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1. Cadet Real Beef Bully Sticks

Cadet Real Beef Bully Sticks

Dog bully sticks are high in fat and low in calories and have no artificial colors, flavors, orfillers. Dog chews give your best friend quality chewing time that keeps them busy and satisfied. The single ingredient is made of 100% real beef pizzle from the finest quality cattle and slow roasted to bring out irresistible flavor. Bully sticks are inspected to make sure they meet the high quality standards of Cadet. Dog chews help clean teeth and gums. Natural beef pizzle sticks for dogs are highly absorbent. The dog bully sticks are for small and medium dogs. Help prevent chewing that is destructive.

Brand: Cadet

👤I had a bad experience feeding my golden retriever the bully sticks. Within hours she was walking farts. We walked 2.5 miles to get to her butt. When we got home, she began to purge her anal glands in every room of the house rendering it uninhabitable for several hours. If you want your house to smell like a wet bull fart, I don't recommend feeding these to your dog or any other animal. If you dare feed these to a Saint Bernard, God will help you.

👤I have tried a few brands, but I will be sticking with Cadet products because they are the best. Is there a smell? Yes, of course. I think the benefits outweigh the smell of bully sticks. I think the Cadet sticks have less smell than other brands. My dog is not allowed to have chewies. I know that chewing with 6 inch sticks is good for her teeth and helps keep her teeth clean because she is a chewer. She is very picky about what she gets, but she is always happy to get a bully stick. I think the benefits of the Cadet Bully Sticks are important, but I wish they weren't so expensive.

👤Cadet Bully Sticks have been purchased at our local hardware store. We usually get giant foot long ones. The sticks are worth it because they last several days per stick. We decided to bring the same bag since it seemed less expensive. Our dog has eaten three of these in less than an hour. gone... I thought it might have been a mistake the first couple of times, but this morning I decided to start with a review and see if there is anything they can do. These are not as tough as the ones we buy at the hardware store. I can only imagine what a large dog would do with 12 pounds of chewer. Don't buy if you're warned. Cadet has good products, but this did not live up to our expectations. After the scurvy is over, go back to the hardware store.

👤The quality of the product has been lowered so I have canceled my subscription. The first couple of orders were nice, my dogs liked the slab sticks. The air bubble thin pieces on the sticks last less than a minute for my dogs. I took my business elsewhere because I was not impressed at all.

👤The bag of Bully Sticks says long lasting. Our lab puppy was chewed up and swallowed in 20 to 30 minutes. That's not worth anything, what so ever! Lifes Abundance made Bully Sticks that lasted more than a day. This gave the puppy some time to rest and relax. The Cadet Bully Sticks were worthless. Don't waste your money. I would have given zero stars if I could.

👤My dog loves them. I can't tell you how bad they are, but they keep my dog busy for hours at a time, and the stuff makes her go psycho when I ask her if she wants a bully treat. These are for you and your dog if you have disposable income and don't mind a bad smell. I am a very active boxer.

2. Downtown Pet Supply Junior American

Downtown Pet Supply Junior American

Their bully sticks are made in the USA. You and your pup will get a superior bully stick that meet the highest standards because it was made and processed in a GFSI facility. Their single ingredient bully sticks are low in fat and full of vitamins and minerals. The material is easy to digest and protects your pup's health. They will not use chemicals or artificial coloring. The USA Bully Stick treats are just as delicious and healthy, but are smaller and easier to chew for younger and smaller pups. There are more individual sticks per pound, so you can keep spoiling your dog. Their bully sticks are baked to perfection from healthy USA beef which helps to eliminate the smell often asociated with other competing bully sticks. Let your pet enjoy the treats. The bully sticks are sold by the weight, which means you get what you pay for. No more worrying about the thickness of a bully stick.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤These bully sticks have been ordered many times by me. They aren't consistently good. The last bag was not as thin as I had ordered and it looked like it had been burned to a crisp. The bag before that was just right and smelled good. I don't have time to play with or walk the dogs, so they are busy when I do. I hope I get the same quality that I had in the past.

👤I need them! Puppies just have to bite and jump to use you as a chew toy. A great way to distract them is to give the puppy a stick. It doesn't split into sharp pieces, it just melts in their mouths as they chew it. The bully stick is better than my legs and hands. Patty is in the area.

