1. Horses
Anything and everything to do with them. The smell of new leather tack to me is the stuff that dreams are made on. Give me a four legged furry and a field and you’ve made my week! The current horses are called Lenny and Reginald Button Esquire. I’ll let you guess which one I named…

2. All you can eat buffet
My inner fat kid comes out to play.

3. Outdoor adventures
I’m never going to be an office person, let me at those mountains!

4. Photos
My name is Shannon and I’m addicted to taking needless photos. I have filled multiple hard drives with pictures of cats and food. I am not ashamed.

5. Boats
I’m pretty sure my dad had me sailing before I could swim. Sold my car and kept my boat recently. Didn’t think it through very well.. It’s a long walk to work!