Best Best Baby Gifts for Boys

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1. Amazon Com Welcome Baby Gift Box

Amazon Com Welcome Baby Gift Box

A gift card is inside a box. Gift cards may not have the gift amount printed on them. There are no fees or expiration dates on the gift card. There are no refunds on gift cards. The gift card can be used to purchase millions of items at Amazon. You can redeem any gift card with the Amazon App. There is free one-day shipping available. If you choose a gift message at check-out, it will only appear on the packing slip, not the gift card or carrier.

Brand: Amazon

👤I bought my niece a $50 gift card and she tried to use it but it said it was invalid. On April 7th, it was charged on my Visa. It was upsetting to say the least. You can't find a human to talk to on your website. Thank you. Sally Lindner is a person.

👤It is a perfect gift for new parents. They said it was cute. And appreciated! It was placed in a mailbox after it was delivered, but nobody took it. Disappointed in that part. Great gift in box.

👤I bought this gift card instead of sending an e gift card to my friend. This was free and related to the occasion.

👤We gave this to someone very late, but it was not shipped until the next day. One of the animals was a little bent. It was perfect.

👤Everyone loves an Amazon card. I was going to pick one up at the grocery store, but I was glad I went to Amazon instead. The cute little box that is included makes it feel like a gift, not a card. A cute little pop up box.

👤What do you think about a gift card? My niece liked it.

👤A gift for a baby. Very cute. Will purchase again.

👤The pictures are cuter. It's a must for a baby shower, sprinkle, or welcome new baby gift card. I would leave the name and amount blank on the bottom of the box. Your recipient can reuse it. Amazon has fun gift card holders that are free and next day shipping. What more do you want?

2. Gund Animated Flappy Elephant Plush

Gund Animated Flappy Elephant Plush

Infantino is a product that is loved and used daily by parents everywhere. It is advisable to toss the elephant. Flappy the Elephant is a Baby GUND favorite. The cute elephant comes to life with the push of a button, with two play modes to entertain and delight the baby. Press either foot to sing. There is an interactive play. Flappy hides behind his soft, oversized ears in an interactive game where you can press his left foot to engage him. Press his right foot to sing. A cute child is in a cute voice. GUND premium baby toys are perfect gifts for baby shower, Easter, Christmas, or birthday, and they are screen-free. There are quality cupcakes for girls and boys. Their award-winning bears and toys appeal to animal lovers everywhere, because of their huggable plush designs. GUND toys are perfect for all ages. GUND is the oldest maker of soft toys in America and has been crafting unique and classic teddy bears and stuffed animals for over 120 years. They are proud to carry this legacy and stand by their toys, which are known for their quality and innovation. Flappy the Elephant is a Poly Bag. The Spin Master Care Commitment is covered. See below for the full details.

Brand: Gund

👤Our newest grand loves to play Peek-A-Boo. I had to get it when I saw it. She loves it! His fur is very soft, and he is even more cute in person. It was very well made. I am going to give another as a baby gift.

👤We ordered this for our daughter. It worked great when we tested it. We wrapped it. She opened it on Christmas day and it didn't work anymore. It worked after we put new batteries in it. It wasn't working the next morning. We put in new batteries to make sure the on/off switch was in the "off" position when we weren't using it, but to my disappointment it stopped working the next day. I put the batteries in a light that was powered by a battery. It wouldn't come on. The toy was draining the batteries. We messaged the seller and he sent us a new one and we were able to send the other one back with no problems. The replacement toy elephant works perfectly and our 1 year old daughter loves it.

👤My adult daughter had a traumatic brain injury 7 years ago. She is a child. Mia is small and cute. She loved elephants. I thought she would like it. I couldn't wait until Christmas. I didn't know how she would respond. I cried because it was so moving. She began to play peek a boo. This is a wonderful toy. I would think that any child would share in my daughters reaction. There is a Please offer a good thought or prayer for Mia if you're reading this. God bless you.

👤My baby loved it, she was fascinated by it. The one I received was not ear-splitting, but it was not quiet and there was no volume control. Cheap trial batteries are often the ones that come loaded with electronic toys. It was not possible to remove the battery compartment. The head of the screw is so cheap that I had to take it off when I tried to turn it. We have a stuffed animal that won't sing or play peek-a-boo because of the hard plastic base and battery pack. I don't think this will be a safe toy if I cut through the plastic of the battery pack cover.

