1. My Mam
She has always been the first person I talk to about any big decision I make in my life and has always supported me when I have been at my lowest and in need of help or even just an ear to listen. She has been the reason I have had the courage to travel the world and will always be the one person I know I can rely on to be there for me even if I am on the other side of the world.

2. Newcastle Upon Tyne
Greatest city in the world, introducing me to treble vodkas, Geordie women, Bambu Beach club, the gym and Newcastle United. Will always be my second home no matter where I end up living in the world and probably the greatest influence on my life.

3. My lucky statue
My lucky statue was bought at a theme park in Spain when I was 17 has travelled the world with me. I kiss it every night before I go on a night out it is my lucky charm when it comes to meeting and interacting with women (might be 29 but im not ready to give it up yet!)

4. Skype
Skype lets me stay in contact with my friends and family from back home even though I am 17,000km away!

5. Coca-Cola Christmas Advert
The greatest advert ever made, no matter what you are doing when the ad comes on for that first time in December you stop what your doing, turn up the TV and get excited because you now officially know its Christmas!