Best Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Head

Vacuum 30 Sep 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. PAXCESS Automatic Rechargeable Waterproof Lightweight

PAXCESS Automatic Rechargeable Waterproof Lightweight

One year warranty. The most innovative pool robot cleaner for Max. 100m2 inground pools/above ground pools is PAXCESS. The pool cleaner robot is powered by a 5000 mah battery, which can achieve up to 90 minutes of work, and can operate without a cable attached to an electrical outlet. Please be assured to use the IPX8 waterproof design. This automatic pool cleaner has a powerful motor and a fast moving speed, which makes it a great pool cleaner. A robotic pool cleaner can clean your pool water by trapping leaves, dirt, and sand, leaving it sparkling clean. Your pool cleaning duties will be taken over by a robot. When the battery is drained, the automatic pool cleaner will stop beside the swimming pool shore. Pull up the floating handle to let the pool cleaners get to the beach. The robot pool cleaner can be plugged into any 110v outlet. It takes about 3-6 hours for full charging. It's easy to clean. It has a floating handle that can follow the robotic pool cleaner. It is convenient for elders or women to take the pool cleaner out of the pool. The pool cleaner can climb. All pool types, such as concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools, are safe for the PAXCESS robotic pool cleaner. Energy-saving pool cleaner. No installation, no booster pump, nouction lines, norobotic pool cleaner, no maintenance, do not rely on any equipment to get the job done. You can adjust the nozzle on the pool cleaner by turning it to control the moving route to efficiently clean the pool's floor. If you have any problems, please contact them.

Brand: Paxcess

👤At this price point it seemed too good to be true, but this little sucker, well it sucks, but in a good way! I haven't washed our pool since September, we have always had a problem with the roof sand shingle running off into the pool when it rains, and with the kids dragging in fine sand as they run between the pool and the yard. I've never been able to get our pool vac to be completely clean. The little guy was able to remove 5 pounds of sand from the bottom. I was embarrassed by the state of our pool, but it did a great job. It was easy to leave the pool. I pulled the cord to the edge of the pool so I could grab the handle. I didn't have the issues other people have had with leaking contents. The instructions say to put the brush on the bottom to keep it from leaking. I was able to clean it without damaging my nails because I unclip the sides. The wheels are hollow. It takes a little longer to clean up when the contents spill into the wheels. The charging cable doesn't fit in an exterior outlet. I have to drag a wet vacuum into my house to charge it. I hope it lasts awhile, but I am pleasantly surprised by the vacuum.

👤It works well for our pool size. Thought it was going to flip over on the slopped walls, but have never done it. It had two fins. One blue and one clear. I believe one of the instructions is an extra. There is a jet in the front and one in the back. I changed one of the jets so it would make more turns. It is easy to change the jet angle. Just have to twist it. It makes more turns because of this. The coverage seemed to improve with the odd shaped pool. In any case, it cleans the entire pool in one go and there is no issue. It is very easy to use. Our previous vacs had hoses. This does not get tangled. The pool pump and filter are not affected by debris. This isn't an issue for us because it doesn't do walls. The walls are usually clean. It worked for about six months, but then began to have problems picking up dirt. Customer support sent me a new one after I contacted them. The brush on the bottom is bent up from sitting on a flat surface for a long time. The new one is on the block.

👤I have owned the cleaner for a couple of weeks. I like it so far. The Paxcess does a good job of climbing out of the deep part of the pool and back up to the 3ft area to continue sucking up debris. It runs for an hour or so, and it takes around 4 hours to charge. The screen on the filter tray can trap fine particles so you can dispose of them in your trash or the drain. It's easy to clean under a hose. The attachable brush is a bit thin, so my only concern is that. It was able to clean up some light green algae spots that I purposely let build up, but I think a thicker brush could prevent pool owners from manually brushing a few extra times a month. It was well spent.

2. Sepetrel Universal Rotatable Weighted Triangular

Sepetrel Universal Rotatable Weighted Triangular

U.S. Pool Supply has been in business for over 45 years. ROTATABLE HOSE ADAPTER is used to avoid twisting of the hose. Corner buffing is easier to do and it's a good idea to avoid scratching the pool liner. The weighted body. The contact is with the pool bottom. They made drainage holes in the weight blocks to dry them. The bottom brush and roller is used for pool cleaning. Also, note: The vacuum head works with hoses. The handle works with pool poles.