👤The six-month-old Australian Shepherd blew through one in less than five minutes. The 6-inch ones lasted him for an hour. These were much more expensive and did not satisfy him or us. This would be great for a small dog. We are very disappointed.

👤The bully stick chew is reasonably priced. The first bag we got was thick and the second bag was a bit smaller. I hope the next bag is better. The Doberman chews last anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on size and thickness.

👤Really thin. My 50 pound dog is 888-349-8884

👤My dogs will ignore the other sticks. I can't say anything else.

👤My German Shepard loves them. They keep her busy for a while. Makes me happy. Good for her too!

👤My dog gets freaked out by the fact that the bully stick is gone in less than 5 minutes. He can't believe how fast it vanished, so he searches under his paws for it. I wouldn't buy again.

3. Downtown Pet Supply Jumbo Sticks

Downtown Pet Supply Jumbo Sticks

The Jumbo USA Bully Sticks are sold in bulk. You can be sure that you will get the exact amount you pay for, no matter what the variation is. The USA dog treats are made from premium beef from grass fed american cattle and are filled with vitamins and minerals. Grain-less and made to last, their tasty dog treats are easily Digestible. They are a great alternative to rawhide chews and other dog treats because they don't have bones that splinter. They don't add any hormones, antibiotics, or Additives to your dog, so they don't ingest any harmful chemicals, and they promote healthy gums and teeth. The USA bully sticks are large and thick, making them perfect for aggressive chewers. They are a more satisfying treat for your dog.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤If you order by weight, you're disappointed that the company would exaggerate the weight. I expect bully sticks to be exactly 1LB or slightly above. The bag weighed in at.8 lbs. The sticks are nice but not cheap and should have included another stick to make the weight. I hope the company corrects this and makes things better for me as a customer.

👤Think again, you think you have scored a lot on Bully Sticks. The pictures look great and they sell it with the description. There are two sticks in the package. Two for 30 dollars. Look somewhere else. This is not true.

👤I bought these instead of the brand I usually get for my dog, which are much thinner than these. She loved it and it lasted. They did not smell. After thoroughly enjoying it, she was sick all day and into the morning. It was not something I would want to experience again. These were too much for my teenage pup, and are not the same as the ones sold in pet stores.

👤I have been buying from Downtown for a while. I usually order once a month. The size of the jumbo sticks has gotten smaller. I pay a premium for jumbo sticks. See the photo of the order. Four of them could be called jumbo, three are barely the thickness of a pencil. Everyone is having Covid backlash, but I expect to get what I pay for. I sent back an order that was under 1/2 inch. If they can only source medium thickness, then maybe they should only charge for that size.

👤I love this company and will always order from them. Everyone knows that someone's jumbo is true. I use them for my dog and she likes them. The smell is not bad. I am not the best source for that information. My dog is outside and I keep my sticks in the fridge. I don't notice much smell when I put it in her toy. The thickness is average, which is great when paying by weight, because more sticks means more treat times. My dog and I are very happy with this purchase.

👤Disgusting. The whole house could smell it upstairs. Had to leave the house. It smelled like a fish. There is a jumbo 12. This was the worst brand we have tried. The dogs finished the jumbo in 15 minutes. A dog is playing.

👤I didn't count how many were in the pack but it was a fair number. These are the longest lasting bully sticks I have tried. My 9 month old great pyr mix puppy is a big fan of bully sticks. Within an hour, she usually has them devoured. Several of the sticks in the pack have been around for a while. They are not the lowest odor sticks I have tried, but they are a small price to pay for the value and a happy, quiet pup at night.

👤I have bought bully sticks for my dog before. I have purchased bully sticks before but these are the thickest I have ever purchased. I buy thinner ones. The ones I have purchased before had a light smell, but these had a strong scent to them. The living room smelled horrible. I will not buy them again because of the smell and the fact that they didn't last as long as the other ones I've bought before.

4. GigaBite Odor Free Best Pet Supplies

GigaBite Odor Free Best Pet Supplies

All natural goods. These dog treats are made with no ingredients from free range or grass fed cattle. It was delicious. The beef pizzle is slowly roasted to lock in the natural flavor and chewiness of the meat. Natural chews for dogs can help reduce plaque and tartar build up. HACCP regulations are followed when producing their dog treats. The age range is young-adult.

