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Luxury described in three words: A Hermès scarf

True luxury can be described in three words: A Hermès scarf.


Hermès scarves are exceptional in many ways: in the intricacy of their designs, the equestrian motifs used within them, the silk material of the scarves and their wide array of colours. The beautiful scarves are iconic, elegant and timeless. What makes them particularly special however is the process by which each scarf is made. Each scarf is hand-printed by a craftsman. Up to 46 silkscreens are used per scarf with an extraordinary precision, in order to create crisp illustrations. Vats of beautiful, rich colours – one colour per screen – are mixed, poured and pulled across. Each scarf is dried, washed and hand-rolled to give it an extra-luxe finish. This attention to detail is a rarity and it is for that reason that the Hermès scarf is truly luxurious.



The Making of an Hermès scarf