Best Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum for Sand

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1. Intex 28001E Auto Pool Cleaner

Intex 28001E Auto Pool Cleaner

The skimmer net is durable and deep. Air powered is the type of power source.

Brand: Intex

👤We were not able to use this product because the threading for the intake adaptor for the vacuum did not match the intake on our new Intex metal frame pool. The vacuum intake and the intake connector that came with the pool are pictured. The vacuum cannot be attached to the pool. We tried to call Intex many times but never got through. We couldn't find any help on their website and we couldn't get in touch with customer service via email. We are returning the product because we can't use it and can't get assistance to fix the problem.

👤I bought this cleaner a year ago. I have an Intex pool that is 18 feet above ground and I was excited to have a cleaner with connections for it. Like other's who have written reviews here, I stopped moving. I have an adequate GPH on my sand filter. I made sure the screen on the cleaner wasn't full by checking the hose connections. When I put the cleaner back in the water, it would stop moving after a few minutes, but it wouldn't stop again. The end of pool season was near and I was frustrated. I took it out and put it away. At the beginning of the pool season, I put it in the pool and it took off. After about 10 minutes, it stopped moving and wouldn't start again. I opened the cleaner after taking it out. I noticed that the motor had a lot of turning movement and the ends of the cleaner were not lined up with the outside openings. The cleaner couldn't move around because the water ends weren't lined up. There is a grey nut on top of the cleaner that the hose D hooks to. I screwed the nut back tightly after I removed the nut and lined the motor up. I re-attached hose D to make sure there wasn't any movement in the motor so the water ends wouldn't become stuck again. I put it back in the water and it ran perfectly all day. You have tried everything else and your cleaner won't move. Make sure the motor ends where the water shoots out is lined up with the cleaner 2. Make sure the nut on the cleaner is tight.

👤I thought it would be foolish to replace my pool vac for less than a third of the replacement cost, but this Intex automatic pool cleaner really, actually, and incredibly works. It's fun to watch it and see what happens. My pool was clean in an hour, and it had covered every square inch.

👤It works great. Hooks to water are not on the pump side. The sand was trapped by the filter screen. I love it! It took four hours to run it, then cleaned the vacuum screen twice. The Coleman pool I have is 22' x 52" and has some crease in the liner. My pump has a sand filter. The pump zooms around the pool. The vacuum would probably be too big if there was more water pressure.

2. AIPER SMART Automatic Lightweight Waterproof

AIPER SMART Automatic Lightweight Waterproof

There is more run time. The Max is designed to run for an hour. Push-Button operation. . Attaches to a telescopic pool pole. The pool pole is not included. This automatic pool cleaner is 100% cord free, no hose, no cultter cord, and it will clean your pool in around 50 minutes. The upgraded pool vacuum has 2 powerful motors to provide strong suction and 2 bottom brushes to clean the pool with ease. Self-dock smart technology tells pool cleaner robotic stops near the pool wall when the battery is low or completes a working cycle for easy retrieval, which means you can lift it to get it out of the pool and without entering the water. It's convenient for you to use. This robotic pool cleaner has a built-in IPX8 waterproof battery. Plug it into any outlet and you're good to go for the next cleaning. For fully charged, it takes 3-4 hours. Drop it in, let it go and lift it out, it is only 6.6 lbs., it is easy to use. The filter tray is easy to clean, simply remove the cover, rinse the filter, and use a water hose to clean it.

Brand: Aiper Smart

👤The average size inground pool has a pool cleaner. This cleaner is a bit smaller than our other one, but we chose it because it is lightweight and cordless, and it is designed for a smaller space than ours. It takes a little while to get the pool warmed up, the chemicals ready, and operational, after we opened our pool. We use our auto cover a lot more this time of year to repel dirt and debris. The advantage of this little guy is that we can clean the pool with the cover on. This is a huge advantage and the fact that we were unable to do this with our pool cleaner became an issue. My husband likes to leave the pool cleaner running while we are trying to use the pool, which can be a bit awkward. It is early in the season and we haven't run into that yet, but the cordless operation of the cleaner will allow us to operate it and swim with a little more comfort. It only takes a few hours to charge fully, as I was reading most of these require an overnight charge, and it is doing a great job getting our pool spring ready. My underwater camera allowed me to capture this little guy in action, so check out my video for a demonstration. I cannot recommend automatic pool cleaners enough, so I am excited to let this one go this pool season.