Brand: Best Pet Supplies

👤There were two small bully sticks that I would consider normal. It is about 1/2 diameter. The pen diameter was the rest. Two chihuahuas love to chew. It's disappointing that these won't last long. I would be more disappointed if I had a bigger dog. My dogs are not picky. They love eating raw vegetables. They love raw kale because it's a treat and they're on a raw diet. One of my chihuahuas won't touch the sticks. It is strange that the dog who walks around and licks the floor in hopes of finding a crumb of something is the one who is trying to find something to eat. I gave them two stars because one of them will enjoy the bones for a limited time.

👤I've bought this product over 50 times on Amazon. I wrote my first bad review today. The bags I received are not what they used to be. They're brittle and tiny. Your quality control is allowing this to go to customers. I am quite disgusted that at $30 a bag you get 25 of whatever they want to send you.

👤They are the Minus Stars. The bully sticks are very small and only half of the package is less than 3in. It should be sold as small. If you're looking for a quality bully stick, try these, they have five stars from my dog.

👤These are not sanitary. They are not bully sticks. I have never seen a puzzle like this before. A total scam. I received a package of 48 gullet sticks for $2 more than the 25 pack of toothpicks. Do not buy them.

👤They are very thin and do not have a smell. My small dog, a shih tzu, was done with one very quickly, less than an hour, when typically another brand I've bought on Amazon lasted him days. These costs less, but not worth it for me. If you want a bully stick that is a little more than paper thin, but for my dog having about 1/3 inch thickness is better since it takes him longer to chew it, which allows it to last a lot longer.

👤My dogs are happy with the beef. I have ordered different kinds of treats for multiple dogs for the last decade. All companies are chintzy on the size. I think companies charge too much based on the size and amount of the product. Companies are using animal parts that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage and I believe it's a for profit only enterprise from start to finish. I would be willing to buy this product more often if the price was lowered or the quantity increased.

👤Not the same size or color as the previous. I paid more and got less. They will not chew these. I threw them away. I bought some for a friend and she said the same thing. I think people will stop buying them because they are different. I have been buying them for a long time.

5. Nature Gnaws Paddywack Tendons Dogs

Nature Gnaws Paddywack Tendons Dogs

There is a single INGREDIENT BEEF. For dogs, it's made with 100% natural premium quality Beef Paddywack Tendons. The best alternative to rawhide bones and dental sticks is a rawhide free treat. Supporting dental health by chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar. Their 5-step safety process includes fresh raw material source, irradiation, food grade lab testing, hand packaging in the USA and UV disinfection of their facility. Quality check every single step from the farm to your fur baby. It is a perfect reward to occupy and entertain a Medium and Large Breed. The beef flavor and texture is great for dogs.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤My dogs were completely disinterested when they turned these down. They love the other chews by this brand. I was nervous about the texture of the tendon when the dachshund finally picked one up. It was a very hard slab, and unlike other full tendons, it chewed down slowly and often in soft short strings. I took a large broken-off chip out of her mouth, but I still didn't think it was worth the risk of her swallowing it. We've had too many trips to the ER for real emergencies, and we're getting so worried that we're not even going to go to the bathroom. I'm not sure about this one. I was not sure if they would not swallow a sharp piece. Some families seemed to have a great experience. No one knocked on them. Dogs and owners are different. Many of the brands other products are my favorite. But not this one. I almost feel bad for giving a bad review. I have to say what I was worried about. It is ok if someone could explain to me. I would be happy to hear that the splinters and shards get softer.

👤I was looking for an alternative to rawhide that my dogs wouldn't chew up in a few minutes. The Nature gnaws Paddywack sticks are a healthy alternative. The pieces are random in size, width, and length and after going through one bag I have learned what size and thickness will keep my dogs busy for a while. I have a pair of scissors that I can use to cut the sticks in half. These seem to be a bit more brittle than rawhide, but so far they are the best long- lasting alternative to rawhide that I have found. They are a bit pricey but not as expensive as other rawhide alternatives.

👤I have three animals, two pit bulls and an Italian grey hound. I go through four bones a night. The pits love the altered tendons. They stink less than bully stick night. They take a long time to get through. I have gone through many bone choices. The quality of nature games is clear and my dogs never refuse them.

👤I would cut them into smaller strips for my dogs to love. These are thick and last a long time with my dog. She chews quickly. My dog loved them in small pieces. They were a good purchase. I'll probably buy them again.

