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1. Bedside Bluetooth Wireless Charging Dimmable

Bedside Bluetooth Wireless Charging Dimmable

The alarm can be programmed to only work on weekdays or all seven days of the week. To wake you up, set the alarm to wake you up. They listened to your feedback and have improved sound quality and display dimmer with this New Edition. The built-in QI Wireless Charging pad is compatible with all Qi-enabled phones so you can rest your device on top for easy charging without wires. It also has a 1A port that can be used to power an additional device. You can set two different wake-up times to make sure you are never late for work. You can wake up at a different time than your partner. You can find the perfect brightness of the display no matter the setting with the 5-level light dimmer. The display is even dimmer. The Dawn is a room filling speaker that can stream music from your phone or tablets. You can tune in to an FM Radio Station with up to 10 preset stations. 6W Stereo Speakers and a Passive Subwoofer give you richer bass. The style and function are related. The Dawn Bedside Alarm Clock is made from premium materials and has a soft touch top face and fabric wrap surround to look amazing in any setting. The perfect bedside hub is this all in one solution. i-box is a UK company that sells high quality smart audio products. Thousands of happy customers have been served by them and they offer a hassle-free 12-month warranty, easy return policy and friendly customer service. The gift box has an easy to follow User Guide.

Brand: I-box

👤I was using an old radio from the 80s. I wanted something with digital tuning. It is a plus that there are two alarms. The radio has a wireless charging option for newer phones. It is easy to use. The display is dimmable and has 4 levels. The device works well and is easy to use. I'm happy with the wireless charging, but the phone needs to be perfect or it won't charge. The cats sometimes make noise at night. The alarm is something I don't like. In 10 seconds, it starts to get loud. The volume control is digital and I find it too loud on the lowest setting. The alarm volume was steady, but I wish it was a bit quieter. Maybe there is a setting for that. I'm not going to down grade these because they are personal preferences and not major flaws. After using this clock radio for several months, I have grown to hate it. Everything I have said is correct. That will not change. Before buying, please read all of this. The alarm volume is very loud. It starts slowly and increases in volume. The sound quality is good. It should be possible to have it at a fixed volume. The lowest volume level is too high to fall asleep. It would be nice to cut that in half. There is a The buttons to turn the alarm on and off are too easy to accidentally hit, so you have to wake up an hour late. Fourth The tuning is not good. I live in the Chicago area. This should have a clear tuning. It was very disappointing for me. The radio locks up when I charge my phone with both a wireless and a cord. That's correct. It crashes like any other computer inside. Don't expect the alarm to work during this time. Plug it back in to reset. There is no wake up call. Sucks. The return policy is only 1 month. Send it back before it's too late. How do you get in touch with the company? I am disappointed that I can't air my frustration with them directly, because I couldn't find any company info. There is a If you use a magnetic vent phone mount for your car, you can't charge your phone without the metal plate on it. This bonus has become the most stylish and expensive paperweight I own. I thought about putting it in the kitchen or office as a radio, but the devices work for that.

👤I don't like the alarm clock. If you don't like being blasted with noise at 10x the volume, don't buy. It doesn't work right. I am throwing it away. If it did work, the alarm settings would wake the dead if they were set to radio or alarm. There is no alarm button on the Alarm clock. Can't turn alarm off. None of my sons can figure it out, they are all tech savvy. After a complaint, they responded with instructions, but they don't work for the company. The company admits that the alarm function cannot be adjusted, and they are working on an adjustment feature in future products.

2. Timex T231GY 1 2 Inch Display Gunmetal

Timex T231GY 1 2 Inch Display Gunmetal

1x The power cord is included in the package. The battery back-up for the clock is not included. The manufacturer's 90-day limited warranty is included. Wake up to a radio station. The preset memory is on the station. A large red display. The line-in jack is used to connect auxiliary audio sources. The speaker has a dynamic sound.

Brand: Timex

👤I expected more from the timex. I have owned this for two months and the volume control is malfunctioning. The most important part of a clock. When you are sleepy and want to turn off the alarm, you can't figure out which button to push because the buttons are all in a row. Don't buy this clock.

👤There is a significant difference between the T231W2 and T231GY than just the color. There are 2 buttons on the top of the unit. The buttons dedicated to Up/ Down Volume control make it easier to operate/set the unit. The White/Green unit would be a better choice if you prefer ease of setting over color. The speaker is small, but I would prefer a bigger speaker for better sound quality. I plugged in a speaker to the radio and added an external speaker jack. I would really like to see the manufacturers add a speaker jack or earphone jack to the unit so that an external speaker can be plugged in. I like tuning using a digital device. This makes station surfing a lot easier and makes analog tuning obsolete.

