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1. Genuine Dyson DC25 Cleaner Assembly

Genuine Dyson DC25 Cleaner Assembly

If it does not have a genuine dyson sticker on the box, it is either a fake or used item that may damage your machine. A genuine replacement cleaner head assembly is needed. This is a unique product. Click on the technical details for a full list of models. Genuine part - buy with confidence.

Brand: Dyson

👤After almost 10 years of house cleaning with pets and kids, our cleaner head finally melted down! 10 years was a good run, but suddenly I smelled burnt rubber and then a loud screeching sound and then roller stopped in a matter of minutes. I looked up options on the Dyson website and a few video instructions, but I could probably just fix the belt assembly part and not spend a lot of time yelling and swearing. I just got a new head. There was no fuss or frustration when the old one was removed and the new one snapped in. We have had no problems with the new head.

👤The head attachment of the vacuum is flawed for pet owners. I just burned through my second vacuum head. I decided to open the second one to find the problem. My dog's long hair built up and forced the belt into the wall. The hair was stuck out of sight near the belt as I pulled it out of the rotor. I'll be shopping for a completely new vacuum if Dyson doesn't replace this head.

👤The small knob that turns the brush head broke inside my 5 1/2 year old Dyson DC25. I had to buy the whole cleaner head because the knob couldn't be purchased separately. It works great and matches my vacuum. My old cleaner head was worse than this one. My wife says the vacuum is self propelled. It's nice to have a new Dyson for less than the cost.

👤I was relieved to find a replacement brush head for Dyson. The belt on my old brush head broke through the plastic and created so much friction that the plastic started to melt before I discovered it, because my apparent lack of proper maintenance on my old brush head resulted in so much hair getting caught around the roller. I panicked about how much it would cost to send the dyson away for repairs. He suggested checking to see if Amazon sold a replacement. Well done! Only $60! The replacement worked just as well as if my Dyson were new out of the box. The situation has served as a reminder that maintenance is important.

👤I had a vacuum for over a decade, but it stopped working. I was thinking of buying a new one but reading the reviews on new ones, it seems older ones are built to last more than the newer ones. The reviews on the head are not great, but I thought of giving it a chance before buying a new one. Installation is easy. So far, so good. The review will be updated after a while.

👤Life saver... After so many years, and many top-to- bottom clean-outs, our DC25 was severely lacking. The bucket was kicked as the drive belt for the head melted as it fell through the side of the housing. I headed to the internet to see if I could order the parts, and found that Amazon had them for the best price and next day shipping. The vacuum was off to the races without a hitch after the parts came in and the plugs were plugged in. It handles like it's brand new again. Highly recommended!

2. Dyson Torque Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Torque Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson's most powerful vacuum. The vacuum has the same amount of force. Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home by capturing particles as small as allergens andbacteria. It's engineered for deep cleaning. Run time and tools designed to deep clean your home. It is possible to run time and suction across all floor types. The balance of power and time is important. 60 minutes of run time. For larger homes with pets. The actual run time will be determined by power mode, floor type and/or attachment used. The head is high. It is possible to deep clean different floor types without changing cleaner heads. Whole- machine filters are advanced. 99% of particles, dust and allergens are trapped by whole- machine filters.

Brand: Dyson

👤The motorhead does not spin and it took 14 days to get a replacement. The replacement has the same issue. The worst product ever!

