Best Best Carry On Luggage 22x14x9 Airline Approved with Charger

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1. Samsonite Underseat Spinner Port Purple

Samsonite Underseat Spinner Port Purple

It is possible to fit most airline seats for easy access to belongings, please check with your airline for more information as under seat storage capacities and dimensions can vary. The Multi Directional Spinner Wheels allow for rolling in multiple directions. You can charge electronics on the go with theusb port. The lock is designed to fit in your hand. Quick sheath extension pockets are for increased packing organization of smaller items. There is a padded laptop compartment that fits laptops up to 13.3" The bag can be placed over the handle of most upright Luggage pieces.

Brand: Samsonite

👤You want an underseater. If you are like me, you have been searching for a long time trying to figure out if any of them will fit under a seat, reading reviews and comparing published bag sizes to airline restrictions. If you are like me, you are frustrated because the dimensions of the bag listed on the website you are looking at are different than the actual dimensions. Maybe this will help. I have tried 6 of them and this is how they stack up. I wanted to replace my purse so I started looking for an underseat bag. I always carry a checked bag. I have stopped carrying a bag on my back or shoulders. I have stopped carrying anything. I fly between the US and Canada often. The trip requires going up and down stairs, standing in long lines at customs and security, and walking a lot. I usually do this in a heavy parka in Canada. I carry tote bags, backpacks, crossbody bags, and purses. I have some medical issues that affect my strength and I am done carrying. Anything. I wanted a purse on wheels, but not on 2 wheels. There is a search for an Underseat Spinner. I found a list of maximum dimensions for domestic and Canadian airlines. It was clear that there is no spinner bag that will fit the requirements of all airlines, especially since Air Canada and United are the two airlines I fly most frequently. I wanted that option because there are some that will fit under some seats. I accepted that on most airlines I would have to put my bag overhead. I wanted the smallest bag I could find that would roll beside me through corridors with ease, a solid handle that pops into place and folds without effort, and a sturdy grab-handle that I could easily grip when going up and down stairs. I agreed that I needed to double my budget. I address my Personal items at the end of this tome, but eventually realized I needed an additional bag. There are items for under $100. The lineate can be found for under $200. I bought the 2 Hartmanns for $200. As I went through the testing period, a built-inusb port became highly desirable. None of the bags listed here come with a battery pack, just the port. If you don't use that feature, you can use the dedicated pocket for something else, or leave it empty. The smallest bag I tried and would probably fit underseat on most airlines was the one I rejected. It is a purse on wheels. The bag wouldn't roll in a straight line because the handle was wobbly and poorly built. This was true whether full or empty. After a few tests in my apartment, my wrist and hand were throbbing with pain after the zigzagging motions of the bag jerked on my wrist. The empty padded sleeve took up a lot of unused space in the bag because it was too small to fit my Surface 6. I wouldn't expect this bag to last long. The handle of the bag is flimsy and loose, which is the same problem as the Underseat Spinner II. I didn't bother to check to see if the issue was fixed by packing it, because I rejected it for that reason. This was the second smallest bag I tried, coming in at about 16” x 13” x 8” The bottom of the case is 14” x 9” because the wheelbase protrudes beyond the edges of the bag. Is shoving it under the seat in front of me any different than putting it under the seat handle? It's hard to know until you try. I compared this bag to another bag. Without measuring, I could see that both of them are the same size. The Lineate/Silhouette case is larger than the other one. I can't understand why a smaller case would be better than a larger one, except to save money. I can't see why anyone would buy this bag, it's the cheapest I've tested and costs 1/3 of the superior Samsonite. It has nylon carry-handles that hang on the sides. I tried to get them into my hands with a firm grip, but they wouldn't let me. I knew that it would be frustrating because it just takes too much work. I had to turn the box upside down to shake it out since there was no handle on the top of the bag. I was initially willing to overlook the bag's drawbacks because it was the best-looking bag I had tested. This bag is larger than advertised, coming in at 17” x 16” x 9” and is the largest bag listed here. The way it is designed makes it awkward to pack and it does not have the largest capacity. The front pockets are useless because they are flush to the bag. It has a domed top, which is a poor design, as that is where the non-removable tablet sleeve is. That means you have a hard item under the cover. It resulted in a lot of wasted space. The handle is the real dealbreaker. The more I played with it, the harder it was to get the handle into place. Sometimes it wouldn't. Sometimes I have to travel with a 15” HP laptop. I tried to fit the laptop in all of the bags. This is the only one that slipped into it easily, and it was on the bottom of the bag. The only bag it fit in was the Lineate/Silhouette. None of the bags reviewed here would fit a 15” laptop on a regular basis. The Metropolitan 2 Underseat Carry On Spinner arrived along with the Herringbone Deluxe Underseat Carry On Spinner. I found the Metropolitan 2 to be a little bigger than the Herringbone, so it had already lost out. I knew that the zip-around flap covering the pull-up handle was going to drive me crazy after a bit of messing around. It is a nice touch and gives it a bit of a luxury feel, but it was not going to work for me because of the many times I tried to get to the handle. I know my underseater handle will be6753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 If I already have some better-designed bags to compare it to, I may have been willing to overlook this. My Surface 6 fit into the laptop sleeve with room to spare, because this underseater is otherwise well-made. The laptop sleeve snaps out of the bag, making it completely useless. I would suggest that all computer sleeves be designed this way. It makes the bag a million times easier to pack, and in some cases, users might not want a sleeve in their bag at all. I