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1. Downtown Pet Supply Premium Natural

Downtown Pet Supply Premium Natural

100% real beef is what they use in their Bully Sticks. The bully sticls are a good choice for a healthy dog because of their ability to remove paque and Tartar from their teeth. Their tasty bully treats are made to last and don't have bones to splinter making them a great alternative to rawhide chews. Their bully sticks are thicker than their normal sticks for bigger dogs and heavy chewers.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤The 6” and 12” packages were on special. I thought I would try a new product. We gave our dog a few 12” ones. We gave him the 6” to try and see if he could open the bag and see the powder that was in it. There was a bug on the floor when I cleaned it up. The powder is loaded with bugs and I took the bully sticks to look at it. The bugs crawled out of the bully stick I was holding. Absolutely disgusting. I hope my dog doesn't get sick from the larger ones I gave him. Horrifying.

👤Ok. These are supposed to be big. They are suppose to be at the thickest point. Only 4 of them meant that requirement. If I wanted the thin ones, I could have bought the regular thick. I was expecting them to look like the ones in the pictures. No even close. Very sad. There is false advertising.

👤These were not worth the money. I bought a bulk pack because I didn't want to order more. Mistake. I bought some things from the downtown pet supply but they are not what I thought they would be. A chunk of my 35 pack bag was hollow. I was expecting them to be thick but they are only half filled and look like normal size. My dog chews before he gets shell. Disappointed and money lost...

👤I was hesitant to buy them because they were so expensive. I decided to take the risk because they were Jumbo sized. I was very happy when I received the first package. The size and quality of the bully sticks were no longer what they used to be. The order I received was disappointing. I'm going to have to find a different source. The Jumbo Bully Sticks are not as big as the regular sticks of another brand. I'm going to add a photo with a quarter on one of the sticks. I put a bully from another brand next to them for comparison.

👤My dogs can chew up very quickly, and the 12 Jumo Extra Thin Bully Sticks that I ordered were 12” very thin. I have been buying this product for a long time and now will have to find another business person to do business with as this person or people are no longer giving the product as they claim. I feel cheated and robbed. The size and thickness of the jumbo extra thick supreme bully sticks were wonderful. I was very satisfied when I first purchased them, because my large dogs need a bone like that to chew on. I was hoping I could order larger amounts to save more money but now I will have to go somewhere else. My dogs fit and she had originally recommended these bones as they were safer than other forms of dog chew items, but I know she will be disappointed and will stop telling customers about this particular company. It is really bad. I would like to know what happened to the product that made it go down suddenly. If there is a logical reason for this and that I will get the product promised, I would be very happy and understanding. Since I paid for the product, I should send it to me, but I didn't see how this company could keep customers.

2. Jack Pup 12 Inch Premium EXTRA THICK

Jack Pup 12 Inch Premium EXTRA THICK

Jack&Pup Premium Grade Extra-Thick Bully sticks are raised without hormones or antibiotics and are a healthier and better tasting treat. A USDA Human Grade Certified and inspected facility processed it. The bully stick is inspected to make sure it is perfect. Your dog will love its fresh and delicious meat flavor. It is guaranteed to be safe and fully digestible. Jack&Pup Bully Sticks are a natural, low-fat and high-energy dog chew treat that is 100% beef muscle. The preparation of the bully sticks effectively eliminates all the germs, making it safe to eat. Supporting healthy teeth and jaws. Jack&Pup Bully sticks help keep the dog's teeth clean and healthy. It is possible to remove plaque, strengthen the gums, and promote an overall enhanced oral health. Each Bully Stick is hand selected and sorted to ensure it is consistent in thickness. Jack&Pup Extra-Thick Bully Sticks are 30% thicker than standard bully sticks, which means they last much longer. Jack&Pup Bully sticks will not splinter. Keep your dog occupied for a long time by eating this dog treat. Jack&Pup Premium Bully Sticks are prepared by boiling, roasting and smoking and then drying in a slow process. The multi-step process locks in the natural beef flavor and makes it more enjoyable for dogs. The propriety process eliminates all odors without the use of any chemicals. It stays fresh longer without any added ingredients.

