1. Bikes
It’s the best way to get around. It almost makes me laugh how great they are at doing that, and its one of the things that you’ll find almost anywhere in the world. For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated with bikes, I used to ride BMX (too scared now), the amount of hours I spent freezing my but off in my parents garage is astonishing, I used to spend hours and hours taking the thing apart cleaning it, spraying it, trying to make it lighter. I’ve also been lucky enough to design some artwork for some bikes just recently.

2. Cooking
It’s sort of like painting for me, I find it quite relaxing and an extremely creative thing to do. The colours you can make and different flavours is just amazing, and how quickly you can ruin a meal is almost half the fun of it.

3. Space
Well, it’s space, it’s flipping amazing!!!

4. Exploring
I recently heard someone in the design world describe his method of working by way of exploring and it really stuck with me. In this sense I have an extreme curiosity to explore in the way I work and also in the things I’m interested in.

5. Tea (English breakfast)
It reminds me of my past as a plumber. It reminds me of where I’m from, no where in the world has tea like the English Breakfast Tea. It is a good thing to drink while i ponder over where I’m going. Isn’t it incredibly satisfying when you make a good brew? Everyone makes it different too, I’m not quite sure what my mum’s tea is all about, but I won’t go there.