👤The Timex clock was refurbished and came with a 30 day warranty card. The clock had some damage. I ordered a red display, but it was shipped with a green display. We liked the green display more. I was embarrassed by it being refurbished, it was part of a few other gifts for Mother's Day. Let's see if it keeps the correct time. The clock seems to work, but if you pay for a new clock, you'll get a new one. I was able to set the clock without reading the instructions. Many people in the reviews had trouble setting up the clock. The clock has a radio and a port on the back. There is a power button on the radio that goes to the right on top, but it has a symbol on it. Hold that button for 1 to 2 seconds to turn on the radio and then turn it off. Press and release the same button. I live about 30 minutes from the city and did not have to remove the coiled antenna to pick up stations. The alarm can wake you up. Some reviewers had issues with that. I did as well. It uses the last mode and the last station you listened to. I had to turn the radio on, switch to the radio station of my choice, set the correct volume, and turn the radio off. When I set the alarm to radio, it will wake you.

👤Who designed this device? Have you ever heard of a switch that was labeled "power" or "on-off"? Does not fit on this alarm clock. The instructions are vague and the radio quality is not good. The current time setting leaves a bit to be desired. I am not impressed.

👤I got these because cellphone alarms are not loud enough to wake my family. Only one of them works for me. I can't set the radio station, the time or hit snooze because those 3 buttons don't work. I have to order another alarm clock because I missed the return window. The one thst does work. When the alarm goes off, it gets louder. I wish it was louder. I lost my money and I'm pretty annoyed.

3. Bluetooth Portable Speaker Adjustable Charging

Bluetooth Portable Speaker Adjustable Charging

The weekend, and the time of the day. You can enjoy a comfortable and long wake-up with the 9 minutes snooze, weekend mode allows the alarms only ring on Monday to Friday, and Manually long-press the "UP" arrow button to turn on/off the DST mode. Digital tuning provides easy access to each station on the radio. The radio volume can be adjusted. Benefit sleep timer function allows you to fall sleep by setting the radio to play for9-99 minutes. Bluetooth is a technology. The alarm clock is compatible with all devices. The clearSTEREO sound is higher quality. Enjoy your music in a 4W stereo with accurate mid and clear highs from dual precision acoustic stereo driver. The Perfect Line-In Speaker can be connected to TVs and non-Bluetooth devices with a 3.5mm Line-In cable. It's an ideal gift for elderly parents. It's easy to hear the radio from far away. A great clock for the home. The back of the clock has a 5V/1Ausb output interface that allows you to charge your smart device. You can't set this clock to display time in 24 hour format because it has only 12 hours format.

Brand: Lersgo

👤What a change! After years of a battery powered radio, it began to assault my ears. This is great for the bathroom. There is a small footprint on the counter, good sound quality, and a lot of things. It's easy to read from the shower with the large clock face.

👤Lersgo did a nice job in designing the alarm clock radio. It was bought for the garage and can charge my phone and listen to my phone through it. I have a 35 radio alarm in my room and I want to replace it. It is even more awesome because of the battery backup.

👤I bought this unit to replace a clock radio that had failed. It was difficult to find a clock radio that could be used as a wake up alarm. I wanted my previous device to have good quality sound and reception, features that it could only be rated as marginal. The Lersco clock radio is great for making a long story shorter. Its sound quality is very good. The reception is very good. The display can be dimmed in different ways so that I don't wake up at night. Once one understands the setup procedure, the alarm functions work well. The instruction booklet could be better written if the multiple buttons to control the unit's functions were written in it. I haven't used the charging port. I am very happy.

👤I thought I had done enough research before buying this alarm clock. It was a disappointment to receive this. The description said dimmer doesn't work. At the lowest setting, it is still bright, because mine only has 3 dimmer settings. The clock's profile is quite large and it means that I will take up 9 and 4 on your surface where you will put it. The large profile of the display made it produce a big amount of brightness. If I don't have a bad one, it might work better.

👤I discovered the Lersgo Clock Radio after a lot of research, it included all the features I wanted in a bedside radio. It has a great sound and is in the sleep mode. Well designed! The controls are easy to use. My favorite Public Radio station was the only thing that was a problem. The radio has an antenna but it wasn't enough in my area to avoid cross talk from other frequencies. I plugged the cord into the wall outlet and re-routed the electrical cords to another outlet using an extension cord. I'm very pleased with this product and recommend it.

👤You can connect your phone to the clock radio and listen to music from your phone, it's very easy to use, and the number is big enough to read for all ages.

👤The unit does everything it is supposed to. It's not easy to use, like many newer electronic devices, has instructions like "push and hold this button while pressing buttons 2 and 3 to go up and down as necessary." I didn't set the radio preset because it was going to be so difficult and I only listen to one station anyway. The night light is bright. I don't think anyone could sleep with it shining in their eyes. The light would be more useful if it came out of the back of the unit.

