Best Best Air Mattress Twin Size

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1. Air Mattress Built In Pump Camping Air Mattress

Air Mattress Built In Pump Camping Air Mattress

The air mattress with built in pump can be inflated in 2 minutes or less. The blow up bed will wake you up in seconds. The twin air mattress is waterproof and puncture resistant. The mattress can support up to 300 lbs. The high is double-high. This double-high mattress has a premium, ultra- soft flocked top for non-slip stability wherever you rest your head. Real-mattress comfort and support is provided by coil beam technology. The portable bed can be inflated or deflated in minutes, measuring 76" x 38" when fully blown up. A free carrying bag is included. The volume of air in your mattress can be adjusted to fit your sleep pattern. A simple turn of the inflate/deflate valve will make a restless night into a relaxing one.

Brand: Ez Inflate

👤My daughter's friends need something to sleep on when they go to her sleepovers. It filled quickly after we blew it up. Within an hour it deflated. Just as quickly, deflate it again. The price was quite high, so I was very disappointed in this product. It should stay inflated. Would love to get a refund. The company apologized for the bad experience and sent me a new air mattress. The mattress works great. Finally a company that cares about their customers.

👤After a lot of research, we decided to purchase the EZ Inflate air bed and we are very happy with the purchase. We have used expensive beds in the past and this airbed feels more durable than any of the expensive aerobeds we had in the past. The bed was easy to inflate and blew up instantly. The air held well and the bed was very comfortable. The instructions said to inflate and let the bed stretch and then add more air. I like my bed a little less firm than our real bed because we have a memory foam mattress that replicates our real bed and has a soft feel. When our guests come over, this will be the perfect addition. The 2 year warranty and price point were important factors for us and so far this is the best air mattress we have ever used. We appreciate that the company let us know that the bed was on its way and that they were following up to make sure we were happy with it. It is nice to know that companies still care about the consumer.

👤After less than 3 months of ownership, the mattress spontaneously ripped along the edge of the air cell, and is now worthless. I was shocked. Mayfair's failure to act promptly to resolve this issue has prompted a 1-star review. I have written to the company twice, but have not heard from Mayfair. Hopefully, this poor review will prompt Mayfair to act.

👤January 2020 is an update. Customer service is excellent. Patrick sent me a new mattress to improve their ratings. Can't wait to try it out! It will live up to my original review. The reviews were very promising. The experience was not as good as ours. It was very easy to inflate. We went to a wedding after we inflated it. The pump was turned on a few seconds after we returned. My husband and I looked at each other and said "this is uncomfortable" after laying down. It was very hard. It didn't stay rock hard all night because it lost air until we were rolling into each other. I found a couch to sleep on after giving up. When we got up in the morning, my husband looked at me and said "you're returning this, right?" Neither of us got any sleep. I had to remove the box from the recycle bin. I could send it back. It has a built in pump that inflates it quickly. It was awful to actually sleep on it. Would not recommend it.

2. Intex Classic Downy Airbed Twin

Intex Classic Downy Airbed Twin

The customer's requirements are fully considered. After being filled with air, the original length is only 190 cm. It is now 195 cm/ 77 inch, which is suitable for taller people. 2. Plug it tightly if you have a upgraded air-tight valve. 3. The air pump is inflating faster. Customer satisfaction has always been their goal. If you are dissatisfied, please contact them and they will serve you well. The inflatable Twin airbed can be used indoors or outdoors. Inflation and deflation can be made easy with a 2-in-1 valve. Inflates with electric or manual air pumps. The queen size provides a good fit. The dimensions are 39 x 8.25 x 75 inches and have a 300-Pound capacity.

Brand: Intex

👤I've used air mattresses for a long time. I have been homeless several times, and these are excellent, even when I have a home. A camp cot that folds up is a great way to move. The first mattress in the Intex line lost a seam between tubes, and though it still holds air, the huge lump caused by the lass of that separator seam makes it unusable. The second one developed a leak and I am certain that it was my fault, as I carry a lot of hardware on my belt. The 3rd one has held up well, but after two months of 4 adolescent kittens, this one is failing due to their claws poking tiny holes. I'm thinking of putting my 4th inside a sleeping bag before inflation, and adding a closed cell foam to the bag for a better claw barrier when the kittens get closer to an adult. The product is convenient, adequate, and stands up to my normal use in a satisfactory manner. Replacing one of these once or twice a year is less expensive than buying a new mattress every 10 years. Some people can't sleep on air beds. I don't have a problem with it, I am used to sleeping on bare ground and concrete, or stacked cardboard.