👤Dyson's customer service is excellent. It has to be the best I have ever experienced. They are sending me a replacement unit because they don't want to ruin the engineering by using my V11 without the disc. They are reporting the issue to their engineers. I have been vacuuming like crazy and walking on the hard woods since I removed the sand from the house. I love this vacuum, it's fun to run, and the top of the unit can rest on the counter in between touch ups. If I don't have a home base there is an option, but I probably wouldn't do it when the kids are in the house. I really wanted to wait before posting this review so I could use it more, but after reading other reviews for clues I realized this is an ongoing issue and I wanted to warn others. I read the directions before I opened the box. There is a switch in the front of the cleaner head. The switch should be placed in the middle setting. It's ideal for everyday cleans to pick up larger debris and fine dust. I was excited to use this vacuum because I have never used it before, but I was also anticipating using it because I love my hair dryer. The boost mode is amazing and really sucks up the fine sand that gets tracked into our beach house, I started it and was delighted with how the different modes self adjust as needed. I noticed the brush heads weren't spinning after vacuuming. I took apart the brush head as shown in the manual, as another reviewer said I had difficulty putting the brush head sheath back on, I didn't force it. I was trying to get it to go back and have the end piece flushed. The coin screw part was on the other side. The brush heads are spinning, but I am not happy about it. Dyson customer service gave me an option to call back and they did so within one minute after I called. The woman was walking me through the steps to fix the shaft when she saw a broken plastic disc at the base of the shaft. I was offended by the customer service trying to suggest that I use a screwdriver instead of grabbing one. It was a flat head and only used to flip the coin screw cap. She immediately offered to send a new head. I was disappointed that I couldn't play with my new device as it had worked well without the brush heads spinning. I decided to use the small car/upholstery head to vacuum because it works well on stairs and small spaces. I looked to see what other reviewers had said because I felt bad that I might have broken this piece of fine technology. I was vindicated when I saw that others had experienced the same issue. The customer service didn't mention returning the cleaning head, so I decided to take out the broken pieces of the disc/ring and see if the vac works again. Also, note: I don't know if doing this will void the warranty, but I recommend calling Dyson and telling them that this little disc/ring is the culprit, and that's what they should do. I don't know if this is a clue or not. The recycle symbol was on it. Maybe this is a clue that this piece is supposed to be thrown away before it is shipped to consumers? I have two questions, one is if this ring/disc is important for function, and the other is if it will harm the motor if I don't. The second thought is if this is a part that is meant for shipping and not for removal. Doesn't sound right. I wonder because the vac is running smooth. If the above issue hadn't popped up, this could be a four star review. The beach sand, Aussie dog fur, all sucked up on boost mode, is amazing. The hardwood floors are clean. I like the screen that tells me how much battery life is left. The weight is not too heavy for a small person. There is no self standing option. I don't want this vac to fall down when I have to stop. I would like to see a charging cradle at the base. I could move where I put the base charge. I don't want to put the charging mount out in the open because my house doesn't have electricity in the small closet space. This may not be an issue for others, but you need a space with an electrical outlet nearby. I'm taking the motor off the head and vacuum stick so I know it won't fall and cause anyone to fall on the floor.

3. Dyson Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It's cord free, it's easy to use, and it's powerful. It takes up to 30 minutes to use a non motorized tool. It's easy to clean the home. The battery power is only used while it is being cleaned. It takes 3.5 hours to charge before first use. The cleaner head is direct drive. Up to 6 minutes of fade free power. The nylon bristles are driven into the carpets. The Dyson digital motor V7 was used to pick up dirt and fine dust from carpets and hard floors. The Dyson V6 has less brush bar power. 99% of particles are small as 0.25 microns. The bin doesn't need to be touched. The bin volume was 0.14 gallons.

Brand: Dyson

👤I got a red light when I went to use my vacuum, which was good, but the battery life is not great. I called customer service and was told that my battery is the only thing covered by the warranty, and that the motor is the only thing covered. I can either drive 185 miles to a service center or pay $108 for a new one, but since I'm under warranty, they'll give me a 20% off offer. I asked the representative if he was telling me that Dyson was not guaranteeing a $300+ product for a year, but he said there was nothing he could do. I was put on hold by him after he told me that he didn't have a manager. After 5 minutes he came back and told me that his "manager" hadn't existed before and that he would give me a courtesy battery. If anyone in my family had been in the same situation, they would have felt like they had no choice but to buy the battery for 1/3 of the original price. No one I know will be purchasing another Dyson. Dyson tech support is condescending and tries to sell you a $100+ battery replacement because it's not covered.

👤We have been watching commercials for a long time. We thought about buying one but didn't. We should have made the purchase a long time ago. This vacuum is what it is advertised to be. It picks up hair. It's easy to empty and charge quickly. There is no warning when the battery is going to die. When the battery is low, it will stop. I don't mean to slow down, it stops. The first time it happened it was frightening. We plan on purchasing the next size, regardless of whether it is a wonderful tool or not.

👤This vacuum is the best. A 32 year old man is excited about vacuuming and is a testament to product marketing and ingenuity. I ran out of things to vacuum at my place so I contemplated asking my neighbors if I could. I had an excuse to use it. It was worth the money.

👤I have animals. I bought this model because of that. I need the Max setting to get all the fur and dog hair. The battery only lasted seven minutes on the max setting. I can only vacuum one room in seven minutes and I like to do at least a few rooms at a time. It only lasts 20 minutes on the regular setting. After 15 minutes, she disconnected me from Dyson. The second person had the courage to say that it was just the way it was with this model, short battery life. Only if you have a small living area to vacuum or you like to do a chore for a day or two.

👤We've owned this vacuum for 2 months and I am very disappointed. The battery won't hold a charge, so it has stopped working. For the price of a vacuum. I thought I was buying a quality product. I feel like I have been taken advantage of. Don't buy this vacuum. It's a complete waste of money. The Dirt Devil that we had for 4 years was much better and lasted several years for a fraction of the cost. The Dyson broke a few days after the return window. I think I'm out $300. It's frustrating and irresponsible of both Amazon and Dyson.

