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1. Downtown Pet Supply Bully Sticks

Downtown Pet Supply Bully Sticks

Their bully sticks are always made with a single beef ingredient full of vitamins and minerals. They may have a natural scent. Premium bully sticks have a quality standard. These treats come from healthy cattle. They don't use artificial flavors, chemicals, or hormones. Dental chews are great dental treats that promote healthy teeth and gums. These treats are delicious and your dog is sure to love them. They can be used as a reward, chew treat, or for behavioral training.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤Are you serious? I have been buying bully sticks for years and they are a rip off, three of them are PENCIL thin. My dog will probably get through most of them in 5 minutes.

👤It's really amazing the stunt. I was trying to figure out what it smelled like, but I can't tell you what it is. I buy Bully Sticks all the time. I have never had a smell like this before. I'm telling you that they stunk up the entire house. Dogs love stinky stuff. Since I gave them these, they've been chewing on them. I would like them to be outside on my bed. I won't be buying them again. The dog liked it so I gave them a 1 star.

👤I returned my purchase because I never heard back after I sent the communication. I'm writing to you before giving you a bad review to give you time to respond. We are frequent consumers because our dog is a big fan of bully sticks and probably gets at least one per day. We are on our fifth bag of your 30 packs and I feel they have gotten smaller and smaller. I did not track the weight of the first three packages, but I have done so for the last two. If you divide the most recent bag by the previous bag, you get a figure of 25% or 33% difference. We've gotten 25% less product in the recent package, yet still pay the same amount. I can buy thick bully sticks from Best Bully Sticks for only $2.00 and get more volume than the most recent package. Do you track the weight of packages? Are you going to keep the bag volume the same or are you going to continue the downward trend?

👤My dog loves them and they are the only thing that occupies his time for more than a minute or two. The chewing is good for them. The smell is bad but people know these are dried bull penises. They aren't roses. The brand seems to be one of the safest when it comes to ingredients and the quality of the south american beef is considered to be as good as USA beef. I have been buying for a while now. They used to come in a package with a label. The package was stapled the last two times. The quality of the stick was not consistent in width or size and my dog refused at least 4 of the sticks in the last package. I threw them away because I thought he smelled something I couldn't smell. The standard and thin size have been used. I'm changing because the standard seems to be very inconsistent. I'm giving the review on both pages because it's the same vendor and customers should be aware. If they don't return to previous packaging and consistency quality, I'll probably look elsewhere.

👤I opened the package and the dog ran under the bed and didn't hear from him for 3 hours. I need to say more...he loves them.

2. GigaBite Supplies Esophagus Gullet Sticks

GigaBite Supplies Esophagus Gullet Sticks

Treat your dogs with free range bully sticks that are completely free of Additives. These dog treats are made with high-protein bull pizzle. All natural pet treats are free of hormones,Preservatives or chemicals. Natural chews for dogs can be used to reduce plaque and tartar build up. Each taffy stick for dogs gives them a clean and provides them with healthy nutrition. The final products of their dog treats are randomly tested for safety when they arrive in the US. The bully sticks are made of various sizes and shapes to keep your dog safe. All Life Stages is an age range description.

Brand: Best Pet Supplies

👤I got these for the puppies to take home with them in their puppy packs, and the puppies loved them. They don't last as long with my adults. They are great for providing a distraction and positive associations to the crate. During their first car rides, they keep them occupied. We sent home this 8 wk old Labradoodle puppy "Mia" as a carry-on with her new mom and she said she gave her the gullet chew when they were waiting for the plane and by the time they got on the plane. She passed out the rest of the flight after chewing it for a little while. Highly recommended! Puppy approved and better for puppies because they are softer on their teeth than other natural chews and bones and they don't stink up the place like bully sticks. I don't think the other passengers would appreciate that. These are a great price and will definitely be buying again. My husband bought 6 of these at Pdtsmart for 20 bucks. A package of 3 costs 10 bucks. These are a steal of a price. I changed it to: In response to the reviews. These are not bully sticks. Adults will chew these down. They're pretty much the same length as a pencil. They all look different in length and width. They shouldn't look the same. The penis of a bull is used to make bully sticks and beef gullets. Growing joints and general joint health can be helped by a good source of chondroitin. There are two completely different beef patties. A gullet is a delicate part of a cow. I wouldn't say "hollow" but definitely no like a dried bull penis. Guess "Bully" stick is more appealing to the mass. The body parts are not the same. I have never had an adult dog or puppy get sick from these, but some dogs are more sensitive to beef and some are allergic to it. It is one of the most common food allergies in dogs. The issues are not the fault of the company or product. Also, for now. I have never spoken with this company and my review is completely honest. I have given these to all ages of dogs. If their quality changes, I'll edit it again. I ordered a new box. Jan 2020! Happy New Year!

