Best Best Camera for Zoom Meetings

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1. Microphone NexiGo Computer 110 Degree Conferencing

Microphone NexiGo Computer 110 Degree Conferencing

The pause function is a good choice for vlogging. You can keep recording in the same file. You need to purchase it separately and formatted the card before using it. They will give you a solution within 24 hours if you have any problems. TheNexiGo N60 Webcam is powered by a two-MP CMOS and can produce clear and sharp videos up to 1920 x1080. The 3.6mm glass lens is ideal for almost any indoor use and has a resolution between 18.6 inches and 13 feet. The privacy cover blocks the lens when theWebcam is not in use. It's perfect to provide security and peace of mind to anyone. It's important to protect the lens from dirt and debris to make sure your video stays clear. The built-in noise-canceling microphone reduces ambient noise to enhance the sound quality of your video. It's great for Facetime, Video calling, OBS, Facebook, and YouTube. Online school. The fixed focal length lens is ideal for presentations because it captures high-definition video at a wide-angle. Plug theusb into your computer and you are good to go. The mounting clip allows the webcam to be placed on a tripod. No additional drivers are required. It is ready to use on any compatible device. It's compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and higher, Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 and Linux 2.6.24 or higher. You can use the Chrome OS or the Ubuntu version.

Brand: Nexigo

👤I decided to make two videos that I cut together. You can see the picture quality of theNexigo webcam after 1 minute of the video. The cam is very clear. Plugging in the NexigoWebcam works and is nice. You can easily shut and open the privacy cover. It is easy to set it up for your height. I have been using it for about 10 days now and have not had a problem. I would have bought it sooner.

👤The web cam is pretty decent. It's easy to set it up. I thought it would be a little better, but you get what you pay for. I don't know what I was expecting. It is a little bit of a fish eye look, but it is nice. It is perfect if you need it for teams or school.

👤I just updated this review, I received a call fromNexigo about my recent 1 star review. I received an updated one that seems to correct all of the issues. The company taking care of their product, as well as their customer and reputation is of paramount importance to me. There is a focus issue that has been resolved and the photo is labeled new and improved. I would recommend this if you need it. Original. The auto focus can't focus on your face. It was often focused on items in the background. I can't find any settings because it's plug and play. When I plugged it in, it worked. I bought this because I wanted to be able to place the camera at the two I use the most, rather than the one on my surface. It appears that I am not paying attention. If this thing was close to any sort of quality, then fix it. It was returned the same day it arrived.

👤I took it to work for meetings after I bought it for home. I'm going to buy another one.

👤I bought a camera for distance learning. It works well. You have to adjust the settings in your meeting and the picture is nice. The cover for the camera works well, but I wish it stayed attached to the camera and flipped up and down. It is a separate piece that detaches completely, but it looks like that in the picture. It is very easy to use. This is a great deal.

👤Plug it in and start using it.

👤The product arrived the next day. The camera was ordered less than 24 hours ago. I plugged the camera in to my laptop and Windows 10 installed the drivers. A high quality picture was taken and worked on a call. It's perfect for what I need. My wife will use it to teach classes.

👤Don't believe the positive reviews. I bought this to turn my 65" 4K TV into a DUO video. The setup was easy, plug and play, but that is where the negative ends are. The picture quality is very good, maybe manual focus would be better than auto focus. The pick up of the conversation is worse than the video, I was yelling to get the other party on the video call to hear me, and the picture was so bad on their end, it was not worth it. It goes back tomorrow. I have a Nest Hub Max and it is wonderful, great picture and sound, and it is 20th century.

2. Certified NexiGo Zoomable Software Microphone

Certified NexiGo Zoomable Software Microphone

It is easier to record and stream live video thanks to the H.264 compression. The N940P captures bright and crisp video even in low light thanks to the Sony Starvis Sensor. It's perfect for work. Even if you are away from the desk, you can still control your video calls with a remote. Turn off the webcam, adjust the volume, zoom in and out, mirror/flip your image, and more. With support for 3x digital magnification at 30 frames per second, theNexiGo 2K webcam makes it possible to zoom in gradually. Privacy cover included. The includedusb-c-adapter makes the cam compatible with both theusb-a andusb-c input ports. A privacy cover for a webcam is included. TheNexiGo has a built-in noise reduction mic. The N940P webcam uses high sensitivity technology to quickly capture and focus on any subject. The built-in noise-canceling mic reduces ambient noise to enhance the sound quality of your video. Plug and Play works with both the 2.0 and 3.0 versions of the computer's computer port. You can use applications to enjoy theWebcam. It's compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Brand: Nexigo

👤I don't have a laptop so I need aWebcam for my online school courses. This review is based on the usage of the application. Plug n play was used for the installation. Windows 10 took care of the rest after I plugged into the port. The video is clear and sharp. The sound quality is good. The other people in the meetings can hear what's happening. The best part of this webcam is the ability to control functions with a remote. There are some webcams that have a wide view. There are 10 zoom levels and I can zoom in and out as needed. This allows me to frame myself in class. I didn't have any issues with the auto-focus. The remote is small enough to fit in my hand. The buttons are easy to use. I can install the app on your computer. I can change settings manually. The privacy cover is cheap and it doesn't come with 2 batteries for the remote.