👤This is a great gift for little kids. My little girl is 12 weeks old and she loves her bunny. It seems to keep her engaged. I like the cute ear movements. It's perfect for a little one because it's sung by a child and not annoying like most "talking" toys. Excellent quality as well. It comes with a battery, which is a definite plus.

👤The Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant was bought before our baby was born because of the great reviews. We used it for less than 2 months and our baby loves it, but last week we noticed that flappy was singing out of tune after the batteries were replaced. I think it's past the warranty period and since I ordered from Philippines, the shipping alone to return it will cost more than buying a new one. I'm not buying this kind anymore because of this quality. I have to charge this for a bad experience. flappy died, she won't even sing anymore. What a waste of money.

3. Hudson Baby Animal Bathrobe Elephant

Hudson Baby Animal Bathrobe Elephant

There is an animal face plush hooded bath robe. The fabric is 100% plush. It's gentle on the baby's skin. It is optimal for everyday use. A high quality bath robe. A high quality bath robe.

Brand: Hudson Baby

👤Cutest baby robe ever! My daughter wears 6-9 month clothes and there is plenty of room in this for her. If you have a baby that is very tall, it is perfect for the average 6 month old.

👤My son and I love our robe. The rob is great.

👤The robe is soft and adorable. My baby is very cute in his little fox robe. It isn't the best quality, but it isn't horrible. It is acceptable for the price. I will give it at least 3 stars. The size of the robe and the size of the material are the main issues for me. The robe is very small. My baby is just 3 months old and it is very short on him. He won't be able to use it until 9 months old. The fabric is very soft. It will feel good on the baby's skin. The first wash made it shrink. Even though it will shrink a bit, it will still follow the instructions. This robe is very soft and cute. If you have a bigger baby, I would buy a bigger robe. The robe won't fit your baby very well. It isn't bad for the money, but it isn't the best.

👤I bought this for a baby shower gift for a coworker. The robe was very nice and she loved it. I would recommend this as a baby shower gift for all genders of newborns and wish they made an adult size accompanying version. There is an update. I bought another robe for Blue Elephant, the same quality and cozy robe that I bought back. The blue one has a photo attached to it. The waist rope can't be detached from the robe and it doesn't wrap completely around it. I think it's less of a hazard because of this.

👤The robe is soft and cute, but it has a lot of tags. I have never received an article of clothing that had so many. The robe that was used to remove them was damaged because they were so tight. Attempting to remove them all caused problems. A few got stuck and wouldn't completely remove thus potentially scratching baby's sensitive skin. Unless the packaging changes, I will not purchase again.

👤The robe is soft and cute. I pass on robes in the stores that don't seem very soft because I don't want a rough robe on my baby. This one is soft and plush. Also, cute. Quality is good. Love it. It's great for winter to keep the baby warm after a bath.

👤So soft! My wife and I are expecting a girl in December and I wanted to get some things stocked up. I had to get it because I saw it on Amazon. It is soft and adorable. My wife was happy with it.

👤My husband's favorite animal is a giraffe, so I chose that one specifically. The robe is very soft and cute. The colors are the same as shown, without any awkward stitching around the ears or horns. The quality is okay, and it's not very drying, which is a shame because they have a giraffe version of it. Don't put a wet baby in it. Fruit flies on cake attract lint and other gross things. A small con would be that it's either small or tall. It's probably the latter.

4. Amazon Com Gift Card Baby Onesies

Amazon Com Gift Card Baby Onesies

A gift bag has a gift card inside it. Gift cards may not have the gift amount printed on them. There are no fees or expiration dates on the gift card. There are no refunds on gift cards. The gift card can be used to purchase millions of items at Amazon. You can redeem any gift card with the Amazon App. There is free one-day shipping available. If you choose a gift message at check-out, it will only appear on the packing slip, not the gift card or carrier.

Brand: Amazon

👤This is a Premium gift card from Amazon. $50 is the minimum for a gift card. If you think $50 is too much to give to a baby that doesn't know what they are getting, you can replace the gift cards with another one. If you don't know if your original gift would be good enough, or if they have too much of the same thing, it's a good gift to give. The materials are good. The cardboard cutouts of the towel, sock and onesie are attached to 3M tape. The opening flap is held together. It shows card when you lift up. Enough space inside to give a small gift like socks, pacifier, baby soap, cotton buds, nail clipper, baby jelly, wipes, etc. The Amazon gift card is very basic and you can leave nothing inside. It's easy to redeem a card with Amazon logos on a green backdrop. The code is on the back of the card, no need to scratch it or peel it off. You can redeem the amount in seconds if you click the camera option and align the boxes with the text code.

