Best Best Canister Vacuum for Hardwood Floors and Carpet

Carpet 26 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. EUREKA Cordless Efficiency Headlights Convenient

EUREKA Cordless Efficiency Headlights Convenient

The Greenote GSC50 vacuum cleaner has a unique buckle design, which can easily switch between long handle and short brush with a light press. The design can be placed anywhere after the cleaning is done. The handle is light and easy to use. The lightweight design of Grab & Go makes it easy to use and perfect for daily cleaning. Storage is easy to organize with the wall mount. Easily converts to a handheld vacuum. Dust and debris can be easily cleaned under furniture and cabinets. The two cleaning modes allow you to change the power on the controls to increase the amount of air in the room. There is up to 30 minutes of run time on the battery.

Brand: Eureka

👤The vacuum is awesome. The bin is not attached to the pole of the vacuum, which makes it lighter and easier to use around the house. It has strong power that it can take in dust and dirty before I get to it. It's easy to empty the dust container and perform well on bare floors, it doesn't leave dust or dirt behind.

👤I'm revising the review because my vacuum is trashed. If you get this vacuum, please be careful with it. I made the mistake of putting it against a wall because I knew it wouldn't stand on its own. The bottom piece won't stay on after it fell. The piece of plastic broke when it fell. I knew it wouldn't stand, but I thought it would be fine for a few seconds. This is a design flaw that should be fixed. I only got 7 months of service out of this thing. I bought this vacuum to use on my screened porch, where I have two cat litter boxes, to clean up all the bits of cat litter they tend to scatter around. I'm storing it in a very screened porch, where no rain can get to it, and I'm not using it outside. It looks like it's going to fulfill that mission, even though I only had it a day. It sucks up the litter. With no problem. There are flaws in the design. Other reviews have mentioned the first one. Why didn't they make it a charging stand or a place where it could stand? My house and screened porch walls are made of vinyl. I can't hang this thing up by drilling holes in my siding. I was trying to figure out what to do with the hanging hardware when it fell over twice. I had a box of vinyl siding that I used to hang a Christmas wreath. One of them worked well. I'm including a picture. I stuck it under the siding and slid the vacuum on the little hook to work. I guess I'll live with it because the hanger is going to fall off when I remove the vacuum. If I ever decide to move it, I have to keep up with the hanging hardware. Which leads me to my next issue with the design. I can't see how you can attach the device while it's in vacuum mode. When it's hung up, you have this spare part, the crevice thing, just hanging out. Good luck remembering where it is because it will have to be stored somewhere. It would be so convenient if it was attached to the vacuum or charging stand when it wasn't being used. I couldn't figure it out and the instructions weren't very helpful. I am hopeful that this will work for me, but I wish some of its flaws had been fixed.

👤I have to check the warranty because the middle section of the stick apparently wore out and I have to duct tape it to keep it on. I am sure I will jinx myself by giving this five stars and it will break down tomorrow, but in the meantime it's everything I could ask for in a lightweight vacuum. I have low pile carpeting that works well on bare floors, and it is strong enough to handle that. I already have the dustbuster option, so I haven't tried it yet. I don't like taking stuff apart. The charge lasts more than an hour and stays in storage. I paid a bit too much for this vac, but I am very happy with it, even though it won't stand upright by itself and it's a pita to find places to rest against without falling down.

2. Simplicity Spiffy Bagless Cleaner Hardwood

Simplicity Spiffy Bagless Cleaner Hardwood

PreTTYCARE offer 7* 24hrs customer service and a 24 month 100% satisfactory after-sales service for the powerful vacuum cleaner. Buy with confidence. The no-slip carrying handle makes it easy to transport this slim, lightweight vacuum wherever you please. A 30 foot cord is included in the broom vac. You can clean longer without changing outlets. That's a lot of cords. You can adjust your speed as you please. The electric broom vacuum has a powerful force. Great for carpets and rugs. The 4 Stage Filtration System includes a certified HEPA filter, as well as a certified HEPA Media filter, which filters 99% of dirt, pollen, and dander and other small particles. Simply press a button and the dirt will build up in your bagless vac dust bin. Are you tall or not? No worries either way! The aluminum wand can be adjusted to the most comfortable height. Need to get to base boards? Remove the flexible head and replace it with the crevice tool attachment.

