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What is Kickstarter? (How to use Kickstarter)

By 12/10/2015Blog, Design, Tech

static1.squarespaceThis blog post is a tool to be used during on an upcoming Kickstarter campaign I am about to embark on. The campaign will hopefully enable me to self-publish my book – The Five Things Book. The project forms the main part of my MFA degree in Multidisciplinary Design at University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern.

I realise that although a very popular platform, not everyone will have heard of Kickstarter. So, I thought it may be useful to create some basic information to let you know what it is and also three simple instructions on how to register, and support my Five Things book campaign.

What is Kickstarter?
‘Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. A home for film, music, art, theatre, games, comics, design, photography, and more.’

1. Kickstarter enables creative projects (books/films/products..) to get valuable funding to enable them to become a reality. The items/services are sold before they have been produced (pre-sales) and the total money raised then enables the production of that product. In my case, I need to raise funds to print a large quantity of my Five Things book. Something, that without the help of Kickstarter, I simply would not be able to do.

2. Each project offers ‘rewards’ (along the right hand side of the project page), these rewards can be purchased at the value shown. The rewards usually range from something small, like a donation; to something pretty large, perhaps a training course or a limited edition version of that product being funded. Postage is added on top of the reward value.

3. To help ‘back’ a project, you simply watch the advertising video, read the project information and have a look at the artwork associated with that project, then choose which reward you would like to buy. (Artwork can often be digital mock-ups, because quite often the final product is not available to be shown yet.) You then enter your payment info and you must be registered with Kickstarter to do this.

4. NO MONEY IS TAKEN FROM YOUR ACCOUNT UNTIL THE PROJECT REACHES IT’S GOAL. This is important to note, most projects run for 30 days and must specify an amount of money they need. If that target is not reached, they get nothing. If you support a project the money does not get taken from your account until the 30 day period ends, you will be notified by email when this is going to happen.

5. Kickstarter funding is not charity. You are purchasing an item that someone has worked long and hard to make a reality. They simply need you to purchase it, before it exists, to help pay for the manufacturing of it.

How to Sign Up for Kickstarter.
1. Go to www.kickstarter.com/signup

2. Enter your details or click to sign up via Facebook (see the sample form below)

3. That’s it! Easy. Kickstarter needs your email because if you support a project you will receive email updates about it and it also enables the project founder to get in contact with you about mailing address and other information surrounding the project.

If you have never used Kickstarter, I hope this helps make it a little clearer.

Please help make my project a reality and back The Five Things Book (link coming soon).