4. Jensen Tabletop Top Loading Charging Headphone

Jensen Tabletop Top Loading Charging Headphone

The package has 1.5 lbs. You can listen to your favorite tunes on the top-loading CD Disc player. You can listen to local stations on AM/Fm Digital Radio. The port is built in stereo speakers. Wake to Radio, CD or Alarm, Sleep, Snooze, dual alarm multi-function 0 is a high low/off dimmer control. 6” green display. 1x The power cord is included in the package. The battery back-up for the clock is not included. The manufacturer's 90-day limited warranty is included.

Brand: Jensen

👤The clock radio on my nightstand had seen better days. I discovered that thebinaural music I was sleeping to was using up a lot of internet data. I was looking for a new clock radio that had a CD player. I'm very pleased with this item. It has a lot of functions, and I figured them out after following the instructions. I will say that it is not multi- task. You can't turn off the preset alarm if the radio is on. There is a All functions have to be turned off to use the charger if the radio is on. My plan was to charge my phone and listen to music at night. If you want to listen to the radio, but not the CD, that's not possible. I've set my preset on the radio a few times, but it doesn't seem to remember them. It does what I wanted it to do - it allows me to listen to one radio station during the day or night and play my CD on a sleep timer, or on repeat all night long. It looks good, has a dimmer, and the sound is better than my old one.

👤I received a gift for Christmas from Jensen. Problems from the beginning. The radio's tone quality is poor even though it's ok for the CD player. The main reason I wanted this device was because of the CD function. When I tried to play a CD, I would keep playing the same song over and over, rather than moving on to the next song. Sometimes it would skip a song and I would have to do this manually. The last time I played it, the CD door popped open mid-song, but no one was near the device to cause it to happen. When I closed the lid, I heard a snapping sound, and the lid popped open again. The small plastic latch that closes the lid was broken. The radio is mediocre and the CD player is useless. The CD player broke on the 4th. I didn't use this item in a rough way because I'm an adult and not a kid. I would really appreciate it. I wonder if I will get it.

👤The price range is good. The radio reception is good. The speakers are fine at this price point. A simple door that opens and closes would be fine. This unit has a door. It will take 7 tries to open the door. If you miss your station, you can press a little button and get a preset. The instructions were better than most others. To many buttons over kill. To many stations. There are problems with the CD player. The unit will be coming back. I will go for the Crosby instead of the CD player because there are many quality units without a CD player.

👤I needed a new clock radio with a CD player. Being older is not easy for me to set. My daughter had to set it for me. What happened when the clock was forward or backward? Everything seems to be now is that I am not technical.

5. USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio USB

USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio USB

You have the option to back it up with 3AAA batteries if the power goes out. Time and settings are restored and the alarm is also supported. The clock may drain batteries fast, so only use as a backup, and not everyday. The time can be read from across the room during the day if the display is dial-controlled and bright enough. The screen has a number of features, including day, 12 or 24hr mode, temperature, status and ringtone. A custom arm. The needs of everyone and every family are satisfied with dual alarms. You can set a level for the wake up sound, which gradually increases in volume from gentle to the level you choose. Extra 9 minutes of slumber can be achieved with the snooze. The sleep timer function allows you to fall asleep with your favorite station playing. The 3.5mm jack is handy for not disturbing others nearby. You can charge your mobile devices while you sleep. Headphones and charging cable are not included. You can back it up with 3AAA batteries if the power goes out. Time and settings are restored, as well as alarm and radio. The clock may drain batteries fast, so only use as a backup, and not everyday. They are always here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Uscce