Brand: Simplicity

👤Better choice is a battery-operated device. This is a great product. I researched options for stick vacuums to use in the kitchen and bathroom. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a Dyson or other model that has a lot of uses. I was looking for a stick vac that was easy to use. I would have preferred a rechargable unit for ease of use, but they are unreliable for long term use and expensive. Two high end units I owned died after a year or two of infrequent home use. I have spoken to several people that have had similar experiences and they all said that the batteries stop taking a charge and the units and motors can't match up to a high quality corded unit like this Simplicity model. The S60 has a very strong 2 speed motor and is comfortable to use with an easy to empty bin. The 30 foot cord allows me to cover a lot of ground. The quality is apparent because of the wheels and bumper. The Dirt Devil corded vac that we use in the lower level works fine but does not compare to the quality and ease of use of the Simplicity. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this unit. The battery operated models need to be replaced frequently. The unit is a little more expensive than the others, but it seems that Simplicity makes high quality products that have proved themselves over time. I like the fact that the unit has all of the filters that I don't find in the less expensive models. I appreciate the fact that I don't have to plug in a battery to charge or worry about the battery running out of juice. I can use the corded unit as long as necessary to get the job done because it avoids all of the issues.

👤Here's the deal. If you want a good vaccum, you need to shell out 200 dollars. I recently purchased a vaccum on Amazon and it had tons of good reviews, I believe it was a vanhos brand. I realized that these reviews must be fake. The vaccum was not clean. You can't get a good vaccum for a cheap price. I did some research on the Amazon site after seeing this vaccum. It received good reviews. I bought this because of the great return policy on Amazon. The power cord was very heavy when I opened the box. I turned it on after assembling it. My hand was sucked to the bottom of the vaccum. I was scared and excited at the same time. The small stick style vaccum has a mind blowing power. I took it to my home the next morning. It picked up a heavy rock sale that was tracked into the house and the cat litter went into the amazing canister without any dust from the awesome filter system. The battery life of my old vacuum was horrible and the wand allowed the kitty litter to fall down onto the floor. If I had seen it before buying, I would have paid more. I don't feel anything under my feet on my hardwood floors. When I get another vaccum, this brand will be my go to. If you have a large home, the cord might not be the best option for you, but for one story homes, this vacuum is the best. If you are going to go for a corded vaccum make sure to shell out 200 to 300 hundred or you will get a inferior vaccum. I learned the hard way that most of the Amazon reviews are false. This vaccum is very good. The wand feature was amazing as the body flips over for the handle. The crevice tool was perfect for cleaning.

3. Aspiron Canister Lightweight Automatic Variable

Aspiron Canister Lightweight Automatic Variable

The vacuum comes with a dust brush and a crevice tool, with the retractable metal tube they can be easily assembled into 6 combinations, the dust brush is perfect for cleaning sofas, hard surface furniture, curtains, etc. Powerful Multi-Surface Cleaning: The Aspiron canister vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor that can generate over 455aw of strong suction for vacuuming dust, dirt, pet hair, and more; variable speed control with 5 versatile tools ensures quick cleaning on carpets, hard floors, sofas, stairs, etc The multi-stage system traps fine dust, particles and expels clean air, which is no more worrying than allergies. The bagless design of the large dust cup makes it easy to empty it, and it improves cleaning efficiency compared to the 2.6QT small-capacity dust cups. The cord can be up to 16 feet long, which will help the vacuum cleaner reach an impressively wide cleaning radius of 29.5 feet. The bagless vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to carry with a sturdy carrying handle and telescopic wand, it can be stored neatly at the back of the vacuum when not in use.

Brand: Aspiron

👤The vacuum is light and amazing. The strength of the suction makes it possible to do different areas. It is easy to clean and maneuver. It is comparable to a expensive vacuum. If I need a strong vacuum, buy it. Very happy customer.

4. Bissell Canister 2156A Bagless Vacuum

Bissell Canister 2156A Bagless Vacuum

No more bags to buy or change ever; Dirt cup capacity 2 liters; cyclonic action and powerful suction provide thorough cleaning; plus, no more bags to buy or change ever. You can go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with a flip of a switch. The power rating is 9 ampere. Dirt cup filters and post motor filters are used to capture dust and particles. The filters are replaceable. The cord is 15 feet long and has a button for easy storage. It's less than eight pounds. The carrying handle makes it easy to maneuver.

Brand: Bissell

👤This could be a great vacuum. It was pretty well made. The design flaw is that the floor tools do not lock or click into each other, which is dumb. They slide into each other. They can pull apart all the time. You are not on a hard wood floor when you are not on any other surface. The floor tool pops off when you pull it away because of the strong suction. A simple plastic interlocking click or lock design could have been used to solve the problem. It doesn't seem like it would cost a lot of money to add a locking/clicking feature to the plastic parts, so it's odd that they designed it without it. This will be very annoying when I need to apply the duct tape again after using the vacuum. I think that Bissell made this product bad. The bag version of the vacuum, the Bissell 4122, does not have this problem. The locking mechanisms on the floor tools and the telescoping extenders are made of nicer steel than cheap plastic. The bagless model has the same specifications, but this is for the same price. Printer companies make money by people buying ink, and Bissell makes most of their money by people buying bags. They don't make money on the bagless models so they design them cheaper and worse, while the bagging models are superior, yet for the same price. Bissell had dirty tactics.