👤You can pay half the price for the same mattress if you drive to Walmart. The mattress is a great value for the money, but it is $8 cheaper at Walmart. We had a hole in our mattress when we were camping. The mattress lost air in the first two nights, but after using it a few times, it stopped stretching and held air better. Unless you buy it for $8, you can't beat the price.

👤The size of the mattress is perfect for anyone who uses it. The top of the mattress is covered with a velvet-like covering that makes it much more comfortable to rest on. It is easy to move it to a quiet place in your house for your guest to sleep when it is inflated. It folds up when deflated and is ready to be stored again. I bought this air mattress after using it at my son's house. Each time my grand-children came to visit, they brought one. I decided to buy one of my own after watching how easy it was for the kids to handle it.

👤There was a picture of a screw valve. The press valve leaks. If you buy for extended use, it will probably last for 20 nights before it starts leaking.

👤It's a perfect solution for when all of our granddaughters come to stay at the same time.

👤One deflation/leak was suffered by the inflatable sofa that was purchased at the same time as the $65 Queen size convertible one that Amazon sells. Filled with air from the box, and has not needed a refill. It's used by two of us almost every night. The ridges are both love and hate, so you can align your nose into it at night for easier breathing if you sleep on your stomach.

3. Giftway Twin Size Camping Mattress

Giftway Twin Size Camping Mattress

It is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Giftway air mattress is made with up-to-date comfort enhanced air bed tech and 32 internal air coil system for added support. The coil beam system helps you wake well-rested. The inflatable bed was found to reduce back and shoulder pain by 60 percent and provide unparalleled comfort when you fall asleep, if you adjust the firmness by pumping the air in or out. The full mattress is 75 x 39 x 9 in. Giftway twin air mattress is made of 0.7mm extra thick waterproof flocked top for added comfort andDurability. The fluffy surface of the fabric creates a very comfortable sleeping experience. The air bed is strictly tested according to international standards. The bottom of the house is puncture resistant and non-toxic. The air bed is great for all occasions. The air bed is lightweight and compact for you to take it on the go and won't take up a lot of space for tent camping while still ensuring a good night's sleep. When moving to a new place, you can use the temporary bed for your guests as a backpack, school, office, or school. The design concept for the air bed is no pump. Extra spine support of inflatable bed offers good sleeping posture, Air beam construction ergonomics design wipes out fatigue, helps you relax and enjoy a deep sleep all night, capacity up to 450 pounds. It's the perfect gift for any holiday, birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father's day, Mother's day, or any other special occasion. The blow up mattress is a good alternative to a real bed. They offer a 2-year warranty on your purchase. Life-long professional after-service is something you will enjoy. The air mattress will provide a comfortable night of sleep. If the camping air mattress is leaking without any reason, contact them for a new one. They stand behind their quality.

Brand: Giftway

👤It would have been nice to have an air pump with it.

👤I got the air bed because I was going to visit my family. I have a spare bedroom with a queen size bed, but it wasn't enough room for all my cousins to stay with me. My cousin and her husband stayed in my spare room, where their three kids slept on the air bed. The kids didn't complain about the bed. I blew it up and tried it out after I ordered it a few weeks before they were going to visit. I'm a big guy, under 300 lbs, and this bed held me through the night. Also, note: The bed does not have an air pump. I used a generic air pump from Amazon a few years ago to blow up the mattress. The main plug of the mattress inflates without deflating while you blow it up, but the inflation plug will snap tight and then there is a plug that will come out of the main plug. The inflation hole is a standard size, less than an inch wide. The middle size of the air pump was perfect for it. The air bed that I use to sleep on is more comfortable for me than a spring mattress could be. I enjoyed laying on the mattress and playing on the game console in the living room, but I ended up falling asleep when I woke up. I woke up with little to no air escaping from the mattress and felt good. There was no sore back or anything. This mattress does not have a raised section for a pillow. I like them without the raised part. I would like to use my own pillow. The mattress had a strong smell when I opened it. It was a vinyl mattress and it had a chemical smell. When I opened the box, the smell was strong, but after a few days, it faded. The mattress has a soft and silky filling. The mattress is under 8 inches tall. When I measured the mattress, it was 56.5" wide and 74" long, which is much closer to the size of a full mattress. I am 6' tall and my feet are at the end of the mattress, which makes it hard for me to lie down. I forgot to mention that the mattress has a vinyl patch, which may be useful since my cat approves of it. It's a great mattress. In case that's a determining factor, just know the size is smaller than a queen. I would consider buying again if there was anything that would make it past patching.

