Best Best Alarm Clock Radio for Bedroom

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1. Projection Digital Bedroom Ceiling Charger

Projection Digital Bedroom Ceiling Charger

Multi function in one. It's a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room, and office because it has an alarm clock with a temperature gauge and large digital clock. It is a wonderful gift for your loved ones. You can easily see the time on the ceiling while lying in bed, or you can clearly see the time within 30 feet of your bedroom, with the 180 projection alarm clock. The farthest projection distance is 5m and the projection clock has 4 levels of brightness. To see the projection view up and down 180, long press the "project" key. The 15 FM Radios alarm clock has a 7” Ultra-ClearLED Screen. The loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers has a 15 levels volume that makes it easy to wake you up. The time on ceiling clock has a dimmer display that makes it easier to read the time on the screen. Their loud electronic digital ceiling clock projector for bedroom has two separate alarm designs which can wake you and your companion up at different alarm times, or double waking-up service for you only. If you press the big button at the top, you will get 6 minutes of sleep. When you charge the alarm clock with the 5Vusb output interface, you can charge cellphones, tablets, and other electronics simultaneously. The backup memory battery can keep clock time working and remember the original time, no need to reset. Also, note: Please make sure you have the adater because the usb charger is not included. It is easy to operate and wide application. Their alarm clock has a unique button. The alarm clock for heavy clock sleeper is easy to use for kids or elders. The digital alarm clock can be a perfect gift for your family, friends, and kids. You can try their alarm clock for a year and get a full refund. 100% free lifetime warranty from them. You deserve the best, that's what they believe. If you have a problem with their clock, please contact them via Amazon.

Brand: Flvowin

👤This clock is incomplete. The clock is powered by a cord with a plug on its end. The clock cannot be plugged into the wall. You will have to pay an additional cost for a power source with ausb type connector if you want to use this clock at all. Plug this into your laptop and leave it on. The price for this simple clock should include a conversion. The product description doesn't make this clear. I am tired of companies trying to get your money and not give you what you think you are getting.

👤I have gone through a few projection clocks. They are great for waking up in the middle of the night and not having a bright alarm clock. This is the first model where you can turn off the screen completely and still have the projector display the time. Exactly what I wanted. The light is very bright and easy to read. I wish you could show the time on the projector in a different way than I did with my last clock, but I ended up turning it on and off since we don't really care to read the time from the clock face.

👤I'm not sure how this got so many positive reviews. There was nousb block included. There was no manual included. Setting alarm and radio are not easy to figure out. I haven't seen that idea of external string in a long time. It is not possible to charge a phone with a short plug.

👤The projection digital alarm clock is awesome. The display can be turned off completely for the night time projection. I didn't think I'd like this clock so much. I really like this clock. If you don't want the projection on your ceiling, you can lower it on the wall. I hope it lasts because it exceeded my expectations.

👤The clock is built into the radio. It doesn't have a power supply, so you have to connect it to a ac adapter. It doesn't project humidity or temp.

👤The projector alarm clock is a must have for all ages and is very easy to set up, it will show the time on the wall or ceiling, and you can lay down in your bed and not have to look up.

👤I don't give bad reviews on items even if I send them back, but this deception of alarm radio clock is fake and not true. The clock doesn't work because there is no electric power cord to plug into the electrical sockets. I didn't read the reviews before ordering this item, and the videos now that I have seen it, look like a pieced together item. I went to my Amazon app to return it the same day it was delivered.

👤It works, I used a spare and it runs off the power. It has a power source. The time is on the ceiling. Simple and easy to read on set up. A watch battery is needed to keep settings. I would buy it again. Not paid.

2. Sunrise Sleepers Simulation Nightlight Daylight

Sunrise Sleepers Simulation Nightlight Daylight

There is a PADDED PILLOW and WOODARMRESTS. A padded pillow can be used for head, neck, or back support. The anti-gravity chair has wood in it. Wake Up Light with Sunrise simulation The Sleep Aid digital alarm clock is designed for everyone. Sunrise simulation light with 7 natural sounds will be on for 30 minutes before alarm setting time. You can set the process to 20 minutes or 10 minutes if you think 30 minutes is too long. Wake up by nature. The dual alarm clock is supported. They designed 2 alarms for you, because you might need to set up different alarms for your family member. The function of snooze is for those who need an extra 9 minutes to wake up. You can get more sleep by pressing the "ooze" button at the top of the clock. Up to 5 times a night. There are 7 color changing light that you can choose from, including blue, indigo, purple, red, orange, yellow, and green. The time display has 3 levels of lighting. When you press the "Radio" button on the upper right, it will be a radio. If you press the button for 2 seconds, it will start scanning all stations with the same frequencies. Birdsong, Ocean Wave, Streams, Beep, Wind bells, Soft Music, Piano Music are some of the alarm sounds you can choose to wake you up. Volume can be adjusted on the 16 levels. The Night Light and Bedside Lamp is also a Reading Lamp. When you press the button on the upper left, it will be a bedside lamp, night light, and reading lamp. You can adjust the brightness by pressing the "+" button. Soft and warm lighting makes it easy to see when you feed your baby or go to the toilet.

Brand: Jall

👤Alright guys. Here is the deal. This is going to be a long review but I highly recommend this product. I have to use sleep aids but they are not ideal for every night. I moved to Washington state a year ago and have never been exposed to so little sunlight in my life. It's difficult to live in the dark winters here. This little alarm clock. I have only had it for three weeks, but it has changed my life. The sleepy time setting allows me to sleep without using sleep aids. What? My brain is responding to the light. You can completely control the noise and brightness settings of the morning alarm. I wake up more naturally than to be woken up by a loud alarm. The light settings are fun. I like having it on a low setting when I am reading, watching tv, or writing. There is a If you are hesitant to purchase this, please take my review into account. I would pay a lot more for this thing. It is worth it.

👤The sunrise clock has more than one feature. It is nice to be woken up by a light, rather than an alarm. If you need to, you can set two separate alarms. This clock is an radio as well. It has 7 different light colors to choose from, and you can adjust the brightness levels on the digital display as well as the overall light. You can choose from a variety of natural sounds, like ocean waves and soft music, or you can opt for a regular alarm. You can place the stickers near the buttons until you are able to remember them on your own. This clock is very nice and has a lot of useful features.