👤Our robot vacuum does not get into the corners. I can't carry around a huge heavy vacuum, and a round vacuum can't clean a corner. The zing is entered by the Bissell. I decided to go for it because it was cheap, on Amazon, and a trusted brand. The house is made of hardwood and has carpet in the bedrooms and stairs. This thing is amazing. It's so lightweight, it wouldn't matter, because of the huge wheels on the canister base. I can pull it behind me. I use it with a focus pole and a baseboard attachment. The vacuum cleaner has so much power that it can clean your hairbrushes. My hair is almost to my waist. You can imagine. For the first time in my life, I feel confident cleaning the canister. The hubs is over the moon. It's like pressing a button and the bottom falling out. Why can't they all be easy? It would be cool if it came with long plastic tweezers to grab around the filter. I guess you can't have everything. If you need a supplementary vacuum to get your corners, baseboards, walls, windows, fans, etc. I would recommend this product to you if you have hard floors or someone in the household has long hair. It's a good thing.

👤This thing is not good. I bought it because of the great reviews. I don't think this product is the same one that everyone is talking about. There is no spin brush on the head. Good luck moving it back and forth like vacuuming requires, I just stick it to the floor. There's no way to attach the tubes or attachment so they keep falling off once you get it to move back and forth. I have to bend over at a 90 degree angel the whole time because the hose is so short. I'm short at only 5'2 and my husband couldn't use this cheap garbage. It hurt my back. I hate vacuums. I wish I had spent my money on it. Don't buy.

5. Miele Blizzard Bagless Canister Vacuum

Miele Blizzard Bagless Canister Vacuum

The bagless canister vacuum has a Parquet Twister floorhead with soft bristles for hard floors, and aTurbo Brush Floorhead for low-medium pile carpet. The deepest clean possible can be provided by Powerful Vortex Technology. The surface being cleaned via theRotary Dial will have different power settings. The Gore CleanStream Fine Dust Filter is maintenance-free. You don't have to worry about the fine dust particles coming back up into the air when you empty the bin with Click2open. Standard accessories include a Dusting brush, a Parquet Twister Floorhead, and a Crevice tool. There is a 7-year manufacturer warranty on motor and a 1-year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor.

Brand: Miele

👤I have more dirt and dander in my house than you do, and your allergies probably aren't as bad as mine. It means a lot when I say that the vacuum will clean up pet hair and dirt. You will not be able to detect dust in the exhaust if you vacuum yourself, instead of begging someone else to do it for you. If you used to have someone else empty the canister, you won't have to empty it as often. I have two dogs, an 80lb dog and a 120lb dog who sheds and rolls. A 5 year old. There is no grass in the yard. If that means anything to you, I'm allergic to everything in the standard skin and blood tests. I couldn't empty my Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 without sneezing because it smelled so bad. I would compare it to a good shopvac. This one is quiet and has many settings. I get most of my vacuuming done at night when everyone is asleep, and no one complains. You can have a conversation while vacuuming. My dogs don't mind the Miele and they were terrified of my Dyson. The Parquet Twister head is easy to use. I can get between everything. If my family leaves me a mess, I can vacuum. The wand is more flexible than any other vacuum I've used, and it's easy to control. If you need to vacuum literally every surface in your house, it's easy to pull the wand off and slide the brush down to get into some small area. I used to have an allergy to vacuuming with my Dyson. There is no dust in the exhaust of the Miele. The opening of the canister is large, so emptying is not messy. The extra dust filter makes a difference. It has a fine dust filter that can be emptied wet so that it doesn't become airborne, if you didn't know. I can empty the canister inside even with my allergies, and I used to have to beg someone else to empty my Dyson outside. I don't buy expensive things if a cheap one will. I worked all the way up the vacuum ladder in hopes of finding something that would work, but now that I have used this vacuum, I would pay double the price for it because it has made a huge difference in my quality of life. Buy it. If you have carpet, buy the electric head model. Attachments are generally cheaper than the canister models, and the only other difference is that. If you can afford the vacuum, you will not regret it.