👤I wanted this to be a good camera. I like the remote control for zooming and panning the image, as I don't need much of my office shown on conference calls. This was native to the camera and didn't require any software. The feature worked well, but it didn't seem to retain settings between different conference applications. I had a problem with an image. I contacted tech support and they were prompt in their response after 3 emails requesting information like order #, operating system, and what port you're using, before any help was offered. They had me install their app despite warnings from Windows Defender. I tried a lot of different things to improve the picture quality. I returned it to Amazon because their tech support said it sounded like a hardware issue. I ordered a camera from a name brand company, rather than try another one. It doesn't have the nice remote control for zoom and pan, but if I need to constantly adjust it and the image quality is poor it's not worth it. I decided to go with a household brand name because it was $30 less and the cameras had the zoom and pan function via software.

👤TheNexiGo 2k zoomable web camera does what it's supposed to do. It shows clear and vivid images in low light settings. I had to return a web camera I bought from another company because I was barely visible even though I turned on all of the lights in my room. TheNexiGo web camera comes with a remote that allows for a number of uses, including zooming, focusing, muting the microphone, flipping the image, and rotating the camera without moving the swivel. I tested this using the windows camera app, and it worked perfectly. I can't wait to record a session.

👤There is a review for theNexiGo N940P 2K Webcam. I failed to note in the decsription a couple of points that were critical. If you have set the resolution low enough, the sensor will be able to zoom in at 2K. You don't get 3x zoom at the highest 30fs. It was in the dsecription. The lens cover for a camera at full price is absolutely worthless. The remote doesn't work for a lot of people. If you fit it so that the cover doesn't obscure the active light, then it covers the invisible remote sensor. You can either have the light or the remote. I canabalised my old cover. How much would it have cost to do this correctly? The camera works well and the remote works well. Now people have to look at me closely because of the problem of a too wide angle lens. Not good for them.

3. Logitech BRIO Conferencing Recording Streaming

Logitech BRIO Conferencing Recording Streaming

You can use the N930E in applications that are compatible with it. It's compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. Professional-quality video for conference calls, streaming, or video recording can be obtained from a newWebcam. Logit.

Brand: Logitech

👤I needed a video camera to be able to talk to someone. The negative comments on the Brio made me choose. The C920S. I ordered professional lighting and a backdrop. The microphones in these cameras are not very good and the pros suggested a separate microphone. They are correct. The picture quality on the C920S is terrible. I adjusted the temperature on my professional lighting to 3000 and reduced the brightness to 20% because my skin tone on the C920S is blueish and overexposed. I decided to try it out. The picture quality on the Brio is much better than the C920S. The skin tones on the Brio look natural. I used the Brio on both calls and it looked great. The C920S was returned and kept. I wish I had not bought the C920S. It comes with a privacy shield. You can aim the camera up and down without changing the mounting position if you mount it on your computer screen. The old version had neither. If you want your skin tone to look natural and not washed out, this new Brio is the way to go. If you want to save a buck, you should order the C920S. I needed to look my best because I am using this camera to do job interviews. It costs a lot, but it is worth it to look my best on video conference calls.

👤The camera has no way to retain the smaller angle of view when powered down, according to the customer support I reached out to. The ability to save profiles is not available in the camera settings. It is not possible to have it ready on bootup. Is it possible that the # 1 rated camera requires users to change its settings every time they boot it up if they don't want the defaults? The man is named Alain.

👤The camera is currently overpriced. I still think this is a good option if you can't afford a DSLR at the moment. The picture quality is fantastic, and this is one if not the best webcam you can use. It's widely used in the streaming community so there are tons of tips and tricks to help you get the best out of the camera. Logitech Software fixes most tiny issues you might want to tinker with, and it plays nice with other software. There is a * The problematic is that the digital zoom is flawless. The settings in OBS can be switched to default on restart. I recommend using the software to fiddle with the settings. * Light, like a lot of it. External lighting and bravery to adjust the white balance will be required if you want to get the most out of this camera.