Brand: Sepetrel

👤I was not going to wait for the water to get stagnant to rust my weights. The weight chamber had two holes drilled on the top and bottom. The one hole design isn't a good idea because it doesn't have enough holes to allow for draining and drying. The unit works.

👤Does well with algae. The weight compartment is filled with water. One is filled with rusty water. Only used once. Suggest that they be sealed first.

👤I wish I had found this head when I had my pool. I used to use the rolling vac, but it kept sticking. I was worried that it would rip the liner. I tried it on the filters and they were great. The vac was made to cling to the bottom by the waste setting, which made it really dirty. The brushes scrubbing the liner made it take half the time as my old roller vac and cleaner. The weight was a little light, but it will make up for it in the end. Great purchase! I would have bought the most expensive vac on AMazon, but I don't think any other vac will work as well. m/

👤I was hoping to get a vacuum with a pole attachment, but this one looked good and I liked it. I tried it out instead of returning it and I get what I paid for. It has holes in the bottom to let water in, but within hours of use, the weights started to rust.

👤It works well, but there is no way to get the water out that is trapped inside.

👤The unit uses 3 roller balls for maneuvering around the pool floor. The pool floor surface is rendered useless by the many brushes preventing the rollers from contacting it. It's a chore than necessary.

👤The short rollers for this product make it more like a brush, since they don't touch the pool's surface. The various directions of the different brushes make it difficult to push or maneuver on the pool's surface. flimsy plastic is an important part of maneuverability. The piece was in a smashed up box, but it looked fine. There was only one broken plastic piece that looked unimportant. It is a cool design, but poor execution renders it useless garbage. I would have liked to try it before the return date. It was missed by 2 days. Dang.

👤I was looking for a vac head that was a little heavier weighted, I am not happy with this vac head. This one tends to float up on long passes in the pool. You can't see what is being picked up until after it is dropped off in the pool floor. It could be better. I will be replacing it with something else.

3. POOLWHALE See Thru Weighted Transparent Triangular

POOLWHALE See Thru Weighted Transparent Triangular

The pool poles and vacuum hose are sold separately. It is easy to vacuum without twisting the hose. Accepts vacuum hose of 1 or more inches. Handle is not included on any telescopic pole. The bottom brush and ball wheels should be positioned in a reasonable way. The vacuum head is molded from soft and elastic material.

Brand: Poolwhale

👤I wanted the product to work well. It seemed to brush the dirt around. I had to make a lot of passes in order to clean it all up. It may be good for smaller jobs.

👤The vacuum sucked in more than one way. The vacuum head has nothing to do with suction power. The brush layout made it hard for me to scrub close to the edge. I used a manual brush to scrub the areas that the vacuum missed. You should get a vacuum that has a brush on the outer edge to get in all the nooks and crannies. The metal weight compartment caused a pretty gross looking mixture of rusty water but it did not seem to leak out during use. I will not be using this next year.

👤Many people say that this is a game-changer for pool maintenance. I suppose it is for some, but not for my purpose. This is the best value for your money according to a lot of people. Many items are more expensive because of that. One of these industries is pools. I don't know why water based suction is so expensive. I think this is a good value for your money, however there are add on costs that are often not accounted for. You will need a handle to maneuver the pool hose around and an additional pool hose if you purchase a pool cleaner. It isn't all that expensive. It doubles the price. I found that even though our filter is designed for a larger pool, the suction on the pump was not enough. I used the end of the pool filter hose to vacuum the bottom of the pool because this didn't pick up anything from there. Without the attachment the pool hose was able to pick up the sand, leaves, and random debris that had sunk to the bottom of the pool. I have a small pool so it was easy to use a 1.25 inch hose to vacuum the bottom. This would be a decent product if you had a larger area to cover and you didn't care about every leaf getting sucked up.