👤Caveat is from the cult of Dyson. Almost every room of our home has a Dyson upright. I started with ORECKS in the 90's and have been a Dyson fan ever since. Most people have bought clothes, but I have bought more vacuum cleaners. I am allergic to pet hair. We have floor mats on the inside of our house, our bedroom, and our kitchen. The mats are hard to clean. You have to beat them and vacuum them, because 1700 is calling and it wants the rugs back. The mats of the Miele were completely clean. The receptacle was filled with dirt and particulate. My kids were shocked because they are the ones who beat the mats. I was surprised. Couldn't believe it. Dyson can't do that. Not even close. I wish you were here to see it. I used the Parquet Twister head on the hardwood floors. The head is so flexible. You can flatten it out and get under the units. I have to use the hose attachment and hope because not one of my Dyson's can do this. The carbon thick dust that sits under the heaters is pretty gross and usually has to be hand removed. Guess how often that is done... It's great to have a vacuum that can do this. I used the mini head to clean the chair upholstery. Dust mite clean. You can also find a round duster tool for blinds and mold. There is a small crevice bar tool and a larger one in the vacuum. Ingenius is onboard storage. The cord is 30 feet long and can be pulled at the foot push button. It whips the cord back in. There are four main settings that control the suck flow. I had so many years of Dyson bin muscle memory that it took me a minute to figure it out. You have to take a minute and think about it. I did. Maybe you should watch a video on the internet. An indicator light next to the controls will tell you when it's time to clean. It is a simple removal and sink rinse and then dry and pop it back in, like the Dyson filters. There are four wheels. The vacuum is easy to use. It's so easy. I don't like this type of canister vacuum, but this one is different. This is the first time that the vacuum pole adjusts for someone taller than me. I'm 6' and the pole could go a couple of inches. Everything in my world is too short, and this vacuum covers everyone's height. The handle is very cool. There is a switch for brush operation on the big head. Cool, cool, cool. The vacuum is not loud. What? It is more quiet than the other vacuums I own. My daughter got a graduation puppy present. I got a vacuum. I have not sneezed in a while. We have had many pets and I am allergic to some of them. The dust, hair, and ants are history. We are happy to play with the puppy after everything is gone. The air in our home is not polluted by the dog smell, because the Miele FILTERS the air as you vac! No asthma act ups. The air in our home is cleaner because of this vacuum. I've owned two vacs, both with bags. They are left in the dust by this one. I know. I had to do it. There are new features, bagless, and a gorgeous white color. The performance is over. I have had too many vacuums, but this is the best one I have ever had.

6. Eureka 3670M Mighty Canister Cleaner

Eureka 3670M Mighty Canister Cleaner

There is a 7-year manufacturer warranty on motor and a 1-year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor. The bag's capacity is up to 2.5 liters. The lightweight vacuum cleaner allows you to carry it around the house. The bag's capacity is up to 2.5 liters. The lightweight vacuum cleaner allows you to carry it around the house.

Brand: Eureka

👤I have a house with carpet upstairs and carpeted stairs, large and small rugs, wool and synthetic carpets, and a house with laminate flooring. No doubt that will be a success, I haven't tried cleaning the car yet. This machine has a lot of power. I had it for a week and it has a lever on the top that allows air flow for vacuuming back and forth or just single flow for straight suction. It's coated in wool rug fibers or dog hair that didn't make it inside, because of the amount of suction created around it. I don't need to go back again. It feels cheap, but be prepared. I wondered how well it could be made. It does everything I need it to do. The lightweight factor makes vacuuming each carpeted stair and dragging it up and down the stairs very easy. This is a huge plus. When vacuuming the floor, there are 2 pipes that you connect to. The length of the pipe is perfect on the stairs. The head is wide enough that it's effective for vacuuming, but it's flat enough that it fits under most furniture. If I push the lever on the head down, I can't draw it back and forth easily, but it's flat, so I can push it back under the couches and get that dust that is hard to reach. This is a big plus for me. The pipes are pushing each other together. Sometimes they pop off if you catch something and pull too hard, but my last vacuum broke beyond repair when the head accessory snapped, and that part is now discontinued. It's so frustrating. The vacuum will be less likely to snap because the parts will connect under pressure. I hope that is the case. I used the unit after my son assembled it. The bag is already inside, so I was very upset when I didn't add a bag. Well done, Eureka! I can tell you that there is no automatic cord winding mechanism in this machine, after multiple uses in the first week. If I plug it in the middle of the house, it will reach the ends of both sides of the house. My other vacuum was a few feet short. I can move the cord 1 time to get the entire house. I don't like winding the cord, so it goes in a pile if I'm lazy. It was worth it for not having to move that cord. This machine is not self propelled. The vacuum does not propel itself with a turning brush. The brush is not a motor. If you have medical issues and can't push it, this could be a more physical job for you. I think the low cost is worth it because I expect vacuuming to be work. I believe it is related to the reduced weight of the machine. I hope the review is helpful for those making a decision. I don't purchase warranties, but I think I would have considered one given the lightweight nature of this machine. After taxes, I paid $81 for this machine. I would be described as frugal and cost conscious. I am very happy with my purchase, considering the varied reviews and high cost of other machines. I don't write reviews very often, but I want other consumers to know the pros and cons so they can make an educated decision.