👤We love this little guy. The above ground pool is 15'x38" It was difficult to find a sweep that was large enough to run over the bottom without stopping at the folds. It works well. The small bugs that land on the bottom get even the smallest of bites. If there aren't many pine needles and oak leaves. We run it in the morning and afternoon. It is easy to clean. It takes 2 hours to replenish, however it beats pushing the broom and not getting everything. Next best thing would be a solar one. The pool looks great now.

👤I sent it back. It went bad after a good review. The next day, it would just sit and hit the wall. The top was not smooth enough to flip over. I had high expectations. It had a good battery life. Too bad. I wasn't sure if the battery power was going to do it. I'm an engineer. I know about batteries. I dropped in the water after I charged it. I have a pool. After 20 minutes, it started slowing down. I'm not sure if the batteries were lasting as long as they said they were. I opened it and there was a lot of debris. The water flow was restricted by the screen covered by the algae. The screen ran great after I cleaned it. The battery runs for about 50 minutes. That's all my pool needs.

👤We have a pool that is 21" above ground and live in a windy area. The pool gets dirty very quickly. We have tried a lot of vacuums and this is the first one that works well. Charge it up and put it in the pool, then check back in an hour and you'll see that sucker has sucked up all the dirt. We had to make one minor hack. We live on a tropical island and the dust is too small for a filter. Our poolba would fly around the pool with a jet of dust in the back. The filter is easier to clean now that we have stuck cheesecloth on it. The cheese cloth needs to be washed between cleanings but it does a better job with the tiny particles.

3. POOL BLASTER Rechargeable Battery Powered Swimming

POOL BLASTER Rechargeable Battery Powered Swimming

Must be submerged to operate. It is immoral. The battery is rechargeable. It's perfect for cleaning the swimming pool and the hot tub. No cords or hoses needed. It's ideal for small in-ground, soft-sided and above ground pools. TheTILE CLEANING includes a 7.5” vacuum head with a removal option for general cleaning or exposing the nose cone head for hard to get areas. A variety of debris is captured. Run time: The Catfish is designed to run for 45 minutes. It is easy to operate. Push-button operation. Attaching a telescopic pool pole is easy and lightweight. Easy set, metal frame, and PVC frame pools are easy to clean. pole not included The 7.5" vacuum head has a soft bristle brush and a wall charge.

Brand: Pool Blaster

👤This is easier than using a vacuum and hose and I got a new pump this summer that solved the vacuum problem. It wasn't strong enough to provide much strength. I would not have bought this if I had known that I would have spent the money on a better pump and turned an hour's work into a few minutes. It's great for small jobs, but it doesn't replace an effective pump. This is better than hauling a lot of hose to the pool. I thought it would be larger. My pump did not do a good job at vacuuming the pool. This is effective and small. It doesn't make a lot of junk on the bottom. It's easy to dump out the debris bag if you want to resume vacuuming. The price could be lower. It cost me $75. It should have been about $50. If you found this review helpful, please check "Yes" I rely on others' reviews to make an informed decision whenever I make a purchase, so it is my intention to help others do the same. Questions or feedback are welcome.

👤The little cleaner worked well for the first few uses. It was difficult to turn on after being in the pool for several times. After only 6 or 7 uses, it has failed completely. If it's in the original box, we can only return it. What is that? I don't know a lot of people who fill their house with original packaging after buying something. We will have to find a better cleaner for this piece of worthless plastic because it will go to the landfill. Don't waste your money. There is an update. I opened it to make sure we didn't have a loose wire. The insides of the buildings have a lot of rust on them. The rusty water poured out when I took the top off. I'm pretty sure this isn't how it's supposed to work. Still trying to get in touch with customer service.

👤I have had it for 2 years. I am careful about draining it and not leaving it outside. I have an important trick. I found that some of the sand wouldn't get caught in the bag. I took a women's nylon knee, cut off a few inches, and put it outside the white bag, folding top over black ring. What a difference!