👤The product is long lasting. It takes the dog a while to gnaw through them. I give my dog chews because she loves them. The packaging is the only problem I have. I don't know how fresh the product is when it arrives because the packaging is torn in many places. The product is in no way damaged, and it could be that because the product is so thick and rigid, it caused the packaging to tear. It was in the shipping bag that Amazon had it in. I recommend these to anyone who has a dog.

6. Best Pet Supplies GigaBite Natural

Best Pet Supplies GigaBite Natural

All natural goods. These dog treats are made with no ingredients from free range or grass fed cattle. Natural chews can be used to reduce plaque and tartar build up. These chews are low in fat and high in calories and will keep your dog occupied and relieve stress. HACCP regulations are followed when producing their dog treats.

Brand: Best Pet Supplies

👤My Border Collie seems to like GigaBite 6. She's been getting 5 p/week for at least a year now, and never had any adverse issues; I often stay with her to be certain she is ok with them. She looks forward to them and they seem to help keep her teeth clean and healthy. They are a bit pricey, but I think they are a good deal. I've read that chew sticks may pose a potential choking hazard, but I've never seen it with my doggo.

👤My dog loves them. If you're not familiar with bladder sticks as dog chews, they definitely have a smell. I prefer this brand because it is more pleasing to my dog and it is smellier than some other brands I've tried. Bladder sticks do not last as long as bully sticks. They are much softer in the evening. I can imagine a terrier going through one of these in a few minutes, but for a less vigorous chewer they'll occupy them on and off for a couple hours. These are more for use as a treat and less for a long term chew. Our dog, being small and not a hard chewer, definitely prefers these and doesn't get bored with them like he will with bully sticks, which is why I prefer bladder sticks to bully sticks.

👤It was shipped fast. I bought them in the pet stores. Not as thick. Our dog chews them up.

👤These treats are better for my Aggressive chewer than most other dog treats.

👤They are brittle and could be a choking hazard. If I soak them first, I will give them to my dogs. They love them.

👤My dogs kill for these sticks. They love them. Our three chihuahuas love them so much that we keep them in stock.

👤They smell bad. I have a small dog that eats these. It is strong enough to make me give them to him outside.

👤They have done a great job of keeping the dogs teeth clean.

7. Nature Gnaws Tendons Dogs Ingredient

Nature Gnaws Tendons Dogs Ingredient

The beef thigh for dogs is made with 100% natural premium quality beef. The best alternative to rawhide bones and dental sticks is a rawhide free treat. Supporting dental health by chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar. Their 5-step safety process includes fresh raw material source, irradiation, food grade lab testing, hand packaging in the USA and UV disinfection of their facility. Quality check every single step from the farm to your fur baby. The lasting fertility and toxicity is a perfect reward to occupy and entertain Strong Puppies, Small or Medium Breeds. The beef flavor and texture is great for dogs.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤My dog has had these chews before and they have been great. Never had a problem. If you purchase the 1 lbs bag, you may get a bag of smaller bits or scraps, which are better described as tendon bits or scraps, which are much smaller than the ones in the smaller bag. So disappointing. The pieces range in size, but none of them were as long as they were advertised. None. I wouldn't give my dog a small chew. I decided to allow her to have the biggest part under supervision. I shouldn't have. It was fine after I took my eyes off her. She vomited up a piece of it after a night on the bike. I haven't seen the whole thing yet. I am praying that allowing her to try it did not result in an obstruction. My advice is to stay away from the larger bag as it appears to be assembled by weight, rather than pieces of the length described. I threw the bag in the trash. Total waste. I hope my dog and I don't go to the ER. The vet bill will be a bigger waste. I'm Grrr. Never again.

👤One of my dogs started to choke on one of these chews. It can happen very quickly, even though I was in the room. He was fine one moment and then he was having trouble breathing. He must have realized how much trouble he was in because he allowed me to reach into his throat. The piece was long enough for me to reach it. I wouldn't have been able to reach it if it was shorter. It was frightening for both of us. I'll stuff a rubber Kong with peanut butter.

👤I assumed these would be the same length as the smaller package. My dog has a hard time chewing them because they are so small. She walks away when I give her one. She loved the ones in the smaller package but they were hard to chew and she couldn't hold them in her paws. These are not good chews because they are slightly bigger than bite sized. I was worried that she would swallow them whole instead of chewing them when I pulled them out of the package. If your dog likes the ones in the smaller package, be aware they are much smaller.