👤This camera was used to teach virtual yoga classes over the internet. The previous experience with the Logitech webcams made it difficult for us to get proper focus, so we decided to buy the Brio camera. The camera had issues from the first test, starting with close focus and moving to teaching distance. I had success with the first several classes and recordings after turning the focus off and setting it to the proper distance. The camera started to focus in the middle of class. It would hunt for a second or two, then fix a lot out of focus and stay there for the whole class. The issue has not been helped by the loading of the latest camera firmware. The picture quality is amazing, but we can't speak to the microphone because we use an external mic. I can't recommend dropping the premium price for this camera because of the problems we are having.

4. NexiGo N960E Software AutoFocus Microphone

NexiGo N960E Software AutoFocus Microphone

The built-in ring light has three-light Modes and stepless brightness. Touch and hold the ring light dim light environments will achieve your ideal brightness level. The light on the webcams has a soft tone so that it doesn't create a glare. 60 frames per second. The NexiGo has a Webcam. FHD Webcam has a 1920 x1080p resolution at up to 60 frames per second refresh rate, and their enhanced autofocus helps to capture videos that are as accurate and true-to-life as possible. The built-in privacy shutter works with both theusb a andc Webcams. No additional driver is required. The built-in privacy cover allows you to enjoy safe digital web life when not in use and prevent hackers from snooping on you. It's perfect to give privacy, security, and peace of mind to everyone. The built-in microphone has noise-canceling technology that reduces ambient noise to enhance the sound quality of your video. You can capture the sounds that you want in noisy environments. TheNexiGo is compatible with many operating systems. If a port on your system is not a type-A port, it comes with a type-C port. TheWebcam is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. TheNexiGo is compatible with many operating systems. If a port on your system is not a type-A port, it comes with a type-C port. TheWebcam is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Brand: Nexigo

👤A nice quality webcam. The ring light portion is easy to use, you just tap it and it has three different brightness choices. Plug it in and it will work instantly. Excellent quality audio and video as well! Highly recommend!

👤The built in ring light on theNexigoWebcam makes it more practical than buying each separately. I use it for work. The video and sound are good. The HP laptop was connected via the webcam. I had the option to use the box's accessory, which was ausb-c. There are three brightness options for the ring light. I was unsure at first how to turn the light on and off, but once I messaged customer service atNexigo they quickly got back to me. It's very easy. The lightbulb icon can be touched. The icon for the lightbulb should be lightly tapped for low light, medium light, high light, and light off. There is a lever on the left that you can slide to cover the camera lense. This is a good webcam. I don't see why I would have to pay more. This one has all the features I need.

👤The video quality is good for my needs. When I don't have natural light coming through the windows, ring light is very useful. The way the privacy cover is implemented led to the deducting of one star. There is no indication on the camera which position is open or closed. You can tell when the camera is on, but the whole point is to have the camera covered in case someone wants to spy on you when the camera appears to be off. It's difficult to operate the privacy cover switch without also using the light switch.

👤There were no reviews when I tried this webcam, based on the specifications. I was surprised to find a decentWebcam when I went in blind. You could easily spend double and still not find a webcam with 60 frames per second. I don't know why it's hard for companies to implement this, but you'd be hard pressed to find a 60fpsWebcam at under $100. Adding the ring light could probably cost another webcam in itself, so I appreciated it. It has three light settings, but I wouldn't go past the second bright setting as the bright setting looks washed out. I didn't expect it to fit so well on a thin monitor like mine, I have a 28”Samsung UR55, and the mount for the camera was much more flexible than I thought. The camera can be adjusted to tilt down at very steep angles. I didn't have to wait for an update to use the webcams on my M1 Mac mini, it was plug-and-play. It has turned my Mac mini into an iMac. The privacy cover you flip on is very thin and often times I trip the light setting trying to slide it on.

👤This is on a tripod for my desk. I looked like a ghost when I tested with a colleague. The ring light made things worse because my face was not distinguishable at the brighter settings. I looked like a natural when I used the built inWebcam on Mac M1. There is a This camera quality is returning.

5. KanDao Meeting Conference Bluetooth Microsoft

KanDao Meeting Conference Bluetooth Microsoft

Meeting Pro is designed to make the meeting perfect by using a camera in a dual lens for the whole room, a set of microphone and 8 speaker for voice collection within 5m, which can collect all members voice and visual to achieve the meeting perfection. Meeting Pro with surperior microphone, speaker and others parts for supports Microsoft/OS operating system compatible with all leading online conference software: Meeting Pro enables high definition video and provides multiple scenes and models to option within the meeting conference, which is flexible for various conference requirment and circumstance. Only updated under the instruction and no more driver installation after you turn on the device and plug the cable for your favorite meeting software. It is quick and convenient to increase conference efficiency and bring in a better experience for business trips and instant meetings. The cost efficient solution is all of it. In One webcam conference device has a high definition camera, a digital microphone and a speaker. It would be possible to interact within Kan Dao Meeting Pro. The cost efficient solution is all of it. In One webcam conference device has a high definition camera, a digital microphone and a speaker. It would be possible to interact within Kan Dao Meeting Pro.