👤I was a little hesitant to buy this vacuum. We have a 36' round. Above ground pool. We used the automatic vacuum that came with the pool. We bought a yellow bug vacuum. I worked a few weeks and never did it again. We made our own out of pipe. I didn't think I had much to lose. I bought it. I was surprised at how small it was. It felt like a toy. It will take at least four hours to charge it up. The reviewer mentioned that he had prepared a space with the hose nearby so he could clean it out frequently. I followed his advice. The little thing works like magic. It cleans everything and has good suction. The pool is so large that I have developed a method. I sweep the entire pool with a brush, then I walk circles to collect the trash from the center of the pool. I scoop anything large with the net and then I work with the Catfish to finish the job. The first time I used it, I ran the battery down because I was just testing and playing with it, but since creating a routine, the entire pool is cleaned in about 30 to 45 minutes. There is a mesh bag that comes with the catfish that you have to go in to catch. There are two more bags in the box. They are thick and make it difficult to attach the vacuum head once in place. Use cheap hose for ladies. They work well and are very thin. You'll see what I mean when you get one, but if you buy extra silicone lube, use it on the rubber seal before every use. If you put the Catfish in the water, make sure to turn it on before turning it off. The Catfish is outside. When you're done, dry it off and keep it indoors, not in the sun or in an outdoor cabinet. We have ours in the house. Plug it when the light turns green. If you leave it plugged in indefinitely, you will kill the battery. What is the bottom line? This thing does what it is supposed to do and it does it well, even though it might look like a toy. Very impressed.

4. POOLWHALE Portable Underwater Included Fountains

POOLWHALE Portable Underwater Included Fountains

Air powered is the type of power source. The pool spa has a mini jet vac. The pool has stains, leaves and stones. A complete underwater vacuum cleaner with 6 sections pole and brushes. Attaches to garden hose. Simple design and easy to assemble.

Brand: Poolwhale

👤A tool for above ground pools. I was naive when I bought my pool because I didn't know that my skimmer pump would take care of all the junk in the pool. There was dirt, plant matter, and dead flies on the bottom three weeks later. I looked up pool vacs after a freak out about how gross the pool was. ImMEDIATEICKER SHOCK! I didn't want to pay over $100 for a pool vacuum. I would end up paying more for the vac than the pool. The bad boy checked all the boxes. You can't beat less than $20 2. This can be broken down and boxed up when it isn't needed and put back together. The mesh bags are easy to clean and sucked up all the leaves, bugs, and junk from the bottom of my pool in less than ten minutes. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a pool or spa refresh, this is a great option. Does what the description says.

👤I have a German Shepherd dog and he has a pool. Check out my pictures and videos. When the bag is submerged make sure you turn on the water.

👤I bought this because of the price. We bought a Coleman 18ft pool because we knew water parks wouldn't be open and we were in NY. I read other reviews but didn't want to spend a lot of money until we get a real pool. Assembly was easy. The pole needs to be twisted very tightly. The hose is very strong. The issue is that the pole is too short so you have to walk around and get as much as you can, or you have to be in the pool. We have an extra hose that will allow us to walk around the entire pool. I reach as far as I can to get the middle. You have to hold the hose in one hand and vacuum with the other to keep it from dragging the vacuum off of the pool ground. It is fine if you do this. You need to have a bit of strength to hold the vacuum down in the water. If you put the bag with the coffee filters in it, it will pick up all the bugs in the pool. I felt like it was still dirty because the sand and tiny bugs that settle to the bottom would pass through the bag. I put coffee filters in there. They still catch bugs even if they are just being blown around. I am very pleased with the price. If you are taking care of your pool and not neglecting it, this will work out. Pool vacuums are expensive so don't expect this to work like a 500 dollar vacuum, but for this price, it's really great. We don't cover our pool at all and we use a vacuum, skimmer, and chemicals to keep it clean. Pictures of the pool after two months of use.

👤I don't write reviews, but I was inclined to do so with this little pool cleaner and I can tell you it's flipping amazing. I was skeptical when I received the box because it didn't have any pictures, but after putting it together I was able to try it out. I have an above ground pool that sucked in the leaves and debris that fell in. The little thing uses a garden hose to work. I recommend anyone with an above ground pool to give it a try, I found this and I am glad I did.

5. POOL BLASTER Battery Powered Above Ground Inflatable

POOL BLASTER Battery Powered Above Ground Inflatable

Drop it in, let it go and lift it out, it is only 6.6 lbs., it is easy to use. The filter tray is easy to clean, simply remove the cover, rinse the filter, and use a water hose to clean it. Deep cleaning. The Aqua Broom has a more intense cleaning of Sand and Silt than most vacuums. Run time: The Aqua Broom is powered by five D-cell batteries. It is easy to operate. To operate, simply twist the switch. No water hook-up is required. Attaching a telescopic pool pole is easy and lightweight. The weight is less than 2 lbs. There is a punishment for treachery. The Pool Blaster Aqua Broom is a better vacuum. The Retention Valve stops debris from entering the spa. The included items are an all-purpose bag, disposable micro-filter bags, and pole adapter.