👤I have a small fiberglass pool with lots of benches, steps, and corners, and the 'free' cleaning head that our installer provided was not the right solution. If you have a pool that's more than a circle, then you need this brush. You can see the number of curves and corners that they create when they build the pool if you look up on line. The vacuum head follows the curves very well. The hose attachment helps the vacuum stay on the bottom of the pool, but I didn't see it in the description. The fact that it pivots is a simple but important feature, and it only has about a 25 or 30 degree area of movement.

👤I bought a new pool vacuum a month ago. I was hoping that it was a little heavier for a better fit for the pool floor, since I am moving it around and it floats a little bit instead of sticking to the floor bottom. The old one was heavier and didn't rise off the pool floor while vacuuming, it kept a good suction. I own a pool pump. It's not the pump's job. I don't know if I would buy it again, but it does what I need it to do.

4. U S Pool Supply Butterfly Connection

U S Pool Supply Butterfly Connection

The vacuum head is made from plastic to be resistant to pool chemicals. The cleaning surface is 11in. It was wide. The connection accepts 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" hose. The clip handle is for attaching poles. Weighted body is in contact with the pool bottom. It's ideal for vinyl lined pools. One year warranty.

Brand: U.s. Pool Supply

👤The product is great for the price. Cleans our pool very nicely. It was the perfect weight.

👤The slightly rounded edge made me buy this for my pool. It is easy to use because it has multi-directional brushes on the bottom. It's very easy to move. I'm very happy with the purchase.

👤I say I love this vacuum. It's perfect for vinyl pools since most above ground pools are not completely level. It's light enough to do the walls, yet heavy enough to stay on the bottom. I cleaned my pool in record time because the brushes do not push the dirt away from the head, which is different from any other vacuum. It was a nightmare to use the other one. This one is very easy to maneuver. I am surprised that no other company had thought of this type of vacuum head. I decided to take a chance even without any reviews. I was not disappointed. If this wears out, will buy another.

👤I would expect this to function the same. I've never used a triangle shaped vacuum before. This is the same width, but much easier to move forward and backwards. The act of holding the pole and pushing it forward and backwards is enough to keep it in contact with the bottom of the pool. I wish I had a bigger head, but I'm not sure how good it would have been. I am happy with the price.

👤It works well for my index easy set pool.

👤The item works well, but it is not as big as was described. It definitely takes more time to vacuum our pool. It's not 'accidently' bigger or better than the description. Most things you buy now. It's funny. Here are some pics included on the review.

👤The pool vaccum has been acting up and this replacement was able to clean up the bottom of the pool quickly. It's light and easy to maneuver, and heavy enough to stay on the floor.

👤The Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head is easy to keep on the bottom even if you push or pull it. The head has only one issue, that the bristles on the bottom don't allow the brush to move smoothly across my bottom and walls. I'm keeping it because I'm too lazy to send it back, I only use one of those vac hose attached automatic pool cleaners, and I only wanted this to use after a lot of leaf debris gets blown into the pool. I will get something without the bristles on the bottom if I replace this.

5. XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum Generic Cleaner

XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum Generic Cleaner

A minimum flow rate of 800 gph is required. There are 10 hoses for a 30' pool. Does not clean stairs. It's necessary to have at least a 1hp swimming pool pump or 1600 GHP. There are no tools or electricity needed. Attaches to your existing system. The cleaner should be moving quickly around the pool. Automatic operation by self-navigating around the water on set patterns for the top to bottom pool cleaning. Refer to the PDF attached for the manual and guide.

