1. My ever growing collection of souvenirs from all my travels
Coming from a time where we didn’t have enough to survive, it is such a proud moment to now when I touchdown on a new country. I make sure I get something from every country to remind me to be grateful and take pride in what I have accomplished. My dream is to to create a “souvenir” wall at home one day to display all these mementos.

2. My mom’s recipes!
I have a digital copy of these and will never travel anywhere without this treasure. Mom is a great cook and I try to emulate as much home food as I can so it helps me to stay connected.

3. My smartphone
I felt I had “arrived” when I bought my first Samsung Galaxy S3 in Japan! It is my life: translates for me, shows me maps, helps me stay connected with friends and family and so much more!

4. Shoes
I have giant feet – especially in Japan: so I treasure boots and shoes that I buy from around the globe as it is often difficult to buy the style and size I’d like.

5. Dad and Granny’s photos
These go with me in every country I have lived. These are the first frames to go on my shelves/area of prayer. It reminds me I am blessed and watched over all the time.