4. Dyson Cyclone Lightweight Cordless Cleaner

Dyson Cyclone Lightweight Cordless Cleaner

The Torque Drive Cleaner Head is 25% more effective at removing dust than the Dyson V8 vacuum. The Dyson Digital V10 Motor can spin at up to 125,000 revolutions per minute to create a powerful vacuum and up to 60 minutes of run time when using a non- motorized tool. There are three different power modes to suit any task. 99% of the particles are small enough to ensure clean air. There is a Torque Drive Cleaner Head, Electric Wand Set, Mini Motorized tool, Docking Station, Crevice tool, and manual.

Brand: Dyson

👤I have had a vacuum for 6 months. I had to send it to Dyson for repair as it keeps on throbbing even when the vacuum head is malfunctioning. Even though they say to clean the filter every few months, I have to take it out after almost every vacuum. I have to use my stand up vacuum again because I can't vacuum with this. After getting it back from Dyson, the pulsating continues. I am very disappointed that I didn't have it work. Not looking forward to having to send it back. I wish I didn't buy it. As a stay at home mother of 2, I was having a hard time keeping up with vacuuming the house. We have a Dyson that is 8 years old. I hated vacuuming because it took hours to do our house. Being our home is mostly hardwoods, I was using the extension with the hard floor attachment almost exclusively. It is loud and cumbersome. I hit the buy button even though I was appalled at the price tag. There is a That is where buyer's remorse ended. It has been great to vacuum. Our older Dyson was a major improvement. It is light and not very loud, which is helpful when you need to clean up after your baby. So far. I was able to vacuum my entire 2000 sq foot home on one charge, but I find myself doing a few rooms every other day because it is so easy to get out, vacuum, and put away. I found low and medium suction for hardwoods to be adequate for my needs. I don't need max suction. There are a few things that Dyson should address to justify the price tag. 1. The hard floor attachment from my older vacuum is not compatible with the new design. The motorized head does a good job with pet hair and dust bunnies. 2. The battery is not replaceable. If you run out of charge half way through cleaning, you can have a back up battery. If you vacuum in sections instead of the whole house at once, it's not a big deal. 3. The hanging dock only has a couple of spots for other things. This one has more than one attachment. I had to put the other 2 in a cupboard. It would be great to have everything in one place. It was well worth the purchase. It has made the husband vacuum on occasion without complaint. I would call it a victory.

👤We got the V10 animal, and we couldn't be happier with it. It has been wonderful, but it is cumbersome to carry up and down stairs. The v10 animal is portable. It seems to do the same job when you factor in how much I use the V10! It is great for a quick run around the high-traffic areas or a deeper clean of the area rugs and hard floors. We have rugs that work well over both hardwood and tile floors. The hardwood floor attachment is the only difference between the animal and the absolute, according to another reviewer. It has several settings, from a quick run on the lowest setting on the motor with the roller head at the highest setting, to raising or lowering the openings on the head for different strength, to suck up bigger debris. You have to hold the gun down to keep the motor running. I don't think it's a big problem since it doesn't run that long, but after I do the whole upstairs, my finger does a bit. It is light and quiet for my 4 year old to use, and my 6 month old isn't afraid of it. There is a rubber seal that slides down the middle of the canister to help push more dust off the middle cylinder. I was a bit worried that I might break the canister when I tried to empty it the first time. I haven't had a problem opening it since then. It is a major improvement over the 2008/9 dyson ball. I loved our old Dyson.

5. Coredy Compatible Intellect Boundary Supported

Coredy Compatible Intellect Boundary Supported

Children and pets should not be near each other to avoid accidental ingestion. The Coredy R750 works with Amazon and Google Assistant to start and stop cleaning with voice commands. You can use the smart App to control your R750 robot vacuum cleaner, monitor real-time cleaning status, set cleaning modes, and get access to their online support service whenever you need it. The R750 robot vacuum cleaner supports boost-intellect technology, which allows it to automatically increase the power of the vacuum when the carpet is detected. For an impressive clean, upgrade vacuums to 2200 pa Max pure power. The R750 robot vacuum cleaner has an electronically controlled water pump, automated monitor and control the water level according to the humidity and dryness of the floor, you can get to enjoy a clean home. Virtual Boundary is compatible. Coredy R750 robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with virtual boundary and has new upgraded sensors to make sure it only cleans the areas you want. There are boundARY straws for sale separately. An R750 robotic vacuum cleaner, along with an array of vacuum cleaner accessories, is what you get. The Coredy R750 is the upgrade version of R700, and you can use the mopping function.

