects more than fingerprints is a negative, but I really like the case. The screen protectors is small. I already have a better one. The clip is poorly designed and doesn't cover the whole screen. Don't worry about the screen protectors, just buy the case, it's a great value and they don't charge for the clip part.

👤The screen protectors left a 1/16 inch gap when it was put on, after it was bought and received yesterday. There is protection for the hinges. The holster is too small for the phone and it's flimsy. The clips look to have a lot of strain. The case has a coating on it.

👤I was hoping for one feature that I wasn't sure about, but this case came as advertised. That was about the credit card holder. I was hoping it would protect me from the radio waves. I like the case. I can easily remove the S-pen and it will open and close.

👤My case was just received. Everything works as written. The hinges are tight and not flimsy. The belt clip is perfect for the case. It is easy to put and remove the holder.

👤I received this case and I love it. It is sleek and stylish. It came with a pen holder that I wanted the most. There is a protection for the hinge fold. It came with a screen protection. I thought the whole case would be enclosed inside to protect it. Still very happy with it.

👤I like this case. It's strong. I can find a way around the cover up of the fingerprint sensor if I need to. The screen protector is small but not insignificant. I made that work as well. The case is a beast.

7. Newseego Compatible Protective Scratchproof Absorption

Newseego Compatible Protective Scratchproof Absorption

The cases are not compatible with the other cases in the series, such as the Z fold 2 and Z flip 3. Fast wireless charging and Powershare are supported. Combining Hard PC Back+ is a hybrid protection. The frame is flexible and provides comprehensive protection. The thick backing of the PC prevents scratches. The soft bumper has an anti-slip effect to prevent accidental slippage. Precise cut-outs. The cutouts give you full access to the charging port and function keys. You can easily access the ports and buttons of your mobile phone. The Crystal Clear PC back shows off the original beauty of your phone. The raised front edge lips and lens lips of the phone case cover provide the best protection for your phone screen and camera lens when it falls down. If you have problems during use, you can get a solution customer service. Quality issues can be replaced or refunds during the 90 days. You can contact their after-sale service at any time. If you have problems during use, you can get a solution customer service. Quality issues can be replaced or refunds during the 90 days. You can contact their after-sale service at any time.

Brand: Newseego

👤I have had this case for the last 3 phones. The bar is pushed up above it when I plug my charger in. The cable in my car is the most likely culprit.

👤It works well and it's pretty as well.

👤The pieces slide off the phone easily. The camera helps the back one stay on a little. The sides of my phone are damaged. I ordered the purple/green one that looks more purple/teal in the pictures. It's bright green. It seems to be fine. It isn't a big deal if you have a really big charge or something. There wasn't a giant hole on the side for the volume buttons. The volume buttons are covered and only the home/fingerprint one is open so there is more protection.

👤The case has no screen protection aside from a lip around it. I wouldn't recommend this device because it has a sensitive screen.

👤The color does not glow in the dark.

8. Spigen Hybrid Designed Galaxy Fold

Spigen Hybrid Designed Galaxy Fold

Convenient hands-free viewing is possible with an integrated kickstand. A slim profile with a matt finish. The open buttons have original click responses. The frame is reinforced at cutouts for a snug fit.

Brand: Spigen

👤The "kickstand", an extremely thin and flimsy piece of plastic, is the main selling point of this case. When you touch the screen, it flexes when you set the phone down. I think it's really bad for a case that costs so much, and I think it will break within a few months. I've used Spigen on every device for years but this one doesn't live up to expectations.

👤There is nothing wrong with this case. It was what I was expecting. It is nice and thin. It's made of plastic. The kickstand is thin to support wireless charging. The silver hinge knobs are the same as in the picture. Is it worth anything? There isn't another case like this. I guess? I hated dealing with the cover of the kickstand because I have the leather one from SAMSUNG. I got this today and do not have a problem with it. I have an issue if the silver caps fall off. This review will be updated.

👤I ordered this case before the phone came out. The phone is expensive but worth it for the stand. I thought so. I waited for a month after I received the phone to get the case. I paid a lot for the case and it wasn't worth it. It's a cheap flimsy case, the stand is the most brittle piece of plastic, and it can barely hold the weight of the phone. If you want to angle your phone, think again, because it will slip until it's at a 45 degree angle. This case was really disappointing.