Brand: Xtremepowerus

👤I usually don't write reviews but I felt that this one was justified. If you're reading this, you might be considering passing on this item because of the low price and some negative reviews. My experiences with this guy might be helpful if you read this first. My pool is an old 20x40 vinyl lined sand bottom pool. It's got nothing but sharp corners and angles that make it eat pool vacuums for breakfast or any other time it's hungry. It is surrounded by trees. The pool is where vacuums die. This is a 4 star review because there is no help with the vac to explain why it might not be working. Line one - don't use all the included hose sections if you have old ones. The heavy duty hose is cool in theory, but its weight and inflexibility made it hard for me to move. I found that using only two sections of the aqua hose was enough, but I needed to use them more. The machine is designed to work with that weight, but the sections that always sit at the surface should be replaced with something lighter and more flexible. Without a separate power source, this vacuum can have trouble fighting the hose on the walls, and it works by "hopping" with the motion and weight of the flapper inside. I found the third yellow weight to be unneeded, and it's been on my table for months. I put the first weight on the end of the vac and the second on the second section of the hose. It will slide down if you don't check it. Don't point your returns up at the surface while using this! You'll never get good coverage because the current catches the hose like a sail. Point them out a little. There are two more Things get stuck. The guy has already removed hundreds of leaves. Does it get caught occasionally? The easiest fix for me is to put it in front of the return, pull it off, and put it back on the wall. So far, I have gone back to putting immediately. There are 3 more It hurts! It sits there or doesn't climb the walls. I would bet that your pool is your filter/pump and not this vacuum. My pool is a lot like a vacuum with its angles, bumpy surfaces, and other pitfalls. The vac is laughing at the pool. But why? You need a lot of flow. I think that could be a movie title. I have a skimmer and a vacuum on the wall. The second skimmer stays off. I don't use the pipe they gave me. I don't know where it is. The vacuum will not work if myFILTER is not clean, even with a 1hp pump. It sits in the deep end and sucks. No. You don't care about maintaining your pool. If you listen, this vacuum will tell you. The vac goes "rata-tat-tat-tat" multiple times per second on a recently backwashed or clean filter. The vacuum powers through everything. The water flow slows and the vacuum starts to suck as the filter fills up. But not now. I need to backwash my filter every week. The vacuum showed me the light and I was doing it less frequently. Check your filters! It's more likely that the vacuum is causing an issue than it is that. I almost bought a vacuum twice as expensive as the $90 I paid for it, which has already paid for itself in time saved, how awesome the pool looks, and lower maintenance elsewhere. It's been great, I'm glad a review swayed me to give it a try. Remember to be smarter than the machine you're using and find the root of the problem. Great product.

6. U S Pool Supply Weighted Connection

U S Pool Supply Weighted Connection

The vacuum head is molded from soft and elastic material. The Weighted Pool Vacuum Head has nylon Bottom and Side Brushes. It accepts 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" hoses. The weighted body keeps contact with the pool bottom and the nylon bottom and side bristles scrub the surface as the vacuum quickly removes debris from floors, walls, corners and slopes. The head of the vacuum has two air-relief valves that can be used to release excess air from the pool floor. The handle comes with buttons that prevent your fingers from getting pinched or jammed while attaching or detaching a telescopic pole. All standard 1-1/4" size pool accessory Poles are compatible. Pole not included. U.S. Pool Supply has been in business for over 45 years. U.S. Pool Supply has been in business for over 45 years.

Brand: U.s. Pool Supply

👤Those people couldn't get a donut out of a paper bag. You can't vacuum a pool like you vacuum carpet. Cleaning the pool is not a chore, it's your "Get the hell away from everyone" activity. Let's get started with a radio, a few beers, and maybe a few drinks. Unless you have a pool pump that has more power than the one Heard has, you're going to have to slow down. I close the little vents on top and let the vacuum move forward. Pull it back, set it back, and wait until the backstroke settles, then do a long slow sweep. When the pump is running, don't pull the vacuum out of the water because it will break the water surface. If people have a problem with that donut in the bag, this will be impossible for them.

👤The brushes looked ok, but they were all damaged. Does it matter? It doesn't suck, but it is weighted. I checked my pressure and washed it. I went to Lowe's and bought a regular triangle. The only reason I bought this was that my old triangle broke at the clips and I wanted this one to let me clean faster. Nope.

👤The base is 14 inches wide and the bristles are 2 inches. It's wide enough for my above ground pool. I used to buy Lowes junk, but it looks better now. If you go too fast it will lift if you use forward strokes. It will do its job if you use it right. Don't forget to use a 1.5 inch hose. The side bristles are too long and cause loss of suction. The vacuum head is more efficient if you remove it using a flathead screwdriver and grinder. It is closer to the bottom. The vacuum can be vacuumier. They should be removed from the factory.

👤This is the best vacuum head I've tried. It's easy to move around. Great movement. It has brushes on the sides. The vents are great. I believe the reason the vacuum doesn't get stuck is because of the vents.