👤We're not talking a big dog because I buy these for a dachshund mix. The chews were thick and he loved them. They would last him for a long time. Other people have noticed that you now get a bag of 2 inch bits. I don't think there is any dental cleaning benefit to the tiny pieces, even though he still loves them. Some reviewers have suggested that I try the smaller bag. The tiny pieces should be sold as nips. I have not smelled anything. Compared to other products, they are small.

👤I almost threw up when I opened the bag because of the smell. It almost smelled like pig's guts. It was litterally! I can't believe how bad it smelled when I throw it away. I couldn't give it to my dog. Don't buy it. AWFUL.

8. Natural Farm Packaged Food Grade Facility

Natural Farm Packaged Food Grade Facility

The best deal is the bundle. They mean it when they say Bully sticks + Pig ears. They make their dog treats, so they can guarantee that nothing goes into their bully sticks and pig ears. Fresh from the farm grass-fed beef, delivered to their food-grade facility, cleaned with pure water, and slow oven-baked to preserve nutrition, is made by Natural USDA Certified. That is it! Simple transparency and quality that can't be claimed by others. Their promise to you is Grain free, Hormone free, Chemical free. They care about your family member's health and safety. Dental care. Their standard bully helps to remove harmful plaque from teeth and fresher breath. A company that cares. They try to make a difference in the world around them through outreach to non-profit organizations, shelter support, and donating a portion of their proceeds to help pets in need.

Brand: Natural Farm

9. Nature Gnaws Large Bully Sticks

Nature Gnaws Large Bully Sticks

The dog leashes are made with 100% natural premium quality Beef Bully Sticks. Rawhide free treats are the best alternative to dental sticks. Supporting dental health by chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar. Their 5-step safety process includes fresh raw material source, irradiation, food grade lab testing, hand packaging in the USA and UV disinfection of their facility. Quality check every single step from the farm to your fur baby. Long lasting sustenance and tatoo is a perfect reward to occupy and entertain large breed or aggressive chewers. The beef flavor and thick texture are great for dogs.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤These are big enough to last my 60-lb hound a long time. She doesn't lose interest after a day or two, unlike the thigh bones I've given her in the past. She carried her bully stick over to her bed at night because she was afraid a thief would break in and steal it. I have given her some beef chews that have caused her distress in the past. Cleaning up big messes for 2 days. She didn't have any trouble with her digestion. That was a huge relief. I don't give her chews that aren't made from food because she can't eat plastic or rubber. I don't want to watch her chew on a chew and expect to take it away if it breaks up. Who actually does that? I'm surprised they're so affordable, considering they're organic and hormone-free. My girl loves them and I'm happy to find something that doesn't upset her tummy. I'll keep them handy when there's a storm. She seems to stay calm if she has something to chew on.

👤It's seriously. They stink, but they don't make the house smell bad. I like the quality. She is very happy with them. I'm pretty sure her scent is making her happy. I'm happy if the quality is good for her. I've been buying natural brands on Amazon for several years, which is cheaper, but I decided to try these because they are grass fed and have better quality and nutrition. She likes them. I want the price to go down so I can make our regular bone. This type of treat is always present in our lives. I was not sure what to expect from this first order. Ours are all good size, no skinny ones in the bag and a few that were thick. They seem to be the best quality of any I have bought before and we only buy the very best, so that's saying a lot. They are as expected in this type of product. She has a sensitive stomach and we only feed her high quality organic food, and so far so good, she can digest it.

👤They are too dangerous for my dog. She bit off a piece and it got stuck in the back of her mouth and down her throat. She went to my husband and acted like she was chewing. We rushed her to the bathroom to take a look after he got concerned. I had to hold my finger to her throat to loosen it. I will never buy them again if you give them to your dog because I will not be able to help her next time. It's not worth losing a pet. One star because they are not safe.

👤Nature gnaws and Amazon should be aware of the many negative reviews. I have always purchased from Nature gnaws and have been happy. It said a seller named What Eva, and it was fulfilled by Amazon. I received 8 sticks instead of 10 and they should be called twigs. Shameful! The sellers know what they are passing off as large sticks, thus the smaller discounted price, but still nowhere near worth 44.00 per bag. More like 3.50. 3rd party sellers don't return returns. I will buy a competing brand after buying 30 of your large sticks per month.