👤I don't like the idea of using an alarm clock. The answer to everything in 21st century is a smart phone. Both of my husband and I admit that we have been too addicted to our phones to sleep. It will be forever! I have read about how looking-at-bright-LCD tricks our brain into waking up and how phone radiation messes with our brain activity. I can't stop reading those articles. Airplane mode? It is too easy to switch the data back on. I need to check if my new friend replied to my message. You know what I mean if you are still reading. This habit has a very bad impact on our 3 years old, as he never gets back to his room to sleep until very late, because he spends more and more time playing iPad while we are with our phones. We used to judge the parents who ignored their kids by handling an iPad, because they were focused on their own business. We are turning into those now. Cellphones need to be removed from the bedroom, but still wake up on time for school tomorrow. We need an alarm clock. It's not easy to find an alarm clock on Amazon that looks similar. There are three reasons I chose this model. The listings are written in bad English. I can not trust a company or product if they can not make the description legit. There are a few listings with reasonable English. 2. One article suggests that a clock with blue numbers is better than a red or white one, and that blue is my favorite color. This narrows the options down a lot. 3. Customer service. The clock was launched with no reviews. I was interested but skeptical, and had some questions about the clock. I messaged them. They answered my questions in less than two hours and explained the return policy and warranty. Customer support is very important to me and I never get a reply from another seller who carries a similar clock. I received the clock the day after I placed my order. The USCCE exceeded my expectations. It does feel good without the distraction of a cellphone. Who doesn't support a start-up business that offers great product, friendly customer service and a robust warranty? I am writing this thesis-long positive review to help those who are looking for an alarm clock like me. There are some good features to be highlighted. The setup was intuitive. You shouldn't read through the whole manual if you want to learn how to operate the clock. Everything is clearly displayed on the screen, and all buttons and dials are labeled with function or icon. When setting up time/alarm, you need to press and hold until a number blinks, dial the big button to adjust, and then press the next button. The easy weekend/weekday alarm setting is the one I like the most. There are two switches on the back. You can choose between three options to make your alarms only work on certain days. That is convenient. We don't need dual alarms in the morning, but I use the 2nd alarm as a wake up call for the kid and it works well. 2. The light source. The control is very easy to use, just use the dial in the back to turn up or down the brightness. It can be turned off completely because the light in the room will bother my husband. If I wake up at midnight, I can turn the screen on as a weak light to help me get to the bathroom. Imagine walking through Lego and toy car messes in the dark while sleeping. 3. How am alarm does its job by the sounds and volume? They have 6 options for alarm, which include a built-in sound, a mixture of piano and bird chirp, and a radio. If radio is set as alarm, it will be the last station you listen to in the morning. You have the option to set a specific channel as your wake up sound by pressing and holding the snooze button. When the radio is on it controls the radio volume with V in front of the number and when it is off it controls the alarm with L in front. The lowest volume for alarm is level 3 so you will never be able tomute your alarm by mistake. level 6 is good enough for us. Level 16 is very loud and deep sleepers might need more decibels. The good thing is that it gradually increases so you don't get startled out of your dream. 4. There is a radio. I don't listen to radio when I drive a rental car, it's like a grandma's thing to me. I find some stations entertaining when I am cleaning the room. It's a good thing. Stations will be saved automatically when scanning is fast. I will list the MHz frequencies here for those who want to learn more about the radio performance, I am a nerd and have been training in the lab for years. We are close to Washington DC. I know these numbers are pointless for other areas. A co-worker in the office tells me that he uses a clock radio and only gets 25 while his car normally gets 40 channels. I tested the function but never used it. You can set up a timer from 10-150 minutes when FM is on. 5. There is a battery backup. I didn't know how important this feature was until my kid pulled off the power. After re-setting everything, I threw in 3 batteries. When I saw a lot of alarm clocks that used back-up batteries to restore settings but did not support the alarm, I messaged the seller and they reassured me that both alarm and radio are supported and the same as when plugged in. The rooms temperature is correct. I don't think it's important that there are two charging ports under the screen because we have a power strip with 4usb ports, but it can be useful if needed. Things could be improved now that pros are done. If dates are also available, it will be convenient. It would be a bonus if room humidity was a bonus. I think that will make the screen display more busy. 2. The snooze time is set at 9 minutes. It would be appreciated if it was different. 3. Light rains or waves can be found in the sound library. It will be cool if it eventually incorporates the function of a white noise machine. It will require a top-notch speaker and be more expensive. Just a suggestion. 4. The package and manual could use more work. There are multiple issues with the manual and the package has a spelling mistake. 5. There is a white color version. 6. There is a cover for the jack. My kid is plugging into the headphone port and pulling the power out of DC. It is a raining weekend and I am bored, spending over two hours in front of the computer writing this. I don't always write a product review, but when I do, here we go... I hope you find it helpful if you are still reading. I only have the clock for 2 weeks, but I will definitely update my review if something goes wrong. I am not worried at all because of their customer service and generous warranty. If you are looking for a cheap alarm on your nightstand, you have just found it.

6. Philips AJ3116M 37 Digital Tuning

Philips AJ3116M 37 Digital Tuning

Wake up to your favorite radio song. Digital tuning on the radio. It's easy to fall asleep with a sleep timer. You and your partner can wake up at different times. The battery back-up keeps a record of time during a power failure.