👤I was looking for a vacuum head with a brush bigger than the useless triangles. I couldn't use it for more than 5 minutes because the brushes don't snap into the head securely, and one fell off. I snapped it back into the holder. A brush fell off after a couple of passes. This time it was different. I would have tried to glue the brushes in to make them permanent, but I noticed that hundreds of brush bristles were floating on the water surface. Maybe they work for vinyl liners but not in an aggregate pool.

👤This thing is amazing if you read the instructions correctly. I spent so much time trying to use an automatic vacuum, that spread more than it picked up and it went over the same spots, to run the filter, backwash, rinse etc, over and over and over, trying to clean the dead algae on the bottom of the pool. My pool was clean in less than 30 minutes. There is a piece of plastic that can be easily replaced with a steel pin. It was worth the purchase.

7. U S Pool Supply Transparent Triangular

U S Pool Supply Transparent Triangular

Energy-saving pool cleaner. No installation, no booster pump, nouction lines, norobotic pool cleaner, no maintenance, do not rely on any equipment to get the job done. You can adjust the nozzle on the pool cleaner by turning it to control the moving route to efficiently clean the pool's floor. If you have any problems, please contact them. The clip handle is for attaching poles. The bottom viewing is allowed while the body is being cleaned. The triangular body is easy to clean. One year warranty. One year warranty.

Brand: U.s. Pool Supply

👤I was going to buy the $47 version of this because I thought it would not be built well enough to handle the job. I was wrong. The bottom of my inground pool was cleaned by this vacuum head. Most of the grass and leaves in my pool had already turned to dirt and mush. The vacuum head did a great job. My pool is clean. I will finish the job when I get home. Don't let the price fool you. I expect this to be used a lot before it needs to be replaced. The vacuum head is a lifesaver. I've put off replacing my pool vacuum because of the cost. I was able to get my pool looking the way it should without the vacuum. This product is very good. It is sturdy and does what it says it will do. Slow down and allow the debris to get sucked up into the system.

👤I had a long brush type that only sucked up dirt if you ran the center directly over the dirt, which was frustrating. The dirt was stirred up by the left and right. This one does a better job of creating suction and has multiple brushes so when it stirs up dirt it is still under the triangle and gets sucked in. I was able to cut the vacuuming time by more than half because it has a larger area and has a smaller footprint. I think the plastic was cracked when it arrived. I didn't use it or take it out of the bag, so I'm not sure. There is a I still recommend it! I used a bit of duck tape.

👤I can't say enough good things about this thing. The way the brushes are positioned helps direct the flow to the object. We had a bad bloom on opening. I turned off the pump and let it settle. I used to vacuum to get rid of the green guys. It was pretty satisfying to watch this guy cut through the gunk and leave a clean path behind. It didn't cloud up and cause problems. The see through plastic allows you to watch it all get sucked up, and if there was a leaf blocking the flow of air, I could see it and pull it off. I think this is a great idea.

👤The vacuum head didn't survive a pool cleaning. The brushes are not strong. More than half of the brushes had come loose from their sockets and been sucked up the pool pipe. The brushes wouldn't stay in place even when they were reinserted because the clips holding them in place had been altered. Definitely not a good idea.

👤The vacuum was only used for touch-ups prior to pool parties. This was never left in the sun, hung up with the other pool equipment out of the sun, and broke when being lifted out of the water. That's it. It broke away when I lifted it out of the water. I contacted the manufacturer and thought that it was a defect. This was not going to be exposed during a 1 year warranty due to infrequent use. This was rejected and so I'm posting this as a warning to others.

8. Intex Deluxe Maintenance Above Ground

Intex Deluxe Maintenance Above Ground

Automatic operation by self-navigating around the water on set patterns for the top to bottom pool cleaning. Refer to the PDF attached for the manual and guide. A minimum flow rate of 800 gph is required. The pool floor and the filter are sucked up by a vacuum. Attaches to the outlet in the pool. The skimmer net is durable and deep.