👤I bought two for kids under 5 years old. They loved them so I blew them up for a test run. Having a good time! The wife and I tried them out. It was pretty good to be on a mattress. The air mattress is made of high quality materials. Their customer service is great. An employee reached out to make sure I had ordered the air pump I wanted, and another message asked how I felt about the purchase.

4. Giftway Twin Mattress Camping Electric

Giftway Twin Mattress Camping Electric

There is a 1 year warranty for defects beyond the 30 day return window. HEALTHY SLEEP A comfortable air mattress is a guarantee of healthy sleep. The air cushion of the inflatable bed has extra spine support so that you can enjoy a good night's sleep. To clean the surface of the inflatable mattress, use soapy water or a cloth. The twin air mattress is 75 x 39 x 9 in. The air mattress for camping comes with a small and lightweight electric pump for a quick and easy inflation and deflation operation. You can use the bed pump with a standard wall plug at home or even outside with your car, if you have an extra car accessory. It's easy to connect to power when you're on a trip. The design of the air bed has been designed to be more durable against the hard ground, with a unique inner construction and extra thick non-toxic material. The air bed is small and lightweight, so you can take it on the go, and it will not take up a lot of space for tent camping. The Giftway Air Mattress is made with coil technology that provides maximum comfort on the ground. The extra thick, waterproof flocked top and PVC sides are designed with added durability against normal wear and the outdoor elements. The top holds your sheets securely. It's easy to sleep at your favorite camp grounds with this Twin air bed. Air mattress is the ideal gift for camping. It's ideal for a variety of scenarios such as traveling, backpacking, swimming pool, office, and as a temporary bed for your overnight guests. It is easy to store in your house for your next trip and it is lightweight.

Brand: Giftway

👤It's like a water bed if you want to get on the mattress. It needs baffles.

5. Intex Dura Beam Standard Airbed Built

Intex Dura Beam Standard Airbed Built

The package contains 20 patches with instructions on the back of them. The sleeping surface is silky. Extra wide opening valve for inflating with electric or manual pumps. The built-in foot pump makes it easy and fast to inflation. The twin bed size is 39" X 75" x 10". The max weight is 300 lbs.

Brand: Intex

👤I have been sleeping on my bed for the last three months and have not had a single complaint. There is only one thing. You're likely to use a sleeping bad or a pad on top for two reasons. The beam ridges are funny. You have to deflate it to make the ridges disappear. Remember to sleep on a bed of air. It has no value. If you are going somewhere cold and think this will keep you warm, it's not true. The mattress will be the same temperature after it acclimates. Both issues can be solved by using a sleeping bag or laying on a blanket and covering up. Many people blow these up for the first time and can't understand why it loses a lot of air overnight. The secret is here. "It's not". When they first come out of the box, they stretch a lot. I let mine sit for two days because I blew it up full. I let it sit for two days after blowing it up. I let it sit for two days after blowing it up a third time. I took half the air out to make it softer. I have slept on it for about 3 months without any leaks or complaints.

👤All of my INTEX mattresses have been around for a long time. These are comfortable.

👤It's a great price for a queen size. Take my advice and spend more money. The first time you inflate it, it will lose air and look like it has a leak. It lost air when I reinflated it. It may take several times according to the directions. I don't know if it's a quality issue or just a lemon, but I won't buy another cheap air mattress again.

👤We bought it for the 4th of July. It did not come with a pump. I bought a hand pump separately. We went over rocks and rapids on the river. It held up. We moved places and our new bed wasn't ready yet. We had an air mattress to sleep on. I slept well on it because it didn't leak air. We used it as a bed for a while. We got our money's worth.

👤I bought this because our dog had surgery and is now confined to the living room for 8 weeks, not allowed to jump on the couch or bed, and in need of constant supervision so our family has moved our bedrooms to be with her. We have a small twin mattress that fits most of us and the dog has her bed but still needs one more spot because space was now limited. I volunteered to use an air mattress. The foot pump wouldn't work out of the box. I didn't have to buy a pump since I bought this bed specifically, but it didn't work since I had already paid for surgery. I had to get a pump in order to get out of the flu. Not impressed. I got the pump and it worked well. It was like heaven when I used it that night, but it woke up on the floor. I knew it would deflate a bit after the first few uses, but this wasn't as bad as I thought. My hip was touching the floor. I've used this many times and it's getting worse. I'm going to say this is a bad product because it's difficult to find where the leaks are. I need a new air mattress. I will definitely be getting a different brand of air bed this time.