Brand: Pool Blaster

👤Are you living in a kiddie pool? Do you have children who play in the pool? Are you willing to pay more for a product to clean your pool? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then you need a banquet. We need to take the simple luxuries in life, like a clean kiddie pool, in times of need. Do you have aposable thumbs and minimal common sense? You can manage this on/off switch if you said yes. Are you trying to clean a 20 foot pool with a vacuum? If you said yes, please pray and dig a bit deeper in your wallet.

👤If you use good batteries, this pool vacuum is great to remove stuff from your pool. Most batteries are not good enough. You might get a few minutes of use if you use brand new batteries straight off the shelf. Maybe. You will be disappointed if you use old batteries, even those that have never been used before. I bought rechargeables because I was tired of going through brand new batteries and only getting a few minutes of use. The good happened here. I found batteries with more energy storage than brand name batteries. They are great. It works for over 10 minutes at or near full strength and is more powerful than I've ever seen. You have to empty the bag several times. I ran out of stuff to vacuum before the batteries quit, so I haven't run them down yet. These are the batteries I bought for informational purposes. They had great reviews which showed that their capacity is higher than store bought batteries. The batteries retain 80% of their charge after a long period of storage. Tenergy Centura D Size Low Self-Discharge NiMH Rechargeable Batteries are used. The people who sell this pool sweep do themselves a disservice by not providing enough batteries. Many people are disappointed because the average battery is not good enough. I'm dinging them for making me go through the process to find out. The product is a 5 star product. Pay attention to what others are saying. If you want to open and close the vacuum, you need to lubricate the o-rings.

👤I've used it about 6 times after having it for about 2 months. You can turn on the Aqua Broom when you want it to. It does not have a switch. You put the batteries in, then put the head in the water and screw the handle on. If you can get it tight, it will turn on. It's even more difficult to turn it off. The head needs to be in the water for a while. It is nearly impossible to remove it with wet hands. I would give it 5 stars if it had an on/off switch. I don't use it because it's hard to turn it on and off. After turning it off, you have to take the batteries out and bring the unit inside. Don't buy it if you don't know how to sand the rust off the contacts. I promise that you will regret it.

6. XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum Generic Cleaner

XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum Generic Cleaner

A minimum flow rate of 800 gph is required. There are 10 hoses for a 30' pool. Does not clean stairs. It's necessary to have at least a 1hp swimming pool pump or 1600 GHP. There are no tools or electricity needed. Attaches to your existing system. The cleaner should be moving quickly around the pool. Automatic operation by self-navigating around the water on set patterns for the top to bottom pool cleaning. Refer to the PDF attached for the manual and guide.

Brand: Xtremepowerus

👤I usually don't write reviews but I felt that this one was justified. If you're reading this, you might be considering passing on this item because of the low price and some negative reviews. My experiences with this guy might be helpful if you read this first. My pool is an old 20x40 vinyl lined sand bottom pool. It's got nothing but sharp corners and angles that make it eat pool vacuums for breakfast or any other time it's hungry. It is surrounded by trees. The pool is where vacuums die. This is a 4 star review because there is no help with the vac to explain why it might not be working. Line one - don't use all the included hose sections if you have old ones. The heavy duty hose is cool in theory, but its weight and inflexibility made it hard for me to move. I found that using only two sections of the aqua hose was enough, but I needed to use them more. The machine is designed to work with that weight, but the sections that always sit at the surface should be replaced with something lighter and more flexible. Without a separate power source, this vacuum can have trouble fighting the hose on the walls, and it works by "hopping" with the motion and weight of the flapper inside. I found the third yellow weight to be unneeded, and it's been on my table for months. I put the first weight on the end of the vac and the second on the second section of the hose. It will slide down if you don't check it. Don't point your returns up at the surface while using this! You'll never get good coverage because the current catches the hose like a sail. Point them out a little. There are two more Things get stuck. The guy has already removed hundreds of leaves. Does it get caught occasionally? The easiest fix for me is to put it in front of the return, pull it off, and put it back on the wall. So far, I have gone back to putting immediately. There are 3 more It hurts! It sits there or doesn't climb the walls. I would bet that your pool is your filter/pump and not this vacuum. My pool is a lot like a vacuum with its angles, bumpy surfaces, and other pitfalls. The vac is laughing at the pool. But why? You need a lot of flow. I think that could be a movie title. I have a skimmer and a vacuum on the wall. The second skimmer stays off. I don't use the pipe they gave me. I don't know where it is. The vacuum will not work if myFILTER is not clean, even with a 1hp pump. It sits in the deep end and sucks. No. You don't care about maintaining your pool. If you listen, this vacuum will tell you. The vac goes "rata-tat-tat-tat" multiple times per second on a recently backwashed or clean filter. The vacuum powers through everything. The water flow slows and the vacuum starts to suck as the filter fills up. But not now. I need to backwash my filter every week. The vacuum showed me the light and I was doing it less frequently. Check your filters! It's more likely that the vacuum is causing an issue than it is that. I almost bought a vacuum twice as expensive as the $90 I paid for it, which has already paid for itself in time saved, how awesome the pool looks, and lower maintenance elsewhere. It's been great, I'm glad a review swayed me to give it a try. Remember to be smarter than the machine you're using and find the root of the problem. Great product.