👤This is for the pieces that they don't measure for the other bags. There are many different shapes and sizes of esophagus pieces in this big bag. Are the scraps that didn't make the cut for bags the ones that didn't have the fancy "strips" label? My dog hasn't complained about the odd shapes so far. They are less expensive than the bags sold by quantity. Some pieces are too large for small dogs. But... It's easy to cut them into smaller pieces with a pair of scissors. They are thin enough to tear. The guy who eats them doesn't mind the smaller pieces on the bottom. I trust my dog's judgement because he seems happy when I show him the bag. If you're looking for chews that last more than 30 minutes, this isn't the one for you. My dog and I can't agree on anything. He's waiting for the horn to blow.

3. Chasing Our Tails 6056 Odorless

Chasing Our Tails 6056 Odorless

There is a pack of bully sticks. It was made of odorless, Usa Sourced. A dog chew. It was made from Usa Sourced.

Brand: Chasing Our Tails

👤I usually only buy 20 ounces of thick bully sticks from Sancho & Lolas, but I wanted a backup in case S&Ls were out. I don't want to risk my dog's life by ordering something on Amazon that is low quality or cheap. I did my research after finding these. I ordered them because they were made in the USA and looked good. They are roughly the same size and quality as Sancho and Lolas, which is the best source for bullies. They are more expensive than Chinese stuff, but you know you won't get garbage. Is that a place you want to pinch pennies on? These are going to be my backup brand. They should have sold bigger packs. I want to know what makes them smell free. "Odor free" makes me uneasy. A quality bully stick should not have an overpowering odor.

👤I had a bully on my plan. The description says they were small, but I got them in the past. None of the sticks was more than an inch in thickness. They were not worth the price. I canceled my auto delivery and won't purchase from this provider again.

👤The bully sticks are advertised as being 6 inches, but not one is over 5 inches. I am not getting what I paid for. Will not order again.

👤Our dog gets sick if he has too much of a stick. This is the right size. It keeps him happy for a while, but he will get sick.

👤The bully sticks are thicker than any other I've found and they don't stink. They love them and are given an enthusiastic paws up by Chloe Z.

👤A dog loves them, they have a low smell.

👤The quality is the best. One lasts for a week as the puppy loves them. No smell, what so ever.

4. Downtown Pet Supply Sticks Healthy

Downtown Pet Supply Sticks Healthy

The bully sticks are sold by the weight, which means you get what you pay for. No more worrying about the stick's density. Premium beef dog treat is full of important vitamins and minerals. Glucosamine and chondritin are included to help improve mobility, as well as 100% of the food you eat to help maintain your dog's health. Their tasty dog treats are made to last and don't have bones that splinter making them a great, safe alternative to rawhide chews and other dog treats. Tartar, plaque, and other gunk that causes stinky breath can be removed with the help of bully sticks. These sticks are natural. They don't add anything to the beef to make it taste better.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤I was looking for Bully sticks that were made in the USA. The description does not say where they are made. The package says it was made in South America. I was buying my bully sticks at the store, but they don't carry them anymore. Those have a slight smell, but not as bad as these. My dog seems to like it, but she may have to eat the rest. Three days later, an update. My dog chewed bully sticks for hours at a time. She chews for 30 - 45 minutes and stops for a while until the stick dries, then she will go back to chewing it. Maybe because of the smell.

👤My dog loves dancing whenever she sees bully sticks. I have not been able to buy her a pet because I have not been able to find one. I ordered these to try out a different brand and she absolutely loves them. The price is good and they take at least 30 minutes for her to finish.

👤I've tried a lot of different bully sticks, but these are hands-down the best. I get good "bang for the buck" because they last a long time with my Golden retriever. They have a lot less odor than other bully sticks.

