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Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

IMG_0429Mornings can be crazy, trying to rush out the door to work, sometimes bringing your morning caffeine boost along for the car ride to work. Now there is need to waste time in the mornings making your favourite freshly ground coffee from scratch because Joshua Renouf has invented the perfect solution – The Barisieur. It wakes you up and brews you a fresh cup of your favourite blend, c0mplete with storage areas for milk and sugar. Thing caught up with Joshua to find out more about this modern update on the classic (and often ugly) bedside coffee maker.


What gave you the idea for an all-in-one alarm clock coffee maker?/ How will the Barisieur improve people’s lives?
The story of the Barisieur started when I took it upon myself to make sure I was not just creating just a concept, as you see a lot of students at university designing these blue sky designs, and may not even know how it would get produced. I wanted to design the product, whilst thinking about how it would be manufactured continuously. It was a challenge at first as I have more of a creative minds, i have never really been that good at engineering or electronics, but once I had a concept in mind I relly wanted to prove it.

The whole idea which came to me for the product, was seeing all these dated teas-mades on the internet that were very ugly and bulky. I also research did some research in terms of the demand for such products, and John Lewis said that they get several request for the items annually. I saw this as an opportunity. Throughout the design process, I was very concerned about the size of the product as they do look very bulky on the bedside table, so I made it a one cup brewer. I wanted the user to be more engaged with the product as well, therefore I wanted to expose the process so it would stimulate all the 5 senses; the sound of the boiling/ seeing the process in which it boils/ the smell of the fresh coffee/ and the taste of the coffee. This is a product that satisfies your senses.

The other issue I saw in the world, was that everyone has adapted such a fast pace to their environment, and are constantly glued to their phones or laptop. I wanted something that would encourage a ritual before going to bed, to actually make people put their phones/ laptops down (seeing as staring at a screen before bed makes your more awake with the artificial light) signalling to the body it is time to UNWIND, and RELAAAXXX.

And even in the morning, people are complaining about “Ooohhh its monday” or “not work again”, i thought this could bring people happiness to their mornings, give them something to look forward to, and who does not like to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee or tea in the morning?!? I just really wanted to have fun with designing this product, especially at my last year at university where I may not get another chance to design anything I want.

The product can also create a mean cup of tea as well, this was trialled and tested with your average ground tea, and I had great feedback. But I realise how much people are going coffee mad these days! The Stainless Steel Filter is actually from a company call Able Brewing- who I was emailing back and forth through out the Project, So shout out to them!

How does it work? What are the ball bearings for?
The metal Ball bearings can come in a number of sizes, and they actually are to boil the water. The reason I did this was because I wanted to come up with a safe way of boiling the water, I didn’t want the pad to get hot; so I research induction heating. Induction heating I’m sure you know, does not make the surface hot, it creates an electomagnetic field which conducts the ferrous material above- How ever I did not want to expose a metal, as this would get hot and might not be safe round the user, therefore I wanted to contain the element. After a lot of experimenting it occurred that stainless steel ball bearings (yes they conduct) acted well, and actually created a nice natural alarm once the water boiled. I thought I could work with this! So I did.


What Materials are used?
It is made from Black Corian, and black American Walnut for the Tray, Glass, Stainless Steel Ball Bearings/ Re-usable Coffee Filter.

Why is it called the Barisieur?
I wanted the machine to be like your own personal Barista in the morning; but with great quality coffee of your choice for all those coffee Connoisseurs out there! Not just any instant coffee! So Barista + Connoisseur = Barisieur
What sorts of things were you going for with the look of it?

My biggest inspirations in the world are Dieter Rams and Sebastian Conran, along with a lot of the Alessi products. I love how simple they can create products. I also wanted to have a product where high quality materials were a big consideration to the design. The base of the clock (Walnut tray and Alarm clock) was something that I had most play with in terms of design, how ever the Glassware were designed to be purely function yet look like they are from the same “family”. The boiling vessel has a flared neck to make sure that the water does not spill when poured into the vessel. The sustainable Coffee Filter was from a company from Able Brewing in America and they made a a one cup brewer for me. They are great and helped me out a lot.
Does it also play music, like a clock radio? What sound does it make to wake you?

Having a radio was a big consideration to the design but I did not want to over complicate it, and due to it being induction heating I think it would of disrupted the radio signal. How-ever The Barisieur does have a USB point to charge ones Mobile device whilst they sleep. I know I don’t like waking up to a phone with 5% to last me for the day ahead!


What has been your biggest challenge in designing/creating it?
My biggest challenge was trying to make the design as safe as possible whilst exposing the process to the user. I also had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how things would fit into the base, what the user would like in terms of buttons, and then the snooze button was an issue as I realise people are very docile in the morning and I wouldn’t want them to break the glassware, so I positioned the switch at the front, and made a bespoke toggle cover that extrudes from the base making it easier for them to get to and snooze.

When do you think it will be available? What will the price be? Will it be in stores?
Ideally it would be available for Christmas, as a lot of people have show a lot of interest with it, but a more realistic idea would be ready for sometime in the New Year. These things take longer then expected. Retailign at around £200-£300.


Are you worried at all about the smell of ground coffee waking people up before they go to sleep at night?
I actually research the smell of ground coffee, and it is actually meant to act as a de-stresser. This is something that I was conscious of when designing it, so the user also has the option to set the boiling vessel at a delay so that you could get the ground coffee from the drawer before the alarm goes off if you preferred. The buttons on the side offer the user to make the coffee brew 5-30 minutes before the alarm goes off, on the alarm, or 5-30 minutes after it goes off. This allows the user to snooze or allow it to brew and cool down before they actually get up. The knobs at the front allow the user to snooze (as there is an alarm that goes off as well) For all those heavy sleepers out there (ME). There is also a ‘Make” button which allows the user to switch the contraption on like a kettle, to make there and then. I just wanted to give the user a lot of options.

How does it keep the milk cold? And do you mix your own milk and sugar in, or does the clock do it for you?
The milk is Sealed with a rubber bung, and is hid away from the dark so it does not spoil. I did incorporate a fan which would run simultaneously next to the induction heating element and the milk to add an extra cool temperature.


What’s your background? How best to ID you? 
I am a Graduate from Nottingham Trent University, Graduating with a first class honours. I used to work for a great Kitchen Design Company caled Roundhouse, helping with bespoke kitchens. Then I worked for another great company Called Duffy London, who make incredible bespoke furniture, where I learnt to much through Chris Duffy, and had such a great time. I have just been blessed really. I recently exhibited at New Designers, and will next be exhibiting at Design Junction. I am currently in the process of just developing other products, but also looking to work for some big names like Conran or Alessi. I just really enjoy being part of a team and having fun with design. So watch this Space :)

Tangible things are becoming more popular as I believe some people are becoming digitally fatigued, and have a found new interest that are not just on a screen.

What’s yourt favourite album cover?
Favourite Album cover is the Drive Vinyl, along with its Pink vinyl inside!


Big thank-you to Joshua for providing such great answers. Keep a look out at your local department store for The Barisieur and follow Joshua on Twitter here.