Brand: Intex

👤I only had this for a couple of days. I wasn't expecting much, but it works really well after reading a lot of reviews. I'm only giving it 4 stars. Before using the hose, the instructions say to fill it. You don't know how to full a hose if you've never cleaned a pool. I had to watch a couple videos to figure it out. The vacuum needs water in order to work. If there is air in the hose, it won't work. People were complaining about the vacuum not staying together in some reviews. I gave it a couple of test runs and saw that the bottom piece was falling off the vacuum attachment. I tinkered with it after taking it out. When you screw it on once, you assume it's on, but I gently screwed it in more and heard a second click. I no longer had that problem. There is a 15 foot intex pool attached to mine. I put the rubber piece in the other hole after attaching the hose to the first one. The hose gives you maximum suction. I pulled the filter out of the vacuum after 10 minutes to see if it was picking up debre. It was very well. I vacuumed the bag again. The 2nd vacuuming took place after 10 minutes. Hope this helps.

👤Oh. My. Goodness. I wanted this to arrive here. It arrived a day early. I have had my pool up for about a month now and no brushes or vacuums. I had 2 separate issues with algae, and the pool is under trees. The trees are not making a lot of mess. I opened the box when it arrived and took a step back to see how good the quality was. The pole is very heavy. It can be extended with 2 separate sections. It is nice and sturdy because of that. It's thick. Everything was perfect. There were no issues. I needed a vacuum that didn't use a garden hose because I have well water. I wasn't going to have to take 10 steps. This holds the dirt and pine needles in the bag, which is inside a housing that sucks the water into the filter. I knew I had a lot of pine tree junk on the floor, but we only used the pool 3 times. And never leaving. The amount of sand that went through the filter shocked me. That was not a big deal. When I was done, I washed the pool filter. There are piles of nasty stuff in the photos and video. I vacuumed around them to make sure you could see them better. They are at least an inch high. It was thick and heavy. I used the vacuum head without the brushes. You can see how fast that little head did that, without making it a mess or floating all over. If someone tells you this set isn't worth it. They are wrong. I upgraded the pool's original sand filter to a 2100gph one. The suction is even better than before. Take into account what you have for a filter when using this. There is a note to intex. ... You were selling this at a decent price. You raised the price a week ago because you were selling so many. Shame on you. If I wasn't so desperate my pride would have forced me to look somewhere else. Thank you.

9. Milliard Sea Thru Triangle Weighted Cleaning

Milliard Sea Thru Triangle Weighted Cleaning

The included items are an all-purpose bag, disposable micro-filter bags, and pole adapter. The vacuum port is compatible with 112 and 114 inch vacuum hoses. The triangular plastic body is see-thru for accurate vacuuming along walls and into corners. The vacuum head is at the bottom of the pool. There are rubber bumpers on the sides of the pool liners. The nylon bristles at the bottom are gentle on pool floors and can be used to funnel dirt. The vacuum head is made from plastic to be resistant to pool chemicals. The cleaning surface is 11in. It was wide.

Brand: Milliard

👤Terrible. I had an in ground pool. I was unable to slide it through the pool surface. The auction wouldn't let me move it or pull it out of the pool on three occasions. I had to turn off the pump to get it out. I got a back ache trying to push or pull this thing. I think something with wheels is the best thing. That is what my pool guy brings. I wanted to do a quick vacuum if the pool was dirty and I wanted to use something simple. This isn't the product for that. I am returning it because it did not fulfill the advertised job. Will be looking at something with wheels.

👤I ordered this hoping it would help my husband and I transform our pool from swamp to crystal blue. Our landlord replaced our pump after it went out, so you can imagine what we were faced with. We had a thick layer of dead algae on the bottom of the pool that needed to be vacuumed after we had triple shocked the pool. I immediately noticed how well this head vacuumed and used the brushes to guide the algae into the line after I hooked it up to the pump vacuum line.

👤A triangle with multiple brushing heads works great. It was easy to push around the inside of the pool and clean the liner. It loosened up the tough algae that had settled on the side while we were on vacation. It was attached to the poles and hoses. I would definitely purchase this again.

👤These are not real reviews. It's difficult to move this on the pool. It's small and I'm fault for not looking closer at the size. Good luck if you are going to put this on a pool pole and vacuum your entire pool.