found the case to be sturdy, with handles that snap up to multiple heights, soft rubber that is comfortable to grip, and wheels that float like a dream. I bought 2 Hartmann underseaters because of the wildly different exterior dimensions on the website. I wanted to compare them since they looked similar online. I measured the Metropolitan 2 at 17” x 14” x 8.5” larger than the Herringbone Deluxe, which was empty. I will add that my measured dimensions do not correspond with the ones that Hartmann has, which means that both underseaters are larger than what I measured on my own. Go figure. The Silhouette 16 Underseat Carry-On Spinner is also sold as the Runner-Up 5. This is a nice bag. I have never been drawn to the name or aesthetic of the bag, but this one has completely changed my mind. It is built with care and thought. The laptop sleeve is completely replaceable. The front pocket is wide and zips all the way around, which is different from the bags I tested, and it lays flat when you open it. It has an elasticized back slip pocket that runs the entire width of my Surface, both with and without the cover. Excellent! I could remove the interior laptop sleeve and increase the usable space inside the case. The top interior flap of the case has ausb port inside. The side pocket of the bag makes it difficult to access the port, and it also creates a bulge on the bag. I packed my personal items in a leather pouch with the same items as the bags, and tested each bag's capacity. The case fit all of the above, with 2 of the small packing cubes stuffed to capacity, and left me with room to spare. Like a lot of room to spare. The reason for this is that I didn't need the laptop sleeve at all. I was sorry to say goodbye when I packed this bag into its box. It is a well-designed bag. This is the bag I would recommend if longevity is your top priority. The fabric is high-quality, the handle and wheels are top-notch, it's got a very solid sturdy build with reinforced corners and even a little hand slip on the bottom of the case to aid in lifting. It is better looking in person than online. The wheels and handle can be adjusted to different heights. The carry-on version of this bag is something I am considering. The material on both hand grips is a minor downside. They are covered in rubber. I have a medical condition that makes my skin very sensitive to rough texture and after a full day of traveling, I think it would cause a fair amount of irritation. For the average person, this will probably be a non-issue. Carry On Spinner The Unicorn is a song by the Hartmann Herringbone. This bag is fully packed and measures 16.2 x 14 x 8. According to the airlines, it will fit underseat on all three of them. It might work on Southwest in a pinch. Allegiant. This is not the best bag I tried. It is an actual underseater, it fits all my criteria, and is the one I am keeping. When the case is empty, it is a little tippy. It glides along without a hitch. The sides of the body have some flexibility and give, which is why I am considering a pro rather than a con. The body is not nylon and is less durable, and the trim and top-handle are made of faux leather. Since there is no mention on the bag itself or the website of the bag having authentic leather trim, I am assuming it is fake. This bag is from the least expensive collection and is from the entry-level to luxe range. I contacted Hartmann and they confirmed that the trim is genuine leather. My laptop sleeve is snug in. It will fit everything I need. I fit 2 small packing cubes and all of the stuff mentioned above, but left some empty space. The handle is comfortable to hold and adjusts to different heights. The grab-handle pops up from the top of the bag, so it's easy to slip my hand in and lift it. It is easy to pop on and off my suitcase. The front pocket is large enough for my pouch. There is a built-in port. It is exactly what I have been looking for. It was sold. I love the Hartmann vintage style. I got this in black and the pattern is dark and grey, but it has a black extension handle and trim. It is quite smart looking. There is a style clash on top of my Victorinox Spectra hardcase. I realized that my purse needed a purse when I replaced my purse with a small suitcase. I would need a way to get to my personal items at airports and my airplane seat. For me, those items are: phone, passport, wallet, earbuds, small pillcase, lipstick, lip balm, compact mirror, hand cream. I have 2 purses that are too fat to fit into any of the cases, and they are both structured with hard sides that are too fat. The problem was solved by purchasing a padded leather pouch that was 9” x 7” In some cases the pouch can fit in the underseater's front pocket, but in others it can only fit in the bag's interior. It will fit into an airplane's back-of-seat pocket, making it easy to slip into my seat when boarding. I put all of the bags on a suitcase. The stacked bags need to be guided by the handle of the underseater because it is impossible to get around with the underseater sitting flush against the Victorinox handle. The lock positions on the pull-handles of both the pricier and cheaper ones make it easy to pop the handle into place when it is stacked on top of another bag. The cheaper bags did not have this feature. All dimensions are approximate, but I tried to measure each bag accurately. Soft-sided suitcases are difficult to measure because they are not square, and in most cases the dimensions change when packed versus empty. When the bags were full, the bags were packed full with the Measurements for the Samsonite Lineate/Silhouette, London Fog, and Hartmann Herringbone were taken when the bags were packed full. I haven't traveled with any of these bags and I didn't test them in airport sizers. The airline's published rules as of June 2019) are the basis for their true underseaters. YMMV.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Lightweight Hardshell

Kenneth Cole Reaction Lightweight Hardshell

Premium 4-wheel spinners allow for smooth effortless free-weight maneuvering. The Luggage is made of a lightweight hardABS exterior with reinforced protective molded corner guards that absorb shock for maximum impact resistance. The main compartment is lined with a tear-resistant lining and has a double-sided packing, a pocket, and straps to hold your clothes in place. There is a top and side grab handle for easy maneuvering and four molded side feet that allow luggage to stand upright. The push-button retractable trolley handle is 41 inches in length. The lightweight construction helps you adhere to the weight restrictions of the airline. The suitcase is designed to fit into most overhead bins and is 20 inches in diameter.