Brand: Jack & Pup

👤We purchased these bully sticks from Jack & Pup a couple of times and they lasted a long time, even though our dog went crazy for them. I realized that the bag was overrun with bugs that were eating away at the bully sticks when I opened it. I didn't realize that the bully sticks were the result of bugs eating away at the surface. We went through a few bully sticks before we noticed the problem. I was very disappointed and scared. We had previously liked this brand. Looks like I'm going to have to look elsewhere. I gave these a 1-star review and submitted my concerns to Jack and Pup. A member of their team reached out to me and gave me their number. I had a conversation with them and they said that the bugs have been seen before, but that it's an industry-wide issue. The longer they sit, the higher the chance that bugs will show up. They gave me a full refund, replaced it with a brand new order of bully sticks, and gave me a bunch of other treats. I can't say I'm completely over my heebie-jeebies, but their customer service was amazing and I'm going to be looking at everything in these bags before I give it to my dog. We'll see how it goes. I read that you can freeze/refrigerate bully sticks, so that's what I'll do.

👤These Bully Sticks are like magic, complete silence, and no begging at dinner! Yes! We always feed our animals all natural, hormone and antibiotic free food and treats, so we checked the ingredients before ordering. Beef Pizzle is the only magic ingredient in Bully Sticks. No big deal, right? No words we couldn't say, no added flavors, just plain Beef Pizzle. My husband asked our dogs what they were eating, and I said "Beef Pizzle". He asked me what Beef Pizzle was, so I searched it. I looked at him straight in the face and said, "It's Bull Penis". The Bully Sticks are called Bull Penis. The size of the Bully Stick made me uncomfortable. We decided to join the auto shipment for the magic treats after laughing and joking about not being allowed to kiss the dogs. One, because what dog doesn't need a little 12 inch Bull Penis every once in a while and two, who are we to take away such a delight in both their life and ours? These are like magic. You will get some peace while eating dinner. If you don't have a strong stomach, I suggest you put them in another room and enjoy a nice meal. Enjoy!

👤As a dog owner, I was educated on what was good for my dogs' nutrition. When training our dogs, we use high quality kibble as treats, so we don't give them treats. The quality of treats is the reason for it. Most of them are filled with fillers. The parts that only bull have are the ones that are included in these treats. These are long. They are perfect for my large dogs. I have to crate my dog because she got injured. I don't like to crate my dogs but it has to be done. I give them to her and she loves them. She has to spend time in the crate away from her other dogs. These treats are odor free and at a great price.

3. Pet Premium Best Steer Sticks

Pet Premium Best Steer Sticks

The Steer Sticks are great for pets and the Thin Bull Sticks are great for dogs. It's easier to get to the hospital. The Steer Sticks are easier to chew than the Bully Sticks. Great for dog's dental health since they clean plaque and tartar. Grains or Hormone are not included. Your dog should have all the vitamins and minerals it needs. They are easy to digest. They are great for your pets. Their steer sticks are made in Iowa.

Brand: Pet Premium

👤She loves them, but they are expensive. I wish I could buy in bulk at a better price. Her teeth are white.

👤My dog loves steer sticks and is picky about them. She likes to eat them like popcorn. She prefers the size that she can chew without having to do too much work. I'm not sure why there are so many low ratings. They are expensive.

👤A thin bully stick is considered a standard bully stick. This is a complete rip off. These are so thin that I wouldn't recommend them.

👤He loves his poodle puppy. His teeth are great for him.

👤My dog likes these Bully Sticks. He is very picky about what he eats. He stares at me until I give him a reward for eating a healthy meal. The stick that was used to hit someone. It makes his teeth look better after each meal. He's in trouble.

👤These were so small that they were useless. My dog chewed it up.

👤My dog was very excited by the treats. I opened the bag. He took a long time to chew through one. I recommend them for your dog.

4. Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks Dogs

Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks Dogs

The dog leashes are made with 100% natural premium quality Beef Bully Sticks. Rawhide free treats are the best alternative to dental sticks. Supporting dental health by chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar. Their 5-step safety process includes fresh raw material source, irradiation, food grade lab testing, hand packaging in the USA and UV disinfection of their facility. Quality check every single step from the farm to your fur baby. The 12 inch bag has 3-6 sticks, the 12 inch bag has 8 sticks, and the 12 inch bag has 16 sticks. Also, note: It is possible that packaging may vary.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤The bag has a lot of sticks. The bag was 1 lbs. There are 5 sticks. I would have gone to my regular pet store for this price. It's not a good idea at the moment. Change the description to reflect the amount. It's probably still a LB, but 5 sticks is a big stretch from 8 to 12. It was disappointing and misleading.