👤The triangular head is where the white plastic handle snaps off. I put my red pen on one of the two points so that you can see where the blue plastic snapped. We only ordered the same thing again because we don't know what other product will fit our hose for certain, but after having them both snap off at the same point, I'm not hopeful this new one will be any better. The attachment point needs to be stronger.

👤The vacuum head seemed to work well. The weighted head stayed on the ground. I made my own handle from a broom stick, which won't sink if the handle slips out of my hand. It stays upright. With my setup, I just took my time and moved around slowly, and it was able to pick up everything I ran across. I have a blue vinyl liner, so it isn't easy to see things as they are sucked up, but anything darker can be seen pretty good. It took me around 30 minutes to do a good job, as this was the first real vacuum after opening the pool for the season, and my pool is a 15x25 oval with a little over 12,000 gallons per manual. I would buy it again. One reviewer said that the part for the hose attachment would not work with 1 1/2 hose, but mine works just fine. It works well because the hose is just right up to the head.

10. Milliard Pool Spa Vacuum Head

Milliard Pool Spa Vacuum Head

One year warranty. Milliard's pool vacuum head is weighted so it sinks right to the bottom of the pool and stays there, making it easy to clean. The air-relief valve releases excess air to give you the best cleaning performance. The soft bristles of the pool brush are softer than nylon and give the perfect balance to clean all types of pool surfaces. The vacuum port is compatible with 1.25” and 1.5” vacuum hoses and the handle has spring loaded locking clips that make it easy to attach to extension poles. The vacuum head is made from plastic and is resistant to pool chemicals. When you purchase Milliard, you can be confident that you will get a dedicated team of real people ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They are happy to help you with anything you need.

Brand: Milliard

👤I was really looking forward to using this, however, when I tried to attach the end of my hose, the vacuum head opening was only 1-1/4” This is not correct, it is a 1/2” I have to return this item. The opening needs to be bigger to show only one side.

👤The unit does a great job for the price. I needed a simple pool that would stay on the bottom of the pool when vacuuming, but I didn't think it would rip a hole in the liner. It did that thanks to the combination of the pressure relief valves and the extra weight. For one summer. I was trying to clean the pool for the first time this year, after it had been used a number of times in the summer. The head snapped off the extension pole when I got about 1/3 of the way through. The piece of plastic that surrounds the spring that keeps the vacuum head in place is only an inch in diameter, and it appears the hinge pin between the head and the portion that fits into the pole is only an inch in diameter. The plastic piece is not strong enough to hold up to a lot of use. I solved this problem with a simple bolt from my local hardware store, but anything that skimps on such an important piece just to save a few cents per unit doesn't deserve more than three stars overall. I'm satisfied with how this vacuum performs, but I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone else or buy it again in the future because of the design flaw.

👤I wasn't expecting much from this vacuum. It's just a brush connected to the pool filter. After using it to clean up some dirt at the bottom of my pool, I was very impressed. The weights keep it on the floor, and the pressure release vents keep it out of one spot. I should have bought one a long time ago.

👤I was told to switch from a wheeled vac head to one with a brush after our inground pool was replastered. I arrived at the vac head thanks to my fellow reviewers. The first time using the new vac head. The Milliard is a good vacuum, however, it is difficult to push. Possibly due to really good suction? I have to get it started by lifting my head when I start pushing. As it gets farther away, it moves better. I lowered my pump speed to see if it would make a difference. I only dropped 100 RPM's to 2900. I may have to play with the strong suction a bit more. It could be the answer to the slow movement. You can climb the walls below if you have a strong spring in the center that flips the head back to flat against the pole. The valves do nothing. It was sluggish throughout my cleaning today. It does the job in three different ways. The ability to scrub is one of the things the brush provides. Wheels can't do that. I might use the wheels or brush as I see fit. The purchase was fairly priced. Milliard is a good company that cares about their customers and is committed to live by the golden rules of products/sales. Quality 2. Value 3. It was satisfaction.