Brand: Kenneth Cole Reaction

👤The luggage held up well. The luggage was used for the first time on a flight from the U.S. to Indonesia. When we arrived in Indonesia, we noticed that one of the wheel's was missing. We were too busy to deal with it while on vacation, so we waited until we got home to contact them, even though I knew there was a warranty with the product. I contacted Kenneth Cole when we got home. The customer service rep told me to go to a shoe repair store or seamstress to get my luggage wheel replaced because they no longer service my type of luggage. The Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage has a warranty, but when you read more about it, it's pretty much nothing. They don't cover normal wear and tear and they don't cover damage by airlines. They cover defects in material or workmanship. The company tells the public a terrible lie. One flight from the U.S. to Indonesia with a wheel popping off was all it took for my luggage to fail. They can't fix my luggage or send me a replacement wheel. Kenneth Cole doesn't help their customers and doesn't stand behind their products. Their luggage held up for most of the time, but there were some scratches on the exterior and a missing wheel. Customer service and a company that stands behind their product are what I appreciate. Kenneth Cole doesn't do that. I will never buy any bags from them again. Don't buy if you're warned. You get what you pay for. Next time I buy something, I'll be buying something called Samsonite.

👤The suitcase is amazing. It's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. I was looking for a carry-on suitcase to take with me. I was able to fit a month's worth of clothes. My large suitcase is useless because of this suitcase. It is more resistant to wear and tear since it has a hard case enclosure. There was a suitcase in my possession. Prepare to be amazed. There are 3 large print books and one paperback. 2 pairs of sandals, 7 girlie cut shirts, 5 band t-shirts, 3 tank tops, 3 yoga pants, 5 shorts, and a Victoria Secret Bras- with padding.

👤I was going to Europe and bought this item. The bag broke on my first flight. One of the wheels is detached from the handle. I have to carry a 45 lbs bag because the item is no longer rolling. I can't even return it because I'm in the middle of my trip. I have only one option left, buy a new bag and dump it in my hotel room. It was quite frustrating to start my trip.

👤There is no easy fix for the fabric and zipper that are completely disintegrated. I paid about $20 per round trip to use it. It seems like the warranty should have lasted under normal wear and tear since it is luggage, which includes loading and unloading on airplanes and taxis.

3. Travelpro Luggage Lightweight Expandable Suitcase

Travelpro Luggage Lightweight Expandable Suitcase

The roller suitcase has an integrated side and bottom handle that makes it easy to carry your luggage. The 21 inch spinner is a half pound lighter than maxlite 4. 4 wheel spinners are rotating for a smooth roll. The PowerScope handle stops at 38 inch and 42.50 inch and has a patented grip with touch points for easy maneuvering. The unique bottom tray design increases lifespan. The packing capacity can be maximized by expanding up to 2 inch. Features low profile top, side and bottom carry handles, two exterior compartments, full length interior lid pocket, side accessory pocket and adjustable hold down straps for packing convenience. The cost of repair for damage from airline or other common carrier is covered by the trusted companion promise. The H20 Guard protects the interior lining. The interior is 21 inches x 14 inches and the exterior is 23 inches x 9 inches.

Brand: Travelpro

👤TravelPro makes bags that are meant to work and live out of. The front has a slant so it doesn't become top heavy and fall over when fully packed or with your personal bag, and the side carry handle is 10x more comfortable. There are two versions of this bag. They are not the same in capacity. If you fill it to the brim, you won't want this version. The bag is fantastic and has an incredible warranty. You will tire of it before you stop using it. As a consultant, I live out of carry-ons. I started paying attention to the brands of frequent travelers and crew members when I started traveling a lot. TravelPro dominated. I picked up the MaxLite 2 or 3 and it has been abused, but not much more, over the years. I wanted to point out the size difference. Between the bag's new "slant" and the 1" bigger version, you lose a day's worth of clothes. For me, the smaller suitcase fits into the regional jets I must often take to get back home to Cleveland. If you're the type to pack carry-ons full and never take regional jets, you might consider the slightly bigger version. The bag is even lighter than the old one. It was the first thing I noticed about it. I had to put myself on a 'packing diet' and it was easy to hoist into the overhead. I can't speak highly enough of the handle. This is one of those silly things that makes you wonder why no one has thought of this before, because your wrist will thank you every time you get on and off a plane. I have always had a spinner bag and would never leave it. It's nice to push the bag through the terminal and take the strain off of your arms. If the wheels get gummed up and need to be cleaned and oiled, they seem to be easier to get to. It's a professional, ready-for-anything carry-on that you'll be happy to own. I like the new pattern on the interior of the bag. TravelPro knows what they're doing when it comes to luggage, and it's nice to see a splash of color when you open it. You'll be happy to own and have this rugged, thoughtfully-executed carry-on. Travelpro backs it with a lifetime guarantee if you break it, and I'm 100% confident that it will work for years to come. I can't think of anything they could do better than the ones that cost 2x more. I have been a fan of TravelPro for a long time. I uploaded two pictures of it next to the bag to see how it compares. The old one is in good shape after about 5 years of use and a lot of travel. The bag has a handle with a color that's called "traVELpro". The old bag has a nice colored interior while the new one has a grey one. I received it through the Amazon program. Let me know if you find it helpful.