👤I can't get enough of this! I wish I'd discovered them a long time ago. The packaging is beautiful. There is more space to keep a note inside. I bought them for teacher appreciation week. They are my new go-to gift.

👤The envelope was 18 inches by 13 inches. I wish I had a picture of the damage. There is a smudge on the front of the envelope. The ribbon is wrinkled and black in appearance. The gift card was damaged and roughed up because of the deep circle and straight line imprints on it. It looks like a badly damaged heart envelope. I'm not sure how this could have happened. The shipping envelope gave it so much space to move around in and be smashed between boxes that some of the damage was done. It should have been sent in a box. That doesn't explain how the ribbon and glue got on the heart envelope. The presentation of a $100.00 gift card should have been pretty. Very disappointed.

👤A gift card is a must have. The gift bag was a great way to give it. It's an across the miles gift. The package was sent from Amazon to the recipient. There is free shipping. It doesn't get any better.

👤The design of the gift card is cute, but it is not a bag. We tried to fit a small card inside, but it wouldn't fit. There is no place to write anything on this card. It would be better if there was a place to write something inside. The back of the bag is the only place where you can write. The gift card doesn't come with a pre-printed amount on it, so we had to write the amount on the outside of the bag where anyone could see it. Would not buy it again. The cute front-of-bag design received 2 stars.

5. VTech Pop A Balls Push Pop Bulldozer

VTech Pop A Balls Push Pop Bulldozer

It's a perfect Christmas gift for kids, dinosaur party favors, because all of Palotix dinosaur toys are packaged beautifully. Kids learn about different dinosaurs with educational toys. Cars for boy toys are surely something that I love. The bulldozer should be rolled across the floor so that it can pop balls out of the chimney. Press the buttons to learn. To listen to fun tunes and songs on the move, roll the bulldozer and use motion sensors. The handle should be grabbed to encourage motor skill development.

Brand: Vtech

👤This toy is dangerous. It only took one week for my 12 month old to get stuck in the hole where the balls come out, after we bought this for him. We had to take the whole thing apart to get his hand free. We are throwing it in the trash.

👤I bought this for my great-nephew. He only played with it once. When we pulled the toy out for him to play with, we were shocked to see that the orange piece from the side of the truck was in his mouth and one screw was on the floor. I don't know where the other screw is. I will never purchase the VTECH brand again. I did not want this report to have any stars but I could not submit it without it.

👤This toy is adorable and was given to my son for Christmas. He loves it! The only complaint I have is that the screws that hold the handle to the toy don't hold very tight. We lost a screw when they fell out on one side. I am not sure if my son would put the screws in his mouth if I had not noticed it. We are going to glue the screws in and not worry about taking the toy apart.

👤My son loved this product when we passed it on the shelf. I had to buy it for him. He enjoys music and balls, but doesn't know how to get them to pop because they only pop out when pushed forward. The balls are frustrating. The balls don't always go in. All four balls need to be retrieved when the toy is walked more than 6 feet. There is a big problem with balls in the house.

👤Our 1 year old loves trucks and received this as a birthday gift. He is still learning how to walk, but he enjoys tugging on the toy. He gets a kick out of dropping his snack crackers into the hole. It's funny. The balls are small enough for him to hold onto them. He will enjoy this truck when he can push the handle while standing and walking.

👤The toy is cute when it works, but there are issues. It is too narrow and so easy to flop over that our 14m grandson spends most of the time dragging it on its side, which he seems happy to do. When I push it for him, the popping ball misses the front of the bulldozer that is supposed to catch it and redeposit it into the back to run again, about a third of the time. The scoop moves if the toy is pushed or pulled. The ball pops out when pushed. He would stay engaged with the ball-catching action longer if it was more reliable. He can't get it to work by himself, and he loses interest in it quickly.

👤The fact that the handle still moves up and down after being messed on is a huge problem. He doesn't feel stable. He will try to walk with it, but if he pushes down the handle it folds down and he stumbles.