Brand: Coredy

👤This is the second Coredy robot cleaner I have purchased. Also purchased an R650. After reading about the newer model, I decided to try one of these for my other home with pets. I've been using several different models of Robot Cleaners for more than five years. The R700 arrived the day after I purchased it, for our home with hardwood floors and several rugs. The package was constructed well. The main box was in the shipping box. There are pictures included with the review. I can use my phone to control the robot with the help of an app on my phone. I like to move from hardwood to oriental rugs easily. Video shows moving from rug to wood floor. The oriental rug has fringes that can be jammed or caught in the robot cleaner. The fringe will be pulled into the beater bar. The fringe needs to be manually removed from the cleaner. There are two side brushes on my other cleaners. The brands I own have more power than my other models. As it goes from hardwood to carpet, the power goes up, and so does the amount of dust/dirt in the bin. My other cleaners have a larger height footprint than my other SALVAGEDATA. It can go under many pieces of furniture that the others can't. The open dust bin is easy to use. It's easy to return from the unit. The bottom has a small wheel. Seperate access to the HEPA filter inside the dust bin. It's easy to clean or replace. There is a guide on the bottom of the dust bin. The edge brushes that snap on are easy to install. Quiet, similar to my bObSweep, but much quieter than my iRobot. You can use your phone to control the R700 with the Coredy Robot app, which has built in wi-fi. Both the Coredy Robot APP and AmazonAlexa APP were easy to setup. The Coredy Robot APP needs to be setup first. It's easy to do - download, run, set up a user account, create a family, add a device, and finally connect to the internet. The dust bin is a bit smaller than it should be. After every use, needs to be cleaned. The Coredy Robot App only works with the internet. The program won't work with a newer 5 Ghz device. If you have a dual internet connection, you may experience problems with the dual internet connection. I'm not using a problem with my dual routers. The app needs a lot of work. The only two commands that can be used are "Alexa, turn on robot" and "Yes, it starts the robot in auto mode." "Alexa, turn off robot" is one of the commands it recognizes and responds the same way as "Did you mean the Coredy R700?" There is no online help for using the Coredy Robot R700. I couldn't find any other commands that worked, like "Go home robot" or "Alexa, edge clean robot", which are not supported on this device. OBSERVATIONS: The vacuum opening is a bit larger than other brands I own. It has been proven that it is better at picking up dust and pulling it into the dust bin. There is a short video with several areas covered - 1) moving from rug to hardwood and back, 2) moving over oriental rug fringe, 3) moving over 1 inch high kitchen carpet, 4) moving to steps edge and avoidance, and 5) cleaning around / under low height table. The unit is put together, the dust bin is located on the docking station, and the unit is ready to work. When you open the top of the box, you will see full length cardboard atop the contents of the box. It has a Quick Start Guide printed on it, with clear steps and contact information for customer service. A nice touch. The package contained three booklets, the owner's Manual, Coredy R700 and Coredy Robot Cleaner App install guide. The package also contains the robot cleaner, charging dock, edge brushes, clean tool for removing hair on brush, remote control with two batteries for remote control, magnetic boundary strips, 3M electronic clean pads, and a thin cloth wire tie. There are two extra edge brushes and an extra HEPA filter pack. The first thing I did was read the owner's manual in five to six minutes, with lots of graphics and how-tos. The brushes were placed on the bottom of the robot. The dust bin and filter compartment were checked. The docking station had wire placed in it. Plug the docking station into the wall and place it on the hardwood floor. The robot cleaner had a main switch on the bottom. There is a picture included. It was directed to go home. It went to the dock, mounted, and began to charge. The time can be set on the remote. The remote was placed in the docking station holding slot. It took about 2 hours to charge. The remote can be used with a daily timer and several cleaning modes. It is easy to setup the Coredy Robot App on your phone if you have loaded it. The actual robot has a number of modes, one of which is auto, which uses a zig-zag pattern and finally edges. Spot cleans a local area, making tight spirals outward for about 3 ft then inward back to where it started. EDGE cleans along the walls. The single room is clean for about 30 minutes. I let the unit clean my hardwood floors in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and halls as well as the garage door. It took over an hour and a half for all the rooms to get going. The base was easy to find, mounting and charging immediately. I emptied the dust bin and was surprised by the amount of dirt, dog hair and lint it picked up. I was surprised it was full after cleaning it the day before. I looked at the brush and didn't see any hair. It was easy to empty the bin and check the filter. The cleaner would run at 7 am the next morning if I used the scheduling button. I returned to the home base after running. I did this for two days. I directed the robot to clean the third day, and it worked perfectly, returning the charging base upon completion. I am happy with the purchase of the R700 robot vacuum cleaner. It was nice to know that I could use my phone to control it. The app could use more power to control the robot with more voice commands, such as left, right, forward, backward, edge clean, return to base, and so on. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone because of its powerful cleaning ability and price. The Coredy R650 is a better option if you don't need the features of the internet. It is worth the extra cost for the upgraded R700 because it did not pull the fringe into the robot, but it did clean the Oriental carpet.

6. Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Cleaner

Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Cleaner

The tangle-free turbine tool is included. 5 year parts and labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller. The technology is called root radial cyclone. 25 percent more power drives bristles deeper into carpets. There are self adjusting cleaner head seals. The only turbine tool that doesn't tangle is the counter rotating heads.