6. Intex Dura Beam Standard Deluxe Single High

Intex Dura Beam Standard Deluxe Single High

The car air pump is easy to use and can be fully charged within 3 minutes, if connected to the cigarette lighter. It can be quickly deflated when it's no longer being used. It will be put into a gift storage bag, which is convenient to carry and does not take up much space. The inflatable twin airbed is made with fiber-tech construction. The 2-in-1 valve has extra-wide openings to ensure fast inflating and deflating. This bed is lightweight and provides excellent support for a good night's sleep. The dimensions are 39 x 10 x 75 inches.

Brand: Intex

👤We followed the instructions within the box on how to condition the air mattress before using it, which meant blowing it up gently, and then letting it stretch for a night, and then filling it up the next day. Before using it. If one were to blow it up for the first time, they might see deflation because they didn't have time to condition it. It has less than 4 stars because of doing this wrong. If you conditioning at home, you may be able to resolve the problem. We did it correctly and have no problems so far. I suggest a few layers of fitted sheets under the surface sheet to prevent puncture from animals. Our German Shepherds are spoiled and use it to lounge. The old Intex was hard used for 2 years and didn't leak even after one of the baffles failed. We will edit our review if we experience deflation later on. It is more comfortable than the old-fashioned Intex air beds because they have improved the design of the baffeling. The linear design is more comfortable than the quilted design of the past.

👤After blowing up the mattress at the house, I kept refilling it until I took it camping. I thought it was the stretching phase of which they speak, but after a few days of having it inflated, I realized it wouldn't hold air. I had to pump it up twice in the middle of the night. It was very comfortable when it was fully inflated, but it wasn't enough to get much sleep. If the next one leaks, I will be shopping for another brand.

👤I bought this for camping. I mean sleeping in the back of my car and putting the seats down in the back of my Ford Escape, when I say car camping. I've done this before with a skinny blow-up floaty mattress, but this time I had to accommodate 2 people and knew that wouldn't work. I inflated it in the car so it could fit in the space I had left, and it worked perfectly. We filled it the first night and didn't need to refill it all weekend. It was used for two larger people- 220 and 250 lbs. We didn't have any problems. I would like to go camping more because it was so comfortable.

👤I got what I paid for. I use it for camping and any air mattress is a step up from my Thermarest. There is no carrying case or duffel bag in the product description. Nothing else, just the mattress. If I had known it was so cheap, I would have bought it.

👤I used this mattress for camping, it was fine the first night, but the next day a leak occurred along the upper side seam, waking up throughout the night to pump it back up was a nightmare, I ended up sleeping in most of the day. I still recommend this product because I know that every now and then a bad product is made, it was comfortable for a short time, and as another reviewer stated, it lasted a year with few repairs. I wasted my money and time in this product, and I would like to know if Intex would be willing to do something about it.

7. Valwix Camping Mattress Rechargeable Built

Valwix Camping Mattress Rechargeable Built

The dimensions are 39 x 8.25 x 75 inches and have a 300-Pound capacity. Sound Asleep All Night has a real-mattress-mimic structure which provides a comfortable sleeping experience. An inflatable bed that won't roll over will make the position easier. All-Season & All-Terrain Camping Mattress is made of skin-friendly composite 190T polyester and PVC with 9inch premium insulation, which is able to deal with most tent-camping or indoor circumstances. The pike-form system has improved on puncture resistance and tear and wear-proof performance compared to other air mattresses. The revolutionary air leak tech protects the air mattress from seams and holes which cause air leak. Slow air is lost when air mattress encounters heavy weight compression. Valwix inflatable mattress comes with a built-in pump that can hold up to 10 nights after a full charge. Both portable power bank and wall charging are compatible. Inflation and deflation are in no time. Storage is as big as a gym bag and can be put in a closet or trunk. It's convenient for both sleeping and camping. Multiple mattresses are turned into one to share. There is a 1 year warranty for defects beyond the 30 day return window.

Brand: Valwix

👤I do a lot of camping with older kids. Airbeds don't last very long. This thing is amazing. It is more difficult than the average airbed. I don't want to put that to the test. When inflated, it has structural stability that others don't. It doesn't have the same squishy feeling. I would be fine sleeping on this all the time, but I am not sure how they did that. The pump is easy to use. There were no cords. It inflates the mattress quickly and easily. I did a break in for a week where I kept adding air to get it to stretch. When camping, the pump gets rid of battery anxiety. I have a way to charge stuff. If you don't fold it perfectly, the bag is large enough to get the deflated mattress back in. The bag seems to be well made and won't rip apart like other products that cheap out on a bag that is too small. The other brand thinks that if you want a higher end mattress it should have pillows. I find that annoying because it just messes with my pillows. Any good mattress should be flat on this thing. It has a proper Boston valve for deflating. The other brand requires you to inflate through the pump which is not good for the fan blades. I set out to build a better mousetrap after having issues with an air mattress. My suggestion is to make the pump on the switch so it will deflate the mattress.