6. Beiens Crinkle Children Development Interactive

Beiens Crinkle Children Development Interactive

Cloth pages are durable. 6 months and up. The baby's first library is full of early learning toys. The crinkle feature on both cover pages and the sound of the squeaker on textured animal tails help baby hear. The interactive cloth books are great for babies. You can read these animal tail themed cloth books with your baby, and let them get closer to nature. These children's cloth books are a kind of early educational toys, which can help your child win at the starting line by stimulating language ability, reading ability, sensory skills, communication skills, and rich imagination. These handmade cloth books are made with a non-toxic, skin-friendly material and are safe for babies. The soft fabric surface is comfortable for little hands. The hanging strap on the top of the book makes it suitable for strollers, baby fences and cribs. There are toys for baby boys and girls. The beiens soft activity books are a must have for infants and toddlers. Their soft baby books are perfect for newborn development, perfect for baby showers, birthdays, and Christmas, and can be given at any age. They think you will be satisfied with beiens cloth book. The soft baby book has a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your book, please return it for a full and instant refund. A crinkle cloth book.

Brand: Beiens

👤The product is good. It seems to be good quality. If I knew it was just one book, I wouldn't have paid $13 for a baby book. They should show a picture of 5 books for the first picture, but I think they should show a picture of me. My fault for not reading correctly again. You assume there are 5 books when you see the word "books" in a title and also see 5 in the picture. Good product but not worth much. When you purchase, beware.

👤This product should not be sold on Amazon. I paid 12.99) for one lousy book and it was also a choking hazard. The tales are long. They can promise that your child will be gagging in no time. The longest red strings in the middle are supposed to be like bookmarks. Your baby had a ribbon to play with. I want my money back and this toy that looks like you get three books off the market.

👤The price should have been 3 books. My baby likes it. I have not returned it for a refund.

👤These books are the best. When our baby was 3 weeks old, we started using them with her. The book/pages/ animals are recognized. It is beneficial for her to see the shapes and colors many times. We love them.

👤I bought this book for my 6 1/2 month old at the time she was 5 1/2 months old because she chews it so much that it makes the pages turn as if she is reading while I am in the house. I don't put it in the dryer because it's very soft and durable, but if it gets dirty I recommend washing it by the two red strings.

👤I received one of the books. I re-read the details of my purchases and it said 3 books. I received one.

👤The 5 month old loves chewing on the tails. The easiest way to entertain a baby. I can get the dishes done. Weird red cloth ties seem to be useless as bookmarks and in the wrong place to be great for securing covers closed. They are sewn to the top of the spine, not the center as you would expect. Little one chews on them as well. It would have been nice to have a way to keep pages closed with tails tucked inside, but I only think of it because of the bookmarks. Well washed. Good, because my kid has a lot of saliva on it. During a diaper change, today, I peed on it. Oops! Only disappointment? I wish it could self- clean because it's out of commission for washing. Would buy again.

👤I only had this for a few days, but I love these little tails. It is easy to wash on a gentle cycle. It is a hit with baby, so hope it holds up.

👤It makes you believe there is a set, from the picture, it's really disappointing that only one was supplied. Say one after reading it. There is a lot to read before you get to that part. You should really do pictures and state this clearly. The price is high for what you get.

7. Fisher Price On The Go Baby Dome White

Fisher Price On The Go Baby Dome White

A play space and a napping spot are perfect for when you and baby are on the go. Can be used outside. For babies 0-5 months. Your little one is protected from the sun and bugs. It folds flat with handles for easy take-along. It folds flat with handles for easy take-along.

Brand: Fisher-price

👤I absolutely adore this! Got it? I wanted to plant some things so I wouldn't worry about my baby getting bugs. She loves the outdoors and we bring her outside when she's too rambunctious. This allowed me to put her down outside, she won't sleep anywhere but in my arms or in her swing, and she slept in this. It was amazing. We were able to plant and swim with the other kids while she rested. I gave it 4 stars because there is no way to close the top. I think it will fall more easily once she moves more because it is not super secure. The piece from the hobby lobby should do the trick.

👤It's important for family to be out and about in the summer. My littlest spent every day at the pool club while her brothers practiced and played at the pool. This was a good place for her to sleep. I was worried that she would get trampled on by the kids running through the grass where we were sitting, but it was not too hot and there was no chance of that. It's easy to use and carry. I was able to carry it, a diaper bag, a pool bag, a snack bag, an infant, and three boys across the parking lot. This item is amazing!