Brand: Dyson

👤The first Dyson I owned was a DC14 Animal. I loved it. After years of my husband using it to clean up construction messes and my kids dragging it up the stairs, I finally began to notice that it became less impressive. Since my first 8 years of abuse, I stuck with the brand I trusted and ordered this higher end model. I compared my old one to my new one when I received my DC65 Animal. :D The photo will show you what you want to know. I used my old DC14 Animal vacuum to get the first pile of dirt in my family room. I immediately vacuumed it again with my new DC65 Animal and got a larger pile of dirt. If you have a love-affair with cleanliness, make the purchase. You will never regret it. There is a You don't feel it even though it's 17 pounds. It pulls itself out of the way. The new DC65 is easier to push and steer than my DC14 is. The tool attachments are not quite intuitive to me. I will need to reference a manual.

👤3.5 years into a 5 year warranty. I had to buy a new one because it was considered normal wear and tear. Really? How many vacuums could I have bought and thrown out? There is no onboard tool storage. Cord barely gets up the stairs. I've bought other vacuums that didn't perform as well. Never again.

👤I have had a Dyson for many years. I have never had a machine malfunction. I want to try out some of the technology on the newer one. I thought my Dyson was the best. It was easy to put together, but the wand attachment is different to the vacuum, so I had to check the directions. It's really simple. I decided to vacuum my house with my old Dyson and then use my new one, because some reviewers did it. The dirt and fiber was left behind by the other vacuum. I was impressed. The Dyson 65 is easy to use with the ball. It took a little getting used to, but I like it. The vacuum is lighter than my old one, which makes a big difference on my body. I did not hurt my back or arm after vacuuming, but I am not going to tell my kids that, or they will think they don't have to do it anymore. The lower profile of the brush bar makes it easier to get under the furniture. I tried out the turbine upholstery attachment on my brown recliner and it was great. I cleaned up that chair and I am going to love it. The release to empty the debris container is now a button type release that takes some effort, and that is my only complaint. That is hard on my hand. The release on my old-07 was more like a triggering release. It's much easier. My son wants my old vacuum.

👤Dyson vacuums have the ability to get the floors really clean. I had an older DC14 model for a long time. The ability to suck has been lost. I went with another Dyson. I think this DC65 is great at getting the floor clean. It's just amazing! I am not happy with the new design of the brush bar for cleaning hair. I lose a lot of my hair. The brush bar wraps around the hair. I used to cut the hair from the brush bar on my old DC14 about every 6 months. It was easy to do, just cutting away layers of hair with scissors and pulling the hair mats out of the bristles. Not very complicated. This is not the case on the DC65. There are 4 screws in the brush bar that need to be removed, which is a pain, but also something that will cause the plastic to wear down over time, which is a problem. There are two pieces of the bar that need to be removed. The center part of the bar is connected to the two bar pieces that are responsible for turning it. You would think that it would be protected from hair getting sucked in because it is sealed, but the company doesn't intend for you to do so. Not the case! I had a vacuum for a short time, vacuumed my house about 3 times, and then the brush bar seized up, and there was a terrible burning rubber smell in the room. The plastic and rubber ring were shredded when hair was pulled inside the "sealed" center part. There was no hair on the brush bar. We called the Dyson multiple times and got the run around for over an hour. They wouldn't replace it because it was our fault. We searched the internet to see if there was anything else we could do to fix it. Other people were unable to fix the same thing that we came across. I sent an email expressing my disappointment in the way this matter was being handled and my new vacuum was ruined after just a few uses. They replaced the part for free, but this is terrible. The brush bar was ruined by the lack of hair on it. I use my vacuum to remove hair so it won't ruin, but I'm stuck with a vacuum that's broken every time. This should not be the case. This is a design flaw. The older DC14 had no problems with me. There would be a lot of hair on the brush bar, but no damage to the vacuum. I chose the "pet hair" model of the DC65 because it cannot handle hair. The vacuum has two filters instead of one and it must be washed every 3 months instead of every 6 months. One of them is hard to access. I don't like the way the vacuum moves when vacuuming. It feels like you are breaking something to get it out of the upright position. I am giving it a 3 star rating on Amazon. If you have a person with long hair in the house, be careful.

7. Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner Yellow

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner Yellow

There is a Torque Drive Cleaner Head, Electric Wand Set, Mini Motorized tool, Docking Station, Crevice tool, and manual. There are self adjusting cleaner head seals on carpets, wood, vinyl, and tile floors. Dyson technology helps create a cleaner, healthier home by capturing particles as small as allergens andbacteria. The cord length is 31 feet, which is more than any other technology on the market. The wand has a maximum reach of 40 feet. The bin should be emptied with the push of a button.

