1. Riccos coffee espresso blend for Kaffe O
Top of the list, could not survive without this – I loved it so much that I had to bring it back to Ireland from Copenhagen.

2. Innov8 roclites for trail running
Feel like am the only person in the world when fell running, though recent injuries suggest I should perhaps reconsider this pass time and stick to the track with my trusted spikes as you don;t get nine stitches in your knee if you fall there!!

3. Eckhert Tolle – The Power of Now
This book literally changed my whole way of looking and thinking about things, I have read it cover to cover many times and it sits on bedside table for emergencies!!

4. Copenhagen 
I feel at home as soon as I arrive in the airport. The feeling of freedom when cycling around such a beautiful city, stopping at all the cool shops and kaffe bars on my bike and just ogling at the beautiful design and amazingly friendly people – what’s not to love!!

6. My new kidney
Not sure if this one counts but it sort of over rides absolutely everything on the above list; it’s my kidney from my amazing organ donor, without which I wouldn’t even be considering the five things above… though it’s not really a thing, it’s literally is the thing I cannot live without.