👤The Jall Wake-up Clock is great. I bought it for myself to help wake me up more slowly. I feel wiped out for the rest of the day when I start my day with a boost of adrenaline. The year 2020 has been a nightmare. I was no longer able to handle insomnia and chronic fatigue. We live near a police station, and this year there have been more nightly incidents than in the past. At night, sirens are louder. It makes it hard to sleep. It's hard to wake up, feeling refreshed. I bought this alarm clock because of its sleep function and wake-up light. I wanted to avoid paying for its much more expensive competitor. I had to try the Jall Clock because it was less than the cost. I think it works. The light has an inviting tone if it is not set to one of the colored variant. A yellow hue reminiscent of a sunrise, but closer to a flickering candle. Without the flickering part. My perception of the tone of the color might be due to the fact that my bedroom walls are painted a rich tan color and the light reflected off is very relaxing and warm. Which is important for this type of alarm clock. Anything too harsh could wake you up. Allow your body to wake up slowly. It is bright if turned up all the way to level 20. I prefer level 15. I set my alarm to go off 30 minutes before the light function starts. You can set it for 10 to 60 minutes prior to when you want the alarm to sound. I am wide awake before it makes a sound. The Wake-up light function is something I absolutely love. There are up to eight different alarm sounds to choose from. The songbirds and windchimes are my favorites. The recorded sounds are nice. They don't have that cheap, appalling tone that other Sound Machines do. The volume levels go from 1 to 16. Typically, I set mine to 10. It gives me more peace of mind to know that there are six more clicks. I cannot miss an early appointment. The alarm will sound at volume 16 and get me out of bed. The light function will probably wake me up before I jump out of bed, and I will turn it off. The clock has a sleep function. There are three sounds to choose from, pouring rain, crickets and campfire. It can stay on for 10 to 120 minutes with up to 20 brightness levels. I prefer level 10 for falling asleep. After the timer finishes, it fades from whatever level you set it at. My husband asked me to buy a second clock for him because he loved this feature so much. He is not usually one to do that sort of thing. I can't remember a time when he said, "Hey, would you buy one of those for me too?" It is not like him. This clock is wonderful. The more time he has had it, the less he keeps hitting the snooze button. He has been getting better quality sleep. The same holds true for me. This clock has been my best purchase so far. After using it for several weeks, my sleep and fatigue have decreased greatly. I'm one happy customer. I don't think you'll find a better Wake-up light clock than what Jall has. I give this clock a five star rating because of that.

3. Philips Simulation Headspace Subscription HF3520

Philips Simulation Headspace Subscription HF3520

The material is real and the replacement is 12 months. There is a warranty on the ROCAM CR 1008. Most alarm clocks in the market will use the waste material so the cost will be lower, but they know it is harmful for users, so this digital clock will impart a higher surface gloss than others. It has a 12 months replacement warranty. For Christmas, Birthday and New Year, the best gift is your family and friends. There is a choice of 5 different wake-up sounds. The features that are smart are the automatic dimmable display and tap snooze. It's proven to give you an easy and energetic wake-up and improve your mood in the morning. The lamp can be used as a bedside reading lamp. The features that are smart are the automatic dimmable display and tap snooze.

Brand: Philips Norelco

👤The manufacturer forgot that you can't replace the lightbulb. I don't want a product that makes you a repeat customer when the lightbulb breaks. At some point, the light will be out. That is a fact. It's not acceptable to design a product that the user cannot replace when it goes out. A new bulb is going to cost a little bit. If they seal the unit shut and make it to where you can just buy another unit, it will be perfect for them to make sure the product will work. I will not be buying something that contributes to a wasteful consumer market. I don't want to throw this out when the bulb goes out to buy another one. The user cannot change the bulb for safety reasons. I apologize for that excuse.

👤This thing is a game-changer. I got it because I was tired of being owned by my phone. I used to check it before I went to bed and the first thing I would check in the morning. No more. I can leave the phone in a handbag or across the room. Who cares? I can set this for the sun to set at 15 or 30 minutes later. I set it and I read a book for an hour. I go to bed after the sun goes down. The sun starts coming up eight hours later. You don't even notice at the beginning. Birds chirp, ocean waves, classical music, and even FM radio can all be set in addition to the "Sunrise" effect. There are two different wake up "alarms". It doesn't feel right to call them alarms because they are not loud. It doesn't wake you up. You wake up slowly. This thing is perfect. I'm sleeping better, I'm reading more, and I don't remember to check my phone in the morning. Sometimes I'll be at the office and it will be noon before I realize I left my phone in the car. Drop the use of cell phones. It's ridiculous. We're like Wall E. and you can get this to improve your life and sleep.

👤Waking up: amazing. Awake at 10am to 07:30am. I don't wake up cranky. I got fired from a job because I wouldn't wake up and I wasn't having any success waking up earlier no matter how much I wanted to. Everything is done well. The night light puts out a soft sleepy light that's bright enough to read by but makes me sleepier than a lot of lights do. A lot of speakers put out sound that's exciting and clear but not sleep inducing, while the radio speaker puts out a soft sound that's relaxing to listen to. The clock is not disturbing. I didn't think anyone could make an led clock that wouldn't wake me up, but this one does the trick. I did not turn the contrast down. The rubber keeps it from sliding. It looks good. It doesn't look good. Next to the bed is this one. Other reviewers said the controls were awful. It's difficult to find the one you're looking for because the buttons are located around the edges. I had to figure out how to turn off the alarm. It comes with a menu and a touch screen. You really need the instructions that come with it to figure out how to do it. It took me 30 minutes to figure out how to use it, but I'm not sending it back, I'm just figuring it out. The sound part of the alarm goes off after 60 seconds. Wth. It's easy to hit the alarm control by accident, disabling it until you turn it on again. There is no line for your own music. The device doesn't know the date so there is no automatic day/weekend switch. You can dim the clock but can't turn it off completely. It's not a problem for me, but I can see why it would be a problem for other people. An electrical outage won't cause your alarms or settings to be lost. The alarm will still wake you up if the power comes back on. Through a power outage, the clock stays accurate. If the power goes out, your alarm won't go off. It seems odd for such a high-priced device. My advice toPhillips is to keep the physical design, but move the physical controls to the menu/touchscreen. Fix the other annoyances. I'm so relieved to find a decent light that I'm not returning it, but I can't recommend it to other people because of the horrible controls. I would have bought it for other family members who suffer from sleep issues if it had good controls, but I can't see myself giving out something with such horrible controls.

