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A ‘Stinking’ Rose

The Stinking Rose

The pungent stench of slow cooking garlic fills your nostrils and tingles your senses as you stroll along Columbus Avenue in San Francisco’s trendy North Beach area. That smell, wafts from The Stinking Rose restaurant, a must for any tourist or sight seer visiting the great city of San Francisco. This restaurants oozes character, friendliness and fun – with bohemian style at it’s core. The style that this city is so famous for is apparent in everything from it’s logo design to the decor.


Hand rendered style typography adorns signage and internal walls are covered with hand painted imagery of garlic bulbs – ‘the stinking rose’ is of course the slang term for garlic. Good restaurants can be hard to find, but good restaurants that stand out because of quirky design and clever decor, are a rarity. The branding and image of the exterior is carried through beautifully to the interior and also on the products the brand sell within it’s restaurants (a second restaurant can be found in Beverly Hills, LA).


Not only does it look cool, the food is also delicious (great seafood!) and it’s well worth a visit if you should happen to be heading to San Francisco, or indeed to LA. Over the top, kitsch and in-your-face? Definitely, but also quirky, refreshing and above all else, enjoyable.



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Photos © James Fike, www.jamesfike.com & The Stinking Rose.