4. Olympia Denmark Carry Spinner Black

Olympia Denmark Carry Spinner Black

The 21 inch carry on size is perfect for weekend getaways and short business trips. The handle system and spinner design allow weight free movement in all directions. The grip handle is easy to use. The internal divider has a zip mesh pocket and tie downs to help secure your clothes. Also includes a wet zip pouch. A hidden compartment is found in the interior lining of the carry-on size only. It can be expanded for additional packing capacity. The case is 21x14x9 inches. It can be expanded for additional packing capacity. The case is 21x14x9 inches. In.

Brand: Olympia

👤Due to my career, I travel almost every year, and have been through many suitcases, backpacks, sacks, duffels, and other items. I try to pack light when traveling. I don't leave reviews if it's good or bad. The reason I am writing a review on luggage is because it has made my travel experience much easier and lighter. The best I have tried. Here are my reasons. This bag has an expandable hidden pocket. In the picture, it seemed like a laptop compartment, but couldn't tell how it works. I decided to try it. And guess what? I had a backpack that I travel with all the time. The laptop is large enough to fit my wallet, keys, and other items. I can open the suitcase from the top without having to open it. Since it is hanging in the middle of the suitcase, I can put my wallet and keys in it and not worry about them getting lost. The bottom grip handle is a good feature, but I think it is meaningless in a carry-on bag.

👤I like the hidden pocket. Anything you put in the suitcase will be well protected and held in the middle. I don't plan to use it for a laptop, but it will be great for holding papers and other items I don't want to dig around my suitcase for. The side handle would be perfect if it was smaller. The handle pushes the width over the 14” limit but it is flexible and it might not be an issue. The screws can be accessed from the inside.

👤Construction is solid. The color is better than pictured. There are more pockets inside than I thought, including one which is easy to access from the top without opening the whole case. The dimensions are perfect for carry-on requirements. I trial-packed it for a 17-day trip and it fit with plenty of room to spare, with 2 pair pants, skirt, 7 tops, undergarments, pajamas, socks, 4 pairs of shoes, makeup, toiletries, three scarves, jewelry. All that fit without extending the case to its largest. Using packing cubes.

👤If you need something durable, I wouldn't recommend this suitcase. The wheels on the suitcase are messed up, I bought it for a trip to Europe. If you just hop on and off the tour bus, you'd be fine. Do not buy this suitcase if you roll it on cobblestone streets in Europe. The wheels are out of alignment after just one trip, which means that it gets stuck and doesn't roll on all four wheels. The handle was very long. I had to stop and fiddle with it for a while until it would pop up. The size and setup of the suitcase compartments, the style, and the feature of the handles on the side and bottom were all good. There were items that were bad. The handle was very difficult to use.

👤I picked this up for my trip. It was easy to get into and out of overhead bins, and held everything securely, even though bricks and pebbles were embedded into the concrete. I came back with a case full of souvenirs and no problems, I also used a silicone lube to help extend the life of the zippers. It is easy to keep track of. I will be using this case for a while. I didn't really use the laptop compartment because my tablet fit into my personal item. It also fit my laptop. A great price point would be ideal for a casual traveler. I don't know how long it would last for a road warrior.

5. SwissGear 6283202161 Sion 21 Black

SwissGear 6283202161 Sion 21 Black

The Rolling Suitcase is a stylish carry-on luggage with a locking retractable push/ pull handle and multi-directional spinner wheels. The luggage is 21 x 12.75 x 10.25 inches and has packing dimensions of 22.50 x 14.25 x 10.25 inches. The Expandable travel case is made from a durable, scuff-resistant polyester fabric and has a fully lined interior to give you ample parking space. The luggage bag maximizes packing efficiency with a large mesh lid pocket and packing pocket for holding small items and accessories. The roller suitcase has an integrated side and bottom handle that makes it easy to carry your luggage.

Brand: Swissgear

👤The suitcase is 21" tall. It is actually 23". It is larger than the dimensions have been given. The maximum dimensions for most U.S. airlines are 22x14x9. The carry on box is too small to fit this case.

👤I bought a similar one a decade ago and have traveled the world with it. I bought this because they're the same brand and size. I have only had it a few months and have taken two trips. I'm a little disappointed. I have taken 5 trips with this bag. I can't use the broken handle. The warranty can only be valid with a receipt from the official website. Don't waste your money!

👤The suitcase seems well made, but the handle is not. The handle is wobbly and doesn't lock when you only extend it half way, which is what I did for the first time. It's difficult to get out of the way. If your suitcase is tight, it gets stuck going in and out. I might think this was a coincidence, but my husband has had to replace the handle on his suitcase twice in the last year or so, after only a couple of years of use, and I realized after purchasing that this is the same suitcase. I'm already outside the return window when I use it and the handle doesn't work right, so it might be going the same way.