4. SMARTRO Projection Thermometer Temperature Hygrometer

SMARTRO Projection Thermometer Temperature Hygrometer

Daylight Savings Time adjustment is automatic. The battery compartment is inside. Time and temperature projects. The alarm clock is perfect for bedrooms. The temperature is projected from indoors to outdoors. The alarm clock is projected in a soft red color on the ceiling or wall. It can be reversed by 180 degrees for optimal viewing. DOOR/OUTDOOR THERMOMETER GAUGE & HUMIDITY MONITOR: The clock has a professional grade inside humidity and temperature monitor. You can be aware if adjustments are necessary by viewing the temperature and humidity. The ideal alarm clock for home keeps you and your family happy. Clear weather patterns and mold risk are displayed on a large 4.5” screen at theWIRELESS COLOR WEATHER STATION. The barometric pressure trend and temperature trend are predicted by the digital weather station. The display can be set to a brighter setting in the daytime and softer one at night with the help of a backlit dimmer. You can connect up to 3 wireless remote sensors for 3 channels. You can place a projection clock in your room and put remote sensors in baby room, warehouse or other places that need to gauge, with a large range remote sensor. There areUAL ALARMS that have a snore function. Set 2 separate alarms for different purposes. If left alone for 2 minutes, the alarm will turn off. The projection alarm clock has a snooze function that will allow you to set 5 minutes of sleep time or turn it off.

Brand: Smartro

👤I've owned an Oregon Scientific projection weather clock for more than a decade and have had to replace it once. My wife couldn't. I don't see the time or outside temperature on the wall all night. It was always difficult to get a signal from the outside sensor. It was not certain when it would stay in contact. Three years ago, we bought a new version of that clock. It was too dim to see except in the dark, and its contact came and went as well. After only 3 years, the outside sensor was not even available, and it cost $50, as much as the whole clock. I spent a lot of time researching all the available versions. It had to be bright enough to see and sleep, and have time and temperature projection at the same time. The brightnesses are controllable over a wide range. The photo can be seen on a wall about 10 feet away during the day. I ordered 2 more because the clock is so reliable and simple that I only had to open the first one for an hour. I ordered 2 more for the other house and a gift after those arrived. It's easy to set-up. The only thing I was worried about was the temperature between the outside and inside sensors. It is not disruptive. You don't need to wait long to see the outside temperature. My wife and I like to see both temperatures. You can judge my enthusiasm by the fact that I bought 5 of them in the last month.

👤I only gave this a 3 star review because the alarm is not loud enough to wake me up and it only sounds for two minutes. I was offered a full refund by the company for not being satisfied with the alarm, and they said I wouldn't have to return the clock. Two things happened when they responded to my review. 1. I love everything about this clock. The power cord was chewed through by my cat. The company gave me a new cord for free. I'm changing my review to five stars because of stellar costumer service and the other features on this clock, which I am now dependent on, are great. If you are a heavy sleeper, the alarm probably won't wake you up, but everything else about this clock is a must have for you.

👤If you are looking for an easy to use, user friendly, multi-functional projection clock with indoor and outdoor temperature display, this SMARTRO is for you. If you're quick to setup with or without the instruction manual, it's a good idea to read the manual to learn all of its functions. Daylight Savings Time setting is not mentioned in the manual so that change must be done manually. The projected Time / Temperature only allows for a 180 degree rotation, meaning you will only see it displayed in 2 ways. The design did not allow for a 90-degree rotation knob for fine tuning the projected display. I would recommend this clock to family and friends, even though it has 2 exceptions.

5. REACHER Charging Adjustable Thermometer Bedrooms

REACHER Charging Adjustable Thermometer Bedrooms

i-box is a UK company that sells high quality smart audio products. Thousands of happy customers have been served by them and they offer a hassle-free 12-month warranty, easy return policy and friendly customer service. The gift box has an easy to follow User Guide. The Reacher digital alarm clock radio is a combination device. All available stations can be saved with the help of the radio. It is easy to control the volume of the alarm and radio from the 30-levels range. There are two more ports on the back for charging phones. Don't need to shut off alarm to sleep on the weekend; wake up with natural sounds and radio. The sound starts at a low volume and gradually increases to preset volume when the alarm goes off. Hit the alarm button once and it will turn off the alarm. You can get 9 minutes snooze. When you want to fall asleep with your favorite station, you can use a sleep timer. When you wake up, the alarm volume can be adjusted. The package comes with a 59-inch cord and an accessory. You can easily read the time at a distance with a full range dimmable display. The alarm status, the day of the week, and indoor temperature are shown. You can change the time mode to 24 hours. It's easy to use, it has a rotator knob and virtually a one-button function, and all the buttons are labeled. The small size will save space on the nightstand.

Brand: Reacher

👤I bought this clock because I wanted to be able to wake up to radio rather than having to use my phone at night, and I also wanted to get out of using my phone at night, because setting an alarm on my phone inevitably led to checking emails, looking on social media, etc It's difficult to find a clock that isn't going to light up the entire room. The clock is perfect for me. I was able to dim the clock completely without using the directions, but they have videos and written directions if I need them. The clock is very small so it doesn't take up a lot of space on my nightstand.

👤This is a great little radio and it's cheap. It's a little radio, but leaves more room on the table. Alice at customer service was awesome, my first one had an issue, I contacted Reacher. The company stands behind their product and deserves more than 5 stars. Thank you!

👤The dial on the clock doesn't work when you set it up after opening it. Unable to set an alarm. It needs to be sent back. I got a new clock after I email the customer service email. No questions were asked. It was very easy. My new alarm clock works perfectly. I love it. It fits perfectly on my small nightstand. I love that it has an alarm option. The alarm volume and brightness are perfect.