7. Miele Complete Canister Cleaner Turbobrush

Miele Complete Canister Cleaner Turbobrush

There is a 7-year manufacturer warranty on motor and a 1-year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor. The bundle includes 16 genuine Miele GN Air clean bag, 1 genuine Miele HEPA air clean bag, and 4 pre- motor protection filters. The Miele Calima has a 20-year average life-Span thanks to the 1200 watt motor and AirClean system construction. Comes with the Miele STB 305-3Turbobrush that is drawn through the head. The roller brush sweeps up hair and dirt. It's perfect for anyone with area rugs. The Parquet Floor Brush is designed to go flat under baseboards, low under furniture, tight kick against jams and around chair legs. There are not many places this floor brush can't go. The hose comes with a Crevice tool, a dusting brush and an upholstery tool.

Brand: Miele

👤I decided to spend the money for a better experience after using only bargain vacuums my whole life. My first decision was to get a canister vac, because using it for stairs and maneuvering an upright around furniture was driving me crazy. The choices are stark when you want a canister: a cheap one like Bissell, a mid tier one like Dyson, or a more expensive one like the Miele. After using it a few times, I think it is worth the extra money. It would be easier to choose a model from their line up. Maybe that will help someone else look, because I landed on the Calima. I have asthma and allergy sufferers in my house so I chose the C3 Complete over the C1 because of the sealed bagging system and the HEPA filter. I have a decent sized house, so it was the full size over the compact, which has a bag about 1cu. The full size is larger than the smaller one. It comes down to which combo of floorheads you want. I have a lot of tile and hardwoods with some low pile and high pile area rugs. I really wanted the parquet twister for the hard woods because of the reviews. I wanted a brush that was air powered. The Alize is the only model in the C3 Complete line that comes with a combination head. That left me with the Calima. If you have a lot of carpet, you might want to look into a model with electric floorheads. I love the vacuum. It's easy to get around the house with it. You can drag it around by the hose. The vacuum has rubber bumpers on it so it doesn't ding up furniture. You can get into small areas with the parquet twister. If you lay the whole wand flat, you can get it under the furniture. The low pile rugs had a good job with the turbo brush. To make the floorhead glide more easily, dial back the suction a few ticks. The brush does pick up hair, but it doesn't keep it from spinning. It's really easy to vacuum the dust off of your floor mold with the telescopic wand. It is very quiet and the exhaust doesn't give off that musty vacuum odor because of the HEPA filter. The high pile rug did not have the same performance as the turbo brush. My rugs are cheap, and I would rather replace them than spend more money on a brush. I was able to drag them across the rugs. The brush did not always spin, but at least it had the right amount of suction. The Alize has a nicer handle than the Calima does. It looks like an upgrade, and you can always buy one later from Miele. I think the Homecare comes with it. The C3 Homecare comes with a unique combo of floorheads, some extra nozzles, and a longer warranty, but it is only sold by retail dealers. If the Homecare had the right combo of floorheads that I wanted, I would have gone to the local retailer, because they had it for the same price as the Calima. If you can get through the confusion of selecting which model you want and can stomach the high cost, I highly recommend one of these vacuums. I don't know if my house has ever been so clean. The package deal with 16 bags and an extra HEPA filter for an extra $100 is a good deal. It costs about $20 for a pack of four bags, and $50 for the HEPA filter on the website.

8. Kenmore 81414 Lightweight Telescoping Retractable

Kenmore 81414 Lightweight Telescoping Retractable

The Bagged CanISTER VACUUM is designed to clean all areas and surfaces of your home quickly and efficiently. ALUMINUM TELESCOPING. The wand can be extended to access difficult areas. The handle can be used to clean furniture, car interior, and tight spaces. The triple HEPA filter system traps 99. The number of allergy-inducing pollutants in the room is reduced by the trapping of dander and dust inside the vacuum. There is light and manageable. This lightweight design is easy to maneuver. There are 3 appendices. Dusting brush, crevice tool, and second bare floor tool are used. The 26' cord is retractable and it is easy to store accessories on the vacuum. The 2- motor system is great for cleaning. The 4 height adjustments give optimal air and cleaning efficiency.