👤I didn't realize how much I needed the baby dome. I keep this in my trunk at all times. Whenever I go to someone's house, I bring it to the beach and the pool with me. It's large enough to fit a car seat in it and zip it up if your baby is asleep or there are a lot of bugs where you are. It is very easy to carry. The handles are easy to use. Will be used as a travel bed when we go on weekend trips to visit family. It is worth every cent.

👤We went camping all weekend. We got a lot of praise for it. People were asking where we got it, and they wished they had bought one for this little one. It is perfect for his size. Sometimes we had the pillow in there, and sometimes we took it out. He could roll over and play. He loved it! He allowed me to put him down for a while to play in it. I like the color combo as well. It's easy to put together and fold down. It has handles on the sides to help it move up.

👤I bought this for my grand daughter to use for our new grand, so she could use it to play with our little Mia, who is about to be born, what I wanted was how easy it was to set up and use. We took it out of the box, pieces started coming off, the instruction sheet was not in the box, but there was a packing sheet with a phone number to call. We got transferred to a number of departments after asking for the instruction sheet. Service was cut off 3 times and never got to us. It has never been set up the way it needs to be. At this time, it's not recommended.

8. GUND First Sports Stuffed Playset

GUND First Sports Stuffed Playset

All Hide-n-Side Trademark tents and toys are guaranteed to be durable, safe, and easy to assemble and store. When they guarantee their products, they are serious. Simply contact them if you have an issue. GUND wants to make playtime more huggable. A sports bag, baseball sound toy, basketball squeak toy, soccer ball crinkle toy, and a football rattle are included in this five-piece soft plush playset. Soft and machine washable. The plush toy is built to GUND quality standards to ensure safe play for all ages. The baby GUND plush are easy to clean. The perfect gift for everyone. Their cute stuff plush dolls, teddy bears, and stuffed animals are perfect gifts for birthdays, baby showers, baptisms, Easter, and more. Give a lifetime of hugs with a GUND. Both boys and girls have quality cucumbers. Their award-winning bears and toys appeal to all ages, from infants to adults, and are perfect for play, collecting and cuddling! One of the first companies to produce a teddy bear was the oldest maker of soft toys in America. For over 120 years, GUND has been creating unique teddy bears and stuffed animals. 1 GUND plush is included.

Brand: Gund

👤Don't buy this! How much is this? We thought it would be much bigger. The pictures from the manufacturer are not accurate. The product is worth $5. The size of the sports balls could be small. We were really upset about this. Amazon has an amazing return policy. The person who gave this over 1 star was paid by the manufacturer.

👤Why didn't I read the reviews? I almost always read the reviews. I thought this would be a great gift for my grandson's birthday. I'm so disappointed that my order arrived today. They're too small for my grandson to play with. They go back! Their quality has gone downhill but their prices have gone up, so they used to be my go-to for nice gifts for babies and kids.

👤I was misled by the picture and price, but I should have read the description and features and details more thoroughly. I was expecting a bigger item, but it turned out they were miniatures, a duffel bag and balls. Lesson learned.

👤Babies start to grab toys around 3 months of age. The bag is well made and the plush balls didn't have any issues like strings being lose or material not properly sewn on. I bought this for my nephew. I couldn't resist, it was adorable. The bag was 20 inches in length, but I want to say it was a little less. I would buy this for someone who has a baby boy.

👤After opening the package, I was very disappointed to see how small it was. I was expecting this to be an adequate present for my coworker's one year old birthday present, but I was not able to find it. I missed the fine print listing the actual dimensions of the product. The product is much smaller in real life than in pictures. The bag is less than 12 inches in diameter and the sport balls are less than 3 inches. My expectations were not met.

👤I usually don't write reviews but this was a big hit with my one year old great niece on her first birthday. She won't let it go down. It is the perfect size for little hands and it was made well. It is fantastic for the price. The product is well made. The phone, credit card, keys, and fake mirror are bonuses. She likes to take them out and put them back in. I would reccommend!

