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The Ultimate Gym Buddy


One of the most annoying things about going running… where to put your keys. Down your shorts (ouch)? In your socks?Hold them whilst you run? None of these options are really that convenient; luckily the clever guys at Contigo have created the perfect solution to this common runners problem – The Kangaroo Water Bottle.  This bottle not only holds all the fluids you need whilst getting fit; it also contains a very clever pouch in which you can put your money, credit cards and of course, your keys.

Contigo are a ‘relentlessly passionate group of inventors’ who have patented and developed some of the most forward thinking technology for the simplest of everyday items, namely drinking utensils. Not only do they pride themselves on invention but their products are also all eco-friendly and come with a lifetime guarantee, pretty impressive. Their website contains an amazing collection of clever, useful ‘things’ and if your a runner the Kangaroo Bottle really is your perfect companion.Kangaroo_Inverted Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 13.44.39