Brand: Kandao

👤The camera works great after a week of trying to figure out how to use it. I received a bill for $243.23 for taxes and duties. If I'd known there were hidden charges like this, I wouldn't have purchased this camera. The seller was contacted to see if he would cover the expense. Save your money if it's not worth it. The seller wouldn't pay the duty fees, so I had to spend an extra $243.23 on top of the seller's price for this webcam. We won't be buying any more products from this seller. After 9 months, we received a refund to cover the taxes we paid. We use the camera weekly for teams meetings and haven't had any issues. If you are aware of the hidden shipping/duties/taxes associated when shipping to the US, this is a great product, but definitely not a cheap option.

👤This is a great camera. The speaker is louder than the original. It works well with Microsoft Teams.

👤The great thing about this camera is that it focuses on the person who is speaking and zooms in on them while showing the rest of the room. The sound and microphone work well. It only works with apps that are compatible with the phone's operating system, so there are only 4 people on the screen, and you have to use a finger to scroll through them. It will be difficult to have a large meeting with all in view on the conference software until the app for Zoom allows more faces.

👤The camera software modes are amazing, and the software for tracking and zooming needs more development, but I'm really happy to own the product. The camera worked with the projector. The vendor needs to pay more attention to the quality of the retail package of the camera as it should reflect the value that was paid for it. Good luck and keep up the good work.

👤This is not the case in the device we received. It is difficult to produce HD and 8K. The video is poor. The quality of the picture was poor. I don't think you should purchase this product. It's better to stick to a better-known brand.

👤Im Meeting ist die bei hybrid-Events bei. Ich ist die Hersteller, war, ob die Kamera, die Abdeckung und das Tracking hinbekommen wrde. Alle Tests und recordings are alle absolut positiv. So wie das fokussieren und feststellen von positionen hat uns vollends berzeugt. BigBlueButton ist bei den installierten apps. Ich ist. Weg integrieren. Ansonsten ist die Kamera bei BBB. Als is a Webcam. I am. Ihren Meeting Owl Pro ist die Meeting Owl Pro. die assimilating Grad deckt die Kamera.

👤The meeting is in the Auftrag bestellt. The Erste Eindruck war beeindruckend. Gert solide verarbeitet, viel Zubehr ist aber. Die Einrichtung hat, bei der eher drftigen Bedienungsanleitung. Ist die Kamera bei dem Internet bei dem Update. Danach erfordert das technische Geschick die Verfizierung. Apps, wie Teams installiert. Theusb port ist besondere, was besondere besondere. Fr Alternativ fungiert. Fernbedienung is also known as the Bildschirmzeiger. Die Bildqualitt ist. The standard HD Webcams are vergleichen. Ansicht ist bei dem Bildschirm bereinander gelegt. Gutes Gert, Preis, and teuer. Sollte erweitert.

6. Conference Streaming Business Meetings Conferencing

Conference Streaming Business Meetings Conferencing

There are a variety of control methods for the video conference Webcam. The first has a remote control that can be used to control the camera angle. The second is connected to a network cable. You can shake the cameras. A video is being output. Anyone in the office can setup and control video meetings. Press the number to call the reserved preset. The pan speed is 80 degree per second. The angle is 90 degree. 20X optical zoom is 2.1 mega pixel. There are 256 preset positions. The remote control is called theRS-232. The VISCA,PELCO-D/P Control Protocol is used. Application compatibility is broad. You can adjust the video acquisition parameters in the software to improve video quality and liquidity, such as adjust video resolution, video compressor, and frame rate, if you recommend using Zoom and skype for business. Make sure your internet upload/download speeds are stable enough and exceed 2M bit per second. 20X optical zoom. You will feel like you are in the same room when you use a professional camera for business meetings. Everyone in the room can be seen in a high-quality video with a full HD camera. 20X optical zoom. You will feel like you are in the same room when you use a professional camera for business meetings. Everyone in the room can be seen in a high-quality video with a full HD camera.

Brand: Szoomsy

👤Have used it a couple of times. It would be great if it worked consistently. One will stop working when setting locations for the camera. It's inconvenient in the middle of a meeting. The camera moving up or down is questionable. When using the same light touch, sometimes barely moves and then moves too much.

👤I like the ability to move it around. There is no white balance. The picture is red. I will update my review if I get a solution. I can't find the software for Mac.