👤This is the second bag that I have received and it is disappointing. Some of these are very thin. There were some nice pieces in there. I don't spend a lot of money when the bag is not good. They say they are inspected to make sure they meet the size specifications. What are your goals? Is anything bigger than a pencil? It is definitely not long lasting. I gave you a star because my dog loves them, but over half the bag is sad. You lost my business.

👤I didn't like these at all. Half of the sticks were paper thin. The picture or description is nothing like the one I'm looking at. I was looking forward to buying these more often as they are a good treat for my dog.

👤I might have felt better if there were more in the bag, but I feel like I'm being cheated. I bought these to keep my dog busy, and it would be worth it if they were thicker. My dog is a small 30lb terrier mix and she can go through a thin one in a matter of minutes. I had to put them right up to my nose to smell them a tiny bit because she likes them and there was little to no smell. I'm sure the thicker ones provide enough chewing to help with teeth cleaning, and there was no mess. There were only two decent sizes. I wouldn't buy these again, I feel misled by the description and pictures, and I could have gotten more for my money at the pet store. Not worth $22. I really wanted to like these. I'm giving them one star for the lack of smell and another for the fact that she liked them.

👤This is a treat my dog likes. I wanted something that would last a long time, but he eats it in less than 10 minutes. I have a dog. The ones I used to get only came in 5 and cost $30 a bag but kept him chewing for a while. I thought I'd give these a try, but I don't think I'll buy them again. It doesn't keep him busy long and I don't think it will help with his dental issues if he doesn't chew it. My dog does like it, but then again he likes anything. I don't think it's worth the price. They were big pieces, but they don't last long. Correct... Some pieces last longer than others. I think less than half of them are good quality, which will keep my dog busy for an hour, but the rest are eaten very quickly.

5. Redbarn Grain Free Palatable Long Lasting Free Range

Redbarn Grain Free Palatable Long Lasting Free Range

This chew is made from beef pizzle and is free from grains, rawhide, and artificial chemicals. The taste and health are perfect. The natural act of chewing helps support the dental health of your dog by gently massaging their gums and removing plaque and tartar build up. These long-term treats help satisfy your dog's appetite. Your dog will benefit from chewing, it will reduce stress, and it will remove plaque. These chews are made from free-range, grass-fed cattle and roasted in their own juices for maximum flavor. Their priority is safety. The quality assurance team performs more than 2,500 tests a month.

Brand: Redbarn Pet Products

👤The sticks in this order are much thinner than my previous ones. I looked at the order receipts and they were from a different store. Since I opened my past orders and clicked on it, I'm not sure why.

👤Didn't notice any order.

👤My dog is my favorite. It always comes on time.

6. Downtown Pet Supply Sticks Healthy

Downtown Pet Supply Sticks Healthy

The bully sticks are sold by the weight, which means you get what you pay for. No more worrying about the stick's density. Premium beef dog treat is full of important vitamins and minerals. Glucosamine and chondritin are included to help improve mobility, as well as 100% of the food you eat to help maintain your dog's health. Their tasty dog treats are made to last and don't have bones that splinter making them a great, safe alternative to rawhide chews and other dog treats. Tartar, plaque, and other gunk that causes stinky breath can be removed with the help of bully sticks. These sticks are natural. They don't add anything to the beef to make it taste better.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤I was looking for Bully sticks that were made in the USA. The description does not say where they are made. The package says it was made in South America. I was buying my bully sticks at the store, but they don't carry them anymore. Those have a slight smell, but not as bad as these. My dog seems to like it, but she may have to eat the rest. Three days later, an update. My dog chewed bully sticks for hours at a time. She chews for 30 - 45 minutes and stops for a while until the stick dries, then she will go back to chewing it. Maybe because of the smell.

👤My dog loves dancing whenever she sees bully sticks. I have not been able to buy her a pet because I have not been able to find one. I ordered these to try out a different brand and she absolutely loves them. The price is good and they take at least 30 minutes for her to finish.

👤I've tried a lot of different bully sticks, but these are hands-down the best. I get good "bang for the buck" because they last a long time with my Golden retriever. They have a lot less odor than other bully sticks.

👤My dog loves them. There are only 3 skinny sticks. I bought the big bag. Very disappointed.

👤We buy Downtown Pet Supply for people who are mean. The value is great.

👤One of my dogs would like to take it from me. I only gave one and threw the other away.