Brand: Philips

👤Save money. There are pros and cons. There is a choice between light and dim. I bought it because of this, but I didn't realize all the drawbacks until it was received. There are some things that may be considered CONS? Let me count the ways: 1) control All controls come from the same seven buttons, all the same size, shape, and line, and all on top of the display, unless you look down on it and see they're notidentifiable. Did you know people view this from an eye level? Wow! BRILLIANT! There are two displays. The colon is on the display. It was solved by using electrical tape. Volume. It is always loud when turned on. There is no way to change the radio's default. Volume 2 is the fourth volume. It's still too loud even on soft settings. There are preset stations. How do you get rid of a station that you set wrong? Can't find an answer to this either. There are twoPRESEST STATIONS #2. To change stations through the preset, you have to memorize which station was set to each number. ie- Stations are ID'd as "P01., P02, P03.. It takes five seconds for the station to be identified. Is it only radio? The local NBA team and the university sports are on the radio. I knew it was going in, but I wondered if it was so difficult that it should be eliminated. The corners were cut by the doctor. It's hard to comprehend that a product is designed this way. The wake alarm has a preset radio volume. There is no way to change it to a lower volume. There is a way to dismantle the clock and solder it in a diodes. Maybe I'll be reimbursed for a soldering set. I'm not sure what century this was designed in, but modern electronics are designed to be minimally configurable to users' preferences. It failed. The design of the product is one of the worst designs I've seen.

👤I have always had a clock radio in my bedroom that was large in size and had multiple alarms. It seemed to check all the boxes when I found this one. I immediately put it to work after receiving it, and it did seem unnecessarily difficult to program. It had a tendency to run fast. I was on time for my morning appointment last month, 20 months since purchase. One night, my husband and I were woken by the alarm. We put it down to a joke, but all 3 boys denied it. The same thing happened again and again, despite the alarm being off. Since the first time it happened, the time display has disappeared and the stupid thing just does random count downs from 59 to zero constantly. I had to keep the volume down so that the radio wouldn't be on permanently. Many of the radio alarm clocks that we have are over ten years old and still functioning as well as when they were purchased. It is hard to make a clock with legible numbers that doesn't look like a lamp in a bedroom. This is past its returnable date and less than two years old. I urge anyone considering it to think twice.

7. Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

It's easy to use, it has a rotator knob and virtually a one-button function, and all the buttons are labeled. The small size will save space on the nightstand. Time projection with viewing angle. Fall asleep or wake up to nature sounds. The port is for charging phones. Even if the power goes out, the battery backup keeps time. You can fall asleep to the radio with a sleep timer. The clock radio has a connection that charges your phone. Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment.

Brand: Sony

👤I am throwing this clock into the trash because I bought it on March 3, 2016 The clock was perfect out of the box. I only use it as an alarm clock. I don't use any of the above. I use theusb to charge my phone, and I love the dual alarm settings. I have a weekend and weekday setting. I absolutely love that feature. When we changed to daylight savings time, I was skeptical that the clock would change. I like the alarm. It gets louder as it starts out. The clock has features I want, but it is a junk clock. I shouldn't have to throw it out after 4 months. The clock has gotten into the habit of forgetting that we are on daylight savings time. The clock has been 1 hour behind a couple of times, but I have fixed it. I was sleeping last night when it set itself back one hour. When the alarm clock woke me up this morning, I thought the sun was brighter than it actually was. Turns out it was. I woke up an hour later than I wanted to. I couldn't turn off the alarm because the buttons wouldn't respond, and I woke up one hour later. I had to bang the clock with my hand, just like an old TV set that had rabbit ears in order to get reception. I am on the hunt for another clock as I can no longer trust this one. Shame on you, Sony. Your products used to be the best. You are becoming a Yugo.

👤The ratings are low. I took a chance and regretted it. I liked this alarm clock radio when it was working. It has a lot of features. Time projection, smart alarms that can be set to weekdays only, weekends only, or all days, and a gradual increasing alarm so you don't wake suddenly are all available. It was great to see the time projected on the ceiling. These are terrible. You would think that Sony would know how to make an alarm clock. The first one I received was dead on arrival. The clock radios are having problems, but Sony refused to acknowledge that. I received a second one and it lasted about 3 months. I didn't want to return or replace. I threw it away. I moved on to a better brand. Sony alarm clocks have been around for a long time. You should figure out your issues and work on quality control. This is ridiculous.

👤I don't understand why it's hard for Sony to make a good alarm clock. They have all the pieces, but it feels like they don't have a designer that can make this product work in real life. I've reviewed the Sony alarm clock before, and it still has almost all the same problems. Setting up a new alarm next to a light sleeper will wake him up because the buttons are still very loud. The "alarm off" button is indistinguishable from the others, requiring me to place a raised bump next to it so I can find it in the dark or when I'm sleepy. There is a photo of where I put my baby. The setup has gotten more difficult because the snooze button is not intuitive, rather than the alarm A or alarm B buttons. While. It's not big, but it's larger than it needs to be. I really liked the feature of the ICFC717PJ, but this model does not have a thermometer, it's very disappointing. After setting the alarm, the alarm clock makes a loud boom. Who thought it would be a good idea to set off a loud noise to wake your spouse up after he already has been asleep for a while? I want to know if he introduced this stupid feature so that I can call him at 1 am. Relax. One thing they did correct was that the ":" no longer blinks in the projection on the ceiling. The alarm clock has all the features I want: ceiling projection, two alarm settings, and nature sounds as alarms. Sony is close to having a good clock.