👤The video conference camera has power zoom features. The device is about 6” tall and about 5” in diameter. It comes with a remote, a paper manual, and other items. You can use the remote to zoom, pan, tilt, set and use preset, and more. The camera needs to be plugged in. It comes with a charging cable and a power transformer. The remote is powered by 2 batteries. The camera does not have a microphone. The camera can be mounted on a tripod. It can be removed from the metal mounting brackets. This camera is useful for teaching. It's great for recording classroom situations. It can be difficult to control the camera and teach at the same time. It may be possible if you set up a few key preset in advance. The best way to control this camera is to have a separate videographer who can focus on the video stream. You will probably want to use wireless lavalier microphones. The images from the camera are clear, and the optical zoom works well. This camera is great for video conferencing with large groups and a dedicated video staff person.

👤I asked that question and it prevented me from rating this camera five stars. It is an extremely powerful camera, with great image quality, but in the end it doesn't justify its price. I would only recommend this camera for a professional setting, where you need a powerful camera with high image quality that will last you a long time. When it comes to communicating between rich and powerful people, you don't want any screw-ups, or give off an impression of monetary issues, and this is the board/meeting rooms of big offices and corporations. The big camera sensor allows for a clear and bright image, and the 20x optical zoom is something that I had not heard of before receiving this camera for review. It can zoom up to your eyeballs no matter what room you're in. If it was like a convention hall, it would be the only challenge. The other room or office room would be more than satisfied. The looks are not elegant for my tastes, but I understand why they are for the motor of the webcam. You can control the movements of the motorized webcam. The plastic construction is dull and boring. I think this is a great camera, but I'm not sure why it's still around. If you don't mind the price, this is a great option. Even with the advancement of technology, I still don't like the idea of a $100 webcams that are more than a phone camera.

7. Conference Lighting Conferencing Broadcasting Streaming

Conference Lighting Conferencing Broadcasting Streaming

It can be turned into a walking stick or a monopod to make your photography more diverse. You need to buy a tripod mount ring or a lens mount for the camera with the telephoto zoom lens. It's easy to use light for zoom meetings to improve your presence in videos, live streams, and more. When the camera turns on, look and feel your best! The built-in frosted lens and additional white diffuser are easy to see on the eyes. It's great when working from home. Control brightness from 1 to 100% to get the perfect lighting. You can adjust the color temperature to match your work environment. The included mount can be used to provide light for laptops. You can get the perfect video call lighting at your desk or on the go. The built-in extended battery provides hours of illumination. Plug the cube light into your computer'susb port and it will run indefinitely.

Brand: Lume Cube

👤I received this item yesterday and was very excited to use it for my next appearance. The lighting is good, but the item cannot be attached to the laptop for more than 2 minutes. It keeps falling off the computer. The cup doesn't fit. I rate the product a zero because it doesn't work if it isn't attached to the laptop surface or stuck on the surface.

👤You need a tripod to tilt the light. It tilts backwards if you connect it to your monitor.

👤Light is great. You can put it where you want. I tried putting it in different places for my calls. It has fallen off three times. I am waiting for it to break. Great concept, but not so great.

👤The unit is slick but the cup doesn't suck. It was falling off the back of my laptop. It works well on a flat surface like my desk, but then the lighting effect is like holding a flashlight under your chin to frighten children around the campfire while telling ghost stories. Returned for a refund. Fail.

👤1. The cup worked. 2. You were illuminated by the light three inches away. 3. Despite its poor illumination, it did not blind you.

👤I like the light for meetings. It can be adjusted to a very low level. A variety of color warmth makes it easy to adjust to the setting. It is strong. I was pleasantly surprised that it came with ausb-C port so I could plug it into one of the MacBook ports. It is a bit heavy, which is holding me back from a 5 Star rating. It doesn't really matter if the hinges are tight. If I tilt my laptop screen back too far, the light will not allow it to stay and will take the screen down. It's not a big deal, but if they made it lighter it might not be as effective. There is an update. I had no issues with the sticky cup staying put until it was removed, then it would stay put for more than 15 minutes. I went to Q&A as I saw someone give a solution to make it moist. I wiped down my laptop service with an alcohol wipe, then used a small cup of water on my fingertips to VOILA! I have not fallen off in the last 4 hours.

👤I have had more than 500 video conference meetings from home since the COVID epidemic began. I have jury-rigged desk lamps that provide illumination with mixed results. I bought a Lume cube video lighting kit based on the ads I saw. I put it to work after it arrived. I had 9 hours of meetings today. I am happy with how it performed. It is easy to use and provides excellent illumination. It is mounted to my laptop using a mount that disengages easily. I ordered a second today. This item is a game-changer. Thanks!

👤This is very convenient if you need lighting, but it mounts to surfaces by a cup and clip. If it's on the back of my laptop, it doesn't always hold tight, so it falls to the floor.