Brand: Dyson

👤The vacuum does not work on plush carpet. The main level of my house has hard floors. It worked well on the surfaces, but when I went upstairs, it failed. The brushbar wouldn't stay engaged when I tried to vacuum the carpet on the second floor. It would run for a while and then stop. The vacuum was almost impossible to push without the brushbar spinning. I contacted Dyson to see if there was a feature I was missing. Dyson admitted that the vacuum doesn't work well on plush and high pile carpet because it creates a seal between the brushbar and the floor. I was told to buy an additional attachment for the hose and vacuum any plush carpets. If I only had a few areas of plush carpet, it would have been better, but the attachment is only 6 inches wide and half of my house is carpeted. I returned the vacuum. The product description should tell people that it won't work on these surfaces.

👤I owned a Dyson DC 25 Animal for 9 years. I loved it! I told everyone about it. I smelled burning and something rattling in the ball one day and it wasn't picking up like it used to. I decided to buy a new Dyson, a lighter model, so I went with the Multifloor 2. Yes, it arrived. It was easy to put together. I loved vacuuming my carpet. We got a new carpet one month later and now hate my Dyson. It is like pushing through mud. The beater bar stops working. The strength of the suction was too strong. My back hurts trying to use it. I would have packed it up and sent it back if I'd been past the 30 day return policy window. Dyson Customer Service was the place I called. I should have consulted the carpet manufacturer before buying a new vacuum because the Rep told me that this was a common problem with some types of carpet. Who does that? No one! I could buy a canister or stick vacuum which has less suction. I just bought a new Dyson and wouldn't buy another one. The flat out head wand attachment was the other option. I was told to vacuum my entire house. I would buy a canister vacuum if I had the chance. You can't drag an upright around. I don't use the wand option because it's not as easy as the video shows. I have to stop vacuuming, push a button, pull out the wand, then I end up turning off the vacuum to put on the attachment, because it can't reach around into an area I am trying to get down into. I bought a Dyson for the sake of the vacuum, but it has too much. An after market attachment is not how the machine is intended to be used. The rep wanted to get off the phone and send me the attachment. I am not happy with Dyson customer service. I will be telling everyone about my Dyson again, but it won't be as positive as the last 9 years. I opened an Amazon account 9 years ago. I bought the Dyson DC 25 Animal vacuum. In the last 9 years, I have never done a review on Amazon. My first review was of Dyson Multifloor 2. It isn't positive. I am very sorry, 9 year Dyson owner.

8. Dyson Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

What is it? The OnePWR battery is a MAX battery. It's cord free, it's easy to use, it's powerful, and it's a lifetime filter. It takes up to 40 minutes to use a non-motorized tool. It is lightweight and versatile, for easy home cleaning, but requires charging for 4 hours before use. Up to 8 minutes of fade free power is available in Max mode. The nylon bristles are driven into the carpets. It's designed to deep clean homes with pets and has up to 25 minutes of working time with a floor tool attached. The Dyson digital motor V8 was used to pick up dirt and fine dust from carpets and hard floors. The Dyson V6 vacuum has less brush bar power. No need to touch the dirt when emptying a hygienic bin.

Brand: Dyson

👤The Dyson v8 Animal vacuum was very good. It is easy to clean up without a cord. It is light weight and easy to maneuver. It stopped working after about two months. It wouldn't turn on. Dyson sent me a new charge after I contacted them. It took two weeks for them to use a very slow shipping service. The problem was not fixed when I received the new charge. Dyson is sending me a new battery after I contacted them again. The problem was not fixed after I waited two weeks, so I wanted the shipping expedited. I was told that my order would be expedited. I can tell from the shipping info that my battery is being shipped the same way as my charger. Dyson did not start shipping until Thursday after I talked to them on Monday. I will probably be without a vacuum for at least four weeks. If they spent a little more money on a faster shipping method, this wouldn't have happened. I think the problem with the vacuum was either the battery or the charging port. They chose to send me the charger first because it costs less than a bettery. I think they should have sent both. They should have used a two day shipping service. I was able to get my Dyson within two days. I have to wait two weeks for a battery and then another two weeks for a charger. I can't use my vacuum.

👤After a year of moderate use, it lost its charge. The vacuum is not worth the price.

👤Don't buy. This vacuum is the worst I have ever owned. The charge went bad after six months. I was put through hours of trouble trying to figure out what happened when I called Dyson. The warranty doesn't cover the battery or the charger, I was told. Do not buy VACUUM. If you don't like the warranty, then you're not going to get it! Customer service at Dyson is not always good. You can either get a great person or an attitude.

👤Has to return. I had problems with it for 2 weeks after I received it, and now it won't charge at all. Very disappointed. I have owned Dyson's before.

👤The third in a line of purchased Dyson products, and had hoped for the flexibility of corded with the power to suck up a lot of cat fur. The device shut down after vacuuming the couch. The item was delivered ten days ago. The motor died, not sure what happened. I will return as soon as possible.