👤Don't buy these products. They have a 5 year warranty. I bought luggage from them that only lasted 8 months. I ended up paying over $100 in baggage fees. It will cost you a lot more than the products are worth. Don't buy this product because it's a lie.

👤I bought this bag a year ago. Not new. I expect my luggage to last more than a year. I travel about 10 times a year for work and 3-4 times for vacation. I don't travel every week. I was traveling in September last year and one of the wheels got stuck. It wouldn't work after that. I didn't travel again until the holidays because of the bag problem. I purchased it because I could no longer wheel it standing up. I tried to take it to Florida, but the bag is useless. It was like dragging a dead body. My bag has been with me for 4 years. I purchased this bag because I wanted to be able to wheel it upright, which was less demanding on my back.

👤I tried out the telescopic handle when I first received it, after reading through prior reviews, and ordering this to replace my old SwissGear carryon. It went up and down. Great! The first time I used it, the handle went up when I was walking through the airport, but then it stayed down, refusing to come back up again. I was walking through the airport carrying my suitcase, kicking it, and trying to steer it as it rolls. I had a train to catch so I was trying to move quickly. The metal rod inside the telescoping section is not where it should be, so the catch won't be reliable when the button is pushed to move the handle up/down. I think I can fix it, but it's not good to have to repair a brand new case. The fixed handles, wheels, sides, and telescoping handles all hold up well so far, but the telescoping handle is a big deal because it only works when it feels like it. I don't expect much from SwissGear. If I can find a replacement for the broken piece of plastic worth less than a dollar, I can fix it. The rod inside the handle should look similar to the photo on the right. The handle won't work because half the piece of plastic is broken off, so it doesn't stay on the rod, and the button on the handle is useless.

6. American Tourister 92504 T555 Carry On Marble

American Tourister 92504 T555 Carry On Marble

The 21 inches Spinner Luggage is light enough to fit most carry size restrictions for those traveling domestically and looking to stay light. The overall dimensions are 22” x 15”x 9.5” and the weight is 8.2 pounds. American Tourister products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet stringent standards, and this bag comes with a 10 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The book opening case has a divider and straps in the main compartment. Four, Multi Directional Oversized Spinner Wheels are lightweight and easy to use. Compression keeps clothing neatly pressed and you can pack more items. Push Button locking handles make it easy to extend out from the suitcase and store it inside when not in use.

Brand: American Tourister

👤I felt that the suitcase would be a quality piece of luggage, since it is American Tourister. It holds a lot of items and the wheels, handles, and zippers are great. No doubt about that. The quality is my disappointment. I checked this piece on my flight. The luggage was in mint condition when checked. I was disappointed when I retrieved it at my destination and it was covered in scratches, black scratches and dents. I was sad to see that this piece did not hold up better and now looks like trash, because I realized that airlines aren't very careful with how they handle luggage.

👤I have to return this luggage because of the smell. When I opened the luggage, I didn't notice that the cloth liner had a zip on it that allowed you to get to the inside of the luggage. I immediately smelled a chemical smell when I opened that fabric. I checked the tags on the handle and found that they stated that the product could expose you to chemicals that are known to cause cancer in California. Also, etc. I live in Pennsylvania, but my suitcase does include this hazard, so I applaud California for being so responsible. This luggage is going to be returned.

👤I bought this carry on at the end of December. I was looking for a carry on. I liked the over all appearance of this one. This is a high quality product and you can tell it by looking at it. The wooden floor has wheels rolling on it. The wheels have a slightly harder time on my rug, but still has an easy time in my opinion. Will be traveling at the end of January and will post another review after its first voyage! This review was not sponsored. A customer wants to give other consumers a good idea of what the product looks like. I'm happy with my carry on so far.

👤The design and color are great. It was easy to maneuver through airports and in the aisle of the plane. Lifting it into the overhead bin was easy. I was able to put it in the overhead bin for the airlines. I had a lot of room in it because it held three days worth of clothes, a pair of shoes and a lot of other things. The handle is flimsy, but held up well. The bars for the pull handle make the side with the handle shallower than the side with the pull handle. Since the clothing security strap is on that side, you can't put your stuff on that side. The opposite side of the zipper is deeper and would be better for clothes. The security strap would be perfect if it were switched. I used this as a checked bag for the first time and there were tons of scratches and scruffs that didn't come off. I was thinking of getting the 28” one to match, but it was too bad.

👤I had fun taking it all around. It feels like double the room of an average suitcase when packing because of the beautiful design inside and out. The inside pattern is invisible to me because my stuff covered everything. It does get scratched because of how they throw it around, but it is nothing major, I got the marble design for that reason. I went away for a week for my first use of it.