👤It's perfect for 1-2 year olds. It's a perfect size for little hands. I like that the cell phone has a ring in the middle. The keys and credit card make an ear catching crinkle without being bad on adult nerves. The opening was small and had a reflective surface. The pieces are gorgeous. The attention to detail is great. Excellent quality at a good price. This is the best gift I have ever received.

👤The bag is small. The balls are larger than a tennis ball. The description states that the bag is 8 inches long, but without a photo next to a child it is hard to figure out the actual size. A good toy for a baby is not older than a year or two. I had set my search criteria for a young child and it popped up in my feed. The thing is small.

9. Little Tikes Grow Rollin Giraffe

Little Tikes Grow Rollin Giraffe

Requires 2AAA batteries, batteries included for demo purposes only, and new batteries recommended for regular use. The Go and Grow Lil' Rollin' Giraffe ride-on bike is a great way to develop your Little Tike's motor skills. 3 wheel bike The ride on toys was designed with protection in mind. The over sized back wheel has added stability and a wheel guard for safety. It was made with top-notch materials that will last for a long time. InDOOR and outdoor fun, teach your kids how to ride a toddler riding toy. For rainy days, you can stay indoors and still enjoy this toddler ride. Children ride on toys to help strengthen your baby's balance and coordination skills as they grow. It builds coordination, balance and large motor skills while having fun. For people with disabilities and children. The seat has spot decals. It is very easy to put together.

Brand: Little Tikes

👤I have been looking for a balance bike for my child for a while and this didn't fit the bill. He knows how to ride them but they are too short for him. It's lightweight but built well. There are four different types of bikes. The seat height is close to the floor.

👤It was a good buy, I bought it for our 1 year old. She is on the shorter side for her age, which helps her because it is lower to the ground. Most of the other ride-ons don't allow her to stear. It's easy to assemble, but you should double check the seat before your child sits on it because it might not be in place when you think it is.

👤Such a hit! My son wants to play on this a lot. It's easy to assemble!

👤The little man is 14 months old and has a toy that he uses to maneuver around the house. He thinks this was worth the investment now that he is walking. I can have him play in the living room while I clean up because it's not bulky and I can grab it with one hand. The review was changed from 4 to 5 stars. This was easy to assemble. I didn't have a hammer so I used the liquor shaker from my bar. Don't judge me. I put it together in about 15 minutes. My little guy is still learning to walk on his own and he fell twice before I took it away from him. He was using it as a walker, like a toddler who can't walk on their own. He kept falling. It is not intended for a child to use it as support. Ensure that the child you are giving this to can walk on their own. Hold off until the child can use it. I don't mind. I bought it and it's annoying. He can't use it yet.

👤My friend's daughter was a year old. I was looking for a ride-on gift. I loved this bike for many reasons. The perfect size for a toddler, who would love to ride on it while growing so fast, even in the upcoming years. The material is easy to use indoors and outside. This bike can be played without disturbing anyone. Keeping your toddler safe while you sleep is a great idea. It is easy to clean using a wet wipe. This is a perfect gift for the birthday girl and I am very happy with it.

👤This product has a design flaw that makes toddlers run over their toes when going backwards. The designers didn't realize that a toddler tricycle should have one wheel in front and two in the back.

👤I was surprised at how small this is. Jonatan is my great grandson. It's the right size. I bought my great niece a one too, she turned 1 a month before Jonatan. They are learning how to maneuver it. I like how easy it was to put it together.

10. Hatch Baby Night Light Machine

Hatch Baby Night Light Machine

You can control Rest from your phone, it's a multi-functional device that combines nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert. You can change color, brightness, sound, and volume. Programs will be turned off and on based on the family's sleep schedule. Rest can be programmed to turn on automatically, can be adjusted via phone, or can be tapped on manually. Control via Hatch Baby Rest app. There is no need to disrupt a baby's sleep. Rest grows with your child's needs - providing soft light and white noise for midnight newborn feeding sessions, the comfort of a nightlight for a preschoolers, and a time-to-rise setting for your older child! The toddler lock feature keeps the toddler cool during the night. The ideal sleep environment for your child can be created. Sleep experts recommend preset sound and color combinations. There are requirements for the app in the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. It is communicated through low energy devices. The ideal sleep environment for your child can be created. Sleep experts recommend preset sound and color combinations. There are requirements for the app in the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. It is communicated through low energy devices.