10. Downtown Pet Supply Sticks Training

Downtown Pet Supply Sticks Training

Choose from a variety of bully bites. Small to medium dogs are best suited for their bully bites, which are perfect for training. Premium dog treat with 100% natural protein. A healthy person has all the vitamins and minerals. Bully Bites have 1/2 LB or 1 LB weights.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤I find that these bully treats stink and my dog loves them. The rating is 5 stars despite the smell. He gets one every weekday morning as part of our daily routine. There is a distraction routine on each weekend morning. He is an aggressive chewer and is 14 lbs. Finding something small for an aggressive chewer is difficult because the little guy has a small mouth. We stumbled across these Downtown Bully Bites and have been buying them since December or January. The larger bags can last him for up to 15 minutes, while the smaller ones are gone, so it is great for my small-jawed, aggressive chewer. I give the fur around his mouth and paws a wipe down at some point after he is done, because he loves them so much. My little guy and I both recommend the Downtown Bully Bites.

👤It seems like a great product, but the pieces are small. They are small and the package warns you about the dangers of watching pets choke. I don't have the time to watch my dog choke on food, so I go with a bigger product instead.

👤These are okay. I didn't get what was pictured. There was a sticker on the bag. This brand probably won't be bought again.

👤The odor is low. The quality is high. The price was fair. My dogs love them. They are the right size for my small dogs. I will be ordering more in the future.

👤A customer is returning. Happy dogs.

👤These Bully sticks are great for my dogs. I would buy these again.

👤I would give more stars if it was packaged the same way as the picture shows. I received a clear plastic bag with a sticker on it. I didn't have any information about where it was made, what the ingredients are, or anything like that. My dogs loved them and wanted more, so I gave it 3 stars. I wish it came in the correct container.

👤These things are perfect. I don't know his weight. The larger ones last about 20 minutes, while the smaller ones last about a minute. These don't stink at all for me. He loves them. When I rattle the can I keep them in, I get very excited. Every once in a while I get a hollow one, that's the only thing I don't like. He goes through them in a few minutes. I love them because I know they are healthy, and he loves them because they taste great.

👤The product is being sold as a toy. I received a bag of pigs ears, a bag of yak chews, a bag of lambs ears, a bag of cows ears, a bag of goat ears, and a bag of pig strips. A beef bully stick is what I got. They are not 100% natural bully sticks as shown in the description.

👤The package didn't look like this. It is a mediocre product from Turkey, and has a high odor compared to others. The packaging looks off-brand. The price is okay. That was the only positive thing I thought about.

11. Pet Premium Best Steer Sticks

Pet Premium Best Steer Sticks

The Steer Sticks are great for pets and the Thin Bull Sticks are great for dogs. It's easier to get to the hospital. The Steer Sticks are easier to chew than the Bully Sticks. Great for dog's dental health since they clean plaque and tartar. Grains or Hormone are not included. Your dog should have all the vitamins and minerals it needs. They are easy to digest. They are great for your pets. Their steer sticks are made in Iowa.

Brand: Pet Premium

👤She loves them, but they are expensive. I wish I could buy in bulk at a better price. Her teeth are white.

👤My dog loves steer sticks and is picky about them. She likes to eat them like popcorn. She prefers the size that she can chew without having to do too much work. I'm not sure why there are so many low ratings. They are expensive.

👤A thin bully stick is considered a standard bully stick. This is a complete rip off. These are so thin that I wouldn't recommend them.

👤He loves his poodle puppy. His teeth are great for him.

👤My dog likes these Bully Sticks. He is very picky about what he eats. He stares at me until I give him a reward for eating a healthy meal. The stick that was used to hit someone. It makes his teeth look better after each meal. He's in trouble.

👤These were so small that they were useless. My dog chewed it up.

👤My dog was very excited by the treats. I opened the bag. He took a long time to chew through one. I recommend them for your dog.


What is the best product for best bully sticks thick?

Best bully sticks thick products from Cadet. In this article about best bully sticks thick you can see why people choose the product. Downtown Pet Supply and Best Pet Supplies are also good brands to look for when you are finding best bully sticks thick.

What are the best brands for best bully sticks thick?

Cadet, Downtown Pet Supply and Best Pet Supplies are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best bully sticks thick. Find the detail in this article. Nature Gnaws, Natural Farm and Pet Premium are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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