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1. My Kids
Thing 1 and Thing 2, I know they won’t be kids forever, but they’ll always be my kids! I’m just back from an amazing ten day break with them and I in Co Kerry, Ireland and they were ten of the most amazing days of my life! Playing with them, chatting with them, hanging out with them, or listening to music in the car and singing along with them (to The Beatles, The Kinks  and Black Sabbath for the most part!) are memories that will be mine forever!

2. My dog
Melody Nelson, or just Melly for short, is 11 at the time of writing. She’s my first ever pet and we’ve had her since she was a pup. She is almost like my first child. Her love is unconditional and her companionship has been incredible over the years. I’m quite lucky to have lots of great places nearby to take a stroll with a dog and she ensures that I get 30 minutes of fresh air and the chance to clear my head every day!

3. My bicycle
For the exercise, the freedom I remember as a kid as my pals and I tore around on our bikes, trips to Howth Head in Dublin, around the Phoenix Park, along the Royal Canal, hopping into the office or the City. Family cycles down to the Botanic Garden’s, Croke Park or Collin’s Barracks. Lots of headspace, cheaper than a gym, multi purpose. (If there was room for a 6th item I’d sneak in my Vespa PX 200).

4. My Spotify
I’ve had the service for over 4 years or more now. Having owned some songs and albums in multiple formats (LP, Tape, CD, MP3) I’ve now streamlined everything and stopped paying for any other formats. I spend less than I would have each month buying new music and can find 95% of the tracks I’m looking for (it falls down on old soul and the odd minor punk band). I sound track most of my day where I can and I’ve invested hours into playlists for work, play, cycling, parties, you name it so the service better not run out of funding and close down!

5. My cameraphone
If this list was compiled eight maybe ten years ago my Olympus OM2 SLR would have been close to the top of the pile (principally because my kids didn’t exist then either!). The Olympus OM2 was released the year I was born, it was a camera I remember my grandfather using a lot when I was a kid, as he had put a distinctive strap on it, and I inherited it when he died 16 years ago. Unfortunately, I rarely use it any more, nor the Digital SLR I was given subsequently. My cameraphone is with me at all times and captures all the moments I need  and I can upload and share them instantly. Do I miss film? Not at all, but I do miss using the Olympus…