7. Travelpro Luggage Platinum Expandable Business

Travelpro Luggage Platinum Expandable Business

The interior has accessory pockets. Carry on and checked baggage regulations have a dedicated powerbank pocket and externalusb port. The powerbank is not included. The suitcase has a capacity of 41.3 liters. When needed, the tip resistant expansion adds up to 2 inches of packing capacity. The nylon fabric has a duraguard coating. Damage from frequent use and abuse can be prevented with the engineered supra zipper heads. The laptop and sleeves are padded. Credit cards and passports are protected against loss and identity theft. There are accessory pockets and a quart sized wet pocket in the interior tie down system. Backed by their built for a lifetime limited worry free warranty that covers the cost of repair for damage from airline or other common carrier for the life of the bag after registration under the trusted companion promise, this is the only warranty they offer. Overall dimensions are 22.50 x 14.50 x9 and weight is 8.2 lbs.

Brand: Travelpro

👤I've been a B&R two-wheel suitcase user for 13 years, mostly for business travel, but occasionally for a family vacation. My wife's generic two-wheeled carry-on was prone to tip over if not loaded just right, so this was a Christmas present for her. My only previous experience with Travelpro was a wheeled suiter that I used for a grand total of two times due toFunctionality issues. B&R has been stellar, especially around their no questions asked repair warranty. I have had two different wheeled carry-ons and one 26 inch suitcase restored after airline baggage handling or B&R component failure. The two suitcases that I had went through several trips to Asia without any issues. I was willing to pay the price premium for the four pieces I have so that I didn't have to purchase anything in that size category again if I wanted a feature/color upgrade. B&R's bags are usually heavier than their competitors' bags which can be an issue in Europe or Australia where the weight rules tend to be strictly enforced. My wife didn't want a new carry-on and the amount of personal travel that we do wouldn't necessarily need the B&R durability that I needed for business travel. B&R and Travelpro domestic 21 inch carry-on spinners were the only ones I chose. The Travelpro convinced me to go with it. The Platinum Elite wheeled luggage seems to have a comprehensive warranty if you register within the specified time period after purchase. A. The Travelpro weighed 1.5 lbs less than the B&R model. A. The price of the Travelpro was less than that of the B&R. If the Travelpro aligned wheels functioned as advertised, they would be a good feature to have. It was selected as the top carry-on bag by Wirecutter. We just returned from a holiday trip where my wife packed a lot of her clothes in the Travelpro and wheeled the bag around the airports. This trip alone is making me think about getting a spinner for myself, despite my B&R strategy. The effort needed to carry my backpack on her spinner was more than I could handle, especially when I had to cross some bigger airports to get to my connecting flights. The bag's packing capacity and the ability to align the wheels seemed to work well for ease of movement in the crowds, as well as the fact that the bag's height handle was used at a couple of different settings and she enjoyed the easily accessible outside pocket. She had a good experience with the Travelpro. We didn't use the bag in the expanded configuration and I doubt we'll use the battery side pocket as intended. It is annoying for me because my wife used to have the same bag. I only gave it 4 stars because I didn't have any data on durability/reliability or warranty fulfillment. I had the same questions when I was considering Travelpro Platinum vs. B&R, so I hope this helps.

👤The suitcase is 23" tall, according to Travel-Pro. I measured it and they are correct. It's 23" tall. There is a short animated video on Amazon that shows a suitcase that is clearly marked as 22. How do you fit a suitcase into a box? I went to my local airport because the numbers didn't add up. I usually fly United, so I went to their check-in area to find the box. It fits in my picture. How is this possible? I measured the box with a tape measure and it was actually 23" long. The box's other dimensions were correct, so your suitcase cannot be bigger than 14 or deeper than 9. If you put the front pockets of the suitcase in, it won't fit because it will be deeper. I only tested one box. Your mileage may be different.

8. AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage 20 Inch

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage 20 Inch

Hardside luggage for work travel, weekend getaways, or as international carry-on. A 21-inch hardside spinner with a protective extra-thick ABS hard shell and a scratch resistant orange finish is included. Smooth-rolling mobility is ensured by 4 double spinner wheels. Sturdy telescopic handle for comfortable maneuvering. The interior organizer has a divider and 3 pockets for storing smaller items. Up to 15% more packing space can be expanded. Product dimensions are 10 x 14.9 x 22 inches, including wheels.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I was concerned that the size would fit with the carry on regulations. People just uploaded pictures of issues and what we really need its pictures with luggage in action. My experience in images is perfect.

👤I travel a lot as a flight attendant. I've been looking for a suitcase that can handle a lot of use. I received my suitcase this week. I have a new suitcase that I love and I am traveling for the first time. It rolls with ease. It's strong too. My arms and back are not stressed. It feels like it's floating. The smaller bag is attached to the top and still feels light. I don't think the handle moves will be a problem. The handle on my last bag moved and I had it for years. I would like to thank Amazonbasics for making my travel life easy.

👤Very disappointing. It was purchased in October of last year. Couldn't hold up during travel, but looked good on arrival. The handle came off and the front wheel broke. No longer usable.

👤The first time we used this suitcase, a wheel fell off.

👤I loved this spinner on my first trip. The telescopic handle broke the day I flew out after I used this. It's unbelievable.

👤The luggage set is okay. It's fairly cheap. There are three pockets inside. Rolls were smooth. The cheapest hardside luggages are made from the material. The material can be damaged by rough handling and the one I ordered had huge dents in a corner. There is no lock on the bags. The only way to lock the tips of the sliders together is with a separate lock. The 20-inch bag has a weight of 7.2 lbs. Excluding wheels, the height is 18 inches. The width is 13.25 inches. The depth is 9.75 inches and the expansion is 1.25 inches. The bag weight is 9.6 lbs and the height is 23.25 inches. The width is 16.25 inches. The depth is 11.00 inches and the expansion is 1.25 inches. The bag weighed in at over 11 lbs. 27 inches is the height without wheels. The width is 18.5 inches. The depth is 12.25 inches and the expansion is 1.25 inches. The wheel's diameter is 49mm.