👤My dog loves them. There are only 3 skinny sticks. I bought the big bag. Very disappointed.

👤We buy Downtown Pet Supply for people who are mean. The value is great.

👤One of my dogs would like to take it from me. I only gave one and threw the other away.

👤I have bought the 8oz bags a few times. My dog loves them. I usually get 4 but the package I got yesterday was only 3.

5. Butcher Shop Bully Sticks Pack

Butcher Shop Bully Sticks Pack

There is a pack of 6 inch bully sticks. The natural way to satisfy your dog's chewing needs is with these bully stick chews. The action of chewing is good for your dog. To help reduce the amount of Tartar Accumulation on their teeth. Supervise your pet. While using any pet product.

Brand: Butcher Shop

👤My dog likes the sticks. They are free from harmful chemicals.

👤I ordered the bully sticks for my two children. They said it was made in Columbia. Not for my dogs. I only give them what is made in the USA. I threw them away.

6. Nature Gnaws Braided Bully Sticks

Nature Gnaws Braided Bully Sticks

1. The dog leashes are made with 100% natural premium quality Beef Bully Sticks. 2. Rawhide free treats are the best alternative to dental sticks. 3. Dental health is supported. It is possible to reduce plaque and tartar by chewing. 4. Their 5-step safety process includes fresh raw material source, irradiation, food grade lab testing, hand packaging in the USA and UV disinfection of their facility. Quality check every single step from the farm to your fur baby. 5. Strong Puppies, Small or Medium Breeds are ideal for long lasting sustenance and sparring. The beef flavor and thick texture are great for dogs.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤My sanity may have been saved by these braided Bully Sticks. I share a home with a geriatric Jack Russell terrier, a puppy Jack Russell terrier, and a man named Mr. Onymous. Puppy JRT wants to play and chew and is bouncing off the walls 24/7. Old Man JRT wants to play on his terms, but he doesn't want to be chewed on. This has caused a lot of fighting at the Onymous residence. I thought about checking myself into the local boobie hatch to escape the daily nuttiness of our lives. I tried to keep them occupied and quiet by buying a bag of these. The puppy took them first. She was chewing on the first chew we gave her. The old man wouldn't touch him. After a few days, he became jealous of what Puppy had and stole a piece of hers when she was not paying attention. After giving them a chance, he's also a fan. He is now quiet and occupied. I was hesitant to try these because I had a hard time wrapping my head around the thought of feeding my pups dehydrated bull schlong. Your dogs will be happy. You will be happy. Everyone will be happy. Each time I open the bag, I hear a choir of angels singing. It's horrible!

👤I have been buying bully sticks for my dogs for 25 years. I have never purchased the braided kind before. I like jumbo or thick. They have been hard to find recently. I have an 11 month old Rottweiler who can chew a bully in less than 10 minutes. The braided ones are less than 6 in. Within a minute they separate into 3 pieces and he chews them up. I would have returned the bag if I had not given him a couple. I have to say that the statement is misleading because they make claims they are made for chewers.

👤I have ordered from this company before and have been satisfied with the quality. What happened? The only bully stick in this pack is the one on the left. One of the sticks appears to be not a bully stick at all, but a smaller one, and the middle one is just... I don't know, lazy braider in production. The smell is worse than the bully stick smell. I will not be buying this again.

👤The small bully sticks were the first thing he started with when he was really young. The sticker shock kept me away for a while, but we only bought special treats when he was little. He needed at least 1-2 chews a day after all his adult teeth were in. He loves the large braids and we kept bumping up the sizes. It is the only thing we give him that will keep him focused and chewing until it is gone. The texture seems to be perfect, hard enough to be a challenge, but soft enough to consume and not upset his stomach. The smell from time to time is the only issue. Some of them seem to be stronger smelling than others. The smell of chewing within a few feet can be strong and hard to smell, but if you are close you can barely smell it. The smell is gone after the chew is eaten. A small price to pay for a healthy treat that he enjoys and will satisfy his need to chew. It is a natural product and the smell tells me it is real. If he needs it, we will give him a day or two. They are not cheap, but in my opinion the overall value makes them affordable. We've tried a lot of chews over the last year, but this is the only one that he still gets excited about, they satisfy his need to chew and haven't caused any issues.