👤Every area that is important to protect is fine. The thin front part that is thin is the only thing that I dislike. I broke one from Spiegen and this one is also fragile. Spiegen Cases for S21 or S10 are great, but for Fold3 they are not as consistent.

👤The silver end caps that hold the kickstand flap to the rest of the case have been lost. I start to question Spigen's products for the Fold line. Kickstand is great for watching videos anywhere you are stationary, but it's not easy to use, and the Finger print reader and volume controls are exposed. It would've been nice if it had the same design as Spigen Tough Armor.

👤Within 30 seconds, I knew I was returning the case. I put the case on the phone temporarily. The kickstand I pulled out was cheap and flimsy. I put the phone on the table and it fell back. I usually use Spigen products to protect my phones, but this whole case feels cheap. I'm going to look for another place to protect my phones.

👤I have a Spigen case for my cell phones. Each phone has its own Tough Armour for it. I was happy to see the kickstand version of the Fold 3. The Spigen case does well for drop protection. I dropped my Fold 3 with this case, 2x with it fully open and 1x with it closed. The case held up despite no damage to the phone. Spigen did what they could with this kickstand. The case can be used for power sharing. Spigen had to make the kickstand thinner in order to keep its strength. Adding thickness to the kickstand would prevent wireless charging. The kickstand tension is contained by the two silver caps on the top and bottom of the case. It gets the job done. I have used the kickstand many times. I have lost some tension but not much. The best position is open if you plan on touching the screen. If you plan on setting up on a surface, you can get away with more steep angles. The kickstand pops closed with two nubs, one towards the top and one towards the bottom. There is a notch in the kickstand at those two points to open it. The bottom one is no longer as secure as it used to be. There is a metal plate over the bottom of the magnetic mount in my car. The nub pops out when driving. I have to think about getting another Spigen case or something else.

9. REEGINCH Kickstand Magnetic Hand Strap Wristlet

REEGINCH Kickstand Magnetic Hand Strap Wristlet

The custom-made for the Z Fold 3 is compatibility. Double check your model first. TheGalaxy Z Fold 3 wallet case has 2 card slots and 1 cash pocket, and a lanyard strap, which can be used as a griping method. The leather used in the case is vegan and has been treated to a coating of natural wax to form water and weather-resistant leather that is as tough as it is beautiful. The leather is polished to a soft sheen. The inner case of your phone protects it from drops, knocks and scratches. The material for your case is of the premium quality. The Z Fold 3 phone case can be used with wireless charging, no need to take it off. The case can be folded to make it easier to see. They offer a lifetime warranty on their products. If there is a non-artificial quality issue, they will send a replacement to you for free.

Brand: Reeginch

👤The stand doesn't seem to hold the phone up after the strap broke.

👤The product came quickly and the quality is out of date. I was worried about the leather getting wet. It still looks brand new, even though it has encountered water spills. If you are prone to dropping it or breaking the face, this case is a great protection. Why did I buy it?

10. VEGO Protection 360┬░Rotate Magnetic Samsung

VEGO Protection 360%C2%B0Rotate Magnetic Samsung

It's designed for the SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G. New hinge protection technology protects the phone at all times. The sliding cover protects the phone. The built-in ring kickstand case with vertical and horizontal angle can bring you a convenient viewing experience. The metal patch can be used to support the magnetic car mount. They promise life time customer service. They will reply within 24 hours if you have any doubts.

Brand: Vego

👤Great case. It is on the thicker side. The protection is great. The thickness makes it harder to press the volume and power. The kick stand is good to have but it doesn't balance itself well in portrait so you'll find yourself using landscape for optimal placement. The case is more difficult to open due to the protection on the hinges. It is something to get used to. So head up. It affects one handed option a bit. There is a good amount of thickness. The front screen protection is better than most I have had with this design. Usually they break after a few weeks of use and here I am buying another case hoping the first one was a mistake. I finally found this one, but with the above mentioned issues, I will keep looking. This is good for now. I wish it was less flawed. Maybe it is me.

👤Like the case. Sturdy, durable and looks good. The left side of the front cover is too tall for typing. I also have small fingers, and found it annoying. The kick stand works well. It works well for stability when you use it in full display. If you don't get the front cover on correctly, you'll allow the right side to move, which led to the lifting of my front screen. I didn't like it. My dog caught it with his paw and it was held down with tape on the left side. I don't like front plates being taped down. I have other cases where they snap on and work great. I'm picky. I still recommend this case. Does look good and work well, if you get that front plate on absolutely perfect, I'm sure you'll have no issue with lifting the screen, but buyer beware... Lifting problems on the screen of this phone will be caused if this or any case has play in the front piece. Find one that clicks. There is no slip.