👤I have bought the 8oz bags a few times. My dog loves them. I usually get 4 but the package I got yesterday was only 3.

7. Downtown Pet Supply Junior Natural

Downtown Pet Supply Junior Natural

The Junior Bully Sticks are the perfect size for your dog. Premium dog treat has full of vitamins and minerals. Tasty dog treats are made to last. Don't have bones to make them a great alternative to rawhide chews. Ensuring your dog never ingests harmful chemicals while promoting healthy teeth is healthy. Their Bully Sticks are natural. No. Preservatives.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤These were received today. The main issue is that there were no sticks. The bigger problem is that some of the skewer thickness is too thin. It is very thin and lasts a few minutes. I have a small dog and she finished this like a biscuit. The photo is not accurate. They are less expensive than other brands. Don't get me wrong, my dog enjoyed it, but if you are looking for a bully stick that will occupy your pup for a bit, buy the more expensive brands.

👤We bought a lot of sticks last month. Our dog liked this. My dog likes to chew and play with bully sticks. Bully sticks are a great way to get rid of plaque. I decided to buy more of the sticks. It came open and there was no label at all. The bully sticks were stinky and not great. I had to return them. I realized that they were all 6 years old. I ordered 6. They came in the same size. What a let down.

👤Video should speak for itself. I don't recommend bugs for anyone, I'm not sure if they were eggs that hatched or if they were still alive in my bag. I have attached a video. I counted 3 different types of bugs in my 20 count bag. I didn't fully inspect the ones I gave my dogs. My brother wasted money on a nice gift. My dogs did not get sick if they had eaten any. I bought these on an Amazon deal. The 20 count package was bought by me. My brother bought the 40 count for my dogs. The bulk bag had red bugs and I thought they were decent. It freaked me out. There was a person still alive on my bed. I didn't want my dog to get it. I couldn't get a picture. I pulled another one out that was hallow and dead inside. I've never seen this bug before in Minnesota. My dogs won't finish this package.

👤Dog treats don't smell great. I have been buying bully sticks for my dogs for 15 years and never have they smelled like this. I thought my dogs had thrown up or brought in cat poop. I didn't know what it was, but the smell came from the sticks. Absolutely foul. The smell of these still linger in the house even though the dogs love them, but they can only use them in their room now. I will not give them anymore of these. I feel like they have something wrong with them.

👤I have never had any of the Bully sticks smell as bad as these one did. I was gagging before I opened the package. What is that? The sticks are not as big as expected. I gave 3 stars because my dogs like them. Next time, I'll shop somewhere else.

👤I've gotten bully sticks from different sources. The bag of bully sticks from Downtown Pet Supply was good. Their quality seems to be declining. The bully sticks smell terrible. The smell of an illness. It was gross! I don't buy particular brands because of that smell, and I guess this brand will be added to the list. Three stars because the dogs still love them.

8. Nature Gnaws Large Bully Sticks

Nature Gnaws Large Bully Sticks

The dog leashes are made with 100% natural premium quality Beef Bully Sticks. Rawhide free treats are the best alternative to dental sticks. Supporting dental health by chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar. Their 5-step safety process includes fresh raw material source, irradiation, food grade lab testing, hand packaging in the USA and UV disinfection of their facility. Quality check every single step from the farm to your fur baby. Long lasting sustenance and tatoo is a perfect reward to occupy and entertain large breed or aggressive chewers. The beef flavor and thick texture are great for dogs.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤These are big enough to last my 60-lb hound a long time. She doesn't lose interest after a day or two, unlike the thigh bones I've given her in the past. She carried her bully stick over to her bed at night because she was afraid a thief would break in and steal it. I have given her some beef chews that have caused her distress in the past. Cleaning up big messes for 2 days. She didn't have any trouble with her digestion. That was a huge relief. I don't give her chews that aren't made from food because she can't eat plastic or rubber. I don't want to watch her chew on a chew and expect to take it away if it breaks up. Who actually does that? I'm surprised they're so affordable, considering they're organic and hormone-free. My girl loves them and I'm happy to find something that doesn't upset her tummy. I'll keep them handy when there's a storm. She seems to stay calm if she has something to chew on.