7. Dog Piece Premium Bully Sticks

Dog Piece Premium Bully Sticks

Steer Jerky is nothing but natural. All Natural Chews are different in size and color. NoPreservatives or Additives.

Brand: Qt Dog

👤I didn't expect my dog to be able to eat the sticks in less than an hour. They are about an inch longer than sharpie markers. My butcher stopped carrying marrow bones after the Pandemic and I expected this to be an appropriate reppacement. I was wrong. I spent $20 on four sticks of "bully sticks" that my bully ate.

👤Terrible product. I have never had an issue with the bully sticks I have purchased for my dogs. Both my dogs have terrible sucks. I waited a week between giving them the bully sticks and allowing them to eat anything else to make sure it was bones and nothing else. They had the same result. It took a week for their stomachs to return to normal. So disappointed.

👤A dog started throwing up the day after chewing on a stick, nothing else in her diet changed, except for her trying out the bully sticks. I don't give less stars because I can't prove that this product caused her upset stomach.

👤My dog liked them a lot, but he usually eats bully sticks, but he went through these two sticks way faster than he normally does.

👤I have a 10 month old dog that is teething. I thought he might like them. I was wrong because he loved them. They lasted a long time for him because he was a small size. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will order more.

👤My dog loves the bully sticks. They used to be a great price and are a nice size. They were 2.10 a pack. The price has slowly gone down since they went up recently. They are currently at 5.dhgate. 3 dollars for a stick is ridiculous.

👤My dog destroyed these in a matter of minutes. I will be buying more.

👤Pumpkin liked them. It lasted less than I would have expected but it kept her occupied for the time being and she was looking for more after 30 minutes. The smell is terrible.

8. Nature Gnaws Paddywack Tendons Dogs

Nature Gnaws Paddywack Tendons Dogs

There is a single INGREDIENT BEEF. For dogs, it's made with 100% natural premium quality Beef Paddywack Tendons. The best alternative to rawhide bones and dental sticks is a rawhide free treat. Supporting dental health by chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar. Their 5-step safety process includes fresh raw material source, irradiation, food grade lab testing, hand packaging in the USA and UV disinfection of their facility. Quality check every single step from the farm to your fur baby. It is a perfect reward to occupy and entertain a Medium and Large Breed. The beef flavor and texture is great for dogs.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤My dogs were completely disinterested when they turned these down. They love the other chews by this brand. I was nervous about the texture of the tendon when the dachshund finally picked one up. It was a very hard slab, and unlike other full tendons, it chewed down slowly and often in soft short strings. I took a large broken-off chip out of her mouth, but I still didn't think it was worth the risk of her swallowing it. We've had too many trips to the ER for real emergencies, and we're getting so worried that we're not even going to go to the bathroom. I'm not sure about this one. I was not sure if they would not swallow a sharp piece. Some families seemed to have a great experience. No one knocked on them. Dogs and owners are different. Many of the brands other products are my favorite. But not this one. I almost feel bad for giving a bad review. I have to say what I was worried about. It is ok if someone could explain to me. I would be happy to hear that the splinters and shards get softer.

👤I was looking for an alternative to rawhide that my dogs wouldn't chew up in a few minutes. The Nature gnaws Paddywack sticks are a healthy alternative. The pieces are random in size, width, and length and after going through one bag I have learned what size and thickness will keep my dogs busy for a while. I have a pair of scissors that I can use to cut the sticks in half. These seem to be a bit more brittle than rawhide, but so far they are the best long- lasting alternative to rawhide that I have found. They are a bit pricey but not as expensive as other rawhide alternatives.

👤I have three animals, two pit bulls and an Italian grey hound. I go through four bones a night. The pits love the altered tendons. They stink less than bully stick night. They take a long time to get through. I have gone through many bone choices. The quality of nature games is clear and my dogs never refuse them.

👤I would cut them into smaller strips for my dogs to love. These are thick and last a long time with my dog. She chews quickly. My dog loved them in small pieces. They were a good purchase. I'll probably buy them again.

👤The product is long lasting. It takes the dog a while to gnaw through them. I give my dog chews because she loves them. The packaging is the only problem I have. I don't know how fresh the product is when it arrives because the packaging is torn in many places. The product is in no way damaged, and it could be that because the product is so thick and rigid, it caused the packaging to tear. It was in the shipping bag that Amazon had it in. I recommend these to anyone who has a dog.