7. Intex Deluxe Maintenance Above Ground

Intex Deluxe Maintenance Above Ground

Automatic operation by self-navigating around the water on set patterns for the top to bottom pool cleaning. Refer to the PDF attached for the manual and guide. A minimum flow rate of 800 gph is required. The pool floor and the filter are sucked up by a vacuum. Attaches to the outlet in the pool. The skimmer net is durable and deep.

Brand: Intex

👤I only had this for a couple of days. I wasn't expecting much, but it works really well after reading a lot of reviews. I'm only giving it 4 stars. Before using the hose, the instructions say to fill it. You don't know how to full a hose if you've never cleaned a pool. I had to watch a couple videos to figure it out. The vacuum needs water in order to work. If there is air in the hose, it won't work. People were complaining about the vacuum not staying together in some reviews. I gave it a couple of test runs and saw that the bottom piece was falling off the vacuum attachment. I tinkered with it after taking it out. When you screw it on once, you assume it's on, but I gently screwed it in more and heard a second click. I no longer had that problem. There is a 15 foot intex pool attached to mine. I put the rubber piece in the other hole after attaching the hose to the first one. The hose gives you maximum suction. I pulled the filter out of the vacuum after 10 minutes to see if it was picking up debre. It was very well. I vacuumed the bag again. The 2nd vacuuming took place after 10 minutes. Hope this helps.

👤Oh. My. Goodness. I wanted this to arrive here. It arrived a day early. I have had my pool up for about a month now and no brushes or vacuums. I had 2 separate issues with algae, and the pool is under trees. The trees are not making a lot of mess. I opened the box when it arrived and took a step back to see how good the quality was. The pole is very heavy. It can be extended with 2 separate sections. It is nice and sturdy because of that. It's thick. Everything was perfect. There were no issues. I needed a vacuum that didn't use a garden hose because I have well water. I wasn't going to have to take 10 steps. This holds the dirt and pine needles in the bag, which is inside a housing that sucks the water into the filter. I knew I had a lot of pine tree junk on the floor, but we only used the pool 3 times. And never leaving. The amount of sand that went through the filter shocked me. That was not a big deal. When I was done, I washed the pool filter. There are piles of nasty stuff in the photos and video. I vacuumed around them to make sure you could see them better. They are at least an inch high. It was thick and heavy. I used the vacuum head without the brushes. You can see how fast that little head did that, without making it a mess or floating all over. If someone tells you this set isn't worth it. They are wrong. I upgraded the pool's original sand filter to a 2100gph one. The suction is even better than before. Take into account what you have for a filter when using this. There is a note to intex. ... You were selling this at a decent price. You raised the price a week ago because you were selling so many. Shame on you. If I wasn't so desperate my pride would have forced me to look somewhere else. Thank you.

8. Water Tech Pool Blaster Cleaner

Water Tech Pool Blaster Cleaner

The 7.5" vacuum head has a soft bristle brush and a wall charge. Increased power. The Water Tech P30 Motor design is engineered for quick and efficient debris pick-up. Spot-Clean is a whole pool cleaner. The nose cone head is hard to get and the vacuum head is a removeable one. It's ideal for Above Ground pools. It's better to have more dead people. The Max has a large debris capture chamber that can be used for a variety of cleaning. Convenient cleaning of the swimming pool and hot tub is possible. No cords or hoses needed. There is more run time. The Max is designed to run for an hour. Push-Button operation. . Attaches to a telescopic pool pole. The pool pole is not included.