8. Conference Microphone Wide Angle Noise Cancel Speakerphone

Conference Microphone Wide Angle Noise Cancel Speakerphone

The VideoConferencing That Works is an Ultra wide-angle 100 webcam that enables Full HD1080p video calls, a microphones array with 13ft voice pickup radius, and a customized loudspeaker all in one sleek & compact device. You can switch to a better-off experience for your work from home, remote learning, or small team online/ hybrid collaboration. You can host as many as 15 people at a time with the Speaker's up to 13ft radius voice pickup capacity. Thanks to the patented audio algorithm and 4-element microphones array, every meeting attendee can be heard with great clarity. The speaker's tuning allows it to highlight people's voices and make sound even better. Plug & Play is driver-free, touch buttons are easy to use, and powered by a single cable. There is no need for a power adaptor. The camera or mics can be turned off with the touch buttons. Your privacy is always under control, because the ring indicator shows its real-time working status. The meeting camera is portable. The alabaster-like porcelain white body is covered with a special substance to prevent fingerprints and other unwanted spots. Diverse Compatibility is compatible with desktop or laptop computers. It works with a lot of different platforms, like GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Facebook Live, xsplit, andOBS. 1920x1080, 1280x720, and 640x480 are supported resolutions. Encoding formats include H.264 and MJPG. Performance promotions and new functions are brought about by regular updates. On the official website of Nuroum, there are apps for both Windows and macOS. As fast as possible. If the product is damaged during shipment, a lightning-fast replacement is available. Do you have questions or requests? They respond quickly and are always interested in you. Performance promotions and new functions are brought about by regular updates. On the official website of Nuroum, there are apps for both Windows and macOS. As fast as possible. If the product is damaged during shipment, a lightning-fast replacement is available. Do you have questions or requests? They respond quickly and are always interested in you.

Brand: Nuroum

👤The camera and speaker are working well, but the mic system is making speech sound weird. I'm not sure if it's the mic or signal processing. I connected two computers in quiet rooms using the internet. I used a good quality speaker to play an audio book near the computer. I used good quality headphones on the other computer. The speech was difficult to understand. The Nuroum was replaced with a Logitech webcams with mic. The speech was great. I tried different audio settings. Same thing. Returned.

👤I bought it for the price, but I fell in love with its performance. The wide-angle cam is a game-changer. I didn't realize it was a 100 degree camera, as I wanted a 72 degree view-angle, which is what my Logitech 60-buck over-monitor webcam provides. The speaker is great. It is also perfect for music because of the clarity with human voices. I can enjoy rock music with this little device. There is a The noise-cancel is very impressive. My colleague thought I was in a home office when I was sitting in my living room sofa. It would be better if the cord could be hidden underneath the bottom of the bag.

👤The speaker/microphone quality was not very good. The camera does not adjust up or down. It is not moving. If you want to adjust the camera, you have to sit the entire device on something. I returned it.

👤We use this every couple of months for Board meetings that are held in a different town than our office, so we pack it up and take it with us. We usually have about 10 people in the room and 3-6 on the computer, and it has worked great for us. The video and sound quality is good, and I have been amazed at how well it picks up people from a distance. Some improvements would be appreciated. A longer cable is needed to connect it to the laptop. You need more flexibility with placement than the included 3-4 foot type-C to type-A cable can provide. 2. We were looking for a conference speaker that could be moved from place to place, and so far this one has met our expectations. It would be great if a padded carrying case was included to make transporting it easier and safer, or even if one was available to purchase as an accessory. I had to purchase a double wine tote to carry it. 3. It would be great if the camera could be adjusted up and down to make it more flexible. They have dropped the price a bit since I purchased, which is great. The price range would be appropriate.

👤If you really need aWebcam, this is it. I bought a webcams for our meeting. I compared the look and the specs. The color matches my office and desk and it has the perfect look. When I received this, my colleagues asked me what it was. I showed them how this works. The install process didn't take too long. It surprised me as well as my colleagues. The wide range camera angel is very good. My boss saw that I set up the conference room. He is also surprised. They could hear us clearly from the camera during our meeting. I recommend this product to anyone who needs a conference.

9. AutoFocus Microphone NexiGo N660P Computer

AutoFocus Microphone NexiGo N660P Computer

Wide Compatibility It's compatible with most mainstream video apps. It's suitable for common systems like Windows, Mac and Xbox One. TheNexiGo is a Webcam. N660P Automatic white balance and exposure control are included with the Webcam. The camera will adjust to produce the best possible image even in dim or poorly backlit settings, as the webcam provides clear images and high-definition video at 60 frames per second. The built-in dual stereo microphones are omnidirectional and come with noise-canceling technology that helps to filter background noise. It's perfect for online teaching, live streaming, video calling, and more. The privacy cover is attached to the webcam and protects your privacy. The privacy cover should be open when you want to use the webcam, and closed when you're done. Criminals can't use yourWebcam when it's not being used by you. It helps them provide peace of mind to their valued customers. Plug and play with the long 6.5ftusb cord and you are ready to go. No need to download or install any software. TheNexiGo N660P is built for convenience. It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems such as: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, and more.