👤The best carry-on luggage. I usually buy my luggage from Ross, Marshall's, or Burlington Coat Factory. Medium to large suitcases can be had for as little as 69 dollars. I was not happy with the prices at Ross and Marshall's, I was looking for a carry-on luggage. The cheapest I could find was $69 and it was the same price as a luggage. I was surprised to see one from AmazonBasics when I looked for more affordable carry-on luggage. I had to get it. The products from Amazon are pretty good. The price! The price for a carry-on hard-side luggage is $49.99 and you can't get a better price. I was able to fit my luggage into the overbin for Delta, Ryan Air, Olympic Air, and SAS Airlines. The size of the luggage was in line with what I had listed. I've flown to Italy and Greece many times via American Airlines and had no issues with the luggage. The quality of the AmazonBasics luggage was comparable to the Samsonite luggage I had just bought, and the color choices were good. There is a I like the little compartment pockets. I rolled this bag through the rocky roads of Europe and they survived! The handle doesn't feel sturdy, sometimes I felt the handle was going to break off. But it did not. I had difficulties getting the handle to go up and stay up, but I am not sure if it is just my luggage that is faulty. I think the bolts were loose, that's why the handle kept falling down. It is an amazing carry-on luggage and the price is too good to pass up.

9. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 20in_carry

Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 20in_carry

Mobility is ensured by the 360-degree spinner wheels. The textured finish of the material prevents against scratches. The upper part of the luggage has a beveled edge. 20inch The 24inch luggage is perfect for business and personal travel. Sturdy aluminum telescopic handle system provides a smooth experience. The silent wheels will not make any noise when they are rotating. The lock on the bag allows only the agents of the TSA to inspect it. There is a 2 year warranty worldwide. Only 28in is expandable, adding 15% to the space.

Brand: Coolife

👤The luggage seems decent for the price, but what's disturbing is that the seller will not stop asking for a review in exchange for a gift card. Leave a review, email a picture, and get a giftcard. It's difficult to trust the ratings on this item.

👤I'm happy with the weight of this suitcase. I can easily put it in the airplane storage compartment if I lift it over my head. I took it on one trip so far and it did not sustain any damage when it fell from the back of my SUV. The inner pockets can be used for packing. I'm very satisfied.

👤The design is sleek and elegant with a wine red color, it rolls well and is light weight. It has lived up to my expectations so far. This luggage was used on a 14-day trip. It can hold up a lot of stuff inside, but it is a little heavy to roll. I contacted the company and they responded right away. If not careful with the luggage, Dislike may scratch easily.

👤My daughter was going to live in South Korea and I purchased two suitcases for her. They had plenty of packing space and could be secured without effort. They survived international travel without any issues. I know my daughter will always have her suitcases by her side as she travels around the world. Highly recommended.

👤I ordered a 28” luggage case to carry clothes during a move across the country. It is very lightweight and spacious compared to other models. It is one of the few large luggage cases that fits within the max linear dimensions allowed by most airlines. The handles on the top and side of the case make it easier to load and unload it. The hard shell is less likely to crack when it is hit with the beveled edges on the exterior. If any occur, they will update.

👤The product was destroyed from shipping. I'm giving the poor review because it's not going to handle what airlines put luggage through if it's unable to handle what a shipping team puts it through. It arrived with the wheel smashed in, the protective shell buckled and cracked, but it rolled so silver lining. The outer plastic is not suitable for travel or carry-on use. Spend a little extra and you will save yourself some headaches.

👤My sister wants it, and I told her no. This suitcase exceeded my expectations. It has a nice colour and texture. The wheels are very strong. On both sides, it was very large. It's easy to go with. I would like to thank you for blowing my expectations with this luggage.

👤We bought this luggage because we wanted a really good quality luggage but also one that doesn't break and at the same time looks good when you roll it through an airport. We just bought it two weeks ago and it has already been to Canada and Germany and everything inside was in perfect condition when we unpacking it. We might buy the carry on matching this one.

10. Rockland Luggage Piece Purple Size

Rockland Luggage Piece Purple Size

The upright is 20 x 13 x 7.5. The tote bag is 13 x 11. Inline skate wheels. The padded top and side grip handles are very comfortable.