Brand: Pool Blaster

👤My 3rd water tech pool blaster. The first 2 died after 3-4 seasons in the Northeast, but I bought a new design to stop the need for grease for the plug. It is more difficult to attach the new design to the old one. It worked once and wouldn't accept a charge anymore. The supplier told me to send it back to them. It needed to be repaired after it worked. The company doesn't pay for the return postage. I can't recommend this product anymore because I am very disappointed in the company and product.

👤The April 2020 update is now available. I replaced the original unit in June of last year. I used the old unit's charger when I received the new one. The replacement unit was used for the rest of the year. I have been storing the Pool Blaster since I purchased a vac system in May of 2019. I charged the pool blaster to see if it still worked, and it fired right up. I restored this review back to 5 stars because the original unit did not fail and the replacement still works great, even after almost a year of no use. I would recommend it. June update. The cleaner wouldn't turn on when I used it. I tried to charge it, but couldn't. I got a refund after purchasing the extended warranty. It lasted 15 months. I saw them at the pool store and bought this. The store had a price listed. I checked Amazon a few weeks ago and it was only $160. I got a 4 year warranty for an additional $27 when I ordered on 3/15/17. My goal was to get a pool vacuum that was self contained and did not tie to the pool pump. This cleaner was perfect for the job. I read about the product. The cleaner does a great job, even though I was a bit nervous because of bad feedback. The old model of the cleaner had seal lube applied to prevent water intrusion around the on off switch, which is what the cleaner appears to have gotten an update with. The on off switch that I received is a rubberized switch, which means that the lubrication is no longer needed. That revision seems to be a good one since it was the cause of the older machines. The standard pool handle is attached to the cleaner. The accompany filter seems to have been able to remove all sizes of particulate ranging from sand to larger pieces of debris. I might skip on the micro filter bags if I order replacement filters. I have a pool that takes about half an hour to clean, so I had plenty of battery to spare. The power was enough to pull in all the debris. I disturbed it with too fast of cleaner movement if I missed something. The brushes tend to grab and create a fair amount of friction when starting with the pole at 90 degrees, which makes it hard for the cleaner to move quickly. The cleaner head moves much easier if I back up from the pool to a less upright position. The cleaner head shape doesn't get into the rounded corner/lower flow areas as close as possible to get the debris. The machine is worth the price on Amazon. I would recommend this device to others. I am attaching some pictures as well. I removed the rows of brushes and the wheels were put on the bottom of the pool to remove the friction of the brushes on the bottom. Thanks for the tip.

9. Intex 28620EP Rechagreable Handheld Vacuum

Intex 28620EP Rechagreable Handheld Vacuum

It is suitable for use with above ground pools up to 18' diameter. The brush heads are interchangeable and there is a cable to charge them. The lightweight aluminum shaft and SHAFT adapter fit longer/wider aluminum. Automatic shutoff feature when vacuum is not submerged in water. Pool water should be kept clean by vacuuming. Must be submerged to operate.

Brand: Intex

👤This is the second time I have purchased this. I broke the on off lever piece last year, but I still use it. The picture is from last week when I opened a pool. I have tried every vacuum and head known to man and this is the best and most cost efficient, as an above ground pool owner for 6 years. You wouldn't believe the scum it picks up if you used a little sock with the filter net. The charge is held for a long time if it is wet or dry. It doesn't rely on pool pump because it has its own power. Doesn't connect to it at all. Ask about the vacuum. I will tell you that every pool owner needs a vacuum. Thanks intex!

👤If you are going to vacuum dirt on the bottom of your pool or hot tub, you need to use the little white stocking socks that came with it. If you don't, the vacuum will only stir up the dirt on the bottom of the pool/hot tub, and the dirt will reset at the bottom again. It was very frustrating. When sucking up dirt, the key is to go very slow, so you don't stir up the dirt first. If you stir up the dirt first, you won't be able to get much dirt sucked up, and it will stay at the bottom. I have not been successful in sucking up bigger particles with the white stocking thing on. It has to be taken off in order to suck up bigger things. This will work well for smaller jobs in your pool. Our neighbor decided to mow his lawn and use the leaf blower in his backyard, which sent all of his junk over the fence into our pool, so trying to clean a huge mess like that while having to go really slow was a pain. If you have smaller jobs and know what to do with the white stocking, you should be fine.