👤So disappointed. After hearing great things about the quality and service of Dyson, I finally broke down and bought a super expensive vacuum. It didn't work on the max mode when it was received, and I had to replace it. I have been working with customer service for months as I register this device. They sent my vacuum to a support center after a lot of problems. I was happy to have it back a week later. The exact same issue occurred when using it for the first time. I was told by customer service to clean my filter. But I did it. The issue is the same. When calling customer service, they were told that they would have to send it back for repairs. If the repairs didn't work, they would switch out my Dyson for an older model. I would be out the money I spent on a new product and receive a cheaper version of the same vacuum. I bought a vacuum six months ago and they consider customer service to be the most important thing. Will never buy a Dyson again.

9. Dyson 966084 01 Motor Head Dc59

Dyson 966084 01 Motor Head Dc59

If you enter your model number, make sure this fits. The motorhead assembly 35W is compatible with the DC59 Motorhead. The above vacuum models are called DC59 (V6 Cordless), DC72 (V6 Digital Slim Animal Cordless), SV06 (V6 Fluffy Cordless), and SV09 (V6 Absolute Cordless). This part is authorized by O.E.M. The part number is 966084-01. The last image shows how to check the model number on your vacuum. Make sure to confirm that your Dyson vacuum model matches the ones listed above before you make the purchase. If it doesn't match, it won't fit your vacuum. Dyson makes many different replacement parts that fit the same models in the same color, so you have to confirm the model numbers match.

Brand: Dyson

👤The bad news is that this head is a replacement for the broken head on my V6 Animal. Dyson makes it difficult to identify replacement parts. The part number on the product is the same one that appeared on the original part. Also on the replacement. You can only find used heads on eBay if you search for that number. The item that was searched for by Amazon was identified as 949852-05, which looks very different but claims to fit the V6 Animal. A bad day! I had to guess that this was the right part. Will it fit your animal? The tag on the underside shows where the hose exits the head. If you see this part, you should be back in business.

👤The brush head works as it should and it does a good job of sucking up stuff. When it comes to the quality of their products, dyson needs to step up their game. The wires that go to the motor broke in a way that made the design of the attachment inadequate. I was able to disassemble and solder the wires together after this happened on my OG one. I knew it was time for a new one after using it for a few months. The parts that allow the head to pivot break and allow for the wires to stretch and break is one of the factors that contributes to the brush head wires breaking. My suggestion is to be more gentleman with this attachment. It's too high for a flawed product that will break under normal use. The attachment is dirty, it did not arrive this way, and it was a brand new product when it arrived.

👤I replaced my Dyson DC59 Motorhead with this cleaner brush tool. The original failed after 5 years of service. This is a perfect fit. The purple roller is cheaper than the original one. The replacement does the same job as the original. Make sure the vent hole is free from dirt and hair by taking time to clean the roller. This replacement is very good.

👤That review does what it should.

👤I took a long time to make this purchase. The other head of my sweeper was no longer working and I had to use a different one. The vacuum is in great shape and I love using it. The replacement head is better than the original one. It seems to be a bit wider than before, and glides along now instead of getting stuck in the machine. It's worth it to be able to continue using your vac. Love it.

👤It works great as a replacement for the original floor head. The roller failed due to a sheared plastic part. I was happy to spend $100 on this instead of the replacement cost for the "carbon fiber" version on the Dyson site. The roller is larger in diameter than the original, so it works better.

👤The motorhead on my Dyson stopped working and I was distraught. It was my fault. I didn't take care of it. Dyson provides genuine parts to replace failing components so you don't have to waste the whole thing. The packaging is very eco friendly. There was no paper in this product. A cardboard box and a cardboard insert are all that is needed to hold it all together. I am very impressed.

10. Dyson Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

Make sure to confirm that your Dyson vacuum model matches the ones listed above before you make the purchase. If it doesn't match, it won't fit your vacuum. Dyson makes many different replacement parts that fit the same models in the same color, so you have to confirm the model numbers match. Dirt and dust are captured by the radial root cyclone technology. The cleaner head Seals are self-adjusting. A person rides on a ball and steers. Whole-machine filters ensure that the allergens are trapped inside the machine. The tangle-free turbine tool is included.

Brand: Dyson

👤This isn't an authorized Dyson distributor. I bought my vacuum from this seller and was told my warranty was void because I bought it from an unauthorized seller.

👤The living room has new carpet. The vacuum couldn't cope. The beater bar dug itself into the pile, and then cut it down. It wouldn't move forward or back. I called Dyson support and was told that. I should return the vacuum because it won't work on the new carpet. I did. It seems like Dyson could have or should have found a way to address this problem, since the company stakes its reputation on engineering. The vacuum we ended up with has both height and suction adjustments. I gave the machine 2 stars because I tried it out in a room with older carpet and it worked well. I don't want to have different vacuums for different rooms, so I didn't have enough to keep it. I am not sure if the machine was new. One of the small plastic pieces was broken in the packing. I can't say for sure, just a suspicion.