Brand: Kenmore

👤Every time I use this thing, I tell myself I'm going to write a bad review on Amazon. Today is the day. This vacuum is the only redeeming quality that it has, it sucks and sucks with a lot of force. Everything else about it is terrible. The "convenient" silly trick way of connecting the floor tool on the go works about 30% of the time. The thing doesn't want to follow you because the hose exits vertically. It flips onto its side when you tug it. The tube part is made from paper thin aluminum and plastic reinforcement, not chrome plated metal. You have a lot of connections for your tools. They are large as well. Have you ever loved being able to shove your vacuum between your cabinets? Forget it! You can't bleed off the suction like you used to. You can slow the motor down with a slide switch, so you will still suck up and jam on those bathroom carpets. It is located right where you will rub against it when you don't want to. You can't leave the vacuum standing upright. The knuckle joint is too light or the hose is too heavy. It crashes to the floor. You need to stand up. The knuckle is not rotating 180 degrees anymore. Maybe 100 degrees. I lost my ability to roll the vacuum under the bottom shelf in my closet. I have been doing that since 1994. The tube for the knuckle is very large. When you attached the floor tool to it, it hit everything. I used to be able to slide the floor tool behind my cat's dishes. Food and water are spilling out of the dishes because of the huge plastic monstrosity. You have to go along the bottom of the cabinet doors to get to the toe-kick. This is the worst experience I have had with a canister vacuum. This thing is so bad that it makes an already mundane chore nauseating.

👤I wish I'd bought it on Amazon. It would have been cheaper. I'm very happy with the vacuum so far. This is the second vacuum I have had, it was made by Kenmore. The first one lasted 14 years before it ended. I don't know if this version will last, but it appears to be the same high quality, just with a few updated features that I like. I used to own a very high end ultra light weight riccar upright that I used for years in my housekeeping business. I used a lot more vacuums than the average consumer because I had customers who wanted me to use theirs, and I also had housekeeping customers who wanted me to use my machine. This is the best vacuum cleaner you can buy outside of a vacuum cleaner shop. Shark and Dyson are both clumsy and confusing, and no matter what the marketing says, they lose suction worse than a bag model vacuum machine. They are messy to dump the dust cup from compared to changing a vacuum cleaner bag. If you change the bags and filters on time on a high quality vacuum, it won't loose its suction. The design on this appliance is thought out. I can't understand why power team canisters aren't more popular. When I used a customer's upright, I was always annoyed with short hoses, machines that fell over when reaching for something, and dealing with getting the hose in and out of the machine. You can't even vacuum your hard floors with an upright w/ attachment. It's really easy with this machine. The wand pops out when you push a button. The hose is large so your kids won't get stuck, and the pile of paper clips is on the floor. Go ahead and look for those things on the ceiling. You're machine won't fall over while you do it because the wand telescopes so it won't take you any time to assemble it. You can vacuum under the couch. The power head has a low profile and the wand is flat against the floor so you can get under most of the places. I don't have to change the head when moving from room to room or rug to bare floor because the power seems to work just as well on hard floors as carpets. I like it. I assumed it wouldn't vacuum my carpets. I wouldn't have replaced the Riccar if I had known it would be so old and not worth the repair cost anymore. I was okay with the idea that it might take a few more minutes to vacuum the carpet because I was getting the convenience of being able to spot vacuum corners and couch cushions as I did entire rooms in trade for being able to sweep up ground in dog hair in one pass. I was wrong. I had not had a working vacuum for two weeks in June in a house with two big dogs, so I decided to go back to the canister. In one pass, the Kenmore sucked it up. I was happy. It's a lot easier to push across my carpet than it is to push across my wonderful Riccar. There are a couple of things that worry me about this canister. The big back wheels are not very strong. I worry that one of them might break off. It seems like a really odd design choice because everything else about the machine seems to be well thought out. The metal extension wand that holds the attachment on is plastic and not metal. They hold firmly and seem to be pretty sturdy. I can't remember if my last canister had plastic or metal clips, but I remember they never broke over the years that the machine cleaned up after lots of pets in a big, dirty, farm house. I don't think you can get a better designed, more powerful, or durable vacuum machine at this price. The Meile canister power team costs three times as much and is the only machine that comes close in terms of ease of use. The bags are cheaper than the Meile, and the variable-suction control for the Kenmore is on the handle, instead of the canister. The Meile is more likely to last a lifetime if you have the cash. I didn't have a grand to spend on a vacuum cleaner, so I got this Kenmore and I am very happy with it.

9. Hoover MAXLife Cleaner Bagless UH74220PC

Hoover MAXLife Cleaner Bagless UH74220PC

A high-efficiency and Washable Filtration System can capture fine particles. The dust box can be cleaned. Pets are perfect for multi-purpose pet tools that tackle stubborn pet hair and dirt on furniture, stairs and hard to reach areas. There is a sealed ALLERGEN with a HEPA Media Firth. 99% of the dust and allergens are captured with a odor reducing filter. Powerful cleaning on all floors can be accomplished by steering around furniture and into tight spaces on carpet and hard floors using the onoff brush roll. The Dirt Cup is called the XL DIRT CUP. Less trips to the trash is achieved by a large empty dirt cup. It runs like a new 3X longer. The MAXLife System has been enhanced to deliver longer lasting suction to maintain peak performance. What's included: There are built-in headlights, pet upholstery tool, Crevice tool, and dusting brush.