👤The vacuum was great. I took a picture before and after. After using this, the soot got out of the water and it was clean.

👤I love this vacumm cleaner. There are pros and cons to every product. The pros are 1. It's easy to move around the pool. The old vacumm was stuck to the hose. I now have more freedom. It's light so there's not a lot of strain. It can pick up leaves from the bottom with ease. I was surprised by that 4. It's easy to clean the pool. There were no hoses to wrestle with. The brush attachment is small. The pool is 20x52. It takes a while. I'm not sure if it would take as long for it to be used for a smaller pool or spa. I would recommend anyone looking for an easy way to vacumm their. It saves time in certain areas. It's easy to use.

👤I was a little nervous to purchase but I am so happy I did. This works well and is easy to clean. I would definitely recommend it.

10. Intex Deluxe Mount Surface Skimmer

Intex Deluxe Mount Surface Skimmer

It runs on one AA battery. One year warranty! Help catch leaves and debris before they sink to the bottom of the pool by using the Intex Deluxe Wall Mount Surface Skimmer. The skimmer can be mounted to the Easy Set or metal frame pool walls with an easy to use accessory. The strainer basket is easy to clean because it pulls out. A minimum flow rate of 800 gph is required.

Brand: Intex

👤If you have a summer waves pool, do not buy this. The intex version won't work. If you have a Intex pool, it would work great. I searched for hours to find a conversion that would work. I bought the Skimbi version that has different attachments for different pools after giving up on this item. I wrote a review to make someone else's life easier. Hope it helps.

👤A coleman pool is 18ft. I will help you with a few things about how to set this up. I have two outlets that come out of the pool and one that goes into the pool. You need to remove the strainer grey piece from the pump. You can screw the blue end of the intex strainer onto the outlet if the strainer piece is removed. When you screw the intex strainer onto the pool frame, you need to put the kit on the vinyl part of the frame, not the frame itself. You need to screw each peg a little at a time. Until it is tight. I need to do a little more fine tuning, but with some help from other's pictures I was able to figure it out. I didn't have to shut one of the inlets off to make sure it was working. I live in west texas and have not bought another filter yet, but I'm sure we will replace ours. Our pool has a lot of bugs which make me very busy cleaning it. We still have a lot of dirt, so I'm looking forward to not having to vacuum as often. I hope the photos help others.

👤The most important person in my pool equipment team. I own a 3000 gallon Intex pool and a sand filter. Despite having good numbers all around, my water was cloudy even though I was vacuuming, filtering, and skimming with my net constantly. There was always a film of dust and sunscreen sludge on the surface. The skim net couldn't keep the gnats in the air. The pool was covered in dust and tiny clippings when I mowed the lawn. I would have to wait for the vacuum to come on. I would cringe when I mowed the lawn. The kids went in with sunscreen on. I cringed when I saw the gnats. I bought the Intex Surface Skimmer. I was not sure. It didn't look like it was effective or reliable. The box was bigger than I anticipated. Installation was very easy. Within half an hour, the surface sludge was gone and my water was sparkling. I'd be foolish not to say that a bit of care and thought goes into using the skimmer effectively. The white restrictor cap on my second outflow port is what I need to generate enough suction to operate the skimmer. The skimmer works best when the blue sleeve floats above the white base cylinder. In calm water, you get your best performance. I left it in while the kids were swimming. If the water gets too turbulent, the sleeve could come out or the bottom out could be worse. An air leak at my restricted outflow port causes air to slowly get sucked in to the line. I have to shut the pump off for a few seconds every couple of hours to allow the air to escape back up the line. It is something to watch out for, but it may not be your experience. I use a name brand paper towel to skim the sludge off the surface of the skimmer. If there is too much sludge in the skimmer, it will float back up out of the skimmer. I cover the end of the hose with a brand name paper towel when I am done using the skimmer. I lifted the skimmer out of the water. The paper towel filters the water as it runs out of the hose and prevents small debris and sludge from flowing out into the pool. I have been fighting to keep my pool clean but I finally got the Intex Surface Skimmer. I can't wipe the smile off my face as I watch it eat bugs and sunscreen sludge.