👤The vacuum has stopped working. I loved it for a month and a half. I thought I picked up something that got caught up somewhere. It was taken apart according to instructions. The noise got worse and it is not picking up anything anymore. 30 days is the return window. I was very disappointed to have spent so much and received so little.

👤3rd Dyson for our family, with 2 kids left at home. The best cord length, release wand, and vacuum is awesome. When compared to cheaper vacuums, it's fairly quiet. The new "ball" design makes handling turns so difficult that it's not so happy. Reviewers say that this may not be the best vacuum for you, so I use both hands when I'm looking at it. Why are the bin so small? I don't understand it. Get rid of the ball gimmick and give us the large dust bin. You get 5 stars. There were too many complaints about noise and small clogs at the Cinetic newer model. Our first Dyson Animal was 10 years old, and the yellow one is 7 years old, which is why I stay with Dyson.

👤The Dyson Animal Ball was a great price, not the Animal Ball 2 which I did not want. Filled by Amazon. It was almost opened completely. If the Dyson direction card hadn't told you to assemble two parts that already came assembled, it would have been simpler. The main cleaning head of the vacuum is a bit odd as it has plastic openings that are not covered. I like tools that are on the vacuum. The pet hair attachment works as promised, but the tools I had to find to store will probably not work, as they are in a box. It's easy to use, and I love the wand. I wouldn't consider a vacuum without a wand or a battery-operated one, as the reviews indicate that the power retention of the battery is going to plummet as soon as 6 months. It would be more convenient if it were retractable. Thanks!

11. Dyson 925067 06 Tangle Free Turbine

Dyson 925067 06 Tangle Free Turbine

Genuine part - buy with confidence. The Cinetic Big Ball Animal and Allergy models only fit the DC77 and UP17 models of the genuine tangle free turbine tool. Before purchasing, please make sure your vacuum model number matches one of the two. This part is authorized by O.E.M. The mini-turbine head is replaced by the Tangle-free Turbine tool. Dyson engineers found a way to prevent hair from getting wrapped around the brushbar on mini-turbine heads. They created a new tool with counter-rotating heads that lift hair and fiber from carpets and upholstery before throwing it in the bin. This is an authorized part for Dyson. There are counter rotating heads that remove hair and dirt. More hair is put into the bin.

Brand: Dyson

👤The 130 pound fluffy ray of sunshine lives here. No matter how much or how little he is brushed, he still spreads his fuzzy sunshine everywhere. His trail of sunshine is like a snow drift, but more closely resembling Pomeranians. I vacuum frequently. We got the Dyson vac, which is convenient, but it takes a lot of time to clean the fuzz off the heads. When I saw this, I wondered, what is another $35? Who knows? It might work. It does. This thing is amazing. It is small enough to easily get under the table's claw feet without having to move chairs. If you have a Dyson, and you have a fluffy ray of sunshine who spreads his fuzz everywhere, this will be well spent. It's seriously. You have already paid for the vacuum. Spend $35.

👤Does not work with the V7. The cost does not include the adapter you will need. You can still get it to work, but you have to hold the head on the vac with your hands. There are a few things I have noticed. This attachment is not powered. It is not powered by a battery. I was curious about the red circle in the pictures. I realized it was an air valve. If this review or pictures helped, or if you're just bored and enjoy clicking things, could I trouble you for a vote? Many thanks! Cheers.

👤I bought a Dyson ball multi floor about a year and a half ago and have always loved it, but it didn't work for animal hair, even though I have 2 large dogs and 2 cats. I finally decided to try it out and I couldn't be happier since it seemed like it would cost me a lot. It only took a single wipe over an area that my cats like to sleep on to remove 99% of the hair that's been stuck on. This is a must have for pets that shed on furniture. The amount of time and energy the turbine saves is amazing. I'll probably buy one for my mom in the near future.

👤If you have a long haired dog, the tangle free turbine is not tangle free. I have to dig out clumps of dog hair from the edge of the tool to get it to work again, because the turbine gets wrapped with clumps of dog hair. The hose can't handle the amount of hair coming in, and just gets clumped. It was disappointing! I ripped open the box as soon as it arrived and ran over to my white rug, where I had my Dyson plugged in and waiting for the last two days. My Newfoundland was laying on the rug, grinding her long black hair into it. It was a miracle when I attached this tool and ran it over the rug, because I had tried all of my other Dyson tools on the rug, pushing and pushing as hard as possible, with limited impact. The rug was stripped back to its original state. I felt sad. Since we got this beautiful pup, my home has been very clean. I didn't search for a tool like this sooner.


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