Brand: Hoover

👤I don't usually get excited over new cleaning products. I just want something that does the job that it's supposed to do. I was excited to write a review of this vacuum. I'm going to break it down by features. The length of the Chord. It is long and nice. I would get so annoyed with my old vacuum because I would accidentally pull the plug out of the outlet or have to stop using it just to finish a room, because it was my old vacuum. Drove me crazy! I was able to do an entire room with the Hoover, and sometimes start into another room without having to change outlets. It saved me time and frustration. I live near the woods and I'm in a constant battle with spiders. The hard to reach webs need a durable hose to clean them. The vacuum was delivered yesterday. I don't know if the long lastingDurability of the hose is true, but it feels like a great quality and made my dusting rounds a lot easier. The last vacuum I used, the hose kept cracking and I had to hold it to clean it. I was able to clean my table without using the table cloth thanks to the Hoover's feature where you can lower the hose's suction, which I found helpful today when a plant tipped over on my table and I was able to clean it up without using the table cloth. At first, I was confused by the weird attachment that came with the tools, which had heavy duty rubber strips instead of rollers. Let me tell you that it's amazing. I used that attachment to vacuum my steps today and it completely transformed the carpet and brought it back to life. I told my husband that the pet attachment completely rejuvenated our carpet. It has been a tough year. I'm happy with any small wins. I disagree with some of the reviews that it's too heavy and hard to push. It's not the lightest vacuum I've ever owned, but it's not too heavy. It's built to last and has amazing power that you can feel when pushing. I did my entire house today, including carrying the unit up the stairs, and using the hose to clean all along the trim and ceilings. I don't have a problem with the weight. If this was too much to handle, my arms would be falling off. A lot of vacuums say they are good for hardwood and tile floors, but I have never been impressed with their abilities and chose a broom and dust pan. I like to call them "fur tumbleweeds" because they are not fun to deal with. The non carpet areas of the house seemed to have an amazing job done by the Hoover. I'm happy to not have to sweep around tumbleweeds anymore. I'm very impressed with this vacuum, so if anyone is still reading at this point, I'm very happy. After researching a bunch of vacuums and seeing the prices, I am happy to say that this vacuum is cheaper and seems to do an amazing job so far! Even though I recently vacuumed with my old vacuum, it picked up a lot of dirt and fur. After seeing what the vacuum picked up, I wasn't surprised that our allergies have been out of control. Hopefully we will be getting some relief now.

10. Kenmore 22614 Bagless Canister Lightweight

Kenmore 22614 Bagless Canister Lightweight

Bagless canister vacuums are designed to clean all floors within your home, den, kitchen, car or garage quickly and efficiently with an easy-to-empty transparent canister. The pet powermate. The attachment lifts pet hair and dirt quickly. The design eliminates tangles around the brush. The Enhanced HEPA filter system traps 99. Allergy-inducing pollutants are reduced in the room by the trapping of dander and dust inside the vacuum. TELESCOPING BROADBAND: The wand can be extended to 9'. It is possible to thoroughly clean furniture, car interior, and tight spaces with a Detachable Handle. There are two board accessories. Dusting brush and crevice tool are used for cleaning. The story is about the theft. The compact, lightweight design is easy to maneuver and has a built-in handle. It should be easy to lift. The retractable cord makes it easy to store all the accessories.

Brand: Kenmore

👤Even though I don't usually write reviews, I felt I had to on this one because I just got my new 22614. I'm not sure if some of the negative reviews about this vacuum are actually for this model. The 22614 has a horizontally exiting hose that makes it very stable and it follows you around as you work. There were no issues there. Sometimes you can't tell if a review is correct or not, but I always try to read it. This had a lot of reviews, but most of them were for a different model. The second thing is. This is better than the Panasonic it is replacing. We have been together for 30 years and have had a lot of vacuums. The house is old and the plaster walls create a bit of dust, so we keep dogs, and the pet hair is always a problem. Keeping things clean can be a lot of work, and our floor vacuums can take a beating along the way. The new vac was put to use today and first impressions are that it is really, really good. It's stable because it's on the heavy side, but it had no issues going over even surfaces. The manual is well written, the power brush head is powerful, and the vacuum bags are not changed. The cord is brand new so it may not be an issue later on. There was one review that had a problem with our cord. No problem on this one. The cord on our old vacuum was warm. That is reassuring. I was amazed at how much dust and dog hair got out of the busiest rug in the house. Impressive performance so far. I don't know how well it will hold up, but the design seems very straightforward and most of the collection bin looks like it can be washed in the sink if it gets plugged up. The materials seem to be of good quality with a solid feel, unfortunately that also means there is a little weight there and the unit is a bit heavy. The round one on top can be washed, but the rectangular one underneath cannot. The filters are cheap and we will see how long they last. It picked up a lot of dust and hair today, so the filters might last a long time. I would pick the accessory storage if I had to, as there isn't one. The wand has a clip that goes below the handle that holds the narrow nozzle and small dusting brush. The accessories are out in the open and they get in the way, but the clip seems to hold them together. It might take some getting used to, but then it will be a non-issue. So far, five stars. It didn't seem to be a big deal to take one off for the accessory clip. It gives it a nice quality feel to it, so I can't see taking one off for the weight. Maybe it's a generation thing, but 'light' seems to go hand in hand with 'cheaply-made' these days. The rig feels like it will go a few rounds. This review will help people think about buying a vacuum.