11. POOL BLASTER Rechargeable Battery Powered Swimming

POOL BLASTER Rechargeable Battery Powered Swimming

Must be submerged to operate. It is immoral. The battery is rechargeable. It's perfect for cleaning the swimming pool and the hot tub. No cords or hoses needed. It's ideal for small in-ground, soft-sided and above ground pools. TheTILE CLEANING includes a 7.5” vacuum head with a removal option for general cleaning or exposing the nose cone head for hard to get areas. A variety of debris is captured. Run time: The Catfish is designed to run for 45 minutes. It is easy to operate. Push-button operation. Attaching a telescopic pool pole is easy and lightweight. Easy set, metal frame, and PVC frame pools are easy to clean. pole not included The 7.5" vacuum head has a soft bristle brush and a wall charge.

Brand: Pool Blaster

👤This is easier than using a vacuum and hose and I got a new pump this summer that solved the vacuum problem. It wasn't strong enough to provide much strength. I would not have bought this if I had known that I would have spent the money on a better pump and turned an hour's work into a few minutes. It's great for small jobs, but it doesn't replace an effective pump. This is better than hauling a lot of hose to the pool. I thought it would be larger. My pump did not do a good job at vacuuming the pool. This is effective and small. It doesn't make a lot of junk on the bottom. It's easy to dump out the debris bag if you want to resume vacuuming. The price could be lower. It cost me $75. It should have been about $50. If you found this review helpful, please check "Yes" I rely on others' reviews to make an informed decision whenever I make a purchase, so it is my intention to help others do the same. Questions or feedback are welcome.

👤The little cleaner worked well for the first few uses. It was difficult to turn on after being in the pool for several times. After only 6 or 7 uses, it has failed completely. If it's in the original box, we can only return it. What is that? I don't know a lot of people who fill their house with original packaging after buying something. We will have to find a better cleaner for this piece of worthless plastic because it will go to the landfill. Don't waste your money. There is an update. I opened it to make sure we didn't have a loose wire. The insides of the buildings have a lot of rust on them. The rusty water poured out when I took the top off. I'm pretty sure this isn't how it's supposed to work. Still trying to get in touch with customer service.

👤I have had it for 2 years. I am careful about draining it and not leaving it outside. I have an important trick. I found that some of the sand wouldn't get caught in the bag. I took a women's nylon knee, cut off a few inches, and put it outside the white bag, folding top over black ring. What a difference!

👤I was a little hesitant to buy this vacuum. We have a 36' round. Above ground pool. We used the automatic vacuum that came with the pool. We bought a yellow bug vacuum. I worked a few weeks and never did it again. We made our own out of pipe. I didn't think I had much to lose. I bought it. I was surprised at how small it was. It felt like a toy. It will take at least four hours to charge it up. The reviewer mentioned that he had prepared a space with the hose nearby so he could clean it out frequently. I followed his advice. The little thing works like magic. It cleans everything and has good suction. The pool is so large that I have developed a method. I sweep the entire pool with a brush, then I walk circles to collect the trash from the center of the pool. I scoop anything large with the net and then I work with the Catfish to finish the job. The first time I used it, I ran the battery down because I was just testing and playing with it, but since creating a routine, the entire pool is cleaned in about 30 to 45 minutes. There is a mesh bag that comes with the catfish that you have to go in to catch. There are two more bags in the box. They are thick and make it difficult to attach the vacuum head once in place. Use cheap hose for ladies. They work well and are very thin. You'll see what I mean when you get one, but if you buy extra silicone lube, use it on the rubber seal before every use. If you put the Catfish in the water, make sure to turn it on before turning it off. The Catfish is outside. When you're done, dry it off and keep it indoors, not in the sun or in an outdoor cabinet. We have ours in the house. Plug it when the light turns green. If you leave it plugged in indefinitely, you will kill the battery. What is the bottom line? This thing does what it is supposed to do and it does it well, even though it might look like a toy. Very impressed.


What is the best product for best above ground pool vacuum head?

Best above ground pool vacuum head products from Paxcess. In this article about best above ground pool vacuum head you can see why people choose the product. Sepetrel and Poolwhale are also good brands to look for when you are finding best above ground pool vacuum head.

What are the best brands for best above ground pool vacuum head?

Paxcess, Sepetrel and Poolwhale are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best above ground pool vacuum head. Find the detail in this article. U.s. Pool Supply, Xtremepowerus and U.s. Pool Supply are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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