9. GigaBite Odor Free Best Pet Supplies

GigaBite Odor Free Best Pet Supplies

All natural goods. These dog treats are made with no ingredients from free range or grass fed cattle. It was delicious. The beef pizzle is slowly roasted to lock in the natural flavor and chewiness of the meat. Natural chews for dogs can help reduce plaque and tartar build up. HACCP regulations are followed when producing their dog treats. The age range is young-adult.

Brand: Best Pet Supplies

👤There were two small bully sticks that I would consider normal. It is about 1/2 diameter. The pen diameter was the rest. Two chihuahuas love to chew. It's disappointing that these won't last long. I would be more disappointed if I had a bigger dog. My dogs are not picky. They love eating raw vegetables. They love raw kale because it's a treat and they're on a raw diet. One of my chihuahuas won't touch the sticks. It is strange that the dog who walks around and licks the floor in hopes of finding a crumb of something is the one who is trying to find something to eat. I gave them two stars because one of them will enjoy the bones for a limited time.

👤I've bought this product over 50 times on Amazon. I wrote my first bad review today. The bags I received are not what they used to be. They're brittle and tiny. Your quality control is allowing this to go to customers. I am quite disgusted that at $30 a bag you get 25 of whatever they want to send you.

👤They are the Minus Stars. The bully sticks are very small and only half of the package is less than 3in. It should be sold as small. If you're looking for a quality bully stick, try these, they have five stars from my dog.

👤These are not sanitary. They are not bully sticks. I have never seen a puzzle like this before. A total scam. I received a package of 48 gullet sticks for $2 more than the 25 pack of toothpicks. Do not buy them.

👤They are very thin and do not have a smell. My small dog, a shih tzu, was done with one very quickly, less than an hour, when typically another brand I've bought on Amazon lasted him days. These costs less, but not worth it for me. If you want a bully stick that is a little more than paper thin, but for my dog having about 1/3 inch thickness is better since it takes him longer to chew it, which allows it to last a lot longer.

👤My dogs are happy with the beef. I have ordered different kinds of treats for multiple dogs for the last decade. All companies are chintzy on the size. I think companies charge too much based on the size and amount of the product. Companies are using animal parts that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage and I believe it's a for profit only enterprise from start to finish. I would be willing to buy this product more often if the price was lowered or the quantity increased.

👤Not the same size or color as the previous. I paid more and got less. They will not chew these. I threw them away. I bought some for a friend and she said the same thing. I think people will stop buying them because they are different. I have been buying them for a long time.

10. GigaBite Natural Best Pet Supplies

GigaBite Natural Best Pet Supplies

All natural goods. These dog treats are made with no ingredients from free range or grass fed cattle. Natural chews can be used to reduce plaque and tartar build up. These chews are low in fat and high in calories and will keep your dog occupied and relieve stress. HACCP regulations are followed when producing their dog treats. The age range is young-adult.

Brand: Best Pet Supplies

👤I decided against giving any more of these because my dog loved the first two. I wouldn't buy them again because I couldn't find the country origin on the package, and I didn't think it was legal to not include that information. I won't give my dog anything from China, and that leads to an easy conclusion. That and the "tedon" spelling of the word. I think the "USDA & FDA Certified" claim is very questionable, because there is no simple "USDA Certified" label, only USDA Certified Organic, and the FDA does not certify pet food at all. I have learned that the Amazon marketplace is pretty much the Wild West, so buyer beware.

👤My dog likes beef. I've bought three different brands before. The 3 other people were cut down to the bone. When this brand arrived, I was concerned. They look like they have a lot of fat on the edges. The photo shows them as small, but they're much larger. I haven't opened them yet. I applied to return them but they are not returnable. I was given a refund immediately. My concern is hete. Is it fat on the skin? I don't know if these are healthy for my dog because calories are never shown. I tried to find out more about it. Why are so many neatly trimmed, while these look like fat. Is it fat? These are not the low calories chew that people usually think of.

👤I have ordered these for my dog before. I was completely satisfied with the product for the first time. My dog ate one of the long and thick tendons and the bag lasted me for a few months. I was very disappointed in the product I ordered from the same company. All of the beef tendons were 6 inches thick. The packaging is more fancy than the picture shows. The company is spending more money on the packaging. My dog goes through the new muscles in a few minutes. It has been a few weeks. I have to order it. I will not be ordering from this company until they return to their original size.