Brand: Rockland

👤I bought the owl and giraffe patterns for my children to use for a trip to grandma's this summer. I inspected the pieces after they arrived and found them to be well made. We don't have to pay extra luggage fees if we only take a carry-on and personal bag. I ran to make sure we could fit inside. I was very happy. I decided to order a set for myself as well. I fold my pants in half and roll them together to pack. I find that my bag is much larger in that way. Here is what I fit inside the main area for myself, without the extra 2 inches of room. I put my laptop in the large front pocket of the smaller bag. In the main area, I fit the following: make-up, curling iron, deodorant, toothpaste, electric toothbrush, travel size wet wipes, Kleenex packets, wallet, keys, snacks and a water bottle. The perfect size for your boarding pass is on the other side of the personal bag, which has a long narrow pocket. The carry-on has a strap that loops over the handle so that both bags can be pulled through the airport. I rolled the bags around in my house to make sure the wheels were working. They worked well. I packed the bag and parked it. It was upright. Some reviewers said their bags tipped over. It might be based on what you have inside and how it is packed. The fee for checked bags is $25 each way, so a round trip would cost $50. One carry-on and a personal item are free. I paid $29 for the owl print set, $35 for the giraffe print set, and $29 for the solid purple set for myself. I know these trips will last a long time for my girls. It was worth the price for these new luggage sets. I would have to check 2 bigger bags if I ordered all of these, but with my free shipping I can get all of them. Each of us was given enough clothes for a week. I could fit two weeks worth of clothes for my 5 year old. We are staying at grandma's house for 3 weeks. I would rather have the new luggage for the price than pay the bag fee. It's cheaper to mail it back in a priority mail one rate box than it is to pay luggage fees. I am very happy with my purchase and I think you will be as well.

👤It's a hit for $32.00, I have to admit. I used this for a few days and it worked out great. I did a real vacation test with this set and waited to write this review. We just returned from a 9 day trip to Mexico and this little carry on saved me $25.00 each way for my luggage. My family thought I was crazy for taking a carry on and not packing a big suitcase. I took a laptop backpack instead of the smaller bag for my tablets, laptops, and other items. I was able to pack everything I needed for this trip, but there were still a few things I didn't wear. This proved that we always take more than we need. I was able to fit a few items I purchased in this carry on. I'm a motorcycle guy so packing less is not an issue, and going to a warmer climate doesn't require much heavy clothing. Here is what I took: 7 shirts, 3 tank tops, 2 swim suites, 7 pairs of socks & underwear, 2 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of walking shoes, 3 pairs of cargo shorts, 1 pair of relaxing shorts, and my. I wore jeans, a short sleeve shirt, and tennis shoes. Selecting and packing what you think you need wasn't that bad. I fit a lot in this luggage. I flew Delta and Aeromexico and had no issues with my luggage. I recommend this set and it's already paid for with my luggage savings, and will have it for many trips in the future as well. I see a lot of people saying it tips, and yes, if you take your hands off the handle, it will tip over. It only took me one time to figure out how to hold on to it or lean on my other bag to keep it from falling over.

11. Wrangler Spinner Carry Luggage Charging

Wrangler Spinner Carry Luggage Charging

Carry items securely in the open side pocket. The carry-on is 20 H x 14. The measurement is 5 L x 11 W. 92 lbs. The cup holder is located in the back of the luggage. The double spinner wheels allow complete movement. Extra packing capacity can be expanded. The interior has accessory pockets.

Brand: Wrangler

👤The carry-on is great, I love the color, it rolls nicely, but I missed out on the battery pack because I bought the carry-on for theusb port.

👤I used this for a week of travel. It took 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of leggings, 6 socks, underwear, 3 turtlenecks, 2 lightweight sweaters, and a couple of makeup bags. I will wait to see if I can buy some clothes at my destination, but I could have added more curling iron hair products. It is also a great foot stool.

👤The suitcase was used for the first time. I would expect a suitcase to be able to hold more than one flight, even though the airlines are not always gentile with luggage.

👤The battery pack is not included. It takes another $25 after finding a battery pack, but you think you can use the charger. No, Wrangler does not sell them. You need to search online for a compatible battery pack. The interior lining is cheap and thin. I haven't used it yet. I think it will have holes soon.

👤The biggest piece of garbage. The wheel broke off for the second time. I returned late from my trip. Thanks for nothing.

👤I had trouble rolling the bag. When my carryon had to be switched to check-in when the plane was too crowded, the battery pack had to be removed. The cup holder and phone holder were convenient. I liked the ability to zip up the compartments. I would have given it five stars if it had a tsa locking feature. I like the army green color.

👤I am not happy with this suitcase. The cup holder and top handle were broken when I retrieved my luggage, which made it difficult to travel with.

👤The port hookup is nice. I wish there was better guidance on the type of battery. I posted a short review. You aren't sure what you want to use the External battery for.

👤It's a great piece of luggage, but you need to add a charging option to Amazon. I didn't order one with my suitcase.

👤It's a great carry-on case. The cup holder works perfectly. It is plastic. If you sit on it or rough it up, it could split in the future, so don't do that.

👤The size is perfect. I don't think that product is very strong. The extendable handle is not very durable.

👤Se romperpio el portavasos.


What is the best product for best carry on luggage 22x14x9 airline approved with charger?

Best carry on luggage 22x14x9 airline approved with charger products from Samsonite. In this article about best carry on luggage 22x14x9 airline approved with charger you can see why people choose the product. Kenneth Cole Reaction and Travelpro are also good brands to look for when you are finding best carry on luggage 22x14x9 airline approved with charger.

What are the best brands for best carry on luggage 22x14x9 airline approved with charger?

Samsonite, Kenneth Cole Reaction and Travelpro are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best carry on luggage 22x14x9 airline approved with charger. Find the detail in this article. Olympia, Swissgear and American Tourister are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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