8. Bedroom Dekala Display Digital Charger

Bedroom Dekala Display Digital Charger

Multi functional creative and modern design make it the best gift choice for Christmas Day, Easter Day, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, anniversary, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Halloween, wedding, etc. If you are not satisfied with any of their products, please contact them by email. The clock has a large display. The Dekala 9 Inches large digital clock in a classic cold tone is an ideal alarm clock for seniors. As you choose for a more comfortable level of brightness, you can choose between day/night/off and auto. The 10 Level Dimmer Night Light is easy to operate just by pressing the Tuner on the top of the Dekala alarm clock. Eye-friendly night light for bedrooms. The radio has a sleep timer. You can find your favourite radio channel on the top of Dekala clock radio, it's easy to operate. The sleep timer allows you to sleep for 120 minutes. A simple substitution for a sound machine. The dual alarm clock fit your activities. Your favorite radio channel is a nice choice to start a fresh day in a cheerful mood. Bedside clock ringing last 5 minutes. Simply press the snooze button on the Dekala radio alarm clock to get extra sleep. Multi function in one. It's a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room, and office because it has an alarm clock with a temperature gauge and large digital clock. It is a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

Brand: Dekala

👤It has a large display and is a digital clock. That's all I cared about. The light sensor can be used to set the brightness. It comes with instructions on a folded card. There is no information on how the clock keeps time when power is out. There is no replaceable backup battery. If you unplugged it for 20 minutes, it still had the correct time. When power goes out for a long time while I'm sleeping, I'll find out the hard way. What do you expect from something that runs at 5V off of a power source? The temperature readout is useless. I gave it a 3 rating because of that. When the display is set to dim, it reads 10 degrees lower than when it is full brightness. It takes a long time before it settles at the right or wrong temperature. I wanted to see where the temperature sensor was but couldn't figure out how to open the clock. Nothing obvious to change something. It looks like it is permanently sealed. I was sent an email from the seller about features I should be aware of. They said to remove the film from the screen. I tried to grab hold of it but couldn't. Maybe they were mistaken or it had already been removed. I took the corner of the display and was certain that it was there, because why would they give me that information? They weren't joking when they said invisible. Thanks for the tip.

👤I bought a clock radio for a third of the price and it is superior in both function and quality. I would like to suggest that you don't waste your hard earned money. This is the kind of junk you can buy on the street for $5 and forget about this cheap piece of plastic.

👤The product can be used as a sleep machine. There was a protective covering over the display area. This can be seen in the pictures. It was easy to remove. The large display makes it easy to read. The adjustments are good. Sometimes the auto brightness setting doesn't work. The side of the product has ausb connection. I'm able to charge my phone. My electricity went out a few times this week. The product kept my settings. There is no battery backup option for the product. I would expect a little more from the product. There are more sleep sound options. I gave the product a score of 8 out of 10. I was given the chance to purchase the product at a discounted price in exchange for my review.

👤Appears to have been opened before. The day cannot be adjusted. It must have been returned and resold to me. Otherwise works well. Two months of use have been achieved. The clock is garbage. It is very dim and hard to read. A waste of money. The trash was bound.

👤My daughter has been using this clock for a while. She likes it. She listens to the radio while getting ready for school. It works well.

9. REACHER Charging Adjustable Thermometer Bedrooms

REACHER Charging Adjustable Thermometer Bedrooms

i-box is a UK company that sells high quality smart audio products. Thousands of happy customers have been served by them and they offer a hassle-free 12-month warranty, easy return policy and friendly customer service. The gift box has an easy to follow User Guide. The Reacher digital alarm clock radio is a combination device. All available stations can be saved with the help of the radio. It is easy to control the volume of the alarm and radio from the 30-levels range. There are two more ports on the back for charging phones. Don't need to shut off alarm to sleep on the weekend; wake up with natural sounds and radio. The sound starts at a low volume and gradually increases to preset volume when the alarm goes off. Hit the alarm button once and it will turn off the alarm. You can get 9 minutes snooze. When you want to fall asleep with your favorite station, you can use a sleep timer. When you wake up, the alarm volume can be adjusted. The package comes with a 59-inch cord and an accessory. You can easily read the time at a distance with a full range dimmable display. The alarm status, the day of the week, and indoor temperature are shown. You can change the time mode to 24 hours. It's easy to use, it has a rotator knob and virtually a one-button function, and all the buttons are labeled. The small size will save space on the nightstand.