👤I am very pleased with my new alarm clock. I would like to have one more setting to turn down the display, but it's still dark in the room. I turn it off. I love the small size of the birds. Only had it for 2 weeks. So far, so good.

👤It would be a -1 star if it were not for the radio still working. There is a The clock, which started to gain time slowly, is now completely nuts and cannot be relied upon for the time at all. The clock says that it hasn't even hit 9:00 am yet, and it was reset yesterday for a much lesser slowdown. It is no longer used for one of its two primary functions. The radio works, but I need an alarm clock too. The original review was published in September 2020. I pictured it being half as big as it is, but that doesn't matter. It's small enough to travel with, but the time is large enough to see. If I had a doctor, the display would be green or red, but not blue, since they say that blue light disturbs your sleep; however, almost everything else about this little radio is making me happy! I plugged it in 5 minutes ago and will always update if it stops working or something, but here are the pros and cons. A suitcase would take up little room on a bedside table. I didn't pretend to open up the booklet that came with it, I set the time, set the alarm, and found my radio station. I don't feel like I need more challenges when trying to make electronics do what I want. The sound is good from the one little speaker on the back, and loud enough at a setting of 15. The alarms have separate volume buttons. That was one of the things that attracted me to this. I want my alarms to be louder than my radio which has charging ports on the back. I haven't tried them, but they are there. You can use the wall plug or just plug theusb into the port on the outlet strip. Nice! If I need to run it off my 15,000 mA external backup battery, I could do that. If you lose electricity more than once a year, the backup batteries slot is nice. None of the batteries are a deal-breaker. The dimmer switch works, but does not have the ability to set it. I haven't spent an hour with this item yet, but my initial reaction is pure happiness! The radio still plays, it sounds good! Will update if anything else strikes me as good or bad. Right now, it's recommended!

6. Projection Bedrooms Projector Digital Adjustable

Projection Bedrooms Projector Digital Adjustable

We are always here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. You can easily read it on the bed with the 350 projector and ultra-clear projection. You can use the focus ring of the ceiling clock to make the projection image clearer. The numbers are always right-side-up if you flip the projection mode button. The projection clock can be used to set two separate alarms for couples with different routines or a backup for waking up heavy sleepers. The snooze button is located in a central location and can be turned off to get extra sleep. Wake up the heavy sleepers with the loudest alarm volume. The alarm sounds will not scare you from sleep if you set the alarm volume to V+ or V-. A large display alarm clock. The ceiling projection alarm clock has an Ultra- Large display that makes it easy to see the time across the room even with glasses off. If you are sensitive to light at night, you can dim the display by pressing a dimmer switch with 5 levels. The projection alarm clock with theusb charging port is very convenient for charging cellphones and tablets. There is a built-in 5V/1.0Ausb output interface. It is amazing to wake up with a phone. AC power is required for all functions work, and there is a backup battery for alarm-setting that you don't need to re-set time. You will not miss any important meetings. The projector wall clock has a button on top of it that you can press to turn on the time format. Press the button to change the time format.

Brand: Mesqool

👤I got a bed side projection alarm clock because of the price range and features. The plastic is very strong and cheap. The clock is easy to set and works as expected. The clock light does not wake you up at night because the clock brightness is adjusted. I wanted to move it from one room to another. I unplugged the device after putting in the batteries, and the clock got reset. I contacted customer service. They asked me to order a second one and give me the money back free of charge. I tried the same thing in my second clock, and it worked, keeping the time around. I hit a glitch when I moved it again yesterday. I did some analysis and found a solution to the problem. If you plug the clock into the wall sockets first, then the back of the clock is unplugged, then the time will reset, but if you don't do that, then the time will continue. I hope this helps people who are annoyed by this glitch, it's a really weird glitch, but I'm not sure if it's intentional. The customer service was great and I have 2 clocks for the price of 1.

👤I wanted the clock to be on my bed side cabinet and the light to be in the correct direction. It can't be positioned to do that. The time is backwards. The time should be on the opposite wall. I don't want it in a place. If you want the same positioning, I wouldn't recommend buying.

👤It's a normal clock. If you're like me and want one that will show up a nice projected image of the time on the wall, then look elsewhere. I wanted this for my toddler so he could see the time. The projection on this thing is terrible. Unreadable. Not large like they photo in their ad would make you believe. It's not like that. We paid $21 for a simple digital clock. Live and learn. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. A simple digital clock is much cheaper.

👤The box that the adaptor was in was already apart when it arrived. You have to put it together. There is no way to keep the end of the prongs attached to the case. When you plug it in, the electrical wires stay in the wall outlet while the black case separates, leaving two contacts that are live and capable of causing serious injury or death. Since the part is so flimsy, a simple pet or child brushing up against it or stepping on the attached cord can expose the live outlet. See the pictures. The clock is attached to the end of the cord, which has a round 5 Volt on it.

👤The projection feature was the reason I bought these clocks. They look modern. I chose them over the items that were more competitive. What a mistake! I decided I could live with them being very dim. They became dimmer and dimmer each night and then they became dimmer and dimmer again. I already have clocks in every room of the house, so I didn't need another 2 clocks. These were a necessity and not a novelty. I am not in good health. I have to get to various places in the night. I don't have to check the time in the dark if I use the projection clocks because I can get out of bed. These were disappointing. When this started happening two months ago, I sent an email to the company, but never got a response. I will never be able to use 2 paper weights again because I am stuck with them. If you are a senior and living on a fixed income, you should not buy a projection clock from this company. You will regret it.

7. USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio USB

USCCE Digital Alarm Clock Radio USB

You have the option to back it up with 3AAA batteries if the power goes out. Time and settings are restored and the alarm is also supported. The clock may drain batteries fast, so only use as a backup, and not everyday. The time can be read from across the room during the day if the display is dial-controlled and bright enough. The screen has a number of features, including day, 12 or 24hr mode, temperature, status and ringtone. A custom arm. The needs of everyone and every family are satisfied with dual alarms. You can set a level for the wake up sound, which gradually increases in volume from gentle to the level you choose. Extra 9 minutes of slumber can be achieved with the snooze. The sleep timer function allows you to fall asleep with your favorite station playing. The 3.5mm jack is handy for not disturbing others nearby. You can charge your mobile devices while you sleep. Headphones and charging cable are not included. You can back it up with 3AAA batteries if the power goes out. Time and settings are restored, as well as alarm and radio. The clock may drain batteries fast, so only use as a backup, and not everyday. They are always here to help, so please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Uscce

👤I don't like the idea of using an alarm clock. The answer to everything in 21st century is a smart phone. Both of my husband and I admit that we have been too addicted to our phones to sleep. It will be forever! I have read about how looking-at-bright-LCD tricks our brain into waking up and how phone radiation messes with our brain activity. I can't stop reading those articles. Airplane mode? It is too easy to switch the data back on. I need to check if my new friend replied to my message. You know what I mean if you are still reading. This habit has a very bad impact on our 3 years old, as he never gets back to his room to sleep until very late, because he spends more and more time playing iPad while we are with our phones. We used to judge the parents who ignored their kids by handling an iPad, because they were focused on their own business. We are turning into those now. Cellphones need to be removed from the bedroom, but still wake up on time for school tomorrow. We need an alarm clock. It's not easy to find an alarm clock on Amazon that looks similar. There are three reasons I chose this model. The listings are written in bad English. I can not trust a company or product if they can not make the description legit. There are a few listings with reasonable English. 2. One article suggests that a clock with blue numbers is better than a red or white one, and that blue is my favorite color. This narrows the options down a lot. 3. Customer service. The clock was launched with no reviews. I was interested but skeptical, and had some questions about the clock. I messaged them. They answered my questions in less than two hours and explained the return policy and warranty. Customer support is very important to me and I never get a reply from another seller who carries a similar clock. I received the clock the day after I placed my order. The USCCE exceeded my expectations. It does feel good without the distraction of a cellphone. Who doesn't support a start-up business that offers great product, friendly customer service and a robust warranty? I am writing this thesis-long positive review to help those who are looking for an alarm clock like me. There are some good features to be highlighted. The setup was intuitive. You shouldn't read through the whole manual if you want to learn how to operate the clock. Everything is clearly displayed on the screen, and all buttons and dials are labeled with function or icon. When setting up time/alarm, you need to press and hold until a number blinks, dial the big button to adjust, and then press the next button. The easy weekend/weekday alarm setting is the one I like the most. There are two switches on the back. You can choose between three options to make your alarms only work on certain days. That is convenient. We don't need dual alarms in the morning, but I use the 2nd alarm as a wake up call for the kid and it works well. 2. The light source. The control is very easy to use, just use the dial in the back to turn up or down the brightness. It can be turned off completely because the light in the room will bother my husband. If I wake up at midnight, I can turn the screen on as a weak light to help me get to the bathroom. Imagine walking through Lego and toy car messes in the dark while sleeping. 3. How am alarm does its job by the sounds and volume? They have 6 options for alarm, which include a built-in sound, a mixture of piano and bird chirp, and a radio. If radio is set as alarm, it will be the last station you listen to in the morning. You have the option to set a specific channel as your wake up sound by pressing and holding the snooze button. When the radio is on it controls the radio volume with V in front of the number and when it is off it controls the alarm with L in front. The lowest volume for alarm is level 3 so you will never be able tomute your alarm by mistake. level 6 is good enough for us. Level 16 is very loud and deep sleepers might need more decibels. The good thing is that it gradually increases so you don't get startled out of your dream. 4. There is a radio. I don't listen to radio when I drive a rental car, it's like a grandma's thing to me. I find some stations entertaining when I am cleaning the room. It's a good thing. Stations will be saved automatically when scanning is fast. I will list the MHz frequencies here for those who want to learn more about the radio performance, I am a nerd and have been training in the lab for years. We are close to Washington DC. I know these numbers are pointless for other areas. A co-worker in the office tells me that he uses a clock radio and only gets 25 while his car normally gets 40 channels. I tested the function but never used it. You can set up a timer from 10-150 minutes when FM is on. 5. There is a battery backup. I didn't know how important this feature was until my kid pulled off the power. After re-setting everything, I threw in 3 batteries. When I saw a lot of alarm clocks that used back-up batteries to restore settings but did not support the alarm, I messaged the seller and they reassured me that both alarm and radio are supported and the same as when plugged in. The rooms temperature is correct. I don't think it's important that there are two charging ports under the screen because we have a power strip with 4usb ports, but it can be useful if needed. Things could be improved now that pros are done. If dates are also available, it will be convenient. It would be a bonus if room humidity was a bonus. I think that will make the screen display more busy. 2. The snooze time is set at 9 minutes. It would be appreciated if it was different. 3. Light rains or waves can be found in the sound library. It will be cool if it eventually incorporates the function of a white noise machine. It will require a top-notch speaker and be more expensive. Just a suggestion. 4. The package and manual could use more work. There are multiple issues with the manual and the package has a spelling mistake. 5. There is a white color version. 6. There is a cover for the jack. My kid is plugging into the headphone port and pulling the power out of DC. It is a raining weekend and I am bored, spending over two hours in front of the computer writing this. I don't always write a product review, but when I do, here we go... I hope you find it helpful if you are still reading. I only have the clock for 2 weeks, but I will definitely update my review if something goes wrong. I am not worried at all because of their customer service and generous warranty. If you are looking for a cheap alarm on your nightstand, you have just found it.

8. Timex T231GY 1 2 Inch Display Gunmetal

Timex T231GY 1 2 Inch Display Gunmetal

1x The power cord is included in the package. The battery back-up for the clock is not included. The manufacturer's 90-day limited warranty is included. Wake up to a radio station. The preset memory is on the station. A large red display. The line-in jack is used to connect auxiliary audio sources. The speaker has a dynamic sound.

Brand: Timex

👤I expected more from the timex. I have owned this for two months and the volume control is malfunctioning. The most important part of a clock. When you are sleepy and want to turn off the alarm, you can't figure out which button to push because the buttons are all in a row. Don't buy this clock.