👤I spent a long time online looking for an air bed. When I visit an aunt who has no guest room, I want a twin for myself and my pug. I put a cheap foam item from Walmart on top of a twin sheet and slept like a baby. Every night for a week. I left it there for my next visit because I really liked it. Click the buy now button to stop searching. The instructions were easy and it inflated and deflated.

👤The air mattress we bought in August started leaking air in October/November. I contacted the company via Amazon because it came with a one-year warranty. They agreed to send a replacement and it arrived in a few days. My husband has been using it nightly since it arrived, so we will see if it is a winner.

👤I received this on March 3rd in preparation for my camping road trips starting at the end of April. I plugged it in overnight after I charged the battery for the recommended 4 hours. I did a test inflation this morning and was surprised and pleased. The mattress was inflated in 1:17. It was firm enough for me to crawl onto it on my hands and knees and then lay on my side without ever feeling the floor surface through the mattress. I intend to use this in a tent on top of a camping cot and I am quite sure that it will work well. The camp cot surface is ideal for good sleep because I didn't collapse the mattress enough to feel the floor. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I haven't used it a lot. The review will be updated at the end of the camp season to check the product's longevity.

8. Intex Dura Beam Standard Internal Electric

Intex Dura Beam Standard Internal Electric

The built-in, fastest inflating pump on the market can be used to fill up the twin air bed. Allow it to form and then inflate or deflate. Fiber-Tech technology makes it easier for guests to get in and out of the Twin-size air mattress by providing it with an elevated height. A built-in electric pump inflates and deflates the airbed in about 3 minutes, and the lightweight bed adjusts to your preference for an incredible night's sleep. It is made with lightweight, high strength fibers for amazing durability and comfort. There is a locked burp rest. There's no need for extra pillows with the built in pillow rest raised design. There is a bed information. The bed has a built-in pump and a hand carry bag for storing and transporting the mattress.

Brand: Intex

👤I slept on a second queen alone because I'm a single mom who can't seem to find a decent man and the bed didn't move much so my review might not help.

👤We bought a mattress in 2016 that didn't have the durabeam technology. It wasn't good. It started to leak air when it was used more than once. We saw that a lot of the intex air beds had this defect. I was hesitant to try the newer model. I did some research and found that the intex air beds were in the top air bed lists. I thought I would try it again. Better support! It's much more stable. The newer model is much better. The technology was used for the win. The bumpy surface is the only thing I don't like. I wish I had bought the dura-beam comfort plush model. The surface is not as bumpy as I thought. My husband seems to like it! These mattresses don't have the best return policy so choose wisely. The pillow part is nice. Love it. I picked this one because of that. The sheets are great to keep in place. It's an interesting material that isn't bad to sleep on, but with sheets it becomes even better. The height is perfect. I don't feel like I'm sleeping on the floor. It was raised just enough. There is storage. It's difficult to get it back in the bag. I didn't go with a larger one because it took up a lot of space. You should choose your height. The best air mattress I've tried is probably the one I tried. This is the newest model. Pleased for the price.

👤Over the years, my wife and I have tried a lot of air mattresses, because we've done a lot of camping and visiting. This is the most comfortable we've been on. The ribs across the upper surface of the mattress are usually very bad for her back. The problems seem to have been solved by this. I know it's very comfortable, but I'm not sure how. The height makes it easier to get on and off the mattress. The inflation was timed. At 2.5 minutes, it was fully inflated. There were no air pockets at the end of deflation using the pump. If it's simple and quick, you can fold up the bag. We used a hand-held exterior pump to inflate it. Once I realized that the built-in pump needed to be inflated to allow the air in, it was just as effective. We'll be watching to see if there are any leaks over time, since most mattresses do not hold air very well.

👤The mattress arrived early. The good news ends there. I can tell you that the mattress that I received is not a full size, even though I discarded a true Queen size mattress. I would prefer this size, but I don't know if they are sold as such. I would probably keep it if it held air. It has been a week now, and it is definitely beyond any phase. I will have to send this back and buy a real mattress. Hope this helps you make a buying decision. I'm not taking a loss, but I hate having to send things back. It's Grrr...


What is the best product for best air mattress twin size?

Best air mattress twin size products from Saygogo. In this article about best air mattress twin size you can see why people choose the product. Enerplex and Ez Inflate are also good brands to look for when you are finding best air mattress twin size.

What are the best brands for best air mattress twin size?

Saygogo, Enerplex and Ez Inflate are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best air mattress twin size. Find the detail in this article. Intex, Giftway and Giftway are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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