Brand: Nexigo

👤Plug and play and auto focus were instant successes. It was much better than my old camera and I loved teaching it.

👤I bought this to replace my current wide angle camera. I was expecting the view to be less wide, since the wide angle manual focus is 120 degrees. The top to bottom view is at least 4 feet shorter than my current camera, so I was not expecting it. I didn't think about that when I bought it. I need the taller view that comes with the wider angle camera for this camera to work for my set up. It worked with just plugging it in and the picture was clear, but not as tall as I need it to be.

👤This cameras lighting works better than the "1080P 60FPS Webcam, HD USB Web Camera Streaming Webcam, Built-in dual noise reduction mics, autofocus Webcam for Widescreen Video calling and Recording" that I bought from Amazon a week ago. It didn't adjust well to different lighting conditions. The camera has a clear picture, it works well, and my skin tones are natural. The camera is more expensive, but it is worth it to me.

👤I've been using an old HP webcam for a long time. I don't know what the resolution of frames per second was. The picture was good if you didn't move, but the video was choppy and streaky. I decided to get something more up to date because I've been doing more zoom calls. I thought I'd give it a try after seeing the different webcams online and the positive reviews. What a difference! The picture is clear and smooth and I like it. You can adjust the resolution, brightness, and auto or manual focus if you need it. It has a lens cover that you slide over for privacy. I have a small tripod that I can use to hold the camera's brackets, and the clip works very well if I sit atop my monitor. Plug and play was used. I ran in less than a minute. I got free Prime delivery on the same day I ordered it. I don't think one could do better at this price point. I'm thinking of ordering another one and sending it to my parents in CA so I can do video calls with them from here in TX. I'm pretty sure I can get them set up over the phone with the plug and play, they're not tech oriented at all.

👤So far, so good. I found this product after my last one stopped working. The picture quality is better than the $30 Victure, with a nice auto-focus, truer colors and better clarity. The light adjustment seems to work well for me. There is a way to cover the camera when not in use. The general style ofWebcam is flimsy with the mounting to a monitor. If you aren't moving your monitor around, it's not a tight squeeze. The product is recommended at this price point.

👤The camera quality and reliability is what I was looking for in this product. There is no lag with the 60FPS. I have this camera for over a week and have had no issues with it. There is a blue light that turns on when the camera is on and off when the camera is not being used. The quick privacy slide is easy to use. The device is easy to use. You do not need to download anything. It is plugged into a Mac Mini and I use it on a mac desktop. You have to wave your hand in front of the camera to get the auto focus on your face. The product checks out my needs and expectations.

10. FoMaKo Conference Camera Conferencing FMK12UH

FoMaKo Conference Camera Conferencing FMK12UH

Professional video quality is delivered by the conference room camera. Excellent video resolution and color reproduction. It's compatible with both skype and zoom for business. Support windows, mac, andandroid systems. A camera that is portable. At the same time, you can output video to both of those things. The Sony 1/2.8” Progressive CMOS is a large chip. 12X optical zoom, HD video. It is compatible with Sony Visca Protocol. Plug and play is easy to use, you can connect it to your Windows PC, Mac, or smart TV. A remote control that can be used to control camera pan, tilt, zoom and more. Money back for no reason. Repairs for 18 months. Money back for no reason. Repairs for 18 months.

Brand: Fomako

👤The price of the PtZ camera was attractive and I have not used it before. I had been using a go pro camera and two older full HD camcorders on a balcony to take a picture of the church. I did not use the ir remote to program the camera or connect theusb to the atem mini video switcher because I wanted to use the HDMI output. Even with the low light, the picture quality is excellent. The low light made my camcorders look blurry and noisy. The camera gives a clean picture in the same lighting conditions. The unit was easy to set up. The difference between my old cameras and this one is due to the more zoom that was applied. Saving camera positions was easy. I used 8 of the 9 preset and the accuracy of the positions is very consistent. The camera is very susceptible to being vibrated. The camara is resting on the balcony railing and anyone walking on it shakes the camera enough to be unacceptable. My old camera had the same issue, but it was not as severe. The church bell shook the camera enough to be unacceptable when viewed from a distance. I will put this in a ceiling beam that does not flex on the balcony. It is not a good idea to put the camera on a tripod. That was the first thing I did and it was shaky even when not in motion. It was a cheap tripod. Make sure you have a good place to mount this camera. The front of the camera has a remote sensor. If you mount this on a balcony or behind the camera, the remote won't work. I folded a sheet of paper that the camera is sitting on with a lip folded up to the front of the camera to reflect the signal back at the camera and was able to get it to work. The camera needs an ir sensor in the back to fix the issue. To get around this issue, you can buy a wired controller. I may still do that if I can get it to work after mounting it on the ceiling beam. The signal went to black for a few moments while the camera was being panned, but the output came back in a half a second or less. Not sure if there is a brush contact issue. No one will watch the live stream if I move the camera while streaming, because it's too fast and confusing to watch. I will update the review if the problem gets more frequent. I am quite pleased with this camera, it is quite expensive, but I am happy with it. I was able to get two of these for the price of the camera I was going to get, and I am very happy with the resolution and the optics. There is an update a week later. I mounted the camera upside down on the overhead beam and now walking on the balcony does not shake the camera. The video flip function does not reverse the controlls on the remote. The left and up are both down. That isn't a problem, it's just an observation. preset locations are the ones I will mostly be using. The camera is moving again so that is good news, but I haven't seen the blanking issues yet.