👤There is a significant difference between the T231W2 and T231GY than just the color. There are 2 buttons on the top of the unit. The buttons dedicated to Up/ Down Volume control make it easier to operate/set the unit. The White/Green unit would be a better choice if you prefer ease of setting over color. The speaker is small, but I would prefer a bigger speaker for better sound quality. I plugged in a speaker to the radio and added an external speaker jack. I would really like to see the manufacturers add a speaker jack or earphone jack to the unit so that an external speaker can be plugged in. I like tuning using a digital device. This makes station surfing a lot easier and makes analog tuning obsolete.

👤The Timex clock was refurbished and came with a 30 day warranty card. The clock had some damage. I ordered a red display, but it was shipped with a green display. We liked the green display more. I was embarrassed by it being refurbished, it was part of a few other gifts for Mother's Day. Let's see if it keeps the correct time. The clock seems to work, but if you pay for a new clock, you'll get a new one. I was able to set the clock without reading the instructions. Many people in the reviews had trouble setting up the clock. The clock has a radio and a port on the back. There is a power button on the radio that goes to the right on top, but it has a symbol on it. Hold that button for 1 to 2 seconds to turn on the radio and then turn it off. Press and release the same button. I live about 30 minutes from the city and did not have to remove the coiled antenna to pick up stations. The alarm can wake you up. Some reviewers had issues with that. I did as well. It uses the last mode and the last station you listened to. I had to turn the radio on, switch to the radio station of my choice, set the correct volume, and turn the radio off. When I set the alarm to radio, it will wake you.

👤Who designed this device? Have you ever heard of a switch that was labeled "power" or "on-off"? Does not fit on this alarm clock. The instructions are vague and the radio quality is not good. The current time setting leaves a bit to be desired. I am not impressed.

👤I got these because cellphone alarms are not loud enough to wake my family. Only one of them works for me. I can't set the radio station, the time or hit snooze because those 3 buttons don't work. I have to order another alarm clock because I missed the return window. The one thst does work. When the alarm goes off, it gets louder. I wish it was louder. I lost my money and I'm pretty annoyed.

9. Magnasonic Digital Battery Functions EAAC201

Magnasonic Digital Battery Functions EAAC201

There areUAL ALARMS that have a snore function. Set 2 separate alarms for different purposes. If left alone for 2 minutes, the alarm will turn off. The projection alarm clock has a snooze function that will allow you to set 5 minutes of sleep time or turn it off. Digital AM/Fm radio has memory for up to 20 stations and provides easy access to each station. Pre-programmed daily alarm for you and your partner. The time and alarm settings are maintained even after a power outage. The display has two brightness settings to adjust for those who may be sensitive to bright displays. Convenient sleep and snooze functions with easy to use electronic buttons.