Brand: Reacher

👤I bought this clock because I wanted to be able to wake up to radio rather than having to use my phone at night, and I also wanted to get out of using my phone at night, because setting an alarm on my phone inevitably led to checking emails, looking on social media, etc It's difficult to find a clock that isn't going to light up the entire room. The clock is perfect for me. I was able to dim the clock completely without using the directions, but they have videos and written directions if I need them. The clock is very small so it doesn't take up a lot of space on my nightstand.

👤This is a great little radio and it's cheap. It's a little radio, but leaves more room on the table. Alice at customer service was awesome, my first one had an issue, I contacted Reacher. The company stands behind their product and deserves more than 5 stars. Thank you!

👤The dial on the clock doesn't work when you set it up after opening it. Unable to set an alarm. It needs to be sent back. I got a new clock after I email the customer service email. No questions were asked. It was very easy. My new alarm clock works perfectly. I love it. It fits perfectly on my small nightstand. I love that it has an alarm option. The alarm volume and brightness are perfect.

👤I am very pleased with my new alarm clock. I would like to have one more setting to turn down the display, but it's still dark in the room. I turn it off. I love the small size of the birds. Only had it for 2 weeks. So far, so good.

👤It would be a -1 star if it were not for the radio still working. There is a The clock, which started to gain time slowly, is now completely nuts and cannot be relied upon for the time at all. The clock says that it hasn't even hit 9:00 am yet, and it was reset yesterday for a much lesser slowdown. It is no longer used for one of its two primary functions. The radio works, but I need an alarm clock too. The original review was published in September 2020. I pictured it being half as big as it is, but that doesn't matter. It's small enough to travel with, but the time is large enough to see. If I had a doctor, the display would be green or red, but not blue, since they say that blue light disturbs your sleep; however, almost everything else about this little radio is making me happy! I plugged it in 5 minutes ago and will always update if it stops working or something, but here are the pros and cons. A suitcase would take up little room on a bedside table. I didn't pretend to open up the booklet that came with it, I set the time, set the alarm, and found my radio station. I don't feel like I need more challenges when trying to make electronics do what I want. The sound is good from the one little speaker on the back, and loud enough at a setting of 15. The alarms have separate volume buttons. That was one of the things that attracted me to this. I want my alarms to be louder than my radio which has charging ports on the back. I haven't tried them, but they are there. You can use the wall plug or just plug theusb into the port on the outlet strip. Nice! If I need to run it off my 15,000 mA external backup battery, I could do that. If you lose electricity more than once a year, the backup batteries slot is nice. None of the batteries are a deal-breaker. The dimmer switch works, but does not have the ability to set it. I haven't spent an hour with this item yet, but my initial reaction is pure happiness! The radio still plays, it sounds good! Will update if anything else strikes me as good or bad. Right now, it's recommended!

10. AZUTTA Digital Alarm Clock Radio

AZUTTA Digital Alarm Clock Radio

The speaker has a dynamic sound. There are seven coloring levels and five quotient levels. The HD eye-protecting VA screen has 7 display colors and 5 brightness levels that can be adjusted for people who are sensitive to digit color. There are two odor types: dual ALARMS. You can set the Beep as the alarm ringtone, or you can set the last-listening radio station as the alarm ringtone by pressing the Down arrow button. A radio sleep timer mode for people who like to fall asleep with the radio is included with the radio with sleep timer. DC Adapter has batteries and power. 3 xAAA batteries can be installed for backup functions in case of a power outage or for outdoor usages, and an outputusb port at the back can be used to charge your mobile phone or other devices. The weekend, and the time of the day. You can enjoy a comfortable and long wake-up with the 9 minutes snooze, weekend mode allows the alarms only ring on Monday to Friday, and Manually long-press the "UP" arrow button to turn on/off the DST mode.

Brand: Azutta

👤Most clocks have screens that are too bright to keep you awake at night. The clock has a nice finish and looks to the screen. It reminds me of a device from Amazon. The screen is easy to see on my eyes and it's not bright to keep me awake. The alarm is good for the price of the clock. It's great to have a clock that can act as an alarm when I'm not on my phone, but it has become more of a distraction when I wake up. It's not complicated with too many features. I love the alarm clock for being an alarm clock and giving me time to do what I need to. I like the look of the time as it's easy on my eyes.

👤I love this clock. The clock is the best. I bought it because of the warranty and dimmable brightness. A basic clock. You have full control over the time you don't have to choose a time zone and then adjust the time you live in a place that doesn't have daylight savings. It's great that you can turn it on or off. I had a problem with the first one. After contacting the seller, they were very helpful in trying to fix the issue. The alarm went off for about 5 minutes but then it would go off again but only for a short time and then it would shut itself off. I received a replacement clock from the seller who was very apologetic and it works perfectly. The seller responded to my issue and made it right. It's nice to have a company that actually does what they say and that's why they offer an 18 month no hassle warranty. I would recommend this clock to anyone who was looking for a small clock.