👤It's seriously. They stink, but they don't make the house smell bad. I like the quality. She is very happy with them. I'm pretty sure her scent is making her happy. I'm happy if the quality is good for her. I've been buying natural brands on Amazon for several years, which is cheaper, but I decided to try these because they are grass fed and have better quality and nutrition. She likes them. I want the price to go down so I can make our regular bone. This type of treat is always present in our lives. I was not sure what to expect from this first order. Ours are all good size, no skinny ones in the bag and a few that were thick. They seem to be the best quality of any I have bought before and we only buy the very best, so that's saying a lot. They are as expected in this type of product. She has a sensitive stomach and we only feed her high quality organic food, and so far so good, she can digest it.

👤They are too dangerous for my dog. She bit off a piece and it got stuck in the back of her mouth and down her throat. She went to my husband and acted like she was chewing. We rushed her to the bathroom to take a look after he got concerned. I had to hold my finger to her throat to loosen it. I will never buy them again if you give them to your dog because I will not be able to help her next time. It's not worth losing a pet. One star because they are not safe.

👤Nature gnaws and Amazon should be aware of the many negative reviews. I have always purchased from Nature gnaws and have been happy. It said a seller named What Eva, and it was fulfilled by Amazon. I received 8 sticks instead of 10 and they should be called twigs. Shameful! The sellers know what they are passing off as large sticks, thus the smaller discounted price, but still nowhere near worth 44.00 per bag. More like 3.50. 3rd party sellers don't return returns. I will buy a competing brand after buying 30 of your large sticks per month.

9. Downtown Pet Supply Natural Tendons

Downtown Pet Supply Natural Tendons

It's natural. Pets are safe to consume these treats. These do not contain any chemicals, hormones or preservatices. Only natural beef in this case. A great alternative treat. The perfect chew, these tendons are unlike other treats like Rawhides and Bully Sticks. These can cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Quality ingredients. These treats are made from beef and are full of vitamins and minerals. Glucosamine and chondritin are supportive of joint health, as they are found in the healthy proteins contained within the tendons. It's ideal for aggressive chewers. The beef tendons are perfect for dogs with strong jaws. They are strong enough to hold up to hours of chewing. The USA Tendons are 9 to 12 inches. When giving your pet treats, please keep an eye on them.

Brand: Downtown Pet Supply

👤I was looking for a less expensive alternative to cow pizzle sticks when I ordered these. The price was over $19. They're $29 for the same amount. My dogs love them. I won't be ordering them again because they are more expensive.

👤I decided to try these because my dogs are very picky and they loved them. It gave my dogs a lot of chewing time. I liked that there was enough fat still on the tendon, that it was a good price, and that there was no odor. I wish I had more of the 4 inch size because the average length is 3-6 inches each.

👤The price of the 25pk of smaller size went up by $9 since January, but my Bullmastiff loved them, so I went to order more. They are good but not great. I will stick with the larger size of the chews. At this point, they are a much better value. It seems like every vendor on Amazon increases their prices once they get some good reviews. I would rather buy.

👤My dogs were just as disappointed as I was. The tendons are very thin and not large. I have two dogs that can eat these within a few minutes. A big dog doesn't really need a long lasting chew. At least not mine.

👤I got long and wide tendons. They are too big for my small dogs. I had to cut it in half. I soaked it in water for hours and it was still hard to cut. I got some pieces off. My dogs like it. One had a bad reaction to it, the other was fine. 2 stars from one dog and 5 stars from the other.

👤The price of Natural Beef Tendons has gone up because people searched for other natural chewing products for their dogs, but now they are selling well, so why not raise the price? I agree with other reviewers that the price has gone up a lot, and the size of the tendons is a little more than I used to get.

👤Unfortunately, there was an issue with the quantity sent in the bag and my dog was not happy with it. The product was short in quantity and I had to return it. The maker made an error. I have purchased items from Downtown Pet Supply. I think this was a processing error.

👤I've invested in these many times for our small dogs. Most of the time, the dogs love them. Some come through very hard. I throw those out when dogs abandon them after a day or two. Others are chewed down slowly until they're almost gone. I understand that these aren't factory made so there is variability. I'll keep purchasing because of the great value.

10. Chasing Our Tails 6100 Standard

Chasing Our Tails 6100 Standard

A pack of 12 bully sticks. It was made of odorless, Usa Sourced. A dog chew. It was made from Usa Sourced.

Brand: Chasing Our Tails

👤These are great! Just got them. They are thick and long. There was no scent at all. My biggest concern was that they would be thin and my dog wouldn't finish it in a long time. Highly recommended and will be buying again.