11. Miele Compact C1 Canister Obsidian

Miele Compact C1 Canister Obsidian

1,200 W is the high-suction power. The pet hair and lint can be removed with a brush. The telescopic tube has a working height. Large areas have a 29.5 ft operating radius. Soft parquet brush is gentle on sensitive hard floors.

Brand: Miele

👤I have 3 sirens and 3 daemons, if I only had one I would not have them. There are some things you can do to VACUUM that are not related to cat litter, such as a deDICATED bag and a row to trash. Don't take any risks. The upRIGHT DYSONS are more difficult to change than the EXPENSIVE BLINDS. The on board accommodations are more advanced than the ones on the ground. It is better to clean the Dyson than it is to mess with it. The price of the C1 is too high. The prices of the bags are too high. They can be re-USED 5 times after a simple surgery. It may not be as strong as Dylan. It can perform on the carpet as well. The C1 has more hard edges and brush paint than the Dyson. It is possible to fix casement from home casement with self-sponge shutters. There are no simple Dysons to connect to the Miel Adapter. The CYLINDER VAC can be washed.

👤This vacuum is perfect for us because we live in an 1100 square foot town home. We have tile and hardwood floors in most of the house. I can make our broom an outdoor tool now that the hard wood floor attachment is perfect for cleaning up debris and dust off the floors. The turbo head is maneuverable enough on the stairs to vacuum the stairs, and it does a great job on our low pile carpet. The vacuum is portable and quiet, and has the right amount of attachment for our needs. The upright Salsa was too heavy and big to be used in our town- home. I would recommend the C1 Turbo Team to anyone in a similar sized home, and of course, Miele is unparalleled. I don't care where this thing is made, it's still a Miele product and they make amazing products.

👤The new model is lightweight and impressive. I rely on this efficient model more often than I use a robot. I like using it and I don't like housework, so it makes the chore go by quicker. The low noise feature and the HEPA filter are great. It takes 50 hours of sweeping to get a new bag and filter. I use a product that is lightweight and easy to drag behind me on hardwood floors. It rolls over transition bars. The steel tube is strong. The sweeper has two heads for hardwood and carpet. It is easy to maniupulate a tube. Every tool clicks together. Stores can be found in the hall closet. It's good for the middle of the road price. I think this is a great idea.

👤It seems to filter well, even though it is much smaller than I thought. The quality of the tubing and the latches, the hose material, and the hose attachment are all very sturdy, as you would expect from a Miele. The power button is on the canister, which is convenient, but I knew that going in would not detract from the points. The reason for 4 is that the heads are not as flexible as on other cleaners that are much cheaper, as 1 star off is a bit harsh. This is an expensive product. They don't articulate much for lying down flat or getting into tight spaces under beds and couches. The small head is at a steep angle, which makes it hard for a good vacuum connection with the surface you're cleaning. I went back and forth between the smaller one and the bigger one, which was cheaper, but I thought the bigger one would be more difficult to clean, and would be more expensive. When I got the box, I was surprised how small it was. I thought the dimensions of the Dirt Devil would be a bit bigger, but they are almost the same size. It's easy to carry and move around. The bag is small. We have bare wood floors, but we also have some carpet and a new area rug, and the bag fills up in just a few runs. The bags are expensive, and they have a large plastic accessory that is bad for recycling. The air-powered beater head is more effective than the Dirt Devil, which got bogged down. We have a short-haired dog who does not shed and this picks up his hair very well. I'm happy with the smaller one, but may upgrade to the larger one with the electric beater and power controls.


What is the best product for best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet?

Best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet products from Eureka. In this article about best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet you can see why people choose the product. Simplicity and Aspiron are also good brands to look for when you are finding best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet.

What are the best brands for best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet?

Eureka, Simplicity and Aspiron are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best canister vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet. Find the detail in this article. Bissell, Miele and Eureka are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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