👤They should sell by weight rather than the number of pieces because of the inconsistent size. The reason I reduced from 4 to 2 stars is because I received two packages that had a broken gel pack and beads in the bag. Before giving a tendon to your dog, please check your bag for the pack. I don't think they are toxic but they can cause health issues in some dogs. The size is inconsistent and my dog would have given 5 stars. Some were smaller than others.

👤My dog is an aggressive chewer and they don't last very long. The are all natural and low in calories. The Beef Tendons are very good for your dog. It's about a dollar each. Our dog loves them.

👤My dog can chew through one in 5 minutes. Other brands take him a few days to get through. I wonder why. I will give him the rest of these, but they don't do anything to keep my puppy busy chewing this instead of shoes or furniture.

11. Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks Small

Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks Small

The dog leashes are made with 100% natural premium quality beef bully sticks. Rawhide free treats are the best alternative to dental sticks. Supporting dental health by chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar. Their 5-step safety process includes fresh raw material source, irradiation, food grade lab testing, hand packaging in the USA and UV disinfection of their facility. The long lasting steak and teriyaki is a great reward to occupy and entertain puppies, small breeds or light chewers. The 8oz bag has 15-20 sticks, the LB bag has 30-40 sticks and the 2 LB bag has 60-80 sticks.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤My dogs love them, my vets don't. They were concerned about cracking or fracturing teeth from bully sticks. We compromised on my finding thinner for my mini poodle and cocker spaniel. Dogs. I tried Nature gnaws sticks and the dogs liked them. The Cocker destroyed hers in under 5 minutes, while the Poodle chewed his about 10 minutes later. I was hoping for a chew that would last a long time. I was looking for a larger circumference when I found these 'thin', which I thought was great, something in-between the extra thin and the bag I originally started with. They are the extra thin. I have another bag that is not going to provide a sustained chew session. The original bag does. The dogs chew on the bully stick for a long time, but they also walk away from them. The food-driven cocker spaniel is not heard of. I contacted Nature gnaws to inquire if there was a description error or if there was a real 'thin'. They did not give a direct answer, but their answer clearly indicated there is nothin in their lineup. They sell in: Extra Thin 6; Small 6; Large 6; Large 12; Braided 6; Bully Springs 6; Bully Rings 6; Mixed Bully Sticks 6; and Mixed Bully Sticks 12. Being fair, Nature gnaws is very responsive. Customer Service responded to my email within hours. I was not looking for free things, I was looking for a solution, and they offered a refund and free stuff. The dogs love the extra thin, small, and large ones, but my vets don't like them unless they are thinner to avoid the cracking they have seen in other dogs. My vet's hospital was not picking on any one company, that's what that statement applies to. I am not saying to buy or not, but my point is that the advertised 'thin' is going to be the 'extra thin'. If you were looking for something between the small and the extra thin, this is not it. The company is responsive to customers. The originals do last. Medium-sized dogs under 30 pounds are what I call a moderate chewer and an aggressive chewer. I would give them 5 stars for those issues. I dropped to 3 stars because of that. The bully sticks I bought from Amazon link back to the Nature gnaws storefront, so someone please change the description to read 'extra thin' and not 'thin'. Not deceptive but not clear either. Regardless of the size of pizzles, there is poor quality control on trimming or cutting them to a more consistent shape before their cooking process happens. The beef pizzle is being utilized and not wasted, but a lot of work needs to be done on the quality of consistency. My dogs love these things, if you don't worry about cracks, fractures and vet bills. The dogs are laughing at me when I give them one daily, and I think, if you only knew what this really was, the dogs would not care.


What is the best product for best bully sticks 6 inch?

Best bully sticks 6 inch products from Downtown Pet Supply. In this article about best bully sticks 6 inch you can see why people choose the product. Best Pet Supplies and Chasing Our Tails are also good brands to look for when you are finding best bully sticks 6 inch.

What are the best brands for best bully sticks 6 inch?

Downtown Pet Supply, Best Pet Supplies and Chasing Our Tails are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best bully sticks 6 inch. Find the detail in this article. Butcher Shop, Nature Gnaws and Qt Dog are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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