👤Good value. Doesn't seem to last as long as a pet store big box. Overall, a good value.

👤My dog is obsessed with these, and they have no odor. They are made in the US and not China.

👤A puppy is almost 12 weeks old. She got the same sticks from Chuck and Don. I decided to purchase them on Amazon because of the high price. It seems like these ones are different. There is a smell to them. She seems to like it so I can not complain much.

👤My golden retriever is 10 months old. The last few shipments have not been odorless.

👤My dog likes bully sticks.

👤Just as described. Exactly what we were expecting. Thank you so much!

11. Nature Gnaws Braided Bully Sticks

Nature Gnaws Braided Bully Sticks

1. The dog leashes are made with 100% natural premium quality Beef Bully Sticks. 2. Rawhide free treats are the best alternative to dental sticks. 3. Dental health is supported. It is possible to reduce plaque and tartar by chewing. 4. Their 5-step safety process includes fresh raw material source, irradiation, food grade lab testing, hand packaging in the USA and UV disinfection of their facility. Quality check every single step from the farm to your fur baby. 5. Strong Puppies, Small or Medium Breeds are ideal for long lasting sustenance and sparring. The beef flavor and thick texture are great for dogs.

Brand: Nature Gnaws

👤My sanity may have been saved by these braided Bully Sticks. I share a home with a geriatric Jack Russell terrier, a puppy Jack Russell terrier, and a man named Mr. Onymous. Puppy JRT wants to play and chew and is bouncing off the walls 24/7. Old Man JRT wants to play on his terms, but he doesn't want to be chewed on. This has caused a lot of fighting at the Onymous residence. I thought about checking myself into the local boobie hatch to escape the daily nuttiness of our lives. I tried to keep them occupied and quiet by buying a bag of these. The puppy took them first. She was chewing on the first chew we gave her. The old man wouldn't touch him. After a few days, he became jealous of what Puppy had and stole a piece of hers when she was not paying attention. After giving them a chance, he's also a fan. He is now quiet and occupied. I was hesitant to try these because I had a hard time wrapping my head around the thought of feeding my pups dehydrated bull schlong. Your dogs will be happy. You will be happy. Everyone will be happy. Each time I open the bag, I hear a choir of angels singing. It's horrible!

👤I have been buying bully sticks for my dogs for 25 years. I have never purchased the braided kind before. I like jumbo or thick. They have been hard to find recently. I have an 11 month old Rottweiler who can chew a bully in less than 10 minutes. The braided ones are less than 6 in. Within a minute they separate into 3 pieces and he chews them up. I would have returned the bag if I had not given him a couple. I have to say that the statement is misleading because they make claims they are made for chewers.

👤I have ordered from this company before and have been satisfied with the quality. What happened? The only bully stick in this pack is the one on the left. One of the sticks appears to be not a bully stick at all, but a smaller one, and the middle one is just... I don't know, lazy braider in production. The smell is worse than the bully stick smell. I will not be buying this again.

👤The small bully sticks were the first thing he started with when he was really young. The sticker shock kept me away for a while, but we only bought special treats when he was little. He needed at least 1-2 chews a day after all his adult teeth were in. He loves the large braids and we kept bumping up the sizes. It is the only thing we give him that will keep him focused and chewing until it is gone. The texture seems to be perfect, hard enough to be a challenge, but soft enough to consume and not upset his stomach. The smell from time to time is the only issue. Some of them seem to be stronger smelling than others. The smell of chewing within a few feet can be strong and hard to smell, but if you are close you can barely smell it. The smell is gone after the chew is eaten. A small price to pay for a healthy treat that he enjoys and will satisfy his need to chew. It is a natural product and the smell tells me it is real. If he needs it, we will give him a day or two. They are not cheap, but in my opinion the overall value makes them affordable. We've tried a lot of chews over the last year, but this is the only one that he still gets excited about, they satisfy his need to chew and haven't caused any issues.


What is the best product for best bully sticks 12 inch?

Best bully sticks 12 inch products from Downtown Pet Supply. In this article about best bully sticks 12 inch you can see why people choose the product. Jack & Pup and Pet Premium are also good brands to look for when you are finding best bully sticks 12 inch.

What are the best brands for best bully sticks 12 inch?

Downtown Pet Supply, Jack & Pup and Pet Premium are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best bully sticks 12 inch. Find the detail in this article. Nature Gnaws, Redbarn Pet Products and Chasing Our Tails are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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