Brand: Hatch Baby

👤This is my first ever review on Amazon, but I loved this product so much that I wanted to share my experience. I bought this because I wanted the "ok to wake" function. My 18 month old had been waking up between 5 and 6am for over 6 months, and I did nothing to help him sleep. We already had a cheap white noise machine, so when I first heard of this product, I wasn't sold on the price, thinking I didn't need it for the other features. I bought a cheaper product, but it was difficult to use, and poorly designed. If the Hatch Rest didn't work out, I would be able to return it. I had serious doubts about my 18 month old child's ability to understand and abide by the "ok to wake" concept. I was willing to give it a try despite my reservations because my mom needs a little time to herself in the morning. This product has an app and aBLE capability. I told my son that the light would turn green in the morning and he could get up for the day. My 18 month old can only say about 10 words, but he seems to comprehend a lot. He woke up at 5:30 the next morning. When I opened the app, I changed the wake up time to 5:35 and then went into his room and did a big wake up, because I wasn't going to let him cry for 30 minutes. I said, "look, your light is green, that means it's time to wake up!" I threw open the curtains and turned on the lights. He started sleeping later each day after I gradually set the clock back. I was able to set the clock to 7:30 after a week. I told him through the baby monitor talk function that his light wasn't green, and he laid down and slept until the light came on. If he wakes a few minutes early, he plays in his crib and waits for the light to come on. I am not sure if this worked, but it did. I feel like I have to spread the word. I bought a second one for my 3 year old because I loved this so much. He likes it. He plays in his room until his light comes on at 7:30 and then stays in his room to read or play during quiet time in the afternoon. He likes to choose a nightlight color and sound on the app. I can't say enough good things about this product.

👤My wife is returning the one we purchased. If you want to upgrade, set defaults, or do anything custom that requires the app, you need the app. Any time the app is launched, the app requires your location to be on and you can use your gps location. They don't mention that they are collecting a bunch of information on you and your child, and it's habits, unless you go looking. From their site: "We may ask you to provide us with certain information that can be used to contact or identify you." Your name, email address, child's name, child's gender, demographic information, password, postal address, and phone number are all personally identifiable information. We collect information when using our products and services, but not limited to, child's weight, feeding amount, child's sleep, etc.

11. Simple Joys Carters 8 Piece Washcloth

Simple Joys Carters 8 Piece Washcloth

Knit binding, jersey-lined hoodies.

Brand: Simple Joys By Carter's

👤The towels in this set are very thin compared to the ones I bought at Target. I expected more from Carter's. The towels were a bit disappointing, but the washcloths are great.

👤Thirty three years ago, I bought Carters for his dad, and now I'm buying them for him. This bath set is time tested, durable, and still soft. The towels are for newborn. Several can fit in the washer at one time. The soft absorbent towel will make sure the baby is warm and dry when you hold him for a minute. Multiple sets will be appreciated by a new mom.

👤It is too thin. It is very soft and cute. I use the mini towels to clean my baby's face in the morning. That is a bonus.

👤I was impressed with the quality of the towels. My 7 month old was ordered. These are the perfect size for a tall baby. The character hoods are adorable and the wash cloths are soft. I am very happy with these. They shipped very quickly.

👤It seems like new parents forget about bath sets for their baby. Carters always has high quality baby products, and this set is no exception. It is useful with lots of pieces and soft towels. It's really cute. The color scheme works well for boys and girls.

👤Very cute and great. The towels and cloths are very soft. My boy is clean and dry. He looks cute wrapped in it.

👤I like the hooded towels that come with this, but the side with the hood that is wrapping around the baby is way scratchier than the outside, which is super soft. There are a lot of rags and towels for the price.

👤The character towels are large enough for my 2 month old and 2 year old to use. I wish the third towel had a hood.

👤The set is soft and I can't wait to use it. Great delivery too.

👤I will buy more from this brand when I need them. They wash well as well.

👤The colors are beautiful and haven't run in the wash.

👤The product is soft and good. The pack has a good variety of items. It's good for travelling or by the pool.

👤The colors are beautiful and soft. It's a good idea to wash out nicely. I recommend!


What is the best product for best baby gifts for boys?

Best baby gifts for boys products from Amazon. In this article about best baby gifts for boys you can see why people choose the product. Gund and Hudson Baby are also good brands to look for when you are finding best baby gifts for boys.

What are the best brands for best baby gifts for boys?

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