Brand: Magnasonic

👤The clock radio I had been using for two decades finally died after a drink was spilled on it. I needed to find a replacement quickly, without spending an arm and a leg. Although I think there is room for improvement, I am happy with this model. It's electric. Don't worry about the batteries changing. It has a backup battery. The batteries allow the unit to function even if the power goes out. It has two different alarms that allow me to keep my primary set at the same time. Each alarm can be independently enabled or disabled, and the sound of the alarm may be set on its own. The product description says "buzzer", but it's really a beeper. The display is easy to read. The unit's footprint is less than that of my old clock radio. Very small. That means the speaker is smaller too, but it's a big deal. The alarm clock is not a home entertainment system. It has the ability to adjust the display's brightness. A radio tuning device. What I don't like is that there is no instruction manual. The clock radio and "Quick-Start Guide" that comes with the box do not cover everything you need to know about the unit. The Quick-Start Guide tells you how to set the alarm when you first take it out of the box, but it doesn't tell you how to stop it or how to uninstall it. You can refer to the user manual on the company website if you need more product information. The website's "manual" is the same stupid Quick-Start Guide that came in the box. A lot of good. There was no option for a 24 hour time display. You can only cycle through the hours in one direction when setting the time. When you want to set the time back one hour at the end of daylight savings time, you have to go forward 23 hours rather than just go back one. The rate at which the numbers change does not increase when you hold a button down. You have to hold the button for about a second per number change. The process of enabling/disabling the alarm is not easy. There is no way to tell which button to press to turn off the alarm when you're not feeling well. It takes nine minutes to get back to normal. Seven is pushing it, but nine? The unit is too digital. The volume control and the display brightness are features that would be better served with an analog control. The volume setting '1' is too loud for me. There is no atomic clock automatic update feature. Other outposts: There is no indication for the battery backup to be low. If that is true, then you will need to continually monitor the battery level via some sort of manual method; and if you don't, then the backup feature is useless. There are 20 radio station preset that can be programmed. There are 10 AM and 10 FM preset. That's probably more than enough for most people. The alarm is always loud. You can listen to the radio up to 90 minutes before the timer is turned off. There are helpful instructions. There are no instructions for this unit. I've been able to figure it out on my own, whether it was from the Quick-Start Guide or trial-and-error. I don't know if this covers all the features of the unit or not, since there is no way to explain them in a manual. There are six buttons on the top of the unit. From left to right. I'll call them 'H', 'M', 'SET', 'RADIO', and 'ALm1'. There is a larger button in front of the row of six, which I will refer to as the 'Sleep/Snooze' button. Three of the lights are aligned vertically on the left edge of the display and two are on the right. The ones on the left are labeled 'PM', 'alarm 1 beeper', and 'alarm 1 radio'. The two on the right are the alarm 2 radio and alarm 2 beeper. Okay... When you first plug in the unit, the display will start flashing and you can set the time immediately. You need to enter the time setting mode first if your unit is not flashing. Press and hold the 'SET' button until the display starts flashing. The 'H' and 'M' buttons can be used to adjust the hours and minutes. The hours/minutes only change in one direction. Hit 'SET' again when the correct time is displayed. There is a warning When setting the time, make sure you take the 'PM'LED into account. The 'PM'LED is not illuminated for hours in the range from midnight to midnight and from noon to midnight. The alarm setting function that includes these two functions is a general alarm setting function. You need to put the unit into the alarm setting mode first. To set alarm #1, press the button once and hold it until the display starts flashing. You are in alarm setting mode. If alarm #1 was disabled before you entered alarm setting mode, then entering alarm setting mode automatically enables the alarm in beeper mode, as indicated by the 'alarm 1 beeper' LEDs illuminating. The buttons you can use in alarm setting mode are 'H', 'M', and 'ALM1'. The 'H' and 'M' buttons can be used to set the alarm time. Again, make sure you consider the 'PM'LED when setting the alarm time. Press the 'ALM1' button to cycle through the sound options. There is a note about the quirky behavior when cycling through the options. If the alarm is disabled, one of the alarm lights will illuminate or not, but the alarm will still be active. Do nothing when the correct alarm time is entered. After a few seconds, the unit will return to normal timekeeping display. You will use the 'ALM2' button instead of the 'ALM1' if you are setting alarm #2. When selecting the alarm sound (beeper/radio/off), you immediately exit the alarm setting mode and return to normal timekeeping display. It's awkward and non-intuitive that changing from 'beeper' to 'radio' keeps you in alarm setting mode, but changing from 'radio' to 'off' kicks you out of alarm setting mode. This is a bit odd. If you wanted to change from radio tobeeper, you would need to enter the alarm setting mode twice. To change from radio to off, press 'ALM1'. The unit is back to normal timekeeping display. The alarm setting mode should be entered again. The alarm was disabled before you entered alarm setting mode the second time. The alarm setting mode will exit after a few seconds. It would have been simpler to just keep the alarm setting on and not kick you out. If you want to check the alarm time without actually changing it, hit ALM1 or ALM2 once. The current alarm time is displayed. After a few seconds, the display returns to timekeeping mode. When an alarm goes off, a radio or a beeper starts sounding and the corresponding light shows up. To snooze, hit the Sleep/Snooze button. It doesn't matter whether you rock the button to the left or right, the alarm will still sound. The alarm's light shows that the alarm is still active. The radio sounds off again after nine minutes of snooze time. Continue as necessary. I don't know how many times you can do this, but an educated guess would be six times. Pressing the 'RADIO' button will turn off the alarm. This only turns off the alarm sound, it does notDisabling the alarm will cause it to go off again at the same time the next day. If you want to disabling the alarm sound, you can see "Selecting the Alarm Sound" above. Press and hold the sleep/ooze button until the display brightness changes. If you want, repeat it again. There are three different brightness settings. The progression is always in a downward circle regardless of which way you rock the Sleep/Snooze button. Hit the 'RADIO' button to play the radio. The radio begins playing. The displayed Frequency is your indicator, there is no AM/FM indicator. Press-and- hold the 'RADIO' button until the radio shuts off. A change in the volume is recommended. To adjust the volume on the radio, use the 'ALM1' and 'ALM2' buttons. 'ALM2' increases it. Also, note: The same volume setting is used for the radio, alarm #1, and alarm #2, so whatever value you set here is also the value assigned to the alarm volumes. If you want to change frequencies, press the 'RADIO' button while the radio is playing. As you do so, the appropriate frequencies are displayed. Turn the radio on. The 'H' button can be used to decrease the frequencies. The 'M' button can be used to increase the frequencies. The appropriate direction for a Scan is performed by pressing and holding a button. Press the 'SET' button to select a preset radio station. The preset station begins playing when "Pxx" is displayed and the preset number is from 1 to 10. If that's the station you want, do nothing; otherwise hit 'SET' again and the next highest number is displayed and begins playing. Do nothing when the preset station is found. After a few seconds, the display goes back to normal. To set a preset radio station, turn on the radio, select the appropriate band, and tune to the desired station's Frequency. Press-and- hold the 'SET' button until "Pxx" is displayed and begins flashing. The 'H' and 'M' buttons can be used to select a preset number. Press the 'SET' button to assign the Frequency to that preset. Press the sleep/ooze button once to sleep in the unit. The radio starts playing "90" after a while. "80" is displayed if you press the Sleep/Snooze button again. "70" is displayed if you press again. Also. This is how long the radio will play before shutting off. The time duration can only be updated in one direction, from 90 down to "off" (in 10-minute increments), if you rock the Sleep/Snooze button to the left or right. I hope the instructions are helpful. You're welcome. I did your job for you. I was debating how many stars to rate the product. I was tempted to give it four stars, but in the end I gave it three because it's not a bad unit once you know how to operate it. There are a lot of improvements that can be made to this product to make it more user-friendly and intuitive, plus a few missing features that I would like to see. You really can't go wrong with this product.

10. Projection Relaxing Multi Alarm Nightlight SoundSpa

Projection Relaxing Multi Alarm Nightlight SoundSpa

A lock and a white noise machine. This clock is also a White Noise Sound Machine. Peaceful nature sounds, or a beep tone, can wake you up. You and your partner can set two different alarms. There is a project that is led time project. The blue light is soothing and the time is projected on the clock radio. It has a projector that can tilt. Do you not want the light projector? No problem! The projector can be turned on or off. There are 8 peaceful nature sounds. Choose from 8 relaxing sounds: Ocean, White Noise, Brook, Rainforest, Thunder, Rain, Fan, and Campfire. The SoundSpa's sounds mimic the natural environment to provide the most relaxing sleep experience possible. Automatic time set and daylight adjusted. Daylight Savings Time is adjusted by the HoMedics Time Projection Radio. It has an automatic time setting technology that shows the correct time and date. What is included? One HoMedics SoundSpa digital clock radio. One wall outlet. One 30-day money back guarantee.

Brand: Homedics

👤The swiss army knife is used for alarm clocks. It's a product that delivers. The sounds are good. I like to listen to the radio while cleaning. It has a good volume for all sound functions. I don't find the light annoying. You can turn it off. I have a projection next to my TV screen. I will know when to sleep. The alarm function works as well. All around pleased.