11. Tenveo Conference Business Meetings TEVO VHD102U

Tenveo Conference Business Meetings TEVO VHD102U

You will feel like you are in the same room with the Tenveo 10X optical zoom professional PTZ camera. A face to face full HD video conference is a great way to communicate. The recommended room size is 5x12m, 17'x 39' and 60 square meters. The camera platform has ausb port. The degree was 0 to 340. The tilt was 0 to 120 degree. The optical zoom is 2.1 megapixel. IR remote control. Support the control protocols. It's compatible with Microsoft Lync, Voovmeeting, CISCO WebEx and other software. Plug-and-play. Anyone can setup and control a video conference. There is a box. The Tenveo 10X optical zoom camera has a 3 meter cable, a DC 12V power adapter, and an IR remote control. Money back for no reason. There is a box. The Tenveo 10X optical zoom camera has a 3 meter cable, a DC 12V power adapter, and an IR remote control. Money back for no reason.

Brand: Tenveo

👤I was hesitant to buy this with so few reviews. We are on a tight budget and this was the cheapest PTZ camera. We only used this for one service in our church, but are very happy with it. The zoom feature is more than enough. The remote is easy to use. The preset works well. The hardware is nice. It does not do well with contrast. Everything is washed out when the son shines on the pulpit. It works better in controlled artificial light. If you need a cheap PTZ to start live-streaming. This is good. It was recognized right out of the box by OBS.

👤The product was exactly what we needed at a fraction of the price. Is it as good as a $5k camera, but it is perfect for streaming live video. The zoom works well. The movements are smooth. The church is well lit and the images are good. Low light situations can lead to less than desirable results. The preset feature allows you to move from location to location. Unless you need 4k or are in a low lighting situation, this camera is worth considering. If I had to, I would purchase this again.

👤I bought the 3X version of the camera for the purpose of zooming in on those who were traveling or shut-ins. The plug-and-play feature was a consideration. The upgrade in picture quality from the previousWebcam we had been using blew me away. The difference was dramatic. The camera had to be in the front row of the sanctuary because the 3X zoom wasn't enough to set it in the back. The pastor allowed it because it was a cosmetic issue. We ran the feed through the free program on my computer so that we could add a logo to the image. I bought the 10X model to mount in the back of the room because we were so pleased with the camera. I bought a 100 foot ethernet cable and ausb conversion to go further than the 16 feet of cable. It worked well. The remote control is one of the nicer features. One remote can control each camera on its own, if you set each camera to one of 3 codes. The remote is line-of- sight because it uses IR technology. There is a sensor on the front of the unit, but the rear sensor is partially blocked by theusb port. I'm not smart enough to use those capabilities to control the camera. The program allowed me to transition between the cameras with ease and it is giving me a professional look to our feed. The preset on the remote are very good. Each camera has a memory of 9 positions, so I can quickly change from a close-up on the pastor to a wide view of the pulpit area or any other focus I choose. The preset moves more quickly when it's in close proximity. I use the preset a lot because the camera moves a lot slower when it's zoom in. There is a manual override for the focus on the cameras. Depending on the background, the colors can be quite different with two cameras. The change is significant when the pastor steps in front of the whiteboard. I don't know if this can be adjusted manually, but it's not a huge issue for me, just a drop in production values. A fellow in the church bought a 3X camera from me because he liked the image quality so much. The 10X model was ordered immediately. This unit is very good. It has a lot of satisfaction for its quality and flexibility.


What is the best product for best camera for zoom meetings?

Best camera for zoom meetings products from Nexigo. In this article about best camera for zoom meetings you can see why people choose the product. Nexigo and Logitech are also good brands to look for when you are finding best camera for zoom meetings.

What are the best brands for best camera for zoom meetings?

Nexigo, Nexigo and Logitech are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best camera for zoom meetings. Find the detail in this article. Nexigo, Kandao and Szoomsy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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