11. PAXCESS Automatic Rechargeable Waterproof Lightweight

PAXCESS Automatic Rechargeable Waterproof Lightweight

One year warranty. The most innovative pool robot cleaner for Max. 100m2 inground pools/above ground pools is PAXCESS. The pool cleaner robot is powered by a 5000 mah battery, which can achieve up to 90 minutes of work, and can operate without a cable attached to an electrical outlet. Please be assured to use the IPX8 waterproof design. This automatic pool cleaner has a powerful motor and a fast moving speed, which makes it a great pool cleaner. A robotic pool cleaner can clean your pool water by trapping leaves, dirt, and sand, leaving it sparkling clean. Your pool cleaning duties will be taken over by a robot. When the battery is drained, the automatic pool cleaner will stop beside the swimming pool shore. Pull up the floating handle to let the pool cleaners get to the beach. The robot pool cleaner can be plugged into any 110v outlet. It takes about 3-6 hours for full charging. It's easy to clean. It has a floating handle that can follow the robotic pool cleaner. It is convenient for elders or women to take the pool cleaner out of the pool. The pool cleaner can climb. All pool types, such as concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools, are safe for the PAXCESS robotic pool cleaner. Energy-saving pool cleaner. No installation, no booster pump, nouction lines, norobotic pool cleaner, no maintenance, do not rely on any equipment to get the job done. You can adjust the nozzle on the pool cleaner by turning it to control the moving route to efficiently clean the pool's floor. If you have any problems, please contact them.

Brand: Paxcess

👤At this price point it seemed too good to be true, but this little sucker, well it sucks, but in a good way! I haven't washed our pool since September, we have always had a problem with the roof sand shingle running off into the pool when it rains, and with the kids dragging in fine sand as they run between the pool and the yard. I've never been able to get our pool vac to be completely clean. The little guy was able to remove 5 pounds of sand from the bottom. I was embarrassed by the state of our pool, but it did a great job. It was easy to leave the pool. I pulled the cord to the edge of the pool so I could grab the handle. I didn't have the issues other people have had with leaking contents. The instructions say to put the brush on the bottom to keep it from leaking. I was able to clean it without damaging my nails because I unclip the sides. The wheels are hollow. It takes a little longer to clean up when the contents spill into the wheels. The charging cable doesn't fit in an exterior outlet. I have to drag a wet vacuum into my house to charge it. I hope it lasts awhile, but I am pleasantly surprised by the vacuum.

👤It works well for our pool size. Thought it was going to flip over on the slopped walls, but have never done it. It had two fins. One blue and one clear. I believe one of the instructions is an extra. There is a jet in the front and one in the back. I changed one of the jets so it would make more turns. It is easy to change the jet angle. Just have to twist it. It makes more turns because of this. The coverage seemed to improve with the odd shaped pool. In any case, it cleans the entire pool in one go and there is no issue. It is very easy to use. Our previous vacs had hoses. This does not get tangled. The pool pump and filter are not affected by debris. This isn't an issue for us because it doesn't do walls. The walls are usually clean. It worked for about six months, but then began to have problems picking up dirt. Customer support sent me a new one after I contacted them. The brush on the bottom is bent up from sitting on a flat surface for a long time. The new one is on the block.

👤I have owned the cleaner for a couple of weeks. I like it so far. The Paxcess does a good job of climbing out of the deep part of the pool and back up to the 3ft area to continue sucking up debris. It runs for an hour or so, and it takes around 4 hours to charge. The screen on the filter tray can trap fine particles so you can dispose of them in your trash or the drain. It's easy to clean under a hose. The attachable brush is a bit thin, so my only concern is that. It was able to clean up some light green algae spots that I purposely let build up, but I think a thicker brush could prevent pool owners from manually brushing a few extra times a month. It was well spent.


What is the best product for best above ground pool vacuum for sand?

Best above ground pool vacuum for sand products from Intex. In this article about best above ground pool vacuum for sand you can see why people choose the product. Aiper Smart and Pool Blaster are also good brands to look for when you are finding best above ground pool vacuum for sand.

What are the best brands for best above ground pool vacuum for sand?

Intex, Aiper Smart and Pool Blaster are some of the best brands that chosen by people for best above ground pool vacuum for sand. Find the detail in this article. Poolwhale, Pool Blaster and Xtremepowerus are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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