👤The machine sound maker, projector, alarm clock, radio is absolutely amazing. It is too loud and can't belive anyone could write about it. It can be loud enough to be heard from the next room if there is a person that needs this alarm clock. The sounds are not from a tin. Some reviews are good. It is just their phone and how they took the video to make it look like it. It has a mature sound that will lull you to sleep. I would buy this thing again if given the chance. The projector can be moved to the ceiling. This thing is amazing.

👤I purchased this clock in the year of 2014, and still use it. The ceiling light stopped working two years ago and I miss it. It slowly faded out. Hopefully HoMedics has a newer version available. The display has three dimmer settings as well as "off". I am light-sensitive so even the lowest setting is too bright for me, but some may like the display to be completely off as they sleep. I use the ceiling projector at night. * I like the different sounds, I became addicted to nature sounds with earlier HoMedic clocks and now can't sleep without them. The clock has a campfire on it. I like the sounds being able to play continuously, something hard to find on these sound machines. The purpose of sound machines is missing when other brands only give timed intervals. * I like the times the alarm is set so that the indicator shows tiny numbers. * I like when the alarm starts to get louder and you can set how loud it gets. * The battery back-up is good. I was looking for a size battery. It comes with the CR2032 long life battery, which is really convenient. The alarm should still sound during a power outage. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a clock do that. * When setting the time in either direction, I like being able to advance the numbers. If you've advanced past the time, this helps. There are some things that are CONS: I don't like the location of the projector and the time set on the clock, it's hard to get to. * I don't think the clock is small, it's tall and awkard looking, and it's not small at all. There is a * My number one searched for a nature sound clock but couldn't locate it because it wasn't cheap. * The ceiling projector light can be turned off for light-sensitive people like me. The ceiling light is still bright even after I turn the display off. * The time projector light can't be moved on the ceiling because it's at an angle with the clock. * There is no AM band and the radio does not have preset stations. The light on the clock display is gray with black numbers, which is not as blue as it appears in the photo.

11. Digital Display Electronic Sleepers Bedrooms

Digital Display Electronic Sleepers Bedrooms

You voice drives them to be the best. They will try their best to answer your question, so please contact them if you have a question. You can return the product for a no hassle replacement or refund. A digital clock with a makeup mirror and an alarm clock. The time is easy to see even for people with impaired vision. The HD mirror can be used to map out your beauty while you read the time. The mirror clock is perfect for a desk. The electronic clock has 7-level brightness and volume control. It would be too bright to sleep or too dark to read time. This loud alarm clock has 7 levels of alarm volume for your option. There are many options for the elderly, adults, women, teens, boys, girls, kids or the sight-restricted person. SNOOZE MODE + DUALALARM SETTING The big "SNOOZE" button at the top of the desk clock is larger than average and will give you extra 9 minutes of sleep. They have dual alarms for you and your family, one for you and the other for them. You need to pay $10 for the DC Adapter included with theusb port. It's inconvenient and costly so they attach an American standard adapter into the package to save you time and money. You can charge your cellphone, tablets, and other electronics devices simultaneously without the need to plug in the wall with the plug inusb clock. The alarm clock has a charging port. 12/24 H MODE, DST, MEMORIZED BATTERY. You can switch the alarm display mode according to your reading habits. CR2032 The coin battery is a backup that will keep the time works in case of a power failure. Multi functional creative and modern design make it the best gift choice for Christmas Day, Easter Day, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, anniversary, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Halloween, wedding, etc. If you are not satisfied with any of their products, please contact them by email.

Brand: Rocam

👤Do they mean that this is loud for the heavy sleeper? I received the delivery and set it up in a matter of minutes. It's very easy to set up. Even on the lowest setting, the display is large and easy to read. I had the alarm set and it went off the next morning. The whole house was aware of it. It was easy to get the kids up. It did wake up my kids and I, but it was on the lowest setting. I was not a fan of the shaker. It didn't do much, but I believe it was where I placed it. I will say that if you need noise and baby moves, you will not be disappointed in this alarm clock. It was a bit much for my needs, but overall, it is a great product.

👤I need to buy a new alarm clock. The alarm doesn't always work as scheduled and the bed shaker isn't always reliable. It took the battery out for two days. I need an alarm clock that will last longer than this one did. I can sleep through anything. Hearing their sounds woke me up when they were young. I was able to sleep through the loud sounds and songs. I've been looking for something better for a long time. The sound volume is adjusted, the numbers are changed, but my favorite part of the clock is the vibrating disc, it wakes me up right off the bat. The only time I didn't wake up to the alarm was when the vibrating disc fell on the floor. I put the disc through the small hole in the pillow case. I like the fact that you can have sound, vibration, or both as alarm options. I usually set one about 90 minutes before my final alarm and I sleep less because it helps keep my cortisol levels from rising. Press the alarm off button if you want to stop the alarms from going off. If you want to turn off the alarm settings for those days, press and hold the alarm off button for a few seconds. I would purchase again.

👤The look of the alarm clock and the many functions it has made me very impressed. The front of the alarm clock has a mirror-like surface and looks great with the clock numbers shining through. The alarm clock is made of plastic and looks nicer than other models. The display is large and can be seen from any part of the room. The alarm has 7 levels of volume and 7 levels of brightness. It has 2 alarms, which is nice. The range is nice and the volume is great. You can use it alone, with the sound alarm or just the sound alarm. Heavy sleepers would wake up because it vibrates. The buttons and setting the time, alarms, Daylight Saving Time, brightness and volume are very intuitive to use. It has a snooze button and a jack on the back to charge a phone. It is only a 1 Amp 5 Amp charge. It won't charge a phone in an hour, but that's ok with me. I recommend this clock if you are looking for a sleek alarm clock with multiple alarms and a bed shaker feature. I have had other ROCAM/Yelaw products and have been very happy with them.


What is the best product for best alarm clock radio for bedroom?

Best alarm clock radio for bedroom products from Flvowin. In this article about best alarm clock radio for bedroom you can see why people choose the product. Jall and Philips Norelco are also good brands to look for when you are finding best alarm clock radio for bedroom.

What are the best brands for best alarm clock radio for bedroom?

Flvowin, Jall and Philips Norelco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best alarm clock radio for bedroom. Find the detail in this article. Smartro, Reacher and Mesqool are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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