👤I had an issue with my case, but it was taken care of. The case was really nice, but I had to take it away because the ring came off and my phone fell to the ground. The phone could have cost me a lot. I didn't know that the ring was separate from the case. Although it can be a simple fix, be careful and be aware that cell phones are expensive.

👤It uses double sided tape to hold its self on the phone. After 2 days of using this tape, it came loose and I had to peel the screen protectors from my phone. It damaged my screen protector. The rear kick stand is not in place, the finger ring is peeling, and the witch is held on with tape. If you don't pay attention, the retractable hing cover catches and doesn't alow the folding screen to close all the way, which is a shame. I hope the models fix the bugs. The case size is comfortable to use and not bulky like the rest. This case is not needed around your phone. Very disappointing.

11. SUPCASE Unicorn Full Body Protector Kickstand

SUPCASE Unicorn Full Body Protector Kickstand

Drop protection is created by multi-layer TPU and Polycarbonate materials. Guards against scratches without compromising sensitivity are built into the screen protectors. Convenient hands-free viewing from either landscape or two different angles of portrait mode, doubles as ring holder. A built-in pen holder protects your stylus from daily adventures. Please note. The pen holder is compatible with the pen. S Pen is not included. It's compatible with the SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G.

Brand: Supcase

👤I have been buying SupCASE for my phones for the past few years and it is another 10/10. Attaches are made of great quality material and are comfortable to hold. The case is 4.5% more expensive than the device it's protecting, but I know that it will save my phone if it hits concrete or goes down a flight of stairs. A happy customer and a great product. The s-pen storage is inside the case, which makes it more secure in the event of a fall.

👤When the Z-Fold 3 first appeared on the market, I was a little disappointed that Supcase didn't have a case for it. I tried no less than 4 cases and never liked any of them. Supcase figured out that there was enough market share to make a case for the Fold line of phones and I am happy they did. The negatives are that it was expensive and that it was pricey. The case is a little heavy and bulky, but it's not a big deal since it's the same size as a large candy-bar style phone with an extra.25 inches in thickness. I know my device will survive a fall. The case has multiple rubber pads and a hinge protection that provides a great gripping surface when the phone is open. I can hold the phone in my hand at any angle. The hinge houses my s-pen perfectly. I didn't want to lose my s-pen, so I kept it at my desk. Wireless charging works well. The front screen protectors are high quality. The plastic case is sturdy and easy to hold in any configuration. The ring holder is sturdy and works better than anything I have seen thus far. The patterns on the plastic are high tech looking and add to the grippy feel. Supcase is located in the USA, in Alpharetta, GA. I love seeing ingenuity and high quality from an American company. The new case is pricey and adds some bulk, but the protection and ease of daily use make it so worth it. There is nothing similar out there. I will probably buy a blue or green one once they become available, I like this case so much, I am sure they will add more colors once sales increase. Highly recommended! -Nate.

👤This case is amazing. It is bulky, but provides both hinge protection and carries the SPEN without using magnets. The case stays on firmly with only one strip of grip tape on the front cover. The kickstand is very nice. Since the phone has a hinge cover, you can't lay it flat, which is the only downside. The phone's hinge makes it possible to take notes on the phone without it being on a flat surface. This case is very good. This is a good one after buying and returning many cases.

👤This case is everything I wanted. The Spen slot is a hinge protection. There is a built-in screen protectors for front and back screens.

👤My case was just received. A perfect fit. The screen protection is great. The gold is taken for 1st place. The Supreme case of all cases is the one for the z fold 3 model. Exceeds expectations. It is definitely worthy of a 5 star rating.


What is the best product for best case for galaxy z fold 3?

Best case for galaxy z fold 3 products from Spigen. In this article about best case for galaxy z fold 3 you can see why people choose the product. Ruky and Unknown are also good brands to look for when you are finding best case for galaxy z fold 3.

What are the best brands for best case for galaxy z fold 3?

Spigen, Ruky and Unknown are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best case for galaxy z fold 3. Find the detail in this article. Eacho, Akabike and Newseego are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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