👤There is a mixed review. The display is bright and the ability to show the date is good, but the function buttons are too complicated. Why are clock radios so complicated? They had a straight forward function back in the day. There is an obsession with having one button do multiple things, and you have to either press once, double press, hold for three seconds, or hold for five seconds. It becomes annoying. Functions like alarm on and off should be used. The clock is not working. The alarm buttons are clearly marked, but you have to dance to set them off or on. Why? Is it hard to simplify function now? It's too much to ask for a slide switch. It seems that the manufacturers want a way to make them straight forward for themselves by using mostly PCBs, but it complicates the functions for the end user. Traditional potentiometers and slide switches are seen as a disease. This clock works on small nightstands. The radio sound is fair, but usually someone doesn't buy it for their sound. The way in which these are made has suffered a lot. They used to sound better, and had recognizable makers names.

11. Emerson SmartSet Radio Bluetooth ER100301

Emerson SmartSet Radio Bluetooth ER100301

The dimmer for the display is four levels. The button cell battery maintains time and alarm settings. There are 20 station memories. The smartest automatic time setting system has been patented. It will set itself to the correct year, month, date, day and time when you plug it in. Easy-to-read, 1.4” Cyan clock display. It's easy to program. The night light is soft. The alarm can be programmed to only work on weekdays or all seven days of the week. To wake you up, set the alarm to wake you up.

Brand: Emerson Radio

👤There are different alarm clocks with different features. I didn't want an alarm clock for myself, but my wife wanted a radio to use in the kitchen. I got her this one because it looked like it might be easier to use than her last one, and she has poor vision, and the picture showed nice large numbers. She told me she only wanted a radio. I decided to swap it for my old alarm clock which was adequate but not great. This clock is something to be proud of. This is the first time I have ever owned a clock that can set the local time on its own. The correct time is displayed a few seconds after you set it. Nice. There are two different alarms. You can set alarms for work and the weekend. I wake up at 5 am. I sleep till 8 on the weekends. I have two alarms and only one is M-F and the other is Sat-Sun. "Just set it and forget it!" was an old TV ad. It's easy to control the alarm when it goes off. It will turn off after 10 minutes if you don't do anything. If you want to snooze, just tap the front of the silver colored plate on the top and it will start the alarm again in a few minutes, and if you want to turn off the alarm completely, just tap a button on the left side of the top. An easy to turn on and off radio function is one of the nice features. The clock numbers are easy to see. You can change the brightness of the numbers by touching a switch on the top of the clock. The top of the clock has a bright night light on the bottom and you can turn it on/off by touching the back of the plate. You can charge a phone or device with a power connection on the back. I can't remember if it is AUX out or in, but there is a plug on it. I haven't used that function yet. This alarm clock has a place for you to put a battery in it, so you won't be late to work if there is a power outage.

👤This would be a great replacement for my old clock radio. If you don't need loud alarms to wake you up, don't get this one. I usually wake up at a low enough volume to listen to the radio, so I set it on the lowest possible setting. It startled me the first morning and the second morning was so intense that I knocked the radio onto the floor. Yes, 2 days of use. I had the volume set on the lowest possible setting again. Don't get this if you are a light sleeper.

👤The item was re-boxed for return. I was not sold on this item after reading many reviews. I was looking to replace my alarm clock radio and this seemed to be the perfect upgrade. The clock resets when power comes back on if it is lost. It's perfect for us M-F workers. Large numbers with the ability to dim or lighten. There was no thin wire to serve as an antenna. Correct, right? What else would one like? The designers and marketing team decided to have the alarm radio volume automatically increase to 8 of 10 with no option for the user to change it. That will wake people up. People are giving a high-five at the table. Success! The holy grail. We're giving this to every customer because they've been clamoring for it for years. Nope. This could be the worst design idea. Ever. Future marketing and engineering classes should use this product as a guide. I would get a radio to play music at 6. I want an alarm radio that plays a radio station at the right volume. The sound is not good. The clock radio I have is 20 years old. The delivery driver made it to his lunch break before the item was back in the box. Disappointing.


What is the best product for best alarm clock radio?

Best alarm clock radio products from I-box. In this article about best alarm clock radio you can see why people choose the product. Timex and Lersgo are also good brands to look for when you are finding best alarm clock radio.

What are the best brands for best alarm clock radio?

I-box, Timex and Lersgo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best alarm clock radio. Find the detail in this article. Jensen, Uscce and Philips are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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